Victoria lose out in National Double Rink competition

PUBLISHED: 15:47 25 July 2018 | UPDATED: 15:47 25 July 2018

Don Trow bowling for Wedmore B.

Don Trow bowling for Wedmore B.


Victoria were beaten on both rinks in the National Double Rink competition against a strong Watchet team.

Victoria were matched against a strong team from Watchet in the National Double Rink competition and were defeated on both rinks ending their interest.

There was consolation in an emphatic win against Minehead in the Wedmore Plate with Victoria undefeated on all four rinks.

Victoria Vikings hosted Ashcombe Knights in the Weston & District Over-60s Triples League and suffered a defeat allowing the Knights to draw away from the Vikings in the table.

Terry Gilbert skipped his triple of Derek Hubbard and Terry Gatehouse to a rink win and two points with Brian Johnson skipping his triple to a draw and a valuable point.

The Saxons also lost to Winscombe by a narrow margin of six shots with rink wins shared.

Victoria welcomed Worcester County Ground to a mixed friendly with Victoria taking the honours with four rink wins, the best by Colin Cleeves, Bill Nicholls, Roy Bromet and Kay Wilson.

The mixed squad were in action again travelling away to play Cheltenham in a seven-rink game played in a wonderful setting and although Victoria tasted defeat, the game was played in a spirit that epitomises the sport.

Dave Fairhurst and club captain Brian Pocock skipped their rinks to fine wins, while lady captain Chris Stevens steered her rink to a creditable tie.

Bristol Arrow were visitors in a four-rink friendly which resulted in a good win for Victoria with the rink of Graham Robbins, Bill Nicholls, Roy Bromet and captain of the day Derek Jones leading the way with an 11-shot win.

In the County League, Victoria B were beaten by Chew Stoke A with the consolation of two points from the winning rink of Harrison Whyte, Mike Milliner, Mike Manning and skip Don Wheatley.

Victoria 19, Watchet 47: R Bromet, J Newman, C Gazzard, W Harrison 6-27; P Coumis, D Fairhurst, C Heal M Cooper 13-20.

Victoria 99, Minehead 59: B Pocock, A Shattock, J Newman, W Harrison 25-16; P Coumis, H Gibbs, C Gazzard, M Cooper 29-14; R Bromet, D Jones, D Fairhurst, C Heal 29-13; M Campbell, D Wheatley, P Fisher, P Owen 16-16.

Victoria Vikings 91 (3), Ashcombe Knights 114 (17): D Roberts, R Rockett, E Sage 14-21; A Waygood, B Nicholls, J Langridge 9-23; A Hollier, G Frost, B Johnson 21-21; D Hubbard, T Gatehouse, T Gilbert 22-6; L Kelly, C Chudley, G Hodge 12-23; G Robbins, A Shattock, G Richards 13-20.

Victoria Saxons 99 (6), Winscombe 105 (14): M Milliner, J Smart, D Jones 17-20; R Rockett, A Shattock, M Cooper 20-14; G Rain, K Holland, P Owen 14-16; N Robbins, R Bromet, D Wheatley 20-16; Carmine, D Williams, J Newman 20-11; L Kelly, D Sealey, M Manning 8-28.

Victoria 106, Worcester County Ground 81: D Rimmer, A Culpeck, R Cleeves, M Manning 21-10; R Bailey, E Harraway, C Sage, J Newman 13-18; H Chesters, T Webb, N Robbins, E Sage 18-11; C Cleeves, B Nicholls, R Bromet, K Wilson 24-11; A Hollier, M Kelly, J Langridge, S Newman 9-19; Carmine, L Kelly, T Gatehouse, C Stevens 21-12.

Victoria 114, Cheltenham 152: Alan Hollier, T Gatehouse, E Sage, S Newman 8-24; D Carpenter, Carmine, B Johnson, C Stevens 19-19; B Williams, C Chudley, C Sage, B Pocock 22-9; D Hubbard, E Harraway, S Milliner, J Newman 8-42; M Slavin, S Pocock, M Milliner, D Fairhurst 27-11; G Poolman, R Bailey, R Bromet, G Hodge 15-15; S Crapnell, B Nicholls, R Rockett, M Chudley 15-32.

Victoria 82, Bristol Arrow 64: C Cleeves, N Robbins, B Johnson, R Rockett 18-16; G Robbins, B Nicholls, R Bromet, D Jones 28-17; D Hubbard, D Roberts, M Campbell, D Fairhurst 19-11; L Kelly, M Milliner, E Sage, A Shattock 17-20.

