Weston AFC manager Scott Bartlett said taking on Dartford will be "really tough" in their first home game in the National League South of 2024 this Saturday.

It will be their second meeting of the season after their 4-2 defeat at the Darts in October.

Bartlett said it was one of those nights where everything went wrong for his side and added he expects this weekend's game to be another challenge. 

"(It will be) really tough," he told Weston AFC's social media channels after their game with Weymouth.

"(They are a) tough, big, strong, powerful physical team. When we played them up there we went one-up and then we missed a penalty. They weren't in the game at all until that happened. It sort of galvanized them and then they they scored a breakaway goal against us and then got a penalty themselves, which they scored just after half-time. 

"So, on that night, anything that could have gone wrong, did for us, albeit it was a decent enough performance. Listen, we're not going to win every game, but we won't change the way we're trying to do it. 

"We're trying to develop players, we're trying to get as many points on the board and try and get into that gap somewhere between top half and and play-offs and and we'll get there how soon remains to be seen, but we're a tough team for I think the majority of our games we've played this this year.

"If we've lost, we've been a tough team to beat and obviously we we've performed well on a number of occasions."

Bartlett said his side looked "fragile" after his side went 3-1 up at Weymouth through goals from Sam Avery, Alex Fletcher and Reuben Reid.

Goals in the last 15 minutes from Brandon Goodship, with his second of the match, and Ezio Touray earned the Terras a point at the Bob Lucas Stadium.

"If you take today for example (at Weymouth), (you) probably saw every every bit of us, every bit of our make-up, our sort of exhilarating best at period," Bartlett added. 

"We scored three good goals and then we looked a little bit fragile. But listen we are where we are. I think we've adapted really well to the league as a whole club.

"I think we travel well in our numbers now, I terms of fans and everyone seems to be enjoying it. We just got to pick up as many points as we can starting at home against Dartford."