Anglers struggle at the lakes

FLY FISHING - BRISTOL Water Fisheries report a cooler and fresher week with mainly moderate south winds, some rain and air temperatures up to 19C.

BRISTOL Water Fisheries report a cooler and fresher week with mainly moderate south winds, some rain and air temperatures up to 19?C.

These conditions have helped to ease the high temperature of the water which has now fallen to less than 20?C. Despite the hot and sunny conditions of the past weeks the water quality remains good with some algae present everywhere but not enough to affect the fish or fishing.

In places the weed beds have started to break up and at the main lakes much is being left behind as the water levels fall. Even so there is still heavy growth around many of the margin areas.

Another disappointing catch result at Chew Valley, although it does appear that the cooler water has encouraged a few more fish to feed. For the first time this season there have been significant numbers of corixae active around many of the weed beds especially at Nunnery, East Shore, The Island and North Shore.

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This food source is important at this time of the year as trout will continue to feed on them throughout sunny, warm days. Fish can be difficult when on corixae and it is best not to try to imitate them, but to get their attentions by using bright mini lures, sparklers and boobies, or to use a small claret dry close to the weed margins.

Sometimes moving these dries by figure of eight retrieve tempts the fish to take. Bank anglers have done well off Woodford and Walley. Early mornings is still the best though there have been a few moving fish late on.

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The better sport at Blagdon enjoyed last week by the boats continued this week at the Top End but few fish taken from many other areas of the lake. Although it may seem a long drag up to Rugmoor it is worth while as there have been good catches in this Bells Bush-Ash Trees-Rugmoor triangle. Most boats have been fishing at anchor with buzzers and nymphs, but the water is fairly shallow here so be careful not to fish too far down or with fast sinking lines.

A few fish reported from boats at Butcombe and Cheddar Water. Bank fishermen have been finding things tough with most of the south shore nearly impossible to fish because of the extensive weed beds. If the wind allows the North Bank, Pegs, Ash Trees and Rugmoor are well worth a try.

Barrow has had a good week with some decent catches and also a few better fish. All three tanks are worth fishing. Few fish to be taken during the day except deep down but some evening and morning activity.

Steve Wedlake took the largest fish from Barrow so far this season when he landed a 4.08 rainbow from No 2.

The lower lake at Litton seems to be the best at present despite lots of weed. Most of the fish have come from the deeper end of the lake and often on sunken nymphs and gold heads. Little in the way of hatches or rising fish.

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