Ashcombe enjoy successful week in the county league

Banwell Bowls Club.

Banwell Bowls Club. - Credit: Archant

Ashcombe Park enjoyed a successful week in the county league, with all three sides winning.

Ashcombe Park had a very successful week in the Somerset Bowls League, with all three of their teams winning on shots and league points.

Ashcombe A were away to Congresbury B winning on two of the three rinks and drawing the third, finishing 10 shots up.

The B team were at home to Clarence B where they won two of the three rinks and, despite a late comeback on the third rink picking up five shots on the penultimate end, they were unable to make it a clean sweep.

The winning margin was 12 shots and the league points gained ensures that they stay top of North Division 2.

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The C team, also at home, played Yatton B and like the B team, they won on two rinks but lost the third. The large shot differences on the two winning rinks meant that they won by 14 shots.

Ashcombe A 66, Congresbury B 56: D Cooper, A Dawes, J Whitlow, R Powell 19-14; A Wilmot, M West, G Wilkinson, K Wheeler 27-22; R Stokes, T Cottrell, S Hedges, J Main 20-20.

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Ashcombe B 64, Clarence B 52: D Freestone, R Tasker, E Roberts, D Wynne 20-24; G Fews, F Bertram, A Tucker, J Taylor 25-13; N Coombes, M Parry, M Paterson, E Hopkins 19-15.

Ashcombe C 77, Yatton B 63: C Harris, A Harris, J McKenzie, B Miles 16-34; D Lewis, D Bleasdale, S Andrews, M Butt 26-19; G Tucker, S Buckley, G Gerlach, R Smith 35-10.

In the Weston and District Over-60s League, Ashcombe’s Crusaders were due to play Clevedon, but after Clevedon conceded the game, they picked up maximum league points without a single bowl being played.

Victoria enjoyed their best week of results in Somerset County League with four victories, together with an excellent win by the Vikings in the Weston & District Over-60s Triples League.

The A team had a 10-point win against Keynsham A with the rink skipped by Will Harrison with Paul Coumis, Malcolm Campbell and John Newman excelling with a 29-shot win.

The team raised their game against Bath B earning a maximum 12 points with the top scoring rink lead by Roy Bromet with Don Wheatley, Colin Gazzard and skip Mike Cooper.

The B team hosted West Backwell in a close game that was decided in Victoria’s favour by just four shots with rink wins by skips Phil Fisher and Keith Holland.

Graham Richards and Graham Hodge skipped their rinks of the C team to gain 10 points in the match against Clevedon Prom C, which ended in a win for Victoria by the closest margin.

Victoria Vikings continued the club’s good form with a 15-shot win against Yatton who are currently one of the leading teams in the division.

The Vikings achieved three rink wins skipped by Graham Hodge, Terry Gilbert and a 20-shot win by the triple of Alan Hollier, Graham Richards and John Langridge.

Victoria’s friendly squad travelled to Banwell and played a four-rink game just winning the rink skipped by Roger Rockett with Les Kelly, Terry Gatehouse and Malcolm Campbell by a healthy 20 shots, which was just three shots short of tying the game.

Worcester Brotherwood were visitors to play a five-rink mixed friendly and with the scores on all the rinks close the rink of Sue Crapnell, Rita Bailey, Hannah Frye and Mike Milliner won by eight shots which carried Victoria to victory.

There was however disappointment when Clevedon ended Victoria’s interest in the 4 Dimensions winning three dimensions with Victoria’s only success in the fours with Hugh Gibbs, John Newman, Steve Davies and Mike Cooper.

Victoria A 81 (10), Keynsham A 54 (2): P Coumis, M Campbell, J Newman, W Harrison 40-11; R Bromet, H Gibbs, C Gazzard, M Cooper 22-18; D Beard, D Fairhurst, S Davies, C Heal 19-25.

Victoria A 85 (12), Bath B 25(0): P Coumis, M Campbell, J Newman, W Harrison 23-12; R Bromet, D Wheatley, C Gazzard, M Cooper 35-8; D Beard, D Fairhurst, S Davies, P Owen 27-5.

