Ashcombe Crusaders enjoy emphatic victory over the Vikings

PUBLISHED: 09:11 30 June 2017 | UPDATED: 09:11 30 June 2017

Men's Single finalist, Brian Ballinger from Clarence BC.

Men's Single finalist, Brian Ballinger from Clarence BC.


Ashcombe Crusaders overpowered the Victoria Vikings in the Weston and District Cup, despite dropping a rink and a 10-point penalty.

The week started with a superb win for Ashcombe Crusaders over Victoria Vikings in the Weston and District Cup, with a score of 101 to 46.

The Vikings were further disadvantaged as they had dropped a rink and so incurred a 10-shot penalty.

Ashcombe’s Templars were not so fortunate when they met Portishead in the Weston and District Over-60s League where, despite some close rink scores, they lost by 81 shots to 94.

In their second league match of the week, the Templars were up against Ashcombe’s Knights as both teams are in the same division. On shots scored, the Templars finished one shot up over the Knights but, as they had dropped a rink they incurred a 10-shot penalty.

In addition to the league matches, Ashcombe played five friendlies, winning four of them. Against Avon and Somerset Police Ashcombe finished with a 72-41 win.

In the away match against Severn Vale, Ashcombe won 99-78, while in two matches against the Clydach touring team, Ashcombe scored 205-178 and 100-58. The only friendly they failed to win was against Winscombe, which was closely-fought with a final score of 88-93.

Ashcombe Crusaders 101, Victoria Vikings 46: G Sansam, D Cooper, T Cottrell 17-10; A Wilmot, R Powell, L Day 23-11; S Hedges, G Fews, B Benstead 27-4; M Southwood, J Whitlow, J Creasey 18-5; F Bertram, G Tottle, J Taylor 16-16.

Ashcombe Templars 81, Portishead 94: L Cornford, W Spring, M Butt 12-18; G Tucker, D Barnes, D Williams 15-20; P March, S Andrews, L Cox 14-17; M Tripp, M Parry, D Carr 14-12; M Unwin, M Paterson, B Miles 16-14; M Griffiths, B Underhay, N Coombes 10-23.

Ashcombe Knights Knights 84, Templars 85 (Templars names first): M Butt, T Morgan, M Parry 17, J McKenzie, M Paterson, A Cracknell 15; N Coombes, J Creasey, B Miles 25, B Jones, R Counsell, K Powell 10; L Cornford, W Spring, D Carr 15, M Field, K Davies, E Roberts 13; B Salt, L Cox, C Vardon 17, B Bishop, G Miles, E Hopkins 25; R Cole, P March, S Andrews 10, B Alden, D Bleasdale, J Hornett 21.

Ashcombe 72, A&S Police 41: M Wintle, G Fews, D Cooper, A Cracknell 18 -13;G Pople, R Counsell, G Sansam, J McInally 20-20; M Tripp, L Owens, D Williams, M Southwood 20-14; S Andrews, K Davies, N Counsell, A Little 14-14.

Ashcombe 99, Severn Vale 78: D Barnes, D Cardy, R Humphries, L Cox 12-21; C Hedges, S Hedges, A Freke 15-8; S Bayntun, J Williams, E Hopkins 13-18; B Miles, A Dawes, J Creasey 18-8; J McKenzie, T Morgan, M Butt 19-13; G Tucker, C Falconbridge, B Benstead 22-10.

Ashcombe 205, Clydach 178: B Alden, C Hedges, G Tottle, J Sansam28 13; C Vardon, M Bass, S Hedges, G Sansam 21 17; L Shanks, D Cardy, C Falconbridge, E Hopkins 15-16; G Fews, A Bass, D Cooper, A Cracknell 24-13; S Andrews, R Counsell, D Bleasdale, N Counsell 23-11; M Tripp, L Cox, M Parry, S Weaden 20 25; J McKenzie, D Underhay, S Hopkins, B Benstead 7-28; G Tucker, J Matthews, T Morgan, J Wilkinson 28-18; M Butt, L Owens, J Main, J Taylor 19-12.

