Banwell stay in the top division

PUBLISHED: 09:33 07 September 2012

Gordon Sansam for Ashcombe BC.

Gordon Sansam for Ashcombe BC.


Banwell defeated Victoria to confirm their place in Premier One of the Somerset County League for next season.

BANWELL Bowling Club won two league games, but lost out in the Four Dimensions final in the past week.

The A team faced Victoria A at home in a fixture Banwell needed to win to guarantee their place in Premier One of the Somerset County League.

Although they lost on one rink, Banwell got the important game points and won 67-61 gaining 10 valuable points and are now the only club from the Weston area in the top division of the Somerset leagues.

Banwell A 67, Victoria A 61: R Smith, L Smith, C Wilson, P Owen 18-23; T Garfield, G Millard, H Guckian, B Taylor 27-18; T Hyde, H Woodards, K Burgess, J Davies 22-20

With their place now secure, Banwell A travelled to Bath A for the final game of the season, with only bragging rights at stake.

Banwell fought hard and with some good bowling throughout, it was left to club president Barry Taylor who rolled back the years with a fine drawing wood to clinch his rink points and ensure the match was won.

Banwell A 62, Bath A 57: R Smith, L Smith, A Vickery, P Owen 21-25; T Garfield, G Millard, H Guckian, B Taylor 21-16; T Hyde, H Woodards, C Wilson, J Davies 20-16.

Banwell B put up solid performances against tough opposition and in what has been an experience after last year’s promotion, all those who played can hold their heads high and all the matches were fulfilled.

Banwell B 39 (0), Portishead RBL B 75 (12): D Walker, K Paige, J Amos, T Byrnes 13-32; M House, J Evans, F Lewis, J Laurent 16-18; T Winstone, D Robinson, M Laycock, J Rickerty 10-25.

Banwell B 43 (0), Bristol B 75 (12): D Walker, F Lewis, J Amos, J Laurent 16-21; T Thompson, J Evans, T Byrnes, K Burgess 13-27; T Burnett, M Laycock, J Rickerty 14-27.

Banwell faced a strong Portishead RBL team in the final of the North Somerset Four Dimensions competition at Burnham, but on a rare summer’s day Banwell were runners-up this time losing 3-1 in the four disciplines.

Club captain Chris Wilson was unlucky to lose the singles game against the RBL captain 18-21. In the pairs, Trevor Garfield and Phil Owen came up against a Portishead duo that could do no wrong and lost 16-34.

The triples of Tony Hyde, Kim Burgess and the redoubtable John Davies were victorious 20-13, they are still trying to repair a rink marker at Burnham after one of John’s driving woods!

The rink of Ryan Smith, Liam Smith, Hilary Guckian and Barry Taylor also narrowly lost their game 23-18.

ASHCOMBE Park Bowls Club held its annual president’s day, with the ladies beating the men 149-146.

There were 10 rinks of triples and the highest scoring ladies’/men’s rinks received a prize and the lowest scoring a booby prize.

Highest scoring ladies rink was J Main, D Underhay and J Sansam and lowest scoring rink was C Hedges, B Groves and F Bertram. Highest scoring men’s rink was A Williams, R Powell and B Webber and lowest scoring rink was A Goacher, J Wilkinson and B Benstead.

Presidents Mrs V Webber and Mr J Creasey provided a delicious cream tea, which went down well with the bowlers.

The match against touring side Ebbw Vale was abandoned due to heavy rain after nine ends.

Ashcombe Knights 84, Clarence Blues 101: A Cracknell, I Baker, J Main 23-15; R Counsell, G Kinsey, T Bass 14-16; B Noyes, A Freke, E Hooper 8-21; D Underhay, B Underhay, E Hopkins 10-20; B Jones, D Cooper, R Simmons 17-10; M Parry, G Mills, W Spring 12-19.

Ashcombe 46, Victoria D 66 (County League): G Tucker, N Coombes, M Brummell, R Tasker 28-27; J Gilmore, G Sansam, I Baker, P Gaulton 20-15; D Underhay, F Ham, R Simmons, A Freke 18-24.

