All three Ashcombe teams register fine league victories

Roger Tasker bowling for Ashcombe BC.

Roger Tasker bowling for Ashcombe BC. - Credit: Archant

All three of Ashcombe Park’s league teams registered fine victories in the Somerset County League.

All three of Ashcombe Park Bowling Club’s teams scored impressive wins over their opponents in the Somerset Bowls League.

In addition to the victories on shots scored, the points gained has resulted in each team moving up their respective divisions. The A team moved up to sixth, the B team to third and the C side are fourth.

Ashcombe A 46 (12), Nailsea B 66 (0): L Day, E Roberts, T Bass, R Powell 66-46; D Bleasdale, A Freke, M West, J Whitlow 26-16; N Coombes, G Fews, S Hedges, J Taylor 16-15

Ashcombe B 58 (10), Victoria C 33 (2): S Andrews, D Freestone, R Tasker, K Wheeler 16-12; G Pople, G Sansam, T Cotterell, B Webber 33-4; M Paterson, K Hallett, E Hopkins, J Creasey 9-17.

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Ashcombe C 49 (9) Clevedon Prom 37 (3): R Stokes, M Butt, J Bryant, G, Wilkinson 14-14; G Tucker, B Miles, N Shufflebotham, J Main 13-15; P Dimmack, C Gerlach, A Tucker, B Benstead 22-8.

With Ashcombe facing tough opposition in the Weston and District Over-60s League, and despite some close rinks, the club’s successes in the Somerset League couldn’t be repeated, with the Crusaders and Templars both going down heavily.

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Crusaders 65, Wedmore 148: G Kinsey, G Tottle, T Bass 13-21; D Bleasdale, T Cotterell, J Whitlow 9-20; T Morgan, M Southwood, J Creasey 13-18; L Day, B Benstead, G Wilkinson 4-33; S Hedges, A Little, J Taylor 15-20; L Cox, J Hornett, R Powell 11-36.

Templars 89, Mark Moor 124: G Tucker, S Andrews, N Coombes 19-26; A Tucker, M Tripp, B Miles 10-13; M Butt, J Bryant, T Pople 10-32; C field, M Badman, E Booth 16-22; B Duncan, J McKenzie, G Fews 11-19, R Cole, K Davies, N Shufflebotham 23-12.

Ashcombe Knights played Ashcombe Templars in a home derby, as both teams are in the same division of the Over-60s League.

Knights 122, Templars 84: B Jones, R Counsell, J Main 11, C Vardon, M Tripp, B Miles 18; M Paterson, G Mills, E Hopkins 15, G Tucker, S Andrews, N Coombes 22; F Bertram, M Bass, K Wheeler 22, B Duncan, J McKenzie, G Fews 13; B Alden, G Finnegan, R Tasker 31, M Butt, J Bryant, T Pople 7; D Freestone, K Hallett, A Freke 16, G Field, M Badman, E Booth 18; G Pople, E Roberts, A Cracknell 27, R Cole, K Davies, N Shufflebotham 6.

Ashcombe were defeated 3-1 by Winscombe in the 4 Dimensions Cup. This competition, unlike most others, is played on four rinks as singles, pairs, triples and fours games played simultaneously.

Results – singles: G Wilkinson 21-19; pairs: S Hedges, R Powell 14-18; triples: K Hallett, T Cotterell, J Whitlow 14-20; fours: G Pople, M West, A Little, DA Williams 18-26.

In addition to the Somerset and Over-60s league games, Ashcombe’s men also hosted a friendly game against Bristol.

Despite Ashcombe winning one rink and holding two others to a close finish, but Bristol managed to emerge the winners.

Ashcombe 64, Bristol 73: T Morgan, A Cracknell, G Sansam, K Wheeler 23-16; P Dimmack, R Counsell, J Hornett, R Tasker 14-18; M Paterson, D Bleasdale, T Cotterell, J Whitlow 13-17; D Freestone, W Spring, B Benstead, G Wilkinson 14-22.

St Andrews maintained their 100 per cent winning record in the Weston & District Over-60s League when they beat Portishead RBL by 16 shots in Division 1.

In the early stages, the visitors were ahead on every rink except one. At halfway, the overall scores were tied, but, once again, Saints showed their strength in the closing stages to finish up on four rinks and take 16 points.

