Banwell reach 4 Dimensions cup final

Banwell reached the final of the 4 Dimensions cup competition, beating Victoria in the semi-final.

IN A BUSY week for Banwell, they got through to final of the 4 Dimensions cup competition, won a friendly at home to Victoria, won a league game at Bloomfield, but narrowly lost a league game at home to Yeovil and tied a friendly game against a touring side from Penrhys.

In the semi-final of the 4 Dimensions, Banwell travelled to local rivals Victoria. Club captain Chris Wilson got off to a flyer in the singles, but was slowly pegged back. However, Chris went on to win the discipline 21-14.

All the other disciplines finished early as Victoria ran out of ends. Alan Vickery and Phil Owen got off to a great start in the pairs and sustained the pressure on their opposition winning 30-4 with four ends remaining. Tony Hyde, Kim Burgess and John Davies won the triples 18-10, with one end to go and in the rink, Ryan Smith, Trevor Garfield, Hilary Guckian and Barry Taylor lost 21-16.

Banwell A travelled to Bath to face Bloomfield in a Premier One league game. With two winning rinks and an overall score of 56-51 shots Banwell came away with a 10-2 victory.

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Banwell A 56, Bloomfield 51: T Hyde, H Woodards, C Wilson, J Davies 25-8; T Garfield, L Smith, A Vickery, P Owen 10-26; R Smith, M Amos, G Millard, B Taylor 21-17.

Banwell B travelled to West Backwell A and put in a really good performance, unlucky not to come away without any points.

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Banwell B 52, West Backwell A 65: T Thompson, K Paige, M Laycock, J Laurent 13-16; D Walker, J Evans, J Keith, J Rickerty 19-26; T Burnett, M House, F Lewis, T Byrnes 20-23.

In the friendly game against Victoria, Banwell won on three rinks, but lost on the remaining rink. Ryan Smith, Brian Keith, Chris Wilson and John Davies were the star rink of the evening, winning their game 33-10.

The game against Penrhys tourists was a competitive match and although a few showers made an appearance, it was not enough to spoil the game and ruin the fun. It finished an honourable 109-109 draw with Paul Arlotte, Jan Davies, Trevor Garfield and John Davies coming out on top as the best performing Banwell rink winning 29-8.

Banwell A faced Yeovil A at home and unfortunately despite everyone’s best efforts only managed to get one point, losing the match by six shots.

Banwell A 51, Yeovil A 57: T Hyde, H Woodards, C Wilson, J Davies 17-17; T Garfield, L Smith, K Burgess, P Owen 17-18; R Smith, G Millard, H Guckian, B Taylor 17-22.

VICTORIA Bowling Club held its annual two-wood triples competition, sponsored by MIH Builders.

Ten teams played four games of 10 ends and the games were competitive. With four teams finishing with three wins out of four games, the winners, on shot difference, were Darren Beard, Graham Hodge and Mike Cooper.

After a meal prepared by the ladies, club captain Mike Manning thanked club member Derek Hurst for obtaining the sponsorship for the competition. He also thanked the ladies for their hard work in the kitchen.

In the Over-60s cup semi-final, St Andrews gained revenge for their defeat in the Ron Taylor Cup by comprehensively beating Victoria Saxons by 22 shots, with the Saxons only winning rink skipped by club president Dave Williams, supported by Richard Austin and Graham Hodge.

In the County League, Victoria A suffered a resounding home defeat to Bristol A leaving them in a serious relegation battle.

Victoria B, also playing at home, had an excellent win against Winscombe securing 10 points, courtesy of two rink wins by skips Stuart Evans and club captain Mike Manning.

Victoria D travelled to Clevedon Prom and continued to pick up some points with a good rink win by Tony Webb, Ernie Longworth, Beric Saward and skip Graham Hodge, who has had an excellent week of form.

Victoria entertained Clarence in a five-rink friendly and were the victors by eight shots with top rink Mike Willetts, Fred Aldridge, Paul Leadbeater and Mike Stocker.

Victoria 89, St Andrews 111 (Over-60s Cup semi-final): J Newman, R Fenwick, M Manning 8-21; M Willetts, T Bray, M Taylor 19-12; R Austin, G Hodge, D Williams 17-13; P Lunn, T Uccellini, M Stocker 13-25; R Rockett, A Barnes, K Harvey 17-19; F Aldridge, M Campbell, D Hurst 15-21.

