Ashcombe Park Knights enjoy a double victory in the league

PUBLISHED: 09:32 19 May 2017

Malcolm Campbell bowling for Victoria.

Malcolm Campbell bowling for Victoria.


Ashcombe Park Knights enjoyed two victories in the Weston & District Over-60s League.

Two of Ashcombe Park’s teams in action in the Weston and District Over-60s League, with both teams playing two matches.

Against Clarence Blues, the Crusaders won 105-90 and took four out of the six rinks, but they failed to make an impression against Winscombe going down 87 shots to 124 and taking only one rink.

The Knights were away to Clevedon Prom, winning 90-80 and taking three of the six rinks. At home to Victoria Vikings, the Knights scored an impressive 105-70 victory, taking three of the five rinks. Victoria were one rink short, and so also gave away 10 shots and a two point penalty.

This week saw the start of the Somerset Bowls League, with all three of Ashcombe’s teams in action. The A team scored a superb victory against Wrington, winning 79-42 and taking two of the three rinks.

The B team were against Congresbury B, and narrowly missed a shots win by 45 shots to 48, but still managed to take two of the three rinks. The C team were away to Mark Moor going down 52-69. They managed a win on one rink and were unlucky not to take a second one, dropping four shots on the penultimate end.

Ashcombe Crusaders 105, Clarence 90: A Wilmot, R Powell, L Day 7-21; G Sansam, D Cooper, T Cottrell 19-10; N Shufflebotham, S Hedges, J Main 22 -12; D Wynne, A Little, J Taylor 22-10; F Bertram, A Freke, K Wheeler 13-24; G Kinsey, G Tottle, T Bass 22-13.

Ashcombe Crusaders 87, Winscombe 124: G Fews, B Benstead, G Wilkinson 6-39; D Wynne, A Little, J Taylor 16-25; N Shufflebotham, S Hedges, J Main 10-17; M Southwood, J Whitlow, J Creasey 28-9; G Sansam, D Cooper, T Cottrell 14-20; G Kinsey, G Tottle, T Bass 13-14.

Ashcombe Knights 90, Clevedon Prom 80: D Freestone, J McKenzie, A Dawes 14-9; B Alden, D Bleasdale, J Hornett 14-17; M Field, K Davies, E Roberts 16-10; B Jones, R Counsell, T Morgan 12-19; F Bertram, K Wheeler, A Cracknell 16-12; B Bishop, G Mills, E Hopkins 18-13.

Ashcombe Knights 105, Victoria 70: D Wynne, G Mills, E Hopkins 29 -8; B Jones, R Counsell, K Powell 13-20; F Bertram, J McKenzie, A Dawes 25-9; D Freestone, M Paterson, A Cracknell 20-13; B Alden, G Pople, D Bleasdale 18-20.

Ashcombe A 79, Wrington 42: S Hedges, M West, T Cottrell, J Taylor 18 -19; R Powell, D Cooper, K Wheeler, G Wilkinson 32-13; G Fews, A Wilmot, L Day, T Bass 29 -10.

Ashcombe B 45, Congresbury 48: N Coombes, M Parry, G Sansam, E Roberts 20-10; G Pople, D Bleasdale, B Miles, E Hopkins 9-25; D Wynne, M Paterson, B Benstead, J Main 16-13.

Ashcombe C 52, Mark Moor 69: F Bertram, W Spring, J McKenzie, A Dawes 22-13; M Griffiths, G Tucker, M Butt, A Tucker 19-23; C Vardon, C Gerlach, P March, R Smith 11-33.

Clarence Blues are suffering the blues after a heavy loss to the Crusaders in the Weston Over-60s League.

The Blues won on two rinks with best of those being Bob Rossiter, Tony Mannion skipped by Bob Sweet winning by 14 shots.

Clarence Blues 64, Ashcombe Crusaders 103: B Rossiter, T Mannion, B Sweet 21-7; D Grier, J Rogers, D Towie 10-18; D Stott, B Ballinger, R Crawford 12-22; J Loveridge, M Phillips, R Burrough 10-22; R Smith, B Duffy, G Barlow 24-12; B Benn, M Adams, M Edlin 13-22.