Victoria B 61 (2), Chew Stoke A 79 (10): B Pocock, D Sealey, P Wyatt, P Fisher 12-34; H Whyte, M Milliner, M, Manning, D Wheatley 26-21; Carmine, D Williams, A Shattock, D Jones 23-24.

Ashcombe Knights are through to the semi-finals of the Weston & District Knockout Cup.

In an away match against Clevedon Prom, they took three of the six rinks and narrowly missed another two. They are waiting for the results of the other games to see who they will be playing.

Ashcombe Knights 106, Clevedon Prom 95: J McKenzie, M Paterson, A Cracknell 18-9; B Alden, E Booth, A Tucker 14-22; D Barnes, J Hornett, T Morgan 17-14; B Underhay, G Mills, E Hopkins 27-13; G Pople, E Roberts, D Wynne 15-19; G Fews, R Counsell, L Cox 15-18.

Ashcombe Crusaders and Knights saw action in the Weston & District Over-60s League, with the Crusaders away to Portishead RBL and home to local rivals, St Andrews, and the Knights at home to Nailsea.

Against RBL, the Crusaders took three of the six rinks and finished with a 19-shot victory. In their match against St Andrews, Crusaders were not so fortunate taking two of the six rinks and were unlucky not to come home with a win, with some close scoring on another three rinks.

Unfortunately, a heavy loss on one rink made it difficult for the deficit to be over-come. Against Nailsea, the Knights were unable to repeat their success in the Knockout Cup, ending up with a 30-shot loss.

Ashcombe Crusaders 105, Portishead RBL 86: G Sansam, B Benstead, R Powell 23-7; A Dawes, S Hedges, J Whitlow 17-20; G Kinsey, G Tottle, T Bass 11-20; A Wilmot, G Wilkinson, K Wheeler 16-11; D Cooper, M Southwood, J Creasey 25-13; J Main, D Carr, J Taylor.

Ashcombe Crusaders 94, St Andrews 104: A Wilmot, G Wilkinson, K Wheeler 18-14; G Sansam, B Benstead, R Powell 10-26; G Kinsey, G Tottle, T Bass 13-14; D Williams, J Main, J Creasey 21-23; A Dawes, J Taylor, J Whitlow 17-10; W Kolasinski, S Hedges, D Carr 15-17.

Ashcombe Knights 93, Nailsea 123: B Bishop, R Counsell, L Cox 18-18; B Alden, E Booth, A Tucker 5-22; G Pople, E Roberts, D Wynne 12-29; J McKenzie, M Paterson, A Cracknell 15-18; D Barnes, J Hornett, T Morgan 28-10; B Jones, G Mills, E Hopkins 15-26.

In the Somerset Bowls League, all three Ashcombe teams were in action. Their A team took on Burnham in an away match, and despite only winning one of the three rinks, they were able to finish with a two-shot victory.

The B team, currently top of North 2 Division, were at home to Mark Moor. Taking two of the three rinks, they finished with a comfortable 17-shot win.

The C team had a difficult game against Burnham B, only managing a win on one rink and finishing with a 23-shot defeat.

Ashcombe A 56, Burnham 54: A Wilmot, M West, G Wilkinson, K Wheeler 23-16; W Kolasinski, A Dawes, B Benstead, R Powell 16-18; D Cooper, D Barnes, J Whitlow, J Creasey 17-20.

Ashcombe B 68, Mark Moor 51: G Pople, G Fews, A Tucker, J Taylor 25-12; B Bishop, N Coombes, M Paterson, K Powell 27-13; D Freestone, E Roberts, D Wynne, R Tasker 16-26.

Ashcombe C 45, Burnham 68: G Tucker, R Cox, C Vardon, T Bass 11-28; M Allen, D Cardy, T Romeo, M Butt 15-30; C Harris, A Harris, M Tripp, B Miles 19-10.

Chasing success in six competitions, St Andrews kept up their hopes in three of them during a very busy week, but suffered disappointment in the other three.

They won a nail-biting Somerset County League encounter by one shot away to Winscombe A, with the result in doubt until the last bowl.

Mike Stocker’s rink set up the chance of victory with a run of 14 shots in five ends midway through their game, transforming a deficit of 5-8 to a lead of 19-11. They had increased that advantage to nine by the end.

