Clevedon ladies involved in national finals at Leamington.

PUBLISHED: 17:06 22 August 2017




Clevedon Bowls Club ladies have been involved in the national finals at Leamington.

The national finals continue at Leamington and Clevedon Bowls Club again had lady members involved.

Laura Holden played in the junior ladies’ pairs where she, and her partner Rebecca McMillan, from St Andrews, were, unfortunately, defeated in the quarter-finals.

Stef Branfield skipped a rink in the Somerset Walker Cup Team, a two-rink inter-county competition, who beat Kent in the final after a very close match.

Clevedon 57, Purnells 49 (Somerset County League Premier 1): D Harding, R Pitts, R Withers, N Westlake 20-16; A Mace, W Smith, A Bradley, G Jay 18-16; F Ham, M Payne, D Brightman, M Davis 19-17.

Clevedon 45, Congresbury 64 (Somerset County League North 1): P Battram, T Townsend, E Kitchen, J Brommage 13-26; R Conybeare, B Palmer, C Folland, B Wrightson 15-18; B Davis, M J Cole, G Tripp, C Jarrett 17-20.

Clevedon 58, Isle of Wedmore 114 (C&D Over-60s Triples League): D Loudon, P Cornish, C Jarrett 15-16; N Meredith, D Wrightson, G Woods 13-19; M Cole, D Iles, C Folland 9-27; A Chambers, P Battram, J Brommage 13-13; T Townsend, B Davis, V Perry 8-29.

Clevedon 88, Victoria Saxons 84 (Weston Over-60s Triples League): R Openshaw, P Battram, N Cape 16-14; B Wrightson, D Priddle, K Bristow 14-19; R Gaunt, C Folland, P Evans 9-16; M Cole, C Seward, J Brommage 17-19; D Iles, G Woods, C Jarrett 22-16.

Clevedon Ladies 48, Ashcombe 56 (North Somerset Triples League): J Brown, A Ford, S Branfield 19-19; J Henderson, M Davis, T Cuff 21-17; H Sutton, P Hussey, J Branfield 8-20.

Clevedon Ladies 42, Long Ashton 50: G Townsend, P Hussey, T Cuff 11-20; L Wills, M Foster, J Branfield 11-18; L Cox, S George, S Short 20-12.

There was further success for Congresbury bowlers when Valerie Harding and Ruth Horton, together with Doreen Simmonds (Severnvale) won the Clevedon Open Ladies Triples competition.

Congresbury 74, Winscombe 108 (friendly): A Lewis, D Gosling, P Reay, R Archer 9-32; D Norman, R Jones, G Stenner, D Byett 19-17; J Freemantle, B Blakley, F Horton, L Beck 16-18; R Stewart, R Anniuk, B Baker, M Huggett 15-26; I Beveridge, A Fisher, M Kimmings, S Eastment 15-15.

Congresbury 76, Banwell 92 (friendly): M Craig, C Nunn, R Anniuk, L Beck 15-18; J Freemantle, G Andrews, I Morton, D Byett 19-20; A Lewis, I Beveridge, F Horton, M Huggett 21-32; D Folds, D Gosling, A Fisher, D Manning 21-22.

Congresbury A 64, Clevedon B 45 (County League): D Manning, R King, D Byett, B Herbison 26-13; M Kimmings, T Yearsley, M Wear, L Beck 18-15; B Baker, M Hopkins, T Lewis, S Eastment 20-17.

Congresbury B 68, Portishead A 55 (County League): R Stewart, R Anniuk, M Huggett, R Archer 25-27; R Jones, J Freemantle, F Horton, R Kirkham 25-14; D Norman, G Stenner, I Morton, A Fisher 18-14.

Congresbury Ladies 58, Yatton 60 (friendly): J Byett, H Tranmer, R Horton 11-17; J Lewis, W Manning, P Baker 22-7; C Wilcock, A Purnell, B Huggett 22-7; A Harris, E Stenner, C Andrews 3-29.

Congresbury Ladies 75, Isle of Wedmore 31 (Weston & District League): C Lewis, A King, C Andrews 26-14; J Byett, P Baker, A Jones 21-9; C Wilcock, V Harding, B Huggett 28-8.

Long Ashton’s finals weekend was played in fine weather with excellent play in many tight matches with J Marshall competing in five finals and winning three.

