Ashcombe Knights enjoy Over-60s victory over Clevedon Prom

PUBLISHED: 16:00 30 May 2018 | UPDATED: 16:00 30 May 2018

Alan Shattock bowling for Victoria BC.

Alan Shattock bowling for Victoria BC.


Ashcombe Knights enjoyed a comfortable victory over Clevedon Prom in the Weston & District Over-60s League.

In the Weston and District Over-60s League, Ashcombe’s Knights scored a useful win over Clevedon Prom, taking three of the six rinks and narrowly missing a fourth, finishing with a 10-shot victory.

Ashcombe Knights 96, Clevedon Prom 86: G Pople, E Booth, D Wynne 16-15; R Tasker, D Williams, A Tucker 11-13; B Alden, R Counsell, K Powell 27-9; J McKenzie, M Paterson, A Cracknell 16-18; D Barnes, J Hornett, L Cox 18-8; B Jones, G Mills, E Hopkins 8-23.

Saturday saw all three of Ashcombe’s teams in the Somerset Bowls League playing at home. Their newly-promoted A team were up against last year’s Division 1 third-placed team from Winscombe.

Despite some strong bowling, they were unable to make any headway, going down on all three rinks and by 22 shots.

The B team put in a stronger performance against Banwell B, taking two of the three rinks with a 19-shot win.

Playing on Ashcombe’s top green, the C team managed a win on one rink and narrowly missed out an a second rink by one shot, finishing with a narrow one-shot victory.

Ashcombe A 44, Winscombe A 66: A Wilmot, M West, K Wheeler, G Wilkinson 11-26; G Sansam, T Cottrell, J Whitlow, J Creasey 19-22; W Kolasinski, A Dawes, B Benstead, R Powell 14-18.

Ashcombe B 65, Banwell B 46: G Fews, F Bertram, A Tucker, J Taylor 12-22; N Coombes, M Paterson, D Wynne, K Powell 26-16; G Pople, D Freestone, R Tasker, E Hopkins 27-8.

Ashcombe C 56, Nailsea B 55: G Tucker, R Stokes, C Gerlach, M Butt 13-21; D Lewis, D Bleasdale, N Walker, C Vardon 25-15; C Harris, A Harris, J McKenzie, B Miles 18-19.

The week saw Ashcombe play two mixed friendlies. The first, against a touring side from Plymstock was cut short at 15 ends due to the bad weather and finished with Ashcombe down 63 shots to 101.

The second friendly was against Prattens, where Ashcombe took two of the four rinks and narrowly missed victory by five shots.

Ashcombe 63, Plymstock 101: D Jenkins, A Bryant, J Williams, R Counsell 8-11; R Humphries, B Miles, G Fews, A Cracknell 13-13; J Cornford, L Shanks, R Tasker, L Cox 6-18; S Buckley, S Noyes, A Petit, E Hopkins 12-8; P Romeo, C Hedges, M Parry, B Underhay 10-20; T Romeo, P Barnes, A Bass, R Smith 7 -19; M Bass, M Paterson, B Benstead 7-12.

Ashcombe 69, Prattens 74: E Clark, L Tasker, L Cox, D Wynne 16-15; M Main, R Cox, M Tasker, T Morgan 14-20; P Woodland, C Smith, R Tasker, R Powell 20-23; P Barnes, S Noyes, R Smith, S Weaden 19-16.

Clarence Golds managed to do the double over the Victoria Vikings this season in the Over-60s League.

The job was made easier as Victoria could only fulfil five of the six rinks giving the Golds a 10-shot start. Best winning rink goes to Bob Rossiter and Alan Bishop skipped by Steve Browning, who started badly dropping a five on the first end and were six down after two.

Steve’s team regrouped taking the next six ends which included a six on the seventh end putting them after eight. Steve`s team took seven of the final 10 ends to earn a 19-shot win.

Clarence Golds 115, Victoria Vikings 71: J Kellaway, M Ford, C Tippett 25-9; B Rossiter, A Bishop, S Browning, 28-9; J Edwards, M Turnbull, M Scoins 18-25; M Peters, G Andrews, B Underwood 20-12; T Derrick, T Comfort, D Weston 14-16.