The Golds two-match winning streak in the over-60s league was halted by an in-form Portishead side The best scoring rink for the Golds was Chris Tippett, Bob Coleman and skip John Hayes winning by six shots

Clarence Golds 73, Portishead 116: J Edwards, N Martin, P Williams 14-12; P Lewis, M Peters, J Atkins 11-29; C Tippett, B Coleman, J Hayes 19-13; J Kelloway, G Andrews, A Newland 10-16; F Al Hinai, D Weston, M Scoins 14-19; P Pileggi, D Thompson, H Sparks 5-27.

After a difficult week on the greens for Clarence, a change of league brought a change of fortune with a convincing county win over Banwell

Winning on all rinks, the largest was by Phil Lewis, Chris Tippett, John Whitehouse skipped by Rob Stacy with a 14-shot win

Clarence B 78, Banwell 49: P Lewis, C Tippett, J Whitehouse, R Stacy 31-17; T Ward, D Thomson, N Martin, P Williams 21-18; J Edwards, M Peters, M Adams, J Atkins 26-14.

The St Andrews indoor team began their EIBA Fantastic 5s Summer Indoor League programme with an impressive home victory over North Petherton.

Team captain Barrie Forse set them on their way in the five-player, four-format, shortened-game competition by winning the singles comfortably. However, the four lost by two shots, leaving the game wide-open.

After the home triple had gone 0-3 down, they picked up a hotshot six (two woods for each player) to open up a handy lead and added a couple of fours to cruise home. Meanwhile, Forse and Sue Sinclair won a tight tussle in the three-wood pairs to give Saints victory by 3-1.

St Andrews 3 (58), North Petherton 1 (25) – singles: B Forse 20-4; pairs: Sue Sinclair/B Forse 13-7; triples: Audrey Powell, N Sell, G Webber 19-6; fours: Sue Sinclair, Audrey Powell, N Sell, G Webber 6-8.

In their opening Somerset County League match, St Andrews failed to master a difficult green at Burnham, losing by 16 shots.

However, Nick Sell’s rink were beaten only by the final wood, while Gordon Wride did well to lose by just three, having dropped an early seven

Burnham A 59 (12), St Andrews A 43 (0): M Willetts, T Ware, D Favis, D Bailey 12-23; R Brereton, G Cooper, B May, G Wride 17-20; A Cooper, J Keay, K Curtis, N Sell 14-16.

The fast-running green at Victoria proved too hot for most of the Saints’ team to handle as they lost heavily to champions Saxons in the Weston & District Over-60s League.

Team captain Brian Reeves skipped his triple of Robin Potter and Ken Curtis to a handsome win by 17 shots, gaining Saints’ only points from the match.

Victoria Saxons 105 (18), St Andrews 72 (2): A Cooper, R Wootten, D Favis 7-23; G Sims, B McLeod, G Wride 11-22; B Rogers, G Cooper, T Steer 12-17; R Potter, K Curtis, B Reeves 22-5; R Gordon, M Goddard, D Bailey 13-17; D Reynolds, J Keay, T Ware 7-21.

In miserable conditions at Portishead, St Andrews went out of the Bowls England Tony Allcock Trophy mixed over-60s event at the first hurdle. Don Bailey’s team came back from 18-23 with three ends left to draw, but Meg Favis went down by seven.

Portishead RBL 44, St Andrews 37: Jackie Ware, T Ware, D Favis, Meg Favis 14-21; Carolina Venn, R Venn, Ann Campbell, D Bailey 23-23.

St Andrews 46, Avon & Somerset Police 56 (friendly): Carolina Venn, D Reynolds, Maureen Frost, G Cooper 11-9; Frid Allen, N Bassett, A Cooper, R Brereton 17-12; P Smart, Debbie Baker, R Smith, R Venn 13-13; Margaret Wride, A Frost, J Ling, Monica Pattenden 5-22.

Members of St Andrews and some guests had an enjoyable tour to the Bournemouth area, organised by Jackie and Tony Ware. They won two matches and lost two.