Ashcombe Templers 103, Mark Moor 91: T Bull, J Main, R Tasker 12-18; M Paterson, G Tucker, M Bass 24-14; M Unwin, T Pople, T Cottrell 23-15; M Field, N Coombes, P Gaulton 12-19; F Bertram, M Brummell, L Cox 8-18; B Benstead, D Underhay, K Hallett 24-7.

Ashcombe Park 46, Victoria D 66 (County League): J Gilmore, G Sansam, I Baker, P Gaulton 20-15; G Tucker, N Coombes, M Brummell, R Tasker 8-27; D Underhay, F Ham, R Simmons, A Freke18-24.

Ashcombe 70, New Tredegar 65 (friendly): P Sheppard, M Parry, L Cox, J Price 21-14; R Lewis, R Counsell, R Powell, G Wilkinson 20-11; P Robinson, J Main, E Hooper, J Whitton 17-17; B Benstead, G Fews, S Hedges, T Williams 12-13.

ST ANDREWS held their club finals over the weekend with the games not affected by rain, although the weather was mixed.

Men’s championship: S Davies 21, M Simpson 12; handicap: P Villis 24, P Aldus 12; two-wood: B Forse 22, M Goddard 6; pairs: R Brereton and D Bailey 24, J Warren and A Horsburgh 13; triples: M Simpson, B Reeves and B Forse 22, G Tofte, R McLeod and A Horsburgh 14; over-65s championship: B. Green 21, K Uglow 15; over-65s pairs: B Rogers and D Bailey 19, K Rodgers and B Reeves 16; non-winners: M Simpson 23, A Cooper 7; mixed pairs: Mrs M Wride and B Reeves 25, Mrs J Forse and P Villis 15.

Ladies’ championship: C Venn 21, J Ware 12; two-wood: C Venn 19, A Campbell 15; pairs: J Forse and A Campbell 23, W Allen and J Smith 20; two-wood pairs: P Uglow and A Campbell 15, I Tofte and E Blight 14; triples: P Uglow, S Glenville and M Favis 22, M Wride, D Johnston and J Pitman 12; Hope Shield: E Blight 21, I Tofte 15.

The Spartans won another Over-60s Division One game, this time at Winscombe, and the Saints lost in a mixed friendly when they travelled to Wells.

St Andrews Spartans 120, Winscombe 87 (Over-60s Triples): R McLeod, B May, D Bailey 29-9; B Rogers, A Horsburgh, A Steer 17-11; R Smith, P Villis, D Favis 22-20; G Tofte, B Reeves, B Forse 17-15; M Goddard, R Venn, G Guest 20-15; K Parker, T Allen, G Wride 15-17.

St Andrews 46, City of Wells 63 (mixed friendly): Mrs B Goddard, P Pattenden, Mrs I Tofte, D Favis 14-27; G Berry, A Cooper, Mrs E Blight, Mrs S Glenville 10-20; M Simpson, J Steer, R Smith, Mrs M Pattenden 22-16.

IT was the final weekend of Somerset County League games with Victoria A travelling to play Bloomfield A needing a win to avoid relegation and the C team were home to Burnham B needing a win to gain promotion.

Victoria A won just the one rink skipped by captain Colin Gazzard with Bloomfield picking up 10 points, who avoided relegation.

David Avery was captain of the C team and after 15 ends the position was healthy with Victoria having one foot on the promotion ladder.

However, it all then started to unravel with 11 shots dropped by two rinks on the 19th end. Eric Sage and George Frost skipped their rinks to victory, but four points was not enough. Burnham B were delighted to pick up eight points and gain promotion instead of Victoria.

Also playing at home was the B team, who gained victory over a weakened Portishead team. Victoria picked up all 12 points with the rinks skipped by Mike Taylor and John Howell both winning by 20 shots.

Victoria D travelled to play Ashcombe C and won by 21 shots, top rink was Nathan Stocker, Ian Linham, Tom Farmer and skip John Downing.

The Saxons played Clevedon Prom in the Weston Over-60s League and were defeated by 21 shots with just two rink wins by skips Mike Taylor and Ken Curtis.

