Bowls England defeated at Clarence

Ashcombe ladies closing day.

Ashcombe ladies closing day. - Credit: Archant

Bowls England president Rosemary Ellman-Brown brought a strong team to Clarence for a special match.

BOWLS England president Rosemary Ellman-Brown brought a strong team to Clarence for a special match which was part of Clarence’s prize as the national body’s Club of the Year 2012.

The visitors included the national governing body’s senior and junior vice-presidents, as well as its immediate past president, plus the men’s and ladies’ presidents, chairman and secretary of Somerset Bowls Association. Isle of Wedmore’s David Wederell, the county match secretary, captained the team.

They were welcomed by Clarence president Reg Flicker and captain Mike Clay and enjoyed a buffet, provided by the ladies’ clubs of Clarence and Wessex, before taking to the green for a match on six rinks.

The home team, including ladies from Clarence and Wessex, lived up to their Club of the Year reputation, beating the Bowls England team by six shots in an enjoyable game.

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The home rinks skipped by Roger Burrough and club champion David Stott both won by seven, while Margaret Noddings and her team finished two shots clear.

The four skipped by Clarence’s Somerset Under-25 captain Grant Aldridge did well to win by one, having been 10-0 down after five ends. They had a six on the 11th end against the Bowls England rink skipped by national junior vice-president Marcia Pearce.

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Afterwards, the teams and guests enjoyed a lovely meal, again prepared by the ladies of Clarence and Wessex. President Ellman-Brown congratulated Clarence on their achievement in winning Club of the Year and said it was well deserved.

Before the game, she met four pupils from Broadoak Mathematics and Computing College, who will be playing bowls at Clarence as part of their sports curriculum. She presented them with Bowls England badges.

Clarence 109, Bowls England President’s Team 103: D Jackman, M Scoins, B Duffy, Carol Edlin 17-22; B Underwood, T Mannion, Joan Duffy, R Burrough 21-14; J Stewart, Pat Hanson, Jo Mannion, M Clay 14-20; R Flicker, Mary Davis, R Crawford, D Stott 19-12; Shirley Scoins, G Barlow, H Sparks, Margaret Noddings 16-14; C Read, J Keay, Veronica Jones, G Aldridge 22-21.

In the annual friendly match between Clarence men and Clarence ladies, honours went to the males, chiefly thanks to vice-captain Brendan Duffy’s rink, who won by 16 shots. The men’s only defeat came on Roger Burrough’s rink, with Margaret Noddings and her ladies prevailing by nine shots.

Clarence Ladies 74, Clarence men 95. Rink scores (ladies’ names first): S Scoins, C Marshall, P Phillips, M Noddings 21, J Larvin, B Coles, K Marshall, R Burrough 12; A Ballinger, J Coles, J Mannion, V Collicott 16, J Loveridge, D Grier, D Jackman, B Ballinger 17; S Ellis, M Goodwin, A Harris, J Bishop 13, B Cheffers, M Peters, J Keay, R Higgins 17; P Fowler, G Hookway, M Woods, M Baker 10, A Gardiner, M Davies, J Hayes, M Phillips 19; T Comfort, A Taylor, M Scoins, B Duffy 30, M Moore, B Hayes, M Davison, V Jones 14.

Welsh tourists Blaina brought 10 rinks to Clarence for a mixed encounter on September 14 and won a close match by 15 shots.

The rinks were shared, with captain Mike Clay, Grant Aldridge, Trevor Pritchard, Pam Hawkins and John Edwards skipping the winning home teams.

Clarence 156, Blaina 171: Irene Hicks, M Peters, A Kermack, J Burgess 18-26; Verlie Edwards, B Rossiter, M Scoins, Joan Duffy 7-28; Pam Fowler, N Martin, I Phipps, M Clay 21-12; Shirley Scoins, J Hicks, T Ward, G Aldridge 21-18; L Lakey, Janet Anning, Pat Hanson, R Burrough 15-19; Marlene Woods, M Skyrme, Pauline Dunn, T Pritchard 18-15; A Bishop, Miriam Moore, C Tippett, Pam Hawkins 19-16; J Larvin, Lucy Oldham, Ann Ward, J Edwards 24-16; J Kelloway, A Taylor, Norma Peters, B Duffy 13-21.