Geoff Sims, Bob McLeod and Gordon Wride were the star turns, winning by 13 shots Barrie Forse, Danny Favis and Don Bailey skipped the other triples to earn rink points.

St Andrews 107 (16), Portishead RBL 91 (4): G Sims, B McLeod, G Wride 25-12; G Cooper, J Warren, B Forse 19-14; R Potter, M Simpson, B Reeves 16-19; K Uglow, G Webber, T Ware 12-21; T Lay, R Wootten, D Favis 18-12; T Yeeles, J Keay, D Bailey 17-13.

It was a totally different story for Saints in their Somerset County League Premier 2 match away to Fosseway.

This time, they raced into a 15-shot lead after four ends and looked set for their first win of the season. But then persistent rain tested all the players to the full and the home side adapted the better to win by 10 shots.

The only Saints’ four to maintain their early lead were skipped by Tony Steer, in his season’s debut. With Adrian Cooper in fine form at lead, they won by seven. Don Bailey’s rink led until the last end, when Fosseway snatched a draw.

Fosseway A (9) 56, St Andrews A (3) 46: K Uglow, R Brereton, J Warren, D Favis 12-29; L Yeates, G Cooper, B May, D Bailey 15-15; A Cooper, J Keay, A McMillan, T Steer 19-12.

In the annual Ron Taylor Cup match against Victoria, St Andrews went down heavily on their opponents’ excellent green.

Adrian Cooper, Bob McLeod and Malcolm Goddard won, while new bowler Derek Reynolds, Jim Keay and Danny Favis drew. But otherwise, it was a tale of woe for Saints against a strong home line-up.

Victoria 135, St Andrews 87: D Reynolds, J Keay, D Favis 17-17; K Rodgers, G Sims, B Green 12-32; R Gordon, R Brereton, R Wootten 10-24; A Cooper, B McLeod, M Goddard 22-18; R Smith, M Simpson, B Forse 14-19; P Smart, J Ling, J Warren 12-25.

St Andrews Seagulls could not have made a better debut in the EIBA Fantastic Fives, beating Clarrie Dunbar Demons 8-0 at home.

In this fun indoor competition, teams of five play abbreviated games of singles, pairs, triples and fours, with each member competing twice.

It’s the first year Saints have entered and they made a perfect start, as Andrew Owens won the 12-end singles, while the rink, skipped by Barrie Forse, also finished ahead after their eight ends.

That put St Andrews 4-0 up on points before, after a brief break, the same players competed in two-wood triples and three-wood pairs, both over 10 ends. Owens and young Imogen Cracknell proved a perfect pairs combination, while the triple edged home by one to give Saints maximum points.

Results – singles: A Owens 12-5; fours: Imogen Cracknell, Sue Sinclair, G Webber, B Forse 9-4; pairs: Cracknell & Owens 14-3; triples: Sinclair, Webber, Forse 8-7.

The next round is in June when Saints’ squad of nine are away to Clarrie Dunbar’s other team, the Doves.

Victoria’s B team beat the elements and Clarence A in a match reduced to 12 ends due to heavy rain, winning by 17 shots and returning home with 10 points, courtesy of two excellent rink wins skipped by Mike Stocker and Keith Holland.

The C team hosted Ashcombe B and again the match was affected by the weather with the game reduced to 17 ends with the visitors winning the game.

Victoria just had the consolation of two points for the rink win of Carmine Santasoussa, Nigel Robbins, John Smart and skip Graham Hodge.

Victoria Vikings played Burnham in the Weston & District Over-60s Cup. At one stage a shock victory looked on against opponents from the higher league, but the wheels came off as the game progressed.

The Vikings were in action in the Weston & District Over-60s League playing Clevedon and on a sunny but windy afternoon the rink scores were two drawn, two lost and two won. The winning triples of Derek Jones and George Frost carrying sufficient shots to win the match and earn a welcome 14 points.

Victoria played Somerset Masonic in a four-rink friendly with Victoria the winners by nine shots and the teams sharing the rinks.

The annual match against St Andrews for the Ron Taylor Cup resulted in an emphatic victory for Victoria, winning four triples and being defeated on just one rink

Victoria B 43 (10), Clarence A 26 (2): R Bromet, S Stocker, A Bray, M Stocker 17-3; R Hollier, H Gibbs, D Fairhurst, D Hurst 3-19; P Lunn, H Whyte, M Manning, K Holland 23-4.