Minehead were the visitors for a friendly and although rink wins were three apiece, Victoria marginally had the shots for overall victory. Club captain Mike Manning skipped his rink of John Codrington, David Roberts and Terry Gatehouse to a 17 shot victory.

Victoria hosted its annual match against Somerset Executive, who this year brought a very strong team and gained a convincing victory.

Both Mike Manning and vice-captain Cliff Chudley won their rinks with club president Dave Williams enjoying a drawn rink.

The game was played in excellent weather and to cap an excellent day, the ladies of the club provided a superb meal.

Victoria held its annual high fives competition with clubs from all corners of the county attending. Whilst the inclement weather never relented, all teams battled through the competition ensuring that the programme was completed.

The five members of Victoria - Mike Manning, Phil Fisher, Tony Bray. Malcolm Campbell and Mike Stocker played against Yeovil in the final which was a nail-biter with the triples and pairs finishing 13-4 for each club. In view of the continuing poor weather, it was decided by all to share the prize money and trophy.

Victoria A 54 (2), Bloomfield A 69 (10) (County League): J Newman, K Curtis, D Williams, M Cooper 16-25; M Campbell, P Fisher, D Hurst, C Gazzard 26-17; H Whyte, T Bray, T Uccellini, M Stocker 12-27.

Victoria B 86 (12), Portishead 39 (0): J Dyet, J Codrington, A Barnes, J Howell 30-10; D Beard, P Wyatt, J Kerr, M Manning 26-19; J Mingo-West, D Roberts, D Jones, M Taylor 30-10.

Victoria C 53 (4), Burnham B 59 (8): B Nicholls, M Willetts, R Austin, E Sage 16-14; T Gilbert, A Waygood, D Avery, G Frost 20-19; F Aldridge, M Milliner, C Chudley, P Newport 17-26.

Victoria D 67 (10), Ashcombe C 46 (2): N Stocker, I Linham, T Farmer, J Downing 28-8; R Jacobs, E Longworth, R Sleep, J Griffiths 24-18; T Webb, R Sparkes, B Saward 15-20.

Saxons 89 (4), Clevedon Prom 110 (16) (Over-60s League): H Whyte, M Manning, M Taylor 18-14; J Codrington, J Mingo-West, J Newman 13-25; M Campbell, D Sealey, K Curtis 20-8; T Gatehouse, G Hodge, K Holland 14-24; P Lunn, A Barnes, K Harvey 11-21; F Aldridge, T Bray, T Uccellini 13-18.

Victoria 115, Minehead 98 (friendly): J Codrington, D Roberts, T Gatehouse, M Manning 26-9; M Milliner, C Chudley, K Harvey, G Frost 19-18; S Thynne, G Richards, H Whyte, J Smart 15-24; G Jones, L Kelly, J Newman, MStocker 30-7; T Gilbert, R Sleep, G Hodge, D Jones 12-20; J Griffiths, A Waygood, R Rockett, M Taylor 13-20.

CLARENCE A clinched the Division One North championship and promotion with a convincing home victory over Winscombe A in their final Somerset County League match of the season.

The home team began the game knowing they needed a minimum of six points to make sure of beating rivals West Backwell to the only promotion spot from their division.

They finished with 10 points, as captain Roger Burrough and his vice-captain Mike Clay both skipped their rinks to impressive victories. Burrough’s men won by 12 and Clay’s by 21, more than compensating for the nine-shot defeat of Paul Tubb’s rink.

The victory meant an immediate return to Premier Two for Clarence, who were relegated at the end of last season, and will be determined to make their stay there longer this time.

Clarence A 71 (10), Winscombe A 47 (2): M Edlin, T Mannion, R Crawford, P Tubb 17-26; B Rossiter, J Keay, P Palmer, M Clay 27-6; T Hooper, T Pritchard, D Stott, R Burrough 27-15.

Clarence Blues beat Ashcombe Knights for the second time this season when they registered a 17-shot away victory in Division One of the Weston & District Over-60s League.

The visitors finished up on four of the six rinks, led, once again by captain Roger Burrough, whose team had the biggest winning margin. Gerry Barlow’s men picked up five shots on the last three ends to win by two.

