Clarence enjoy McClelland Cup success over St Andrews

PUBLISHED: 09:12 03 June 2016 | UPDATED: 09:12 03 June 2016

Bowls - Ashcombe vs Victoria

Bowls - Ashcombe vs Victoria


Clarence defeated St Andrews to claim the Jim McClelland Cup, despite losing on three rinks.

Clarence defeated St Andrews in the Jim McClellan Cup despite heavy losses on three of the six rinks, but Don Towie’s rink won by an impressive 28 shots.

Clarence 97, St Andrews 87: G Andrews, M Skyrme, C Read 11-21; R Smith, M Peters, R Crawford 9-29; M Cerasol, A Cord, G Barlow 8-17; R Stacey, K Marshall, T Mannion 20-7; B Rossitter, A Bishop, D Towie 32-4; T Ward, M Scoins, M Edlin 17-9.

A difficult away fixture to Victoria ended in a close-fought encounter with the Golds coming out on top by five. Rink of the day goes to Harry Sparks winning by 20. Clarence 78, Victoria Golds 83: D Symes, A Cord, R Higgins 20-14; M Skyrme, M Scoins, M Turnball 19-6; C Tippett, J Atkins, J Edwards 10-18; A Bishop, K Marshall, H Sparks 26-6; J Kelloway, M Peters, D Weston 0-10; P Pilgrim, G Andrews, A Newland 8-24.

Only losing on one rink, the Blues powered to a fantastic win. Rink of the day went to Bob Sweet, winning by 22.

Clarence Blues 121, Clevedon Prom 82: A Gardiner, T Mannion, G Barlow 14-22; B Rossitter, J Rogers, R Crawford 17-11; D Towie, B Ballinger, R Sweet 32-10; M Cerasoli, B Duffy, M Phillips 22-16; B Benn, B Underwood, M Edlin 19-12; R Smith, J Loveridge, C Read 17-11.

Skip of the day Ken Marshall had a winning margin of 38 to help Clarence B defeat Portishead by 15 shots.

Clarence B 64, Portishead 49: L Lewis, J Kelloway, J Atkins, J Edwards 17-14; C Tippett, M.Peters, M Scoins, M Turnball 5-29; A Bishop, B Rossiter, P Lewis, K Marshall 42-6.

Mick Edlin with the McClellan trophy

Victoria triumphed in two cup competitions, defeating St Andrews in the NSBA Cup and Prattens in the National Double Rink.

The game against St Andrews was played in heavy rain, with both teams playing some exceptional bowls. The visitors adapted to the conditions more than the hosts to earn an away game in the next round.

Both Colin Heal and Mike Cooper skipped their rinks to impressive victories against Prattens in the National Double Rink.

Victoria A team played two games in the week in the County League with contrasting results, an excellent win by 15 shots against Bloomfield earned a maximum of 12 points with all three rinks winning.

However, they suffered a 21-shot defeat against Banwell A collecting just two points for the rink win of Pete Wyatt, Lee Stocker, Ken Harvey and skip Will Harrison.

Derek Jones captaining the D team was delighted with the emphatic win over Ashcombe C and securing all 12 points, top scoring rink of the day was Dave Parker, Bill Nicholls, Alan Shattock and Eric Sage.

Both the Saxons and Vikings were in action in the Weston & District Over-60s League with the Saxons winning by four shots and Vikings losing by the same.

The Saxons played Ashcombe Crusaders and in a close match the result was poised on the outcome of the last two rinks, Derek Hursts’ triples held the one-shot advantage drawn by Malcolm Campbell on the last end and on the rink skipped by Mike Stocker, he played the ball of the match with his last wood to claim four shots, a draw for his rink and importantly a victory for the team.

The Vikings were given a rink win of 10 shots as Clarence Golds were not able to field a full team, but were still unable to overcome the Golds losing by four shots. However, they did have consolation of 6sixpoints with George Frost and John Smart skipping their triples to victory.

Somerset County held their final Middleton Cup trial at Victoria by playing a game against Devon County. They played a full game of 21 ends, but at 10 ends, six substitutions were given a game for the final 11 ends.

