Banwell register excellent victory over reigning champions

PUBLISHED: 09:19 12 August 2016 | UPDATED: 09:19 12 August 2016

St Andrew Ladies v Ashcombe.

St Andrew Ladies v Ashcombe.


Banwell recorded an excellent county league victory over Ilminster, the reigning league champions.

Banwell A recorded one of their best-ever results by beating current Premier One champions Ilminster A.

Ilminster went the whole of the last season undefeated, but thanks to some grit and determination, Banwell won the match this year by two shots. All three rinks of Banwell left it late in this closely-fought game.

On rink one, J Davies’ rink were four shots down on the 19th end, but picked up four shots in the last two ends to draw. On rink two, D Johnston and his four were three shots down on the 19th end, but picked three shots on the last two ends to draw.

On rink four, M Davies’ quartet were four shots down on the 19th end, but picked up six on the last two ends to win.

Banwell 56 910), Ilminster 54 (2): H Woodards, R Smith, B Taylor, J Davies 19-19; G Millard, L Pheasant, C Wilson, D Johnston 19-19; T Hyde, P Aldus, P Villis, M Davies 18-16.

The B team are currently just outside the relegation zone after a frustrating and narrow defeat to Mark Moor. Losing the match by only three shots, Banwell need at least one victory in their remaining two games.

Banwell B 52 (2), Mark Moor 55 (10): A Cockayne, T Brice, M House, J Laurent 22-16; J Evans, G Hollier, C Coffin, M Laycock 16-24; T Burnett, S White, T Garfield, J Rickerty 14-15.

In the only friendly match, Banwell sneaked a win by one shot over local rivals Ashcombe. Although it had been raining the previous two days, and it was still drizzling when the sides set foot on the Ashcombe ground, the green bowled well and thanks to the rink skipped by Mal Laycock, Banwell had the bragging rights.

Banwell 73, Ashcombe 72: G Hollier, M House, J Rickerty, J Laurent 16-22; J Evans, T Brice, D Robinson, K Burgess 19-18; T Garfield, B Keith, C Coffin, B Taylor 15-20; T Hyde, J Amos, H Woodards, M Laycock 23-12.

Ashcombe’s men saw action in five league matches in the past week.

In the Weston and District Over-60s League, the Crusaders scored an impressive win over Wedmore and a further win over St Andrews. Ashcombe’s Templars went down heavily in their match against Yatton.

Ashcombe’s A and C teams had matches in the Somerset Bowls League, with the C team scoring an impressive win over Chew Stoke.

Ashcombe Crusaders 107, Wedmore 82: J Whitlow, M Southwood, J Creasey 19-13; L Cox, J Hornett, R Powell 19-9; D Cooper, B Benstead, G Wilkinson 17-8; G Kinsey, G Tottle, T Cotterell 18-11; S Hedges, A Little, J Taylor 18-17; T Morgan, D Bleasdale, L Day 16-25.

Ashcombe Crusaders 104, St Andrews 97: D Cooper, B Benstead, G Wilkinson 18-21; J Whitlow, M Southwood, J Creasey 14-11; L Cox, J Hornett, R Powell 21-10; D Bleasdale, A Little, J Taylor 21-11; T Morgan, G Tottle, T Cotterell 10-27; G Kinsey, T Bass, L Day 20-17.

Ashcombe Templars 69, Yatton 146: B Duncan, J McKenzie, G Fews 9-20; R Smith, J Bryant, S Andrews 5-29; G Tucker, K Davies, N Coombes 25-19; R Cole, M Butt, B Miles 15-14; P March, M Badman, E Booth 11-29; M Griffiths, M Unwin, N Shufflebotham 4-36.

Ashcombe A 45, Nailsea A 68: M Paterson, T Bass, L Day, J Whitlow 13-24; R Powell, D Cooper, M West, J Taylor 18-22; N Coombes, B Underhay, S Hedges, J Creasey 14-22.

Ashcombe C 67, Chew Stoke B 51: G Tucker, P March, B Miles, J Main 14-25; C Gerlach, W Spring, A Tucker, B Benstead 25-11; M Butt, R Stokes, J McKenzie, G Wilkinson 28-15.

Four friendly matches, three home and one away, rounded off a busy week with a mixed bag of results.

Ashcombe 72, Banwell 73: M Unwin, M Bass, N Shufflebotham, D.A Williams 22-16; G Tucker, B Duncan, D Wynne, M West 18-19; M Tripp, W Spring, M Paterson, G Sansam 20-15; M Butt, B Miles, J McKenzie, R Tasker 12-23.

