St Andrews Bowling Club’s Women’s squad notched up two outstanding results in contrasting weather this weekend, including breaking a potential Fear Cup record.

In teeming rain at Keynsham on Friday night, St Andrews beat the home team 85-18 in what is believed to be a record winning margin in the Somerset Fear Cup.

They finished 67 shots ahead of their opponents as all three rinks won by wide margins.

Karen Cromey, Jenny McMillan, Debbie Johns and Jackie Pitman topped the scoring for the Saints side as the managed to break the half-century mark in just 15 ends, winning their match 52-1.

The team of Allen, Duffy, Bishop, and R McMillan then increased the overall margin with their 17-7 win and finally the team of Andrews, Mangan, M McMillan, and Favis finished of the job for the Saints with a comparatively modest win of 16-10.

The squad’s “reward” is another long away trip to play Bath in the next round of the Cup.

On Sunday, in brilliant summer sunshine, Saints women proved too strong again as they bear the visiting Crewkerne in the county-wide Southey Trophy, a competition in which clubs play each other in matches ranging from singles to fours.

The Saints won on all four disciplines as they romped to a 4-0 win and another emphatic cup performance.

Becky McMillan’s 12-shot singles at 21-9 win set them on their way to victory against useful-looking visitors.

She was backed up by Pitman and J McMillan’s win in the pairs match as they also picked up a 21-9 victory to put St Andrews 2-0 up.

The triples team of Andrews, M McMillan, and Favis, and the fours team of Cromey, Duffy, Johns, and Bishop then continued the trend as the Saints picked up all four disciplines and an overall points win of 89-44.

The Saints women will now be at home to local rivals Victoria in the Quarter-Final on August 3rd.

Meanwhile St Andrews Men took played Portishead RBL away in the County League on a very heavy green.

The team initially went down by 11 points and were looking like they’d come away from the match with nothing, but Derek Hurst’s rink came back to win 20-17, earning the team a consolation two league points despite the overall 60-49 loss.


Full results:

Women’s Somerset Fear Cup: Keynsham 18, St Andrews 85. F Allen, J Duffy, J Bishop, R McMillan 17-7; C Andrews, B Mangan, M McMillan, M Favis 16-10; K Cromey, J McMillan, D Johns, J Pitman 52-1.

Women’s Somerset Southey Trophy: St Andrews 4, Crewkerne 0 (agg 89-44). Singles – R McMillan 21-9. Pairs – J McMillan, J Pitman 21-9. Triples – C Andrews, M McMillan, M Favis 20-11. Fours – K Cromey, J Duffy, D Johns, J Bishop 27-10.

Women’s DRT League: Portishead RBL 77 (10pts), St Andrews 35 (0pts). F Allen, J Andrews, J McMillan, J Pitman 9-34; N Peters, B Mangan, J Duffy, M Favis 12-28; T Cracknell, K Cromey, J Bishop, M McMillan 14-15.

Men’s Somerset County League North One – Portishead RBL B 60 (10pts), St Andrews 49 (2pts). J Keay, D Bailey, B Duffy, D Hurst 20-17. G Sims, G Wride, J Bullock, A McMillan 13-24; C Andrews, M Dew, D Stott, D Johnston 16-19.

Men’s Weston & Dist Over-55 League Div One: Victoria Saxons 110 (16pts), St Andrews 85 (4pts). A Pattenden, D Bailey, B Reeves 14-12; M Peters, D Reynolds, R Potter 16-22; M Goddard, A Dawes, B Duffy 13-23; A Cooper, M Dew, A McMillan 13-16; G Poole, G Sims, A Ware 14-24; L Fisher, S Ash, M Davies 15-13.

Men’s Somerset Turnbull Cup: Bristol 106, St Andrews 34. L Fisher, M Goddard, A Dawes, A Ware 12-16; G Poole, R Potter, B Cracknell, B Duffy 8-28; C Andrews, D Reynolds, D Stott, J Angove 8-27; J Keay, D Bailey, J Bullock, B Reeves 6-35.

National Indoor Fantastic Fives Competition: Bristol Unicorns 6, St Andrews Seagulls 2. Singles – P Villis 7-11. Pairs – B Reeves/P Villis 5-15. Triples – R Whittaker, J Bishop, J Whittaker 13-4. Fours – R Whittaker, Bishop, J Whittaker, Reeves 5-8.