Lee Stocker of Victoria was one of these subs and he impressed so much that at the end of the day he was included in the full squad for the group games.

The Middleton Cup group games are as follows: June 4 v Worcestershire at Broadway; June 18 v Warwickshire at Victoria, Weston; June 25 v Dorset at Greenhill; July 9 v Wiltshire at Victoria.

With two group matches being held at Victoria, it will be an excellent opportunity to see some top bowlers, with the prospect of international players playing and a warm welcome awaits any interested spectators.

Victoria 87, St Andrews 72: P Wyatt, H Whyte, K Harvey, W Harrison 19-20;

P Lunn, J Newman, D Fairhurst, C Gazzard 17-12; D Beard, H Gibbs, A Yates, M Cooper 18-11; R Bromet, K Holland, L Stocker, C Heal 22-6; B Pocock, M Campbell, M Stocker, S Davies 11-23.

Victoria 56, Prattens 23: P Wyatt, J Newman, A Yates, C Heal 27-10; D Beard, D Fairhurst, C Gazzard, M Cooper 29-13.

Victoria A 65 (12), Bloomfield 50 (0): B Pocock, J Newman, C Heal, C Gazzard 24-21; P Wyatt, L Stocker, K Harvey, W Harrison 22-17; D Beard, P Fisher, A Yates, M Cooper 19-12.

Victoria A 48 (2), Banwell A 69 (10): B Pocock, J Newman, C Heal, C Gazzard 10-22; P Wyatt, L Stocker, S Davis, W Harrison 23-18; D Beard, H Gibbs, A Yates, M Cooper 15-29.

Victoria D 63 (12), Ashcombe C 36 (0): J Fenn, L Kelly, J Turton, G Hodge 20-14; P Coumis, J Revill, D Sealey, D Jones 18-15; D Parker, W Nicholls, A Shattock, E Sage 25-7.

Saxons 97 (13), Ashcombe Crusaders 90 (13): J Mingo-West, M Campbell, D Hurst 20-16; P Lunn, A Shattock, M Cooper 24-7; B Pocock, M Manning, A Yates 9-15; D Williams, K Holland, C Heal 10-20; R Bromet, A Bray, M Stocker 19-19; A Barnes, J Newman, K Harvey 12-13.

Vikings 78 (6), Clarence Gold 83 (14): J Turton, R Jacobs, G Frost 24-8; R Hollier, C Chudley, D Jones 10-0; N Robins, B Johnson, E Sage 6-19; C Santasoussa, T Gatehouse, G Hodge 14-20; Alex Waygood, T Gilbert, J Smart 18-10; G Robbins, G Jones, W Nicholls 6-26.

With a mixed bag of results for Ashcombe Park, Crusaders still managed to score two impressive in the Weston and District Over-60s League.

Crusaders 107, Victoria Saxons 77: L Cox, J Hornett, R Powell 15-9; S Hedges, A Little, J Taylor 13-12; D Bleasdale, T Bass, L Day 16-20; D Cooper, B Benstead, J Whitlow 20-10; T Morgan, M Southwood, J Creasey 19-19; G Kinsey, G Tottle, G Wilkinson 24-7.

Crusaders 109, Mark Moor 90: D Cooper, T Cotterell, J Whitlow 9-20; L Cox, J Hornett, R Powell 13-14; D Bleasdale, B Benstead, G Wilkinson 12-30; T Morgan, M Southwood, J Creasey 21-6; S Hedges, A Little, J Taylor 21-13; G Kinsey, T Bass, L Day 33-7.

Knights 91, Portishead 107: B Alden, K Hallett, A Cracknell 12-18; M Paterson, G Mills, E Hopkins 10-23; M Bass, R Tasker, A Freke 20-12; B Jones, R Counsell, J Main 11-15; F Bertram, D Wynne, K Wheeler 17-29; G Pople, G Sansam, D Carr 21-10.

Knights 75, Portishead RBL 124: G Pople, G Sansam, D Carr 14-17; B Jones, R Counsell, J Main 10-28, F Bertram, M Bass, K Wheeler 16-15; M Field, A Cracknell, G Finnegan 12-20; M Paterson, G Mills, E Hopkins 14-23; D Wynne, R Tasker, A Freke 9-21.