Victoria A 38, Bristol A 80: P Lunn, K Curtis, M Cooper, C Gazzard 10-28; M Campbell, R Fenwick, K Harvey, W Harrison 13-27; J Newman, D Sealey, P Leadbeater, M Stocker 15-25.

Victoria B 59, Winscombe B 56: M Willetts, T Bray, M Taylor, S Evans 20-16; T Gatehouse, A Barnes, T Uccellini, M Manning 18-13; J Dyet, P Fisher, J Howell, D Hurst 21-27.

Victoria D 46, Clevedon Prom B 60: G Jones, I Linham, J Downing, D Avery 14-22; R Jacobs, J Codrington, R Sleep, G Frost 10-26; T Webb, E Longworth, B Saward, G Hodge 22-12.

Victoria 93, Clarence 85 (friendly): D Beard, L Kelly, A Barnes, M Manning 20-21; G Jones, A Shattock, E Sage, J Newman 20-14; B Nicholls, M Milliner, G Hodge, D Hurst 10-20; J Mingo-West, R Sparkes, C York, G Frost 19-17; M Willetts, F Aldridge, P Leadbeater, M Stocker 24-13.

Derek Hurst pictured with the winners Darren Beard, Mike Cooper and Graham Hodge.

ST ANDREWS won all their matches this week.

The Spartans’ 40-shot victory at Burnham was particularly pleasing with special mention for Gordon Wride’s threesome who provided a 29-shot rink win.

The Spartans also beat Victoria Saxons in the semi-final of the Over-60s Knockout Cup and will meet Clarence Blues at Burnham on September 6 in the final.

Both County League victories keep the Saints’ teams at the top of their respective divisions. The date for the Wedmore Plate final has been set for August 26 and the match will commence at 10am at St Andrews.

St Andrews Spartans 114, Burnham 74 (Over-60s Triples) : R McLeod, G Burgess, R Venn 9-22; R Smith, B May, G Wride 34-5; B Rogers, K Uglow, T Thomas 15-8; G Tofte, B Reeves, B Forse 17-18; K Parker, A Horsburgh, D Favis 13-12; M Goddard, J Ling, G Guest 26-9.

St Andrews Spartans 111, Victoria Saxons 89 (Over-60s Knockout Cup semi-final ): R Smith, P Villis, D Favis 21-8; R McLeod, D Bailey, G Wride 13-17; R Venn, A Horsburgh, G Guest 21-15; G Tofte, B Reeves, B Forse 25-13; B Rogers, M Goddard, B May 19-17; K Uglow, J Warren, A Steer 12-19

St Andrews A 69, Portishead 47 (County League): K Uglow, R Venn, P Aldus, A Steer 17-19; M Goddard, G Aldridge, P Villis, A Owens 28-10; G Tofte, A McMillan, S Davies, B Forse 24-18

St Andrews B 55, Burnham B 53 (County League): K Parker, M Blight, B Reeves, D Favis 23-9; R McLeod, A Horsburgh, B May, T Thomas 20-20; R Smith, J Ling, A Ware, G Wride 12-24.

CLARENCE A kept up their promotion challenge in Division One North of the Somerset County League when they took all 12 points at home to Portishead RBL B.

Clarence A 66 (12), Portishead RBL B 60 (0): R Flicker, T Mannion, M Edlin, P Tubb 20-19; B Rossiter, G Cooper, P Palmer, D Towie 21-18; T Hooper, T Pritchard, D Stott, R Burrough 25-23.

Away to Congresbury B in Division Three North, Clarence B finished up on two of the three rinks, but lost by three shots overall. The rinks skipped by Martyn Adams and Mike Clay both won by three, the latter’s team with a four on the last end.

Congresbury B 65 (8), Clarence B 62 (4): L Lakey, B Cornwall, D Jackman, G Barlow 17-26; T Ward, J Keay, M Skyrme, M Clay 23-20; A Bishop, M Davies, M Scoins, M Adams 22-19.

Clarence B went down to only their second defeat of the season in the County League when they lost by five shots in a re-arranged match away to Burnham B.

Trailing on all three rinks midway through, they staged a good comeback, but team captain Mike Clay’s rink were the only Clarence winners, by eight shots.