Don Bailey’s quartet, who had led by two after 11 of the 21 ends, slipped behind gradually and lost by seven shots.

Thus, the last rink to finish, Darrell Johnston and his men, needed a two on the last end for an overall victory. They were holding four when opposing skip Mike Adams killed the end.

In the replay, Jim Keay, Ken Curtis, George Webber and Johnston all had woods counting before Adams took a couple of the shots out. Johnston played another perfect bowl to put his team at least three up again and this time, Adams could not save Winscombe.

The result left Saints in second place in North One with four matches to go, including at home to unbeaten leaders Willmott Park.

Winscombe A 53 (4), St Andrews 54 (8): T Bray, G Cooper, B Forse, M Stocker 24-15; J Keay, K Curtis, G Webber, D Johnston 14-15; M Goddard, B May, D Favis, D Bailey 16-23.

Saints, runaway leaders of the Weston & District Over-60s League, added another 16 points to their tally when they beat visitors Ashcombe Crusaders by 10 shots.

A close match was decided in Saints’ favour by Adrian Cooper, Tony Bray and Mike Stocker, who, three behind after 10 of the 18 ends, scored 20 shots in the rest of the game. That included a penultimate-end seven as they won by 16.

Tony Ware’s trio edged their game by one on the last end, while Ken Curtis had just two to spare, having been 13 ahead with five ends to go. Barrie Forse skipped the other winning home rink.

St Andrews 104 (16), Ashcombe Crusaders 94 (4): M Goddard, B McLeod, G Wride 14-18; A Cooper, T Bray, M Stocker 26-10; R Smith, G Webber, T Ware 14-13; R Potter, J Warren, K Curtis 23-21; J Keay, B May, D Favis 10-17; R Gordon, R Wootten, B Forse 17-15.

On the previous evening, holders Saints reached the quarter-finals of the county Wedmore Plate with a home victory against Isle of Wedmore, who play two divisions above them in the County League.

Mike Stocker’s rink again proved the match-winners, scoring a seven and a six during the closing ends to beat their opponents by 17.

Darrell Johnston just held on to finish one up and Don Bailey led from the start as he finished seven ahead. Saints are away to Victoria in the quarter-final next Tuesday.

St Andrews 86, Isle of Wedmore 72: M Goddard, B May, K Curtis, G Wride 13-24; K Uglow, R Wootten, D Favis, D Bailey 19-12; T Bray, G Webber, S Stocker, D Johnston 23-22; J Keay, C Howard, B Forse, M Stocker 31-14.

Clevedon Prom, another club who play two divisions above St Andrews, visited Thirlmere Road in the North Somerset 4 Dimensions competition.

After the four disciplines had been completed, it was 2-2, but a heavy defeat in the pairs for the home side meant that they went down by 18 on shots.

Barrie Forse won a 25-end singles marathon by six for Saints, whose other winners were the impressive triple of Jim Keay, George Webber and Mike Stocker.

St Andrews 2, Clevedon Prom 2 (Clevedon Prom won 77-59 on shots) – singles: B Forse 21-15; pairs: S Stocker/D Johnston 12-30; triples: J Keay, G Webber, M Stocker 15-13; fours: K Curtis, G Wride, D Favis, D Bailey 11-19.

Saints’ hopes of reaching the national stages of the mixed over-60 Tony Allcock Trophy were dashed by a strong Congresbury team, who beat them by 10 at home.

Meg Favis’s rink fought back well from 1-7 down to win by four. However, despite picking up a five on end 10, the other rink were well beaten.

St Andrews 33, Congresbury B 43: J Forse, D Favis, G Wride, M Favis 20-16; C Venn, A Campbell, M Stocker, B Forse 13-27.

Saints lost 2-6 at home to leaders Clarrie Demons in the Fantastic Fives Indoor League. Victory by 6-2 would have put them through to the knockout stages, but the switch from outdoor to indoor proved just too tough for them against a team of indoor specialists.

St Andrews 2, Clarrie Demons 6 (31-41 on shots) – singles: K Uglow 10-14; fours: J Forse, A Campbell, B Reeves, B Forse 10-8; pairs: K Uglow/B Reeves 6-12 triples: J Forse, A Campbell, B Forse 5-7.

St Andrews indoor member Lee Stocker was a skip in the Bristol team who beat Watchet by 10 shots to win the Somerset area final of the Bowls England Club Two Fours competition.

