Ashcombe celebrate their centenary

Ashcombe Park Bowling Club celebrated their 100 year anniversary with a game against Bowls England.

TO CELEBRATE 100 years of bowling at Ashcombe Park, Bowls England were invited to come and play a presidents’ celebration match.

The club was honoured that Bowls England president Joan Balding came, and she played against Ashcombe president Roy Powell, in the top rink.

Ashcombe 138, Bowls England 97 (centenary friendly) - Bowls England in brackets: M Adams, R Counsell, R Hadley, J Creasey (P Cast, M Parr, D Pugh, C Smith) 20-20; G Tucker, P Gaulton, J Price, J Hornett (G Gridley, D Counter, R Etheridge, A Brosthouse) 16-16; D Andrews, R Simmons, W Spring, J Taylor (M Brayne, R Green, T Nunn, D Tucker) 22-14; R Powell, J Main, T Bass, G Wilkinson (T Howle, J Durston, Joan Balding - President, J Duncan) 29-17; D Stanton, V Bragg, A Yates, J Whitlow (T Braker-Holst, L Robbins, A Mann, G Henderson) 29-14; A Morgan, R Kibble, E Roberts, A Williams (S Lake, F Hinchcliffe, J Delman, A Lloyd) 22-16.

Ashcombe 71, Clarence 79 (Four-Dimensions) - singles: R Hadley 13-21; pairs: D Carr, A Yates 25-12; triples: Clive Winser, I Shannon, A Williams 16-23; fours: A Freke, M Southwood, G Wilkinson, J Whitlow 17-23.

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Ashcombe 91, Portishead RBL 105 (KO Cup): A Morgan, R Kibble, E Hooper, I Shannon 14-23; G Tottle, M Adams, W Caddick, A Williams 18-11; B Alden, J Main, G Wilkinson, J Whitlow 17-21; A Wilmot, E Roberts, D Carr, A Yates 27-22; P Sheppard, R Powell, T Cottrell, J Taylor 15-28.

Ashcombe Crusaders 111, Victoria 102 (Over-60s Cup): G Tottle, J Price, R Hadley 17-16; S Hedges, M Southwood, J Hornett 22-12; A Wright, D Andrews, L Day 16-17; J Piper, D Carr, J Whitlow 17-27; D Stanton, R Powell, A Williams 18-8; A Wilmot, J Main, A Yates 21-22.

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Ashcombe Knights 123 (18 pts), Yatton 73 (2) (Over-60s): P Sheppard, A Little, I Shannon 18-12; R Perkins, D Norville, E Hopkins 20-12; A Cracknell, W Caddick, G Wilkinson 22-14; D Underhay, T Shearman, R Kibble 30-8; A Morgan, B Underhay, E Roberts 8-15; M Parry, A Freke, J Whitton 25-12.

Ashcombe Templars 106 (17), Clarence Golds 73 (3) (Over-60s): N Coombes, B Jones, P Gaulton 15-10; T Pople, V Bragg, M Brummell 14-14; G Tucker, E Booth, L Cox 20-11; M Unwin, K Hallet, T Bass 20-10; R Lewis, Colin Winser, R Smith 11-18; R Cole, G Russell, G Kinsey 26-10.

Ashcombe 65, Willmott Park 92 (mixed friendly): A Cox, A Lewis, D Underhay, E Hopkins 17-15; G Tucker, S Bayntun, T Millward, R Simmons 9-32; M Palmer, B Benstead, C Hedges, L Cox 25-23; D Andrews, L Owens, S Hopkins, M Parry 14-22.

Ashcombe Templars 90 (3), Mark Moor 121 (17) (Over-60s): M Field, Colin Winser, T Cottrell 14-14; (No scorecard) 21-15; M Tripp, M Brummell, V Bragg 12-26; B Alden, B Jones, R Ford 19-20; G Tucker, E Booth, L Cox 14-20; T Millward, P Gaulton, T Bass 10-26.

CLARENCE had a fine victory over local rivals Ashcombe Park in the North Somerset 4-Dimensions competition.

Great performances in the singles, triples and fours more than made up for defeat in the pairs and Clarence ran out winners by three disciplines to one.

