Clarence Park duo win through in Somerset county pairs competition

PUBLISHED: 13:33 16 May 2018 | UPDATED: 13:33 16 May 2018

Gerald Lloyd bowling for Winscombe BC.

Gerald Lloyd bowling for Winscombe BC.


Mick Edline and Don Towie of Clarence Park, defeated a Taunton Deane pair in the Somerset county pairs competition.

Clarence Park’s pairing of Mick Edlin and Don Towie were struggling after 12 ends being 13-5 down against the duo of Nicki Best and Charlie Tackle of Taunton Deane in the county pairs competition.

In a game of two halves, Clarence’s men hit a purple patch which lasted to the end of the game giving them a well-deserved 23-16 victory.

Even with Clarence Blues losing on four of the six rinks, they came out of this match with a nine-shot victory.

Most of the success goes to rink six, with a team comprising Reg Flicker and Tony Mannion skipped by David Stott whom kept a healthy lead throughout the match, then turned on the style for the final six ends taking 11 shots with a reply of one for an 18- shot victory.

Clarence Blues 104, Ashcombe Crusaders 95 (Over-60s League): J Loveridge, J Rogers, D Towie 14-21; M Clay, B Sweet G Barlow 12-17; M Adams, G Owen, M Edlin 21-13; B Benn, R Crawford, B Duffy 16-18; K Marshall, M Phillips, R Burrough 17-20; R Flicker, T Mannion, D Stott 24-6.

The visiting team got off to a bad start by being a team member down and giving a rink away. Trevor Ward and Graham Andrews skipped by Nigel Martin dominated this match from the outset and compounded the visitor’s misery on the 15th where they took an eight and went on to take a 17-shot victory.

The team of John Edwards and Mike Turnbull skipped by Mike Scoins whose match was neck and neck throughout and went down to the wire. On the last end, Clarence were lying one up and three behind on the board, Mike Scoins delivered the last wood of the match and picked up the jack taking it back to a trio of home woods giving them a one-shot win.

Clarence Golds 101, Mark Moor 81: B Rossiter, D Grier, S Browning 19-9; J Edwards, M Turnbull, M Scoins 19-18; J Kellaway, D Weston, M Davies 11-24; T,Ward, G Andrews, N Martin 27-10. P Williams, M Rolls, C Tippett 17-20.

St Andrews finished up on three of the five rinks to win a close match at home to West Backwell in the first round of the North Somerset KO Cup.

Andy McMillan, in his last game before undergoing an operation the following day, helped Barrie Forse’s four win by eight, having led from the start.

Mike Stocker and his men, at one time eight shots up, found themselves one behind after 15 of the 21 ends, but then rediscovered their mojo to win by nine.

Similarly, Darrell Johnston’s quartet were 2-8 behind after seven ends and three down after 11, but a five edged them in front and singles on the last three ends saw them home by six.

The two losing rinks did their bit for the cause also, going down by only two and four.

Saints’ life member Jim Warren skipped the only winning rink for Avon & Somerset Police as St Andrews beat them by 28 shots in a mixed friendly.

Warren had Saints’ indoor members Paul Wilfan and Chic Coffin - also retired police officers - in his four, who won despite dropping a 12th-end seven. Another St Andrews man Ian Lamb, a serving policeman, was also in the visiting line-up.

Two fives helped Ken Uglow’s home rink win by 17. Captain of the day Jackie Pitman skipped her four to victory and Sam Stocker won by six.

St Andrews 103, West Backwell 86: K Curtis, J Keay, G Webber, D Johnston 22-16; R Smith, G Cooper, B Reeves, G Wride 18-20; K Uglow, T Bray, A McMillan, B Forse 22-14; R Gordon, R Venn, D Favis, M Stocker 25-16; L Yeates, T Ware, S Stocker, D Bailey 16-20.

St Andrews 88, Avon & Somerset Police 60: D Reynolds, M Dew, Barbara Mangan, T Bray 21-23; Jacquie Yeates, J Ling, N Bassett, K Uglow 28-11; L Fisher, Jenny Webb, R Potter, Jackie Pitman 20-13; R Smith, A Cooper, Debbie Baker, S Stocker 19-13.

Saints’ Sam Stocker and Barrie Forse mounted a terrific comeback to beat their ex-clubmate Steve Davies and Colin Heal on the latter duo’s home Victoria green in the first round of the Somerset county pairs.