Ashcombe 100, Clydach 58: L Tasker, D Bleasdale, J Hughes, L Day 29 15; J Hornett, A Tucker, G Sansam, L Paterson 32-11; M Griffiths, S Bayntun, M Tasker, M Paterson 18-18 S Appleby, M Parry, J Sansam, E Hopkins 21-14.

Ashcombe 88, Winscombe 93: B Alden, R Humphries, L Cox, A Cracknell 25 17; M Paterson, J Matthews, J Whitlow, J Main 20 -14; C Harris, C Smith, T Morgan, K Wheeler 13-25; D Cardy, R Smith, M Main, K Powell 13-24; A Harris, L Shanks, M Tripp, R Powell 17-13.

Victoria were involved in just one match in the week due to the staging of the Weston Open Bowls Tournament in Clarence Park.

The Vikings played Division 1 side Ashcombe Crusaders in the Weston & District Over-60s Knockout Cup and the omens looked good for the Vikings as the Crusaders conceded a rink and 10 shots, but apart from one drawn rink by the triple of Nigel Robbins, John Langridge and skip John Smart, the Vikings lost on the other four rinks and suffered a comprehensive defeat.

There was again good support from Victoria with some 30 members entering the Weston Tournament. In the singles, Mike Stocker reached the quarter-finals when he lost to Aidy Burbridge and his son Lee went one round further only to lose to Gareth Burbridge.

The pair of Lee Stocker and Dave Fairhurst reached the quarter-finals, but were beaten by D Johnston and J Davies. In the mixed pairs, Victoria boasted three pairs in the quarter-finals.

Mike Stocker and Jo Mannion (guesting), Sam Stocker and Annie Holland and Dave Fairhurst and his novice partner Belinda Cardwell, who defied the odds to reach the semi-final before losing to past Welsh champions P and M Brown.

Victoria were well represented in the triples competition with the three of Pete Wyatt, Tony Bray and Paul Leadbeater losing in the quarter-finals and the triple of Paul Coumis, Colin Gazzard and Mike Cooper going one better before being knocked out in the semi-final.

There was further success in the fours competition where Malcolm Campbell led his rink to second place and the rink of Tony Bray, Mike, Sam and Lee Stocker won the third/fourth play-off.

Victoria Vikings 56, Ashcombe Crusaders 101: D Hubbard, C Chudley, D Jones 10-0; J Codrington*, T Gatehouse, T Gilbert 5-18 (*D Jones came on as a substitute); N Robbins, J Langridge, J Smart 16-16; J Turton, M Manning, B Johnson 10-17; A Hollier, G Frost, G Hodge 4-27; Carmine, W Nicholls, G Richards 11-23.

Winscombe played two Weston & District Over-60s League matches and the Tony Allcock Trophy mixed competition.

Both Over-60s matches were won to continue their winning form and add another 30 points to their tally.

The Tony Allcock was a close-fought tie at home against Portishead RBL. Winscombe eventually lost on both rinks by two shots to lose by four shots overall.

Winscombe 30, Portishead RBL 34: R Lowman, L Fredersdorff, S Lowman, W Ainsworth 16-18; C Hopes, S Nash, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 14-16.

Winscombe 96 (14), Clevedon 89 (6): G Lloyd, L Collier, W Ainsworth 22-10; B Kibble, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 16-9; P Hopes, R Lowman, R Lacy 20-12; B Andrews, K Whatling, R Birmingham 10-22; P John, M Fletcher, G Neville 15-18; D Brown, B Paul, T Ellis 13-18.

Winscombe 108 (16), Burnham 82 (4): G Lloyd, L Collier, W Ainsworth 22-9; B Kibble, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 17-12; J Sprouting, K Whatling, R Birmingham 14-17; P Hopes, R Lowman, R Lacy 23-16; D Brown, B Paul, T Ellis 23-12; M Fletcher, G Coombe, G Neville 9-16.

The ladies were home to Clevedon in the Wessex League and they fell into a familiar pattern of winning on one rink and losing on two.

Winscombe Ladies 31, Clevedon 46: L Coombe, M Howell, M Sprouting, W Weller 18-9; T Darkin, C Bryant, P Burns, L Fredersdorff. 5-24; C Hopes, L Parfitt, S Nash, S Lowman 8-13.

