Amazing cup comeback

St Andrews overturn deficit against Victoria to retain Ron Taylor Cup

AFTER losing all their games last week, St Andrews came back with a bang this week, winning all their matches.

Most notably, the Saints retained the Ron Taylor Cup with a stunning comeback at Victoria after being 22 shots down from the first leg.

St Andrews 145, Victoria 95 (Ron Taylor Cup): D Nutt, R Dunstone, A Yeeles, D Favis 19-23. K Rodgers, B Green, R Venn, S Davies 26-16. M Blight, AE Day, T Bell, A Horsburgh 32-9. M Goddard, C Reeves, T Allen, T Thomas 29-12; M Leigh, F Mudge, A Ware, M Berry 14-22. K Parker, A Cooper, J Ling, R Davey 25-13.

St Andrews Spartans 116, Portishead RBL 85 (Over 60s Triples Division 1): M Goddard, A Ware, D Favis 19-22. R Smith, T Bell, T Thomas 17-18. G Berry, J Ling, R McLeod 22-11. K Parker, M Leigh, R Venn 15-13. D Price, R Davey, A Horsburgh 14-11. G Burgess, A Yeeles, G Wride 29-10.

St Andrews A 60, West Backwell 55 (County League): M Leigh, A Yeeles, T Bell, G Wride 29-13. M Berry, R McLeod, A Horsburgh, D Bailey 16-20. R Smith, R Davey, T Thomas, S Davies 15-22.

St Andrews Ladies won on all three rinks against Nailsea in their Doreen Ralph Trophy match. Ann Campbell’s four were 17 shots ahead before their opponents registered their first shot on the scorecard.

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St Andrews Ladies 70, Nailsea Ladies 42 (Doreen Ralph Trophy): P Uglow, B Goddard, M Bailey, M Favis 20-18. J Forse, D Johnson, J Ware, A Campbell 26-5. M Wride, W Allen, S Glenville, M Pattenden 24-19.

Mixed weather greeted the ladies when they competed in the club’s Dot Cross Pairs, an annual competition for a trophy named after St Andrews’ first lady president.

The pairs, which are drawn for partners, played four games each and there was some keen competition. The eventual winners were Margaret Wride and Meg Favis, who beat Liz Blight and Ann Campbell in the final.

* YOSSERS and defending champions Internationals are heading for a last-game-of-the-season showdown in the Two Wood Triples League at Clarence.

In the latest series of matches, Yossers remained top following a comfortable win over Rollercoasters, but Internationals, two points behind, also have a 100 per cent record and a game in hand. The rivals meet on August 18.

At the other end of the table, Jim’s Lads picked up their first victory, by four shots, against fellow strugglers Allsorts, who replaced them at the bottom.

Results: Yossers 21, Rollercoasters 10. Edwardians 7, Internationals 31. Jim’s Lads 17, Allsorts 13.

Both Clarence teams lost at home on Saturday in the Somerset County League. The A side managed one rink victory against Bridgwater BCL, through Richard Crawford’s team, but county Middleton Cup skip Neil Kunc’s 20-shot win for the visitors proved crucial as they finished 22 clear.

Clarence A 42, Bridgwater BCL 64: M Clay, T Perry, D Towie, P Tubb 13-20. R Flicker, J Edwards, T Pritchard, R Burrough 8-28. B Rossiter, M Edlin, G Cooper, R Crawford 21-16.

Clarence B, more than 20 shots ahead in the opening stages, still led by three with one end left at home to Burnham-on-Sea B. But they dropped four shots at the death to lose out by one. Harry Sparks’ rink were the only winners, while Gerry Barlow skipped his men to a draw with one on the last end.

Clarence B 65, Burnham-on-Sea B 66: G Aldridge, L Lakey, I Baker, H Sparks 25-24. J Keay, M Scoins, M Davies, D Jackman 19-21. T Norris, T Mannion, B Cornwall, G Barlow 21-21.

Following their narrow Weston & District Over 60s KO Cup defeat at Winscombe the previous Thursday, Clarence Blues travelled to meet the same opponents full of optimism for the league match on August 2.

However, this time Clarence earned only one point, from a draw by Jim Keay, Jim Hicks and Paul Tubb. Roger Burrough’s trio fought back well from 20-4 down, only to lose by four shots.

Winscombe 139, Clarence Blues 72. T Mannion, H Sparks, G Cooper 9-26. A Bishop, C Read, T Ward 10-30. R Flicker, M Edlin, B Ballinger 10-21. J Keay, J Hicks, P Tubb 16-16. J Edwards, T Perry, R Crawford 9-24. J Larvin, M Clay, R Burrough 18-22.