Scores - singles: B Forse 21-13; pairs: G Cooper and I Barnbrook 12-25; triples: M Edlin, R Crawford and R Burrough 23-16; fours: M Clay, A McMillan, D Stott and P Tubb 23-17.

Promotion favourites Bristol C came to play Clarence B on Saturday with an unbeaten record in Division 3 North of the Somerset County League.

However, the home side showed great spirit to win on two rinks and register their first win of the season, by four shots.

Andy McMillan’s rink, 14-8 behind with five ends to play, battled back to beat their opponents, who included a Somerset Middleton Cup player, by one shot.

Clarence B 43 (10), Bristol C 39 (2): G Aldridge, M Phillips, I Baker, A McMillan 15-14; T Mannion, J Keay, M Davies, D Jackman 16-10; L Lakey, J Burgess, J Hicks, G Barlow 12-15.

On the same day, Clarence’s County League A team were unable to recover from poor starts on two of the three rinks in their Premier 2 away match with Watchet A.

Barrie Forse’s rink managed a five-shot victory and Roger Burrough’s four recovered fantastically from a 13-0 deficit after three ends to lose by only two, but Paul Tubb’s men went down heavily.

Watchet A 71 (12), Clarence A 51 (0): D Towie, T Pritchard, I Barnbrook, B Forse 21-16; M Edlin, R Crawford, D Stott, R Burrough 20-22; R Rossiter, G Cooper, M Clay, P Tubb 10-33.

Just one shot separated Clarence Blues and home team St Andrews Spartans in their Over-60s League Division 1 match. Unfortunately for Clarence, they were the losers, although the rinks were shared.

Two of their winning rinks were skipped by Barrie Forse and Richard Crawford, while Tony Hooper, Gerald Barlow and Mike Clay stormed back from 8-0 down to edge home by one.

St Andrews Spartans 90, Clarence Blues 89: J Edwards, T Ward, B Forse 23-10; R Rossiter, G Cooper, R Crawford 18-9; M Edlin, T Perry, G Burrough 9-21; T Mannion, J Keay, B Ballinger 10-19; J Larvin, D Jackman, P Tubb 12-15; T Hooper, G Barlow, M Clay 17-16.

The Golds, Clarence’s second team in the Over-60s League, had only one rink victory in their 33-shot away defeat by Ashcombe Templars.

Former Ashcombe player Dennis Urch, Derek Stevens and George Kettleborough won by seven shots, earning two points for the visitors. New member Ken Marshall made his Golds’ debut.

Ashcombe Templars 106, Clarence Golds 73: Ken Marshall, I Baker, L Lakey 10-15; M Scoins, M Phillips, G Phillips 14-14; J Loveridge, M Davies, B Cornwall 11-20; M Peters, M Skyrme, J Burgess 10-20; D Urch, D Stevens, G Kettleborough 18-11; L Medcraft, J Hicks, A Bidmead 10-26.

Worcester tourists St Dunstans played at Clarence in a mixed match on their way back from Devon and won five of the eight rinks for victory by 29 shots. The winning rink of their captain Alan Griffiths included his eight-year-old son Harvey.

Clarence 132, St Dunstans 161: B Wallace, M Scoins, A Bidmead, M Baker 12-27; P Phillips, G Phillips, B Hanks, G Barlow 13-18; S Davies, M Peters, I Baker, C Read 18-20; J Keay, I Hicks, D Stevens, J Edwards 25-17; P Hanson, A Jones, M Phillips, P Tubb 21-12; N Peters, D Urch, M Davies, J Burgess 5-32; R McMillan, V Edwards, L Lakey, G Cooper 19-17; L Woodrow, A Bishop, T Mannion, J Hicks 19-24.

Clarence Sunday team’s mixed match against Community, from Worcestershire, was cancelled because of heavy rain.

ST ANDREWS won two of their four matches this week.

The county league games against Yatton were both at home and unfortunately Saints lost on every rink.

St Andrews 97, Bridgwater 86: D Whitehouse, C. Reeves, T Allen, B Green 14-23; M Leigh, P Smart, R Venn, B May 20-10; R Dunstone, P O’Connor, T Bell, D Favis 23-14; R Smith, R Reed, A MacNab, A Horsburgh 17-24; J Chance, F Mudge, J Ling, J Warren 23-15.

