Ashcombe slip up at Nailsea

ASHCOMBE Park Crusaders went down by 16 shots when they visited Nailsea in the Weston and District Over-60s Triples League. Crusaders 96, Nailsea 112: A Cracknell, J Whitton, J Whitlow 25-11; A Wilmot, M Southwood, L Day 15-21; R Powell, W Caddick, G Wilk

ASHCOMBE Park Crusaders went down by 16 shots when they visited Nailsea in the Weston and District Over-60s Triples League.

Crusaders 96, Nailsea 112: A Cracknell, J Whitton, J Whitlow 25-11; A Wilmot, M Southwood, L Day 15-21; R Powell, W Caddick, G Wilkinson 10-33; J Piper, G Finneegan, J Hornettt 23-16; T Pitt, E Hopkins, J Taylor 6-19; G Tottle, C Hughes, J Creasey 17-12.

Ashcombe 66, Clevedon 92 (friendly): J Platten, F Gaulton, G Finnegan, J Whitton 22-12; R Powell, R Barnes, D Carr, G Wilkinson 9-26; B Noyes, D Camper, A ACracknell, J Price 19-21; B Alden, D Norville, V Bragg, L Cox 17-19; M Tripp, T Clalrake, E Underhay, M Adams 21-14.

Ashcombe 104, Bristol St George 124 (friendly): T Morgan, A Perkins, E Hooper, T Cottrell 18-14; T Pople, J Snelling, J Main, D Carr 10-22; P Sheppard, R Simmons, A Little 29-18; B Jones, T Clarke, M Parry, A Freke 19-30; M Unwin, P Gaulton, R Ford, A Yates 17-17; G Tucker, D Underhay, M Adams, L Cox 11-23.

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Ashcombe 65, Bristol Greenbank 72 (friendly): T Morgan, J Piper, J Hornett, W Caddick 16-18; J Platten, A Perkins, A Little, I Chesney 22-9; J Thomas, B Jones, A Yates, J Whitlow 15-29; P Sheppard, D Norvillle, D Bleasdale, J Creasey 12-24.

Ashcombe 111, Victoria Park Bridgwater 99 (mixed friendly): G Tucker, M Thomas, N Counsell, V Bragg 22-21; P Sheppardd, V Webber, A Wilmot, M Adams 21-12; J Wilkinson, C Hedges, T Ray, G Wilkinson 20-16; D Underhay, B Adams, R Powell, B Webber 18-22; N Urch, R Barnes, R Williams, C Hughes 15-14; B Groves, A Cracknell, J Hughes, R Powell 16-12.

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Ashcombe 65, Vivary Park Taunton 86 (friendly): M Tripp, D Norville, D Underhay, J Creasey 16-22; J Platten, E Hooper, J Taylor, J Hornett 14-18; R Barnes, T Bull, V Bragg, G Wilkinson 14-27; S Ash, E Booth, J Whitlow, I Chesney 21-19; T Morgan, T Pople, M Badman, B Webber 16-19; B Jones, T Clarke, T Cottrell, R Powelll 19-16.

Ashcombe 113, Tunbridge Wells 110 (mixed friendly): M Unwin, A Bryant, J McInally, L Cox 19-14; R Barnes, P Sheppard, D Underhay, E Hopkins 9-26; A Wilmot, M Main, J Main, J Price 26-9; B Golding, B Alden, N Counsell, P Chewins 14-19; M Palmer, R Counsell, C Hughes, S Weaden 22-17; B Edmunds, R Williams, M Parry, W Caddick 21-19; J Thomas, J Golding, J Wilkinson, R Powell 12-24; N Urch, R Simmonss, J Hughes, G Wilkinson 24-17; M Wakeham, D Urch, S Hopkins, J Whitlow 11-20; A Cox, A Cracknell, V Bragg, A Goacher 23-13.

Ashcombe 110, Sparkwell 45 (friendly): M Unwin, R Counsell, M Main, J Price 28-12; J Thomas, M Wakeham, J Main, J Hornett 25-15; M Palmer, D Urch, E Hooper, J Whitton 33-10.

On Sunday, Ashcombe held their annual Theme Day Match. This year the theme was "Schooldays". Members dressed as schoolboys, schoolgirls, and teachers, in appropriate outfits.