At 3-13 behind on a chilly evening, 17-year-old Stocker and the experienced Forse clawed their way back gradually until, entering the last end, they were just one behind. Accurate leading by Stocker set up the position for them to take a three and win by 20-18.

Also through in the county pairs are Saints’ captain and vice-captain respectively, George Webber and Ken Curtis. They beat their inexperienced clubmates Marcus Dew and Derek Reynolds 27-12.

Victoria Saxons made the short trip to Portishead for the Over-60s match and gained 16 points.

Special mention for the triple of Mike Milliner, John, Smart and Derek Jones who had a dream game winning by 30 shots.

Bridgwater was played in a friendly game and despite the sun and chilly wind came away with a win by 18 shots.

The Somerset County League got under way this week with the A team visiting Bridgwater and coming away with the spoils (10-2). The B team travelled to Winscombe to tackle their A team and also achieved a victory by 64-53 and attaining eight points to four.

Victoria 125, GB Britton 121: M Kelly, T Gatehouse, C Sage, M Cooper 15-21; B Williams, S Pocock, R Bromet, C Gazzard 28-22; H Chesters, M Payne, S Newman, D Fairhurst 23-21; L Kelly, S Milliner, B Pocock, C Stevens 17-26; M Milliner, F Payne, B Johnson, F Waters 22-16; R Bailey, B Nicholls, E Sage, F Waters 20-15.

Victoria A 65 (10), Bridgwater A 45 (2): (SCL): P Coumis, D Wheatley, C Gazzard, M Cooper 25-18; J Dyet, J Newman, P Owen, C Heal 13-16; D Beard, M Campbell, D Fairhurst, S Davis 27-11.

Victoria B 64 (8), Winscombe A 53 (4) (SCL): B Pocock, D Sealey, P Wyatt, P Fisher 25-12; N Robbins, R Bromet, M Manning, K Holland 22-23; Carmine, D Williams, A Shattock, D Jones 17-18.

Victoria 105, Bridgwater 87: N Robbins, M Manning, D Fairhurst, W Harrison 23-21; L Kelly, M Campbell, D Wheatley, M Cooper 29-9; G Robbins, R Bromet, A Shattock, G Hodge 14-26; P Coumis, A Waygood, R Rockett, D Jones 22-13; W Nicholls, M Milliner, J Smart, J Newman 17-18.

Victoria Saxons 132 (16), Portishead 87 (4): R Rockett, A Shattock, M Cooper 19-22; D Hubbard, D Williams, J Newman 13-19; M Milliner, J Smart, D Jones 38-7; N Robbins, G Hodge, M Manning 20-17; B Pocock, D Sealey, P Lunn 17-12; H Whyte, R Bromet, D Wheatley 25-10.

In this week’s round of the Weston and District Over-60s League, Ashcombe’s Crusaders had two games.

Away to last year’s champions Winscombe, the Crusaders won three of the six rinks and narrowly missed an overall win, finishing at 99 shots to 107.

In their second away game against Clarence Park Blues, the Crusaders took four of the six rinks, but finished down on shots at 95 to 105.

Ashcombe’s Knights were away to Yatton. Up against a strong side that was relegated from Division 1 last year, the Knights couldn’t make any headway, going down on all six rinks with a final score of 63 shots to 112.

Ashcombe’s third over-60s team, the Templars, were away to Clevedon Prom and suffered a similar fate as the Knights. Failing to take any of the six rinks their final score was 64 shots to Clevedon Prom’s 140.

Ashcombe Crusaders 95, Clarence Blues 105: F Bertram, T Cottrell, J Whitlow 21-14; M Southwood, R Powell, J Creasey 17-13; G Sansam, B Benstead, A Dawes 13-21; G Kinsey, G Tottle, T Bass 18-16; D Cooper, A Wilmot, G Wilkinson 20-17; W Kolasinski, J Main, D Carr 6-24.

Ashcombe Crusaders 99, Winscombe 107: G Sansam, B Benstead, A Dawes 4-22; A Wilmot, D Carr, G Wilkinson 22-21; M Southwood, R Powell, J Creasey 22-10; F Bertram, T Cottrell, J Whitlow 13-16; G Kinsey, G Tottle, T Bass 25-17; W Kolasinski, S Hedges, J Main 13-21.

Ashcombe Knights 63, Yatton 112: J McKenzie, M Paterson, A Cracknell 12-18; R Tasker, E Booth, A Tucker 12-16; B Jones, G Mills, E Hopkins 9-17; D Barnes, J Hornett, T Morgan 13-16; B Alden, R Counsell, L Cox 10-20; G Pople, E Roberts, D Wynne 7-25.