Ashcombe Knights (4) 81, Clarence Blues 101 (14): L Lakey, H Sparks, D Thomson 15-23; M Clay, T Mannion, G Barlow 16-14; T Ward, J Burgess, M Adams 10-17; A Bishop, J Keay, R Burrough 21-8; T Hooper, J Rogers, P Tubb 20-10; B Rossiter, B Ballinger, P Palmer 19-12.

The Blues’ hopes of avoiding relegation suffered a blow when they lost by 22 shots away to fellow strugglers Clevedon.

The visitors’ only winning rink comprised Mick Edlin, Tony Mannion and Gerald Barlow, who finished 15 shots clear. Otherwise, it was a tale of woe, typified by the fate of John Burgess’s triple, who were 14-9 ahead after 10 ends but failed to score another shot.

Clevedon 106 (18), Clarence Blues 84 (2): T Hooper, J Rogers, P Tubb 8-21; D Jackman, G Cooper, J Burgess 14-27; L Lakey, J Keay, R Burrough 14-19; I Phipps, M Clay, B Ballinger 11-16; M Edlin, T Mannion, G Barlow 24-9; T Ward, B Rossiter, M Adams 13-14.

The Golds, Clarence’s second team in the Over-60s League, shared the rinks in their Division Two home match with Nailsea, but went down by two shots. Brothers Gerry and Maurice Phillips, partnered by Adrian Taylor, picked up six shots on the last four ends to win by one, while Dick Jackman and Mike Davies were the other winning skips.

Clarence Golds 103 (6), Nailsea 105 (14): J Norris, H Dunn, B Hanks 16-23; A Taylor, G Phillips, M Phillips 15-14; J Larvin, T Mannion, M Skyrme 11-21; B Cheffers, J Hicks, D Jackman 21-12; C Tippett, B Rossiter, M Davies 27-19; J Hayes, M Scoins, M Clay 13-16.

Clarence’s Sunday mixed team travelled to Norwest and, after an enjoyable match, lost by 16 shots. They had only one winning rink: Shirley Scoins, Adrian Taylor, team captain Tony Mannion and Dave Stott, who finished 11 shots ahead.

Norwest 89, Clarence 73: Irene Hicks, Audrey Harris, M Scoins, Pam Hawkins 14-23; R Stacey, Elaine Stott, Jan Bishop, Veronica Jones 12-25; Jo Mannion, T Comfort, D Jackman, Joan Davis 17-22; Shirley Scoins, A Taylor, T Mannion, D Stott 30-19.

Clarence’s Bob Rossiter is competing in the British Isles Visually Impaired Bowls Championship at Llandrindod Wells this week. Accompanying Rossiter as his sighted helper is clubmate David Stott.

Rossiter, a former national visually impaired champion, has been selected to represent England in the mixed pairs at the 2013 World Championships, which are being held in Worthing.

WINSCOMBE played their last fixture in the Somerset County game at Clarence Park.

This resulted in victory for Clarence which makes then league champions and are promoted. Winscombe finished mid-table in sixth position.

In the Weston Over-60s League, Winscombe lost to St Andrews who are also chasing top honours. The other friendly games were affected by the weather.

The game against Severn Vale was cancelled and the tourist game against Senghenydd also curtailed in the rain. Winscombe won their mixed game at Bristol Arrows.

Winscombe 52, Senghenydd Tourists 55 (friendly): P John, J Sprouting, R Freegard, A Watts 7-17; G Lloyd, D Owen, R Wootten, K Whatling 7-14; N Hansford, T Moody, W Ainsworth, S Eastment 21-10; D Beaverstock , D Peakall, R Knight, T Ellis 17-14.

Winscombe 87 (2), St Andrews 120 (18) (Weston Over-60s): J Sprouting, R Kibble, M Nash 9-29; D Beaverstock, K Whatling, W Ainsworth 11-17; R Knight, C Westlake, T Ellis 20-22; G Lloyd, L Collier, M Adams 15-17; B Paul, R Wootten, G Neville 15-20; A Dudley, M Hunter, A Watts 17-15.