In the Somerset County League, there were disappointing results, with none of the three teams registering a win.

Ashcombe A 51, Yatton A 67: D Cooper, D Bleasdale, M West, J Wheeler 12-26; N Coombes, G Fews, S Hedges, J Taylor 20-24; L Day, A Cracknell, T Bass, R Powell 19-17.

Ashcombe B 66, Clevedon Prom B 77: F Bertram, D Wynne, M Paterson, DA Williams 14-26; S Andrews, R Tasker, L Cox, J Creasey 32-16; G Pople, G Sansam, J Cotterell, B Webber 20-25.

Ashcombe C 36, Victoria D 63: B Bishop, J Bryant, N Shufflebotham, J Main 7-25; R Stokes, M Butt, J McKenzie, G Wilkinson 14-20; A Tucker, W Spring, P Dimmack, B Benstead 15-18.

In addition to the league games, Ashcombe also played three friendly games, with some close results in each.

Ashcombe 73, Prattens 72: S Appleby, N Shufflebotham, B Alden, L Paterson 26-16; M Main, M Butt, M Bass, R Powell 11-21; G Tucker, M Shufflebotham, D Wynne, R Tasker 17-17; J Matthews, M Dew, M Paterson, S Weadon 19-18.

Ashcombe 81, Severn Vale 83: A Bass, B Alden, C Hedges, T Morgan 8-27; C Gerlach, M Bass, P Carr, N Counsell 24-10; L Owens, S Noyes, L Paterson, D Carr 13-16; D Underhay, A Cox, J Matthews, J Hornett 14-17; R Counsell, M Dew, J Sansam, J McInally 22-13.

Ashcombe 105, North Petherton 111: D Underhay, B MacGregor, M Paterson, L Cox 15-20; M Field, C Vardon, P Carr,n D Wynne 16-23; B Alden, M Main, J Matthews, J Main 21-22; J Field, P Wynne, M Bass, D Carr 25-9; G Tucker, C Hedges, G Sansam, J Main 17-13; J McKenzie, B Duncan, S Hopkins, E Hopkins 22-13.

Highlights of a mainly unsuccessful week for St Andrews were a notable pairs victory by two of their men and a memorable final wood from Ann Campbell.

The pairs win came in the second round of the Somerset County competition and was achieved by Nick Sell and George Webber, away to the useful Victoria duo Pete Wyatt and Tony Bray.

After a see-saw battle, an exciting final end saw both teams hold shot before Sell and Webber won 21-20. Webber and clubmate Malcolm Simpson both also reached the second round of the county singles with victories over opponents from, respectively, Williton and Wyrral Park.

Ann Campbell’s wood of the week earned her rink the only win by St Andrews Ladies in an enjoyable match against the club’s men.

With men’s captain Andy McMillan’s quartet holding four shots, but ladies’ lead Imogen Cracknell’s toucher in the ditch, Campbell found a way to propel the jack in with it, giving her team two shots and victory by four.

However, the men won by 26, thanks to victories by vice-captain George Cooper, Brian Green and Brian Cracknell.

St Andrews Men 88, St Andrews Ladies 62: K Rodgers, G Tofte, J Keay, G Cooper 28-18; A Cooper, T Lay, I Lamb, B Green 25-9; R Gordon, A Frost, N Bassett, A McMillan 20-24; L Yeates, D Reynolds, G Webber, B Cracknell 15-11.

A thunderstorm and heavy rain spoiled the North Somerset KO Cup tie between Saints and Victoria at Thirlmere Road.

Because of a delayed start, the match was reduced to 18 ends. Barrie Forse’s home four were in top form, picking up a seven on one end against former Saints’ player Steve Davies, as they won by 12. Don Bailey and his rink were one-shot winners, but Victoria took the other three rinks to finish 15 ahead overall.

St Andrews 72, Victoria 87: L Yeates, B Cracknell, K Curtis, D Bailey 20-19; K Uglow, G Cooper, N Sell, B Forse 23-11; A Cooper, J Keay, A McMillan, T Steer 6-22; A Yeeles, B McLeod, T Ware, G Guest 11-18; M Goddard, R Brereton, R Wootten, D Favis 12-17.