Burnham B 54 (10), Clarence B 49 (2): L Lakey, B Cornwall, D Jackman, J Burgess 18-21; A Bishop, M Scoins, M Davies, M Adams 12-22; J Keay, L Smith, M Skyrme, M Clay 19-11.

Burnham A 51 (4), Clarence A 65 (8). (Somerset County League): R Rossiter, G Cooper, P Palmer, D Towie 18-19; T Hooper, T Pritchard, D Stott, R Burrough 31-11; M Edlin, T Mannion, R Crawford, P Tubb 16-21.

Clarence Blues took all but two of the 20 points available in their home Over-60s league match against Ashcombe Knights, winning by 34 shots.

Biggest winners for the home side were Reg Flicker, John Burgess and ex-Ashcombe treasurer Martyn Adams, who finished 14 shots clear.

Clarence Blues 112 (18), Ashcombe Knights 78 (2): B Rossiter, B Ballinger, R Crawford 21-10; R Flicker, J Burgess, M Adams 24-10; T Hooper, J Rogers, P Tubb 17-12; G Cooper, J Keay, R Burrough 19-16; M Edlin, T Mannion, G Barlow 11-19; L Lakey, H Sparks, D Thomson 20-11.

Yatton could muster only four triples for the Over-60s league match away to Clarence Golds, so the home side began with a 10-shot, two-point advantage. They romped to a huge victory, led by John Hawkins, Mike Scoins and Dick Jackman, who won by 29 shots.

Clarence Golds 118 (18), Yatton 55 (2): H Dunn, M Skyrme, G Phillips 18-14; B Hanks, D Grier, G Cooper 22-12; B Difford, I Phipps, M Clay 20-8; A Taylor, B Cornwall, M Phillips 15-17; J Hawkins, M Scoins, D Jackman 33-4.

Clarence’s annual friendly against Victoria began in miserable weather, which improved eventually. The match was close throughout, with home side Victoria winning by eight shots.

Victoria 93, Clarence 85: T Comfort, J Hayes, T Pritchard, D Towie 13-24; R Flicker, B Duffy, M Scoins, D Stott 20-10; J Hawkins, C Tippett, B Rossiter, M Clay 21-20; A Taylor, B Cheffers, D Jackman, M Adams 14-20; L Medcraft, J O’Mara, R Crawford, J Keay 17-19.

Vice-captain Mike Clay’s team were one-shot winners with a seven on one end and four on the last, but Clarence lost by 17 shots at home to Portishead in a friendly match.

Clarence 70, Portishead 87: B Difford, H Dunn, R Kelloway, D Stott 17-19; T Comfort, John Hayes, M Scoins, R Burrough 15-27; L Smith, I Phipps, D Grier, B Rossiter 16-19; A Taylor, A Cord, J Burgess, M Clay 23-22.

Clarence’s Sunday mixed team had an enjoyable home friendly against Churchdown, from Gloucester. The visitors finished up on six of the nine rinks to win by 21 shots. The winning Clarence skips were Pauline Dunn, Veronica Jones and Mick Edlin

Clarence 145, Churchdown 166: B Difford, Brenda Hayes, J O’Mara, Carol Edlin 17-19; J Larvin, Audrey O’Mara, Pat Phillips, T Mannion 12-22; H Dunn, Lucy Oldham, Jan Bishop, B Duffy 16-22; Shirley Scoins, John Hayes, D Jackman, Pauline Dunn 19-14; J Hawkins, J Cope, Audrey Harris, Veronica Jones 23-14; Marlene Woods, A Bishop, M Peters, Audrey Powell 11-19; T Cockcroft, Lee Woodrow, M Scoins, Pam Hawkins 14-20; Sue Bishop, Norma Peters, M Phillips, M Edlin 25-13; Pam Fowler, Pat Bidmead, Joan Duffy, G Cooper 8-23.

WINSCOMBE won the traditional 21 end triples match against Bath by four shots.

In the Clevedon and District League they secured another seven points against Portishead. However, against Portishead RBL, also in the Clevedon and District League, a weakened Winscombe team were no match for RBL who were going for maximum points to secure their position as leaders in the league.

In the Somerset County League, the A team visited West Backwell and it was another close match, Backwell winning the last end to win by four shots overall.

The B Team were at Victoria looking to keep their unbeaten record against the Vic in eight matches this year, but failed by three shots.