Thirty players from the two Clarence clubs and Wessex competed in the annual past/present captains v past/present presidents match. The five rinks of triples were all extremely close, with the result hardly mattering.

The three clubs came together again for a friendly triples, which was enjoyed by nearly 40 players.

The final Sunday fixture of the season was the captain’s choice, with the number of players taking part reflecting on what a successful season it has been for the Sunday mixed team.

After an enjoyable game of triples, players enjoyed lovely food, prepared by Sue Bishop, wife of the Sunday captain Alan. The Bishops were presented with gifts in thanks for all their work during the season. There was also a special cake for Sunday stalwart Lucy Oldham, whose birthday fell on the same day.

BANWELL Bowls Club ended their outdoor season and celebrated the club’s 80th anniversary with the annual captain’s day.

Club captain and Banwell’s youngest ever, Chris Wilson and his five rinks played against vice-captain Graham. Overall, the captain won but Graham enjoyed the bragging rights by winning his rink.

Congratulations to Hilary Guckian who won his first singles championship title, beating Ryan Smith in the final. Mike Davies beat Barry Taylor in the veterans, in his first full season of bowls.

Dean Robinson beat Mal Laycock in the handicap. One of Banwell’s younger members, Liam Smith beat Toni Thompson in the novices final, another new member. Graham Coffin beat Jan Davies in the beginners, club captain Chris Wilson retained his two-wood singles title by beating Trevor Garfield.

Trevor, along with Phil Villis won the two-wood pairs competition. Phil Villis also won in the other two pairs competitions, with Liam Smith in the four-wood pairs and Mike Davies in the open pairs.

THE final week of the season did not go well for Victoria club captain Mick Manning, when all the results went against him.

The annual match between the men and ladies was cancelled due to the weather, but a challenge on the indoor rink and using the skittle alley proved rewarding for the ladies and they now have the bragging rights for the forthcoming year.

Two matches against Notts tourists also went wrong, although the challenge to play federation bowls resulted in Victoria only losing by two shots. The match for the Friendship Bowl resulted in a win for Nottingham by 15 shots.

The final game of the season was the captain’s challenge against the president. The president lost on the opening day of the season, but by some judicial selection, the president’s team gained the upper hand and won by 24 shots.

The day was enjoyed by all and ended as the members and guests sat down to an excellent meal provided by the ladies.

Victoria 83, Nottingham CBA tourists 98: J Griffiths, R Rockett, J Newman, M Stocker 19-16; M Milliner, J Smart, A Barnes, D Hurst 9-21; M Manning, A Shattock, K Harvey, P Leadbeater 23-15; S Thynne, A Waygood, G Thorne, D Jones 12-26; J Mingo-West, E Sage, A Bray, M Taylor 20-20.

Victoria 66, Nottingham CBA Tourists 68 (Federation Rules): R Rockett, N Sell 9-19; M Milliner, D Fairhurst, M Manning 10-18; J Newman, A Bray, P Leadbeater 22-7; J Mingo-West, G Hodge, E Sage 12-17; J Griffiths, A Shattock, M Cooper 13-7.

Captain’s team 114, President’s team 138 - captain’s team: K Leahy, J Smart, G Hodge, P Leadbeater 17-15; M Milliner, M Fletcher, M Taylor 12-24; N Stocker, R Hollier, A Barnes, M Cooper 19-17; P Wyatt, W Nicholls, M Campbell, M Manning 24-7; R Austin, I Linham, D Sealey, K Holland 8-35; A Webb, D Fairhurst, J Howell 14-15; B Johnson, J Codrington, J Kerr, D Jones 20-25.

President’s team: H Whyte, D Williams, J Newman, K Harvey 15-17; P Newport, P Lunn, A Bray 24-12; S Thynne, G Richards, T Gatehouse, M Stocker 17-19; L Stocker, J Mingo-West, B Saward, S Evans 7-24; J Griffiths, R Fenwick, H Gibbs, G Frost 35-8; J Turton, E Sage, B Stock 15-14; T Gilbert, A Waygood, N Sell, R Rockett 25-20.

Victoria Ladies 44, Burnham 34 (friendly): D Owen, G Poolman, S Newman, M Hillman 11-12; C Sage, C Willetts, E Newport, A Holland 16-13; C Stevens, R Bailey, R Cleeves, M Chudley 17-9.