The winners were Pat Chewins, as head girl, and Clive Hughes as headmaster. Games of triples and fours were played, but this time the result did not matter, just that a fun time was had by all. Afterwards, there was an American supper with plenty of food.

BANWELL held their internal competitions finals and on a fine day for bowls the victors' spoils well and truly went to club captain John Davies.

Besides winning the club open championship, John also won the two-wood pairs and the veterans' competitions. These three victories brought John's total single wins over the years to 42.

All the finals displayed bowling of a high standard with games being closely contested right to the final ends. Winners of the new trophy presented by club member Tony Steer were Darrell Johnston and Phil Owen. The competitions and finals day were efficiently run by Paul Aldus.

Results: Tony Steer Pairs: D Johnston, P Owen 23, T Hyde, P Villis 15. Pairs: T Garfield, C Wilson 23, T Heal, B Taylor 13. Beginners: T Garfield 23, T Burnett 11. Novices: J Prescott 21, J Amos 11. Veterans; J Davies 21, J Laurent 17. Two-wood singles: J Davies 21, T Steer 12. Handicap; B Taylor 21, J Davies 13. Championship: J Davies 21, T Steer 17.

CLARENCE had the perfect finish to a great season with new club champion Dave Stott.

Dave who has only been a member for four years, has become a great asset to the club and still only in his 50s has a great bowling future.

Results: Club champion: David Stott, runner-up Paul Tubb. Handicap: D Thomson, C Read. First-time Singles: Dave Stott, John Edwards. Two-wood Singles; Trevor Pritchard, Barry Force. Under-70s: T Ward, R Burrough.

Pairs: I Barnbrook and D Cass; R Flicker and R Burrough. Two-wood Pairs: R Flicker and R Burrough; D Thomson and T Hooper. Triples: T Pritchard, M Scoins, B Cheffers; M Clay, B Cornwall, M Davies.

Fours: B Force, J Edwards, T Cockcroft, J Hawkins; R Higgins, T Ward, J Callaway, J Larvin. Mixed Pairs: T Hooper and M Noddings; D Thomson and S Thomson.

ST ANDREW'S had a good win, away to Nailsea leading into the penultimate week of their outdoor season. A mixed team enjoyed a home game with tourists from Trent Vale which resulted in a win for the visitors.

Club competitions will be decided, this weekend, on finals day; Good luck to all who are taking part.

St Andrews 96, Nailsea 76 (friendly): T James, J Ling, A Yeeles, R Venn 13-20; F Mudge, M Blight, M Glenville, D Favis 21-24; G Berry, J Warren, D Price, G Burgess 30-16; M Goddard, J Steer, T Allen, S Davies 32-16

St Andrew's 97,Trent Vale 106 (mixed tourists): Mrs F Allen, M Blight, Mrs S Glenville, G Burgess 20-18; K Parker, R Dunstone, Mrs J Pitman, R Venn 27-16; F Mudge, A Cooper, Mrs S Priory, M Glenville 17-26; Mrs E Blight, J Warren, Mrs A Greenwood, T Thomas 14-22; M Goddard, Mrs G Prescott, T Allen, Mrs A Campbell 19-24

VICTORIA held a weekend of club finals, which saw Ted Mangan win the singles championship by a single shot from Colin Gazzard.

Colin trailed by eight shots at one time but came back to tie at 20 shots each, Results: Handicap Single: C Gazzard, M Cooper. Two-wood Single: R Noddings, E Mangan. Two-wood Pairs: R Taylor and A Bradley, B Carrett and M Stocker. Seniors Singles: C Chudley, ESage.

Triples: A Shattock, K Harvey, M. Stocker; J Palmer, T Farmer, A Owens.

Non-winners:M Fletcher, T Broughton. Four-wood Pairs: S Thynne, E Mangan; C Gazzard, M Cooper.

With only friendly games left to play, Victoria came unstuck against a strong team from Port Talbot but enjoyed another win over Cheltenham, both games being played at home.

Victoria 105, Port Talbot 109: R Taylor, D Roberts, A Uccellini, D Williams 22-16; J Newman, A Waygood, D Avery, M Taylor 23-19; I Linham, E Young, R Rockett, D Hurst 18-24; T Gilbert, A Shattock, K Harvey, A Bradley 30-20; S Thynne, G Hodge, M Campbell, M Manning 12-30.