Broadstone 87, St Andrews 67: B Rogers, A Cooper, ANO, Jackie Ware 12-17; I Shannon, Maureen Frost, Jane Smith, D Bailey 23-11; Marie McMillan, A Frost, R Venn, Myra Bailey 14-13; M Simpson, Sheila Glenville, G Cooper, A McMillan 7-24; R Smith, Ann Greenwood, Sylvia Priory, T Ware 11-22.

Brockenhurst 75, St Andrews 76: Carolina Venn, G Cooper, Maureen Frost, A McMillan 9-14; B Rogers, I Shannon, R Venn, Myra Bailey 8-20; A Frost, M Simpson, Marie McMillan, T Ware 22-19; A Cooper, T Lay, R Wootten, Jane Smith 21-7; R Smith, Ann Greenwood, Sylvia Priory, D Bailey 16-15.

Branksome Park 72, St Andrews 104: Carolina Venn, I Shannon/B Rogers, K Harvey, Myra Bailey 19-9; Marie McMillan, Sylvia Priory, G Cooper, D Bailey 28-14; A Cooper, Ann Greenwood, R Venn, W Harrison 18-22; A Frost, Sheila Glenville, R Wootten, T Ware 17-14; T Lay, Maureen Frost, A McMillan, Jackie Ware 22-13.

Bournemouth 93, St Andrews 85: Marie McMillan, A Cooper, R Venn, D Bailey 13-20; Ann Greenwood, G Cooper, Jane Smith, W Harrison 23-12; B Rogers, R Smith, T Ware/M Frost, Myra Bailey 13-21; T Lay, Sylvia Priory, I Shannon, A McMillan 18-21; Carolina Venn, M Simpson, K Harvey, R Wootten 18-19.

Two outstanding young players from St Andrews have earned selection in the Somerset ladies’ bowls squad for this season’s national inter-county Johns Trophy.

Fifteen-year-old Priory School pupil Imogen Cracknell is set to make her Johns debut following impressive performances in the two recent trials. Becky McMillan, who is 23, has played in the Johns team before.

There is a further trial, against Gloucestershire at Portishead this Saturday, before the first match, away to Cornwall at Newton Abbot on June 3.

The week got off to a good start for Victoria when Banwell visited to play in the North Somerset 4D competition.

The Vic were to hot for them and showed no remorse winning all four dimensions. This was followed by a convincing win by the Saxons against Weston St Andrews in Over-60s League and a victory against Bridgwater in a friendly.

However, the winning run came to an end when the Vikings came crashing down against Ashcombe Knights. This was made worse the next day when the three teams in the Somerset County League all lost.

Victoria 87, Banwell 54 – singles: C Gazzard 21-10; pairs: S Davies, M Cooper 25-16; triples: P Wyatt, L Stocker, W Harrison 16-15; fours: D Beard, D Fairhurst, M Stocker, C Heal 25-13.

Victoria Saxons 105 (18), St Andrews 72 (2): R Bromet, A Bray, M Stocker 22-11; J Langridge, D.Sealey, A Yates 21-7; R Rockett, A Shattock, M Cooper 17-13; M Milliner, D.Williams, C Heal 5-22; H Whyte, P Lunn, J Newman 17-12; Carmine, D Hurst, K Harvey 23-7.

Victoria 94, Bridgwater 69: P Coumis, E Sage, A Bray, P Leadbeater 23-13; D Beard, R Rockett, J Smart, K Harvey 12-21; L Kelly, P Wyatt, A Shattock, D Jones 18-10; B Johnson, M Campbell, D Fairhurst, J Newman 21-17; H Whyte, J Langridge, B Pocock, D Hurst 20-18.

Victoria Vikings 70 (4), Ashcombe Knights 115 (16): Carmine, J Turton, G Frost 8-29; L Kelly, J Langridge, J Smart 20-18; G Robbins, T Gatehouse, E Sage 13-20; D Hubbard, A Waygood, D Jones 20-13; R Jacobs, W Nicholls, B Johnson 0-10; N Robbins, G Jones, T Gilbert 9-25.

Winscombe were unbeaten during the week, winning three and drawing the other, three of the matches being very close.

The first fixtures in the opening county games both resulted in wins, with the B team winning by just one shot thanks to captain for the day, Paul Fredersdorff, on the last end at Yatton.

