Championship finals held at local bowls clubs

PUBLISHED: 15:33 19 September 2018 | UPDATED: 15:33 19 September 2018

Clarence Bowls Club winners.

Clarence Bowls Club winners.


Many bowls clubs held its club championship finals over the weekend.

Clarence singles championship final featured Roger Burrough and Bill Hallworth, who were neck and neck for the first four ends, with Bill eventually emerging the winner.

By end 13, Bill was one behind, but Roger took the next three ends and built a lead of five shots, before Bill took control of the match by taking a two followed by four leaving just one to get, which he duly did, giving him a well-deserved championship winning performance.

Another notable match was in the over-70s as Hallworth took on Mick Edlin who were all square on the 19th. Bill took a four, leaving him two shots to get, but Mick scored two followed by a four to take the match.

The first time singles was taken quite convincingly by Martin Ford who is a new member to the club. The handicap singles went to Brendan Duffy who was all square at 14-apiece before he scored seven in four ends giving him victory over a gallant Brian Ballinger.

The club would like to give thanks to Graham Andrews for his hard work and dedication throughout the year to make this event such a success.

Results – championship: W Hallworth 21, R Burrough 17; Two-Wood singles: R Burrough 15, C Tippett 11; Over-70s: M Edlin 21, W Hallworth 20; First Time Singles: M Ford 21, D Grier 14; Under-70s: D Towie 21, D Weston 13; Handicap: B Duffy 21, B Ballinger 15; Two-Wood Pairs: M Edlin, D Stott 24, K Marshall, B Benn 11; Triples: A Gardiner, M Cerasoli, A Newland 28, G Leigh, B Coleman, S Browning 13; fours: M Scoins, M Ford, B Underwood, D Grier 22, J Atkins, S Angove, W Hallworth, D Towie 17; Four-Wood Pairs: D Towie, P Williams 32, T Comfort, M Ford 16; Mixed Pairs: V Edwards, D Towie 20, Jo Mannion, T Mannion 13.

The Blues final home Over-60s League match finished on a high, as they won on superior shot difference and took 14 valuable points.

Mick Edlin and Maurice Phillips skipped by Bob Sweet was the best winning rink who never looked in trouble sailing through to a 16-shot win. Tightest rink of the day goes to Mike Clay and Doug Grier skipped by David Stott who were 16-5 up after 13 ends.

Clevedon dug in taking a six on the next end to halve the deficit, 15, 16, and 17 also were taken by Clevedon leaving them one behind and one to play. David’s team stopped the rot by taking a two and the match by three.

Clarence Blues, 92, Clevedon 92: M Cerasoli, B Duffy, R Burrough 12-19; B Benn, R Crawford, G Barlow 20-10; M Clay, D Grier, D Stott 18-15; R Flicker, K Marshall, C Read 12-20; M Edlin, M Phillips, B Sweet 26-10; A Gardiner, J Rogers, T Mannion 16-18.

In their last home match, the Golds failed to impress in this Over-60s League match, but managed to take six points from the match.

Rink of the day goes to John Edwards and Mike Turnbull skipped by Mike Davies who traded shots over the first four ends. Mike’s team took a run of four winning ends which included a five and a 10-shot lead, eventually running out winners by 13 shots.

Clarence Golds 101, Ashcombe Templars 104: R Rossiter, A Bishop, S Browning 22-12; M Ford, D Weston, A Cord 17-18; J Edwards, M Turnbull, M Davies 23-10; M Scoins, John Hayes, C Tippett 10-23; G Leigh, I Phipps, J Atkins 18-11; T Derrick, M Peters, B Underwood 11-30.

Losing on five rinks, this was a good win by a talented Shaftesbury touring side. Clarence’s rink of the day goes to Pam Rolls, Pat Phillips and Jacob Angove skipped by Mick Edlin who were 6-12 down. Tea was taken and a game of two halves started, Mick’s team came back and ran out winners by 21 shots.

Clarence 134, Shaftsbury 158: M Scoins, R Francombe, P Burrough, C Read 7-26; P Rolls, P Phillips, J Angove, M Edlin 33-12; R Rossiter N Peters, J Atkins, D Stott 21-11; S Scoins, V Gardiner, B Duffy, C Edlin 24-15; Y Criddle, J Anning, M Ford, G Barlow 17-18; S Hewitt, J Edwards, S Angove, J Duffy 13-21; J Gardiner, T Comfort, M Phillips, P Taylor 13-27; A Gardiner, M Darcy, P Hawkins, R Burrough 6-22.