Results-ladies’ singles: L Taylor; men’s singles: J Marshall; ladies’ pairs: C Bennett and K Gough; men’s pairs: J Marshall and K Vass; ladies’ two-wood: S Norman; men’s two-wood: M Givan; ladies’ novice singles: M Wilmott; mixed singles: K Vass; mixed pairs: J Marshall and T Ricketts.

Over the same weekend, Liz Taylor played for Somerset in the Walker Cup at Leamington, helping them to beat Leicestershire in the semi-final and Kent in the final.

Long Ashton Ladies 60, Portishead RBL 43 (DRT League): D Brooks, K Gough, S Hall, M Wilmott 17-18; T Ricketts, G Wilcox, S Norman, P Adams 24-9; D Vass, I Martin, L Taylor, C Bennett 19-16.

Long Ashton Ladies 50 (8), Clevedon 42 (2) (North Somerset Triples League): D Brooks, I Martin, C Bennett 18-11; D Vass, C Marshall, P Adams 20-11 L Taylor, K Gough, M Wilmott 12-20.

Long Ashton Ladies 47, Ashcombe 37 (friendly): K Ramsden, G Doyle, M Wilmott, C Bennett 15-11; M Williams, J Moore, J Eaton, S Norman 15-14; S Taylor, L Randall, I Martin, J Bird 17-12.

Long Ashton 51 (8) Fry’s 42 (2) (Bristol League): D Moore, M Givan, D Odey, J Marshall 17-13; M Harding, P Smith, A Hall, M Taylor 14-15; K Vass, M Pemble, E Russell, T Baker 20-14.

Clevedon Promenade Bowling Club reached the final of the 4 Dimensions competition after a very close contest with Congresbury.

They beat Congresbury by just one shot after winning the singles and fours and losing the pairs and triples. The final score was 61-60 to the Prom.

Clevedon Promenade will now meet Victoria in the final on Sunday at Congresbury Bowling Club, starting at 10.30am.

At the Open Triples Competition held at Clevedon Promenade Bowling Club, Isle of Wedmore were equal on points with Bath, but won with a better shot difference.

Prizes were presented by Gary Searle, manager of the Salthouse, Clevedon, who kindly sponsored the event.

Clevedon Promenade 61, Congresbury 60 (Four Dimensions): K Chaney (singles) 21-14; J Fuidge, D Everett (pairs) 14-17; S Fuidge, D Demery, C Crees (triples) 12-20; J Powell, A Young, H Williams, J Bartlett (rink) 14-9.

Clevedon Promenade A 58, Bristol A 49 (Somerset County League): S Fuidge, P Bissett, H Williams, C Crees 22-18; R Cranshaw, J Powell, J Bartlett, D Everett 19-12; G Hancox, K Low, J Fuidge, K Chaney 17-19.

Clevedon Promenade B 48, Burnham A 55 (Somerset County League): J Grubb, D Hampton, K Morris, R Soper 19-15; J Baker, N Pedder, D Knowles, A Pine 17-24; A Tinkling, D Higley, P Fuidge, A Young 12-16.

Clevedon Promenade C 57, Portishead B 60 (Somerset County League): K Ellis, R Applegate, P Pearce, P Kinsella 24-17; A Alvis, R Dowsing, M Sperring, D Loveridge 11-20; J Barrow, S Roach, T Derrick, B Davis 22-23.

Clevedon Promenade 83, Portishead 108 (C&D Over-60s): A Elsy, D Knowles, H Williams 21-12; A Tinkling, D Higley, K Chaney 17-14; A Alvis, P Pearce, K Low 8-31; K Ellis, R Cranshaw, C Crees 15-12; M Sperring, B Davis, E Furze 14-12; K Faithful, P Kinsella, A Young 8-27.

Clevedon Promenade 100, Clarence Gold 76 (Weston Over-60s League): E Trace, T Derrick, D Hampton 19-14; T Schofield, R Dowsing, D Knowles 16-10; B Carpenter, P Pearce, J Powell 18-9; S Martin, P Brown, K Low 9-22; R Applegate, P Kinsella, J Gover 16-11; K Faithfull, K Ellis, R Cranshaw 22-10.

Clevedon Promenade 121, North Petherton 114 (mixed friendly): A Tinkling, L Pedder, B Young, D Hampton 20-19; C Fuidge, R Dowsing, N Pedder, S Walker 16-25; F Rawlings, S Martin, P Fuidge, S Fuidge 18-21; M Gough, S Davis, K Hill, K Morris 22-18; B Carpenter, L Fitzpatrick, J Morris, A Young 26-13; C Drake, S Oliver, B Davis, J Fuidge 19-18.