Winscombe A 48 (3), West Backwell 52 (9) (County League): K Whatling, L Collier, R Feltham, M Adams 13 -18; W Ainsworth, M Hunter, R Lowman, S Eastment 19 -19; G Lloyd, B Paul, A Dudley, T Ellis 16 -15.

Winscombe B 56 (2), Victoria B 59 (10) (County League): S Easterby, R Fisher, R Kibble, A Watts 27-21; A Brand, M Hunt, P Fredersdorff, M Nash 13-18; J Smith, B Weller, N Hansford, G Neville 16-20.

Winscombe 117, Bath 113 (friendly): R Weller, R Fisher, R Wootten 11-24; D Peakall, K Whatling, G Neville 21-23; B Prince, B Paul, W Ainsworth 22-15; A Brand, M Hunter, M Adams 20-17; S Easterby, R Kibble, L Collier 24-18; J Vincent, P Fredersdorff, M Nash 19-16.

Winscombe 88 (7 ), Portishead 64 (1) (C&D Evening League): G Coombe, J Lukins, G Neville, A Watts 13-17 ; W Ainsworth, R Fisher, R Lacy,S Eastment 34-12; N Hansford, M Nash, R Kibble, A Dudley 18-17; K Whatling, L Collier, R Feltham, M Adams 23-18.

Winscombe 63, Portishead RBL 157 (C& D Evening League): D Beaverstock, D Owen, R Wootten, A Watts 11-31; R Fisher, B White, R Lowman, S Eastment 18-31; W Ainsworth, J Smith, J Lukins, R Feltham 12-20; D Johnson, M Hunt, P Fredersdorff, R Lacy 4-48; K Whatling, L Collier, M Nash,T Ellis 18-27.

Winscombe Ladies 31, Victoria 52 (friendly): W Weller, L Whatling, M Adams 5-20; T Darkin, J Rush, L Fredersdorff 11-18; L Parfitt, M Smith, R Keane 15-14.

Winscombe Ladies 48, Portishead 55 (NST League): C Hopes, W Weller, A Ainsworth 17-16; M Smith, M Sprouting, L Fredersdorff 21-16; T Miles, S Lowman, S Caddy 10-23.

Winscombe Ladies 76 (18), Mark Moor 46 (2) (Wessex League): W Weller, M Smith, S Nash, E Watts 24-18; M Adams, L Dyer, S Lowman, L Fredersdorff 17-20; J Kimmins, J Rush, R Keane,A Ainsworth 35-8.

WEDMORE men’s B team played a delayed home match against Chew Stoke in the men’s County League and enjoyed a decisive win 67-45.

Wedmore won two out of three rinks and the victory was assured by Dennis Stansfield and his team who won by a large margin 30-9.

Wedmore 67, Chew Stoke 45: K Davey, R Hunt, S Fisher, D Stansfield 30-9; D Trow, B Cottrell, V Matthews, I Faulkner 12-24; T Hamblin, D Barnett, B Aston, B Freeman 25-12.

In the men’s Over-60s Triples League, Wedmore played at home against Mark Moor and won five out of six rinks, drawing the remaining rink. The best differential was achieved by Ron Barron and his team who scored 19-5.

Wedmore 112, Mark Moor 72: P Foren, M Green, R Barron 19-5; K Davey, B Cottrell, K Pettit 21-14; R Norris, I Gallop, T Brown 19-14; C Wheller, B Aston, R Newell 22-13; D Trow, B.Freeman, R Thurkettle 14-14; V Matthews, D Barnett, C Panchaud 17-12.

Torrential rain rendered the green unplayable for the President’s Cup day, so a quick reorganisation allowed the competition to be moved to the two indoor rinks. After an enjoyable afternoon the first prize was won by Liz Hamblin with Pauline Cottrell runner-up. Prizes were awarded by the president, Ron Barron.

Wedmore ladies played at home to Nailsea in the Mendip Ladies Triples League winning one rink and losing two. A substantial win by Elaine Deverill and her team 21-9 gave Wedmore an overall victory 45-41 and 6 points, Nailsea 4.

Rink Scores: B.Disbrey, L. Hamblin, M.Hordle 13-16, C.Pettit, P.Beard, P.Cottrell 11-16, M.Trow, M.Ronald, E. Deverill 21-9.

Burnham visited Wedmore for a Victoria Ladies Triples League match which Wedmore won 70-31 gaining 10 league points. There was also a two rink friendly match which Wedmore lost 27-30.

