Andrew is new county singles champion

St Andrews taste more success at the Somerset County finals.

IT was another successful weekend for the St Andrews four of Ken Uglow, Don Bailey, Barrie Forse and Andrew Owens.

Following their achievement at the nationals in Nottingham, they competed in all four disciplines of the Somerset County finals.

Andrew became Somerset singles champion by beating K Bailey of Clarrie Dunbar by a resounding 21-10 victory.

In the fours final against Bristol Bowling Club, the early stages went in Saints’ favour stretching out a 14-7 lead, but the opposition fought back to level at 16 ends. The game was tight and still level at 20 ends 16-16, Saints managed to bowl the winning shot and come away champions.

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In the pairs, Andrew and Barrie had another close encounter and had to play an extra end to decide the winner, Saints losing by just one shot. In the triples it was unfortunate that Barrie was taken ill and had to leave the game. They took a reserve from the spectators, but just lost out.

THREE friendly matches in the first week of St Andrews Bowling Club’s outdoor season resulted in two wins and a big loss.

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Although one of the victories was in a mixed game, the ladies commence their fixture schedule with a couple of home friendlies this week.

St Andrews 92, City of Wells 65: B Rogers, AP Lay, T Bell, T Thomas 24-19; NR Lay, M Cordwell, D Nutt, G Wride 12-23; R Smith, A MacNab, A Horsburgh, D Bailey 26-11; K Parker, A. Cooper, J Ling, D Favis 30-12.

St Andrews 87, North Petherton 145: M Cordwell, R Brereton, T Thomas, G Wride 29-20; R Smith, P Smart, B May, D Bailey 21-20; K Parker, A Cooper, J Ling, D Nutt 20-19; R Reed, J Chance, R Dunstone, A Horsburgh 8-51; C Robinson, C Reeves, M. Berry, S Davies 9-35.

St Andrews 115, Ashcombe Park 114:D Price, Mrs M Cordwell, Mrs B Goddard, J Warren 20-16; Mrs M. Wride, B Rogers, A MacNab, T Allen 28-19; M Cordwell, A Cooper, Mrs J Ware, G Wride 19-19; Mrs J Forse, Mrs A. Greenwood, M Goddard, A Ware 13-21; R Lay, F Mudge, R Dunstone, D Nutt 19-16; AP Lay, P Smart, A Horsburgh, Mrs A Campbell 16-23.

ASHCOMBE lost a friendly mixed match against St Andrews by just one shot.

After 10 ends, Ashcombe led by some 17 shots, winning on five of the six rinks, but St Andrews rallied, finally winning by a shot.

Ashcombe 114, St Andrews 115: D Underhay, S Bayntun, A Cracknell, S Weaden 16-20; S Hadley, B Benstead, R Tasker, A Goacher 19-28; M Main, G Kinsey, G Day, E Hopkins 19-19; N Counsell, T Shearman, C Hedges, L Day 21-13; B Adams, M MacMahon, B Cullen, E Hooper 16-19; M Unwin, A Bryant, M Tasker, R Simmons 23-16.

Both Watchet and Ashcombe are celebrating 100 years of bowling this year, and as both are Somerset clubs, decided to play each other home and away, but Ashcombe were well beaten playing the first match at Watchet.

Ashcombe 95, Watchet 156: N Coombes, R Counsell, J Wilkinson, J Whitlow 15-27; A Fews, T Clarke, J Main, A Goacher 15-30; B Golding, D Little, A Little, J McInally 13-30; M Bass, L Owens, M Tasker, R Simmons 12-24; N Counsell, Rose Powell, B Underhay, Roy Powell 17-23; M Main, A Bryant, G Kinsey, G Wilkinson 23-22.

The men’s friendly against Knowle is often a closely run match, and this year was no exception, with Ashcombe winning away by just three shots.

Ashcombe had led by some 25 shots after 10 ends, but as the match progressed it became much closer, with Ashcombe clinching it on the final ends, winning a total of eight shots.

Ashcombe 102, Knowle 98: G Tucker, G Mills, W Spring, A Yates 29-18; B Alden, D Andrews, E Hooper, J Hornett 11-24; M Unwin, D Underhay, P Gaulton, A Williams 22-18; R Perkins, M Parry, P Fisher, J Creasey 26-14; A Morgan, K Hallet, R Tasker, R Hadley 14-24.

WINSCOMBE got off to a good start to the new season with home wins against Clevedon and Ardagh.

However, their first battle of the year with friends and rivals at Banwell on Saturday saw the home team secure a win by three rinks to one with one rink drawn.

Winscombe 102, Clevedon 90 (friendly): G Lloyd, B Prince, R Wootten, A Dudley 26-13; B Paul, G Hill, M Hunter, L Baldwin 25-17; R Knight, D Beaverstock, J Lukins, M Adams 13-21; J Smith, G Tofte, A Pye, G Neville 19-16; A Brand, J Bearman, L Collier, M Nash 19-23.

Winscombe 106, Ardagh 62 (friendly): K Whatling, R Freegard, J Smith, W Ainsworth 34-14; D Beaverstock, A Brand, M Hunt, R Lowman 19-16; G Tofte, J Sprouting, L Collier, M Nash 31-11; D Owen, B Weller, M Roberts, M Adams 22-21.

Winscombe 85, Banwell 119 (friendly): J Smith, P Fredersdorff, M Roberts, T Ellis 28-22; K Whatling, M Hunter, J Lukins, M Adams 13-26; W Ainsworth, G Hill, L Collier, M Nash 14-23; M Dorrington, G Tofte, A Watts, A Dudley 16-16; G Neville, M Hunt, A Pye, R Wootten 14-32.