Ashcombe Park Bowling Club held their annual finals day, the culmination of the season’s club competitions.

Apart from a few damp periods, the weather held and everyone enjoyed two days of high standard bowling. It was encouraging to see some of the newer members reaching and, in some cases, winning the finals.

Ladies’ results – Championship: Mavis Main; Crib: Jenny Williams; Handicap: Pauline Wynne; Two-Wood: Norma Counsell; Pairs: Carol Smith and Jane Sansam; Triples: Carol Smith, Jane Sansam, Leslie Paterson; Phyl Hammon Rose Bowl: Jane Sansam; Doris Payne (fixed jack): Joan McInally; Vi Drew (fixed date singles): Jane Sansam.

Men’s – Championship: Martyn West; Novices: Martin Paterson; Veterans: Sam Hedges; Handicap: Martyn West; Two-Wood: Nigel Walker; Pairs: Martyn West and Tiger Kolasinski.

Mixed - President’s Trophy: Dave Wynne; Mixed Pairs: Martyn West and Joan McInally.

Also announced at the presentations were the results of this year’s Atlantic Fish Bar Umbrella, which was won by John Taylor with Dennis Carr as runner-up.

Ashcombe’s three teams in the Weston and District Over-60s League were all playing postponed games, all away.

The Templars met local rivals Clarence Golds, managing to take three rinks but losing on a shot difference of only eight shots. The Knights were against Nailsea managing wins on two rinks and a draw on a third but a heavy loss on one rink meant they lost by 11 shots.

The Crusaders travelled to Portishead to meet the RBL team and, despite some close scores, were only able to win one of the rinks and draw another.

Ashcombe Templars 104, Clarence Gold 112: G Llewellyn, J Main, M Parry 12-23; B Jenkins, G Sansam, P Marsh 18-17; L Cornford, B Underhay, N Coombes 10-23; P Barnes, D Harris, R Smith 23-10; T Romeo, R Cox, M Butt 11-18; M Field, B Jenkins, D Williams 30-11.

Ashcombe Knights 102, Nailsea 113: A Little, J Hornett, T Morgan 16-16; G Fews, E Roberts, L Cox 15-20; B Bishop, R Counsell, K Powell 27-10; B Jones, G Mills, E

Hopkins 15-12; J McKenzie, G Sansam, A Cracknell 10-32; R Tasker, E Booth, D Wynne 19-23.

Ashcombe Crusaders 93, Portishead RBL 107: D Cooper, J Taylor, D Carr 15-22; G Kinsey, G Tottle, T Bass 13-13; G Sansam, M Southwood, J Creasey 20-18; W Kolasinski, S Hedges, J Main 15-17; A Dawes, T Cottrell, J Whitlow 13-16; A Wilmot, R Powell, K Wheeler 17-24.

Ashcombe played host to a touring team from Purton, which included the winners of the Bowls England 2017 National Ladies triples and the 2018 British Ladies Triples Champions.

With such a strong opposition, it was a tough game but nevertheless played in the best spirit of a friendly. Ashcombe did manage wins on two rinks but lost by 27 shots.

Ashcombe 95, Purton 122: W Kolasinski, C Hedges, R Humphries, A Cracknell 19-18; P Woodward, A Bass, G Sansam, J Creasey 13-28; J McKenzie, P Romeo, J Hughes, T Morgan 22-11; S Bayntun, S Noyes, A Little, J Whitlow 12-21; M Main, E Clark, M Parry, K Powell 14-18; S Hopkins, J Cornford, E Hopkins, D Wynne 15-26.

Victoria held their competition finals with the four singles finals being competed by seven different bowlers which highlighted the strong competition within the club.

The championship winner was Colin Gazzard with a win over Mike Cooper. Steve Davies was the winner of the handicap with runner-up Don Wheatley.

The non-winners cup was a closely fought game with Brian Johnson overcoming Dave Fairhurst 21-18. Johnson was also runne-up to Mike Manning in the seniors’ cup, coincidentally by the same score.

Phil Owen was a double pairs champion winning both the two and four-wood pairs with Keith Holland and Dave Carpenter respectively. The runners-up were Alan Hollier/Dave Fairhurst and Les Kelly/Keith Holland.