Wedmore enjoyed another success this week when a team won the Wyrral Park open tournament, being the only club to win all of their matches. The winning team were Ray and Trish Newell with Mike and Monica Green.

Rain continued to cause disruption when a friendly ladies’ match at St Andrews had to be abandoned after 12 ends. A friendly match at Clarence enjoyed better weather for a close contest. At the conclusion Wedmore ladies won by just two points 41-39.

YATTON 63, Portishead RBL 103 (Clevedon and District Evening League): L Howe, R Adams, T Storm, W Casey 14-20; G Dodd, H Williams, P Tetreault, M Withyman 15-33; S Pascoe, J Knight, N Robinson, C Parsons 18-16; J Parker, E Butt, R Lewis, R Bish 16-34.

Yatton A 64, Bristol C 50 (Somerset County League): L Howe, R Lewis, T Storm, W Casey 27-12; B Foster, M Withyman, N Edmonds, G Smith 19-19; D Goddard, W Cole, P Osborne, D Sweet 18-19.

Yatton B 45, Wrington 58: B Hull, J Knight, N Robinson, T Robinson 18-14; J Parker, R Adams, B Hardwick, C Parsons 8-26; S Pascoe, E Butt, D Blundell, R Bish 19-18.

CONGRATULATIONS go to Chris Wilcock, Ann King and Kate Herbison on winning the Triples Cup, and to Herbison on winning the singles championship cup at the Clevedon Tournament.

Congresbury Ladies 42, Winscombe 66 (friendly): C Skuse, A Purnell, W Manning, D Harrison 14-22; H Tranmer, S Wright, C Andrews, B Huggett 15-25; L Storey, J Osborn, D Davis, E Stenner 13-19.

Congresbury Ladies 52, Wessex 43 (Wessex League): J Byett, C Andrews, A Jones 13-15; C Wilcox, M Hill, B Huggett 21-14; H Tranmer, J Blagden, V Harding 18-14.

Congresbury Ladies 48, Fosseway 43 (Mendip League): L Storey, C Lewis, B Huggett 13-17; H Tranmer, C Andrews, E Stenner 15-16; E Archer, W Manning, A Mew 20-10.

Congresbury Ladies 59, West Backwell 31 (WDLL): C Lewis, A King, B Huggett 25-8; C Wilcock, D Davis, D Harrison 8-17; J Blagden, M Hill, A Mew 26-6.

Congresbury Ladies 68, Clarence 39 (WDLL): C Lewis, C Andrews, K Herbison 27-16; C Wilcock, A King, D Harrison 26-6; J Byett, M Hill, B Huggett 15-17.

Congresbury 119, West Backwell 74 (Co-operative Funeralcare Evening League): S Pook, D Gosling, M Huggett, R Archer 18-17; J Freemantle, D Byett, R King, R Becker 19-14; D Manning, I Morton, C Edwards, R Kirkham 30-12; P Reay, M Kimmings, D Rivers, C Shipway 35-10; R Baker, C Blagden, G Stenner, B Herbison 17-21.

Congresbury 105, Clevedon Prom 96 (Co-operative Funeralcare Evening League): D Manning, D Gosling, G Stenner, R Archer 18-11; S Pook, J Churchward, D Rivers, J Stone 22-15; P Reay, C Blagden, M Huggett, C Shipway 18-28; R Baker, I Morton, C Edwards, R Kirkham 19-19; R Becker, M Kimmings, D Byett, R Becker 28-23.

Congresbury A 75, Clevedon 49 (North Somerset League): R Baker, D Byett, C Shipway, R Becker 31-15; P Reay, R Archer, G Stenner, R Stewart 12-25; D Manning, I Morton, D Rivers, R Kirkham 32-9.

Congresbury B 65, Clarence 62 (North Somerset League): P Dawes, R Joseph, J Freemantle, C Edwards 26-17; M Greaves, R Jones, J Churchward, J Stone 19-22; G Andrews, M Kimmings, R Anniuk, D Gosling 20-23.

Congresbury 64, Portishead RBL 76 (4 Dimension semi-final): S Pook, G Stenner, M Wear, R Kirkham 13-28; D Byett, C Shipway, R Becker 23-16; R Baker, J Stone 26-11; B Herbison 2-21.