Ashcombe 50, Knowle 72: D Freestone, G Mills, R Tasker 12-20; M Butt, G Pople, G Sansam 13-11; G Tucker, M Tripp, M Paterson 9-18; M Griffiths, B Alpin, B Duncan 16-23.

Ashcombe 108, Kenfig & Pyle 126 (mixed): A Bass, S Noyes, S Hopkins, E Hopkins 21-33; F Bertram, A Cox, K Hallett, J Hornett 25-12; L Owens, A Bryant, B Alden, D Wynne 12-16; D Underhay, J Matthews, J Oliver, T Morgan 18-20; P Wynne, M Bass, C Hedges, R Tasker 15-23; L Cox, A Jenkins, R Counsell, K Wheeler 17-22.

Ashcombe 89, Maesteg 76: M Bass, R Smith, B Alden, R Tasker 14-15; D Freestone, B Miles, L Cox, J Whitlow 17-16; G Fews, C Gerlach, M Paterson, D Sansam 18-14; D Wynne, G Tucker, N Shufflebotham, T Bass 21 18; T Morgan, M Butt, D.A Williams, G Wilkinson 19-13.

Victoria travelled to play North Petherton in the Turnbull Cup and were soundly beaten by 45 shots.

Club captain Harrison Whyte acknowledged there were no excuses, the weather was good, the green excellent and North Petherton played outstanding bowls.

The only crumb of comfort was a single rink win by Pete Wyatt, Lee Stocker, Tony Bray and Paul Leadbeater.

Victoria A suffered a heavy defeat in the county league, losing all three rinks. The B team however fared better, with a three-shot win over Portishead RBL B, earning eight points with a sole rink win by John Mingoe-West, Phil Fisher, Alan Shattock and skip Mike Stocker.

Victoria Saxons maintained their 100 per cent winning sequence in the Over-60s Triples League, beating Portishead RBL by 20 shots with four winning rinks. The most impressive was a 10-shot win by Malcolm Campbell, Dave Sealey and Alan Yates.

The Vikings played Portishead in the Over-60s League and while losing overall, won three rinks the most improbable being the rink of Carmine Santosuosso, Terry Gatehouse and Graham Hodge, who overturned a lead of 10 shots to win by the narrowest margin of a sole shot.

Victoria 50, North Petherton 95: R Bromet, H Gibbs, C Gazzard, M Cooper 11-26; D Beard, P Fisher, J Newman, M Stocker 10-26; D Fairhurst, A Yates, C Heal, S Davies 8-23; P Wyatt, L Stocker, A Bray, P Leadbeater 21-20.

Victoria A 40 (0), Watchet 77 (12): P Wyatt, L Stocker, M, Stocker, C Gazzard 11-27; P Coumis D Beard, A Bray, M Cooper 13-30; R Bromet, P Fisher, P Leadbeater, S Davies 16-20.

Victoria B 61 (8), Portishead RBL B 58 (4): J Mingo-West, P Fisher, A Shattock, M Stocker 32-17; P Coumis, D Wheatly, M Manning, K Holland 11-20; R Bromet, H Whyte H Gibbs, D Hurst 18-21.

Victoria Saxons 93 (16), Portishead RBL 73 (4): M Campbell, D Sealey, A Yates 24-14; B Pocock, J Newman, K Holland 18-12; J Mingo-West, D Hurst, C Heal 13-17; R Bromet, A Bray, M Stocker 20-14; R Hollier, P Lunn, M Cooper 11-20; H Whyte, D Williams, A Shattock 18-16.

Victoria Vikings 89 (6), Portishead 109 (14): R Hollier, C Chudley, D Jones 20-16; L Kelly, D Roberts, T Broughton 14-13; C Santosuosso, T Gatehouse, G Hodge 19-18; J Griffiths, B Saward, E Sage 10-22; A Waygood, J Langridge, J Smart 11-16; J Turton, T Gilbert, G Frost 15-24.

Already in the semi-final of the 4 Dimensions, Clarence’s win over St Andrews puts them into a second semi, this time in the Wedmore Plate.

Rink three skipped by David Stott won by a magnificent 18 shots, followed by skip Gerry Barlow’s rink securing an eight-shot victory.

Club captain Mick Edlin expressed great joy at reaching two semi-finals in his first season of being captain at the club.