Victoria C 33 (2), Ashcombe B 58 (10): D Williams, J Mingo-West, A Shattock, D Jones 12-16; M Willetts, M Milliner, E Sage, G Frost 4-33; Carmine, N Robbins, J Smart, G Hodge 17-9.

Vikings 85, Burnham 111: W Nicholls, R Hollier, D Jones 14-18; A Waygood, C Chudley, J Smart 23-14; J Turton, T Gilbert, G Frost 14-16; N Robins, G Jones, T Broughton 17-24; J Fenn, R Jacobs, E Sage 10-22; D Parker, J Griffiths, G Hodge 12-17.

Vikings 107 (14), Clevedon 90 (6): JD Parker, W Nicholls, G Hodge 17-17; R Hollier, G Richards, D Jones 26-11; A Waygood, R Bromet, J Smart 13-15; R Jacobs, B Johnson, E Sage 13-24; J Turton, T Gilbert, G Frost 25-10; J Griffiths, G Jones, T Broughton 13-13.

Victoria 74, Somerset Masonic 65: D Beard, M Willetts, R Rockett, K Harvey 15-16; H Whyte, W Nicholls, M Milliner, D Hurst 8-21; J Mingo-West, A Waygood, J Kerr, J Newman 22-17; P Wyatt, R Bromet, E Sage, C Heal 29-11.

Victoria 135, St Andrew 87: P Wyatt, H Whyte, R Rockett 24-10; J Mingo-West, D Hurst, C Heal 19-14; B Pocock, A Bray, M Stocker 18-22; S Stocker, J Newman, P Leadbeater 32-12; G Hodge, L Stocker, W Harrison 25-12; M Manning, D Fairhurst, A Yates 17-17.

Clarence were well beaten by Winscombe in the Weston & District Over-60s League, despite the Weston club holding the lead at halfway.

Played in persistent rain, Clarence led by one point after five ends and by three at the10th end. Sadly for Clarence this trend was reversed as they began dropping shots across all six rinks, leaving them trailing 96-68 after the 15th end.

Winscombe continued their onslaught which ended in a 114-86 defeat for Clarence. To rub salt into the wounds, the one rink that may have been victorious for Clarence on the 18th end lost a one-point hold to a two-point deficit on the last Winscombe delivery.

Clarence A had crushing defeats on two of the tree rinks, Richard Crawford’s lonely winning rink by 16 kept the scale of the defeat to a minimum.

Clarence A 26, Victoria B 43: M Cerasoli, B Duffy, G Barlow, M Edlin 3-17; A Gardner, T Manion, M Phillips, R Burrough 4-23; S Browning, D Grier, B Sweet, R Crawford 19-3.

Clarence B 49, Portishead 64.

A mixed week for Winscombe started with a close tussle at Severn Vale in a mixed friendly match, with the visitors finally losing by two shots.

On a night that threatened rain, but thankfully held off, Winscombe played Ashcombe Park for the third time in seven days, this time in the 4 Dimensions KO competition.

It was close on all four rinks with captain Malcolm Dorrington finishing first in the singles, but losing by just two shots in an exciting match against Graham Wilkinson. Winscombe won the other three disciplines to progress to the next round 3-1.

In the Weston & District Over-60s League against Clarence Blues, Winscombe won on all six rinks It was a close match on each rink and the overall score did not reflect Winscombe’s decisive win and maximum points.

In the North Somerset League Division 1, Winscombe A played at the Isle of Wedmore. It rained all afternoon, but Winscombe adapted to the conditions better to win on all three rinks and again take maximum points.

The Winscombe B team did not have same luck in the soaking conditions at their match at Chew Stoke, where one of the Winscombe players was late arriving. Winscombe went down on all three rinks on a miserable afternoon.

Winscombe 74, Severn Vale 76: B Weller, S Lowis, L Parfitt, M Dorrington 14-29; M Howells, J Wiles, R Leach, W Weller 18-22; A Griffin, R Lowis, J Rush, J Sprouting 18-9; S Vincent, D Brown, M Sprouting, G Neville 24-16.

