Clarence Blues go down by just one shot

PUBLISHED: 09:12 29 July 2011

(click on image for larger view)  Bowls  :   St Andrews BC  V  Bridgwater BC. Tim Bell bowling for St Andrews.

(click on image for larger view) Bowls : St Andrews BC V Bridgwater BC. Tim Bell bowling for St Andrews.


Clarence Blues lost to Ashcombe Crusaders by just one shot in the Weston and District Over-60s League.

CLARENCE Blues lost by one shot away to Ashcombe Crusaders in a tense finish to their Weston & District Over-60s League Division 1 match.

With just one rink to finish, both Clarence and Ashcombe understood that the home side were two shots ahead. Barrie Forse’s Clarence four earned three shots and the visitors appeared to have won. But when the scores were totalled up, Ashcombe turned out to be the winners.

Clarence had the consolation of having won on three of the six rinks, Paul Tubb’s leading the way with a 14-shot victory, including a six on the third end. The other successful visiting skips were Forse and George Cooper.

Ashcombe Crusaders 100 (14), Clarence Blues 99 (6): J Keay, J Edwards, P Tubb 25-11; R Flicker, T Perry, B Forse 23-11; A Bishop, M Clay, R Burrough 14-22; T Mannion, D Jackman, R Crawford 10-16; B Underwood, G Barlow, G Cooper 19-13; J Larvin, J Hicks, T Ward 8-27.

In the North Somerset 4 Dimensions competition, visitors Nailsea were too strong for Clarence, winning 3-1, despite Barrie Forse’s victory in the singles and a spirited fightback by Roger Burrough’s triple.

Singles: B Forse 21-12; pairs: D Towie, A McMillan 14-21; triples: R Flicker, T Pritchard, R Burrough 15-17; fours: M Clay, G Cooper, D Stott, P Tubb 13-22.

A 20-shot victory on Paul Tubb’s rink proved decisive as Clarence men beat Wessex Ladies by five shots in their annual encounter.

Though the ladies won three of the five rinks and had outstanding performances from skips Ann Ward and Maria Williams, they lost narrowly after an excellent match.

Wessex Ladies 87, Clarence 92. Scores (Wessex first): V Edwards, L Woodrow, J Allard, M Williams 21, T Mannion, J Edwards, D Jackman, R Crawford 17; P Tillson, E Stott, J Duffy, A Ward 25, J Norris, R Dodson, B Duffy, D Stott 17; B Jones, V Ellis, C Peart, J Binding 6, J Larvin, J Keay, J Burgess, P Tubb 26; M Hawkins, E Deane, A Fewings, D Forsyth 23, D Grier, B Bridgman, J Hicks, R Burrough 15; S Davies, I Hicks, P Dunn, E Williams 12, L Medcraft, D Stevens, B Cornwall, T Ward 17.

Clarence enjoyed a visit to neighbours Banwell and overcame the damp conditions to win this friendly match by three rinks to one.

Banwell 75, Clarence 84: T Mannion, L Smith, J Burgess, R Burrough 12-32; J Loveridge, M Scoins, B Duffy, T Ward 32-8; R Dodson, F Al-Hinai, D Towie, D Stott 21-18; M Clay, A Bidmead, M Davies, D Jackman 19-17.

The Golds, Clarence’s second team in the Over-60s League, battled hard at Mark Moor, but lost by 10 shots in their Division 2 fixture.

Their stars were new bowler Doug Grier and the brothers Maurice and Gerry Phillips, who teamed up to finish 12 shots clear. Eddie Turner, Mike Scoins and John Burgess comprised the other winning rink for Clarence, while two sixes helped Harry Sparks’ triple lose by just two.

Mark Moor 109 (16), Clarence Blues 99 (4): D Bowley, M Davies, B Cornwall 13-17; D Urch, M Skyrme, C Read 9-18; R Dodson, D Stevens, G Kettleborough 13-23; L Lakey, I Baker, H Sparks 22-24; E Turner, M Scoins, J Burgess 18-15; D Grier, M Phillips, G Phillips 24-12.