Clevedon Promenade Ladies 36, St Andrews 69 (Doreen Ralph League): L Hardisty, J Sperring, E Rowley, S Pine 10-25; L Welling, J Chaney, M Griffiths, L Jones 12-25; A Johnstone, F Rawlings, S Farnden, C Pratten 14-19.

Clevedon Promenade Ladies 65, Wessex 49 (Wessex League): B Young, L Fitzpatrick, S Crombie, S Sharp 22-17; M Wood, R Ward, J Hill, M Dyer 19-14; F Rawlings, M Gough, P Soper, C Pratten 24-18.

Clevedon Promenade Ladies 53, North Petherton 45 (Wessex League): D Cranshaw, C Pearce, J Chaney, E Rowley 13-15; C Drake, S Davis, B Young, L Jones 17-17; R Ward, L Pedder, P Soper, S Sharp 23-13.

Clevedon Promenade Ladies 47, Ashcombe 65 (Wessex League): J Morris, J Chaney, E Perham, L Hardisty, 21-21; L Fitzpatrick, C Pearce, J Sperring, C Pratten 14-22; L Welling, N Malone, M Sheppard, M Dyer 12-22.

Nailsea 112, Victoria 106 (Weston Over-60s League): A Billington, N Edwards, B Holloway 21-15; M Conway, J Knight, I Blatchford 16-13; D Hole, D Clark, J Whitear 14-19; J Gardner, T Dyer, D Flower 19-26; J Pritchard, D Goffin, J Prince 28-12; S Brown, C Winter, M Keates 14-21.

Nailsea B 50, Banwell B 62 (Somerset County League): P Miller, P Onion, M Conway, D Price 13-19; A Mansfield, T Dyer, A Avery, R Jefferies 17-24; A Tonkin, B Willis, J Hall, D Clark 20-19.

Nailsea A 54, Bridgewater 72 (Somerset County League): J Pritchard, R Lloyd, J Mash, J Whitear 20-21; J Prince, A Billington, D Flower, I Blatchford, 10-33; D Hole, I Yuill, R Griffiths, M Rowsell 24-18.

Nailsea 125, Islwyn 86 (friendly): A Mansfield, A Tonkin, S Avery, D Price 20-9; M Hole, J Chivers, J Reed, A Avery 23-14; P North, D Clark, H Fryer, I Blatchford 22-13; T Billington, L Gaunt, M Keates, R Jefferies 21-10; M West, P Hill, J Mash, J Whitear 11-14; D Hole, W Shepheard, P MacLaren, P Billington 10-15; P Miller, A Willis, C Winter, B Holloway 18-11.

Portishead 60, Weston St Andrews 107 (friendly): J Lewis, D Girling, E Daisley 17-16; G Pears, G Pinder, K Smith 2-30; T Kane, G Norris, D Robertson 18-10; G Lawrence, M Howland, R Brake 8-33; D Brewer, G Davies, J Herring 15-18.

Portishead 105, Mark Moor 96 (Weston Over-60s League): G Pears, R Taylor, K Smith 14-18; R Piper, D Taylor, R Brake 29-15; L Tassell, A Reader, B Sexton 17-13; M Berryman, J Herring, J Franklin 15-21; G Norris, E Daisley, T Hounslow 9-19; M Henson-Matthews, K Gaubert, B Staniforth 21-10.

Portishead 90, Isle of Wedmore 133 (C&D Over-60s League): M Berryman, K Gaubert, F Allen 20-17; E Ormston, D Taylor, B Staniforth 19-23; J Holland, A Reader, J Herring 11-25; G Pears, A Holmes, J Franklin 8-27; G Norris, E Daisley, T Hounslow 13-15; D Wood, D Moncrieffe, B Sexton 19-26.

Portishead B 60, Clevedon Prom C 57 (Div 3): G Lawrence, T Mather, P Thompson, M Sault 17-24; E Ormston, M Howland, D Girling, E Daisley 20-11; M Leach, P Williams, D Clayton, D Taylor 23-22.

Portishead Ladies 71, Yatton 60 (Southey Cup): S Tassell 22-12 J Brown, J White 18-11; D Lewis, M Withey, R Pears 15-17; D Loclett, M Cross, P Staniforth, A Bridgen 16-20.

Portishead Ladies 57, Long Ashton 50 (Fear Plate): D Lockett, B Reed, M Cross, R Pears 12-25; D Lewis, M Williams, M Withey 14 -13; S Tassell, V Hounslow, J Brown, J White 31-12.