A good win for Clarence in the Somerset County League, saw them take two of the three rinks and eight of the 10 points. Rink of the day goes to Adrian Gardiner, Ken Marshall and Maurice Phillips skipped by Bob Sweet.

Bob’s team took the first three ends and a four-shot lead, they dropped a two on the fourth halving their lead. Regaining the initiative on ends five and six they pulled out a seven-shot lead.

By end 17, Bob’s team had increased the lead to 13 shots. A mini crisis occurred on ends 18 and 19 where they dropped 10 shots cutting the lead to three, all was recovered on the final two ends giving a six-shot victory.

Clarence A 64, Winscombe 59: A Gardiner, K Marshall, M Phillips, B Sweet 24-18; M Edlin, R Crawford, B Duffy, G Barlow 17-24; M Clay, G Owen, T Mannion, D Towie 23-20.

This was an unusual win for Clarence over a touring Welsh side, winning on five of the six rinks. Clarence`s rink of the day goes to Mike Cerasoli, Maurice Phillips and Roger Burrough skipped by Adrian Gardiner who were four up after three ends, steadily building their lead though the match and finishing in style taking the last five ends and a 16-shot win.

Clarence 101, Windsor Penarth 76: T Derrick, J Whitehouse, M Ford, M Scoins 18-10; M Turnbull, B Watkins, C Tippett, P Williams 21-14; J Kellaway, T Comfort, K Marshall, T Mannion 15-12; M Cerasoli, M Phillips, R Burrough, A Gardiner 22-6; B Duffy, I Phipps, G Owen, M Edlin 14-12; A Bishop, A Newland, M Adams, S Browning 11-22.

Victoria played five matches in the week, enjoying four fine wins and progressing to the next rounds of both the NSBA KO Cup and Double Rink.

The opponents in the NSBA Cup were Burnham, who were comfortably beaten by five rinks and an overall shot difference of 46. The top rink was skipped by Colin Gazzard with Pete Lunn, Roy Bromet and Dave Fairhurs.

The Double Rink cup match was a close affair with an overall match win of just four shots against Congresbury with both rinks skipped by Mike Cooper and Will Harrison winning.

The A and B teams were both successful in the Somerset County League with the A team winning 63-50 at Yeovil and the B team travelling to Yatton A winning 56-51, with both teams now occupying a healthy second position in their divisions.

Victoria Vikings hosted Clarence Golds in the Weston & District Over-60s Triples League, this was a reverse of the early season game at Clarence but the result was similar with Victoria having a consolation of four points from rink wins by Simon Pratt, John Kerr, Eric Sage and Graham Robbins, Terry Gatehouse, Terry Gilbert.

Victoria 127, Burnham 81: Carmine, D Williams, P Wyatt, P Fisher 27-15; P Lunn, R Bromet, D Fairhurst, C Gazzard 27-10; D Jones, J Newman, P Owen, W Harrison 16-25; D Beard, M Campbell, H Gibbs, S Davis 30-20; P Coumis, R Rockett, D Wheatley, M Cooper 27-11.

Victoria 50, Congresbury 46: P Coumis, D Wheatley, C Gazzard, M Cooper 24-23; R Bromet, J Newman, D Fairhurst, W Harrison 26-23.

Victoria B 56 (9), Yatton A 51 (3): P Lunn, D Sealey, P Wyatt, P Fisher 22-14; Carmine, D Williams, A Shattock, D Jones 16-19; D Beard, N Robbins, M Manning, J Smart 18-18.

Victoria Vikings 71 (4), Clarence Golds 115 (16): D Hubbard, C Chudley, G Hodge 9-25; A Hollier, D Roberts, B Johnson 12-20; S Pratt, J Kerr, E Sage 16-14; G Robbins, T Gatehouse, T Gilbert 25-18; B Nicholls, A Waygood, J Langridge 9-28.

St Andrews gave a solid team performance to win by nine shots away to West Backwell in the Somerset County League.

League debutants Darrell Johnston and Chris Howard impressed as their rink raced into a 10-1 lead after six ends. Gordon Wride and his men led by the same score after five.

West Backwell fought back strongly on both rinks and, at halfway, Saints were one down overall, Barrie Forse’s quartet being 11 in arrears.