Ashcombe Templars 64, Clevedon Prom 140: P Barnes, D Bleasdale, M Butt 9-18; G Tucker, P March, A Freke 14-16; R Salt, R Cox, D Williams 20-22; L Cornford, D Harris, N Coombes 2-32; M Morley, C Vardon, B Miles 7-33; K Davies, D Freestone, M Bass 12-19.

Playing their first game in this year’s Somerset Bowls League, Ashcombe’s C team were away to Portishead B.

In a closely-fought game, with the lead changing several times, Ashcombe just couldn’t find the extra spark to take the game, finishing with one rink win out of three.

Ashcombe C 49, Portishead B 57: D Lewis, D Bleasdale, C Gerlach, M Butt 18-14; G Tucker, P Barnes, M Tripp, C Vardon 15-22; R Tasker, N Walker, J McKenzie, B Miles 16-21.

At home for a friendly against Taunton, Ashcombe were unlucky not to make a clean sweep of the rinks, taking three of the four and narrowly missing an overall win by four shots.

Ashcombe 68, Taunton 72: M Tripp, R Counsell, M Paterson, A Cracknell 19-16; G Fews, P Barnes, M Butt, T Morgan 13-27; R Tasker, J Hornett, L Cox, A Freke 16-12; G Pople, M Bass, D Williams, D Wynne 20-17.

Winscombe beat Yatton in the first round of the National Men’s two rink competition by 10 shots and they now face Clevedon or Congresbury in the next round.

Winscombe 44, Yatton 34: B Paul, M Nash, M Dorrington, W Ainsworth 26-14; K Whatling, M Fletcher, R Lowman, M Adams 18-20.

In the first round of the Weston and District Over-60s KO Cup, Winscombe were given a bye when Victoria Vikings were unable to raise a team.

Winscombe are the current holders of the cup and also league champions. In Winscombe’s first match defending their title, they had a tight game with Ashcombe. Good wins on Robin Lowman’s rink and Tom Ellis’s rink sealed the win and 14 points to get them off to a winning start by eight shots.

Winscombe 107 (14), Ashcombe 99 (6): D Johnson, M Fletcher, P Fredersdorff 16-13; P John, G Coombe, A Dudley 10-22; D Brown, B Paul, T Ellis 21-13; G Lloyd, L Collier, W Ainsworth 21-22; M Newing, M Nash, R Lowman 22-4; J Sprouting, K Whatling, M Adams 17-25.

They did not fare so well however away in the Sidney Gardens Trophy, coming up against a strong Bath side and losing the first leg by 35 shots.

Winscombe 70, Bath 105: D Brown, P Fredersdorff, T Ellis 13-12; D Peakall, A Pow, R Lowman 14-19; D Johnson, K Whatling, W Ainsworth 15-17; R Reason, R Fisher, M Fletcher 6-23; J Mingo-West, M Nash, G Coombe 13-17; M Newing, L Collier, M Adams 9-17.

Winscombe had mixed fortunes in the first games in the Somerset County League when the A team, despite winning on two rinks out of the three, lost by eight shots to Victoria B.

Winscombe A 53 (4), Victoria B 64 (8): G Lloyd, K Whatling, P Fredersdorff, M Adams 18-17; P John, M Fletcher, G Coombe, M Dorrington 23-22; D Brown, B Paul, L Collier, T Ellis 12-25.

The B team fared better against Clarence B, again winning two of the three rinks, but overall by 13 shots.

Winscombe B 62 (10), Clarence B 49 (2): M Trenchard, A Trenchard, D Johnson, A Dudley 13-18; M Smart, D Leach, D Peakall, M Nash 24-15; J Mingo-West, A Pow, R Fisher, J Sprouting 25-16.

Wedmore men had a most successful bit of time travel by winning last year’s Clevedon and District Knockout Cup.

This final had to be postponed last year due to fixture crowding. The actual travel was to Portishead where the triumphant score-line was 6-0 to Wedmore on rinks and 123 shots to 68 overall.

Ron Barron’s men shot out of the blocks, leading throughout, winning 12 of 18 ends to romp home 27-8. Keith Pettit’s crew had a similar measure of success, also leading from beginning to end, winning 13 ends and logging up 20-7.

Colin Moss and co followed the same pattern, winning 12 ends and scoring 21-8. Roger Hughes’ side took the lead on end five, were hotly pursued, lost the lead on end 10 and promptly took it back. The score stayed close until the end when Wedmore took six on the last two ends, winning 21-14.