Clarence Blues recorded a good win for the Blues against Portishead in the Over-60s League.

The largest winning rink goes to Barry Benn and Richard Crawford skipped by David Stott who lost the first two ends to be four down.

David’s side hit straight back taking the seven next ends and a 14-shot lead. Portishead only managed to take three more ends with David’s team running out winners by 24 shots.

Clarence Blues 119, Portishead 104: D Grier, G Owen, M Edlin 16-12; D Towie, J Rogers, T Mannion 14-14; B Benn, R Crawford, D Stott 33-9; A Gardiner, K Marshall, R Burrough 10-30; M Cerasoli, B Duffy, C Read 20-11; M Clay, M Phillips, B Sweet 14-12.

The Golds are back to winning ways in the Over-60s League. Rink of the day goes to John Kellaway and Bob Coleman skipped superbly by Chris Tippett who were all square after five ends, Chris’ team took the next four ends and 12 shots, including a five.

The 10th end saw Mark Moor grab a shot back before Chris’ team took ends 11 through to 15 increasing their lead to 22. Mark Moor took the final three ends, cutting the winning margin to 17.

Clarence Golds 106, Mark Moor 96: J Kellaway, B Coleman, C Tippett 28-11; F Al-Hinai, G Andrews, B Underwood 15-20; I Phipps, N Martin, J Atkins 16-13; J Edwards, M Turnbull, M Scoins 9-19; M Ford, A Bishop, S Browning 25-19; A Newland, D Weston, M Davies 13-14.

There was a fine win for the B team in the Somerset County League match home to Mark Moor.

Highest winning rink goes to John Edwards, Martin Ford and Alan Newland skipped by John Atkins, who after dropping one on the first proceeded to take a three and a four from ends two and three.

John’s side maintained the gap until the eighth to which they took the next five ends and marched on to win by a comfortable 16 shots.

Clarence B 70, Mark Moor 50: A Bishop, M Scoins, S Browning, D Grier 31-16; M Turnbull, B Coleman, C Tippett, M Davies 13-24; J Edwards, M Ford, A Newland, J Atkins 26-10.

Isle of Wedmore B team had an important win in the County League North 3 beating Yatton away three-nil on rinks for maximum points.

Roy Thurkettle led his team to a decisive win, taking 14 ends to triumph 26-19. Kevin Phillimore’s men led throughout to win 23-10. In a close game Clive Panchaud’s side had trailed but a six on end 15 put them in the lead and there they stayed to the end, winning 18-15.

Wedmore 67, Yatton 34: V Matthews, M Green, D Trow, R Thurkettle 26-9; C Wheller, J Runciman, S Fisher, K Phillimore 23-10; R Bull, T Simpson, T Walker, C Panchaud 18-15.

In the same league, the men’s C team lost at home to Ashcombe C, by five shots and one rink to two.

Wedmore C 65, Ashcombe C 70: B Back, T Collingwood, I Faulkner, D Stansfield 30-23; S Young, N Fowler, T Counsell, P Smith 16-20; D Skelton, D Luke, T Shepherd, K Burt 19-27.

The A team in County League Premier 1 had a hard time at home to Street A, losing on all three rinks and by 37 shots.

Dave Nicholls’ rink fought the good fight, had a taste of the lead and were only two shots behind at end 16, but Street finished the stronger for 20-26. Roger Hughes’ team were doing well when conceding a five score on end five put them on the back foot.

By end 11 the deficit was six shots but Wedmore fought back to one shot behind at end 16 only to fall away to 16-23. Ron Barron struggled and went down 9-33.

Wedmore A 45, Street A 82: D Collins, G Annuik, C Moss, D Nicholls 20-26; T Brown, I Gallup, R Newell, R Hughes 16-23; A Birch, D Wederell, K Pettit, R Barron 9-33.

Better news came from an impressive victory away to Clevedon Promenade in the Clevedon triples league, winning four to two on rinks and 112-68 on shots overall.

Wedmore 112, Clevedon Prom 68: S Fisher, K Burt, R Barron 21-6; P Smith, G Annuik, R Newell 27-8; D Trow, D Stansfield, K Pettit 20-7; J Runciman, T Brown, R Hughes 18-12; R Grant, D Collins, C Moss 12-16; A Birch, I Gallop, E Payne 14-19.

The men went out of the Wedmore Plate at St Andrews, losing by 14 shots overall and one to three on rinks.

