Clarence Gold defeat Ashcombe Knights in Over-60s League encounter

PUBLISHED: 14:14 09 August 2017 | UPDATED: 14:14 09 August 2017

Gerald Lloyd bowling for Winscombe.

Gerald Lloyd bowling for Winscombe.


Clarence Golds won four out of the six rinks against Ashcombe Knights to record a welcome away Weston & District Over-60s League victory.

Clarence Golds recorded a welcome Weston & District Over-60s League away win at Ashcombe and despite losing a rink at the start, they won four of the remaining five rinks.

Rink of the day with a 13-shot win goes to Martin Ford and Mike Turnbull skipped by Mike Scoins.

Clarence Golds 93, Ashcombe Knights 82: B Coleman, J Hayes, C Tippet 19-13; M Ford, M Turnbull, M Scoins 25-12; F Al Hinai, G Andrews, A Cord 16-17; M Harryman, D Symes, A Newland 17-15; J Edwards, A Bishop, C Read 16-15.

In the Somerset County League, there was a superb home win from the B team, winning on all three rinks against Wedmore. With everyone playing well, the highest winning rink was Chris Tippet, John Hayes and Mike Turnbull, skipped by Mike Davies with an 11-shot victory.

Clarence B 69, Wedmore B 46: C Tippet, J Hayes, M Turnbull, M Davies 25-14; A Bishop, M Ford, M Adams, M Scoins 23-16; T Ward, B Coleman, A Newland, J Atkins 21-16.

Clarence were totally outplayed in this Wedmore Plate match against St Andrews. The only winning rink came in the form of Pete Williams, Mike Cerasoli and Roger Burrough, skipped by Mick Edlin.

Clarence 60, St Andrews 99: M Adams, D Grier, B Duffy, B Sweet 15-27; B Rossiter, M Turnbull, D Stott, B Ballinger 13-28; P Williams, M Cerasoli, R Burrough, M Edlin 22-20; R Flicker, A Gardiner, T Mannion, M Phillips 10-24.

Victoria continue to progress in cup competitions, winning the latest rounds of both the Turnbull Cup and 4 Dimensions.

Victoria hosted North Petherton in the Turnbull Cup and a close game saw each team win two rinks, but Victoria’s rink of Sam Stocker, Hugh Gibbbs, Colin Gazzard and Mike Cooper swung the match in favour of Victoria with their fine rink win of 14 shots.

They now meet Ilminster in the semi-final to be played at Yeovil on Sunday.

Victoria enjoyed a comfortable win over Clevedon in the 4 Dimensions, winning three dimensions and drawing the pairs.

The County League form continues to disappoint although with a little more luck results could change. The A team were at Ilminster and in a close game, the winning rink of Pete Wyatt, Hugh Gibbs, Lee Stocker and skip Paul Leadbeater were holding six shots on the final end when the opposing skip with his final wood drew shot, a turnaround of seven shots which was Ilminster’s winning margin.

The C team welcomed Nailsea B and in a close game the rinks skipped by John Smart and Graham Richards both lost by just three shots with a consolation point earned for the tied rink of Carmine, Mike Milliner, Mike Manning and skip John Langridge.

The Vikings travelled to play division leaders Portishead in the Weston & District Over-60s League and returned home with a valuable six points from the comfortable 14-shot rink wins by the triples skipped by John Smart and Graham Richards.

The triple skipped by Brian Johnson with Dave Roberts and Mike Manning was close throughout and with just the final end to play the scores were tied, the first wood played by Roberts at lead was within inches of the jack and amazingly with 16 woods following, it remained shot wood to secure the win and a further two points.

The Vikings moved to a respectable third position in the table with this result.

Victoria 81, North Petherton 73: P Coumis, J Newman, M Stocker, P Leadbeater 16-20; S Stocker, H Gibbs, C Gazzard, M Cooper 29-15; R Bromet, D Fairhurst, P Fisher, C Heal 18-22; P Wyatt, M Campbell, L Stocker, W Harrison 18-16.

Victoria 3.5, Clevedon 0.5 – singles: C Gazzard 21-10; pairs: M Milliner, P Leadbeater 23-23; triples: P Wyatt, L Stocker, W Harrison 18-11; fours: S Stocker, L Kelly, D Fairhurst, C Heal 14-13.

