There were three cup games played by Congresbury Bowls Club this week, with the Ladies playing in one knockout tournament whilst the Men played in two.

The Ladies dominated West Backwell in the Fear Cup in a very wet affair at Congresbury, winning by 30 shots to end the game 62-32 up.

They now progress into the next round where they will be playing Long Ashton.

The Men's team played matches in both the Clarence Davey Cup and the Turnbull Cup.

In the Clarence Davey Cup they had a dominant win against Knowle when they came away 95-51 winners, with the Wilcock, Beveridge, Powell, and McElduff rink coming away with a big 35 – 11 win, whilst the team lost 64-65 to Banwell in the Turnbull Cup, losing this game on the extra end in a very close affair.

In the league matches this week, the Ladies beat Ashcombe comfortably at 64-28 but lost marginally to Clevedon Promenade whereas the Men lost to Portishead RBL in a closely fought game where they lost by 17 shots, collecting two points of a possible nine.

Full Results:

Fear Cup Congresbury Ladies 62 West Backwell Ladies 32

C Wilcock, G Lee, C Andrews, P Baker 9 – 17

J Byett, V Harding, D Harrison, B Huggett 28 – 7

G Broom, K Herbison, A Jones, M King 25 – 8

Turnbull Cup Congresbury 64 Banwell 65

Z Broom, G Wilcock, M Hopkins, C Shipway 22 – 10

A Broom, R Jones, W Lines, L Beck 15 – 16

L Powell, B Baker, S Eastment, T Lewis 9 – 26

R King, I Beveridge, K Powell, D McElduff 18 – 12

Clarence Davey Cup Congresbury 95 Knowle 51

G Wilcock, I Beveridge, K Powell, D McElduff 35 – 11

Z Broom, M Wear, L Beck, C Shipway 26 – 11

M Hopkins, P Hayward, W Lines, R Jones 15 – 19

A Broom, B Baker, L Powell, T Lewis 19 – 10

BWEL Congresbury 71 (2 points) Portishead RBL 88 (7 points)

Z Broom, M Wear, M Hopkins, C Shipway 12 – 18

A Knight, P Hayward, T Rides, R Jones 10 – 34

A Jenkinson, I Beveridge, G Wilcock, L Beck 9 – 19

A Broom, R King, K Powell, D McElduff 20 – 8

L Powell, B Baker, S Eastment, T Lewis 20 – 9

Wessex Ladies League Congresbury 49 Clevedon Prom 51

C Wilcock, G Hill, C Andrews, A Jones 25 – 13

A Harris, J Birmingham, D Harrison, P Baker 8 – 22

V Tomkinson, J Craig, J Byett, B Huggett 17 – 16

Wessex Ladies League Congresbury 64 (10 points) Ashcombe 28 (0 points)

M King, V Harding, C Andrews, D Harrison 20 – 9

J Byett, N Nunn, G Lee, P Baker 24 – 7

C Wilcock, L Storey, M Trow, A Jones 20 – 12