Wedmore 72, St Andrews 86: C Wheller, M Green, K Pettit, R Barron 24-13; T Brown, I Gallop, R Newell, R Hughes 22-23; A Birch, K Phillimore, D Collins, C Moss 12-19; J Runciman, V Matthews, G Annuik, E Payne 14-31.

The ladies had a satisfying win in the Fear Plate against Winscombe, winning by 30 shots and two to one on rinks.

Wedmore Ladies 74, Winscombe 44: J Collins, T Newell, J Collingwood, S Wederell 30-15; P Jenkins, M Barron, P Beard, G Harvey 21-13; D Gallop, C Pettit, M Hordle, M Trow 13-16.

The ladies were away to Nailsea in the triples league and suffered a loss by 13 shots overall and one to two on rinks.

Wedmore Ladies 32, Nailsea 45: B Disbrey, D Gallop, M Hordle 15-9; J Collins J Hunt, T Newell 10-17; AM Wilkinson, M Fisher, P Beard 7-19.

Another defeat followed in the same league away to Congresbury when Wedmore lost on all three rinks and by 33 shots, but closer examination reveals that this was not as bad as first appears.

Marie Trow’s team led most of the way and almost pulled off a win but were sandbagged by Winscombe taking the last three ends for five shots and snatching the points on 14-15.

Jenny Collingwood and colleagues also led most of the game and were also overturned at the end when Winsombe scored a seven resulting in 16-19. Carole Pettit’s rink were restricted to scoring on four ends and lost 7-36.

Wedmore Ladies 37, Winscombe 70: P Jenkins, M Fisher, M Trow 14-15; B Disbrey, D Gallop, J Collingwood 16-19; AM Wilkinson, J Collins, K Pettit 7-36.

In a friendly away to Yatton, the ladies lost a close match 33-38 overall and zero to two on rinks with one tied.

Winscombe played Banwell at home in the second leg of the annual Parrot Shield match.

They lost in the first leg at Banwell by 14 shots, so needed 15 shots to regain this much-prized trophy. It was a close affair with Winscombe looking likely to recover the deficit.

Wilf Ainsworth’s rink were well ahead and finally won by 12 shots, but this was not enough, despite Winscombe winning by seven shots overall, as Banwell retained the shield for this year.

Winscombe 103, Banwell 96: G Lloyd, K Whatling, R Lowman, M Adams 22-20; D Johnson, L Collier, R Lacy, W Ainsworth 29-17; B Kibble, M Nash, B Andrews, M Dorrington 17-21; D Brown, R Knight, G Coombe, G Neville 17-14; T Rowe, M Newing, P Fredersdorff, M Fletcher 18-24.

In the Weston & District Over-60s League, Winscombe were away to Victoria Saxons. It was a challenging green, both sides winning three rinks each but Winscombe came out on top, thanks to a fine win by Rob Lacy’s rink by 20 shots.

Winscombe 105 (14), Victoria Saxons 99 (6): D Brown, B Paul, M Fletcher 16-14; P John, G Coombe, G Neville 14-20; D Johnson, B Kibble, R Lacy 28-8; M Newing, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 20-17; G Lloyd, L Collier, W Ainsworth 16-20; J Sprouting, K Whatling, M Adams 11-20.

In the Somerset County League, Winscombe A were at home to St Andrews, while the B team travelled to Clevedon.

The A match proved to be a very close and competitive game. The lead changed throughout the game and even the last end of the last rink playing was killed by Winscombe skip Mike Adams to force an extra end.

Winscombe were ahead by just one shot, but St Andrew’s skip Darrel Johnson bowled two superb woods to gain the win by one shot for the visitors.

Winscombe A 53 (4), St Andrews 54 (8): D Brown, B Paul, R Lacy, W Ainsworth 15-24; G Lloyd, K Whatling, J Feltham, M Adams 15-14; P Hopes P Fredersdorff, M Fletcher, M Dorrington 23-16.

The B team were away to Clevedon B and and lost by two rinks to one and by eight shots.

Winscombe 57 (2), Clevedon 65 (10): A Rowe, A Pow, L Collier, W Andrews 19-25; D Johnson, R Kibble, J Sprouting, M Nash 16-22; M Newing, R Fisher, G Coombe, G Neville 22-18.

In a mixed morning game, Winscombe hosted a match against Taunton, with the visitors winning by seven shots.

