Ashcombe Park bowlers battle it out for the Westcliffe Trophy

PUBLISHED: 12:50 19 July 2017 | UPDATED: 12:50 19 July 2017

Westcliff Trophy winners at Ashcombe Park.

Westcliff Trophy winners at Ashcombe Park.


Ashcombe Park Bowling Club saw 60 bowlers take part in the annual Westcliffe Finance Trophy.

The highlight of this week at Ashcombe Park Bowling Club was the annual Westcliff Finance Trophy.

This competition, which has been sponsored by Westcliff Financial Services for 18 years, is played as two-wood triples. Each team plays four games of nine ends, with scores accumulated over the day to decide the overall winner. With 60 bowlers taking part, including 18 of the newer members, competition was fierce.

The eventual winners, decided on shot difference, were the team of Jim Creasey, Mark Griffiths and Sylvia Hopkins. Runners-up were the team of Keith Wheeler, Pauline Wynne and Carol Smith.

In the Somerset Bowls League Ashcombe’s C team were away to Wedmore C, eventually winning by one shot which, together with the points for the one rink win, gave them a useful eight league points.

In the Weston and District Over-60s League, all three of Ashcombe’s teams were in action. The Crusaders were at home to Nailsea in the Knockout Cup, taking four of the six rinks and winning overall on shots.

The Knights were away to Victoria Vikings in a close run match which saw the Vikings win by six shots. Ashcombe’s Templars were away to Mark Moor where, despite winning one rink and drawing two more, they went down heavily on shots, losing by 78 to 107.

Playing in the Wedmore Plate, Ashcombe were away to Winscombe. In a match which was hampered by heavy rain, Ashcombe failed to make an impression, losing all four rinks and on total shots.

Ashcombe also played two mixed friendlies at home, against Trentham and Prattens. The Trentham match was evenly balanced, with both sides winning two rinks and drawing two and finishing with a draw on total shots.

Against Prattens, Ashcombe managed a win on two of the four rinks, but a heavy loss on a third meant it was impossible to get within striking distance of Prattens total shots score.

On Saturday, Ashcombe are hosting the County Under-18’s and anyone wanting to see the youngsters in action is welcome. The competition starts at 10am.

Ashcombe C 58, Wedmore 57: C Harris, W Spring, J McKenzie, B Bishop 14-23; D Cardy, C Vardon, R Smith, D Barnes 16-21; G Tucker, P March, M Butt, A Tucker 28-13.

Ashcombe Crusaders 109, Nailsea 94: G Sansam, D Cooper, T Cottrell 18-13; M Southwood, J Whitlow, J Creasey 26-12; F Bertram, D Wynne, J Taylor 9-20; A Wilmot, R Powell, L Day 14-19; W Kolasinski, J Main, T Bass 20-14; S Hedges, G Fews, B Benstead 22-16.

Ashcombe Knights 90 Vikings 96: B Bishop, G Mills, E Hopkins 14-18; D Barnes, E Roberts, A Dawes 10-23; B Jones, M Paterson, A Cracknell 18-11; B Alden, M Bass, T Morgan 12-15; J McKenzie, D Bleasdale, E Booth 17-18; M Field, K Davies, R Tasker 19-11.

Ashcombe Templars 78, Mark Moor 107: R Cole, W Spring, N Coombes 14-14; R Salt, R Smith, C Vardon 21-10; L Cornford, B Underhay, L Cox 8-22; G Tucker, D Cardy, B Miles 8-25; M Butt, P March, M Parry 17-17; M Morley, D Underhay, D Carr 10-19.

Ashcombe 52, Winscombe 92: G Sansam, A Cracknell, M Southwood, J Whitlow 14-19; W Kolasinski, B Benstead, A Dawes, J Main 12-23; D Cooper, S Hedges, T Cottrell, R Powell 11-27; B Bishop, M Paterson, K Wheeler, E Hopkins 15-23.