Victoria A 50 (2), Ilminster 57 (10): S Stocker, J Newman, C Gazzard, M Cooper 15-19; P Wyatt, H Gibbs L Stocker, P Leadbeater, 24-14; P Coumis, M Campbell, S Davies, C Heal 11-24.

Victoria C 53 (1), Nailsea B 59 (11): D Carpenter, L Kelly, G Hodge, J Smart 21-24; D Hubbard, A Hollier, G Frost, G Richards 14-17; Carmine, M Milliner, M Manning, J Langridge 18-18.

Victoria Vikings 94 (6), Portishead 106 (14): Carmine, C Chudley, D Jones 8-21; N Robbins, G Frost, J Smart 24-10; A Hollier, T Gatehouse, E Sage 15-20; D Roberts, M Manning, B Johnson 17-16; L Kelly, J Turton, J Langridge 6-29; J Codrington, G Hodge, G Richards 24-10.

Ashcombe Park had a relatively quiet week, with three league matches and two friendlies.

In the Somerset Bowls League, Ashcombe’s A team were at home to Bristol B in a close run match which ended with one rink drawn and Bristol taking the other two.

In the same league Ashcombe’s B team were drawn against top of the division, Willmott Park. Ashcombe managed a win on one rink, but could not make any impression on the other two.

In the Weston and District Over-60s League, Ashcombe’s Knights were at home to Clarence Golds. Due to unavailability Clarence dropped one rink, incurring a 10-shot penalty, but even this was not enough for the Knights to take the match.

In the friendlies, Ashcombe’s men were away to Knowle in an annual fixture. Despite a good start, Ashcombe struggled to make an impression on the home side, finishing with a score of 54 shots to 77.

The other friendly of the week was against a Welsh mixed touring side from Kenfig Hill. Wins on two rinks and some close scoring on a further two was not enough to offset the high losses on the remaining two rinks, with the final score of 83 shots to 118 in Kenfig’s favour.

Ashcombe Knights 73, Golds 94: D Freestone, G Mills, E Hopkins 13-19; A Tucker, M Bass, T Morgan 12-25; K Davies, M Paterson, R Tasker 18-17; B Alden, D

Bleasdale, J Hornett 15-17; B Jones, R Counsell, K Powell 15-16.

Ashcombe A 56, Bristol B 65: D Cooper, R Powell, K Powell, K Wheeler 20-20; A Wilmot, S Hedges, J Whitlow, J Creasey 17-24; B Bishop, G Fews, L Day, T

Cottrell 14-21.

Ashcombe B 52, Willmott Park 69: F Bertram, G Mills, N Coombes, E Hopkins 15-25; B Miles, G Pople, E Roberts, D Wynne 15-28; D Bleasdale, M Paterson, B

Benstead, J Main 22-16.

Ashcombe 54, Knowle 77: D Cooper, M Butt, S Hedges, J Main 9-24; S Andrews, G Mills, G Wilkinson, D Carr 20 -12; D Freestone, B Miles, G Sansam, D Wynne

12-23; G Tucker, J McKenzie, T Morgan, A Dawes 13-18.

Ashcombe 83, Kenfig 118: L Cornford, R Humphries, J Whitlow, A Little 12-13; L Shanks, L Cox, G Tottle, E Hopkins 20-10; J Williams, D Lewis, C Falconbridge, D Carr 14-19; P Barnes, S Noyes, A Freke, B Benstead 8-29; D Cardy, D Bleasdale, A Tucker, K Wheeler 18-14; D Underhay, J Cornford, J Hornett, T Bass 11-23.

St Andrews cruised into the semi-finals of the Somerset county Wedmore Plate with a comfortable away victory over local rivals Clarence.

The game was virtually over by halfway, with Saints 37 shots ahead after 10 ends. The eventual winning margin was 39, with the rink skipped by Andrew Owens leading the way, despite dropping a six on the 16th of the 21 ends as they finished 15 shots ahead.

Danny Favis and his men picked up a four on the last end to win by 12, while consistent scoring saw Tony Steer’s rink beat their opponents by 14. Saints lost one rink and that was by just two.

In the semi-final at Ilminster this Sunday, they will play South Petherton, a totally unknown quantity to Saints who play in a different region of the County League to their opponents.

Clarence 60, St Andrews 99: M Goddard, T Ware, D Bailey, D Favis 27-15; B Reeves, G Webber, K Curtis, A Owens 28-13; K Uglow, J Keay, A McMillan, B Forse 20-22; R Wootten, G Wride, B May, T Steer 24-10.

