Ashcombe register mixed bag of results in first week

PUBLISHED: 09:34 28 April 2017 | UPDATED: 09:34 28 April 2017

Victoria V Weston Bath.

Victoria V Weston Bath.


Ashcombe Park recorded a mixed bag of results in the first week of competitive bowls at the club.

It was a busy first competitive week of the season for Ashcombe Park, with a mixed bag of results.

Playing at home against St Andrews in a mixed fours match, Ashcombe won by 22 shots and won four of the six rinks. In another winning fours match, Ashcombe men beat Congresbury, this time by a smaller margin of six shots, with each club winning three rinks.

In their first match in the Weston and District Over-60s League, Ashcombe Knights were beaten by Nailsea. Although Ashcombe were down by only eight shots, they only managed to win one of the six rinks giving Nailsea the points advantage.

A mixed team from Ashcombe travelled to Watchet for the first leg of the Centennial Cup. This is an annual fixture between the two clubs, played on a home and away basis.

Although both clubs won three rinks each, Ashcombe went down heavily on shots difference losing by 92 shots to Watchet’s 126. This puts Ashcombe at a 34-shot disadvantage when the second leg is played at Ashcombe in September.

Ashcombe 122, St Andrews 100: J McKenzie, J Creasey, J McInally, J Wilkinson 24-14; L Owens, G Kinsey, N Shufflebotham, G Wilkinson 21-18; A Tucker, A Bass, G Fews, L Day 13-18; M Shufflebotham, M Bass, D Cooper, T Bass 26-15; S Andrews, C Hedges, B Benstead, R Powell 22-17; P March, J Main, G Sansam, A Cracknell 16-18.

Ashcombe 101, Congresbury 95: C Gerlach, M Butt, K Powell, G Wilkinson 25-8; D Freestone, P Gaulton, M Paterson, D Wynne 11-27; D Underhay, R Smith, G Tottle, T Morgan 9-17; A Wilmot, D Cooper, M West, K Wheeler 18-14; C Vardon, J McKenzie, J Main, E Hopkins 15-22; D Bleasdale, A Tucker, E Roberts, J Creasey 23-7.

Ashcombe Knights 94, Nailsea 102: D Freestone, K Hallet, A Cracknell 13-17; A Dawes, M Bass, T Morgan 14-15; B Alden, D Bleasdale, J Hornett 13-19; J McKenzie, M Paterson, E Booth 25-11; B Bishop, G Mills, E Hopkins 12-21; B Jones, R Counsell, K Powell 17-19.

Ashcombe 92, Watchet 126: M Butt, S Hopkins, N Shufflebotham, E Hopkins 23-12; P Sheppard, J Sansam, J McKenzie, S Weaden 21-16; D Underhay, L Owens, L Paterson, G Sansam 9-24; G Tucker, D Cardy, R Humphries, T Morgan 11-27; M Shufflebotham, M Peterson, B Benstead, J McInally 11-34; B Bishop, C Hedges, S Hedges, R Powell 17-13.

The first league match of the season saw Clarence Golds snatch a home win over Victoria Vikings by two shots, with both sides having three wins apiece.

Winning rink of the day goes to Bob Coleman, Chris Tippet skipped by John Hayes with an eight-shot win. A special mention must go to Alan Bishop, Nigel Martin and inexperienced skip Pete Williams, who were 12 shots down after 13 ends and came back to win the last five ends, reducing the deficit to five.

Clarence Golds 90, Victoria Vikings 88: P Pillegi, A Newland, D Weston 8-16; A Bishop, N Martin, P Williiams 13-18; B Coleman, C Tippet, J Hayes 21-13; F Al-Hinai, T Derrick, P Lewis 16-18; J Edwards, M Peters, J Atkins 18-12; D Symes, M Turnball, A Cord 14-11.

A St George’s fun day was held at Clarence with teams representing all four of the great nations playing each other, many wearing the colours or even dress from their nation of choice.

A barbecue was laid on for competitors and friends. This is a yearly event and allows the club to let their hair down, if they still have any left that is and is one of the many fun days put on during the year.