Ashcombe 97, Trentham 97: D Freestone, D Bleasdale, B Benstead, J Hornett 18-12; A Petit, C Falconbridge, B Miles, T Bass 17-17; L Owens, R Counsell, K Wheeler, D Wynne 22-15; P Wynne, M Bass, M Main, J Creasey 15-15; G Fews, A Bass, L Cox, M Parry 10-17 D Underhay, C Smith, J Main, J Whitlow 15-21.

Ashcombe 56, Prattens 88: D Lewis, C Hedges, M Paterson, B Benstead 9-37; G Tucker, A Bryant, S Hedges, R Powell 12-18; L Shanks, K Davies, R Smith, S Weaden 20-19; M Butt, B Bishop, J Sansam, T Morgan 15-14.

It was a quiet week for Banwell, with the friendly against Clarence being called off owing to heavy rain all day.

There was a mixed five-rink friendly against Severn Vale, which Banwell won on three rinks and lost on the other two. Winning rink of the day was skipped by Alan Vickery, who achieved a 31-11 victory.

Banwell 108, Severn Vale 79: S White, C Broomhall, T Burnett, A Vickery 31-11; M Garfield, M Finch, A Cockayne, T Garfield 17-22; J Bishop, G Hollier, J Amos, H Woodards 26-12; D Mabbutt, P Mabbutt, T Hyde, C Coffin 13-19; B Taylor, G Bean, T Brice, J Davies 21-15.

It was the Banwell internal rinks competition, with teams battling it out all day, but eventually two teams faced each other in the final. It was very tight, but Alan Vickery completed a perfect week by skipping the winners

Champions: Alan Cockayne, Pauline Mabbutt, Harry Woodards and Alan Vickery; runners-up: John Evans, Carol Broomhall, Chick Coffin and Mike Amos.

St Andrews men should have played four matches last week, but two call-offs by opponents and a misunderstanding over dates meant that only one took place.

That was the Weston & District Over-60s League fixture away to Winscombe on, in which the home team repeated their recent KO Cup victory over Saints.

The scores were level at the halfway stage, with the visitors ahead on three rinks, skipped by Ken Curtis, Tony Steer and Brian May. However, only May was able to hold onto his lead, winning by four with a triple led by Mike Willetts, returning after injury.

Curtis was still four in front after 14 ends, but then dropped a five and four more shots to lose by five. Similarly, Steer led 10-8 with four ends left, only to go down by three. Barrie Forse’s trio needed a five on the last end to tie, only to finish one short.

Winscombe 102 (18), St Andrews 76 (2): B Rogers, B McLeod, K Curtis 13-18; A Frost, J Keay, D Favis 9-18; G Sims, G Cooper, D Bailey 9-21; D Reynolds, R Potter, T Steer 11-14; A Cooper, G Webber, B Forse 18-19; M Willetts, R Gordon, B May 16-12.

Clarence recorded a great victory in the North Somerset Knockout Cup with a 30-shot win over Portishead, with plenty of good bowling from both sides.

Rink of the day has to go to Barry Benn, Pete Williams, Rob Stacey, skipped By Don Towie, whom came out comfortable winners by 24 shots.

Clarence 115, Portishead 85: B Benn, P Williams, R Stacey, D Towie 32-8; M Turnbull, M Cerasoli, B Duffy, G Barlow 22-13; M Harryman, S Browning, A Cord, R Burrough 14-24; M Adams, D Grier, B Ballinger, D Stott 24-14; A Gardiner, T Mannion, M Phillips, M Edlin 23-26.

The only winning rink for the A team in this Somerset County League match against Clevedon consisted of Brian Ballinger, D Stott, Bob Sweet skipped by Richard Crawford, who were six shots up after nine ends.

They were given a scare by dropping seven on the next three, but they re-grouped and gradually pulled away taking the match by five shots.

Clarence A 51, Clevedon B 64: R Smith, M Cerasoli, B Duffy, G Barlow 18-21; B Ballinger, D Stott, B Sweet, R Crawford 22-17; A Gardiner, T Mannion, D Towie, M Edlin 11-26.

The Golds were given a bit of a lesson by the visiting team in this Over-60s League against Wedmore. The Golds earned a draw and one winning rink, which involved Neville Buckley, Alan Newland skipped by Derek Weston, whom after eight ends were 10-5 down, but managed to claw back the score and take the final four ends to take a five-shot victory.