Victoria B 56 (10), West Backwell 52 (2): B Pocock, D Sealey, P Wyatt, P Fisher 19-18; N Robbins, M Milliner, H Gibbs, K Holland 21-15; Carmine, A Shattock, D Williams, C Heal 16-19.

Victoria C 66 (10), Clevedon Prom C 65 (2): N Robbins, M Payne, L Kelly, J Langridge 14-26; A Hollier, D Carpenter, G Frost, G Hodge 23-16; D Hubbard, R Stallard, B Nicholls, G Richards 29-23.

Victoria Vikings 112 (14), Yatton 97 (6): C Cleeves, T Gatehouse, E Sage 14-16; L Kelly, C Chudley, G Hodge 19-15; G Robbins, A Webb, B Johnson 7-25; B Nicholls, G Jones, T Gilbert 26-14; A Waygood, D Roberts, G Frost 17-18; A Hollier, G Richards, J Langridge 29-9.

Victoria 78, Banwell 81: Carmine, B Nicholls, G Hodge, R Bromet 15-24; L Kelly, T Gatehouse, M Campbell R Rockett 34-14; N Robbins, G Rain, P Wyatt, P Fisher 17-18; A Hollier, M Milliner, E Sage, M Manning 12-25.

Victoria 102, Worcester Brotherhood 97: S Crapnell, R Bailey, H Frye, M Milliner 23-15; M Kelly, B Nicholls, F Waters, M Campbell 20-17; H Chesters, E Harraway, R Cleeves, R Bromet 22-24; A Hollier, D Rimmer, T Gatehouse, K Wilson 18-16; L Kelly, C Cleeves, B Williams, C Stevens 19-22.

Victoria 1, Clevedon 3 (4 Dimensions) – singles: R Bromet 10-21; pairs: D Fairhurst, C Gazzard 13-31; triples: D Beard, C Heal, W Harrison 11-16; fours: H Gibbs, J Newman, S Davies, M Cooper 21-15.

St Andrews had a week to forget, losing heavily twice in competitions in which they are riding high.

They visited Clarence Blues as the runaway leaders of the Weston & District Over-60s League. They left with just one point, having suffered only their second defeat of the season.

The point came courtesy of Tony Lay, George Webber and Tony Ware. They scored six shots in two ends to lead by two going into the final end but had to settle for a draw.

Barrie Forse’s trio fought back from 2-11 down after 10 ends and nearly snatched another point but finished two short. Otherwise, it was a tale of woe all round.

Clarence Blues 105 (19), St Andrews 70 (1): D Reynolds, K Curtis, D Bailey 13-22; J Keay, R Wootten, B Forse 10-12; R Gordon, B McLeod, D Favis 9-19; T Lay, G Webber, T Ware 15-15; G Cooper, J Warren, B Reeves 12-21; A Cooper, T Bray, M Stocker 11-16.

Saints were outbowled by home team Chew Stoke, who took all 12 Somerset County League points to take over second place in the table from their visitors.

With two of the Saints’ rinks always in arrears, their best hope of two rink points lay with Ken Uglow, Brian May, Danny Favis and Don Bailey. They went two ahead with three ends to play.

However, Chew picked up a one, then a two to edge in front and another double gave them victory by three.

From Saints’ point of view, it was hardly the ideal dress rehearsal for their home game this Saturday against 100 per cent leaders and title favourites Willmott Park. The result dropped them to fifth in the table.

Chew Stoke A 63 (12), St Andrews 34 (0): J Keay, G Webber, S Stocker, D Johnston 8-20; T Bray, G Cooper, B Forse, M Stocker 11-25; K Uglow, B May, D Favis, D Bailey 15-18.

A near perfect performance by Clarence Blues saw them crush local rivals St Andrews in this Over-60s League match.

Adrian Gardiner and Ken Marshall skipped by Roger Burrough were going along sweetly, nip and tuck with their opposition till the ninth end when the hammer came down and Roger’s team took a four on the 10th.

St Andrews came back with a one on the 11th, then the damage was done as Roger’s team took the next five ends including a couple of threes to take a 12-shot lead with two to play.

There was consolation for St Andrews as they took the final two ends and two shots leaving Roger’s team with a 10-shot win.

Mike Cerasoli and Richard Crawford skipped by Gerald Barlow took the first two ends and three shots, this lead was maintained till the seventh when they won the next three ends, doubling their lead to six.

