Clarence Bowling Club went unbeaten in all three of their games this week, including a big win over Clevedon Promenade.

The Blues squad got revenge against Clevedon Promenade after their loss a few weeks ago at home with an emphatic 128-85 victory.

Clarence had four clear winning rinks with two going down to the wire.

The rink of Skip Nigel Martin with Andy Gordon and Ben Benstead were always lagging behind by a couple of shots but went five ahead in the 15th and managed to hold on to take their match.

The Ladies won in the North Somerset Triples League as they beat Winscombe 53-48.

Rink of the Day goes to Val Mellow and Shelly Owen skipped by Mary Davison, who coasted for most of the game until Winscombe came within one on the penultimate end, but the Clarence team held on to get the two-point win.

In their final game of the week Clarence took on Bath in the Tony Allcock KO competition, and advanced to the next round after winning 31-27.

By the 17th end the scores on the two rinks were tied at 27 apiece.

In the final end Edlin’s rink pulled one back and Leigh’s rink took three to confirm the win.

Full results:

Clarence Blues v Clevedon Promenade Away: 128-85 win

M Fry, D Clifford, A Cord 21-17; A Gordon, B Benstead, N Martin 20-18; P Lewis, T Mannion, G Leigh 26-14; M Ford, G Sansom, G Owen 28-10; J Loveridge, M Samways, D Grier 20-16; M Field, D James, B Sweet 13-13.

Clarence Ladies v Winscombe Home: 53-48 win

V Mellow, S Owen, M Davison 19-17; J Field, S Searle, J Sansom 17-18; J Field, J Mannion, C Edlin 17-13.

Clarence v Bath: 31-27 win

J Sansam, K Marshall, M Edlin, C Edlin 13-14; J Mannion, L Leigh, T Mannion, G Leigh 18-13.