Victoria 131, Cheltenham 83 (mixed): R Cleeves, D Roberts, T Gatehouse, M Stocker 17-19; C Ward, T Gilbert, A Holland, A Uccellini 26-11; D Owen, C Chudley, M Hillman, M Campbell 19-14; P Osborne, J Griffiths, M Chudley, K Harvey 24-15; C Willetts, G Richards, J Newman, M Taylor 27-9;

S Newman, W Osborne, R Rockett, K Holland 18-15.

Victoria 103, Trent Vale (Notts) 89 (mixed):

R Cleeves, S Thynne, K Harvey, E Mangan 20-13; C Sage, C Willetts, R Rockett, M Stocker 27-16; T Gilbert, J Donald, M Campbell, A Uccellini 27-10; C Ward, E Sage, C Chudley, M Taylor 13-26; W Osborne, S Newman, S Harrison, D Hurst 16-19.

WINSCOMBE 96, Mark Moor 68: N Hansford, C Bailey, L Collier, C Westlake 17-16; K Whatling, D Owen, A Dudley, M Nash 15-16; G Lloyd, B Paul, A Watson, J Baker 18-12; R Knight, J Blewitt, A Pye, M Adams 25-14; R Lowman, B Prince, R Wootten, T Ellis 23-19

Winscombe 60, Bridgwater BCL 69 (mixed): K Whatling, M Flay, A Ainsworth, M K Adams 11-20; H Watson, S Nash, M Roberts, A Watts 19-17; L Whatling, D Owen, M Adams, M Nash 15-15; W Ainsworth, E Watts, J Kimmins, A Watson 15-17

Winscombe 72, Trent Vale Tourists 104 (mixed): L Whatling, J Vincent, M Hunter, R Wootten 10-28; M Dorrington, W Weller, K Whatling, A Dudley 13-16; A Brand, R Weller, A Ainsworth, M Nash 17-21; S Vincent, D Owen, R Lacy, M Roberts 15-20; G Neville, G Bull, W Ainsworth, M Hunt 17-19.

St Andrew's A were convincing winners of the Winscombe Flood Light Tournament. Trophies and prizes were presented by Tim Phillips of Tim Philips Wealth Management, sponsor of this year's event

Results (Week 4): Victoria B 5, Congresbury B 29; Clevedon A 5, Burnham A 27; Winscombe A 17, Nailsea A 16; Clarence B 18, Congresbury E 12.

First round playoffs: Ashcombe B 14, St Andrew's A 16; Congresbury B 9, Winscombe D 18.

Quarter-finals: St Andrew's A 18, Clarence A 10; Winscombe D 18, Wyrral Park A 17; Banwell D 12, Ardagh B 13; Clarence B 22, Banwell A 13.

Semi-finals: Ardagh B 13, Winscombe D 15; St Andrew's A 13, Clarence B 12.

Final: St Andrew's A (J Davies, R Venn, E Mawgan, W Harrison) 29, Winscombe D (W Ainsworth, M Hunt, M Hunter, A Watts) 2. Third and fourth plalce: Clarence B (P Barnbrook, R Noddins, I Barnbrook, B Forse) 18, Ardagh B (M Lewis, F Chudley, A Smith, P Junes) 17.

ASHCOMBE Park Ladies 54, Yatton 61: M Main, V Webber, N Counsell, P Chewins 7-22; B Groves, D Norville, J Wilkinson, B Haine 14-29; N Urch, C Hedges, J Hughes, S Weaden 33-10j.

Ashcombe Ladies 64, Portishead 50: A Cox, M Skidmore, N Counsell, S ford 15-21; M Tucker, M Main, J Hughes, P Smith 25-21; B Groves, R Powell, S Hopkins, J McInally 24-8.

CONGRESBURY Ladies 8, Wessex Ladies 2 (Mendip League): D Whiskin, E Stenner, A Mew 22-14; R Horton, A Jones, B Huggett 11-28; E Archer, A Fisher, M Hill 21-10.

Congresbury Ladies 4, Victoria Ladies 6 (Mendip League): D Whiskin, C Andrews, D Harrison 17-14; C Wilcock, E Stenner, A Jones 16-18; D Davis, C Lewis, V Harding 13-14.

Congresbury Ladies 37, Long Ashton Ladies 53 (friendly): D Whiskin, S Wright, B Huggett 8-24; C Lewis, J Blagden, A Jones 13-13; J Garrett, A Fisher, V Harding 16-16.