Although the rinks were shared in Clarence Golds’ Overs 60s League match at Nailsea, a heavy defeat on one of them consigned the visitors to defeat by 19 shots.

Golds’ best winners were the veteran trio John Norris, Derek Stevens and Bob Cornwall, who finished 10 ahead. John Hawkins returned to the team following a knee-joint replacement operation and settled back in well.

Nailsea 107, Clarence Golds 88. J Norris, D Stevens, B Cornwall 23-13. L Lakey, I Baker, H Sparks 17-16. M Peters, M Scoins, G Kettleborough 6-30. J Hawkins, B Hanks, M Davies 14-16. J Loveridge, R Dodson, D Gilbert 15-14. A Bishop, D Grier, M Skyrme 13-18.

Despite the inclement weather, Clarence and Churchdown enjoyed a pleasant afternoon’s bowling on Sunday. Churchdown came out on top, with Brendan Duffy’s rink providing the highlight for Clarence.

Clarence 140, Churchdown 166: B Difford, E Stott, J Bishop, D Stott 19-17. J Hawkins, M Scoins, E Deane, R Cornwall 18-22. M Peters, L Oldham, P Dunn, D Jackman 14-24. C Tippett, R Dodson, D Gilbert, P Hawkins 13-18. I Hicks, D Stevens, P Burrough, B Duffy 25-16. T Mannion, P Bidmead, T Ward, A Powell 23-18. A Cord, N Peters, J Allard, R Burrough 13-27. J Mannion, A Ward, A Bidmead, J Duffy 15-24.

On August 3, Clarence renewed their friendly rivalry against Burnham in a home fixture. On a glorious evening, a 17-shot victory by Trevor Pritchard’s rink proved decisive as Clarence won by eight shots, finishing up on three of the five rinks.

Clarence 102, Burnham 94. C Beynon, D Urch, T Mannion, B Duffy 13-34. P Williams, A Bishop, M Davies, R Burrough 24-17. J Keay, M Skyrme, I Baker, T Pritchard 29-12. J O’Mara, M Clay, B Cornwall, T Ward 15-15. J Norris, L Smith, H Dunn, D Towie 21-16.

Rebecca McMillan and Vicki Buick, of Clarence Ladies, were in the eight-strong Somerset team for the Bowls England Amy Rose Under-31 inter-county championship event at Leamington Spa last week. Unfortunately for Somerset, they lost to a strong Lincolnshire team in the preliminary round of the competition. Devon were the eventual winners.

Clarence Ladies 41, Yatton 71 (friendly): M Waite, S Phelps, S Scoins, M Baker 15-17. S Lomas, B Hayes,

L Oldham, P Burrough 14-21. P Fowler, S Bishop, S Searle, P Bidmead 12-23.

Clarence Ladies 42, Isle Of Wedmore 70 (friendly): M Waite, S Searle, M Davison, P Hawkins 19-16. J Mannion, S Scoins V Senior, V Collicott 11-22. B Hayes, S Foster V Jones, M Noddings 12-32.

Clarence Ladies 44, Portishead 59 (WDLL): S Ellis, V Senior, M Baker 13-16. S Pritchard, V Jones, P Hawkins 8-26. M Woods, M Davison, V Collicott 23-17.

* VICTORIA’S four county league teams notched up two wins, a draw and a defeat.

The A team beat Street at home by 27 shots, gaining all 12 points with all three rinks winning, the rinks skipped by Colin Gazzard and Will Harrison both winning by 11 shots. This win should ensure their future in Premier Division 1 next season.

The B team drew with Chew Stoke at home in a very close game, vice captain Mike Manning skipping his rink to a five shot win.

The C team came back from Bristol with a three shot win and eight points despite losing on two rinks. The rink of John Codrington, Richard Austin, Mike Taylor and skip Pete Palmer secured a 20 shot win to sway the result in Victoria’s favour. The D team travelled to Portishead RBL and suffered a big defeat, losing on all three rinks.

Victoria A 69, Street 42: J Loughlin, P Leadbeater, D Williams, M Stocker 20-15. P Lunn, K Curtis, E Mangan, C Gazzard 29-18. J Newman, A Uccellini, M Cooper, W Harrison 20-9. Victoria B 58, Chew Stoke A 58: H Whyte, M Fletcher, D Sealey, B Stock 18-23. G Hodge, A Barnes, J Howell, M Manning 18-13. J West, T Gatehouse, A Owens, K Holland 22-22.