A thumping 16-shot victory by John Ling, Adrian Cooper and Danny Favis was the crucial factor in Saints’ Weston & District Over-60s League away victory over Clevedon.

Favis’s triple had a six on one end as they rattled up 28 shots. Saints were victorious on only one of the other five rinks, that skipped by team captain Brian Reeves. They won by nine.

But Brian Green’s trio picked up a one on the last end to draw and there were very close results on the three defeated rinks, as Saints earned 13 points.

Clevedon 91 (7), St Andrews 107 (13): G Sims, M Willetts, B Green 18-18; J Ling, A Cooper, D Favis 28-12; R Potter, M Goddard, K Curtis 10-16; K Uglow, R Venn, B Reeves 19-10; B Rogers, R Wootten, D Bailey 18-20; D Reynolds, B McLeod, G Wride 14-15.

St Andrews could not get to grips with a fiendishly-difficult green at Congresbury in the County League, losing heavily to the leaders and favourites for promotion.

Ken Curtis’s rink led 11-8 halfway through but slipped to defeat by six. Danny Favis’s four dropped eight shots on the first two ends, then matched their opponents thereafter, winning more ends than Congresbury did, but going down by five.

Congresbury A 68 (12), St Andrews 40 (0): B McLeod, I Lamb, R Venn, K Curtis 16-22; M Goddard, J Keay, G Webber, D Favis 15-20; A Cooper, G Cooper, A McMillan, B May 9-26.

Saints’ club champion Barrie Forse reached the final of the singles at the Gloucester Open Bowls Tournament.

The Gloucester-born player, a past winner of the tournament, lost 21-13 to Sean Morris (Gloucester City) in the final, having won through five rounds.

In between his exploits at Gloucester, Forse and clubmate Becky McMillan got through to the semi-finals of the Somerset county mixed pairs, winning 27-17 in Bath against a duo from Stothert & Pitt.

In the semi-final on August 27, they will play Congresbury’s Brian and Kate Herbison.

Congratulations to Congresbury Bowls Club on winning the men’s Co-operative Funeralcare Evening League Championship.

This is the first time they have won this trophy in the 60-year history of the competition. It was achieved at a tense last match away to Chew Stoke, winning on three of the four rinks, giving an overall victory by four shots.

Congresbury 68, Isle of Wedmore 130 (C&D Over-60s League): D Manning, R Jones, F Horton 8-26; D Folds, J Freemantle, D Byett 7-20; G Andrews, G Stenner, A Fisher 12-27; P Dawes, M Kimmings, R Archer 12-18; R Stewart, R Anniuk, M Huggett 19-9; A Collins, C Edwards, R Kirkham 10-30.

Congresbury 64, Chew Stoke 60 (Co-operative Funeralcare Evening League): B Baker, R Anniuk, R Becker, D Byett 16-14; G Wilcock, T Lewis, S Eastment, C Shipway 22-10; M Kimmings, R Archer, M Wear, L Beck 17-13; J Freemantle, G Stenner, R Kirkham, B Herbison 9-23.

CongresburyA 68, St Andrews 40 (SBA Division 1 North): B Baker, M Wear, D Byett, R Birmingham 22-16; D Manning, R King, R Becker, B Herbison 26-9; M Kimmings, T Lewis, S Eastment, C Shipway 20-15.

Congresbury B 78, Banwell B 39 (SBA Division 2 North): R Stewart, J Freemantle, I Morton, A Fisher 18-10; R Jones, R Anniuk, F Horton, R Kirkham 34-9; D Norman, M Hopkins, M Huggett, R Archer 26-20.

Winscombe’s men only played in three matches this week, two friendlies (one mixed) and the A team had a match in the Somerset County League.

The mixed match was played at Clevedon Promenade on a rain-soaked Sunday afternoon which led the captains to reduce the match from 21 to 18 ends.

Clevedon proved better able to cope with the conditions and came away winners on three out of the four rinks and taking the match by 72 shots to 55.

Winscombe 55, Clevedon Prom 72: C Hopes, C Bryant, T Miles, M Dorrington 11-21; D Seaman, M Palmer, P Hopes, B Paul 9-17; P Pow, A Bougourd, D Johnson, B Andrews 21-12; A Pow, M Howell, C Bryant, S Easterby 14-22

The men’s match was played away at Bridgwater and, once again, the conditions were somewhat inclement with showers and poor light.

