Ashcombe start the Over-60s league season with a victory and a draw

PUBLISHED: 09:35 04 May 2018 | UPDATED: 09:35 04 May 2018

Bob McLeod bowling for St Andrews.

Bob McLeod bowling for St Andrews.


Ashcombe teams started the Weston and District Over-60s League with a victory and a draw.

The first matches of this season’s Weston and District Over-60s League saw Ashcombe’s Crusaders and Knights in action.

The Crusaders were away to recently-promoted Portishead, taking four of the six rinks and also winning on shots 118 to 109.

The Knights were home to Burnham, who were relegated from the First Division last year. In a closely-fought match, the Knights took four of the six rinks with the shots score being a draw, 94 each.

Crusaders 118, Portishead 109: G Sansam, B Benstead, A Dawes 25-9; W Kolasinski, S Hedges, J Main 16-27; F Bertram, D Cooper, J Taylor 17-14; G Kinsey, G Tottle, T Bass 24-15; M Butt, R Powell, J Creasey 21-17; A Wilmot, K Wheeler, G Wilkinson 15-27.

Knights 94, Burnham 94: B Bishop, S Andrews, E Hopkins 12-24; R Smith, R Counsell, R Tasker 18-8; G Fews, E Roberts, L Cox 10-23; J McKenzie, M Paterson, A Cracknell 15-14; G Pople, E Booth, A Tucker 15-14; D Barnes, J Hornett, T Morgan 24-11.

The week also saw Ashcombe in two friendlies, a mixed away match against Ardagh and a home match against Bristol.

Against Ardagh, Ashcombe won two of the four rinks and drew on a third, winning with a very close final score of 49 shots to 45.

In the home match against Bristol, Ashcombe won one of the four rinks, losing the other three by small shot differences. Despite this, Ashcombe came out on top with the final score of 80 shots to 73.

Ashcombe 49 Ardagh 45: S Hedges, S Noyes, G Wilkinson, D Barnes 17-4; M Main, C Hedges, K Wheeler, J Creasey 11-11; C Falconbridge, F Bertram, J Matthews, M Paterson 15-12; M Bass, L Shanks, D Freestone, B Benstead 6-18.

Ashcombe 80, Bristol 73: W Kolasinski, P Barnes, D Bleasdale, L Cox 28-14; G Fews, D Underhay, M West, G Sansam 19-22; F Bertram, C Harris, G Pople, D Cooper 15-17; B Bishop, D Freestone, E Roberts, T Bass 18-20.

Ashcombe travelled to Watchet with a mixed team, for the first round of the annual Centennial Cup. With the blustery conditions and heavy green favouring the home team, Ashcombe took some time to settle in.

In the end, Ashcombe won two of the six rinks and lost on shots 91 to 122, meaning that to take the cup they will have to win by a margin of 32 shots when the return leg is played later in the year.

Ashcombe 91, Watchet 132: M Main, M Paterson, S Hedges, L Paterson 28-15; G Tucker, C Vardon, R Humphries, J Main 21-15; D Lewis, S Noyes, J Sansam, A Tucker 8-24; T Morgan, M Butt, J Matthews, B Benstead 14-26; J McKenzie, A Bryant, M Tasker, R Powell 6-25; R Tasker, C Hedges, B Alden, S Weaden 14-17.

St Andrews, who play West Backwell three times in the first six weeks of the season, were successful in the first leg at home, winning a triples friendly by six shots.

The clubs meet again on Monday, at Thirlmere Road, in the North Somerset KO Cup then face each other at Backwell in the County League on May 26.

With a large chunk of the Saints’ membership on the club tour to the Forest of Dean, neither team was at anything like full strength.

George Webber, Saints’ new outdoor captain, made his season’s debut and was in good form, as were his triples colleagues Geoff Sims and Darrell Johnston. They scored five on the last end to finish 12 shots up and confirm overall victory by six.

That trio were the only home winners. However, Brian May’s rink scored one on the last end to draw and Danny Favis’s triple, 6-17 down after 12 of the 18 ends, lost by only four.

By contrast, Mike Stocker and his men, 9-1 ahead after seven ends, dropped a six on their way to losing by two

St Andrews 76, West Backwell 70: B McLeod, R Gordon, M Stocker 15-17; G Sims, G Webber, D Johnston 29-17; P Smart, J Keay, B May 16-16; M Dew, S Stocker, D Favis 16-20.

Saints finished up on three of the four rinks in another triples friendly at home to North Petherton.

Mike Stocker skipped the highest winning rink, finishing nine ahead, while Jim Warren won by seven and Darrell Johnston by five. Ken Curtis’s trio had that fairly rare event, a tied end, as they lost by three.

St Andrews 72, North Petherton 54: J Ling, R Wootten, J Warren 17-10; A Frost, T Lay, K Curtis 13-16; G Sims, B May, M Stocker 25-16; L Fisher, R Potter, D Johnston 17-12.