Winscombe 91, Taunton 98: P Pow, D Johnson, M Nash 17-19; L Haynes, T Riley, D Leach 27-10 ; B Smart, B Smart, R Fisher, S Easterby 15-29; A Pow, R Lowis, S Nash, S Lowis 14-21; M Palmer, D Phillips, M Myland, W Andrews 18-19.

Congratulations to Congresbury Ladies in reaching the Fear Cup quarter-finals by their win over Victoria. Their opponents will be St Andrews.

Congresbury Ladies 70, Isle of Wedmore 37 (Mendip League): H Tranmer, C Lewis, K Herbison 36-7; C Wilcock, C Andrews, A Jones 15-14; J Craig, P Baker, B Huggett 19-16.

Congresbury Ladies 59, Victoria 58 (Fear Cup): J Blagden, (L Storey), J Craig, Ann King, Kate Herbison 21-20; C Wilcock, C Lewis, R Horton, A Jones 19-18; J Byett, H Tranmer,C Andrews, P Baker 19-20.

Congresbury Ladies 70, Portishead Ladies 42 (WDLL): C Lewis, P Baker, D Harrison 33-11; C Wilcock, A Jones, B Huggett 26-16; C Andrews, A King, K Herbison 12-15.

Congresbury 74, Clevedon 74 (Britannia Windows Evening League) I Morton, A Collins, T Lewis, C Shipway 12-15; J Freemantle, D Norman, M Wear, L Beck 8-22; R Archer, M Huggett, F Horton, R Kirkham 9-13; B Baker, A Page, D Byett, R Birmingham 24-9; G Wilcock, G Stenner, R Becker, B Herbison 21-15.

Congresbury A 73, Bath B 52 (County League Division 2): B Baker, R Anniuk, R Becker, R Birmingham 21-23; I Morton, A Collins, T Lewis, C Shipway 25-10; M Hopkins, R King, M Wear, B Herbison 27-19.

Congresbury B 66, Clevedon Prom B 45 (County League Division 1 North): R Stewart, D Folds, G Stenner, L Beck 19-13; G Andrews, D Norman, R Jones, R Archer 24-14; D Manning, M Huggett, F Horton, R Kirkham 23-18

Congresbury 120, West Backwell 93 (C&D Over-60s League): B Baker, R Jones, M Huggett 25-11; R Stewart, J Freemantle, D Byett 25-9; G Andrews, A Lewis, R Archer 15-21; M Kimmings, C Edwards, R Kirkham 12-23; I Beveridge, A Collins, F Horton 25-15; L Beck, G Stenner, T Lewis 18-14;

Congresbury 57, Bristol Arrow 73 (mixed friendly): B Baker, G Lee, R Jones, P Baker 15-14; A Goodman, V Tomlinson, D Norman, C Andrews 16-23; C Lewis, L Storey, A Page, C Shipway 19-13; G Andrews, D Davis, J Freemantle, R Horton 7-23.

Banwell finished the first leg of the Parrott Shield with a 14-shot advantage over Winscombe, but the experienced players knew this was a precarious lead and so it turned out to be

From the start it was nip and tuck throughout the game, with each side gaining the upper hand, but after a long and hard fought match in which Winscombe won the match, Banwell emerged the winners with a seven-shot lead over the two matches

Banwell 96, Winscombe 103: T Burnett, H Woodards, K Burgess, C Wilson 20-22; G Millard, D Mabbutt, M Laycock, J Davies 17-29; V McArdell, J Wright, M Amos, B Taylor 21-17; T Garfield, A Vickery, L Pheasant, M Davies 14-7; T Hyde, G Spittles, H Guckian, P Villis 24-18.

Both the A and B teams were in action over the weekend in the Somerset League.

The A team came up against Taunton Deane, who are unbeaten this season and top of the Premier League 2.

This resulted in a defeat on all three rinks and they came away empty-handed. This puts Banwell near the foot of the table.

Banwell A 46 (0), Taunton Deane A 70 (12): G Millard, H Guckian, P Villis, J Davies 14-21; V McArdell, T Burnett, L Pheasant, M Davies 20-23;

T Hyde, H Woodards, C Wilson, B Taylor 12-26.

The Banwell B team were successful in their home match against Wrington with the highlight of the match being a fine win by Kim Burgess and his rink.

Banwell B 81 (10), Wrington 43 (2): M Finch, G Hollier, J Amos, M Laycock 24-11; G Bean, T Brice, T Garfield, C Coffin 18-25; J Wright, D Mabbutt, P Wilfan, K Burgess 36-7.