Clarence Golds 77, Wedmore 108: J Ford, T Derrick, M Scoins 12-22; P Pileggi, M Harryman, C Read 11-23; M Ford, M Skyrme, J Atkins 13-13; N Buckley, A Newland, D Weston 18-13; B Coleman, M Peters, N Martin 17-18; T Comfort, A Bishop, K Marshall 6-19.

Clarence won on three and drew one of the six rinks, taking the match by seven shots against tourists West End from Southampton. Rink of the day goes to Bert Cheffers, John Ford, Joan Duffy, skipped by Ivan Phipps with a nine-shot win.

Clarence 91, West End Southampton 84: S Searle, T Derrick, E Wade C Read 12-12; J Gardiner, J Anning, N Martin, J Atkins 10-20; S Hewitt, M Ford, K Southan, A Newland 16-12; B Cheffers, J Ford, J Duffy, I Phipps 25-16; B Coleman, M Southan, A Bishop, G Andrews 16-11; D Symes, B Hayes, Anita, M Skyrme 12-13.

Victoria started the week with a match in the Top Club competition against Clevedon, with both Colin Gazzard and Roy Bromet winning their singles, leaving just one further win to secure victory.

But with the fours well beaten, it was left to the pair of Carmine and Alan Yates, who lost by just two shots and the triples also went down on the final end to leave Clevedon the victors.

Victoria returned to winning ways in the Weston & District Over-60s League with both teams recording excellent wins. The Saxons continued their 100 per cent record with an emphatic victory over Burnham, winning all six rinks gaining a maximum 20 points.

The Vikings were in action against Ashcombe Knights in a close match with the scores tied at end of both 10 and 15 ends. Cliff Chudley, captain of the day, kept an anxious look at the final two rinks to finish their final end with the Vikings ahead by six shots.

The triple of Bill Nicholls, David Roberts and John Langridge although recording a rink win, dropped three shots on the final end leaving the match finely balanced with the outcome dependent on the final end played by Alan Hollier, Terry Gatehouse and Eric Sage, who ensured victory for the Vikings by picking up three shots.

Victoria 2, Clevedon 3 (Top Club) – two-wood singles: C Gazzard 16-8; four-wood singles: R Bromet 21-12; pairs: Carmine, A Yates 20-22; triples: R Rockett, M Campbell, P Fisher 25-26; fours: P Coumis, M Manning, J Newman, C Heal 21-30.

Victoria Saxons 143 (20), Burnham 69 (0): M Campbell, K Harvey, D Hurst 27-9; H Whyte, D Wheatley C Heal 26-9; R Bromet, D Williams, M Stocker 14-13; P Lunn, J Newman, K Holland 19-17; R Rockett, J Langridge, M Cooper 33-8; B Pocock, D Sealey, A Yates 24-13.

Victoria Vikings 96 (16), Ashcombe Knights 90 (4): J Turton, B Saward, B Johnson 18-14; J Codrington, G Hodge, G Richards 23-12; D Hubbard, M Campbell, C Chudley 11-18; W Nicholls, D Roberts, J Langridge 15-12; N Robbins, G Frost, J Smart 18-17; A Hollier, T Gatehouse, E Sage 11-19.

In the quarter-final of the North Somerset Cup, Winscombe played at Clevedon, with the home side proving too strong and won by 118-77 shots.

Winscombe 77, Clevedon 118: P Hopes, M Newing, G Coombe, M Dorrington 24-17; D Brown, K Whatling, P Fredersdorff, T Ellis 17-21; P John, B Paul, R Lowman, R Lacy 16-26; J Sprouting, L Collier, W Ainsworth, M Adams 7-29; M Fletcher, R Kibble, M Nash, G Neville 13-25.

In the Wedmore Plate, the club played against Ashcombe on an unpleasant, rain-soaked evening, but managed to get through by 92 shots to 52 to face St Andrews in the next round.