Winscombe 114 (20), Clarence Blues 86: B Andrews, J Sprouting, M Adams 17-12; P Johns, G Coombe, R Birmingham 22-13; J Smith, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 21-12; K Whatling, C Westlake, T Ellis 17-15; G Lloyd, M Hunter, G Neville 19-18; B Paul, M Fletcher, T Dudley 18-16.

Winscombe 3, Ashcombe 1 (4 Dimensions) – singles: M Dorrington 19-20; pairs: S Easterby, M Adams 24-18; triples: K Whatling, P Fredersdorff, G Neville 20-16; fours: N Hansford, M Nash, A Dudley, T Ellis 26-18.

Winscombe A 69 (12), Isle of Wedmore 48: G Lloyd, S Easterby, M Dorrington, T Ellis 20-15; N Hansford, L Collier, K Whatling, M Adams 29-20; M Fletcher, P Fredersdorff, G Coombe, G Neville 20-13.

Winscombe B 34.5, Chew Stoke A 71: D Johnson, M Trenchard, G Hill, M Nash 7.5-28; D Brown, M Hunter, P Cast B Andrews 12-26; R Fisher, D Peakall, R Feltham, J Sprouting 15-17.

Winning with a differential of 83 shots, Wedmore men won all of the six rinks in their Over-60s Triple League match against Ashcombe.

The final score of 148 to 65 was one of the largest ever victories. Among all the good scores, Keith Pettit and his team had the best win with a 33-4 success.

Wedmore 148, Ashcombe 65: P Smith, I Faulkner, D Nicholls 21-13; T Collingwood, S Fisher, R Newell 20-9; B Back, C Panchaud, T Brown 18-13; T Hamblin, M Grosvenor, K Pettit 33-4; A Birch, B Aston, K Burt 20-15; J White, R Norris, R Barron 36-11.

The winning run for Wedmore men had started earlier in the week with a 106-86 win against Clevedon Prom in the the Clevedon & District Over-60s League. In this match each team won three rinks, but a strong result from Roy Thurkettle and his team who won 26-7, swung the match in Wedmore’s favour.

Wedmore 106, Clevedon Prom 86: C Wheller, R Norris, R Barron 15-17; A Birch, C Panchaud, R Thurkettle 26-7; B Aston, J Harvey, K Pettit 11-13; V Matthews, D Collins, C Moss 15-23; T Simpson, S Fisher, D Nicholls 21-13; J Runciman, I Faulkner, R Newell 18-13.

The ladies visited Fosseway for a Mendip League triples match and enjoyed a close match, winning one rink, drawing another and losing the third. The match was won by Fosseway by just two shots.

Wedmore Ladies 50, Fosseway 52: A Birch, M Perry, E Deverill 17-20; A Hughes, P Beard, M Hordle 19-18; J Collins, C Pettit, L Hamblin 14-14.

In another away match, this time at Prattens playing a friendly game, the ladies struggled and lost 29-61. None of the three rinks was won, but Gill Harvey and her team came the closest losing by just two shots.

In the local derby, the Mark Moor Cup, Wedmore’s mixed team played away and won this first leg by just three shots 107-104. Ray Newell and his team had the best win of the day 23-14.

Another annual event is the visit from Avon & Somerset Constabulary for a friendly game and this year Wedmore’s mixed team were the winners 80-64. Both Maureen Hordle and Gill Harvey’s teams won by 26 shots to 11.

Victoria Ladies enjoyed another winning week with wins over Clevedon Prom and Congresbury.

Victoria travelled to Clevedon Prom for a three-rink friendly convincingly winning by 17 shots, with Sue Pocock and Ellen Newport skipping their rinks to victory.

The excellent form continued against Congresbury in the Weston & District Triples League with the ladies winning two rinks, the highest scoring rink led by Kay Wilson with Sue Newman and Sue Cooper.

Victoria’s mixed squad were entertained by GB Britton and suffered a defeat, but soon forgotten by the generous and superb hospitality. The match will be remembered by new lady members, Belinda Cardwell and Moreen Slavin, who both played well in their debut game and also Joyce Johnston, who played her second game, but first away match.

Victoria Ladies 43, Clevedon Prom 26: N Whyte, H Frye, B Mangan, S Pocock 21-4; H Chesters, C Stevens, S Harrison, E Newport 13-11; B Williams, S Sokol, S Newman, M Hillman 9-11.