With four ends left, the visitors were still trailing by three. But Johnston finished strongly, scoring six in those last four to win by seven, while Wride, in imperious form, skipped his rink home by eight.

By the end, Forse, who saved a hatful of shots, had reduced his deficit to six and Saints went home with ten of the 12 points on offer.

West Backwell A 57 (2), St Andrews 66 (10): J Keay, R Venn, M Stocker, B Forse 17-23; C Howard, G Webber, S Stocker, D Johnston 24-17; K Curtis, D Favis, D Bailey, G Wride 25-17.

St Andrews registered a comfortable home victory over Congresbury A in the preliminary round of the Bowls England Tony Allcock Trophy mixed event.

Barrie Forse’s rink always held the upper hand and won by 15, while Meg Favis and her team edged a nip-and-tuck tussle by one shot. In the next round, Saints are away to Yeovil A.

St Andrews 50, Congresbury A 34: Carolina Venn, Ann Campbell, M Stocker, B Forse 29-14; J Forse, D Favis, G Wride, Meg Favis 20-19.
Saints regained the Jim McClelland Shield from perennial rivals Clarence with a nail-biting, five-shot home win in the annual match.

There were never more than a few shots in it, with St Andrews eight ahead after 10 ends and three up after 15. Then Ken Curtis’s rink picked up a total of 11 shots on the 16th and 17th ends to ease the pressure.

Clarence finished strongly, but had left themselves just too much to do. Curtis and his men won by 14, while Danny Favis and Brian May were the other victorious home skips.

St Andrews 128, Clarence 123: R Potter, R Gordon, R Wootten, M Stocker 14-21; L Fisher, A Frost, G Webber, K Curtis 29-15; A Cooper, D Reynolds, J Ling, D Favis 23-18; P Smart, R Brereton, T Bray, B May 27-14; R Smith, B Rogers, N Bassett, G Wride 20-24; G Sims, G Cooper, R Venn, B Forse 15-31.

Saints’ promising 17-year-old Sam Stocker is one of the travelling reserves for Somerset in the Middleton Cup tie against Herefordshire at Hereford. His dad Lee, a St Andrews indoor member, is in the team.

It was not the best of weeks for Banwell as they lost more games than they won.

However, on the plus side the weather was kind and although there were thunderstorms, they managed to play all the games in the dry.

Away to Wrington on their artificial green, it proved difficult in this triples match.

Banwell 46, Wrington 85: M House, D Mabbutt, A Hyde. 10-24; J Wright, G Bean, H Guckian 13-16; M Kirby, V McArdle, K Burgess 15-17; M Finch, T Brice, M Laycock 8-28.

In the Premier League 2 match against North Petherton A, Banwell lost by 19 shots and find themselves at the bottom of the table.

Banwell A 40 (2), North Petherton 59 (10): T Hyde, P Aldus, C Wilson, B Taylor 11-21; T Burnett, T Garfield, H Woodards, H Guckian 11-22; G Millard, V McArdle, L Pheasant, M Davies 18-16.

The B team remain at the foot of the table after losing to Ashcombe B, despite picking up their first two points.

Banwell B 46 (2), Ashcombe B 65 (10): J Evans, D Mabbutt, A Cockayne, M Laycock 22-12; J Wright, G Hollier, G Bean, J Amos 16-26; S White, M House, T Brice, A Vickery 8-27.

In a mixed triples match against Eastover Park, the match was very close, with Banwell winning by two shots. Star of the day was president Barry Taylor, who skipped his rink to a fine win.

Banwell 78, Eastover Park 76: K Wright, P Botting, B Taylor 30-6; J Lott, J Amos, A Vickery 9-19; P Mabbutt, D Mabbutt H Guckian 11-19; G Hollier, C Heal, L Pheasant 12-19; M Garfield, A Cockayne, T Garfield 16-14.

Wedmore won through to the next round of the Tony Allcock national knockout mixed competition by beating Bristol away.

While it was one rink each, the overall score was a fine win of 45 shots to 34. Colin Moss’ side started slowly, eight shots down after three ends but fought back to lead by one shot at end 10 and ran out 30-16 winners.