Victoria C 66, Bristol C 63: M Willetts, P Newport, E Sage, S Evans 15-25. T Gilbert, G Frost, D Avery,

D Jones 19-26. J Codrington, R Austin, M Taylor, P Palmer 32-12.

Victoria D 43, Portishead RBL C 78: R Jacobs, W Osborne, B Saward, J Griffiths 12-32. F Aldridge, D Beard, R Sparkes, J Kerr 19-22. M Milliner, I Linham, J Downing, T Farmer 12-24.

Victoria entertained Banwell in a four rink friendly and were victors by 13 shots, winning on three rinks. Top rink was Richard Austin, Mike Willetts, Graham Hodge and skip Keith Holland.

Victoria 74, Banwell 61: J Codrington, A Barnes, P Palmer, M Manning 8-21. H Whyte, A Uccellini, S Evans, D Jones 22-13. J West, T Gatehouse, R Rockett, D Sealey 21-18. R Austin, M Willetts, G Hodge, K Holland 23-9.

An excellent result made the away day trip to play Minehead, where the hospitality is always first rate, all the more enjoyable. Four rink wins, with 14 shot wins on rinks skipped by Mike Stocker and president Dave Williams, cemented a match win of 23 shots.

Victoria 121, Minehead 98: E Sage, C Chudley, E Mangan, D Williams 25-11. D Beard, R Rockett, M Taylor, M Manning 15-25. W Osborne, G Hodge, P Palmer, M Stocker 27-13. W Nicholls, A Shattock, D Avery, A Uccellini 18-20. T Gilbert, J Griffiths, P Leadbeater, M Fletcher 17-14. J Newman, T Gatehouse, G Frost, K Holland 19-15.

Going into the second leg of the Ron Taylor Cup, Victoria were holding a 21 shot advantage but St Andrews produced an amazing turnaround as they romped to a 57 shot victory at Victoria to retain the trophy.

Victoria 96, St Andrews 155 (St Andrews win on aggregate by 38 shots): J Newman, E Sage, K Curtis, S Evans 23-19. J Codrington, L Kelly, J Howell, M Stocker 16-26. W Osborne, C Chudley, R Rockett, D Jones 9-32. M Willetts, R Jacobs, H Gibbs, M Fletcher 12-29. R Austin, R Sparkes, A Barnes, W Harrison 22-14. W Nicholls, R Sleep, P Palmer, A Owens 13-25.

Against Winscombe, Victoria managed to win a hard fought game which could have gone either way until Ted Mangan’s triple picked up eight shots on their 14th end. This win puts Victoria at the top of the league on shot difference from Ashcombe Crusaders.

Victoria 95, Winscombe 86 (Weston & District Over 60s Triples League): J Newman, M Manning, B Stock 12-14. A Barnes, M Taylor, D Williams 12-20. D Sealey, A Uccellini, E Mangan 20-11. P Lunn, K Curtis, M Stocker 23-11. R Rockett, M Fletcher, K Holland 15-18. H Whyte, M Campbell, D Hurst 13-12.

Victoria Ladies were soundly beaten in their only game of the week, losing to a strong Portishead team, the only point being achieved by the rink of Carol Webb, Sue Newman and skip Ladies Captain Sue Cooper.

Victoria Ladies 32, Portishead 64 (Weston & District Triples League): R Cleeves, R Bailey, P Smith 12-23. C Webb, S Newman, S Cooper 15-15. S Lawrence, C Willetts, M Hillman 5-24.

* ASHCOMBE A 67, Victoria B 57 (Somerset League): R Powell, J Horn, J Taylor, D A Williams 21-16. D Carr,

J Main, S Hedges, G Wilkinson 29-16. M Adams, I Chesney, W Caddick, A Yates 17-25.

Ashcombe A 46, Portishead RBL B 66 (Somerset League): M Adams, I Chesney, W Caddick, A Yates 12-24. R Powell, J Horn, J Taylor, D A Williams 14-25. D Carr, D Bleasdale, S Hedges, G Wilkinson 20-17.

Ashcombe B 53, Banwell 61 (Somerset League): G Fews, R Simmons, J Whitton, B Webber 19-16. P Sheppard, T Cottrell, E Roberts, J Creasey 18-22. A Wilmot, P Fisher, A Freke, L Day 16-23.