CONGRESBURY 84, Bristol Arrow 71: R Archer, G Gosling, R Whiskin, J Stone 21-18; J Freemantle, D Folds, C Edwards, T Yearsley 11-14; R Baker, P Reay, M Wear, L Beck 15-11; C Everett, K Cole, C Blagden, R Kirkham 19-14; R Smith, D Gosling, K Hector, R Becker 18-14.

Congresbury 121, Ashcombe 96: A Collins, J Churchward, G Stenner, J Stone 20-13; R Smith, D Gosling, F Horton, L Beck 28-19; M Hopkins, A Harding, R Whiskin, M Wear 20-28; P Dawes, G Gosling, P Reay, R Stewart 18-10; M Kimmings, C Everett, M Huggett, R Becker 14-16; J Freemantle, C Edwards, K Hector, R Kirkham 21-10.

Congresbury 94, Banwell 85: P Dawes, R Smith, D Manning, J Stone18-18; S Pook, C Everett, R Whiskin, T Yearsley 14-25; M Kimmings, J Freemantle, C Blagden, M Wear 12-16; M Hopkins, D Gosling, F Horton, K Hector 27-9; R Archer, J Churchward, M Huggett, L Beck 23-17.

Congresbury 94, Isle of Wedmore 109: J Churchward, G Gosling, R Whiskin, R Becker 22-20; M Kimmings, R Archer, T Yearsley, R Stewart 15-21; N Davis, G Stenner, M Wear, R Kirkham 20-21; M Greaves, M Hopkins, K Hector, L Beck 17-27; J Freemantle, M Huggett, P Reay, J Stone 20-20.

VICTORIA opened their season with two home matches against the Avon & Somerset Police and Weston (Bath). A loss and a victory were recorded.

Victoria loaned the Avon & Somerset Police two players and were soundly beaten by 16 shots, despite a nine shot win by Victoria’s rink of Bill Osborne, Ray Fenwick, Keith Holland and skip Derek Hurst.

Victoria secured a fine win of 10 shots against Weston (Bath) thanks largely to the 25 shot winning margin on the rink of John Newman, Eric Sage, John Howell and skip Colin Gazzard.

Victoria continue their Saturday morning open days and welcome new members of any ability to participate under the guidance of qualified coaches on April 30, May 7 and 14. Please telephone the club on 01934 623993 or turn up on the day at 10am.

Victoria 92, Avon & Somerset Police 108: J Codrington, C Chudley, R Rockett, K Harvey 13-25; J West, A Waygood, D Jones, D Sealey 20-18; G Richards, A Shattock, K Curtis, M Stocker 20-21; T Gilbert, H Whyte, A Barnes, M Taylor 16-30; W Osborne, R Fenwick, K Holland, D Hurst 23-14.

Victoria 98, Weston (Bath) 88: R Austin, G Stocker, M Campbell, MH Stocker 22-14; M Fletcher, S Evans, D Jones, A Fealey 21-24; J. Loughlin, A Uccellini, H Gibbs, M Cooper 17-16; J Newman, E Sage, J. Howell, C Gazzard 31-6; M Willetts, K Harvey, D Hurst, M Manning 7-28.

SEVENTEEN-year-old Grant Aldridge, the youngest member of Clarence Bowling Club, has been selected to make his debut for Somerset.

The Weston College student, a product of Clarence’s link with Broadoak Mathematics and Computing College, will represent the county in a friendly Under-25 match against Wiltshire on Sunday.

Grant, a Weston Rugby Club junior, started bowls only two years ago as his summer sports option in Year 11 at Broadoak and has taken advantage of becoming a junior member at Clarence to improve steadily.

Clarence have had an excellent response to their recruitment drive, launched two weeks ago, and, after the first five introductory sessions, had signed up several new members for the men’s and ladies’ clubs and Wessex Ladies, who are also based at Clarence Park.

In the first inter-club match of the season, Clarence men avenged last year’s defeat by Clarence ladies by chalking up a convincing victory. They finished up on all five rinks for a winning margin of 49 shots.

Men’s rink scores: J Loveridge, J Norris, G Cooper, P Tubb 19-13; M Edlin, I Baker, D Jackman, D Stott 24-16; B Rossiter, T Mannion, T Hooper, J Edwards 29-11; J Larvin, J Keay, A Bidmead, G Phillips 20-11; J Hawkins, R Flicker, T Perry, R Burrough 24-16.

The Sunday team, with members from Clarence men, Clarence ladies and Wessex ladies, were blessed with another glorious day for their opening of the season at the weekend.

Forty-four players enjoyed an afternoon’s bowls and a tea provided by Sunday captain David Stott and his wife Elaine. This Sunday sees the team’s first competitive match, at home to Norwest (2.30pm). Spectators welcome.

CLARENCE ladies played their first match of the outdoors season against Clarence men.

It was pay back time as the men won on all the rinks, because of the ladies success in beating the men at the end of the indoor season.

Clarence Ladies 67, Clarence Men 116: J Colman, P Bidmead, P Burrough, C Edlin 11-20; S Searle, S Foster, M Woods P Hawkins 11-29; P Phillips, S Phelps, J Bishop, M Noddings 16-24; J Mannion, M Waite, V Jones, M Baker 16-24; L Oldham, M Goodwin., M Davison, V Collicott 13-19.

WESSEX Ladies 38, Chew Stoke 43: J Allard, B Wallace, M Davis, E Williams 15-16; P Tillson, I Hicks, P Taylor, D Forsyth 14-14; D Stenning, L Woodrow, A Fewings, P Dunn 9-13.

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