Dave Nicholls’ lads built an 11-point lead by halfway, but that was whittled down to one shot at end 16. They saw the game out to win 18-16. Eddie Payne and pals took the lead on end three, were looking solid until a dry spell of six ends produced a Portishead lead of two shots at end 16. Wedmore finished well and just won 16-15.

Wedmore 123, Portishead 68: B Aston, R Newell, R Barron 27-8; D Trow, C Panchaud, K Pettit 20-7; C Wheller, D Collins, C Moss 21-8; J Runciman, I Gallop, R Hughes 21-14; T Brown, D Wederall, D Nicholls 18-16; A Birch, K Burt, E Payne 16-15.

Wedmore returned to Portishead the following week to play in the Weston & District Triples Cup when Wedmore went through on a score of 5-1 on rinks and 116 shots to 83 overall.

Clive Panchaud’s group started well but held a narrow lead of only three shots at halfway. They plugged away, consistently scoring to win 13 of the ends and win handsomely by 23-8.

Roger Hughes’ team experienced a few lead changes but appeared to stabilise things with a six score on end 13 only to find Portishead treading on their heels, two shots behind at end 16. Wedmore put the game to bed by winning the last two ends to finish 22-14.

Keith Pettit’s boys hit the front from the beginning but never really shook off the opposition who were only one shot behind at end 16, but Wedmore steadied and won 22-18.

In a low-scoring game on Ron Barron’s rink the score was level after 15 ends but again Wedmore were the better finishers to win 15-10. Keith Burt’s trio lost the lead and took it back in the early stages but a five score on end nine enabled Wedmore to surge ahead to 19-9 on end 15, withstanding a late surge from Portishead and won 19-16.

Dave Nicholls’ rink was the one with a real struggle, nine shots in deficit at halfway, they fought back to three behind at end 16 but just missed out, losing 15-17.

Wedmore 116, Portishead 83: B Aston, S Fisher, C Panchaud 23-8; P Smith, A Birch, R Hughes 22-14; D Trow, T Simpson, K Pettit 22-18; T Collingwood, D Barnett, R Barron 15-10; V Matthews, J Runciman, K Burt 19-16; T Brown, D Collins, D Nicholls 15-17.

Wedmore 119, Nailsea 93 (Clevedon and District Triples League): R Bull, T Simpson, R Hughes 24-11; V Matthews, D Collins, C Moss 23-10; D Skelton, B Aston, R Barron 19-16; T Brown, C Panchaud, E Payne 17-15; P Smith, R Thurkettle, K Pettit 17-19; T Collingwood, R Newell, D Nicholls 19-22.

Wedmore 93, St Andrews 106: V Matthews, J Runciman, R Hughes 19-11; D Trow, B Cottrell, K Pettit 18-16; R Bull, A Birch, K Burt 17-16; M Batchelor, D Barnett, S Fisher 15-17; T Simpson, I Faulkner, R Barron 16-20; T Collingwood, D Collins, C Panchaud 8-26.

Wedmore A 52, Purnell (County League): D Collins, C Moss, R Barron, D Nicholls 26-12; A Birch, P Smith, K Pettit, E Payne 13-18; T Brown, I Gallop, R Newell, R Hughes 13-33.

Wedmore 61, Victoria 36 (Tony Alcock National Mixed): Au Birch, J Collingwood, K Burt, C Moss 23-13; P Jenkins, M Barron, Al Birch, R Barron, 18-23.

Wedmore Ladies 42, Victoria Blues 58: A Hughes, T Newell, P Beard 16-14; C Pettit, M Barron, J Collingwood 15-25; A Birch M Hordle, M Trow 11-19.

The ladies had a run of success in friendlies. In a triples fixture away to Wyrral Park the victory was 2-1 on rinks and 53-39 overall. Away to Prattens, Wedmore won two rinks and drew one, winning 60-32 overall.

In an away triples friendly at Yatton, the ladies won 2-1 on rinks but just scraped in to win overall by 46 shots to 45..

Congresbury 61, Henleaze 87 (friendly): M Craig, K Cole, P Reay, A Fisher 18-16; S Pook, D Folds, D Manning, L Beck 13-25; J Freemantle, A Lewis, M Huggett, R Archer 15-26; O Astle, I Beveridge, G Stenner, D Byett 15-20.