Ron Barron’s team started well, lost the lead on end nine then fought back to a one-shot lead with two ends to go, but Bristol’s last gasp made it 15-18.

Wedmore 45, Bristol 34: Au Birch, E Deverill, K Pettit, C Moss, 30-16; P Jenkins, M Barron, Al Birch, R Barron 15-18.

The ladies are enjoying a run of good form with some outstanding results. At home to Wrington in the Triples League they won three rinks to nil and by a huge 77 shots to 27.

Skipper Maureen Holder’s ladies showed what could be done by steadily plugging away and racking up a big score, winning 13 of the 18 ends to deserve their 30-7 victory.

Jenny Collingwood’s side also had a good day, doubling their scoring rate in the second half after a modest start to triumph 25-10.

Carole Pettit’s rink also made a strong contribution when their six score on the second end boosted them to the front. They kept up the pace by winning their ends well and restricting the opposition to singles when they took an end-result 22-10.

Wedmore Ladies 77, Wrington 27: D Gallop, J Hunt, M Hordle 30-7; J Collins, L Hamblin, J Collingwood 25-10; A Hughes, M Barron, C Pettit 22-10; overall 77-27.

Away to Keynsham in the Triples League, the ladies did it again, 3-0 on rinks and a crushing 83 shots to 24 overall to put another full pointer in the bag.

Elaine Wederill led a strong group and made that pay by leading from beginning to end, denied Keynsham any scoring for 11 consecutive ends and won 14 ends for a pace setting victory 38-4.

Shirley Wederell’s cohort didn’t really get going until halfway and then won 10 successive ends to come home 23-8. Maureen Hordle and teammates were never really threatened and a strong burst just after half way put them out of reach, sustaining that to finish 22-12.

Wedmore Ladies 83, Keynsham 24: M Barron, T Newell, E Wederill 38-4; P Jenkins, P Beard, S Wederell 23-8; J Collins, A Birch, M Hordle 22-12.

As the matches came thick and fast, two days later Wedmore were at home to Burnham in the Weston League, winning by two rinks to one and by 50 shots to 41 overall.

Pam Beard’s ladies were initially in a close game, with scores level at halfway but a burst of seven shots over the next four ends provided a seven-point lead which, together with a strong finish towards the end was enough to survive Burnham’s five score on the last end to win 20-15.

In a low scoring game, Jenny Collingwood’s crew started well, were briefly overtaken on end eight but a five score on end 11 was enough to keep the opposition at bay and go on to a 16-11 victory.

On Marie Trow’s rink it was always tight and apart from a brief lead at end five they were always close, but not in front with a 14-15 photo finish.

Wedmore Ladies 50, Burnham 41: A Hughes, T Newell, P Beard 20-15; J Collins, M Hordle, J Collingwood; 16-11; B Disbury, J Hunt, M Trow 14-15; overall 50-41.

The ladies visited Fosseway in the Triples League for a low scoring, but hotly-contested match where it was one each and a tie on rinks with a remarkable 49-49 on overall shots.

The lead changed hands five times on Julie Collins’ rink with scores level at end 16. Fosseway took the next end with a single shot but Wedmore clinched the game by scoring three on the last end to win 17-15.

Maureen Hordle’s folk trailed for most of the first half but caught up and passed their opponents on end 16. In another nail-biting finish each side scored two more shots to tie 17-17.

Shirley Wederell’s women did not score until end four and then took the lead on the next end, holding it for eight more ends but then giving way, losing narrowly 15-17.

Wedmore Ladies 49, Fosseway 49: J Weller, AM Wilkinson, J Collins 17-15; FD Rees, P Jenkins, M Hordle 17-17; A Birch, T Newell, S Wederell 15-17.

Wedmore men also had some glowing wins mixed in with a couple of losses.

In the County League the B team played at home to Clevedon Prom C and won three rinks to none and 75 shots to 38 overall - a clean sweep of all the points on offer.

Wedmore B 75, Clevedon Prom C 38: V Matthews, M Green, D Trow, R Thurkettle 26-9; PD Rees, J Runciman, S Fisher, K Phillimore 24-12; R Bull, C Heller, C Panchaud, G Annuik, 25-17.

Two days later the men were at home again to Clevedon Prom in the Clevedon Triples League and won five to one on rinks and 128-83 overall.

