Ashcombe defeat Portishead in the cup

A wet week saw games cancelled in the Weston area.

A WET start to the week for Ashcombe Park led to the cancellation of two Over-60s games.

In a North Somerset Knockout Cup match against Portishead, Ashcombe ran out 93-88 winners.

Ashcombe 97, Seven Vale 154 (mixed friendly): G Fews, M Williams, N Counsell, T Bass 20-20; B Noyes, D Cooper, S Hopkins, E Hooper 23-20; S Noyes, D Andrews, B Alden, E Hopkins 19-21; R Counsell, S Davies, I Baker, A Cracknell 5-40; G Mills, Rose Powell, J Wilkinson, A Freke 18-25; P Robinson, S Appleby, M Southwood, J Main 12-28.

Ashcombe 93, Portishead 88 (North Somerset KO Cup): R Powell, A Cracknell, G Wilkinson, A Yates 12-20; G Tottle, T Cottrell, C Hughes, B Webber 20-14; N Coombes, M Brummell, M Southwood, J Taylor 18-20; P Sheppard, T Bass, A Little, J Whitlow 26-11; A Morgan, J Main, J Price, J Hornett 17-23.

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Ashcombe 101, Purnell 85 (mixed friendly): M Main, R Tasker, M Williams, R Powell 14-24; P Sheppard, D Underhay, N Counsell, S Hopkins 20-9; J Sansam, R Counsell, J Wilkinson, E Hopkins 24-18; G Sansam, J Main, M Tasker, J Hughes 27-14; A Fews, R Powell, C Hughes, G Wilkinson 16-20.

VICTORIA had a mixed week of results with two wins, but three defeats.

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Victoria Saxons continued their winning streak in the Over-60s league with a victory over Clarence Blues by 12 shots gaining 15 points. Top rink was Roger Rockett, Tony Barnes and skip Ken Harvey with a 15 shot win.

Victoria Vikings are still looking for their first win in the Over-60’s League losing by a narrow margin of eight shots to Nailsea and picking up just four points. George Frost and his rink continued their fine run with another victory and top rink was Richard Jacobs, Graham Richards and skip Eric Sage who won 27-11.

Victoria played away to Bath in the Top Club competition, but were outgunned on all five rinks, losing 95-52.

In the Somerset County 4 Dimensions competition, Victoria achieved an excellent result winning three rinks to one and an overall score of 87-57. Honours of the day went to the rink of David Sealey, Ken Harvey, Mike Cooper and skip Colin Gazzard who won their match by 19 shots.

Victoria travelled to Bath again for a National Double Rink, but again Bath proved too strong with a comprehensive victory on both rinks.

Victoria Saxons 100, Clarence Blues 88 (Over-60s League): R Fenwick, M Campbell, D Hurst 13-10; H Whyte, T Gatehouse, M Stocker 12-12; J Newman, P Lunn, M Manning 23-15; G Hodge, D Sealey, T Uccellini 11-23; R Rockett, A Barnes, K Harvey 26-11; T Gilbert, J Smart, M Taylor 15-17.

Victoria 0, Bath 5 (Top Club): P Leadbeater 8-21; M Campbell 11-17; D Sealey, T Uccellini 17-25; J Newman, M Manning, M Stocker 9-16; H Whyte, K Curtis, K Harvey, D Hurst 7-16.

Victoria Vikings 90, Nailsea 98 (Over-60s League): A Shattock, D Roberts, J Griffiths 11-15; S Thynne, G Thorne, D Jones 15-16; B Nicholls, B Saward, G Frost 15-11; R Jacobs, G Richards, E Sage 27-11; P Newport, R Sparkes, C Chudley 10-24; L Kelly, A Waygood, S Evans 12-21.

Victoria 3, West Backwell 1 (Somerset County 4 Dimensions): W Harrison 22-8; M Campbell, T Uccellini 13-26; J Newman, K Curtis, M Stocker 23-13; D Sealey, K Harvey, M Cooper, C Gazzard 29-10.

Victoria 24, Bath 52 (National Double Rink): J Newman, D Sealey, T Uccellini, W Harrison 15-34; P Leadbeater, M Manning, C Gazzard, M Stocker 9-18.

CLARENCE Golds made it two victories in their first three matches when they beat St Andrews Trojans by six shots at home in Division Two of the Weston & District Over-60s League.

Best winners for Clarence were David Gilbert, Barrie Underwood and skip George Cooper, who finished 16 shots ahead. Les Medcraft, comeback veteran Bert Cheffers and team captain Mike Clay triumphed by one shot on the last end.

Clarence Golds 97 (15), St Andrews Trojans 91 (5): D Gilbert, B Underwood, G Cooper 26-10; A Taylor, E Turner, M Davies 19-16; J Norris, M Phillips, D Jackman 13-13; J Larvin, D Grier, J Hicks 12-18; L Medcraft, B Cheffers, M Clay 13-12; L Smith, R Cornwall, B Duffy 14-22.