The A team also managed to win at Victoria. It too was close with the Vic ahead on two rinks and by three shots after 10 ends. A good second half rally by Winscombe saw them gather 10 points with a win by 11 shots thanks to wins on Robin Lowman and Mike Adams’ rinks and a great pull back by Tom Ellis to lose by just one shot.

At Bath, in the annual traditional 21-end triples match, it too was close - very close - as across six rinks and 21 ends, the scores finished level at 107-shots each. The rinks were also shared - three winning rinks each.

In the Weston & District Over-60s Triples League, Winscombe gained their first win of the season beating Ascombe by 37 shots.

Winscombe 64 (10), Victoria B 53 (2): D Brown, P Cast, W Ainsworth, T Ellis 19-20; B Paul, D Johnson, A Dudley, R Lowman 24-16; G Lloyd, K Whatling, S Easterby, M Adams 21-17.

Winscombe B 57 (10), Yatton B 56 (2): P John, R Weller, R Fisher, M Nash, 17-20; M Newing, R Knight, G Coombe, P Fredersdorff, 20-19; J Mingo-West, R Lowis, P Hopes, G Neville, 20-17.

Winscombe 107, Bath 107: M Newing, K Whatling, M Adams 20-12; D Johnson, M Fletcher, R Lowman 19-20; D Brown, B Paul, T Ellis 20-18; D Peakall, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 11-26.

Winscombe 124 (18), Ashcombe 87 (2): M Newing, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 25-16; G Lloyd, G Coombe, W Ainsworth 14-13; P John, M Fletcher, R Lowman 39-6; D Brown, B Paul, T Ellis 17-10; J Mingo-West, L Collier, R Lacy 9-28; K Whatling, A Dudley, M Adams 20-14.

Wedmore men’s County League A team had a fine win at home to Bridgwater, winning on all three rinks and by 77 shots to 39 overall.

Roger Hughes’ men were never behind in a tight first half and ran out easy 29-14 winners. Dave Nicholls’ outfit were held close in the first half with the lead changing hands, but from the 11th end they pulled away and a burst of 10 shots in the last four ends clinched the 23-12 victory. Eddie Payne’s lads started slowly but from end five kept up steady pressure to the end to win 22-13.

Nailsea were the opponents two days in succession, firstly away in the Clevedon Triples League where the men lost 102-122 overall and two-four on rinks.

Colin Moss’ troops started slowly, but from end eight pulled out an increasing lead to win 21-14. Roger Hughes’ boys were in a close game, but were never in trouble and won 21-19.

In a low scoring game, Ray Newell and friends went in front in the 17th end when they established a three-point lead, only to see their opponents score a four at the last, going down 14-15.

Keith Pettit and cast scored a seven on the second end to get off to a fast start, but lost the lead on end seven and lost 19-23. Ron Barron’s and Eddie Payne’s rinks both struggled and went down 15-23 and 12-28 respectively.

The County League B team entertained Nailsea at home when the three rinks were all close, but Wedmore had to endure another defeat with 54 shots to 57 overall.

Dennis Stansfield and crew were the only winners when the lead kept changing hands and hung on to win 20-18. Roy Thurkettle’s band came back from a 10-shot deficit to draw level on end 15, but lost 18-20. Clive Panchaud’s clique had a close fight, going into the last end down by one, but lost 16-19.

The men’s County League C team had a bumpy day away to Portishead, losing 44-66 overall. Terry Simpson’s fellows took the lead on end nine and never looked back, winning 23-19.

Brendon Cottrell’s gents were stuck in the first half, then got moving but still lost 10-22. Jim White’s four were close to matching the opposition in the second half, but lost 11-25.

Wedmore ladies got off to a good start in the county open fours knockout competition by defeating Chew Stoke 19 shot to 15.

Mo Hordle, Trish Newell, Ann Hughes and Pam Beard flew the flag against Celia Whitmarsh, Shirley Marsh, Margaret Stock and Jane Keedwell.

In a league match, the ladies again had a clear victory versus Victoria Blue, winning all three rinks and overall by 63-41 for maximum points. Joan Hunt and her ladies led for most of the first half, briefly lost the lead on end nine and came home with a flourish with seven shots on the last end, winning 29-17.