Wedmore 128, Clevedon Prom 83: J Runciman, I Galopp, R Hughes, 31-6; V Matthews, D Collins, C Moss, 24-9; I Faulkner, R Newell, R Barron, 22-14; A Birch, K Burt, E Payne, 15-13, D Barnett, S Fisher, D Nicholls, 20-19; D Trow, Stansfield, K Pettit, 16-22; 128-83 overall.

In the County League, Wedmore B beat Portishead RBL two-one on rinks and 71-40 overall.

Wedmore B 71, Portishead RBL 40: C Weller, M Green, T Simpson, C Panchaud, 38-10; M Bachelor, J Runciman, D Stansfield, S Fisher, 21-15; V Matthews, D Barnett, R Grant, R Thurkettle, 12-15.

The C Team lost away to Yatton B, one to two on rinks and by 12 shots overall.

Wedmore C 52, Yatton B 64: S Wilkinson, M Batchelor, J White, K Burt, 26-9; D Skelton, S Young, T Walker, T Simpson, 16-23; T Collingwood, I Faulkner, T Shepherd, D Stansfield, 10-32.

Wedmore found Portishead RBL harder to handle, playing away in the Clevedon Triples League, losing on ends one to four plus a tie and by 13 shots.

Wedmore 92, Portishead RBL 105: R Bull, A Birch, R Hughes, 15-11; P Smith, R Thurkettle, K Pettit 13-13; D Trow, R Newell, R Barron, 14-16, T Simpson, K Burt, E Payne, 17-19, C Weller, D Collins, C Moss, 16-22; J Runciman, T Brown, D Nicholls, 17-24; 92-105 overall.

The mixed friendly squad had two wins and a draw. Against Avon and Somerset Police it was two-all on rinks but 88-70 overall with skippers Dennis Stansfield and Ron Barron leading their rinks to big wins.

At home to Wellington was three nil plus a tie on rinks and 73-61 overall when skippers Roger Hughes, Stuart Fisher and Keith Burt produced victories and Maureen Hordle had the tie.

Hosting Wrington, it was two-all on rinks and 68-all overall with skippers Marie Trow and Clive Weller posting the wins.

Congresbury 112, West Backwell 91 (C&D Over-60s League): B Baker, P Reay, R Birmingham 24-12; I Morton, M Hopkins, F Horton 10-19; A Fisher, D Folds, D Byett 18-13; R King, D Gosling, R Archer 19-21; R Stewart, G Stenner, M Huggett 23-14; G Andrews, G Wilcock, T Lewis 18-12.

Congresbury 107, Long Ashton 91 (C&D Over 60s League): R Stewart, M Kimmings, R Becker 16-15; R Anniuk, R Jones, T Yearsley 18-14; A Collins, G Stenner, R Archer 21-17; J Freemantle, D Folds, F Horton 8-15; A Lewis, B Baker, A Fisher 25-17; D Manning, D Gosling, L Beck 19-13.

Congresbury 72, Clevedon Prom 77(Britannia Windows Evening League): J Freemantle, M Huggett, R Becker, L Beck 13-17; A Collins, D Norman, T Lewis, C Shipway 12-25; B Baker, R Anniuk, D Byett, R Birmingham 13-12; G Wilcock, R King, P Reay, B Herbison 18-11; A Fisher, D Manning, F Horton, R Archer 16-12.

Congresbury B 49, Clarence A 50 (SBA Division 1 North): A Collins, R Anniuk, P Reay, R Kirkham 16-16; D Manning, D Norman, M Huggett, R Archer 17-15; G Andrews, R Jones, G Stenner, F Horton 16-19.

Congresbury Ladies 37, Victoria 52 (WDLL): C Wilcock, P Baker, K Herbison 15-14; C Lewis, D Harrison, A Jones 9-15; J Byett, A King, B Huggett 13-23.

Congresbury Ladies 1, Victoria Ladies 3 (Southey Cup): D Harrison 3-21; C Wilcock, A Jones 13-15; J Byett, A King, K Herbison 21-11; C Lewis, C Andrews, R Horton, P Baker 6-25.