Winscombe started well taking a 20+ shot lead across the green. However, Bridgwater fought back and by the 16th end were only nine shots adrift. Consequently, when the Bridgwater captain suggested reducing the ends from 21 to 18, Winscombe captain Malcolm Dorrington jumped at the chance.

In fact, Winscombe took the last couple of ends overall to return the lead to 15 shots giving them a win by 83 shots to 68, so Malcolm did not feel quite so guilty.

Winscombe 83 Bridgwater 68: R Knight, M Trenchard, B Andrews, W Ainsworth 12-16; D Johnson, D Phillips, L Collier, R Lacy 15-15; P John, T Moody, M Fletcher, M Dorrington 17-8; M Newing, K Horler, D Brown, M Nash 19-18; B Weller, R Lowis, R Fisher, M Adams 20-11.

The final match on Saturday was a Somerset County League match. Only the A team had a game as the planned opponents for the B team had earlier withdrawn from the league.

The A team’s match was at home against Portishead Royal British Legion and while the game was very close on one rink (which Winscombe eventually lost by one shot), they had it their own way on the other two rinks. The result was that Winscombe came away with 10 out of the 12 points on offer.

Winscombe 81, Portishead RBL 51: G Neville, J Min-West, M Dorrington, R Lacy 24-25; D Brown, B Paul, W Ainsworth, T Ellis 30-14; G Lloyd, M Fletcher, S Easterby, M Adams 27-12.

Once again it was mixed results for Banwell over the past week, starting with victory over the City of Wells, winning three of the four rinks.

Banwell 68, City of Wells 52: G Spittles, M House, H Guckian 10-17; G Hollier, J Amos, G Millard 22-11; B Watts, A Cockayne, K Burgess 21-14; T Hyde, T Brice, J Davies 15-10.

The Banwell B team had a Somerset League North 2 match and came up against a Congresbury B team who were going full tilt for promotion. Losing on all three rinks, Banwell now find themselves in the relegation zone.

Banwell B 39 (0), Congresbury B (12): J Evans, G Hollier, A Cockayne, C Coffin 9-34; P Wilfan, D Mabbutt, J Amos, K Burgess 20-26; S White, T Brice, T Garfield, J Rickerty 10-18.

It was a close match at Winscombe in a mixed friendly, with each side winning on two of the four rinks. But the margin was that much greater for Winscombe, who won 72-66.

Jill Bishop bowling for Banwell in the mixed friendly at Winscombe.

Isle of Wedmore men’s A team went to Wells in a County League match and enjoyed a resounding 66-41 victory.

Dave Nicholls’ gents swapped the lead five times to end 15 and then took a grip on the the game to win 25-14. Roger Hughes’ men took the lead on end four and motored on uninterrupted to a 20-13 win.

Eddie Payne’s boys had 10 shots on the board before Wells scored on end seven, but the visitors did well to catch up and lead from end 15 before Wedmore came back to forge ahead to victory 21-14.

Wedmore 66, Wells 41: D Collins, C Moss, R Barron, D Nicholls 25-14; T Brown, I Gallop, R Newell, R Hughes 20-13; A Birch, P Smith, K Pettit, E Payne 21-14.

The C team were away to Winscombe B in their County League match and won one rink against two, losing 43-82 overall.

Terry Simpson’s lads scored four on end 13 with the jack in the ditch, which proved to be the turning point as they stayed in front to win 21-17. Jim White and Brendon Cottrell were unable stem the onslaught on their rinks, losing 8-28 and 14-37 respectively.

Wedmore C 43, Winscombe B 82: M Batchelor, B Dearden, P D-Rees, T Simpson 21-17; S Wilkinson, M Davis, P Tincknell, J White, 8-28; T Shepherd, T Collingwood, D Luke, B Cottrell, 14-37.

At home to Portishead RBL in the Clevedon Triples League, the men won a close game by three rinks to two plus a tie and by 107 shots to 98 overall.

Eddie Payne and partners scored a six on end six to give them a good lead, which steadily grew to victory at 22-13. Just after halfway, Ron Barron’s band accelerated to a lead of 12 shots by end 15 which enabled them to fend off a 10-shot challenge over the last three ends to win 18-16.

Keith Pettit’s fellows led all the way without pulling clear but did win 15-13. Dave Nicholls’ group also led all the way, scoring a six early on and a five near the finish but went into the last end one shot down, scored a single to draw 24-24.