ST ANDREW'S Ladies after winning the majority of their Doreen Ralph Trophy games, this year, finished in fourth place in the League.

Congratulations to all the ladies for providing the club with such good results throughout the season.

In their last games of the season, this week, they won one, drew one, and lost one.

St Andrew's 65, Burnham 69 (friendly): K Dobney, S Priory, P Uglow 14-20; E Blight, B Goddard, S Glenville 17-13; C Riley, D Johnston, M Favis 21-15; G Prescott, S Caddy, M Bailey 13-21

St Andrew's 62, Clarence 62 (friendly): C Riley, D Johnston, J Ware 18-9; K Dobney, C Venn, M Bailey 18-9; P Uglow, E Blight, S Glenville 16-14; P Gill, J Marney, A Greenwood, B McCollum 10-30.

St Andrew's 98, Winscombe 31 (friendly): P Uglow, K Dobney, A Greenwood, A Campbell 34-13; E Blight, D Johnston, M Bailey, M Favis 38-5; P Gill, G Prescott, S Glenville, S Priory 26-13,

VICTORIA Ladies held their club finals over the weekend. One final, the Singles Championship had already been decided when Sue Cooper defeated Mildred Chudley by 21 shots to 20.

Other winners and runners-up: Two-wood Singles: M Chudley, S Harrison. Handicap Singles: M Chudley, R Cleeves. Non-winners: A Holland, C Willetts.

Mixed Pairs: Mrs M Hillman and M Davis, Mrs R Bailey and A Bradley. Two-wood Pairs: C Willetts and S Cooper, A Palmer and F Robinson.

Triples: P Osborne, R Cleeves and I Cruse, J Donald, C Willetts and A Holland. Four-wood Pairs:R Cleeves and S Cooper

In a match reduced to triples by the visitors, the ladies just scraped a one-shot win over Clevedon, thanks to a 14-shot winning margin by Annie Holland's triple.

Victoria 43, Clevedon 42: C Ward, M Dachtler, I Cruse 10-17; C Willetts, F Robinson, R Bailey 13-19; C Sage, R Cleeves, A Holland 20-6.

WESSEX Ladies held their competition finals and once again mother and daughter Rebecca and Marie McMillan faced one another in a singles final.(Handicap). This time the roles were reversed and Rebecca won.

Championship: E Williams 21, J Binding 16. Two-wood Singles: J Davis 17, E Williams 16. First-time Singles: P Tillson 21, M Hawkins 17. Handicap: R McMillan 23, M McMillan 8.

Pairs: V Edwards, E Williams 18, E Saunders M Davis 15. Two-wood Pairs: V Edwards, E Deane 17, J Palmer, J Davis 15.

Triples: P Turner, V Edwards, P Dunn 18, R McMillan, I Hicks, A Fewings 10.

Fours: R McMillan, N Peters, C Peart, L Pothecary 23, V Ellis, B Osman, B Jones, J Binding 20. Woodland Triples: R McMillan, M Milford, J Davis 13, E Stott, J Allard, E Deane 8. Jubilee Two-wood Pairs: V Edwards, M Milford 10, J Palmer, J Binding 7.

Wessex 52 (2 points), Congresbury 54 (8) (Mendip League): J Duffy, M Hawkins, S Foster 10-21; P Turner, N Peters, I Hicks 28-11; E Saunders, P Hanson, M.Williams 14-22

Wessex 46 (2), Isle of Wedmore 57(8) (Wessex Ladies' League): P Tillson, C Walker, B Jones, A Ward 19-15; P Turner, E Stott, I Hicks, E Williams 20-26;

J Palmer, N Peters, M Hawkins, C Peart 7-16.

Wessex 59, Portishead 34 (friendly): M Hawkins, E Stott, S Foster, E Williams 14-16; N Peters, M Milford, M Davis, I Hicks 21-10; E Saunders, D Stenning, A Fewings, C Peart 24-8.

Wessex 44, Portishead RBL 74 (friendly): P Tillson, M Hawkins, J Allard, E Williams 14-25; V Edwards, E Stott, B Jones, J Binding 19-21; P Turner, P Hanson, R Hinde, P Dunn 11-28.

Wessex 55, Clevedon 53 (friendly): M Collard, E Deane, A Ward 15-16; J Palmer, J Allard, A Powell 17-18; P Taylor, M Davis, I Hicks 23-19.

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