Owen in company with Les Kelly, Val Worthington and Kay Wilson were the mixed fours champions with Tony Webb, Fiona Payne, Sue Newman and Dave Williams runners-up.

The Saxons played their final Over-60s league match against Wedmore resulting in a win on three rinks, with the triple of Nigel Robbins, Roy Bromet and Don Wheatley leading the way with a win by 13 shots.

The win secured fourth place in Division 1 with the top four covered by just 25 points, the equivalent of two wins.

The annual fixture against Notts Tourists resulted in a heavy defeat with the rink skipped by vice-captain Colin Heal recording the only win.

Banwell were visitors in a mixed game which resulted in victory on three of the four rinks, but all players enjoyed the end of season friendly.

Cheltenham made their annual late season visit with a mixed team with Victoria inflicting a comprehensive win by 66 shots to counter the 38-shot defeat suffered at Cheltenham.

Results – championship winner: Colin Gazzard 21, runner-up: Mike Cooper 15; Handicap: Steve Davies 24, Don Wheatley 11; Non-Winners: Brian Johnson 21, Dave Fairhurst 18; Seniors: Mike Manning 21, Brian Johnson 18; Two-Wood Pairs: K Holland/P Owen 18, A Hollier/D Fairhurst 14; Four-Wood Pairs: Dave Carpenter/P Owen 26, Les Kelly/K Holland 12; Fours (mixed): Les Kelly, Val Worthington, Kay Wilson, P Owen 26, Tony Webb Fiona Payne, Sue Newman, Dave Williams 9.

Victoria Saxons 93 (14), Wedmore 82 (6): B Nicholls, D Williams, J Newman 19-16; N Robbins, R Bromet, D Wheatley 24-11; L Kelly, E Sage, M Manning 14-15; M Milliner, D Sealey, C Heal 17-9; R Rockett, A Shattock, K Holland 19-21.

Victoria 85, Notts Tourists 132: J Codrington, T Gatehouse, R Rockett, D Williams 14-32; J Swift, A Shattock, J Newman 15-17; N Robbins, T Gilbert, M Milliner, C Heal 22-16; C Cleeves, G Frost, H Gibbs, G Richards 9-23; B Nicholls, D Roberts, R Bromet, M Campbell 15-21; A Holliers, L Kelly, M Manning, K Holland 10-23.

Victoria 72, Banwell 63: L Kelly, B Williams, G Richards, C Stevens 17-15; D Gibbs, E Sage, S Milliner, G Rain 18-14; M Kelly, M Milliner, C Sage, D Fairhurst 15-18; B Nicholls, F Payne, R Rockett, K Wilson 22-16.

Victoria 158, Cheltenham 92: H Gibbs, V Worthington, M Milliner, M Campbell 22-13; M Kelly, S Crapnell, S Milliner, G Richards 29-13; L Kelly, E Harraway, E Sage, C Stevens 24-9; M Slavin, R Bailey, A Culpeck, B Johnson 30-13; A Hollier, H Chesters, D Roberts, M Chudley 26-27; B Williams, F Payne, C Chudley, J Newman 27-17.

St Andrews, newly-crowned champions of the Weston & District Over-60s League, finished the competition in style with a crushing home victory over Portishead.

The visitors, who have been relegated to Division 2 for next season, lost by 40 shots. Gordon Wride’s triple led the way for Saints, winning by 22 on the usually-tricky rink six which bowled well on the day.

Although Saints finished up on four of the other five rinks, some of them were close. Don Bailey and Danny Favis both won by four – the latter by scoring three on the last four ends – while team captain Brian Reeves had seven shots to spare and Mike Stocker six.

The new champions lost only four of their 16 Over-60s matches and finished 24 points clear of second-placed Winscombe, last year’s winners.

St Andrews 128 (18), Portishead 88 (2): A Cooper, B May, G Wride 31-9; T Bray, K Curtis, D Bailey 23-19; T Lay, G Webber, D Favis 17-13; R Gordon, B McLeod, T Ware 15-18; J Ling, J Warren, B Reeves 20-13; R Smith, R Wootten, M Stocker 22-16.

Saints entertained old friends Gloucester City in a mixed match and, fittingly, it ended in a draw.

After 10 ends, the visitors led by 10 and were up on four of the six rinks. At that stage, ex-Gloucester player Barrie Forse and Gordon Wride were the only winning home skips and they went on to finish a total of 20 shots ahead.