Winscombe 92, Ashcombe 52: N Handsford, K Whatling, S Easterby, M Adams; D Brown, G Coombe, P Fredersdorff, T Ellis 23-12; G Neville, M Nash, R Lowman, R Lacy 27-11; G Lloyd, W Andrews, W Ainsworth, M Dorrington 23-15.

In a pre-cursor of that game, the club played St Andrews in the Weston and District Over-60s League and won on five of the six rinks picking up another 18 points.

Winscombe 102, St Andrews 76: J Sprouting, K Whatling, M Adams 19-18; G Lloyd, L Collier, W Ainsworth 21-9; M Fletcher, G Coombe, R Birmingham 18-9; P John, G Neville, R Lacy 18-13; R Kibble, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 12-16; D Brown, R Lowman, T Ellis 14-11.

The friendly return match against Wyrral Park was a close affair. With five ends to go things were not looking good for Winscombe with Wyrral Park leading by more than 20 shots. However, a strong finish meant that Winscombe eventually came away with the game by 95 shots to 85.

Winscombe 95, Wyrral Park 85: W Weller, M Newing, R Lowman 18-12; N Handsford, M Nash , R Lacy 28-13; A Pow, R Knight, P Fredersdorff 10-24; D Johnson, R Fisher, W Ainsworth 11-25; D Brown, L Collier, M Dorrington 28-11.

Winscombe played its annual greenkeeper’s two-wood competition – an internal club tournament.

This is played as a pairs competition and pairs are drawn, so the luck of the draw plays a significant part.

On this occasion the opening group stages led to two pairs – Robin Lowis with Tom Ellis and Dave Brown with club captain, Malcolm Dorrington – both making it through to the final undefeated. Only one pair could maintain that record and the winning pair was Dave and Malcolm.

The competition was organised by Rob Lacy and greenkeepers Colin Westlake and Lew Collier helped Colin’s wife Jill present the trophy to winners David Brown and Malcolm Dorrington. Jill Westlake and Angela Lacy provided a welcome cup of tea and lovely cakes at half-time.

Wedmore men’s A team played Knowle at home in the County Premier League and secured a narrow victory 64-62 victory.

Dave Nicholls’ men held a small lead throughout the first half and went into the last end with a lead of one. Scoring three on that last end gave a win by four shots which was not massive but, given the close scoring in the other two rinks, was enough to secure a match victory.

Eddie Payne’s team led until end 16 when the other side scored a six to draw level. At end 19 the scores were level again but Knowle won by a nose, 19-20. Rogers Hughes’ boys were in choppy waters as the score changed hands five times but were looking good at 24-21 going into the last end only to concede four to lose 24-25.

Wedmore 64, Knowle 62: D Collins, C Moss, R Barron, D Nicholls 21-17; A Birch, D Wederell, K Petit, E Payne 19-20; T Brown, I Gallop, K Burt, R Hughes 24-25.

In the Weston District Triples League, the men were away to Clarence Golds when the overall score was 108-77 and rinks 4-1 plus a tie making for 17 points to Wedmore and three to Clarence.

Clive Panchaud was well supported, building up a lead of nine points when the opposition scored for the first time on end eight culminating in a hefty 19-6 victory. Keith Pettit’s rink was accelerated by a six score on end five, but an eight-point lead was whittled down to one at end 13. A finishing burst of 11 shots over the last five ends put the game away 23-11.

John Runciman led his fellows to a 12-3 lead on end 10 when the scoring dried up to one shot in the last eight ends, but they still won 22-12. Ron Barron and co held a small lead and went on to win 18-17.

Dennis Stansfield had to be patient with his rink as their opponents led throughout to end 17 and three points ahead. Wedmore duly scored their biggest score of the day to tie the game at 13-13. Roy Thurkettle’s side held a small lead from the beginning until end 15 and a further four points on the last four ends gave them a 13-8 win.

Wedmore 108, Clarence 77: C Wheller, M Green, C Panchaud 19-6; V Matthews, I Gallop, J Runciman 22-12; T Collingwood, J Clark, R Barron 18-17; B Dearden, D Barnett, D Stansfield 13-13; M Batchelor, I Faulkner, R Thurkettle 13-18.