A friendly pairs challenge over three matches between Mike and Lee Stocker and George Webber/Barrie Forse ended in a 2-1 victory for the latter duo. A return is likely.

Victoria’s outdoor season continued with the annual visit to Penarth.

The game was played in the dry, but a chilly wind kept the temperature down although the bowling at times was hot. The victors this year were the home time who will be looking to complete the double on the return fixture later in the season.

The Vikings played their second game and came up against a strong Mark Moor team who claimed 17 points.

Burnham were the hosts on another chilly, but dry Saturday. Again the home team were too strong on the day and ran out comfortable winners. Not the best of starts to the season, but it can only go one way.

Victoria 103, Burnham 114: D Beard, E Sage, A Shattock, C Heal 20-15; P Coumis, A Waygood, J Langridge, M Cooper 12-18; J Dyet, S Evans, G Richards, K Holland 13-24; M Campbell, D Fairhurst, D Williams, D Jones 11-25; Carmine, W Nicholls, P Wyatt, P Fisher 23-14; B Pocock, M Milliner, D Sealey, J Newman 18-18.

Victoria 81 (3), Mark Moor 128 (17): G Robbins, D Jones, B Johnson 9-25; A Hollier, J Smart, E Sage 8-23; A Waygood, Carmine, J Langridge 14-23; G Jones, A Shattock, T Gilbert 18-28; W Nicholls, S Evans, G Richards 21-13; D Hubbard, A Webb, B Saward 16-16.

Victoria 91, Penarth 123: Carmine, W Nicholls, A Shattock, D, Jones 25-11; G Robbins, E Sage, P Owen, M Cooper 10-23; D Hubbard, G Richards, D Fairhurst, C Gazzard 21-13; B Pocock P Needham, J Newman, K Holland 12-29; R Bromet, M Milliner, D Williams, J Smart 13-23; R Rockett, J Langridge, P Wyatt, M Manning 10-24.

After last week’s promising start, it all fell apart for Clarence, with a thrashing at home to Yatton.

Losing on five of the six rinks with only the team of Bob Coleman and John Hayes skipped by Chris Tippet preventing a whitewash, with an 11-shot win. Chris’ team took control from the start losing only one end in the first nine, making it 15-1.

Yatton made a small recovery in the second half of the match, but Yatton had such a lead, the Gold could not overhaul.

Clarence Golds 71, 125: Yatton: B Coleman, J Hayes, C Tippett 19-8; N Buckley, D Weston, N Martin 13-31; D Symes, M Turnbull, A Cord 14-17; F Al-Hinai, G Andrews, M Scoins 8-28; R Rossiter, A Bishop, S Browning 9-16; M Harryman, J Edwards, B Underwood 8-25.

At the annual men versus ladies afternoon match, the men came out on top with a 110-63 victory.

The closest match on the five rinks, saw Vi Senior, Shelly Owen and Sarie Pritchard skipped by Carol Edlin, were neck and neck up to the 14th end where they were 13-all.

The men consisting of Michael Rolls, Barry Underwood and Mike Turnbull skipped by Ken Marshall, stepped up a notch and took five of the final seven ends, taking the match by five shots

Banwell were successful in the two remaining matches before they depart on their club tour.

Banwell played West Backwell in a four-rink triples game on a drab rainy night, and after 15 ends both teams called it a day. Banwell emerged as winners with Kim Burgess and his rink topping the scores.

Banwell 58, West Backwell 38: P Wilfan, P Aldus, K Burgess 17-6; V McArdle, J Rickerty, H Guckian 8-12; M Kirby, H Woodards, M Amos 17-11; J Evans, A Vickery, J Davies 8-9.

They say that outdoor bowls is a summer sport, but this game was played in the teeth of a bitterly cold wind, but once again Banwell won this mixed game against Prattens. Hilary Guckian skipped his rink to a storming win as Banwell took the points.

Banwell 83, Prattens 63: M Kirby, K Wright, P Botting, B Taylor 21-14; J Wright, P Kirby, T Brice, P Villis 13-20; D Baker, S White, J Amos, H Guckian 30-8; M Garfield, G Bean, V McArdle, A Vickery 19-21.

The new outdoor season at Wedmore began with a flurry of friendlies and the men started well, winning their two matches.

Away to City of Wells in a triples match, Wedmore won 3-1 on rinks, but that hid some big score fluctuations and squeezed out their victory of 63-60 overall.

John Runciman’s men started well, accelerated away with a five score on end six and never looked back, winning 12 of 18 ends and by 20 shots to nine.

Clive Panchaud’s boys started fast and led for nine ends but were caught on end 10. This sparked a revival and Wedmore stayed in front, putting the icing on the cake with a six on end 17, winning 18-15.