Derek Hurst’s quartet, two down with two ends left, came back to win. Across the green, Saints won the final end 7-4 to tie a great match.

Home captain Ken Curtis had the novel experience of playing against an entire rink of his namesakes, skip Matt Curtis, his wife and his parents, who won by nine.

St Andrews 112, Gloucester City 112: Frid Allen, H Dew, B Green, D Hurst 23-21; R Smith, Margaret Wride, C Howard, B Forse 23-17; P Smart, J Ling, T Bray, Rebecca McMillan 13-22; Jenny Webb, R Brereton, K Curtis, D Bailey 19-28; Judy Forse, A Cooper, J Warren, G Wride 22-8; G Sims, D Reynolds, Jane Smith, G Cooper 12-16.

Barrie Forse picked up his third club title and Sue Sinclair her second as they beat Marcus Dew and Marie McMillan 21-16 in the postponed final of the mixed pairs.

Forse and Sinclair were very much the favourites, but it was neck-and-neck for most of the way. The underdogs led 13-10, then, at 14-14, Forse and Sinclair picked up a four and a two to take a decisive lead.

The outdoor season ends at St Andrews on Saturday with closing day, which will feature a fun game of bowls followed by fish and chips and the presentation of trophies.

Banwell captain Phil Villis finished off a successful season by claiming two more trophies during the last days of the season.

He was successful in fighting his way through to five finals during which, he emerged as champion in four of them.

He rounded off an impressive season with an enjoyable captain’s day, where he thanked everyone for their support and hard work and wished his vice-captain well for the next season.

Winscombe won the KO Cup for a third successive year. completed the double last year winning both the league and the cup, but this year they have had to settle for second place in the league which they secured on the same day as the cup final.

Clarence failed by just one point to overhaul them in their last match of the season. The cup final match between Isle of Wedmore and Winscombe ended with a 101-77 victory for Winscombe in somewhat cloudy and at times damp conditions.

Despite the margin of victory, this was a hard fought game across five of the six rinks. The rink doing the damage, if that is the word, for Winscombe won by a margin of 20 shots. This was the rink skipped by Mike Adams, supported by Ken Whatling with a fine exhibition of lead bowling by John Sprouting.

Captain Lew Collier received the cup from league chairman Wilf Ainsworth at a celebration buffet after the game.

Winscombe 101, Isle of Wedmore 77: G Lloyd, L Collier, W Ainsworth 16-14; P John, G Coombe, G Neville 16-10; J Sprouting, K Whatling, M Adams 26-6; M Newing, M Nash, R Lowman 17-16; D Brown, B Paul, M Fletcher 15-19; R Lacy, P Fredersdorff, T Ellis 11-10.

Winscombe’s other games were against a mixed touring team from Shaftesbury and a visit to Knowle in Bristol.

The match against Shaftesbury proved to be a very friendly game played on a fine afternoon and gave Winscombe their first win of the week by the substantial margin of 86 shots.

Winscombe 185, Shaftesbury 99: P. Hopes, K Whatling, M Adams, Mike Adams 27-10; A Pow, L Coombe, D Phillips, P Fredersdorff 25-13; F Bays, M Myland, L Collier, W Ainsworth 15-25; P Pow, M Smart, B Paul, G Coombe 29-10; T Rowe, D Johnson, L Fredersdorff, R Lacy 31-11; M Newing, S Nash, M Nash, R Lowman 41-10; C Hopes, B Smart, D Brown, B Andrews 17-20.

At Knowle, Winscombe needed to borrow two bowlers from Knowle so that the game was made up to two rinks and two triples. With the aid of the Knowle bowlers, Winscombe managed to come out winners in a friendly and competitive match.

Winscombe 65, Knowle 57: P Hopes, D Phillips, R Bennett (K), M Dorrington 16-21; M Newing, D Johnson, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 18-16; B Flook (K), L Collier, G Coombe 15-8; T Rowe, A Pow, D Brown 16-12.

Championship results – men’s singles winner:

S Easterby, runner-up: M Dorrington; Pairs: B Andrews & D Brown, A Trenchard & M Trenchard; Two-Wood: S Easterby, J Feltham; Triples: M Myland, R Fisher & M Adams, D Leach, J Sprouting & G Neville; Singles Handicap: M Newing, M Fletcher; Pairs Handicap: PJ Hopes & R Lacy, M Newing & K Whatling; Novices: M Smart, C Bryant; Veterans: R Lowman, B Andrews; Mixed Pairs: A Ainsworth & W Ainsworth, S Caddy & R Fisher; Ladies Singles: C Hopes, B Smart; Ladies Pairs: C Hopes & S Nash, L Parfitt & A Ainsworth; Ladies Jubilee: L Parfitt, M Howell.