Colin Moss and mates led from end four to 17 when they became two shots down, could only score one on the last end to lose 13-14. Ray Newell’s crew didn’t score until end five and while they came close to their rivals, lost 15-18.

Wedmore 107, Portishead RBL 98: A Birch, J Harris, E Payne 22-13; T Simpson, T Brown, R Barron, 18-16; D Trow, K Burt, K Pettit, 15-13; P Smith, C Panchaud, D Nicholls, 24-24, V Matthews, D Collins, C Moss, 13-14; J Runciman, I Gallop, R Newell, 15-18.

In another Clevedon District Triples League match, this time at home to Congresbury, the men notched up a memorable victory winning 130 shots to 68 overall and five to one on rinks.

Tony Brown’s team swapped the lead a couple of times, before running out 26-8 winners, having won 12 of 18 ends. Keith Pettit’s side went two better by winning 14 ends and scoring 30-10 in a victory where the excellent play of lead Don Trow was recognised.

Colin Moss and pals built a lead and scored 12 shots over the last five ends to win 27-12. Dave Nicholls and co led all the way to win 20-7, having won 13 ends. Ron Barron’s chaps also led from start to finish to put together an 18-12 victory. Roger Hughes’ outfit were in close touch with the opposition up to end 11 when the other side gradually pulled away to win 9-19.

Wedmore 130, Congresbury 68: A Birch, I Gallop, T Brown, 26-8; D Trow, R Norris, K Pettit, 30-10; J Runciman, D Collins, C Moss, 27-12; D Barnett, D Wederell, D Nicholls, 20-7; J Clark, C Panchaud, R Barron, 18-12; R Bull, D Stansfield, R Hughes, 9-19.

In the Weston District Triples Cup, the men played Victoria Saxons and while being even on rinks three all, lost 71-114 shots overall.

Brian Aston’s trio went to the front on end four and never looked back, winning handsomely 29-12. Keith Burt’s crew were in a close encounter, winning by 14 shots to 12.

Ron Barron’s buddies didn’t have a taste of the lead until end seven and carelessly lost it on end 17 to go two shots down. Happiness was restored by scoring three on the last end to win 14-13. Clive Panchaud and fellow skippers Keith Pettit and Dave Nicholls all had a match to forget, losing heavily.

Wedmore 71, Victoria 114: A Birch, D Collins, B Aston, 24-12; R Bull, T Brown, K Burt, 14-12; D Skelton, T Simpson, R Barron, 14-13; V Matthews, M Green, C Panchaud, 8-26; D Trow, B Cottrell, K Pettit, 7-27; T Counsell, J Runciman, D Nicholls, 4-24.

The ladies had a good match at home to Mark Moor in the Wessex Ladies League, winning on rinks by two to one and overall by 49 shots to 37.

Marie Trow’s foursome led all the way, had a lead of 12 shots at end 10 and ran out good winners at 17-10. Liz Hamblin’s lasses trailed for a good while, but came back and took the lead on end 12, winning most of the remaining ends for a 15-9 win.

Pam Beard and chums swapped the lead seven times but took it on end 16 which looked like good timing until Mark Moor scored two more to win 17-18.

Wedmore Ladies 49, Mark Moor 37: M Hordle, A Wilkinson, C Pettit, M Trow, 17-10; P Jenkins, A Birch, J Collingwood, L Hamblin, 15-9; J Collins, D Gallop, M Perry, P Beard, 17-18.

In a remarkable match, the ladies played Clevedon Prom away in the Wessex League which ended in a draw, 46 shots all and one to two on rinks.

Marion Fisher’s ladies seized the lead on end six and thereafter only lost one end to give a resounding victory 24-6. Pam Beard’s women were in the game until end 15 when Clevedon scored 10 shots in the last four ends causing Wedmore to lose 12-21. Marie Trow and friends started slowly and never really got into the game, so losing 10-19.

Wedmore Ladies 46, Clevedon Prom 46: P Jenkins, M Barron, M Perry, M Fisher, 24-6; B Clark, A Wilkinson, D Gallop, P Beard, 12-21; J Collins, M Hordle, A Birch, M Trow 10-19.

At home to Clarence in the Weston & District Triples League, there was another tie at 42-shots all but Wedmore lost on rinks one to two.