Congresbury 81, Portishead RBL 94 (Britannia Windows Evening League): G Wilcock, R King, P Reay, B Herbison 19-12; M Kimmings, I Beveridge, M Wear, L Beck 12-30; B Baker, R Anniuk, R Becker, R Birmingham 21-19; A Fisher, F Horton, R Jones, R Archer 11-18; D Manning, D Norman, T Lewis, C Shipway 18-15.

Congresbury A 44, Taunton Deane A 64 (Somerset League Premier 2): B Baker, R Anniuk, M Wear, R Birmingham 15-16; D Manning, P Reay, R Becker, B Herbison 15-16; J Freemantle, I Morton, T Lewis, C Shipway 14-32.

Congresbury B 48, Yatton A 61 (Somerset League Division 1): M Kimmings, G Andrews, G Stenner, F Horton 17-16; A Collins, R Jones, M Huggett, R Archer 15-27; A Fisher, D Norman, T Yearsley, L Beck 16-19;

Congresbury Ladies 40, Yatton 36 (friendly): V Tomlinson, L Storey, B Huggett 17-10; J Craig, V Harding, C Andrews 14-11; J Lewis, H Tranmer, A Jones 9-15.

Congresbury Ladies 63, Nailsea 36 (Mendip League): H Tranmer, C Andrews, A King 17-10; C Lewis, R Horton, K Herbison 22-12; C Wilcock, P Baker, D Harrison 24-14.

Congresbury Ladies 59, Bristol Arrow 42 (friendly): L Storey, V Harding, C Lewis, P Baker 20-16; C Wilcock, D Davis, R Horton, A Jones 21-10; H Tranmer, C Andrews, A King 18-16.

Congresbury Ladies 44, Winscombe 62 (friendly): C Wilcock, C Andrews, C Lewis, D Harrison11-18; J Blagden, D Davis, P Baker, A Jones21-23; H Tranmer, L Storey, V Harding, B Huggett 12-21.

Ashcombe Ladies were away to Mark Moor in the Southey Cup competition and were successful securing a 3-1 win in the disciplines.

In the next round Ashcombe are away to St Andrews date to be confirmed.

Singles: N Counsell 13-21; pairs: J Sansam, J Wilkinson 41-16; triples: M Main, M Tucker, J McInally 31-15; rink: P Wynne, M Tasker, L Paterson, S Weaden 23-11.

Ashcombe Ladies 38, Burnham 42 (friendly): P Woodland, A Pettit, L Paterson 11-15; C Falconbridge, M Main, J Williams 14-14; J Cornford, A Bass, S Weaden 13-13.

Ashcombe Ladies 47, Yatton 38 (friendly): P Wynne, A Bryant, J Matthews, J Wilkinson 11-15; S Appleby, L Clark, M Tucker, J McInally 17-13; C Falconbridge, L Paterson, J Williams, N Counsell 19-10.

With a win, draw and a loss to each side, it was down to totting up the scores with Long Ashton taking the match against Clarence Ladies by one shot.

Pam Fowler and Sarie Pritchard skipped by Jo Mannion got off to a flyer and were eight up after five. Long Ashton plugged away and reduced the deficit to four after 11 ends.

Clarence took five on the next two ends to get back their nine-shot advantage. The visitors made a late charge on the final four ends with Clarence running victors by five shots.

Clarence Ladies 55, Long Ashton 56 (North Somerset League): P Fowler, S Pritchard, J Mannion 19-14; P Rolls, P Burrough, M Davison 20-26; C Hooper, C Marshall, C Edlin 16-16.

In what is now becoming an annual event, the score was closer than in previous years against Penyrheol.

Clarence took three and drew on the fourth of the 10 rinks with Shirley Hewitt, Verlie Edwards and Shelly Owen skipped by Carol Edlin getting the best rink for their 22- shot win over the visitors.

Carol’s team took the first six ends without reply and only dropped four of the 21 ends.

Clarence 186, Penyrheol 205: G Hookway, P Burrough, K Marshall, J Mannion 17-16; T Derrick, M Peters, M Scoins, M Edlin 13-29; B Chandler, G Andrews, S Browning T Mannion 22-26; J Kellaway, M Ford, B Duffy, R Burrough 16-17; F Al-Hinai, M Turnbull, A Corbett, G Owen 19-13; B Rossiter, T Ward, N Martin, D Stott 17-17; J Edwards, K Southan, W Hallworth, M Davies 19-26; S Hewitt, V Edwards, S Owen, C Edlin 31-9; P Rolls, S Scoins, J Anning, P Hawkins 10-24; J Gardiner, E Stott, N Peters J Duffy 12-29.