Victoria Ladies won all their matches played in the week progressing in two cup competitions and picking up 17 points in the Weston & District Triple League.

Victoria played Congresbury in the Southey Cup winning 3-1 with an emphatic win in the singles by Sue Cooper, an equally impressive win by the four of Fiona Waters, Chris Stevens, Sue Harrison and Margaret Hillman, backed up by a narrow win by the pair of Hannah Frye and Kay Wilson.

The ladies then achieved their first-ever win against Portishead RBL and were delighted to progress to round two of the Top Club competition.

Sue Cooper maintained her early season form by winning her singles and again the four of Chris Sage, Rose Cleeves, Chris Stevens and Margaret Hillman with a 17-shot victory secured the win.

The ladies beat Congresbury comfortably in the Weston & District Triples League with two winning triples skipped by Kay Wilson and Sue Newman with the triple skipped by captain Chris Stevens losing by the narrowest of margins after a rollercoaster game going down by seven shots.

Victoria again won two triples in the game against Portishead on the rinks skipped by Margaret Hillman and Sue Newman, supported by the triple skipped by Sue Cooper who achieved a draw which completed an excellent gain of nine points from the match.

The ladies were joined by the men to host a mixed friendly against Winsor Penarth and although the rink wins were shared, a 25-shot win on the rink skipped by John Newman with Don Gibbs, Eileen Harraway and Mike Milliner swung the match in favour of Victoria.

Victoria Ladies 3, Congresbury 1 - singles: S Cooper 21-3; pairs: H Frye, K Wilson 15-13; triples: B Williams, S Sokol, S Newman 11-21; fours: F Waters, C Stevens, S Harrison, M Hillman 25-6.

Victoria Ladies 75 (2), Portishead RBL 67 (2) - singles: S Cooper 21-19; pairs: H Frye and K Wilson 13-16; triples: B Williams, S Sokol, S Newman 14-22; fours: C Sage, R Cleeves, C Stevens, M Hillman 27-10.

Victoria Ladies 52 (8), Congresbury 37 (2): G Poolman, R Cleeves, C Stevens 14-15;

H Chesters, H Frye, K Wilson 15-9; B Williams, C Sage, S Newman 23-13.

Victoria Ladies 55 (9), Portishead 47 (1): S Milliner, R Cleeves, S Cooper 16-16; R Bailey, S Sokol, M Hillman 20-14; H Chesters, C Stevens, S Newman 19-17.

Victoria 107, Windsor Penarth 82: R Bailey, F Payne, M Campbell, K Wilson 18-7; V Worthington, C Coumis, F Waters, M Cooper 13-17; H Chesters, A Hollier, R Bromet, H Gibbs 14-18; Carmine, M Payne, B Williams, S Newman 6-18; J Langridge, B Nicholls, S Millner, C Stevens 26-17; D Gibbs, E Harraway, M Milliner, J Newman 30-5.

It was a mixed bag for Clarence Ladies with four North Somerset Triples matches in seven days with one win, one draw and two defeats.

They started with a fantastic day at home to Winscombe with wins on all three rinks, taking all 10 points.

Best winning rink goes to Sheila Ellis and Pam Hawkins skipped by Mary Davison who got off to a flyer taking a five off the first end. Losing three shots on the next three ends, it became nip and tuck until the ninth end where Clarence took five off the next three ends and followed by a perfect last four ends taking 11 shots and a 17-shot win.

Clarence Ladies 66, Winscombe 32: S Ellis, P Hawkins, M Davison 26-9; S Scoins, C Marshall, V Collicott 19-11; S Pritchard, R Jones, J Mannion 21-12.

A disappointing away match at Ashcombe saw the ladies taking just two points. The only winning rink came from Pamela Rolls and Carol Marshall skipped Pam Hawkins who were 18-3 up by the halfway stage.

It became nip and tuck until the finish with Clarence running out winners by 14 shots.

Clarence Ladies 46, Ashcombe 77: C Hooper, P Burrough, R Jones 11-35; P Rolls, C Marshall, P Hawkins 26-12; S Scoins, S Pritchard, J Mannion 9-30.

Winscombe got revenge from the previous match, but Clarence did salvage two points for their troubles.