In the annual Jim McClelland Shield match against visitors Clarence, St Andrews suffered another defeat, this time by 10 shots.

A 28-shot reverse on one rink proved decisive, as the six triples were shared. Nick Sell, Jim Warren and Barrie Forse skipped the winning Saints’ teams.

St Andrews 87, Clarence 97: K Rodgers, J Ling, N Sell 21-11; B Rogers, I Lamb, J Warren 17-8; R Gordon, B Cracknell, B Forse 29-9; A Cooper, N Bassett, K Curtis 9-17; D Reynolds, M Simpson, D Bailey 7-20; A Frost, R Wootten, D Favis 4-32.

St Andrews were pipped by one shot away to Purnell in the National Club Two Fours competition. Barrie Forse’s rink won by two, despite dropping a shot in each of the last two ends, while Don Bailey and his men lost by three.

Purnell 40, St Andrews 39: L Yeates, T Ware, D Favis, D Bailey 23-26; K Uglow, A McMillan, N Sell, B Forse 16-14.

Winscombe enjoyed one mixed game, two friendlies and a North Somerset League Over-60s League match against Isle of Wedmore.

At Avonmouth, in the mixed friendly, they only won on one rink although three of the other five rinks were close, losing by two and three shots, with a 26 shot deficit overall.

In the friendlies at Taunton and at home to Norwest, they also lost although the defeat to Norwest was by the slimmest of margins drawing the rinks two each.

At Isle of Wedmore, Winscombe met a much stronger team than they had defeated last week in the County League and could only win on Mike Adams’s rink by one shot to claim just two points.

Winscombe 63, Avonmouth 89: E Kindred, M Howell, L Coombe, G Coombe 7-24; C Hopes, P Burn, W Weller, P Fredersdorff 13-15; I Miles, B Weller, E Watts, L Fredersdorff 16-15; S Lewis, S Nash, M Trenchard, M Nash 18-15; J Kimmins, R Lowis, J Rush, P Hopes 9-20.

Winscombe 76 (2), Wedmore 122 (18): B Andrews, J Sprouting, M Adams 16-15; B Kibble, G Coombe, R Birmingham 7-18; P John, C Westlake, T Ellis 15-17; B Paul, M Fletcher, T Dudley 14-21; G Lloyd, L Collier, G Neville 10-32; K Whatling, M Hunter, P Fredersdorff 14-19.

Wedmore men’s A team continued their good start in the Premier 2 Division of

the County League, beating Bridgwater A on all three rinks to win by 15 shots.

Particular credit was due to Roger Hughes’ rink, who recovered from a

10-shot deficit at the midway stage to win by one shot on the last end.

Wedmore 68, Bridgwater 53: K Pettit, I Gallop, G Anniuk, E Payne 27-20; D Collins, D Wederell, K Burt, D Nicholls 20-13; B Aston, K Phillimore, R Newell, R Hughes 21-20.

However, the Wedmore B team, playing on the same miserably wet afternoon,

lost on all rinks to Winscombe A.

Wedmore 48, Winscombe 69: R Bull, T Hamblin, I Faulkner, R Thurkettle 20-29; V Matthews, K Davey, S Fisher, D Stansfield 13-20; A Birch, J Runciman, C Panchaud, C Moss 15-20.

In the second round of the National Club Two-Fours competition, Wedmore played Castle Cary and again came out winners, this time by just three shots. In the next round, they will play either Willmott Park or Frome Park

Wedmore 43, Castle Cary 40: A Birch, K Pettit, R Barron, D Nicholls 21-25; D Collins, R Newell, C Moss, E Payne 22-15.

Wedmore played away to Portishead RBL in the Clevedon & District League and won by 15 shots, apparently the first league game RBL have lost since 2014. Roger Hughes’ rink again fought back from a deficit of 11 shots at the halfway point to gain a creditable draw.

Wedmore 106, Portishead RBL 91: B Aston, T Brown, R Barron 13-16; D Collins, I Gallop, C Moss 15-16; A Birch, J Harris, E Payne 26-11; J Runciman, D Trow, R Hughes 20-20; V Matthews, K Burt, R Newell 15-14; K Davey, K Pettit, D Nicholls 17-14.