Sue Newman was crowned as singles and handicap champion on Victoria Ladies’ finals weekend, beating Fiona Waters and Chris Sage.
Newman also collected runner-up medals in the triples and mixed fours. Maureen Slavin was also a double winner with a victory over Chris Sage in the Non-Winners Cup and in partnership with Sue Cooper, a win against Rita Bailey and Sue Sokol in the Two-Wood Pairs and she was also a runner up in the Triples.

There was disappointment on the weekend when Fiona Waters was narrowly beaten in the county unbadged final by Nichola Radcliffe of Bath.

Waters was always in the lead and holding the score at 20-18, but dropped three shots to her rival who won by the narrowest margin. Waters suffered further disappointment when after travelling from Keynsham, she played Sue Newman in the championship final and needed to be content with a runner-up medal again.

Ladies Championship: Sue Newman 21, Fiona Waters 15; Handicap: S Newman 26, C Sage 18; Non-Winners: Maureen Slavin 21, Chris Sage 19; Two-Wood Singles: Sue Cooper 16, Chris Stevens 8; Two-Wood Pairs: Maureen Slavin/Sue Cooper 22, Rita Bailey/Sue Sokol 14; Four-Wood Pairs: Brenda Williams/Margaret Hillman 22, Hannah Frye/Carol Willetts 12; Triples: Sue Carpnell, Dot Gibbs, Sue Cooper 26, Maureen Slavin, Brenda Williams, Sue Newman 12; Fours (mixed): Les Kelly. Val Worthington, Kay Wilson, P Owen 26, Tony Webb. Fiona Payne, Sue Newman, Dave Williams 9.

Wedmore men played West Backwell at home in the Clevedon Over-60s Triples League, knowing that a victory would clinch the title for Wedmore.

This was duly delivered as the home side dominated with 131 shots to 76 overall and 5-1 on rinks.

Colin Moss’ side shut the door on Backwell, winning 12 of 18 rinks rattling up 29 shots to eight. Ray Newell’s team also won 12 ends to triumph 25-9. Dave Nicholls and co were never led and a six score on end 10 helped them to pull away to 27-14.

Ron Barron’s group re-took the lead on end six and pushed on to win 18-11. Keith Pettit’s crew were six shots up when entering a six end dry spell to find themselves three shots down but fought back to take the lead on end 12 and via a two score on the last end, claim a narrow victory at 17-16.

Roger Hughes guys didn’t score until end five and were 2-12 down at end eight, fought back to within two shots and limited the damage to three shots, losing 15-18.

Wedmore 131, West Backwell 76: V Matthews, D Collins, C Moss 29-8; B Aston, C Panchaud, R Newell 25-9; A Birch, K Burt, D Nicholls 27-14; J Runciman, J Harris, R Barron 18-11; D Trow, R Thurkettle, K Pettit 17-16; T Brown, I Gallop, R Hughes 15-18.

In the Weston League, the men won at home against Portishead RBL by 23 shots and 3-2 with a tie on rinks.

Wedmore 112, Portishead RBL 89: D Skelton, I Gallop, K Burt 21-9; B Aston, J Runciman, K Pettit 20-11; R Grant, C Panchaud, R Hughes 22-17; T Brown, D Collins, D Nicholls 15-15; B Back, R Thurkettle, R Barron 16-17; T Counsell, S Fisher, R Newell 18-20.

The Weston Cup final was played at neutral ground at Victoria when Wedmore’s men lined up against Winscombe and lost by 24 shots.

Wedmore 77, Winscombe 101: T Brown, S Fisher, R Barron 19-15; D Trow, R Thurkettle, K Pettit 12-11; C Wheller, T Simpson, K Burt 16-17; A Birch, D Wederell, R Hughes 14-16; V Matthews, C Panchaud, R Newell 10-16; J Runciman, D Collins, C Moss 6-26.

As the season nears its end, the ladies played three friendlies at home, winning two of them. Against Bridgwater Wedmore won by 10 shots overall and rinks 2-1 with the rink victories coming from skippers Elaine Deverill and Pam Beard, while Maureen Hordle lost by a small margin.