Then disaster on the 16th and 17th dropping three on each end and becoming two shots adrift one to play. Gerald’s team stood steady and took a two and a draw.

Clarence Blues 105, St Andrews 70: R Flicker, B Duffy, D Stott 22-13; D Grier, M Phillips, B Sweet12-10; A Gardiner, K Marshall, R Burrough 19-9; M Cerasoli, R Crawford, G Barlow 15-15; M Edlin, G Owen, C Read 21-12; D Towie, J Rogers, T Mannion 16-11.

A comprehensive win on all three rinks was recorded by the A team in this Somerset County League match.

Adrian Gardiner, Ken Marshall and Brendan Duffy skipped by Roger Burrough were neck and neck up to the 16th end, Yatton then struck taking the next three ends and three shots, two ends to go and Roger’s team took them both and five shots and a two-shot win.

Clarence A 70, Yatton A 49: A Gardiner, K Marshall, B Duffy, R Burrough 19-17; M Edlin, G Owen, M Phillips, B Sweet 27-17; M Clay, R Crawford, T Mannion, D Towie 24-15.

Despite losing this match, the B team managed to scrape up four league points in the Somerset County League.

Best rink goes to John Edwards, John Hayes and Martin Ford skipped by John Atkins who took the first five ends and an eight-shot lead. Portishead crawled back into this match and by the 12th were four behind.

The Bs then lost four of the next five ends putting them three shots behind and by the 19th end, Johns team were just two behind, they managed to take both ends and a three-shot win.

Clarence B 50, Portishead A 65: J Edwards, John Hayes, M Ford, J Atkins 20-17; M Turnbull, B Coleman, C Tippett, M Davies 12-32; A Bishop, N Martin, S Browning, D Grier 18-16.

Clarence lost this match against Burnham despite winning on four or the six rinks.

Best rink goes to Tony Comfort and Martin Ford skipped by John Atkins who were neck and neck all the way until end 11 where they managed to take eight shots from three ends putting them seven clear, a lead they maintained to the end of the match.

Clarence Golds 97, Burnham 107: T Comfort, M Ford, J Atkins 19-12; T Derrick, A Newland, D Weston 16-23; J Edwards, M Turnbull, M Scoins 17-16; B Rossiter, A Bishop, S Browning 17-16; F Al-Hinai, N Martin, B Underwood 19-13; J Kellaway, John Hayes, C Tippett 9-27.

The A team came out on top winning on two of the three rinks in this county league match.

Best rink goes to Mike Clay, Richard Crawford and Tony Mannion skipped superbly by Don Towie who dropped one on the first end, but thereafter never looked like losing as Clevedon only managed to pick ones and twos from the seven ends they won, while Don’s team were picking up threes and fours giving them an 18-shot victory.

Clarence A 65, Clevedon Prom B 52: M Clay, R Crawford, T Mannion, D Towie 28-10; A Gardiner, K Marshall, G Owen, G Barlow 14-31; M Edlin, R Burrough M Phillips, B Sweet 23-11.

Banwell had a home friendly against Victoria, which turned out to be a tight tussle.

Despite winning on three of the four rinks only three shots separated the teams at the end.

Banwell 81, Victoria 78: V McArdell, M Finch, P Wilfan, H Guckian 24-15; T Hyde, G Spittles, T Brice, A Cockayne 14-34; J Wright, G Hollier, D Mabbutt, T Garfield 25 -12; S White, M Kirby, P Botting, C Coffin 18-17.

Over the weekend, both Banwell league teams were in action with mixed results.

The A team playing away at Williton picked up the maximum 12 points, with the highlight of the match being a hot shot scored on the 14th end by skip John Davies and his rink.

Banwell A 71 (12), Williton 45 (0): G Millard, V Mcardell, A Vickery, M Davies 18-17; T Burnett, T Garfield, B Taylor, J Davies 30-19; T Hyde, H Woodards, H Guckian, P Villis 23-19.

It was a different story for the B team who were away to Portishead RBL C. On a blustery green it was a tight tussle on two of the rinks, but the third rink was overwhelmed by a stronger rink by the hosts.