Clarence 81, St Andrews 59: J Loveridge, T Mannion, B Ballinger, R Crawford 14-15; S Browning, D Grier, B Sweet, D Stott 29-11; A Gardiner, M Cerasoli, M Phillips, R Burrough 15-18; M Edlin, R Smith, B Duffy, G Barlow 23-15.

An impressive 11-shot victory by Nick Sell’s rink was the sole highlight of St Andrews A’s Somerset County League away defeat by Keynsham A.

Sell has yet to lose a game at skip, but while he and his rink piled up 30 shots, the other two Saints’ fours found the heavy green not to their liking, going down by a total of 25.

Keynsham A 77, St Andrews A 63: R Wootten, I Lamb, G Webber, N Sell 30-19; R Brereton, J Keay, A McMillan, B Forse 14-25; G Sims, B May, D Favis, D Bailey 19-33.

An unsuccessful week for Saints began with a heavy defeat away to last year’s Weston & District Over-60s League champions Winscombe. They picked up only three points, thanks to a six-shot win by Barrie Forse’s triple and a draw by Danny Favis.

Winscombe 117 (17), St Andrews 73 (3): R Potter, B McLeod, G Wride 15-21; A Frost, G Cooper, R Venn 6-23; M Goddard, T Ware, D Favis 19-19; G Sims, J Keay, B Forse 19-13; B Rogers, J Ling, T Steer 7-18; A Cooper, B May, D Bailey 7-25.

On the following evening, Saints’ hopes of progressing in the county Wedmore Plate were ended at the quarter-final stage by old rivals Clarence, 22-shot winners at home. Narrow victories for Nick Sell and Barrie Forse were cancelled out by emphatic defeats on the other two rinks.

Clarence 81, St Andrews 59: T Yeeles, G Cooper, K Curtis, N Sell 15-14; A Cooper, R Venn, K Uglow, B May 11-29; R Wootten, J Keay, A McMillan, B Forse 18-15; M Goddard, T Ware, D Favis, D Bailey 15-23.

Another defeat, this time at home to Ashcombe Crusaders in the Over-60s League. Barrie Forse’s trio came up with the goods once again, finishing 17 shots ahead. But the nine dropped in the last five ends by the other winning triple proved crucial as Ashcombe won by seven shots

St Andrews 97 (4), Ashcombe Crusaders 104 (16): A Cooper, M Goddard, D Favis 21-18; R Wootten, B McLeod, G Webber 11-14; R Gordon, G Cooper, J Warren 10-21; D Reynolds, B May, D Bailey 11-21; G Sims, J Keay, B Forse 27-10; B Rogers, J Ling, T Ware 17-20.

There was some consolation for St Andrews, as they won by 29 shots against tourists Maesteg Welfare. They won four of the five rinks.

St Andrews 81, Maesteg Welfare 52: P Smart, A Cooper, R Wootten, G Webber 15-13; G Sims,. K Rodgers, J Ling, J Warren 16-6; R Gordon, M Simpson, R Brereton, N Sell 20-10; R Smith, D Reynolds, B Green, K Curtis 16-6; A Frost, R Lee, A McMillan, T Ware 14-17.

In the club competitions, 14-year-old Imogen Cracknell reached the final of the ladies’ championship, beating Jackie Pitman 21-15 in a wonderful match. Barrie Forse beat Jim Keay 27-19 in the semi-final of the men’s handicap competition.

There were mixed fortunes for Winscombe in the Weston Over-60s League, winning one and losing one.

They had a good win against St Andrews winning by 47 shots, but despite tieing the rinks on a heavy green, lost by seven shots at Burnham. In a mixed match also against Burnham, Winscombe lost at home by 11 shots.

The second leg of the annual friendly matches against Bridgwater saw Winscombe gain the double and win by 30 shots at Bridgwater.

In the county league match, Winscombe A could not get the better of West Backwell and picked up just two points for Mike Adam’s winning rink. They lost the match by nine shots.

Winscombe 120, Burnham 109: A Bourgourd, R Lowis, S Lowman, R Lowman 16-19; D Sapsford, S Nash, B Andrews, M Nash 21-23; L Coombe, J Rush, G Coombe, M Dorrington 36-9; R Sapsford, R Weller, P Burns, W Weller 20-23; A Griffin, P Hopes, S Lowis, P Fredersdorff 14-20; D Brown. J Wiles, G Hill, L Fredersdorff 13-15.