In a low-scoring game, Marie Trow’s rink were playing a close game but pulled away in the second half to win 15-7. Jenny Collingwood’s folk scored five at the halfway mark to go ahead for the first time but immediately lost it and a small gap developed to allow Clarence to win 15-19.

Pam Beard’s crowd held the lead for a long spell in the middle of the game, but lost it on end 14, drew level on 16 but the game slipped away to 12-16.

Wedmore Ladies 42, Clarence 42: C Vaney, M Barron, M Trow, 15-7; M Hordle, A Birch, J Collingwood, 15-19. J Collins, D Gallop, P Beard, 12-16.

The ladies lost at home to West Blackwell in the Weston Triples League, losing by one rink to two and 44 shots to 54 overall.

A five score early on helped Marie Trow’s troupe come from behind and keep going to win 17-11. Carole Pettit’s people were nine shots behind at halfway and while they narrowed the gap they could not close it, losing 10-14.

Pam Beard’s bunch were similarly 10 down early on which was a gap too wide, losing 17-29.

Wedmore Ladies 44, West Backwell 54: M Hordle, M Stansfield, M Trow, 17-11; D Gallop, A Wilkinson, C Pettit 10-14; P Jenkins, A Birch, P Beard 17-29.

On a positive note, Ann Hughes, Maureen Hordle and Pam Beard recently played at Watchet, in their open triples and came third out of 20 entries.

Two mixed friendlies produced a win and a loss. At home to Burnham, Wedmore won overall by 103 shots to 86, but on rinks it was two to three plus a tie.

Skippers Roger Hughes and Terry Simpson won handsomely, Don Trow’s rink did not score until end eight but forced a tie. Skippers Dennis Stansfield and Marie Trow lost by small margins, while Ron Barron’s rink was sunk with all hands.

Away to North Petherton, the mixed friendly squad struggled to little or no avail, losing overall by 49 shots to 75 and on all four rinks.

An excellent singles victory by Carolina Venn set up holders St Andrews Ladies for a comfortable home victory over their Ashcombe counterparts in the fifth round of the county Southey Trophy.

Venn beat Averil Goacher 21-13 in a high-standard match. At the time of Venn’s victory, Saints led by 10 shots in both the triples and fours and they never relinquished that advantage.

Their only defeat, a surprise considering that Imogen Cracknell and Becky McMillan are both current Johns Trophy leads, came in the pairs. They fought back well in the closing stages, but lost by three to useful opponents.

The home triple dominated to win by 18 shots and the fours called it a day after 18 ends with Saints 10 in front.

In the quarter-final, they will be at home to either Burnham or Victoria

St Andrews Ladies 3, Ashcombe Park 1 – singles: C Venn 21-13; pairs: I Cracknell/R McMillan 16-19; triples: J McMillan, J Ware, M Favis 28-10; fours: S Sinclair, M McMillan, J Pitman, A Campbell 18-8 (18 ends).

Saints Ladies will take a nine-shot lead into the second leg of the annual Iris Owen Cup next month following a home victory over Winscombe.

Monica Pattenden’s triple led 16-0 after just six ends, having scored a six, and won by 14. Myra Bailey skipped her trio home by 11, but a heavy defeat for the third home triple, who failed to score after the seventh end, gave Winscombe a glimmer of hope for the second leg.

St Andrews Ladies 54, Winscombe 45: C Venn, D Johnston, M Pattenden 23-9; M Wride, B Goddard, M Bailey 22-11; S Priory, M Frost, A Powell 9-25.

Victoria Ladies marched on with a further victory against Wessex in the Southey Cup, winning all four disciplines and the match by 20 shots, with the pair of Hannah Frye and Sue Newman top performers with an eight-shot winning margin.

Captain Rose Cleeves was delighted with the performance and result and now looks forward to meeting Burnham in the next round.

The ladies played two games in the Weston & District Triples League, losing against Portishead with the triple of Sandra Milliner, Kay Wilson and Annie Holland earning two points with their four-shot win.

The ladies had a comfortable win against Burnham with skips Rose Cleeves and Chris Stevens winning by 11 shots and Margaret Kelly leading her triple of Hannah Frye and Sue Cooper to an emphatic win of 21 shots.

Victoria entertained GB Britton in a mixed friendly with Victoria winning a close match by two shots despite each side recording 30-plus rink wins, the best by the rink skipped by Kay Wilson with Les Kelly, Eileen Harroway and Roy Bromet.