Another ladies’ league victory against Clevedon Prom was decisive, winning 73-43 overall and two rinks to one. Marie Trow’s team put the opposition away by 29-8, a winning margin that played a big part in Wedmore winning overall.

Gill Harvey’s side led from the start and romped home 24-14. Trish Newell and friends had a tougher fight, took the lead for the first time on end 16, but a late score of six by Clevedon put the issue beyond doubt, Wedmore pipped at the post 20 shots to 21.

Away to North Petherton, in the league the ladies pushed hard but despite winning one rink and tying another, went down 53-59. Trish Newell and co were consistent, winning 14 ends, in front all the way to triumph 25-13.

Gill Harvey’s group had a ding-dong with the lead changing four times and coming from behind on the last end to seize a tie, 16-shots all.

Wessex Ladies had mixed fortunes in the league this week, losing one and winning one.

Wessex Ladies 35 (0), Portishead 59 (10): M Milford, C Peart, J Duffy 10-28; V Edwards, E Wade, A Ward 13-16; T Langford, N Peters, M Hawkins 12-15.

Wessex Ladies 47 (7), Victoria 44 (3): P Turner, M Davis, M Hawkins 9-15; A Crawford, C Peart, P Taylor 18-18; V Edwards, P Hanson, B Jones 20-11.

If you would like to learn how to play bowls, please telephone 01934 622841 for more information.

Victoria ladies’ Blue team entertained Fosseway in the Mendip Triples League and looked at one stage if they were going to beat last year’s league winners, but fell away in the last quarter to win on two rinks, but this not sufficient to cover the lose of the other rink.

Wedmore were the next opponents for the Blue team, but again came up short with a draw on one rink for their efforts. There was also a game in the Weston and District Triples League which again ended in defeat to Wessex.

Victoria Ladies 46, Fosseway 51: S Milliner, B Williams, S Cooper 18-14; F Payne, B Mangan, R Cleeves 5-29; N Whyte, H Frye, M Chudley 23-8.

Victoria Ladies 41, Wedmore 63: H Frye, R Cleeves (one player short) 17-29; S Milliner, B Williams, B Mangan 13-13; G Poolman, M Hillman, E Newport 11-21.

Victoria Ladies 44 Wessex 47: C Sage, S Harrison, S Newman 18-18; H Frye, R Cleeves, M Chudley 15-9; B Williams, B Mangan, M Hillman 11-20.

Clarence Ladies won on two of the three rinks and went down heavily on the third against Clevedon Prom, but scraped through to win by four shots.

Rink of the day goes to Christine Hooper, Jo Mannion and skip Carol Edlin, winning by 20 shots. The result gave the Ladies eight of the possible 10 available points.

Clarence Ladies 49, 45 Clevedon Prom 45: S Searle, P Phillips, V Jones 6-26; J Anning, P Burrough, P Hawkins 16-12; C Hooper, J Mannion, C Edlin 27-7.

In a competitive and entertaining North Somerset League match, the ladies grabbed a one-shot victory, winning on two of the three rinks.

Clarence achieved this by winning the last two ends on all three rinks, therefore there is no rink of the day as the whole team pulled together for this superb result.

Clarence Ladies 49, Long Ashton 48: J Mannion, V Senior, C Edlin 17-15; S Scoins, P Burrough, V Collicott 15-20; P Fowler, V Jones, M Davison 17-13.

Winscombe Ladies played a friendly morning match against Congresbury Ladies, a good game was had by all and the score reflected the closeness of the game with Congresbury winning by one shot.

Winscombe Ladies 47, Congresbury 48: P Heal, L Parfitt, S Lowman 10-14; D Seaman, S Nash, W Weller 18-17; C Hopes, P Pow, A Ainsworth 19-17.

A mixed team played at home to Severn Vale and despite the weather trying its best to spoil the afternoon, a good time was had by all, with Winscombe winning.

Winscombe 85, Severn Vale 52: L Coombe Chris Bryant, Chrissie Bryant, G Coombe 22-14; S Vincent, R Weller, S Lowman, R Lowman 21-11; C Hopes, P Hopes, L Fredersdorff, P Fredersdorff 29-7; D Brown, S Nash (c), M Newing, M Nash 13-20.

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