Ashcombe Templars 119, Ashcombe Knights 108 (Over 60s): Rink scores, with Knights in brackets: T Bull, B Jones, T Bass (R Williams, A Little, I Shannon) 24-15. J Hooper, Colin Winser, T Cottrell (D Underhay, P Sheppard, R Kibble) 6-38. N Coombes, K Hallet, M Adams (R Counsell, A Freke, W Caddick) 24-7. M Bass, P Gaulton, G Kinsey (A Cracknell, M Badman, G Wilkinson)18-25. M Field, V Bragg, M Brummell (G Mills, D Norville, R Simmons) 28-4. T Pople, E Booth, L Cox (T Shearman, A Morgan, E Hooper) 19-19.

Ashcombe Ladies 71, Clevedon 42 (Wessex League): A Fews, G Day, M Tasker, C Hedges 20-18. D Norville, J Beat, J Wilkinson, S Ford 31-12. M Tucker, J Sansom, J Hughes, M Williams 20-12.

Ashcombe Ladies 50, St Andrews 57 (friendly): L Owens, D Norville, S Hopkins, S Weaden 15-21. S Noyes, J Beat, M Tasker, B MacGregor 21-13. A Fews, N Urch, J Wilkinson, B Cullen 14-23. Ashcombe Ladies 62, North Petherton 42 (friendly): A Dancer, R Powell, D Hampson, S Weaden 25-11. A Cox, J Field, B Groves, C Hedges 15-16. M Main, V Webber, D Norville, S Hopkins 22-15.

* ISLE of Wedmore invited non-bowlers from in and around the village to a Clubs & Pubs day to introduce them to the joys of bowling and to raise money for Wedmore playing fields.

On a sunny day, 10 teams of all ages from various clubs took up the challenge, most competitors never having attempted bowls before but apparently enjoying the experience. The winners were a quartet of Heather Willcox, Nora and Martin Phypers and Dave Channing, from the badminton club, who were presented with a cash prize by president Ron Barron.

Thanks to Thatchers Cider, which donated the cash prizes and also some welcome samples of its products. As a result of the event, about �150 will be donated to the playing fields association.

Wedmore men played Burnham-on-Sea in the Over-60s league, winning on four rinks but losing overall by 10 shots.

Wedmore 93, Burnham-on-Sea 103 (Over 60s): T Hamblin, P Rowlett, B Aston 20-17. P Foren, A Reynolds, B Freeman 9-28. J Runciman, T Keates, D Stansfield 9-22. D Rush, M Green, I Faulkner 19-10. V Matthews, R Hunt, R Ronald 16-14. R Norris, T Brown, K Pettit 20-12.

In the Mid-Somerset League, Wedmore played at home against Fosseway, sharing the rinks but winning the match by 24 shots, thanks to a storming 33-9 win by Colin Moss’ rink.

Wedmore 96, Fosseway 72: V Matthews, B Treloar, T Brown, C Moss 33-9. D Trow, A Reynolds, M Green, I Faulkner 27-20. K Pettit, J Runciman, C Panchaud, R Hughes 14-18. K Davey, K Hooper, B Cottrell, K Burt 22-25.

A four-triple friendly against Bridgwater men resulted in a win for Wedmore on three rinks and an overall score of 75-50.

Isle of Wedmore Ladies travelled to Wrington for a Mendip League fixture. The unfamiliar surface proved difficult to master, especially on one of the hottest days of the year, and a good win on one rink was not enough to overcome the losses on the other two.

Wedmore Ladies 41, Wrington 56: M Green, V Beard, P Cottrell 9-19. A Hughes, M Parry, M Ronald 7-25. P Beard, L Hamblin, M Stansfield 25-12.

* CONGRESBURY B, 44 Winscombe B 51 (North Somerset League): N Davis, G Gosling, M Kimmings, L Beck 21-17. G Andrews, J Churchward, D Gosling, J Stone 17-15. M Greaves, I Morton, R Anniuk, F Horton 6-19.

Congresbury 123, Long Ashton 72 (Clevedon & District Over 60s League): D Folds, G Stenner, L Beck 14-19. K Cole, P Reay, B Herbison 22-8. P Dawes, J Churchward, T Yearsley 29-10. J Freemantle, F Horton, M Wear 18-11. R Smith, D Gosling, R Kirkham 29-8. N Davis, C Blagden, R Whiskin 12-16.

Congresbury 64, Yatton 61 (Somerset League): C Shipway, P Reay, M Wear, A Fisher 22-20. P Dawes, G Stenner, R Stewart, R Becker 21-18. J Freemantle, D Manning, R Whiskin, R Kirkham 21-23.