Victoria hosted a friendly game for the ladies. The captain of the day was Margaret Howell and she contributed to a good win on her rink.

Winscombe Ladies 39, Victoria 60: D Seaman, M Howell, C Bryant, W Weller 18-13; S Ovenden, A Bougourd, E Watts 13-22; T Darkin, L Coombe, P Burns 8-25.

Winscombe took five mixed rinks to play at Ashcombe Park and won by four shots in this first mixed fixture with Ashcombe.

Winscombe 92, Ashcombe 88: P Pow, L Coombe, M Newing, G Coombe 23-13; D Brown, A Bougourd, S Lowis, B Paul 25-13; R Lowis, K Horler, S Nash, M Nash 14-20; M Trenchard, M Dorrington, W Weller 17-25; C Hopes, A Pow, D Johnson, B Weller 13-17.

Congresbury 95, Nailsea 69 (Co-operative Funeralcare Evening League): J Freemantle, M Huggett, P Reay, S Eastment 17-15; B Baker, R Anniuk, D Byett, R Birmingham 20-11; A Collins, A Fisher, R Archer, B Herbison 20-15; M Kimmings, M Hopkins, M Wear, L Beck 21-16; R Jones, G Wilcock, T Lewis, C Shipway 17-12.

Congresbury A 65, Victoria B 49 (County League): M Kimmings, A Fisher, M Wear, S Eastment 22-17; R King, P Reay, D Byett, B Herbison 21-22; B Baker, T Lewis, R Becker, C Shipway 22-10.

Congresbury B 60, Ashcombe A 50 (County League): R Jones, D Gosling, F Horton, R Kirkham 19-17; A Collins, R Anniuk, R Stewart, T Yearsley 23-12; J Freemantle, C Edwards, M Huggett, R Archer 18-21.

Congresbury Ladies 48, Isle of Wedmore 52 (Weston & District Ladies League): D Davis, C Lewis, C Andrews 20-16; J Byett, R Horton, P Baker 12-20; H Tranmer, V Harding, A Jones 16-16.

Congresbury 96, Fosseway 41 (mixed friendly): M Craig, H Tranmer, F Horton, V Harding 21-13; A P Lewis, D Davis, J Freemantle, P Baker 25-9; J Craig, A Harding, C Lewis, R Archer 21-12; B Baker, I Shand, R Horton, D Byett 29-7.

Congresbury Ladies 53 Wrington 42 (Mendip League): S Dury, C Wilcock, R Horton 13-17; H Tranmer, W Williams, A Jones 15-12; D Davis, C Lewis, P Baker 25-13.

Teenager Imogen Cracknell of St Andrews was in the rink who scored a hotshot (all eight shots) on one end as Somerset ladies thrashed their Dorset counterparts by 72 shots at Gillingham in the national Johns Trophy.

Cracknell’s rin, skipped by Stef Branfield, won by 19 shots, while her clubmate Becky McMillan was lead on Laura Holden’s four, who finished 26 ahead.

McMillan was also a member of the two-rink Somerset team, who beat Devon by five shots at Clevedon to qualify for the regional final of the ladies’ Walker Cup.

The fine run by Saints’ Jackie Pitman and Ann Campbell in the county pairs ended at the quarter-final stage, when they lost to a duo from City of Wells.

St Andrews Ladies whitewashed home team Burnham in a triples friendly, winning by 31 shots. Maureen Frost’s trio were 17-2 ahead before dropping a five. They won eventually by 11, as did Meg Favis’ team. Myra Bailey finished nine up.

Burnham Ladies 27, St Andrews 58: J Webb, S Sinclair, M Frost 21-10; J Yeates, D Baker, M Favis 19-8; F Allen, A Greenwood, M Bailey 18-9.

Within the course of a week, Wedmore men won four significant matches away from home.

In the Weston & District Cup, they beat Clarence Golds over six rinks by 108 shots to 85 overall and by four-two on rinks. Keith Pettit’s men had a lovely day out running up an unchallenged score of 30-7.

Ron Barron’s gents had to fight harder, leading 10-2 on end 12, only to see a late surge from their opponents who scored eight shots over the next six ends, but that remained a Wedmore victory at 14-10.