Winscombe 119 (17), St Andrews 72 (3): M Fletcher, T Dudley, M Adams 13-19; M Newing, G Coombe, R Birmingham 21-15; B Paul, M Hunter, R Lacy 19-19; K Whatling, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 18-6; D Brown, G Neville, T Ellis 25-7; G Lloyd, B Kibble, R Lowman 23-6.

Winscombe 86 (6), Burnham 93 (14): M Fletcher, J Sprouting, M Adams 7-20; M Newing, B Kibble, R Lacy 10-16; B Paul, L Collier, R Lowman 21-12; K Whatling, M Nash, T Dudley 16-14; D Brown, G Neville, T Ellis 20-13; G Lloyd, M Hunter, W Ainsworth 12-18.

Winscombe 101, Bridgwater 71: D Johnson, D Phillips, K Whatling, R Lacy 18-13; R Sapsford, M Hunter, R Lowman, A Dudley 18-10; P Cast, B Andrews, S Easterby, M Dorrington 28-12; M Newing, R Lowis, W Ainsworth, M Nash 15-21; P Hopes, M Hunter, L Collier, M Adams 22-15.

Winscombe 55 (2), West Backwell 64 (10): R Sapsford, G Coombe, P Fredersdorff, T Ellis 18-19; K Whatling, S Easterby, A Dudley, M Dorrington 15-30; W Ainsworth, G Neville, R Lowman, M Adams 22-15.

Wedmore defeated Long Ashton by 55 shots in the Clevedon & District Cup semi-final and now meet Portishead RBL on September 16.

Roger Hughes and his team had a day to remember winning by 40 shots to 3.

Wedmore 131, Long Ashton 76: M Barron, J Harris, R Barron 21-10, A Birch, C Panchaud, E Payne 24-12; D Trow, D Stansfield, K Pettit 19-20; V Matthew, D Collins, C Moss 6-13; J Runciman, I Gallop, R Hughes 40-3; T Brown, K Burt, D Nicholls 21-8.

The men faced a tough challenge playing away against Ashcombe Crusaders, losing the Weston & District Over-60s League match by 24 shots.

Clive Panchaud and his team had the only win of the day 25-16, scoring 11 shots on the last three ends to clinch the game.

Wedmore 83, Ashcombe Crusaders 107: T Collingwood, J Runciman, K Pettit 13-19; A Birch, I Faulkner, K Burt 9-19; C Wheller, D Collins, R Barron 8-17; P Smith, S Newdick, D Stansfield 11-18; D Trow, T Bullock, C Moss 17-18; V Matthews, I Gallop, C Panchaud 25-10.

In their second good win of the week in the Clevedon & District Over-60s League, Wedmore played at home against Congresbury and won by eight shots. Keith Pettit and his team had the best win of the day 28-14.

Wedmore 104, Congresbury 96: T Hamblin, I Gallop, R Hughes 11-17; R Hunt, R Norris, K Pettit 28-14; A Birch, I Faulkner, K Burt 14-15; C Wheller, M Grosvenor, R Barron 18-12; D Trow, C Panchaud, T Brown 10-25; V Matthews, D Collins, J Harris 23-13.

It was a mixed week for the Wedmore Ladies with one good win and two losses. In a WLL match played at home against Mark Moor, Wedmore earned 10 points winning by 25 shots. Elanine Deverill and her team had the best win of the day 23-10.

Wedmore Ladies 63, Mark Moor 38: B Clark, J Wheller, T Newell, E Deverill 23-10; J Collins, D Gallop, C Pettit, G Harvey 19-14; J Collingwood, J Hunt, P Beard, S Wederall 21-14.

The ladies played away at Wrington in a Mendip League Triples match and lost by 41 shots to 64 in blustery conditions. Pam Beard and her team had the only win of the day 21-10.

Wedmore Ladies 41, Wrington 64: J Collins, A Birch, P Beard 21-10; P Jenkins, M Stansfield, E Deverill 11-30; B Disbrey, M Barron, M Hordle 9-24.

Clarence visited Wedmore for a WDL match and the visitors won by 22 shots. Marie Trow and her team had the only success of the day winning 19-9.

Wedmore Ladies 35, Clarence 57: B Disbrey, J Wheller, M Trow 19-9; M Green, A Birch, G Harvey 11-19; D Gallop, M Barron, C Pettit 5-29.

In a mixed friendly played away at Chew Stoke, the Wedmore team won by a respectable 128 shots to 91. In a match of high scores, Jean Wheller and her team had the best win 28-8.