St Andrews Spartans 90, Clarence Blues 89 (Weston Over-60’s Triples Division 1): M Goddard, D Whitehouse, D Favis 10-23; D Price, T Bell, A Horsburgh 19-10; R Davey, R McLeod, B May 21-9; A Yeeles, R Venn, D Bailey 9-18; R Smith, M Berry, J Warren 15-12; B Rogers, T Allen, D Nutt 16-17.

St Andrews A 45, Yatton A 63 (County League North Division 1): B Reeves, M Goddard, D Favis, G Wride 17-20; M Berry, T Thomas, R Venn, S Davies 14-19; A Yeeles, R Davey, B May, D Bailey 14-24.

St Andrews B 46, Yatton B 66 (County League North Division 2): M Blight, R Smith, D Price, A Horsburgh 13-18; A Lay, C Reeves, T Allen, D Nutt 18-20; B Rogers, J Ling, E Day, R McLeod 15-28

IT was not a good week for the Victoria A team, who lost on all three rinks at home to star-studded Ilminster.

The B and C teams travelled away and both won their games. The C team, playing at home, were well up at one stage, but only managed to get two points at the end.

Victoria A 41 (0), Ilminster 67 (12): J Newman, P Leadbeater, K Curtis, M Stocker 14-23; H Gibbs, K Harvey, C Gazzard, W Harrison 9-20; H Whyte, M Campbell, D Williams, M Cooper 18-24.

Victoria B 56 (10), Winscombe 49 (2): T Gatehouse, R Fenwick, D Hurst, B Stock 14-13; A Barnes, D Sealey, D Williams, M Manning 17-22; M Fletcher, G Hodge, A Uccellini, K Holland 25-14.

Victoria C 66 (10), Yatton C 42 (2): T Gilbert, N Sell, G Thorne, D Jones 15-19; J West, A Waygood, P Palmer, S Evans 29-9; M Willetts, R Austin, G Stocker, M Taylor 22-14.

Victoria D 54 (2), Wrington 76 (10): T Farmer, J Downing, I Linham, D Avery 32-18; E Sage, W Nicholls, R Sparkes, G Frost 8-32; F Aldridge, W Osborne, R Sleep, J Griffiths 14-26.

A fine win in the Weston and District Over-60s Triples League at home against Burnham was somewhat offset by losing in the first round at Ashcombe against the Crusaders.

Victoria 128 (19), Burnham 80 (1): P Lunn, K Curtis, M Stocker 20-16; M Fletcher, A Uccellini, E Mangan 19-14; J Newman, M Manning, B Stock 21-12; R Fenwick, M Campbell, D Hurst 13-13; T Gatehouse, G Stocker, M Taylor 28-10; R Rockett, H Shepherd, K Harvey 27-15.

Victoria 102, Ashcombe Crusaders 111 (Knockout Cup): P Lunn, K Curtis, M Stocker 16-17 J Newman, M Manning, B Stock 12-22; M Fletcher, D Sealey, A Uccellini 17-16 R Rockett, P Palmer, K Harvey 27-17; T Gatehouse, G Stocker, M Taylor 8-18; H Whyte, M Campbell, D Hurst 22-21.

AFTER a fine Turnbull Cup win over Wedmore, Banwell defeated Congresbury in the North Somerset Knockout Cup.

Under-25 player Ryan Smith made his debut in the Turnbull Cup as they won on two rinks, drew the third and lost one. Fine skipping by Darrell Johnston and Tony Steer ensured a comfortable win by 12 shots.

In the North Somerset Knockout Cup match at Congresbury, Banwell got through by just two shots.

After 10 ends it was looking just a little dodgy with the Banwell rinks trailing 52-38, but by the 15th end they had pulled back the deficit and were leading 69-68.

It was nip and tuck all the way to the 21st ends, but some fine bowling by Banwell clinched the victory by just two shots.

In the league, there was a heavy defeat at home for Banwell against title chasers Bristol. Halfway through the game two rinks were doing well and looked like a couple of points could be achieved, but Bristol came away with the maximum 12 points.

Banwell 82, Wedmore 70 (Turnbull Cup): T Hyde, G Millard, P Villis, A Steer 29-22; H Woodards, J Amos, C Wilson, D Johnston 22-11; J Laurent, R Smith, K Burgess, B Taylor 13-19; M Laycock, P Aldus, P Owen, J Davies 18-18.