The Blues, Clarence’s first team in the Over-60s League, looked rusty in their opening match of the season, losing by 11 shots away to champions Victoria Saxons.

Octagenarians Tony Hooper and Paul Tubb, with Brian Ballinger at No 2, were handsome 13-shot victors for Clarence, whose other winners were club president Reg Flicker, John Burgess and newcomer Martyn Adams.

Victoria Vikings 100 (15), Clarence Blues 89 (5): T Hooper, B Ballinger, P Tubb 24-11; A Bishop, J Keay, R Burrough 15-23; L Lakey, D Thomson, H Sparks 12-12; M Edlin, T Mannion, G Barlow 10-13; R Flicker, J Burgess, M Adams 17-15; J Rogers, B Rossiter, T Ward 11-26.

Heavy defeats on two of the six rinks meant that Clarence failed to retain the Jim McClelland Trophy in their annual friendly match against home team St Andrews.

They finished up on only two rinks, including one which featured debutant Rob Stacey, a new bowler last season. The second winning rink was skipped by another newcomer, Pete Palmer.

St Andrews 136, Clarence 99: M Peters, K Marshall, D Jackman, G Barlow 14-17; L Medcraft, M Scoins, M Clay, P Palmer 25-17; J Hawkins, R Stacey, T Pritchard, M Edlin 24-20; C Tippett, T Mannion, J Hicks, M Adams 9-33; A Bishop, G Cooper, T Ward, D Towie 17-21; R Munnings, J Keay, R Crawford, D Stott 10-28.

Clarence’s daily free coaching sessions for potential new members continue daily (weather permitting) between 10.30am and 12.30pm until May 19, with all equipment provided.

For further information, anyone interested can contact club coaches David Stott (625404) and Roger Burrough (627507).

IT has been a sad week for Winscombe Bowling Club following the death of ex-president John Baker. As a mark of respect, the match against North Petherton was cancelled.

The club also had one other cancellation when the Weston and District Over-60s match at Burnham was cancelled as their green was flooded.

This season, Winscombe have entered the Clevedon and District Midweek Evening League and so far have found tough opponents, losing both their first week’s matches.

The first match was played at Long Ashton on a cold damp evening and the deficit was 26 shots across four rinks. Two rinks lost, but Rod Feltham’s rink won and Mike Adam’s rink came back over the last three ends to secure a draw.

In the other match, Congresbury won at Winscombe by 24 shots and three rinks to two, with Mike Adam’s rink winning by 13 shots and Steve Eastment’s rink winning by 10.

Winscombe visited Bristol for a four-rink friendly fixture. At tea after 10 ends, Winscombe were losing on all four rinks, but by the close had won on two rinks and lost on two.

Particularly noteworthy was the rink skipped by Tony Dudley who were 0-11 down after just six ends, but managed to win on the last end thanks to some exhibition bowling by the front end, Brian Paul and Paul Hopes.

Winscombe 57, Bristol 78 (friendly away): G Lloyd, D Beaverstock, R Lacy, A Watts 18-13; B Paul, P Hopes, K Whatling, A Dudley 18-17; R Knight, S Easterby, B Kibble, M Nash 15-22; M Dorrington, B Weller, J Smith, A Kyprianides 6-26

Winscombe 57(1.5), Long Ashton 83 (6.5) (Clevedon & District Evening League): M Dorrington, L Collier, R Lowman, M Adams 16-16; W Ainsworth, R Fisher, A Kyprianides, A Watts 7-26; N Hansford, G Hill, S Eastment, R Feltham 18-10; K Whatling, M Nash, R Lacy, A Dudley 16-31.

Winscombe 66 (2), Congresbury 90(7) (Clevedon & District Evening League): B Paul, J Sprouting, N Hansford, A Watts 9-27; B Weller, R Sapsford, K Whatling, R Feltham 7-22; A Brand, G Hill, A Kyprianides, S Eastment 16-10; J Smith, J Vincent, R Lacy, A Dudley 10-20; M Dorrington, J Lukins, L Baldwin, M Adams 24-11.

CONGRESBURY Ladies 45, Ashcombe 19 (game curtailed by rain): C Wilcock, D Davis, C Andrews, A Jones 9-7; H Tranmer, D Whiskin, E Stenner, A Mew 21-4; C Lewis, H Hopkins, R Horton, B Huggett 15-8.

Congresbury Ladies 41, Portishead RBL 66 (friendly): C Skuse, S Wright, D Davis, A Mew 9-29; J Byett, C Lewis, E Stenner, K Herbison 15-19; P Baker, A Harris, H Hopkins, B Huggett 17-18.

Congresbury 0, Bath 4 (Top Club competition).

Congresbury 65, Bloomfield 68 (friendly): J Churchward, M Greaves, R Archer, J Stone 12-21; M Kimmings, J Freemantle, C Shipway, L Beck 23-12; D Byett, D Rivers, G Stenner, R Becker 17-16; P Reay, M Huggett, F Horton, R Stewart 13-19.