ASHCOMBE Ladies 61, Clevedon Prom 60 (friendly): A Bryant, M Tucker, J Wilkinson 14-21; N Counsell, B Groves, M Williams 17-11; L Paterson, J Field, C Hedges 10-18; M Main, S Hadley, B Cullen 20-10.

Ashcombe Ladies 73, West Backwell 31 (friendly): L Paterson, C Hedges, M Williams 29-6; S Noyes, N Counsell, J Hughes 31-7; M Main, S Hopkins, B Cullen 13-18.

Ashcombe Ladies 71, Clevedon Prom 58 (friendly): S Noyes, L Paterson, C Hedges 11-21; A Bryant, M Main, D Norville 24-7; A Fews, M Tucker, B MacGregor 20-14; A Cox, B Groves, S Hopkins 16-16.

WESSEX Ladies 40, Clevedon Prom 68: S Bishop, M Hawkins, C Peart, E Williams 20-17; P Tillson, I HIcks, J Allard, P Taylor 4-30; N Peters, E Stott, A Powell, E Deane 16-21.

Wessex Ladies 70, Eastover Bridgwater 40: C Peart, M Milford, M Davis, P Dunn 26-12; P Tillson, E Stott, A Powell, D Forsyth 20-10; S Bishop, I Hicks, E Deane, P Taylor 24-18.

Wessex Ladies 43 (2), Congresbury 52 (8) (Mendip League): C Walker, I Hicks, E Williams 15-13; S Bishop, C Peart, P Taylor 14-18; E Stott, J Allard, J Binding 14-21.

ST ANDREWS ladies balanced the books last week, with two wins and two losses.

St Andrews Ladies 49, Burnham 42: J Forse, A Greenwood, S Glenville 23-6; K Dobney, E Reeves, A Campbell 12-21; M Wride, D Johnston, J Ware 14-15.

St Andrews Ladies 35, Isle of Wedmore 31: E Reeves, S Sinclair, J Smith 10-11; K Dobney, A Greenwood, M Pattenden 14-11; W Allen, B Goddard, S Priory 11-9.

St Andrews Ladies 49, West Backwell 75 (Doreen Ralph Trophy): W Allen, D Johnston, S Glenville, M Favis 23-24; P Uglow, B Goddard, I Tofte, A Campbell 12-30; C Venn, J Forse, M Wride, M Pattenden 14-21.

St Andrews Ladies 31.5, North Petherton 50: W Allen, B McCollum, J Smith 10-19; S Sinclair, D Johnston, A Campbell 15-18; C Venn, A Greenwood, E Blight 17-13.

CLARENCE Ladies 53, Portishead 45 (W&DDL): J Colman, V Jones, C Edlin 12-21; S Pritchard, P Phillips, P Burrough 14-15; S Ellis, M Woods, J Bishop 27-9.

Clarence Ladies 39, Congresbury 68: J Mannion, P Phillips, A Harris 17-15; V Jones, P Burrough, C Edlin 16-27; S Searle, M Baker, V Collicott 6-26.

VICTORIA ladies have struggled recently in the Weston & District League, but managed an emphatic home victory over West Backwell.

The ladies have also managed to do something that the men of Victoria have yet to do, they defeated Winscombe away in a friendly match.

Victoria 33 (2), Portishead 59 (8) (Weston & District Triples): C Webb, S Newman, S Cooper 12-20; J Donald, C Willetts, A Holland 6-25; R Cleeves, E Newport, M Chudley 15-14.

Victoria 34 (2), Burnham 45 (8) (Weston & District Triples): J Donald, C Willetts, S Cooper 17-12; D Owen, R Bailey, S Harrison 9-17; A Austin, R Cleeves, E Newport 8-16.

Victoria 52, Winscombe 31 (friendly): A Austin, J Donald, E Newport 18-11; D Owen, R Cleeves, A Holland 14-15; S Milliner, C Willetts, S Newman 20-5.

Victoria 73 (8), West Backwell 37 (2) (Weston & District Triples): D Owen, S Newman, A Holland 32-7; M Angove, S Harrison, M Chudley 27-7; C Sage, R Cleeves, S Cooper 14-23.

Victoria 48 (4), Burnham 56 (6) (Weston & District Triples): C Sage, R Cleeves, S Cooper 18-15; A Dancer, E Newport, A Holland 13-26; C Willetts, S Newman, M Chudley 17-15.

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