Winscombe Ladies played St Andrews twice, first in the Iris Owen Trophy at St Andrews where they lost by 14 shots.

Winscombe Ladies 31, St Andrews 45: M Sprouting, L Whatling, W Weller 13-16; L Coombe, S Lowis, L Fredersdorff 12-13; C Hopes, M Adams, S Caddy 6-16.

However, it was a different story in the Fear Cup at Winscombe. All three rinks had tight battles. After 20 ends there was only one shot between the teams, but St Andrews had the better finish and won by four shots.

Winscombe Ladies 56, St Andrews 60: M Howell, S Nash, L Whatling, M Adams 18-26; I Miles, L Dyer, J Rush, W Weller 22-15; C Hopes, L Parfitt, L Fredersdorff, S Lowman 16-19.

Winscombe 36 (2), Portishead RBL 51 (8) (NST): C Hopes, L Parfitt ,W Weller 9-19; P Burns, S Nash, L Fredersdorff 7-30; J Rush, S Lowis, A Ainsworth 20-2. Friendly rink: A Bougourd, M Howell, M Sprouting 11-13.

On a lovely sunny afternoon, Winscombe put up a great challenge but only managed to win on one rink. Angela Ainsworth and her rink gained two points for Winscombe. The scores did not reflect the closeness of the game.

Winscombe Ladies 28, Long Ashton 60 (NST): M Sprouting, J Rush, W Weller 13-14; I Miles, M Adams, A Ainsworth 9-26; C Hopes, S Nash, S Lowman 6-20.

Wessex Ladies had two winning rinks skipped by Pat Taylor and Ann Fewings, but unfortunately could not cover the loss on the third rink in this Fear Plate match.

Wessex Ladies 53, North Petherton 67: P Turner, M Hawkins, B Jones, P Taylor 20-19; V Edwards, D Welfare, M Davis, A Fewings 20-10; N Peters, E Stott, A Ward, E Williams 13-38.

With poor weather conditions, the match versus Clevedon Prom was curtailed at 15 ends and Wessex suffered a loss. However, Wessex came out of the doldrums and took eight points versus North Petherton.

Scores were level at 21 ends on two rinks, but the rink skipped by Elizabeth Williams had a nail biting finish and picked up a four to win.

Wessex Ladies 30 (2), Clevedon Prom 42 (8): B Hayes, E Stott, M Hawkins, P Taylor 11-13; E Wade, J Davis, E Williams, B Jones 5-21; C Peart, N Peters, J Duffy, A Fewings 14-8. Friendly rink: V Gardiner, M Milford, P Dunn, D Welfare 10-13.

Wessex Ladies 57 (8), North Petherton 53 (2): P Turner, M Milford, B Jones, A Ward 16-24; V Edwards, N Peters, M Davis, P Taylor 22-14; V Gardiner J Davis, M Hawkins, E Williams 19-15.

With surplus members wishing to play, a friendly rink within the club was arranged.

Scores: I Hicks, P Dunn, E Stott, P Hanson 18, K Dibble, C Falconbridge, D Welfare, E Wade 21.

Ashcombe Park Ladies defeated Clarence to go through to the quarter-finals of the Fear Cup and now meet St Andrews in September.

The game at 14 ends was very close before Ashcombe scored well on two rinks which secured their victory.

Ashcombe Ladies 67, Clarence 49: N Counsell, J Hughes, M Williams, A Goacher 22-14; L Paterson, S Bayntun, M Tasker, S Weaden 31-16; M Main, M Tucker, J Wilkinson, J McInally 14-19.

Ashcombe Ladies 1, St Andrews 3 (Southey Trophy) – singles: N Counsell 17-23; pairs: M Tucker, A Goacher 22-17; triples: M Main, J Wilkinson, J McInally 9-25; fours: L Paterson, S Bayntun, M Tasker, M Weaden 9-25.

St Andrews Ladies excelled themselves at the weekend, reaching the quarter-finals of the two main county competitions in the space of three days.

They came through a nail-biting away tie with their Winscombe counterparts to reach the last eight of the Fear Cup, in which they were runners-up last season. They were 3-1 home winners in the Southey Trophy against Ashcombe, whom they meet in the Fear Cup quarter-finals.

At Winscombe, Saints looked on the way to defeat, trailing by five shots with two ends left. But Monica Pattenden’s quartet had a last-end four to win by eight, while an excellent take-out shot by Meg Favis gave her team victory by three.

