Another whitewash for Uphill

UPHILL A, D, E and men’s teams have been in recent league action that resulted in two wins and two losses.

UPHILL A, D, E and men’s teams have been in recent league action that resulted in two wins and two losses.

The A team played away at Swiss Valley against Clevedon Feathers A and won by nine rubbers to nil. The team of Paul Edwards, Becky Matthews, Mark Edwards, Nicky Mills, Matt Cole and Christy Langford again all played well and whitewashed their closest rivals in the league.

The evening started with Paul and Becky winning the first mixed rubber easily against Viv Edwards and Rob Armstrong. In the second mixed, Mark and Nicky had an equally comfortable win against Heather Priestly and Roger Lanning. The final mixed was more competitive with Matt and Christy being taken to three games by Maria Lewis and Mike Brett.

The Uphill ladies then won their three rubbers with ease, in straight games. Paul and Mark and Paul and Matt were then made to work for the first two men’s rubbers before winning both in three games. In the third men’s rubber, Mark and Matt won comfortably in straight games. The Uphill A team have now played four matches, not conceded any rubbers, and won 36. They are currently top of the league with 44 points.

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The D and the E teams were playing each other in Division 5 with the E team winning a good competitive match by five rubbers to four. The D team consisted of Emily Look, Grant Kelly (capt), Kate Robinson, Andy Potts, Ellen Davis and Peter Rybaruk, whilst the E team had Caroline Higgins (capt), Billy Fear, Emily Walker, Sourish Ganapathe, Felicity Pritchard and Callum Grayson.

The match was highly competitive, but played in a good friendly spirit, with six of the rubbers being close and going to three games.

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In the first mixed, Caroline and Billy beat Ellen Davis and Peter Rybaruk. The second mixed went to three games before Emily Walker and Sourish beat Emily Look and Grant. The third mixed resulted in the first win for the D team when Kate and Andrew beat Felicity and Callum.

In the first ladies rubber, Caroline and Emily Walker beat Ellen and Emily Look and the E team girls followed this up with another win when Caroline and Felicity beat Ellen and Kate. Kate and Emily Look won the third ladies easily.

The E team then won the first men’s with Billy and Sourish beating Peter and Grant. The last two men’s rubbers were both won by the D team, one in straight games, and the other after three games.

For the E team, Caroline led from the front winning all her rubbers with excellent support from Billy, Emily and Felicity. For the D team, Andrew Potts won all his rubbers with good support from Kate, Peter and Grant.

The men’s team were at home to Wells and lost by four rubbers to two. The Uphill team consisted of Nigel Judge, Steve Emerson, Fred Brown and Paul Wright, who it is nice to see back playing again.

All the rubbers were won in straight games. For Uphill Fred and Paul won the second men’s easily and Steve and Paul won a tougher fourth men’s, but these proved to be Uphill’s only winning rubbers.

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