Banwell 95, Congresbury 93 (NS Cup): T Garfield, T Byrnes, A Vickery, P Owen 12-26; T Hyde, G Millard, K Burgess, J Davies 21-14; T Taylor, J Amos, J Laurent, B Taylor 25-14; M Laycock, J Keith, P Villis, T Steer 19-12; H Woodards, P Aldus, C Wilson, D Johnston 18-27.

WINSCOMBE spoiled a winning week by losing to Victoria B at home in the Somerset County League Division 1 North.

After 10 ends Winscombe were seven shots ahead, but apart from Mike Adams’ rink they had a poor second half and at the close it was Victoria who won by seven shots.

In the Weston and District Over-60s League, Winscombe beat Clevedon on five rinks to one and by exactly double their opponents shot total 128- 64.

In a friendly match at Victoria Park, Bridgwater, Winscombe also won on all four rinks. They also had an excellent win in a mixed match over the Somerset County Patrons. This match was held in celebration of their 90th anniversary on a beautiful afternoon and Winscombe won 113-104 and four rinks to two.

Winscombe A 49, Victoria B 56 (SCL Division 1 North): M Roberts, A Pye, S Eastment, T Ellis 13-14; W Ainsworth, R Lacy, R Feltham, M Adams 22-17; M Dorrington, L Collier, A Dudley, M Nash 14-25.

Winscombe 128, Clevedon 64 (Weston and District Over-60s League): G Lloyd, L Collier, R Feltham 13-17; R Knight, A Kyprianides, G Neville 22-9; K Whatling, A Dudley, M Nash 28-5; W Ainsworth, B White, M Adams 24-10; B Paul, M Hunt, R Wootten 18 - 15; M Roberts, M Hunter, T Ellis 23-8.

Winscombe 113, Somerset County Patrons 104 (mixed 90th anniversary): R Weller, D Sapsford, N Hansford, W Ainsworth 23-19; J Sprouting, R Keane, K Whatling, G Neville, 15-9; J Kimmins, W Weller, R Freegard, A Watts 17-27; A Ainsworth, M Sprouting, A Dudley, M Nash 10-16; S Caddy, J Vincent, L Collier, M Adams 20-17; M Roberts, R Fisher, M Adams, R Wootten 18-16.

Winscombe 81, Victoria Park Bridgwater 50 (friendly): R Weller, B Prince, A Kyprianides, K Whatling 21-7; P Fredersdorff, D Owen, L Collier, M Roberts 21-12; R Knight, J Sprouting, M Hunt, S Eastment 19-17; D Beaverstock, D Peakall, G Tofte, M Nash 20-14

WRINGTON 59, Bridgwater 69 (mixed friendly): L Johnson, P Parsons, A Brown 15-14; F Ward, D Whatmough, C Phillips 15-13; P Johnson, J Gowar, N Maitland 22-18; M Parsons, M Phillips, J Cowgill 7-24.

Wrington 76, Victoria D 54 (League Division 3 North): P Johnson, C Brown, F Cowgill, S Bohin 18-32; R Clements, P Bourrel, P Lewis, M Parsons 26-14; R Bowden, A Hume, D Reynolds, J Gowar 32-8.

A GOOD result was achieved by the Isle of Wedmore men’s county B team against Congresbury B, winning all three rinks to gain the full 12 points.

Wedmore B 70, Congresbury B 50: T Hamblin, T Simpson, S Newdick, C Moss 22-20; A Reynolds, B Cottrell, B Treloar, D Stansfield 23-16; R Bull, J Clark, I Faulkner, K Burt 25-14.

In a close contest against Norwest at Wedmore in the Mid-Somerset League, three winning rinks just managed to overcome a 16 shot deficit on the other, to give an overall win for Wedmore by just four shots.

Wedmore 82, Norwest 78: D Trow, B Cottrell, K Masters, C Moss 26-18; G Anniuk, J Runciman, R Ronald, R Thurkettle 25-15; V Matthews, C Panchaud, K Burt, D Nicholls 12-28; R Bull, T Brown, I Gallop, R Barron 19-17.

The Mid-Somerset Mixed League game against Frome had to be abandoned after four ends owing to heavy rain.

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