Victoria Ladies 41, Congresbury 33: S Milliner, S Pocock, M Hillman 12-11; K Wilson, S Newman, S Cooper 20-8; H Frye, R Cleeves, S Harrison 9-14.

Victoria 108, GB Britton 114: R Bailey, J Johnson, R Bromet, C Gazzard 12-27; M Slavin, W Nicholls, S Newman, M Cooper 7-30; C Stevens, H Chesters, B Pocock, D Hurst 18-14; C Santasoussa, H Frye, B Johnson, S Cooper 15-19; B Cardwell, S Pocock, M Milliner, J Newman 30-12; S Milliner, J Langridge, F Waters, D Fairhurst 22-12.

Wessex Ladies enjoyed a close game against Ashcombe on their green, losing by just one shot. The winning rink skipped by Ann Fewings gained two points in the league.

Wessex Ladies 59 (2), Ashcombe 60 (8): N Peters, L Hedderman, M Hawkins, J Duffy 16-20; P Turner, D Welfare, C Peart, A Fewings 27-14; V Edwards, K Dibble, M Davis, J Davis 16-26.

Wessex Ladies 35 (0), Congresbury 53 (10): J Davis, P.Turner, A Fewings 11-15; B Jones, M Davis, M Hawkins 14-16; M Milford, C Peart, P Taylor 10-22.

Wessex Ladies 32, Portishead RBL 68 (friendly): E Stott, S Hewitt, M Hawkins, P Taylor 11-22; C Falconbridge, J Gardiner, K Dibble, J Duffy 15-17; C Webb, A Powell, B Jones, J Davis 6-29.

St Andrews Ladies made a winning start to their Doreen Ralph Trophy season when they beat visitors Yatton by four shots.

Waterproofs were on and off as showers fell and it was agreed to end the match after just 15 of the scheduled 21 ends

Saints’ Monica Pattenden skipped her rink to victory by three shots, while a crucial three on the last end helped Meg Favis finish five clear of the opposition, ensuring a narrow overall win..

St Andrews Ladies 43, Yatton 39: C Venn, S Sinclair, M Frost, M Pattenden 12-9; J Forse, D Baker, J Pitman, A Campbell 14-18; B Goddard, M Wride, J Ware, M Favis 17-12.

Winscombe Ladies had their friendly games against Long Ashton and West Backwell cancelled.

They did play in the North Somerset Triples League against Clarence and won on all three rinks picking up a maximum 10 points. There were some interesting cards with Sue Caddy’s rink playing a game of two halves.

They won the first nine rinks 16-0 and lost all but three ends of the remainder to finish winners by just six shots. On Wendy Weller’s rink, they were losing throughout the game until the last end when they snatched four shots and victory. Lesley Fredersdorff’s rink win was never in doubt.

Winscombe Ladies 52 (10), Clarence 37: M Sprouting, S Lowis, L Fredersdorff 16-9; I Miles, A Ainsworth, W Weller 18-16; C Hopes, E Watts, S Caddy 18-12.

Clarence Ladies have earned their best result this season against Clevedon Promenade, winning by an impressive 18 shots.

Clarence Ladies 72, Clevedon Prom 54: S Scoins, J Manion, M Davison 22-12; P Fowler, V Jones, V Collicott 14-14; R Francombe, S Pritchard, C Edlin 14-18; S Ellis, J Anning, S Searle 22-10.

Clarence ladies played a friendly against Clarence men and lost by 36 shots. As a friendly the score did not matter as a happy and fun day was had by all.

Ashcombe Ladies won two out of three rinks against Clevedon Prom, but lost on shot difference, giving Clevedon revenge for the two recent losses.

Ashcombe Ladies 47 (4), Clevedon Prom 63 (6): M Main, A Bryant, N Counsell, J Wilkinson 20-11; M Shufflebothan, C Hedges, B MacGregor, S Weaden 18-16; A Bass, A Cox, D Norville, J Hughes 9-36.

Ashcombe won two out of three rinks to give them a one-shot victory away to Clarence.

Ashcombe 60 (8), Clarence 59 (2): L Paterson, M Williams, A Goacher, M Tucker 20-16; M Shufflebothan, S Noyes, M Tasker, J Wilkinson 14-27; P Wynne, A Cox, J Hughes, J McInally 26-16.

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