Portishead Ladies 56, Victoria 39 (WDL): D Lockett, B Reed, A Bridgen 14-18; D Lewis, P Staniforth, M Cross 27-8; S Tassell, J Brown, J White 15-13.

Portishead Ladies 38, Congresbury 54 (WDL): D Franklin, J Brown, J White 16-19; D Lewis, B Reed, D Lockett 10-19; S Tassell, M Williams, G Berryman 12-16.

Portishead Ladies 56, Clarence 38 (WDL): D Lewis, P Staniforth, A Bridgen 15-22; S Tassell, J Brown, J White 16-7; D Lockett, M Cross, R Pears 25-9.

Portishead Ladies 44 v Winscombe 52 (NSTL): D Lewis, H Luffman, M Withey 18-14; P Taylor, J Brown, R Pearss 16-15; C Norris, B Reed, G Berryman 10-23. Friendly: V Buttress, P Rennie D Johnson 13-12.

Portishead Ladies 38 v Olveston 50 (friendly): Cay N, Myra R, Dot L, Anne B 12-15; Margaret C, Nova W, Barbara R, Val H 12-11; Margaret R, Pam T, Valeria B, Marie W 14-24.

Portishead Bowls Association hosted a grandparent-grandchild day, with 27 children enjoying a day’s bowling, which was finished with hot-dogs and ice-cream.

Portishead RBL 151, Yatton 76 (Weston Over-60s League): M Roberts, P Bradshaw, D Groves 33-8; J McCarthy, N Rogers, J Bridle 25-11; T Staniland, B Scruby, A Strong 27-11; D Welsh, A Gray, I Gough 19-16; A Longdon, A Gwynn, R Wilkinson 25-16; T Smith, L Slatter, B Daly 22-14

Portishead RBL 94, West Backwell 95 (C&D Over-60s League): M Balsinger, A Gwynn, K Martin 17-14; D Welsh, N Castleton, D Groves 14-16; I Gough, N Rogers, J Bridle, 22-12; A Wellings, K Lane, D Gregory 5-22; A Britton, B Norman, B Daly 15-13; J McCarthy, G Chidzey, A Strong 21-18.

Portishead RBL 63, Yatton 49 (County League): B White, J Davies, M Roberts, A Smith 21-15; J McCarthy, A Longdon, G Chidzey, A Gwynn 34-9; T Staniland, N Castleton, P Bradshaw, B Norman 8-25.

Portishead RBL 41, St Andrews 74 (County League): M Balsinger, B Scruby, D Iles, A Strong 19-17; A Britton, J Dumble, A Gray, N Rogers 10-27; D Welsh, J Scott, L Slatter, K Martin 12-30.

Portishead RBL 63, Taunton 61 (Somerset Premier): T Birth, I Gough, J Bridle, S Secker 21-25; A Wellings , K Lane , R Withey, D Gregory 17-20; P Davies, B Daly, T Pearce, T Winmill 25-16.

Clevedon & District Co-operative Funeralcare Charity Cup - West Backwell: T Bone, B Kelson, R Hinton, R Webber 23-9 Portishead RBL; B Baker, I Wilson, D Rigg, B Budd 15-7 Portishead; J Cafferty, M Chinn, M Windo, J Couch 10-10 Clevedon Prom; G Brindle, P Sims, J Hathway, A Knights 15-13 Chew Stoke; D Rycroft, B Gammon, G Arnold, K Dodd 20-7 Long Ashton.

West Backwell 57, Chew Stoke A 57 (Somerset County League): G Brindle, M Windo, B Budd, J Couch 22-21; B Baker, J Hathway, R Webber, G Arnold 19-11; R Spragg, P Sims, B Gammon, K Dodd 16-25.

West Backwell 100, Portishead RBL 94 (C&D Co-operative Funeralcare Over-60s League): D Ratcliffe, R Keightley, C Perry 18-21; R Webber, I Wilson, K Dodd 13-15; P Tracey, B Budd, R Langford 19-17; B Baker, J Hathway, A Robinson 22-5; B Kelson, D Rigg, B Gammon 16-14.

West Backwell Ladies 49, Nailsea Ladies 38 (Doreen Ralph Trophy): J Sims, L Bloom, M Vivian, P Kingston 21-16; K Pugsley, B Watson, J Keightley, C Burgess 15-8; S Stagg, J Jackson, J Ratcliffe, V Ray 13-14.

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