Winscombe A 47(2), Clarence A 71 (10) (County League ): K Whatling, L Collier, R Lacy, S Eastment 26-17; W Ainsworth, M Hunter, A Dudley, M Adams 15-27;G Lloyd, R Knight, R Wootten, T Ellis 6-27

YATTON Bowling Club competition winners-championship: Gary Smith, runner-up: Bill Casey. Men’s pairs: Nigel Robinson and Bill Casey; Barry Hull and Dave Bessant. Men’s two-wood: Neil Edmonds; Barry Hull. Fixed Jack: Gary Smith; Derrick Sweet. Handicap: Dave Bessant; Ron Bish. Hazard: Trevor Storm; John Knight. Veterans: Dave Bessant; Ron Bish. Hibbs: Simon Pascoe; Ricky Mills. Mixed pairs: Mo Millard and Bill Casey; Pat Goddard and Dave Goddard. Club open singles: Trevor Storm; Bill Casey.

Yatton 42, Congresbury 55 (friendly triples): N Allen, E Reynolds, D Blundell 12-23; G Dodd, S Pascoe, T Storm 17-15; A George, P Creber, J Parker 13-17.

Yatton 60, Wedmore 110 (Weston Triples League): G Walford, B Foster, M Withyman 12-16; A George, E Reynolds, J Parker 14-21; K Lawrence, D Goddard, D Blundell 10-28; J Knight, B Hardwick, R Bish 13-22; S Pascoe, G Price, B Topham 11-23.

Yatton A 54, Mark Moor 41 (County League): D Goddard, S Pascoe, P Osborne, D Bessant 20-11; B Foster, J Knight, M Withyman, T Robinson 17-19; L Howe, R Lewis, T Storm, W Casey 17-11.

Yatton 48, Long Ashton 59 (friendly triples): W Barritt, J Parker, T Storm 16-14; E Reynolds, D Blundell, C Parsons 24-15; K Lawrence, S Pascoe, B Foster 8-30.

Yatton Ladies 86, Winscombe 52 (friendly): L Manning, P Laver, S Crombie, P Allen 14-26; S Carr, M Williams, F McCormack, M Hubbard 28-14; A Storm, P Welham, B Topham, B Parker 44-12.

CONGRESBURY Ladies 51, Nailsea 49 (Mendip League): C Lewis, W Manning, D Harrison 15-11; C Wilcock, S Wright, C Andrews 15-24; D Davis, E Stenner, V Harding 21-14.

Congresbury 63, Bristol Arrow 54 (friendly): D Manning, A Harding, M Huggett, L Beck 20-14; J Freemantle, D Bath-Taylor, D Rivers, J Stone 15-14; C Everett, I Morton, M Wear 10-14; A Edwards, C Edwards, G Stenner 18-12.

Congresbury 65, Portishead RBL 118 (Co-operative Funeralcare Over-60s League): R Jones, D Byett, R Kirkham 14-13; A Harding, M Kimmings, D Rivers 11-25; J Churchward, M Huggett, D Manning 13-12; G Wilcox, D Gosling, T Yearsley 10-18; A Edwards, J Freemantle, G Stenner 9-32; P Dawes, R Joseph, C Blagden 8-18.

Congresbury 61, Portishead RBL 53 (Somerset League): R Baker, M Huggett, G Stenner, R Kirkham 26-21; P Reay, I Morton, D Rivers, M Wear 19-19; R Anniuk, D Byett, R Stewart, R Becker 16-13.

ISLE of Wedmore men had an excellent victory at home against Yatton in the Over-60s Triples League, winning all five rinks.

On a day of high scores, Roger Hughes and his team achieved the highest differential with a 27-10 victory.

Wedmore 120, Yatton 60: D Trow, B Cottrell, K Pettit, 16-12; V Matthews, D Barnett, K Burt 21-14; T Hamblin, B Freeman, R Hughes 27-10; T Counsell, R Norris, T Brown 22-13; C Wheller, I Gallop, D Stansfield 23-11.

The men’s A team played a home match against Congresbury A in the County League and lost all three rinks, two of them by just one shot.