Congresbury 43, Chew Stoke 72 (Somerset League): G Andrews, J Churchward, D Gosling, R Archer 12-24. N Davis, G Gosling, M Kimmings, L Beck 14-21. M Greaves, D Byett, R Anniuk, M Huggett 17-27.

* WINSCOMBE’S winning run continued when they defeated Madeira Bowling Club (Exemouth) in the annual Stewart Trophy Match.

This is an unusual match as it is a triples game played over 21 ends for an ink stand donated by a former Winscombe player who went to live and play for the Madeira Club in Exemouth. Winscombe won four rinks to two and by 17 shots.

In the Somerset League both Winscombe teams played Isle of Wedmore, one at home and one away. The A Team was at home and trounced the league leaders, winning on all three rinks to secure maximum points. At Wedmore, the B Team had a much tighter game, eventually winning on two rinks to one and by four shots to take 10 points to Wedmore’s two.

In the Weston & District Over 60s League, Winscombe had two matches this week. Against Clarence, at home, Winscombe won by 67 shots and won on all rinks but one, which was drawn. Winscombe took 19 points and Clarence one. The away match at Victoria was very close, with the six rinks being shared. However, Victoria won overall by nine shots. Victoria took 14 points and Winscombe six.

The mixed triples match at Burnham-on-Sea also resulted in a good win for Winscombe by 49 shots.

Winscombe Ladies won at Long Ashton by two shots thanks to an impressive win by Trixie Miles, Eve Watts and Angela Ainsworth and a close match on captain Mavis Adams’ rink, where they lost by just one shot.

Winscombe A 77, Isle of Wedmore A 40 (SCL Div 1 North): D Beaverstock, L Collier, R Wootten,T Ellis 26-12. W Ainsworth J Lukins, M Nash, M Adams 32-10. M Dorrington, B White, J Smith, S Eastment 19-18.

Winscombe B 64, Isle of Wedmore 60 (SCL Div 2 North): R Knight, M Hunter, M Hunt, A Watts 25-18. B Paul, G Tofte, K Whatling, G Neville 23-17. G Lloyd, P Hopes, A Kyprianides, A Dudley 16-25.

Winscombe 86, Victoria 95 (Over 60s): R Lowman, M Hunter , M Adams 20-12. R Knight, M Nash, G Neville 11-23. K Whatling, A Kyprianides, W Ainsworth 12-13. J Smith, G Tofte, A Watts 14-12. J Sprouting, L Collier, R Wootten 18-15. G Lloyd, M Hunt, A Dudley 11-20.

Winscombe 139, Clarence 72 (Over 60s): R Knight, M Hunt, A Watts 16-16. J Smith, M Nash, K Whatling 24-9. L Collier, R Wootten, A Dudley 22-8. J Sprouting, A Kyprianides, M Adams 21-10. M Roberts, M Hunter, T Ellis 30-10. R Lowman, L Baldwin, W Ainsworth 26-9.

Winscombe 121, Madeira 104 (Stewart Trophy): G Lloyd, G Tofte, K Whatling 17-16. D Owen, J Smith, M Hunt 15-25. P Hopes, A Kyprianides, M Adams 17-12. B Paul, M Nash, R Feltham 17-25. R Lowman, L Collier, S Eastment 34-9. D Beaverstock, M Roberts,T Ellis 21-17.

Winscombe 126, Burnham-on-Sea 77 (mixed friendly): M Smith, I Tofte, K Whatling 21-9. T Miles, M Roberts, R Lowman 30-17. W Weller, G Tofte, J Smith 21-12. B Weller, S Caddy, A Kyprianides 17-13. D Beaverstock, L Whatling, M Dorrington 27-5. M Sprouting, S Nash, M Nash 10-21.

Winscombe Ladies 45, Long Ashton 43 (NSL Triples League): T Miles, E Watts, A Ainsworth 23-9. J Kimmins, I Tofte, M Adams 13-14; C Hopes, M Sprouting, S Nash 9-20.

* WESSEX Ladies 65, Clevedon Prom 41: M Hawkins, P Taylor, B Jones, E Williams 23-13. J Allard, P Hanson, P Dunn, D Forsyth 25-11. P Tillson, V Edwards, J Binding E Deane 17-17.

Wessex 52, Burnham 59 (Victoria B’Water League): E Stott, M Hawkins, J Davis 19-20. P Hanson, J Allard, A Ward 11-28. N Peters, J Duffy, E Deane 22-11.

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