Chairman Paul Bliss said Bob Flaskett has provided Weston-super-Mare AFC “with such a great service” in an open letter.

Flaskett announced his retirement as groundsman on Thursday after 20 years with the Seagulls and will now take up an advisory position with the club.

Bliss, who brought Flaskett to the Seagulls in 2003 from Weston St Johns, hailed the role he played with Weston and said there is “regret” of having to come to terms with his departure.

Flasket, who hailed football on being the "love of his life" in a story with the Weston Mercury in 2022, began his career with Winscombe under-18s in the Weston & District League before joining Weston St Johns in 1961 and would spend 52 years with the club, holding down a number of roles including as a player and manager.

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"It is with regret that the club has had to come to terms with the resignation of our groundsman Bob,” he told the club’s website.

"I had the very good fortune of discovering that with the closure of St Johns Football Club Bob became available as a groundsman for Weston Football Club at the time.

"I had no hesitation in making contact with him without delay as I recognised without a doubt that he would be an ideal candidate as groundsman for Weston Football Club.

"It was Weston’s great fortune that the offer was accepted by him, and our working relationship had begun.

"Since then, Bob has been our loyal hardworking groundsman for the past some 20 years’ service.

"I am sure that for him to come to terms with himself to step aside and make way to accept that there comes a time when enough is enough when we all find that we old ‘uns have to step aside and make way for the younger generation.

"I know the feeling well as he and I are of the same generation, and I can only wish him a well-deserved retirement after providing Weston Football Club with such a great service after all these years of excellent second to none service over the years.

"I am so sorry that I will not be at the ground on Saturday (against Welling United) to be there and congratulate him on his well-deserved retirement.

"I will make it my duty to catch up with him on my return to the UK and have the pleasure of taking time out to go over old ground and reminisce as I’m sure we will.

"Please look after yourself and make sure we touch base and put the world to rights.

"God bless, see you soon and look after yourself. Your friend and loyal supporter. Paul"