A 10-year-old reporter was able track down and interview some of her sporting heroes in her first school newspaper project.

Rosie Hedges took it upon herself to find and invite Josh Caulfield and Curtis Langdon to interview them for the assignment set by Castle Batch. 

Bristol Bears’ Caulfield presented Rosie with two tickets in pitch-side seats, while she met up with Northampton Saints’ Langdon at Priory School in the Jill Dando newspaper suite, with the pair more happy to answer her questions.

Father Ryan Hedges thanked both players for taking the time to speak to Rosie.

“Rosie couldn't believe her luck when she met both players,” he said.

“She firstly couldn't believe the size of them but, also, was amazed with how easily they spoke and answered her questions  

“She was so grateful for them to give her some time to answer her questions.”

Langdon said it was an honour to speak with Rosie.

“It was nice to speak to her and hear he questions that she obviously put some time into preparing for me,” he added.

“She was very good with her questions, and it was a pleasure to speak with her.”