The ladies did well in the Fear Cup away to Bridgwater winning by 66 shots to 51 overall and 2-1 on rinks.

On Shirley Wederell’s rink the score was still close on end 10, then Wedmore found a bit more, scoring 19 shots in the last 11 ends to triumph 28-13. Elaine Deverell saw her opponents score five shots in the first end and her group’s recovery included a seven score and then on end 12 took the lead, lost it and punched in a five score on end 20 to secure a 23-18 win.

Shirley Deverell and friends saw the lead change four times to end 10 when they took over and pushed on for a 28-13 victory. Pam Beard’s women saw some turbulence but it was still level at end 13. Bridgwater had a surge of six points in six ends which was enough for them to go on to win 15-20.

Wedmore Ladies 66, Wedmore 51: B Clark, M Fisher, M Trow, S Wederell 28-13; M Hordle, M Barron, C Pettit, E Deverell 23-18; J Collins, B Disbrey, T Newell, P Beard 15-20.

Unfortunately for Wedmore, the ladies did not have such a rosy outcome in the next round of the Fear Cup against Victoria, with an overall score of 42-77 and 0-3 on rinks.

The fourth round of the Turnbull Cup was also a losing experience with an overall score of 50 shots to 70 and 1-3 on rinks.

Keith Burt was the only skipper to enjoy winning while Dennis Stansfield came close and skippers Marie Trow and Don Trow suffered heavy losses.

The ladies came close to a victory away to Wessex in the Weston Triples League, losing by a frustrating overall score of 44 shots to 48 and 1-2 on rinks.

Jean Wheller’s foursome set off at some pace, not allowing their opponents to score until the fourth end and compiling a lead of 12 shots towards the end which turned out to be a 20-12 victory.

Marie Trow’s bunch led for most of the first half but ran out of steam, losing 15-18. Ann Hughes’ rink kept in touch with the leaders until end 15 when a loss of five shots put their opponents in a strong position to win 9-18.

Wedmore Ladies 44, Wessex 48: J Collins, D Gallop, J Wheller 20-12; M Hordle, A Birch, M Trow 15-18; M Green, J Hunt, A Hughes 9-18.

Against Victoria Blue in the Triples League, the ladies lost 40-53 shots overall and one rink to two.

Pam Beard’s trio just kept knocking the shots in, shutting out the opposition for the first three and the last seven ends to win 19-10. From end five on Margaret Barron’s rink could never get back on terms and lost 12-23. Marion Fisher’s ladies started well, holding the lead for six ends, but the game ran away from them subsequently, losing 9-20.

Wedmore Ladies 43, Victoria 53: J Collins, A Birch, P Beard 19-10; B Clark, D Gallop 12-23; P Jenkins, M Hordle, M Fisher 9-20.

Two fine victories in three days over local rivals kept St Andrews Ladies on course to repeat their county Fear Cup/Southey Trophy double of last year.

At home to Wessex in the Fear Cup, they were held in check for most of the game by useful opponents, who were just three shots behind at halfway.

Jackie Ware’s team, four up at that stage, built on their lead gradually to finish as the highest-winning rink by 11. Meg Favis’s quartet were 17-all with two ends left, but a terrific finish saw them pick up nine shots to win by that margin.

The rink skipped by Ann Campbell had their ups and downs before nine shots in two ends around the halfway mark gave them a handy cushion as they won eventually by six.

In the next round, Saints are away to their North Petherton counterparts tomorrow (Friday).

St Andrews Ladies 73, Wessex Ladies 47: C Venn, M McMillan, M Bailey, M Favis 26-17; R McMillan, A Powell, M Pattenden, J Ware 22-11; S Sinclair, D Baker, J Pitman, A Campbell 25-19.

The ladies made the short trip across town to Clarence in the four-discipline Southey Trophy. As in the game against Wessex, they did not have things all their own way.

They took some time to adjust to a heavy green and Carolina Venn suffered a rare defeat in the singles, well beaten as her opponent used long jacks to her advantage.