Victoria Ladies 77, Wessex 57 - singles: S Cooper 21-16; pairs: H Frye ,S Newman 22-14; triples: K Wilson, R Cleeves, A Holland 13-12; rink: B Williams, C Sage, C Stevens, M Chudley 21-15.

Victoria Ladies 39 (2), Portishead 56 (8): G Poolman, S Sokol, S Cooper 13-15; H Frye, C Stevens, M Chudley 8-27; S Milliner, K Wilson, A Holland 18-14.

Victoria Ladies 69 (10), Burnham 26 (0): M Kelly, H Frye, S Cooper 28-7; B Williams, F Waters, R Cleeves 21-10; H Chesters, R Bailey, C Stevens 20-9.

Victoria Ladies 116, GB Britton 114: L Kelly, E Harraway, R Bromet, K Wilson 43-6; M Kelly, D Hubbard, F Waters, B Pocock 20-10; H Frye, S Pocock, R Bailey, T Gatehouse 7-42; B Williams, S Milliner, A Culpack, J Newman 21-10.

Ashcombe Ladies fine run of form came to an end this week with defeat in both the Southey Trophy and Fear Cup Plate competitions.

On both occasions they were playing away and were beaten by strong teams showing good form.

Ashcombe Ladies 1, St Andrews 3 (Southey Trophy) – singles: A Goacher 13-23; pairs: J Sansam, N Counsell 19-16; triples: M Main, M Tasker, J Wilkinson 10-28; rink: L Paterson, M Tucker, J Hughes, S Weaden 8-18.

Ashcombe Ladies 40, Clarence 72 (Fear Cup Plate): P Wynne, M Tucker, N Counsell, A Goacher 20-17; M Main, J Hughes, J Wilkinson, J McInally 11-24; L Paterson, J Sansam, M Tasker, S Weaden 9-31.

In the Weston & District Ladies League, Clarence Ladies won two of the three rinks against Isle of Wedmore and just managed to scrape on shots which gave them six of the 10 points on offer.

Rink of the day goes to Pam Fowler and Pat Phillips skipped by Mary Davison. With two ends to go, it was all square but Clarence took them both to win by four shots.

Clarence Ladies 42, Isle of Wedmore 42: S Pritchard, J Mannion, P Burrough 7-15; S Scoins, R Jones, V Collicott 19-15; P Fowler, P Phillips, M Davison 16-12.

Captain Mary Davison and president Jo Mannion organised a charity fun day with games, raffle and an American supper. The highest score in the games was achieved by Sarie Pritchard.

This was well supported by the members with £60 was raised towards the Weston Hospital scanner appeal

Wessex Ladies enjoyed a 32-shot victory over Ashcombe in the quarter-finals of the Fear Cup Plate versus Ashcombe. The semi-finals will be versus Taunton on September 3 at Ilminster at 10am.

Wessex Ladies 72, Ashcombe 40: P Turner, D Welfare, E Williams, P Taylor 31-9; V Edwards, J Davis, M Davis, J Duffy 24-11; C Peart, M Hawkins, B Jones, A Fewings 17-20.

Not such a good result in the league, with Clevedon Prom taking the 10 points. Pat Taylor’s rink were 15-1 down on the ninth end, but made a magnificent recovery to lose by just five shots.

Wessex Ladies 49, Clevedon Prom 65: B Hayes, V Gardiner, J Davis, A Fewings 14-19; P Turner, E Deane, C Peart, P Taylor 17-22; J Hartree, P Dunn, D Welfare, M Hawkins 18-24.

The match versus St Andrews was cancelled because of rain.

Winscombe Ladies were away to Portishead RBL in the North Somerset League and in a close game, it came down to the final end on the captain’s rink to give the game to RBL.

Winscombe Ladies 46, Portishead RBL 48: C Bryant, C Hopes, A Ainsworth 23-16; S Lowis, S Nash, L Fredersdorff 13-15; W Weller, A Bougourd, M Adams 10-17.

On the home green, the ladies played Long Ashton also in the North Somerset Triples League. Once again, the rink skipped by Angela Ainsworth with Carol Hopes, and Chrissie won, while the other two rinks went down.

Winscombe Ladies 46, Long Ashton 57: C Hopes, C Bryant, A Ainsworth 21-15; S Lowis, L Coombe, S Nash 14-24; W Weller, P Burns, M Sprouting 11-18.

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