Yossers maintained their 100 per cent record in the two-wood triples league at Clarence with a comfortable victory over bottom team Jim’s Lads on Friday. Champions Internationals are also 100 per cent and just two points behind after a four-pin win over last season’s runners-up Rollercoasters, who left their comeback from 13 behind just too late. Nuts beat Allsorts with the last wood of the match, from skip Roger Burrough.

Results: Yossers 22, Jim’s Lads 9; Nuts 15, Allsorts 14; Roller Coasters 13, Internationals 17.

Closest match in Saturday’s quarter-finals of the Clarence club triples was between the teams skipped by Richard Crawford and Trevor Pritchard. Crawford’s men were were 13-8 down after 10 ends but picked up nine shots to win by one.

Results: R Flicker, T Hooper, R Cornwall 20, R Dodson, T Cockcroft, T Ward 12; G Aldridge, A Bidmead, B Duffy 10, E Turner, L Lakey, G Cooper 14; Jeff Hayes, M Davies, R Crawford 16, J Rogers, T Mannion, T Pritchard 15; K Marshall, B Hanks, B Forse 22, L Medcraft, M Clay, P Tubb 9.

Clarence 131, Pencoed 109 (mixed friendly): S Bishop, J Hayes, T Mannion, D Stott 24-13; J Hawkins, A Cord, P Bidmead, A Powell 17-30; L Woodrow, E Stott, S Scoins, D Jackman 21-8; J Mannion, A Bishop, R Crawford, P Hawkins 23-17; M Waite, B Hayes, L Oldham, J Larvin 11-29; M Phelan, C Tippett, R Dodson, M Scoins 13-34.

WRINGTON 70, Axminster 44 (mixed friendly): F Cowgill, P Lewis, P Hume, D Reynolds 8-11; T Jefferies, L Johnson, M Phillips, T Moss 23-10; R Clements, P Bourrel, P Parsons, B Lewis 18-9; P Johnson, M Parsons, C Phillips, J Cowgill 21-14.

IT was a mixed week for the St Andrews, but included a marvellous victory at Nailsea in the Over-60s Knockout Cup.

Winning on five of the six rinks, St Andrews took the game by 33 shots.

St Andrews Spartans 82, Isle of Wedmore 113 (Weston Over-60s Triples): B Rogers, A Ware, D Favis 19-8; R Smith, T Bell, T Thomas 20-18; D Nutt, J Ling, J Warren 13-20; D Price, R Venn, A Horsburgh 10-28; G Berry, R McLeod, R Davey 14-15; K Parker, A Yeeles, D Bailey 6-24.

St Andrews Spartans 120, Nailsea 87 (Weston Over-60s Knockout Cup): R Smith, A Yeeles, J Warren 24-8; K Parker, T Allen, B May 21-16; D Price, T Bell, A Horsburgh 16-13; M Leigh, A Ware, D Favis 12-21; C Reeves, R Davey, T Thomas 23-15; R Reed, D Nutt, D Bailey 24-14.

St Andrews 80, Bridgwater 77: A Lay, P O’Connor, T Bell, A Horsburgh 15-21; C Reeves, D Nutt, A MacNab, J Warren 28-22; R Reed, A Cooper, R McLeod, G Wride 13-23; R Smith, F Mudge, D Favis, B May 24-11.

ALAN Yates’ rink scored 17 in the last four ends for Ashcombe Crusaders, but it was not quite enough, as Clevedon won by one shot.

Ashcombe Crusaders 102, Clevedon 103 (Over-60s Cup): A Wright, L Day, J Taylor 12-16; S Hedges, M Southwood, J Creasey 15-17; D Carr, I Chesney, A Yates 31-12; G Finnegan, R Hadley, D A Williams 15-20; D Stanton, G Tottle, J Whitlow 11-26; A Wilmot, J Price, J Hornett 18-12.