Meg Favis’s triple made it 1-1 with a steady performance which earned them an eight-shot victory. With the Saints’ four always ahead by a large margin, Imogen Cracknell and Audrey Powell were able to settle for a half in a nip-and-tuck pairs tussle and Clarence conceded with three ends of the fours to go.

Clarence Ladies 1.5, St Andrews Ladies 2.5 (55-74) – singles: C Venn 7-21; pairs: I Cracknell/A Powell 19-19; triples: J McMillan, J Ware, M Favis 18-10; fours: S Sinclair, M McMillan, J Pitman, A Campbell 30-5.

The only blemish on a successful week for Saints was a three-shot defeat at Yatton in the DRT League. However, they did earn four points from two rink victories, by ever-reliable skips Meg Favis and Ann Campbell.

Yatton Ladies 50 (6), St Andrews 47 (4): C Venn, J McMillan, J Pitman, M Bailey 12-21; S Priory, M Wride, M Pattenden, M Favis 14-12; R McMillan, D Baker, S Sinclair, A Campbell 21-17.

It was the other way round in a triples friendly at home to Victoria. Saints finished up on only one rink, who included Judy Forse in her seasonal debut after a hip operation. But the 13-shot winning margin was enough to give the home team overall victory by one.

St Andrews Ladies 44, Victoria 43: F Allen, A Greenwood, M Pattenden 11-16; J Webb, D Baker, S Sinclair 13-20; J Forse, D Johnston, M Favis 20-7.

Saints’ duo Rebecca McMillan and Imogen Cracknell were both in the Somerset ladies’ team who lost by nine shots to Gloucestershire at Chew Stoke in the regional final of the national Johns Trophy. Cracknell (15) was awarded her Johns badge and blazer flash for four appearances.

McMillan was a member of the county ladies’ team who reached the national stages of the two-rink Walker Cup by beating both Cornwall and Wiltshire in the regional play-offs at the Victoria green, Weston. Her rink won in both matches.

Victoria Ladies had a mixed week of results, but captain Rose Cleeves was delighted with the victory in the Fear Cup against Wedmore, with an excellent all-round performance with Sue Cooper, Margaret Hillman and Annie Holland skipping their rinks to a comfortable win.

Victoria Blues played Nailsea and Wedmore in the Mendip Triples League winning on two rinks skipped by Sue Cooper and Barbara Mangan against Nailsea, but agonisingly losing the match by just one shot.

In the match against Wedmore, Annie Holland and Sue Cooper again won on two rinks, but on this occasion won the match by 13 shots securing eight points.

The ladies succumbed to a heavy defeat in the Weston & District Triples League against Wessex with the triple of Nancy Whyte, Barbara Mangan and Margaret Hillman earning two points for the team from their win.

In a friendly against St Andrews, Victoria again won two rinks skipped by Sue Newman and Sue Harrison, but lost the game again by a single shot.

The mixed friendly squad entertained Worcester County Ground with the visitors finding it difficult to master the green and a strong Victoria team who eventually won all six rinks.

Victoria Ladies 77, Wedmore 42: H Frye, C Stevens, S Harrison, S Cooper 19-13; B Williams, C Sage, S Sokol, M Hillman 23-16; K Wilson, R Cleeves, M Chudley, A Holland 35-13.

Victoria Ladies Blues 48 (4), Nailsea 49 (6): M Kelly, R Cleeves, S Cooper 15-8; S Milliner, E Newport, M Chudley 13-25; B Williams, H Frye, B Mangan 20-16.

Victoria Ladies Blues 53 (8), Wedmore 40 (2): M Kelly, R Cleeves, A Holland 23-12; G Poolman, E Newport, M Chudley 10-19; S Milliner, H Frye, S Cooper 20-9.

Victoria Ladies 30 (2), Wessex 47 (8): M Kelly, S Sokol, A Holland 7-17; N Whyte, B Mangan, M Hillman 15-12; S Milliner, R Cleeves, M Chudley 8-18.

Victoria Ladies 43, St Andrews 44: M Slavin, K Wilson, M Hillman 7-20; H Chesters, C Willetts, S Harrison 16-11; B Williams, S Milliner, S Newman 20-13.