Banwell B 52 (2), Portishead RBL C (10): G Bean, T Brice, A Cockayne, C Coffin 7-24; M Finch, K Gibbons, J Wright, M Laycock 23 -19; L Bean, M Kirby, J Amos, K Burgess 22-24.

After weeks of blazing sunshine, the weather forecast did not look good for Banwell’s fund raising and charity day and at 8am it was a nightmare trying to erect the gazebos in driving rain and strong winds.

Teams from all over Somerset took part in a round robin, competing for the Tony Johnston Memorial Shield and by the end of a successful day Clarence were the winners, beating Paulton in the final.

Winners Clarence receive the Tony Johnston Memorial Shield from Banwell president Barry Taylor.

Maurice Finch delivers for Banwell in the match against Victoria.

Winscombe started the week with a visit to Madeira Bowling Club in Exmouth to play the annual match for the Majorie Stewart Inkstand.

Originally presented by an ex-Winscombe member who moved to the Madeira Club in Exmouth in 1950, the trophy has been played for every year since. Madeira have two more wins than Winscombe, but this narrow gap got even closer when Winscombe won the game by nine shots to retain the inkstand for another year.

Winscombe 94, Madeira 85: D Peakall, L Collier, R Lacy 21-11; M Newing, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 9-13; A Rowe, R Reason, B Paul 19-9; K Whatling, C Westlake, M Adams 12-22; D Phillips, D Johnson, M Dorrington 20-10; A Pow, W Andrews, W Ainsworth 3-20.

Winscombe played the fifth round match in this year’s Turnbull Cup at Watchet where they met competitive opposition and lost the match on all four rinks.

Winscombe 58, Watchet 103: G Lloyd, K Whatling, S Easterby, M Adams 14-33; D Brown, J Sprouting, G Coombe, G Neville 15-25; M Newing, R Kibble, R Lacy, W Ainsworth 9-24; D Johnson, P Fredersdorff, M Fletcher, M Dorrington 20-21.

The Somerset juniors were welcomed to enjoyable games at Winscombe again this year. The ladies played two rinks and the men four. Once again they proved to be tough opponents winning on five of the six rinks.

Winscombe 58, Somerset Juniors 120 - ladies: P Pow, A Bougourd, S Nash, L Fredersdorff 9-18; C Hopes, B Smart, A Ainsworth, M Adams 4-37.

Men: D Brown, A Pow, M Nash, W Ainsworth 15-13; M Newing, B Paul, P Fredersdorff, M Dorrington 8-21; P Hopes, M Smart, G Coombe, M Adams 9-15; D Johnson, K Horler, L Collier, R Lacy 13-16.

Winscombe had mixed fortunes in the Somerset County League with the A team losing to Burnham A at home by only three shots, but by two rinks to one.

Winscombe 56 (2), Burnham 59 (10): P Hopes, R Fisher, P Fredersdorff, M Dorrington 21-17; D Brown, B Paul, R Lacy, W Ainsworth 18-23; G Lloyd, K Whatling, M Fletcher, M Adams 17-19.

Winscombe B on the other hand fared rather better at home to Wrington, winning two of the three rinks and by 24 shots.

Winscombe B 70 (10), Wrington 46 (2): M Myland, R Kibble, M Nash, J Sprouting 27-11; A Rowe, A Pow, L Collier, W Andrews 13-30; M Newing, P John, G Coombe, G Neville 30-5.

The Bob Flay is a ladies’ two-wood pairs competition at Winscombe held in memory of Bob, who was the pavilion manager for many years.

It was won this year by Carol Hopes and Trixie Miles and the trophy was presented by Bob’s widow Mo.

In the Wessex League match, Winscombe lost on all three rinks at Wedmore.

Winscombe Ladies 28, Wedmore 69: C Hopes, S Nash, L Fredersdorff, A Ainsworth 7-27; M Howell, L Parfitt, M Sprouting, S Lowis 7-24; P Pow, S Caddy, C Bryant, M Adams 14-18.

St Andrews Ladies stayed top of the DRT League with an emphatic home victory over Long Ashton Ladies.

The visitors were one short, so had to play three against four on one rink. Audrey Powell’s quartet were unstoppable, 21-9 ahead when they picked up a full-house eight on the 16th of the 18 ends. They finished 18 shots clear.