Mrs Joan Kennedy presented a bench in memory of her husband Ken, who died earlier in the year. Ken was a keen and loyal member of Victoria Bowling Club, who even after his stroke spent many happy hours at the club.

President Beric Saward and captain Mick Manning accepted the bench on behalf of the members on captain’s day.

Joan with members of her family trying out the new bench.

DESPITE the cancellation of one game due to rain, the ladies of St Andrews had a full week’s diary to complete their outdoor season.

They won both of the home games, including their last Doreen Ralph Trophy fixture which confirmed them as the champions. Congratulations to captain, Irene Tofte and all the ladies for such a successful campaign.

In time-honoured tradition, there were also a handful of mixed games in the closing week, the Saints won two out of three enjoyable games.

St Andrews Ladies 62, Chew Stoke 36 (Doreen Ralph Trophy): P Uglow, M Frost, E Blight, A Campbell 22-5; J Forse, I Tofte, S Priory, M Favis 22-18; R McMillan, B Goddard, M Bailey, M Pattenden 18-13.

St Andrews Ladies 42, Clarence 35: E Reeves, S Glenville, E Blight, A Campbell 9-20; K Dobney, D Johnston, S Priory, M Favis 19-8; W Allen, I Tofte, B Goddard, J Pitman 14-7.

St Andrews 106, Hollycroft Park 94: M Goddard, Miss K Dobney, A Ware, D Favis 10-26; K Rodgers, Mrs A Greenwood, T Allen, B May 26-10; P Smart, R Brereton, R Gill, A Horsburgh 9-16; G Tofte, J Ling, G Cooper, Mrs M Favis 32-5; Mrs M Wride, A MacNab, M Blight, B Green 12-20; Mrs B Goddard, R Smith, G Burgess, G Wride 17-17.

St Andrews 51, Blaina 81: Mrs M Wride, A MacNab, Mrs E Blight, R Gill 10-11; Mrs W Allen, Mrs I Tofte, M Goddard, G Webber 8-12; K Rodgers, Mrs D Cooper, T Allen, B Green 5-15; Mrs D Johnston, Mrs A Greenwood, P Garryd, A Horsburgh 7-20; R Brereton, Miss K Dobney, J Ling, G Wride 11-9; R Smith, Mrs B Goddard, Mrs J Pitman, Mrs S Priory 10-14.

St Andrews 73, Eastover Park 66: P Smart, T Allen, G Cooper 13-14; R Smith, Mrs D Johnston, J Warren 17-24; G Tofte, Mrs A Greenwood, B Green 21-15; Mrs W Allen, Ms S Sinclair, D Bailey 22-13.

WINSCOMBE’S season drew to a close with the traditional captain versus president game.

A full six rinks played a mixed game and the result was a 10-shot win for the captain’s side. This reversed the outcome on president’s opening day when the President won.

Almost 70 members enjoyed a closing day supper and speeches by both captains and the president thanked those members who had contributed to the smooth running of the club during the year.

Earlier in the week, Winscombe had two of their last fixtures cancelled but played their annual tussle with Notts County tourists.

The county has been coming to Winscombe every year since 1937 and although numbers were down a little this year, a competitive five-rink match took place.

The game was delayed to allow a rain front to move through and then it was a glorious afternoon for bowls. Over 18 ends, the scores were tied and everyone agreed it was an excellent result.

Winscombe 67, Notts County tourists 67: G Lloyd, R Weller, R Kibble, K Whatling (c) 17-10; D Beaverstock, M Hunt, L Collier, T Ellis 14-11; J Sprouting, J Smith, G Coombe, P Fredersdorff 12-18; C Westlake, B White, R Feltham, M Adams 12-14; R Knight, D Owen, G Hill, A Dudley 12-14.

ASHCOMBE players, Mavis Main, Jill Wilkinson and Joan McInally won the county benevolent triples competition.

The ladies’ season was brought to a close by captain Sue Bayntun hosting a spider and fun game with officers of the men’s section and lady members taking part. Mary Sell won the spider, while Jane Sansam won the fun game.

The game was followed by an excellent meal, prepared by Martin and Lesley Paterson and helpers, served by members of the men’s section in the clubhouse. Some of the lady life members and past players attended this meal also.

Irene Bryant opened the new season at Woodspring Indoor Bowls Club by bowling the first wood.

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