Youth Club on Wheels rolls into North Somerset village

Youth Club to help ease North Somerset's anti-social behaviour

The Youth Club on Wheels has expanded its services into Wrington after a rise in anti-social behaviour. - Credit: Young Bristol

A mobile youth club will roll into Wrington after expanding its services into North Somerset.

The Youth Club on Wheels project, launched by Young Bristol, aims to support young people in hard-to-reach rural areas who do not currently have other youth provision.

Wrington's ward councillor, Steve Hogg hopes the campaign can reduce increasing concerns over antisocial behaviour in the village.

Cllr Steve Hogg said he was "delighted" to confirm the new 20mph speed limit scheme for Wrington.

Cllr Steve Hogg. - Credit: Steve Hogg

Cllr Hogg said: "I am impressed with the work that Young Bristol are doing in the region, and we are hugely fortunate to be able to host this service for at least the next six months.  

"I have been contacted many times about incidents of antisocial behaviour and feel it is important that we continue to receive police support to tackle these incidents, but as a long-term strategy, simply increasing police presence is not a solution."

The youth club will offer social and sports activities, job and homework guidance, and a safe space to talk with trained youth workers.

It will stop at Wrington Recreation Ground every Thursday from 4-5.30pm.

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