In the Weston & District League, Wedmore, playing at home, this time in dry

conditions, inflicted a heavy defeat on Winscombe.

Wedmore 122, Winscombe 76: J Runciman, D Collins, K Burt 17-15; P Bean, R Norris, C Moss 18-7; A Birch, I Faulkner, K Pettit 21-14; V Matthews, D Trow, R Newell 32-10; R Bull, K Davey, C Panchaud 19-14; D Barnett, I Gallop, R Barron 15-16.

Wedmore Ladies played two league games. Against Wessex in the Wessex

League, they lost by 10 shots

Wedmore Ladies 51, Wessex 61: J Collingwood, J Collins, T Newell, J Masters 20-18; M Barron, A Birch, P Beard, C Pettit 16-24; P Jenkins, B Disbrey, M Perry, G Harvey 15-19.

It was a similar story in a Weston & District League match against Burnham, which resulted in a loss by 19 shots

Wedmore Ladies 46, Burnham 65: J Collingwood, L Hamblin, M Hordle 16-26; A Hughes, J Hunt, M Trow 11-19; B Clarke, T Newell, J Masters 19-20.

In a busy week, Wedmore also played three friendlies, losing against Somerton by five shots, but winning against Wellington by 26 shots. Wrington had difficulties adjusting to the Wedmore green, resulting in a win for the home team by 106-48.

Victoria Ladies played City of Wells in the Tony Allcock Trophy National Mixed Doubles Rink, winning both rinks by a comfortable margin.

The highlight was that both of Victoria’s rinks secured a hot shot, a proud achievement for Victoria. Members at the club are searching past records to see if this is a first for the club.

Victoria played three games in the Weston & District Triples League, winning two and collecting a total of 20 points strengthening their position in the league.

The only defeat was against Burnham with the triple of Kay Wilson, Rose Cleeves and Sue Cooper winning by two shots to gain the consolation of two points.

Victoria beat Portishead by 19 shots winning on two rinks with captain Margaret Hillman skipping her rink to a fine 17-shot win. The ladies continued to impress with a three-rink win and 10-point maximum haul at Wessex with all members of the team contributing to an excellent win.

Victoria showed their strength in depth by also being able to field two teams for friendly fixtures. They entertained Mark Moor running out victors by 14 shots with Sue Newman and Annie Holland skipping their triples to wins. However, the friendly against Ashcombe was perhaps a game too far with a defeat against a strong team.

Victoria Ladies 72, City of Wells 27: S Newman, M Hillman, M Stocker, C Heal 35-15; H Frye, S Cooper, C Gazzard, M Cooper 37-12.

Victoria Ladies 37, Burnham 54: K Wilson, R Cleeves, S Cooper 19-17; S Milliner, S Newman, M Hillman 9-20; H Frye, M Chudley, A Holland 9-17.

Victoria Ladies 57, Portishead 38: K Wilson, S Harrison, M Chudley 20-17; C Sage, B Mangan, S Cooper 13-14; R Cleeves, A Holland, M Hillman 24-7.

Victoria Ladies 67, Wessex 38: F Waters, S Newman, S Cooper 27-7; H Frye, E Newport, M Chudley 21-18; K Wilson, A Cleeves, A Holland 19-13.

Victoria Ladies 55, Mark Moor 41: R Bailey, B Mangan A Holland 22-5; S Milliner S Pocock , S Newman 23-15; N Whyte, S Sokol, E Newport 10-21.

Victoria Ladies 44, Ashcombe 66: G Poolman, R Bailey, S Sokol, M Hillman 12-24; N Whyte, C Sage, B Mangan, S Newman 16-20; H Chesters, S Pocock, C Stevens, S Harrison 16-22.

Wessex Ladies had mixed fortunes last week, winning two and losing two matches.

Wessex 48, Yatton 45 (friendly): S Hewitt/J Gardiner, K Dibble, E Wade, M Hawkins 13-22; V Edwards, V Gardiner, E Stott, P Taylor 19-9; C Falconbridge, M Milford, P Turner, J Davis 16-14.