Roy Thurkettle’s lads were eight down, when they scored a five followed by a six to emerge 18-15 leaders, hanging on to win 19-18. Tony Brown’s boys were ahead until end 15 when Clarence pulled up to 12 shots all, were repelled by Wedmore who were 17-12 ahead going into the last end looking comfortable. They were stung by a five score from Clarence so finished with a 17-all tie.

Dave Collins and co were in a close scrap with the lead changing hands standing at 14-14-all going into the last end which Clarence nicked by one shot. Dave Nichols’ team were also in a close contest, just two shots behind at end 16, but going down 14-16.

The next day, in the Clevedon & District Cup, some of the same faces with some fresh ones went to West Blackwell and won 142-96 overall and by five rinks to one.

The lead chopped and changed for Roger Hughes’ crew until a five score put them ahead on end 11, with a hearty 10 shots being scored over the last five ends giving a 24-12 victory.

Dave Nichols and support just kept banging in the winning shots to triumph 25-14. Eddie Payne’s people scored a six on end three to put them in charge, leading by 16 shots on end 12, when a finishing spurt by the opposition brought them up to 14 shots, but not enough to topple the visitors on 23.

Keith Pettit and friends started slowly but caught up by end 10, pressing on to win 17-12. Colin Moss and mates had to hold their nerve, coming from 12-18 shots down at end 15 to a deserved 20-18 win. Ron Barron’s side were in the game throughout but were pipped at the post, losing 16-18.

Next up was a Clevedon & District Triples League match at Chew Stoke where Wedmore were dominant, winning 157 shots to 78 overall and rinks four nil plus two tied resulting in a 16 points haul.

Roger Hughes was again a prominent skipper with able assistance won 38-8 Colin Moss’ group was never seriously challenged and ran out easy 29-11 winners. David Wederell’s fellows finished up 27-11, while Ron Barron’s band were clear winners by 28 shots to 13.

Dave Nichols’ troops put up a good fight, but Chew Stoke scored four to claim a 20-20 tie. In a close game, Keith Pettit’s bunch finished in a 15-all tie.

In the County League matches, the B team continued the away winning sequence against Banwell B in a low-scoring match, winning 60-50 overall.

Dennis Stansfield’s troops kept plugging away to win 26-15. Stuart Fisher’s outfit finished with a 21-15 victory, while Roy Thurkettle’s gents lost by 10 shots.

Both the A and C team lost their matches in their respective County League. In the A match, Roger Hughes again kept the flag flying with a narrow 16-15 win. Dave Nichols’ lot tied 18-all, whilee Eddie Payne and associates lost 17-21.

The C team lost at home to Mark Moor by 56 shots to 68 overall and one-two on rinks. Terry Simpson’s pack had the best result, winning handsomely by 28-15. Jim White’s rink had their chances, but lost 16-27 and Brendon Cottrell’s set went down 12-26.

In the Ladies’ Triples League, Wedmore narrowly won 53-52 at home against Victoria White. Liz Hamblin’s ladies went on to win 20-14, a margin which became the foundation for the Wedmore victory.

Pam Beard and cast were in a close encounter, losing 15-16, while Gill Harvey’s rink went down 18 shots to 22.

In another close win, this time away to Congresbury in the Weston & District League, the ladies won 52-48. Pam Beard’s rink led the way by winning 20-12. Marie Trow’s rink fought to stay close and finished with a 16-all tie. On Ann Hughes’ rink, the competition was tight again, before fading to a 16-20 loss.

In the Wessex Ladies’ League at home to North Petherton, Wedmore gathered in nine points by winning 65-55. Pam Beard led her rink to a splendid victory of 27-15, the basis of the match victory.

Marie Trow’s rink finished with a 20-20 tie and Trish Newell’s group fought long and hard, before going down by 18 shots to 20.

In the Wessex Ladies’ League away to Mark Moor, Pam Beard’s rink again set the pace winning 22-14 shots, but on both Gill Harvey’s and Marie Trow’s rinks they could not hold back the tide and Wedmore lost 45-73 overall and one rink to two.

A ladies’ friendly away to St Andrews did not go well, losing on all three rinks despite the best efforts of skippers Lynda Dearden, Joan Hunt and Trish Newell.

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