Ashcombe Crusaders 100 (14), Clarence Blues 98 (6) (Over-60s League): D Carr, C Hughes, B Webber 11-25; A Wilmot, D Bleasdale, J Hornett 11-23; S Hedges, L Day, D A Williams 22-14; A Wright, I Chesney, J Taylor 16-9; G Tottle, J Main, R Hadley 13-19; D Stanton, A Yates, J Whitlow 27-8.

Ashcombe 106, Norwest 77 (friendly): R Tasker, D Camper, J Main, S Hedges 31-7; S Easterby, B Underhay, R Powell, R Kibble 21-14; G Tucker, R Counsell, P Gaulton, D A Williams 24-15; R Perkins, B Alden, M Parry, J Whitlow 16-16; N Coombes, W Spring, J Price, J Taylor 14-25.

Ashcombe 93, Eastover Park 65 (mixed friendly): M Wakeham, G Sansam, D Underhay, J Hornett 31-9; A Fews, S Bayntun, A Morgan, J Creasey 29-12; M Bass, N Urch, B Macgregor, R Simmons 19-19; J Sansam, D Little, A Wilmot, A Little 14-25.

Ashcombe 114, Sawston (Cambridge) 100 (mixed friendly): A Fews, M Tucker, P Sheppard, W Caddick 22-18; A Wilmot, J Field, B Macgregor, J Taylor 33-9; A Dancer, B Noyes, J Whitton, J Hornett 14-13; S Noyes, L Owens, M Adams, R Simmons 15-16; M Field, A Bryant, S Hopkins, S Claxton 9-22; M Wakeham, M Sell, S Hedges, J Creasey 21-22.

VICTORIA travelled to Banwell to play in the North Somerset Cup and came away with a narrow victory with the rink of Harrison Whyte, Derek Hurst, Mike Cooper and Will Harrison top scoring for Victoria.

Victoria 100, Banwell 91: J Loughlin, P Leadbeater, M Manning, D Williams 21-21; H Whyte, D Hurst, M Cooper, W Harrison 25-18; M Campbell, M Fletcher, K Harvey, D Jones 19-15; H Gibbs, K Holland, K Curtis, M Stocker 17-18; J Newman, A Uccellini, C Gazzard, E Mangan 18-19.

Victoria played at Winscombe in an Over-60s match in poor weather conditions. After being down by 24 shots after just four ends across the board, Victoria came back to win by 21 shot with four rink wins.

Top scoring rink was Roger Rockett, Mike Fletcher and skip Ken Harvey. Bryan Stock led his triple of John Newman and Mick Manning to claim their first win in three games.

Victoria 114 (16) Winscombe 93 (4): H Whyte, M Taylor, M Campbell 17-16; P Lunn, K Curtis, M Stocker 25-14; J Newman, M Manning, B Stock 22-12; R Rockett, M Fletcher, K Harvey 27-11; D Sealey, A Uccellini, E Mangan 12-17; A Barnes, K Holland, D Williams 11-23.

Victoria had the best of a friendly away game at Weston Bath winning on four rinks and overall by 18 shots.

Pick of the rinks was an excellent 21 shot win by John Griffiths, Alan Shattock, George Frost and skip Stuart Evans

Victoria 119, 101 Weston Bath 101: E Sage, R Sleep, W Harrison, D Hurst 24-14; R Austin, A Barnes, N Sell, D Jones 20-13; J Griffiths, A Shattock, G Frost, S Evans 32-11; M Willetts, M Milliner, M Manning, M Cooper 13-19; M Campbell, R Jacobs, M Taylor, C Gazzard 22-23; W Nicholls, T Gatehouse, A Uccellini, E Mangan 18-21.

Victoria entertained Worcester Brotherwood in an annual friendly and was soundly beaten by a stronger team.

Top rink for Victoria was skipped by Mike Stocker supported by Bill Osborne, Pete Newport and Mike Fletcher.