Ann Campbell’s four, the last to finish, needed to avoid dropping more than two shots to ensure overall victory and their lead Judy Forse nailed her first wood to ensure that Saints went through.

Winscombe Ladies 56, St Andrews 60: C Venn, M McMillan, M Bailey, D Favis 19-16; J Forse, J Smith, J Pitman, A Campbell 15-22; I Cracknell, J Ware, A Powell, M Pattenden 26-18.

In the four-discipline Southey Trophy, Ann Campbell’s rink started with a six and never looked back. The triple were always in command but with the pair up against it, much depended on Carolina Venn in the singles.

Having been 15-7 ahead, she lost seven of the next nine ends as the score reached 17-all. However, Venn scored six shots in the last two ends to pick up the point her team needed. They are away to Victoria Ladies in the quarter-finals.

St Andrews Ladies 3, Ashcombe 1 – singles: C Venn 23-17; pairs: I Cracknell/A Powell 17-22; triples: J McMillan, J Ware, M Favis 25-9; fours: J Forse, M Pattenden, J Pitman, A Campbell 31-12 (18 ends).

Saints Ladies maintained their challenge for the DRT League championship with a comprehensive away victory over their Long Ashton counterparts.

They won on all three rinks. Meg Favis’s quartet had two sixes in their eight-shot victory, while Myra Bailey’s team finished 17 ahead and Ann Campbell’s six clear.

Long Ashton 29 (0), St Andrews Ladies 60 (10): J Forse, D Johnston, M Frost, A Campbell 16-10; I Cracknell, I Tofte, J Ware, M Favis 20-12; D Baker, B Goddard, A Powell, M Bailey 24-7.

Saints Ladies will take a 14-shot advantage into the second leg of the annual Iris Owen Cup against Winscombe, having won all three rinks at home.

St Andrews Ladies 45, Winscombe 31: I Cracknell, J Ware, M Favis 13-12; J Forse, M Bailey, A Campbell 16-13; D Baker, A Greenwood, M Pattenden 16-6.

Victoria Ladies’ participation in the Fear Plate came to end with defeat against North Petherton by 11 shots.

Sole rink winners for Victoria were Brenda Williams, Sandra Milliner, Sue Sokol and Annie Holland.

Victoria played two games in the Weston & District Triples League with contrasting results. An excellent win against Burnham with the triple of Hannah Frye, Fiona Waters and Sue Pocock reigning supreme with a 13-shot win, but a big defeat against Portishead with the consolation of a sole point gained from the drawn rink of Brenda Williams, Chris Stevens and Annie Holland.

The mixed friendly squad were in action against GB Britton and Chew Stoke. GB Britton fielded a strong team winning the game by 15 shots with Victoria’s only successful rink skipped by Derek Hurst with Maureen Slavin, Kay Wilson and Fiona Waters.

Chew Stoke suffered a heavy defeat losing all five rinks to Victoria, the game was played in excellent spirit and the hospitality at Chew Stoke was much enjoyed.

Victoria Ladies 47, North Petherton 58: N Whyte, K Wilson, S Pocock, S Cooper, 13-22; H Frye, C Willetts, C Stevens, R Cleeves, 16-21; B Williams, S Milliner, S Sokol, A Holland, 18-15.

Victoria Ladies 50 (8), Burnham 44 (2): H Frye, F Waters, S Pocock, 26-13; B Williams, C Stevens, S Cooper, 9-18; R Bailey, S Sokol, R Cleeves, 15-13.

Victoria Ladies 41 (1), Portishead 65 (11): K Wilson, R Cleeves, S Cooper, 15-20; N Whyte, E Newport, S Newman, 8-27; B Williams, C Stevens, A Holland, 18-18.

Victoria 104, GB Britton 119: H Chesters, S Pocock, C Stevens, C Chudley 17-18; M Slavin, K Wilson, F Waters, D Hurst 26-10; J Johnson, T Gatehouse, A Holland, K Holland 13-22; V Worthington, H Frye, D Parker, E Sage 20-21; C Santosousso B Williams, B Johnson, J Newman 16-24; W Nicholls, L Kelly, R Cleeves, B Pocock 12-24.

Victoria 111, Chew Stoke 42: C Sanosousso H Frye, R Bromet, S Newman 25-11; H Chesters, B Pocock, J Newman 23-8; B Williams, E Sage, B Johnson 23-7; N Whyte, S Pocock, D Jones 22-6; J Johnson, C Sage, H Whyte 18-10.

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