Victoria 154, Worcester County Ground 60: W Nicholls, D Rimmer, A Culpack, D Williams 21-11; M Slavin, E Harraway, E Sage, A Jackson 23-15; B Williams, Carmine, R Bromet, C Stevens 26-9; R Bailey, H Chesters, E Newport, M Manning 20-14; S Milliner, D Hubbard, C Sage, R Rockett 30-8; J Jackson, G Poolman, M Milliner, J Newman 36-5.

Wessex Ladies continued their success in the league, but lost in the Fear Cup to St Andrews.

Wessex Ladies 47 (8), Victoria 30 (2): C Peart, M Hawkins, A Ward 18-8; J Davis, P Dunn, P Taylor 12-15; J Hartree, E Williams, A Fewings 17-7.

Wessex Ladies 47, St Andrews 73: C Peart, M Hawkins, B Jones, A Fewings 17-26; V Edwards, J Davis, M Davis, J Duffy 11-22; P Turner, A Ward, E Williams, P Taylor 19-25.

Winscombe Ladies played Portishead in a North Somerset Triples League game. They won on two rinks and lost on one, but lost overall by 14 shots.

The rink skipped by Wendy Weller won on the last end by one shot. The friendly rink lost by eight shots.

Winscombe Ladies 42, Portishead 56: M Sprouting, E Watts, S Lowman 7-27; C Hopes, S Nash, A Ainsworth 21-16; S Lowis, L Fredersdorff, W Weller 14-13. Friendly rink: M Howell, A Bougourd, C Bryant 9 -17

Ashcombe Ladies lost to Clarence by 18 shots in a hard fought Fear Cup match.

Clarence won on all rinks obtaining good leads, which Ashcombe could not pull back. Ashcombe Ladies 49, Clarence 67: L Paterson, J Sansam, M Tasker, S Weaden 16-22; P Wynne, N Counsell, M Tucker, A Goacher 16-19; M Main, J Hughes, J Wilkinson, J McInally 17-26.

The North Somerset League match away to Long Ashton was curtailed to 15 ends due to extremely wet weather and resulted in a win for Ashcombe.

Ashcombe Ladies 45 (8), Long Ashton 36 (2): L Paterson, M Tasker, S Weaden 14-17; M Main, N Counsell, J Wilkinson 11-6; P Wynne, M Tucker, A Goacher 20-13. Friendly rink: L Owens, R Humphries, J Hughes 12-6.

In the Fear Cup Plate, Ashcombe will be home either to Burnham or Bridgwater, details at a later date.

This classy display by Clarence Ladies in the Fear Cup earned them wins on all three rinks against Ashcombe.

Best comeback of the day goes to Christine Hooper, Ann Ballinger, Pauline Burrough skipped by Mary Davison as they were 8-0 down after five ends, but they chipped away at the opposition to get it all square after 13 ends, then made it four up at the 15th. On the next end they dropped a six putting them two down, but they took the last four ends to win by three shots.

Clarence Ladies 67, Ashcombe 49: P Fowler, P Hawkins, J Mannion, C Edlin 22-16; C Hooper, A Ballinger, P Burrough, M Davison 19-16; S Scoins, P Phillips, V Jones, V Collicott 26-17.

Losing on all three rinks, the ladies took no points from this North Somerset Triples League match against Clevedon Prom.

Clarence Ladies 44, Clevedon Prom 53: S Scoins, P Phillips, J Mannion 15-21; C Hooper, S Pritchard, M Davison 16-18; P Fowler, R Jones, C Edlin 13-14.

With one winning rink out of three possible, Clarence took just two of the available 10 in this Weston & District League match.

Rink of the day goes to Jillian Coles, Sarie Pritchard skipped by Jo Mannion, who were sailing along after 12 ends with a five-shot advantage, but then dropped four on the next two ends leaving a shot ahead with one to play. The tension was building but Clarence took the final end by one to take victory.

Clarence Ladies 32, West Backwell 43: S Searle, R Jones, M Davison 12-13; J Coles, S Pritchard, J Mannion 13-11; A Ballinger, V Senior, V Collicott 7-19.

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