Victoria 102, Worcester Brotherhood 133: W Osborne, P Newport, M Fletcher, M Stocker 29-14; L Kelly, B Johnson, E Sage, J Newman 19-19; W Nicholls, R Jacobs, A Guest, M Manning 8-38; M Willetts, F Aldridge, J. Griffiths, N Sell 10-25; J West, D Beard, R Sleep, M Taylor 18-16; M Milliner, I Linham, G Richards, A Uccellini 18-21.

CONGRESBURY 91, Bridgwater 94 (friendly): G Andrews, D Folds, C Shipway, R Becker 13-31; R Archer, R Anniuk, P Reay, R Stewart 12-21; M Greaves, D Gosling, R Whiskin, B Herbison 21-12; N Davis, R Petty, A Collins, M Wear 20-21; J Freemantle, G Gosling, G Stenner, A Fisher 25-9.

Congresbury 115, Clevedon Prom117 (Clevedon & District Over-60s League): J Churchward, D Manning, B Herbison 21-15; M Hopkins, G Stenner, R Kirkham 28-10; N Davis, R Archer, J Stone 20-23; A Harding, G Gosling, M Wear 14-26; G Andrews, F Horton, T Yearsley 20-16; R Smith, D Gosling, R Whiskin 12-27.

Congresbury 111, Yatton 63 (Clevedon & District Evening League): P Reay, C Blagden, M Wear, A Fisher 16-20; J Freemantle, F Horton, R Stewart, L Beck 19-13; R Archer, G Stenner, R Kirkham, B Herbison 30-6; R King, J Churchward, C Shipway, R Becker 21-15; S Pook, I Morton, R Whiskin, J Stone 25-9.

Congresbury 69, Isle of Wedmore 41 (Mendip League): D Davis, R Horton, D Harrison 21-12; E Archer, C Andrews, D Whiskin 11-23; H Tranmer, C Wilcock, K Herbison 37-6.

Congresbury Ladies 79, Yatton 66 (friendly): E Archer, S Berridge. B Huggett 12-20; C Lewis, E Stenner, A Mew 32-8; D Davis, J Blagden, M Hill 15-20; C Wilcock, S Wright, V Harding 20-18.

WINSCOMBE played three matches this week including the Weston & District Over-60s match against Victoria, who mastered the wet conditions better than Winscombe.

At Bridgwater, it was a close game with no less than four rinks deciding their games by just one shot, Winscombe winning three of these. The other rink lost by five shots, which meant that Winscombe won three rinks to two, but lost by three shots overall.

There were no league matches on Saturday, but a six rink friendly match at Yatton resulted in a good win for Winscombe by five rinks to one and 30 shots.

Winscombe126, Yatton 96: G Lloyd, K Symons, W Ainsworth, R Feltham 22-18; J Sprouting, J Vincent, J Lukins, S Eastment 22-18; R Weller, G Tofte, M Roberts, R Wootten 18-23; D Owen, A Brand, K Whatling, G Neville 25-17; D Beaverstoke, G Hill, M Hunter, M Hunt 19-14; P Hopes, D Peakall, R Lowman, M Adams 20-6.

Winscombe 89, Bridgwater 92: B Paul, R Fisher, R Freegard, R Feltham 18-23; N Hansford, P John, P Hopes, K Whatling 15-14; J Sprouting, D Owen, G Tofte, A Kyprianides 22-23; G Hill, D Beaverstock, W Ainsworth, M Adams 17-16; B Weller, D Peakall, R Knight, M Nash 16-17.

WESSEX Ladies 87, Clarence Men 92: S Davies, I Hicks, P Dunn, E Williams 12-17; V Edwards, L Woodrow, J Allard, M Williams 21-17; M Hawkins, E Deane, A Fewings, D Forsyth 23-15; B Jones, V Ellis, C Peart, J Binding 6-26; P Tillson, E Stott, J Duffy, A Ward 25-17.

Wessex Ladies 58 (8), Ashcombe 54 (2) (Wessex League): J Allard, P Hanson, P Dunn, J Davis 18-17; E Stott, B Wallace, A Fewings, P Taylor 16-25; C Peart, P Turner, I Hicks, J Binding 24-12.