St Andrews member Tony Steer, the Somerset indoor president, brought a county select to his home club for a six-rink friendly.

In lovely sunshine, most of the rinks were closely contested. But a 27-shot victory by Jim Warren’s quartet, who notched up a seven on the final end, saw Saints home by 18 shots.

Andrew Owens and Gordon Wride were the other winning home skips. Some consolation for Saints’ members Nick Sell and Mike Willetts, who played for the opposition, was that they were members of the highest winning county rink.

Afterwards, players and guests enjoyed a lovely meal, cooked by members Brian and Ellie Reeves and served by the ladies.

St Andrews 124, Somerset CIBA President’s Team 106: P Smart, R Gordon, R Venn, G Cooper 9-22; A Cooper, M Simpson, K Uglow, J Warren 34-7; R Brereton, D Reynolds, G Guest, A Owens 25-15; G Sims, L Fisher, R Wootten, D Bailey 13-20; E Hooper, B McLeod, M Goddard, D Favis 22-23; L Yeates, J Ling, J Keay, G Wride 21-19.

St Andrews took the honours in their annual early-season friendly against Bridgwater, winning emphatically by 45 shots.

They finished up on four of the six rinks. Second-year bowler Alan Frost had a great game at lead to Geoff Sims and Don Bailey as they won by 27. Gordon Wride, George Cooper and Danny Favis were the other winning home skips.

St Andrews 113, Bridgwater 68: D Reynolds, N Bassett, B May 8-17; B Rogers, B McLeod, G Wride 24-13; J Ling, R Wootten, G Cooper 20-9; R Smith, K Curtis, D Favis 17-11; P Smart, A Cooper, T Ware 13-14; A Frost, G Sims, D Bailey 31-4.

In the first mixed friendly of the season, away to Ashcombe, St Andrews faded badly, having been just three behind overall at tea.

Only Danny Favis and Jackie Pitman were winning skips as Ashcombe finished up on the other four rinks to win by 22 shots.

Ashcombe 122, St Andrews 100: R Smith, P Smart, Marie McMillan, Ann Campbell 14-24; Debbie Baker, T Lay, M Simpson, Meg Favis 18-21; B Rogers, D Reynolds, Sue Sinclair, D Favis 18-13; Frid Allen, Margaret Wride, R Gordon, G Wride 15-26; G Sims, A Frost, K Uglow, Jane Smith 17-22; L Yeates, R Potter, A Cooper, Jenny Pitman 18-16.

Winscombe’s men had two friendly games against local rivals (and close friends) at West Backwell and Banwell.

The West Backwell match was a game of six triples which took place on an overcast, but thankfully dry afternoon. On this occasion, Winscombe came away with a comfortable victory, winning on five out of the six rinks and by a shot margin of 129 to 73.

However, on a beautiful Saturday afternoon Winscombe faced their nearest neighbours, Banwell, and these matches present something of a derby atmosphere.

In case their first game risked Winscombe becoming over confident, Banwell managed to bring them crashing back to earth by winning on four out of the five rinks and by a margin of 75 shots to 108.

The results of these early season friendly matches are, however, of secondary importance and everybody thoroughly enjoyed being back outside and sharing the camaraderie with old friends.

Winscombe 129, West Backwell 73: G Lloyd, B Paul, W Ainsworth 30-4; D Johnson, K Whatling, A Dudley 28-4; M Newing, J Sprouting, G Neville 18-15; D Brown, G Coombe, M Dorrington 16-15; J Mingo-West, L Collier, R Lacy 22-13; M Fletcher, G Hill, M Adams 15-22.

Winscombe 75, Banwell 108: G Lloyd, D Phillips, B Paul, G Neville 9-30; M Newing, B Kibble, B Andrews, T Ellis 22-24; N Hansford, G Hill, P Fredersdorff, R Lacy 19-11; M Fletcher, J Smith, K Whatling, M Adams 13-20; J Mingo-West, R Lowis, G Coombe, W Ainsworth 12-23.