Wessex Ladies 61 (8), Isle of Wedmore 51 (2) (league): P Turner, K Dibble, E Stott, A Ward, 24-16; E Wade, D Welfare, M Hawkins, J Davis 19-15; I Hicks, N Peters, C Peart, B Jones 18-20.

Wessex Ladies 45 (2), Clevedon 68 (8): N Peters, E Stott, C Peart, J Duffy 9-40; V Edwards, E Wade, P Hanson, B Jones 21-12; P Turner, T Langford, A Crawford, A Ward 15-16.

Wessex Ladies 38, Victoria 68 (10): N Peters, M Hawkins, J Davis 7-28; K Dibble, P Turner, B Jones 18-21; V Gardiner, E Stott, J Duffy 13-19.

Clarence Ladies were defeated by Winscombe, clawing back a halfway deficit to finish 15 shots down.

Clarence Ladies 37, Winscombe 52: P Fowler, P Phillips, M Davison 9-16; S Scoins, S Searle, C Edlin 12-18; R Francombe, P Hawkins, J Mannion 16-18.

St Andrews Ladies fought back well from a six-shot deficit at halfway to beat visitors Long Ashton in the DRT League.

Ann Campbell’s rink, five down, picked up 15 shots in the second half and won by four. Monica Pattenden skipped her four to a three-shot victory, despite losing the last four ends.

St Andrews Ladies 49, Long Ashton 47: J Forse, M Wride, M Frost, A Campbell 21-17; C Venn, S Glenville, J Ware, M Pattenden 15-12; M Barnes, A Greenwood, B Goddard, M Favis 13-18.

Despite a strong finish by Monica Pattenden’s rink, who scored nine in the last three ends, St Andrews lost by four away to Nailsea in the DRT League.

Ann Campbell’s four scored a single on each of the last two ends to draw, but Saints’ third quartet dropped six on the last three to go down by three.

Nailsea Ladies 51, St Andrews 47: M Wride, S Priory, J Smith, M Pattenden 18-19; F Allen, A Greenwood, J Ware, M Favis 14-17; J Forse, I Tofte, M McMillan, A Campbell 15-15.

Although Saints Ladies lost to the club’s men in the first of their two annual matches, three of their new bowlers acquitted themselves well – Chris Bygraves, Claire Lowe and Jackie Yeates, the last-named a member of the only winning rink.

St Andrews Ladies 62, St Andrews Men 88: J Forse, C Bygraves, S Priory, J Ware 18-28; J McMillan, C Lowe, P Uglow/D Johnston, B Goddard 9-25; I Cracknell, J Yeates, M McMillan, A Campbell 24-20; C Venn, A Greenwood, M Frost, I Tofte 11-15.

Winscombe Ladies played their return fixture against North Petherton, going down by just four shots.

Earlier in the season at North Petherton, Winscombe had won on all rinks and by over 40 shots. It was a different story at Winscombe and a close game was cut short on the 18th end by thunder, lightning and hailstones. North Petherton won on two rinks to one and by just four shots.

Winscombe 46 (2), North Petherton 50 (8): C Hopes, M Howell, S Lowman, S Caddy 19-10 (-25%); I Miles, A Ainsworth, L Fredersdorff, R Keane 16-20; M Sprouting, J Rush, L Whatling, W Weller 11-20.

Ashcombe Ladies 43 (2), Clarence 54 (8) (North Somerset Triples): L Paterson, M Tasker, S Weaden 22-20; A Bass, N Counsell, A Goacher 9-16; M Main, J Wilkinson, J McInally 12-18. Friendly rink: A Petit, L Owens, B MacGregor 23-11.

Ashcombe Ladies 45 (2), Clevedon 56 (8) (North Somerset Triples): J Field, M Tasker, J Hughes 10-27; L Paterson, M Tasker, S Weaden 15-20; N Counsell, P Carr, A Goacher 20-9.

Ashcombe Ladies 48, Burnham 50 (friendly): S Appleby, B Cullen, M Tucker 11-27; A Bass, S Hopkins, C Hedges 16-13; L Owens, J Matthews, N Counsell 21-10.

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