Wessex Ladies 46 (3), Isle of Wedmore 58 (7): L Woodrow, J McMillan, M McMillan, J Binding 17-17; D Stenning, B Jones, J Allard, J Davis 12-27; P Tillson, B Wallace, A Ward, E Williams 17-14.

ASHCOMBE Ladies 54 (2), Clarence 58 (8) (Wessex League): J Sansom, A O’Donaghue, M Tasker, S Ford 17-18; G Day, D Norville, J Wilkinson, A Goacher 12-24; B Groves, B Cullen, J Hughes, S Weadon 25-16.

Ashcombe Ladies 53, City of Wells 59.75 (friendly): M Tucker, S Noyes, R Powell, J McInally 23-16; A Fews, N Urch, S Hopkins, C Hedges 13-25; S Hadley, B Groves, M Main, B Macgregor 17-18.75.

Ashcombe Ladies 67, Victoria Park, Bridgwater 43 (friendly): M Tucker, B Adams, D Norville, S Hoplins 21-17; S Noyes, S Appleby, M Main, C Hedges 26-14; M Sell, N Urch, J Beat, M Macgregor 20-12.

CLARENCE Ladies 54 (8), Clevedon Prom 49 (2) (Weston & District League): S Ellis, V Jones, M Baker 16-15; S Scoins, M Davison, V Collicott 25-12; S Foster, P Phillips, V Senior 13-22.

Clarence Ladies 49 (6), Victoria 46: S Scoins, P Hawkins, M Baker 13-14; S Searle, M Davison, P Burrough 21-10.

THERE were three victories from four games for St Andrews ladies, most notably they continued the defence of their Southey Cup title with a three rinks to one win in the quarter-final match against Clarence at Ilminster.

St Andrews Ladies 45, Clevedon Promenade (Doreen Ralph Trophy) 68: P Uglow, K Dobney, M Bailey, A Campbell 14-15; J Marney, A Greenwood, W Allen, M Pattenden 12-22; J Forse, M Cordwell, S Glenville, M Favis 19-31.

St Andrews Ladies 51, North Petherton 35: K Dobney, M Cordwell, M Favis 20-13; J Pope, E Reeves, A Greenwood 10-13; J Forse, J Reed, M Frost 21-9.

St Andrews Ladies 50, Winscombe (Iris Owen Cup) 42: P Uglow, M Frost, A Campbell 17-17; M Cordwell, J Forse, M Bailey 20-12; K Dobney, S Priory, M Favis 13-13.

St Andrews Ladies 3, Clarence 1 (Southey Cup): C Venn (singles) 21-12; J Ware, M Favis (pairs) 13-25; M Wride, M Pattenden, M Bailey (triples) 17-13; P Uglow, S Glenville, J Pitman, A Campbell (fours) 25-14.

WINSCOMBE ladies played two matches this week with the Iris Owen Trophy against St Andrews decided on just one rink with the other two tied.

In the North Somerset Triples League, Winscombe lost on all three rinks against Portishead RBL.

The mixed game against Prattens produced a good win. Ladies’ captain Mavis Adams was dissappointed to see the only losing rink was skipped by husband Michael.

Winscombe 42, St Andrews 50 (Iris Owen Trophy): J Kimmins, S Caddy, M Adams 17-17; M Sprouting, E Watts, A Ainsworth 13-13; C Hopes, R Keane, S Nash 12-20.

Winscombe 37, Portishead RBL 64 (NSL League): C Hopes, M Smith, J Kimmins 12-20; W Weller, I Tofte, M Adams 9-24; T Miles, E Watts, A Ainsworth 16-20.

Winscombe 88, Prattens 81 (mixed): J Vincent, J Willes, M Sprouting A Kyprianides 21-16; S Vincent, D Johnson, J Kimmins, Michael Adams 12-22; J Smith, K Headford, M Smith, J Sprouting 16-14; P John, S Lowes, P Hopes, Mavis Adams 21-17; A Brand, C Hopes, S Caddy, N Hansford 18-12.

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