Wedmore 52, Congresbury 64: R Newell, J Runciman, D Nicholls, R Barron 20-21; R Bull, D Trow, K Pettit, E Payne 18-19; T Brown, I Gallop, R Thurkettle, R Hughes 14-24.

In another County League match, the men’s B team played away against Ashcombe B, winning one rink and losing two. Colin Moss and his team provided the only win of the day with a strong 28-16 victory.

Wedmore B 55, Ashcombe B 74: T Hamblin, B Cottrell, S Newdick, C Moss 28-16; T Counsell, V Matthews, M Green, I Faulkner 11-28; K Davey, P Bean, B Freeman, D Stansfield 16-30.

Men’s captain Ray Newell having previously won through four rounds of the Somerset County Open Championship lost to Pete Mattravers of Ilminster in the quarter-finals played at Chew Stoke.

Street visited Wedmore for a Mid-Somerset Mixed League match and it proved to be a close contest. Wedmore won a rink, drew a rink and lost a rink, but won overall by 41 shots to 39.

Wedmore 41, Street 39: R Bull, C Panchaud, M Perry, R Barron 11-11; T Newell, M Barron, G Harvey, R Hughes 15-12; A Hughes, J Harvey, S Fisher, R Newell.

The club finals weekend took place in dry weather and with some sunshine. Winners were - men’s four-wood singles: R Barron. Mixed pairs: J Hunt and R Hughes. Over-70s singles: R Barron. Men’s pairs: C Wheller and G Anniuk. Men’s two-wood singles: R Barron. Ladies’ pairs: M Fisher and A Hughes.

Open four-wood singles: R Barron. Family pairs: A & R Hughes. New Winners: W Andrews.

WESSEX ladies had a narrow win against Clarence thanks to the rink skipped by Ann Ward, who recorded a large win and covered the four remaining rinks.

Wessex Ladies 92, Clarence 87: E Stott, P Hanson, B Jones, J Davis 14-18; P Tillson, I Hicks, M Davis, A Ward 30-8; L Woodrow, J Binding, P Dunn, E Williams 14-19; N Peters, M Milford, M Hawkins, P Taylor 17-23; J Allard, S Davies, J Duffy, E Deane 17-19.

Wessex played the annual flower day fun game to compete for the Norma Smart Trophy, which had been presented in her memory.

The outright winners were M Milford, M Hawkins and J Davis (23). Runners-up on shot difference were P Tillson, S Davies and E Deane (16).

An American tea followed a pleasant afternoon. President Ann Fewings and captain June Allard presented the winners with the cup and bouquets of roses. The runners-up also received flowers.

ST ANDREWS ladies were victorious when they hosted Clevedon Promenade in a friendly game.

St Andrews Ladies 85, Clevedon Promenade 38: K Dobney, A Greenwood, J Pitman 32-13; J Forse, B McCollum, M Pattenden 10-12; C Venn, I Tofte, M Favis 28-3; E Reeves, D Johnston, E Blight 15-10.

WEDMORE ladies enjoyed good weather for their triples day.

Two games of eight ends were played in the morning. Three teams were tied going into the last game after lunch, when Pauline Cottrell’s team came through to win.

Ashcombe received their second Wedmore visit in a week when the ladies played away in the Wessex Ladies League. In a nail-biting match Wedmore ladies managed a win by just two points, winning one rink, drawing another and losing the third.

Wedmore Ladies 57, Ashcombe 55: C Pettit, J Hunt, R Aston, J Masters 17-17; D Gallop, M Barron, M Perry, M Hordle 17-24; B Disbrey, S Moss, P Beard, P Cottrell 23-14.

The winning team being presented with the Iris Sheward Rose Bowl by long-standing member and past president Isabel Lee. Left to right: Isabel Lee, Pauline Cottrell, Barbara Clark and Mo Perry.

WINSCOMBE ladies are currently second in the Wessex League and fourth in the North Somerset League after their recent results.

Winscombe Ladies 49 (7), Portishead RBL 48 (3) (NST): L Dyer, J Rush, A Ainsworth 9-22; J Kimmins, S Nash, L Whatling 24-10; P Burns, T Miles, E Watts 16-16.

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