The only winning rink came from Pamela Rolls and Carol Marshall skipped by Mary Davison who were all square after six ends then took seven off the next two, to which they maintained a six-shot advantage until the last two ends dropping four shots to give them a two-shot win.

Clarence Ladies 37, Winscombe 54: C Hooper, R Jones, V collicott 11-18; S Searle, J Mannion, P Hawkins 8-20; P Rolls, C Marshall, M Davison 18-16.

The ladies managed to take four points from this away match at Long Ashton in the NSTL.

Clarence’s winning rink came from Pamela Rolls and Sarie Pritchard skipped by Carol Edlin who were all square after eight ends then took nine shots from the next three ends. Although they lost seven shots in the last three ends they still grabbed a six-shot victory.

Clarence Ladies 48, Long Ashton 48: P Rolls, S Pritchard, C Edlin 19-13; S Scoins, R Jones, P Hawkins 16-17; C Marshall, P Burrough, J Mannion 13-18.

Ashcombe Ladies enjoyed a successful week, winning all their North Somerset League games.

Ashcombe Ladies 77 (8), Clarence 46 (2): M Main, M Tucker, J McInally 35-11; P Wynne, L Paterson, S Weaden 12-26; J Sansam, N Counsell, J Wilkinson 30-9.

Ashcombe Ladies 50 (8), Long Ashton 38 (2): P Wynne, M Tasker, S Weaden 24-11; J Field, J Sansam, L Paterson 13-20; C Smith, J Hughes, N Counsell 13-7.

Ashcombe Ladies 60 (8), Winscombe 43 (2): P Wynne, L Paterson, S Weaden 15-14; J Sansam, M Tasker, N Counsell 17-20; M Main, J Field, J McInally 28-9.

Wessex Ladies continued their success in the Wessex League when they visited the Isle of Wedmore and came away with 10 points, but were unable to continue in the Southey Trophy when they lost to St Andrews, the fours being the only winner.

Wessex Ladies 65 (10), Isle of Wedmore 37: J Gardiner, J Davis, M Hawkins, B Jones 19-16; V Edwards, S Hewitt, C Peart, A Fewings 26-7; P Turner, E Stott, E Williams, J Duffy 20-14.

Wessex Ladies (1), St Andrews (3) – singles: J Davis 4-21; pairs: P Turner, J Duffy 15-21; triples: A Crawford, M Hawkins, B Jones 13-18; fours: V Edwards, A Ward, M Davis, E Williams 21-10.

A strong second half of the match earned St Andrews Ladies a hard-fought victory over Wessex in the Somerset Southey Trophy.

Playing at home, St Andrews, holders of the trophy for the last two years, were given a great start by Carolina Venn, who gave her opponent little chance, winning the singles after just 12 ends to put their first point on the board.

At that point, Saints were trailing in all the other three disciplines, with Judy Forse and Rebecca McMillan struggling to master the rink against a good Wessex pair.

After 11 ends, Forse and McMillan had battled back from 2-6 and 7-9 down to draw level. Soon after that, a couple of threes opened up a five-shot lead for them and they won by six eventually.

Similarly, impressive youngster Jenny McMillan and the experienced Jackie Ware and Meg Favis were 6-9 behind after 11 ends in the triples. However, a five on the 14th end transformed their score from 10-12 down to a lead of three shots and they finished five clear.

With Saints now uncatchable, Ann Campbell’s four conceded after 18 of the 21 ends and the team were in the quarter-final. In that, they are at home to Victoria on June 10.

St Andrews Ladies 3, Wessex Ladies 1 – singles: C Venn 21-4; pairs :J Forse/R McMillan 21-15; triples: J McMillan, J Ware, M Favis 18-13; fours: M McMillan, D Baker, J Pitman, A Campbell 10-21 (18 ends).

On Sunday, Rebecca McMillan was a member of the Somerset team who beat Herefordshire by 26 shots at Stroud in the preliminary round of the two-rink Bowls England Walker Cup. McMillan’s rink won 27-15 as Somerset started their defence of the title they won last year.

McMillan (25), her sister Jenny (21), who will be making her debut, and a third St Andrews member Imogen Cracknell (16), will all be playing for Somerset at Newton Abbot on Saturday in the Johns Trophy first round against Cornwall.

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