St Andrews players Becky McMillan and Sam Stocker have both been selected for England indoor trials.

McMillan (30), winner of the national indoor women’s singles championship last winter, was a non-travelling reserve for England during that season.

She will be hoping to go one better this year, as will 22-year-old Sam Stocker, who will take part in the men’s under-25 trial for the second year running.

Both trials are at Nottingham on the weekend of December 2 and 3.

St Andrews came up against strong opposition in the men’s and women’s national inter-club events and went out of both competitions at the second round stage.

The formidable Clarrie Dunbar line-up proved too strong for the men in the Denny Cup, although midway through the game, only one shot separated the sides.

After that, Saints’ home rinks fell away, but the two away fours achieved the rare feat of winning at Clarrie, both by two shots. Ian Allchorne made his debut for Saints.

In the women’s Yetton Trophy, Clevedon sent their two national champions to skip at St Andrews and Saints overturned the odds, winning the home rinks by seven. Rebecca McMillan skipped her rink to victory by ten against Laura Holden and Audrey Powell lost by just three to Stef Branfield.

However, Clevedon’s home rinks always had the edge, ensuring that their team won overall by 16 shots.

There was a terrific national mixed pairs match at St Andrews between four of the club’s players. Carolina Venn and Jack Angove were 17-5 up against Tim Wyatt and Rebecca McMillan, who fought back to 16-17 playing the last end. Venn and Angove got through by three and will play two more clubmates, Sue Sinclair and Barrie Forse in the second round.

St Andrews men’s outdoor captain Robin Potter received the Wedmore Plate on behalf of his team at the Somerset county dinner on Sunday. They beat Congresbury in the final at Taunton in September.

Men’s Denny Cup second round: Clarrie Dunbar 108, St Andrews 70. Home – T Wyatt, R White, S Stocker, L Stocker 18-27; D Holborow, I Allchorne, S Davies, D Johnston 12-45. Away – A Page, B Reeves, C Walker, J Angove 19-17; D Fairhurst, R Withers, B Forse, P Villis 21-19.

Women’s Yetton Trophy second round – Clevedon 79, St Andrews 63. Home - C Venn, D Johns, M McMillan, A Powell 15-18; G Holborow, W Coleman, J McMillan, R McMillan 21-11. Away – M Millard, K Cromey, M Frost, J Pitman 16-29; J Forse, J Alder, J Smith, J Bishop 11-21.

National Mixed Pairs first round: C Venn/J Angove (St Andrews) 19, T Wyatt/R McMillan (St Andrews) 16.

St Andrews Men v Women Challenge: Men 55, Women 15. Men’s rinks first – A Cooper, D Holborow/M Craig, P Villis 20, K Cromey, W O’Sullivan, B Huggett 3; L Fisher, R Whittaker, D Bailey 21, J Webb, G Holborow, S Sinclair 5; G Sims, J Keay, B Forse 14, M Tovey, J Forse, J Alder 7.

Mixed Friendly: Bridgwater 39, St Andrews 21. Jenny Webb, G Sims, Sue Churchill, R Potter 6-21; Margaret Tovey, Wendy O’Sullivan, A Lay, M Ford 15-1