Ann Campbell’s rink, just one ahead after 10 ends, piled in a five and two threes in the second half to win by 15. Meg Favis’s team were behind until a four on the 16th end edged them in front and they won by three, giving Saints all 10 points.

St Andrews Ladies 70 (10), Long Ashton 34 (0): J Bishop, S Sinclair, J McMillan, M Favis 16-13; C Venn, B Mangan, J Pitman, A Powell 29-11; J Forse, M Pattenden, J Smith, A Campbell 25-10.

Saints Ladies, Fear Cup finalists for the last three years, saw their great run in the competition ended in the quarter-final away to Congresbury.

They were kept well in the game until the later stages by Carolina Venn, Marie McMillan, Audrey Powell and Meg Favis, who led from the start and were 16 shots ahead with four ends left.

At that stage, although both the other Saints’ rinks were down, the scores were level. However, Congresbury finished strongly, cutting Favis’s final lead to 12, and the home team won by 15.

Congresbury Ladies 71, St Andrews 56: B Goddard, D Baker, J Pitman, A Campbell 13-28; C Venn, M McMillan, A Powell, M Favis 27-15; J Forse, F Allen, S Sinclair, R McMillan 16-28.

Victoria Ladies’ continued sponsorship from Weston College has enabled them to create their own brighter future by changing their kit to wear navy trousers and a more colourful shirt design.

Secretary Sue Newman is pleased that the change was met with unanimous approval from all members and it is expected that a more modern design will prove attractive to the recruitment of new members.

The ladies’ teams in the Mendip League were in action on the home green at the same time with both recording fine wins.

The Whites were in action against Congresbury and were able to exact revenge for their defeat in the Fear Cup with an eight-shot win courtesy of an 11-shot win by the triple of Sue Crapnell, Gill Poolman and Chris Stevens.

The triples skipped by Margaret Hillman and Sue Newman played their part by restricting their opponents to a two and single shot wins.

The Blues went one better with two-rink wins gained by skips Mildred Chudley and Sue Cooper against Nailsea.

Victoria Whites 56 (6), Congresbury 48 (4): R Bailey, C Sage, M Hillman 16-18; H Chesters, S Sokol, S Newman 17-18; S Crapnell, G Poolman, C Stevens 23-12.

Victoria Blues 50 (8), Nailsea 42 (2): H Frye A Holland, M Chudley 23-13; B Williams, R Cleeves, S Cooper 19-7; C Willetts, S Milliner, K Wilson 8-22.

Ashcombe Ladies were home to North Petherton in the Fear Plate competition and secured a fine 22-shot victory, winning on two rinks and losing on one.

Joan McInally’s rink was in fine form, gaining a 19-shot advantage. The remaining two rinks were close, hard fought games with the score changing sides on numerous occasions.

This win takes Ashcombe to the quarter-finals where they will play Wedmore away tomorrow (Friday), at 2pm. Supporters welcome.

Ashcombe Ladies 72, North Petherton 50: J Williams, J Sansam, N Counsell, J McInally 32-13; P Wynne, R Humphries, J Hughes, L Paterson 18-19; M Main, J Field, M Tucker, J Wilkinson 22-18.

Ashcombe Ladies 41 (2), North Petherton 50 (8) (Wessex League): L Owens, A Bryant, R Humphries, M Main 17-12; P Wynne, C Falconbridge, M Tasker, L Paterson 12-18; J Williams, P Romeo, C Hedges, J Sansam 12-20.

With only one winning rink, Wessex Ladies lost to the Isle of Wedmore by 23 shots in the Fear Cup Plate.

Wessex Ladies 42, Wedmore 65: P Turner, A Crawford, E Williams, P Taylor 9-25; V Edwards, J Davis, M Hawkins, J Duffy 13-23; J Hartree, C Peart, B Jones, A Fewings 20-17.

Although the League match versus Burnham was very close, only two points were gained.

Wessex Ladies 38 (2), Burnham 41 (8): J Gardiner, P Turner, M Hawkins 12-14; B Hayes, S Hewitt, E Williams 15-9; T Langford, V Edwards, P Taylor 11-18.

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