Congresbury 83, Clevedon Prom 97 (North Somerset KO Cup): R King, G Stenner, DE Byett, R Becker 24-19; R Baker, C Blagden, F Horton, B Herbison 8-25; D Manning, D Gosling, M Wear, R Kirkham 18-17; S Pook, R Archer, T Yearsley, J Stone 13-16; P Reay, M Kimmings, R Stewart, L Beck 20-20.

Congresbury 100, Portishead RBL 95 (Cooperative Funeral Care Evening League): M Hopkins, D Gosling, D Manning, R Kirkham 18-16; S Pook, R Archer, G Stenner, J Stone 17-22; P Reay, J Freemantle, R Stewart, L Beck 16-25; R Baker, C Blagden, F Horton, B Herbison 22-15; R King, D Byett, C Shipway, M Wear 27-17.

YATTON 66, Keynsham 89 (friendly): A George, A Grundy, J Parker, T Storm 18-27; G Collins, R Adams, B Foster, D Bessant 23-10; M Musgrove, W Pugh, E Reynolds, R Bish 14-23; G Dodd, M Richards, J Knight, D Blundell 11-29.

Yatton 78, Nailsea 113 (Clevedon and District Evening League): M Musgrove, R Bish, N Edmonds, G Smith 12-32; L Howe, R Adams, D Bessant, W Casey 19-14; T Storm, J Knight, J Hook, C Parsons 18-14; J Parker, G Dodd, P Osborne, M Withyman 18-18; A Grundy, H Williams, N Robinson, P Tetrault 11-35.

Yatton 76, Clevedon Prom 90 (Clevedon and District Evening League): A Churchill, M Richards, P Osborne, W Cole 14-17; L Howe, R Adams, D Bessant, W Casey 18-19; E Butt, M Musgrove, R Bish, D Sweet 17-14; J Knight, D Blundell, T Storm, C Parsons 12-16; J Parker, H Williams, R Lewis, K Dodd 15-24.

Yatton 104 Somerton 67 (National Top Club) – two wood: K Dodd 16-4; singles: T Storm 21-20; pairs: B Topham, M Withyman 12-24; triples: D Bessant, P Osborne, W Casey 22-8; fours: L Howe, C Parsons, N Edmonds, G Smith 33-11.

Yatton 30, Bristol 52 (national two-rink): B Topham, L Howe, N Edmonds, G Smith 21-24; T Storm, N Robinson, P Osborne, M Withyman 9-28.

Yatton 80, Chew Stoke 57 (mixed friendly): N Allen, A Storm, B Hull, P Allen 15-21; B Pugh, S Carr, C Cheesewright, A Batson 17-15; L Manning, P Welham, G Dodd, J Parker 25-13; A Grundy, R Mills, F McCormack, B Topham 23-8.

ASHCOMBE Ladies 49 (8), Clevedon 40 (2) (North Somerset Triples League: A Fews, J Wilkinson, A Goacher 20-12; N Counsell, M Tasker, S Weaden 15-11; J Hughes, B MacGregor, S Ford 14-17.

Friendly: S Noyes, R Powell, J McInally 17-9.

Ashcombe 52 (8), Clevedon Prom 51 (2): J Hughes, S Hopkins, S Ford 12-27; S Noyes, M Tasker, S Weaden 21-13; B Groves, J Wilkinson, A Goacher 19-11.

Friendly: M Sell, D Hampson, B MacGregor 7-16; A Fews, R Powell, N Counsell 10-10.

WESSEX Ladies 31 (0), Isle of Wedmore 62 (10) (Mendip League): P Turner, P Taylor, J Davis 13-18; J Allard, E Deane, D Forsyth 11-17; P Tillson, B Jones, J Binding 7-27.

Wessex 27, Isle of Wedmore 35 (friendly): S Bishop, M Davis, J Duffy 10-18; M Milford, P Dunn, C Peart 17-17.

Wessex (0), Victoria (4) (Top Club) - singles C Peart 8-21; pairs A Fewings, D Forsyth 12-21; triples J Allard, M Davis, J Davis 14-17; fours P Turner, E Deane, J Binding, E Williams 18-22.

CLARENCE Ladies 1, West Backwell 3 (Top Club) – singles: P Barnbrook 21-20; pairs: V Buick, M Noddings 15-22; triples: R MacMillan, M Baker, C Edlin 12-16; fours: M Woods, S Pritchard, V Senior, V Collicott 14-21.

Clarence Ladies 62, Clevedon Prom 35 (W&DLL): M Davison, V Jones, V Collicott 22-14; M Woods, P Phillips, P Burrough 19-10; J Colman, M Baker, C Edlin 21-11.

A VISUALLY impaired bowling competition was held at Clarence Bowling Club and supported by Worle Lions Club with the assistance of Weston Lions.

Bowlers from many parts of the country took part and despite the dull weather, all matches took place. Lions acted as markers for all games and eventual winners were presented with the Lions trophies by Mayor Cyril King and his wife Sue after the final match.

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