Keith Burt’s lads started slowly, registering their first score on end six but caught the opposition on end 12, then it was tight right to the end but Wedmore won 16-14. Clive Wheller’s rink had a hard time, going down nine shots to 22.

At home to Bridgwater, the men had a convincing 107-92 win, although it was three-all on rinks.

Keith Pettit and co took hold of their game on end six and went on to win 12 ends, 31 shots to 10 including 17 shots on the last four ends, primed by a seven score.

Dave Nicholls led his group to a 19-12 victory despite a dry period on the last five ends. Keith Burt’s rink also registered a 19-12 win, having led from start to finish.

Roy Thurkettle and support trailed for a long time, came within two shots at end 13, fell back again but three shots over the last two ends produced a 15-17 shots conclusion.

Roger Hughes’ side were still in the game at end 11, only two shots down but a strong finish by Bridgwater gave them victory by 11 shots to 19. John Runciman’s trio found it hard to get a foothold on the match and lost 12-22.

The ladies’ first match was a bumpy home victory to Wells, with a very close result of 49-48 shots overall and one-two on rinks.

Pam Beard’s ladies laid the foundation for the club win by racking up 24 shots including two fives to Wells’ 11 shots. Elaine Deverill’s rink started well but following their loss of the lead on end four, didn’t get back in the game and lost 14-20.

Margaret Barron’s crew lost by the same margin having trailed throughout, resulting in 11 shots to 17 defeat.

The mixed friendly squad played away twice, losing both matches. Against Street, the rink result of two all plus a tie hid some unfavourable scores - 79 to 98 overall.

John Runciman’s side started strongly, shutting Street out until end six. A couple of dry spells gave them an opportunity to get back in the game but a strong finish gave Wedmore victory by 23 shots to 15.

Dave Collins crew were in cruise control from start to finish, winning by 16-12. Keith Burt’s rink had a close game with the lead changing hands four times and it took a three score on the last end to claim a tie at 17-all.

Ron Barron’s cohort mostly trailed, but were only one shot behind at end 16. Street clinched the last two ends to win 13-18. Alan Birch’s bunch found it hard to score and suffered the indignity of losing 14 shots between ends 14 and 15, final score 10-36.

Away to Wrington on a raw April day, the home side were strongly in front by the halfway stage, but then some of the Wedmore squad began to get the hang of Wrington’s outdoor carpet.

Brian Aston’s squad took the lead for the second time on end six and stayed there with a convincing 18-13 win. Dennis Stansfield’s side were seven shots behind at halfway but kept at it, took the lead on end 14, all square on end 16, but crossed the line as 21-20 victors.

Alan Birch’s rink were stuck on four shots for too long and by the time they resumed scoring were 10 behind. More improvement saw the gap narrow for an 11-18 loss.

Congresbury Ladies 36, Portishead 50 (friendly): J Blagden, J Craig, V Harding, C Andrews 12-16; J Byett, V Tomkinson, C Lewis, A King 14-12; C Wilcock, G Lee, R Horton, B Huggett 10-22.

Congresbury Ladies 45, Caldicot 44 (friendly): J Byett, Guest, R Horton, P Baker 11-15; L Storey, Guest, H Tranmer, D Harrison 20-16; C Wilcock, Guest, C Lewis, C Andrews 14-13.

Congresbury 59, Portishead 20 (National Two Rink): B Baker, T Lewis, D Byett, R Birmingham 28-13; G Wilcock, R King, C Shipway, B Herbison 31-7.

Winscombe men won their two friendly matches last week.

The home game against Long Ashton was won by 33 shots with Malcolm Dorrington’s rink winning by 29 shots proving to be decisive. The other home game against Clevedon was also won by four rinks to two and by 29 shots.

Winscombe also won their away mixed game against Mark Moor and although only winning two of the five rinks, still managed to win overall by 20 shots.

Winscombe 84, Mark Moor 74: P Pow, P Burns, R Lowman 9-15; M Howell, Mavis Adams, Mike Adams 12-16; A Pow, M Sprouting, J Sprouting 12-19; C Hopes, M Newing, M Nash 28-5; D Brown, S Nash, P Fredersdorff 23-19.

Winscombe 91, Long Ashton 58: G Lloyd, D Phillips, M Fletcher, M Dorrington 38-9; M Newing, R Knight, L Collier, R Lowman 15-15; J Sprouting, A Pow, A Dudley, M Adams 15-20; D Brown, J Mingo-West, P Fredersdorff, W Ainsworth 23-14.

Winscombe 114, Clevedon 85: P John, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 12-23; M Smart, L Collier, R Lowman 11-21; D Johnson, M Fletcher, T Ellis 27-9; G Lloyd, T Dudley, M Adams 21-15; P Cast, R Kibble, W Ainsworth 20-8; J Sprouting, B Paul, M Dorrington 23-9.