A friends and family day was held last Sunday at Clarence and it proved to be a successful day, with many turning up and most never bowled before and were surprised how much fun it was.

Victoria Ladies had a mixture of friendly, league and cup game and proved to be a good week, winning all but one.

Victory was achieved against Clarence in the Southey Trophy and will now play Winscombe in the next round.

Victoria Ladies 51, Clevedon Prom 30 (friendly): D Rimmer, K Wilson, M Chudley 17-7; E Harraway, C Sage, S Cooper 13-13; D Gibbs, H Frye, C Stevens 21-10.

Victoris Ladies Blues 47 (2), Fosseway 70 (8) (ML): M Kelly, R Cleeves, A Holland 9-32; F Payne, K Wilson, S Cooper 20-12; B Williams, C Willetts, M Chudley 18-2.

Victoria Ladies Blues 58 (8), Wedmore 42 (2) (ML): C Willetts, S Milliner, S Cooper 14-16; B Williams, H Frye, A Holland 25-15; M Kelly, R Cleeves, K Wilson 19-11.

Victoria Ladies Whites 55 (8), Keynsham 46 (2) (ML): N Whyte, E Harraway, M Hillman 11-23; R Bailey, S Sokol, S Newman 21-12; G Poolman, C Sage, C Stevens 17-11.

Victoria Ladies 53 (9), Wessex 43 (1) (WDTL): S Milliner, C Stevens, S Cooper 19-19; H Chesters, M Chudley, M Hillman 16-13; H Frye, K Wilson, S Newman 18-9.

Victoria Ladies 4, Clarence 0 (Southey Trophy) - singles: S Cooper 21-17; pairs: H Frye, K Wilson 15-13; triples: B Williams, M Chudley, S Newman 13-12; fours: S Milliner, S Sokol, C Stevens, A Holland 23-16.

Winscombe Ladies were unbeaten last week. In the midweek friendly match against West Blackwell at home they won by eight shots, only losing on one rink by three shots.

Winscombe Ladies 49, West Backwell 41: P Pow, W Weller, C Bryant 16-13; B Smart, L Coombe, S Caddy 13-16; C Hopes, M Adams, L Fredersdorff 20-12.

In a friendly match also at home against Congresbury, Winscombe went one better winning on all three rinks and by 18 shots overall.

Winscombe Ladies 62, Congresbury 44: C Hopes, B Smart, A Bourgourd, M Howell 18-11; L Whatling, P Pow, S Nash, L Fredersdorff 21-12; F Bays, L Coombe, S Lowis, M Adams 23-21.

St Andrews Ladies, who have won the Somerset Southey Trophy for the last two years, stayed on course for the hat-trick with a comfortable victory over Burnham in the first round.

Singles specialist Carolina Venn saw off her opponent in the space of 14 ends, including two full-house fours, to put the first point on the board.

The pair of Judy Forse and Rebecca McMillan were in virtually unstoppable form against two useful opponents, 20-6 ahead at halfway, 27-8 at 15 ends. A seven on the next helped them to victory by 30 shots.

It was a similar story in the triples, with 21-year-old lead Jenny McMillan’s setting up the experienced duo of Jackie Ware and Meg Favis for a 16-shot advantage before their opponents even got on the board. The Saints’ trio lost only three ends as they finished 26 ahead.

Only hiccup for the home side was in the fours, where little went the way of Ann Campbell’s quartet. 2-10 down at halfway, they had finished up on only three ends when the game ended early.

St Andrews Ladies 3 (93), Burnham 1 (39) – singles: C Venn 21-8; pairs: J Forse/R McMillan 39-9; triples: J McMillan, J Ware, M Favis 30-4; fours: D Baker, J Smith, J Pitman, A Campbell 3-18 (18 ends).

Wessex Ladies only managed to earn one point out of two matches in the Weston & District Ladies League.

The friendly triple against Victoria however had better success.

Wessex Ladies 41 (1), Victoria 53 (9): T Langford, E Williams, P Taylor 19-19; V Edwards, J Davis, B Jones 9-18; P Turner, M Hawkins, A Fewings 13-16. Friendly rink: E Stott, A Crawford, E Deane 20-16.

Wessex Ladies 35 (0), Portishead 65 (10): S Hewitt, V Edwards, P Taylor 15-16; E Stott, M Davis, J Duffy 10-25; T Langford, M Hawkins, E Williams 10-24.

Wessex play North Petherton on Sat May 19th at 10.30 a.m at Clarence Park.

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