Weston boxing has a new British Champion after Ashley Lane won in dramatic fashion on Friday 22nd to become the new British and Commonwealth bantam weight champion.

His opponent, Chris Bourke, started off the stronger of the two but Lane grew into the fight and in round six he exploded, torching his opponent with lefts and rights, forcing referee Lee Every to stop the match via technical knockout.

Lane, who trains at Weston’s Warrior Gym, became the first British boxing champion to hail from his hometown of Northampton whilst simultaneously making his coach Dean Lewis the first man from Weston to coach a British champion.

Liz Norris also became the first ever female cuts lady in a British title fight after being told she was needed in the corner only 24 hours before.

Despite his current appearance with two belts around his waist Lane has faced setbacks in his fight career before, in fact this isn’t even his first title fight.

He last fought for the British title in 2019 but was denied the belt after getting stopped in the 12th round, and he has suffered other losses via knockouts and decisions, but he has always bounced back with a determination that was shown in the ring on Friday night.

Although getting up from being knocked down in the ring is probably a walk in the park for a man who had already battled with homelessness and won.

After winning the title Lane spoke in the ring about what it really meant to him:

“I started boxing at 15, I was bullied all the way through my childhood.

“My life’s been up and down, I left home at 18, been homeless, suicidal with nowhere to live, it was brutal.

“But when I found boxing at 15 I fell in love with the sport.

“I remember when I first started boxing as an amateur at 15 in Northampton I got interviewed and they asked me ‘What are your aspirations?’ and I said, ‘Nobody from Northampton Town has won a British title’. I said I would be the first, that’s my target.

“Here I am, the first from Northampton, and I’m happy to pave the way for the rest of the lads now.”

Dean Lewis, Lane and Weston Warriors’ head coach said: “I’m struggling to put into words what Ash winning that belt last night in that fashion means for him, and to us as a team.

“I’m absolutely made up for the lad, it couldn’t happen to a nicer person, and you won’t find a harder working or more persistent boxer who deserves it more than he does.

“His story is unbelievable, he’s taken his losses and been stopped in the past numerous time, and because of that he has been written off time and time again, but he never gave up like most would.

“No one thought he was going to win last night but we believed in him and had a sneaky feeling last night was his night - DESTINY!”