Wedmore beat Wyrral Park in a nail-biter by one shot overall and 2-1 on rinks. Trish Newell and Pam Beard delivered the winners and Maureen Hordle brought up the rear.

Prattens won on all three rinks but skippers Liz Hamblin, Carole Pettit and Gill Harvey all had close matches, losing by only two, three and four shots respectively.

The Ladies played two matches away in the Wessex Ladies League, losing both. Wedmore Ladies 48, Wessex 58: P Jenkins, J Hunt, G Harvey, M Hordle 22-13, J Collins, B Disbury, P Beard, S Wederell 11-20; A Birch, FB Rees, M Barron, T Newell 15-25.

At Clevedon the overall score was 48-65 and 0-3 on rinks.

Wedmore Ladies 48, Clevedon 65: A Birch, M Barron, A Hughes, G Harvey 15-16; B Disbury, M Fisher, T Newell, S Wederell 22-25; PD Rees, B Clark, P Jenkins, M Hordle 11-24.

Wessex Ladies are top of the Wessex League following their win against Clevedon in the final match of the season.

Wessex Ladies 66 (8), Clevedon 44 (2): B Hayes, E Stott, C Peart, B Jones 14-18; P Turner, V Gardiner, E Williams, P Taylor 27-10; V Edwards, E Wade, A Crawford, J Duffy 25-16.

St Andrews Ladies continued their successful season with two friendly victories on successive days last week.

Firstly, they won by 13 shots away to their Ashcombe counterparts, despite having finished up on only one rink. Frid Allen, Debbie Baker and Meg Favis won by an emphatic 20 shots.

Ashcombe Ladies 40, St Andrews 53: J Yeates, J McMillan, J Pitman 9-14; J Webb, M Pattenden, J Smith 15-17; F Allen, D Baker, M Favis 29-9.

On the following day, at home to Burnham, they were again indebted mainly to one rink for their victory by four shots.

Jenny Webb, Judy Force and Rebecca McMillan won by 16, more than wiping out a 14-shot deficit on one of the other rinks. Ann Campbell’s trio scored five on the last two ends to win by two.

St Andrews Ladies 51, Burnham 47: J Webb, J Forse, R McMillan 25-9; C Venn, M Wride, M Pattenden 9-23; J Bishop, B Goddard, A Campbell 17-15.

Clarence Ladies achieved a fine win in the North Somerset Triples League despite only winning on one rink against Clevedon.

The match-winning rink goes to Pam Rolls and Ronnie Jones skipped by Val Collicott who never looked in trouble from the start and took an eight-shot victory.

Clarence Ladies 48, Clevedon 44: P Rolls, R Jones, V Collicott 19-11; S Scoins, S Searle, J Mannion 16-18; P Fowler, P Burrough, M Davison 13-15.

Championship results – Championship: C Edlin 21-10, C Hooper; Pratt Cup: J Anning 21, S Searle 8; Handicap: P Fowler 27, P Rolls 13; Two-Wood Pairs: P Dunn, P Fowler 18, C Edlin, P Phillips 11; Triples: S Scoins, S Pritchard, M Davison 17, R Francombe, S Searle, J Mannion 16; Four-Wood Pairs: C Marshall, C Edlin 20, S Searle, J Mannion 14.

The 2018 Winscombe Floodlit Fours Tournament, sponsored by Orriss & Low Optometrists of Winscombe, reached its conclusion with Victoria A winning the final against North Petherton in an entertaining final.

The third/fourth place play-off was won by Congresbury A defeating Banwell A.

Results for Week 4: Banwell A 21, Banwell B 6; St Andrews D 21, Wells Swans 11; Nailsea B 21, Congresbury D 10; Winscombe A 16, Congresbury A 18.

Quarter-finals: Victoria A 20, St Andrews B 11; Congresbury B 16, Congresbury A 17; Banwell A 23, Nailsea B 9; St Andrews D 8, North Petherton A 18.

Semi-finals: Victoria A 17, Congresbury A 13; Banwell A 14, North Petherton A 19. Final: Victoria A 26, North Petherton A 10. Third/fourth place play-off: Congresbury A 19, Banwell A 15.

The 2019 tournament will commence August 19. Any new teams wishing to participate will be most welcome. Full details can be found on the Winscombe website: under events.

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