Winscombe Ladies got off to a great start in the Wessex League in their first game at home to North Petherton. They won by 17 shots and on all three rinks to pick up a maximum 10 points.

Winscombe 61(10), North Petherton 44 (0): C Hopes, P Pow, C Bryant, A Ainsworth 21-13; S Nash, L Parfitt, P Burns, S Lowman 22-18; L Coombe, M Sprouting, M Adams, S Caddy 18-13.

Winscombe Bowling Club is holding an open day on May 27 between 10am and 3pm.

The club boasts one of the finest greens in the county with experienced coaches able to assist any beginner to reach a high standard of play.

Age is no obstacle and Winscombe have a 17-year-old who plays for the Somerset under-25s team and has been playing since he was nine.

If you are not able to attend, contact Robin Lowman on 01275 874850 or Paul Fredersdorff on 01934 822240 who can arrange for free coaching on an alternative day. Visit our website for further details.

On July 8, the men’s triples tournament will again attract entrants from all over the South West.

Teams will play four one-hour matches in two sections with the winners and runners-up playing off for the trophy and £330 prize money. Once again this popular event is sponsored by Avoncrop Amenity Services.

The annual floodlit bowls tournament, sponsored by Orriss & Low Optometrists of Winscombe, will start on August 20, with record prize money of £800.

The competition is open to men, ladies and mixed teams which can consist of bowlers from more than one club. The entry fee of £40 guarantees each team a minimum of three games in the group stages with the top two in each group progressing to the knockout competition.

Contact Winscombe Bowling Club on 01934 843547 or visit their website for full details of both these popular events.

St Andrews Ladies finished up on all three rinks in a triples friendly away to their Eastover Park counterparts to register their first victory of the fledgling outdoor season.

Newcomer Jill Bishop made a winning debut on Ann Campbell’s rink, while Jane Smith’s four had the highest victory margin, 12 shots.

Eastover Park Ladies 27, St Andrews 51: M Wride, B Mangan, D Baker 14-9; J Bishop, M Frost, A Campbell 17-10; J Forse, J Pitman, J Smith 20-8.

Debbie Baker captained St Andrews Ladies for the first time as they went down by six shots at home to Clevedon Prom in a triples friendly.

Myra Bailey’s trio picked up four shots on the last two ends to win by two. Barbara Mangan’s rink finished even more strongly, scoring 10 on the last three ends, including a six, to finish seven ahead, having been three behind.

However, a heavy defeat on the third rink meant that Saints Ladies lost overall.

St Andrews Ladies 51, Clevedon Prom 57: J Webb, M Pattenden, M Frost 13-28; J Forse, D Baker, M Bailey 17-15; C Venn, D Johnston, B Mangan 21-14.

Wessex Ladies’ first match, as always, was against Chew Stoke and resulted in a win, although the match was amicably shortened because of rain.

Wessex Ladies 31, Chew Stoke 23: P Turner, J Gardiner, M Davis, J Duffy 13-7; B Hayes, E Stott, E Williams, B Jones 7-12; V Edwards, S Hewitt, M Hawkins, P Taylor 11-4.

Wessex Ladies 37, Long Ashton 45 (friendly): C Peart, J Gardiner, P Turner, J Duffy 19-14; E Stott, S Hewitt, E Wade, E Williams 7-16; V Edwards, E Deane, N Peters, M Hawkins 11-15.

Wessex Ladies 60 (8), Mark Moor 45 (2) (Wessex League): J Hartree, E Wade, A Ward, J Duffy 21-10; P Turner, J Davis, M Davis P Taylor 25-13; V Edwards, A Crawford, E Williams, B Jones 14-22.

It was not the best start to the Mendip League for Victoria Ladies, with defeat to newcomers to the Mendip League, Keynsham.

Victoria Whites 42, Keynsham 49: N Whyte, S Sokol, C Stevens 13-11; M Slavin, S Milliner, M Hillman 18-22; H Chesters, C Sage, S Newman 11-16.

Victoria Ladies 39, Page Park 24 (friendly): H Frye, S Sokol, K Wilson 14-4; C Sage, C Stevens, S Newman 15-7; G Poolman, S Milliner, A Holland 10-13.

Damp conditions prevailed and 15 ends constituted a match in Clarence Ladies’ first of the NSTL season.

Despite taking two of the available three rinks, they lost on overall shots. Rink of the day goes marginally to Christine Hooper and Janet Anning skipped by Mary Davison, who were all square with three to play when they stormed ahead taking five shots and all ends.

Clarence Ladies 31, Portishead RBL 42: P Fowler, S Pritchard, J Mannoin 4-21; C Hooper, J Anning, M Davison 15-10; S Scoins, R Jones, V Collicott 14-11.

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