Congresbury Ladies 49, Ashcome Park 34: J Byett, D Davis, C Andrews, D Harrison 17-13; C Wilcock, S Dury. A King, K Herbison 11-14; C Lewis, A Harris, R Horton, P Baker 21-7.

Congresbury Ladies 40, Victoria 45: J Byett, D Davis, E Stenner, B Huggett 21-14; C Wilcock, S Dury, C Andrews. P Baker 11-18; V Harding, H Tranmer, R Horton, D Harrison 8-13.

Congresbury Ladies 44, St Andrews 46: W Williams, P Baker, A King 11-21; C Lewis, W Manning, B Huggett 18-18; H Tranmer, E Stenner, A Jones 15-7.

Winscombe Ladies played their first match of the season away against Burnham in a friendly match on a beautiful sunny afternoon and won by 52 shots to 24.

The green played well and everybody enjoyed their first game outdoors, especially the rink skipped by Sarah Lowman which went on to win 37-9.

Winscombe then played at Ashcombe in their first North Somerset Triples League match. Ashcombe won on all three rinks and by 24 shots overall.

Winscombe Ladies 52, Burnham 24: C Hopes, M Sprouting, C Bryant, S Lowman 37-9; L Coombe, A Bougourd, S Lowis, L Fredersdorff 15-15.

Winscombe Ladies 39, Ashcombe 63: L Coombe, C Bryant, M Sprouting 15-19; F Bays, S Lowis, M Adams 6-23; C Hopes, P Burns, S Lowman 18-21.

Victoria Ladies held their opening day on a sunny Bank Holiday Monday with a spider competition opener which was won by Mary Davis, a guest representing Wessex.

Lady members from Clarence, Winscombe, Ashcombe and St Andrews participated as guests, but the yardstick competition played by all was won by Hannah Frye of Victoria.

Somerset County Ladies Bowls Association was well represented by president Trudy Bishop and senior vice-president Hilary Leamon. Victoria men were represented by club president Stuart Evans, secretary David Williams and club captain Harrison Whyte.

An excellent meal was enjoyed by all which was prepared by the catering officer Sandra Milliner and the members and guests were waited on at the tables by gentleman members.

The ladies played their first match of the season against Congresbury in a three-rink friendly and although the day was a little cool, the bowling by both teams certainly kept the chill away with an excellent win of five shots by Victoria with the rink of Hannah Frye, Carol Willetts, Barbara Mangan and Margaret Hillman recording a fine rink win of seven shots.

Victoria Ladies 45, Congresbury 40: H Frye, C Willetts, B Mangan, M Hillman 18-11; S Milliner, G Poolman, K Wilson, S Cooper 14-21; N Whyte, S Sokol, C Stevens, S Newman 13-8.

Ashcombe Ladies won their first North Somerset Triples match at home, on a cold and damp afternoon.

The game was close up to the 13th end when Ashcombe had a good run of form, which gave them a win on all rinks.

Ashcombe Ladies 63 (10), Winscombe 39 (0): P Wynne, M Tucker, A Goacher 21-18; L Paterson, M Tasker, S Weaden 23-6; M Main, J Wilkinson, J McInally 19-15.

Ashcombe Ladies 34, Congresbury 49 (friendly): L Paterson, A Bryant, S Hopkins, S Weaden 14-11; C Falconbridge, L Shanks, J Field, J Hughes 7-21; A Petit, M Wintle, M Main, N Counsell 13-17.

Promising 15-year-old Imogen Cracknell, of the St Andrews club, has an England indoor junior trial at Rugby.

The Priory School pupil will join 32 other under-18s of both sexes in the trial, after which the team will be named for the BIIBC U-18 International Series against the other home countries in October.

St Andrews Ladies began their season of inter-club matches away to Congresbury in a triples and edged home by two shots

Debbie Baker, Sue Sinclair and Jane Smith were the match-winners, finishing 10 ahead, helped by a six on the penultimate end. Meg Favis’s trio drew.

Congresbury Ladies 44, St Andrews 46. D Baker, S Sinclair, J Smith 21-11; M Frost, M McMillan, M Favis 18-18; J Webb, J Pitman, A Campbell 7-15.

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