On a scorching day, Banwell again met Wrington, but this time in a mixed three-rink friendly match. This resulted in a win on all three rinks for Banwell.

Banwell 73, Wrington 33: M Garfield, K Gibbons, J Wright, A Cockayne 27-5; D Baker, K Wright, J Amos, H Guckian 19-14; P Fisher, M Kirby, S White, T Garfield 27-14.

Winscombe president Lesley Fredersdorff presents the Parrott Shield to Banwell president Barry Taylor.

For the second week running, St Andrews Ladies left it late before progressing in the county Fear Cup competition.

At home to Bridgwater, they led by five shots after 10 ends. But by the 15th end, they had fallen two behind.

With three ends to play, the visitors were three shots up and looking set for victory. Things looked even more bleak for Saints when Meg Favis’s rink, who had been their saviours in previous rounds, dropped a five on their last end.

However, the other two rinks still had ends to play and the home fours made the most of them. Ann Campbell’s quartet scored a late four to win by five, while Rebecca McMillan also finished strongly for a six-shot victory.

The five-shot overall win earned Saints Ladies an away quarter-final tomorrow (Friday) against Congresbury, who beat Victoria by one shot.

St Andrews Ladies 66, Bridgwater 61: C Venn, B Goddard, A Powell, M Favis 16-22; J Forse, D Baker, J Pitman, A Campbell 26-21; F Allen, S Sinclair, J McMillan, R McMillan 24-18.

Chew Stoke arrived with only nine players for their DRT League game against St Andrews, so had to play three against four with a consequent 25 per cent reduction in their score.

That proved the difference between the teams, as Saints “lost” two of the three rinks but won by more than nine shots after the deductions.

Rebecca McMillan’s rink, 0-6 down, lost only two of the remaining 12 ends to win by 11.5 shots. A five on the 13th end helped Ann Campbell’s four to draw after the deduction and captain Jackie Pitman limited the damage on her rink as Saints picked up seven points.

St Andrews Ladies 46 (7), Chew Stoke 36.75 (3): M Wride, J Webb, B Goddard, J Pitman 12-14.25; J Forse, J Bishop, D Baker, R McMillan 19-7.5; F Allen, B Mangan, M Pattenden, A Campbell 15-15.

Clarence Ladies were defeated in the Fear Cup away to Bridgwater, despite winning on two rinks, they lost out on shot difference.

The rink of the day goes to Pam Rolls, Sarie Pritchard and Mary Davison skipped by Carol Edlin, who were six down after four, they managed to claw their way back and briefly take the lead back on the ninth end.

By the 14th they were three behind, then onto the 15th and the next six were theirs, running out winners by four shots.

Clarence Ladies 49, Bridgwater 60: P Rolls, S Pritchard, M Davison, C Edlin 16-12; S Scoins, C Marshall, R Jones, V Collicott 23-17; P Fowler, P Burrough, J Mannion, P Hawkins 10-31.

The ladies only managed to win one rink in this tricky away match in the Weston & District League and took two of the possible 10 points.

The only winning rink came from Sarie Pritchard and Pauline Burrough skipped by Pam Hawkins who dropped a one on the first, then they bounced back taking the next four ends and a six-shot lead.

A two was dropped on the sixth, but the next two ends saw Pam’s team pick up six shots and a cushion of 10. It was nip and tuck to the finish with Pam’s team taking the match by eight shots.

Clarence Ladies 48, West Backwell 51: S Scoins, C Marshall, M Davison 15-21; P Fowler, R Jones, V Collicott 15-20; S Pritchard, P Burrough, P Hawkins 18-10.

There was much needed cheer for the ladies with this well deserved away win in the Weston & District League.

Rink of the day goes to Pam Fowler and Pauline Burrough skipped by Mary Davison who took all the opening five ends and go 11 shots up. Mary’s team then took seven of the final eight ends, running out winners by 20 shots.

Clarence Ladies 61, Burnham 52: P Fowler, P Burrough, M Davison 28-8; S Searle, S Pritchard, C Edlin 13-24; C Hooper, R Jones, V Collicott 20-18.

Despite winning on two of the three rinks against Isle of Wedmore, the match was lost on shots, giving the ladies four of the 10 shots available.

The pick of the rinks goes to Pam Fowler and Pauline Burrough skipped by Pam Hawkins where it was even-stevens up to end 12, with the ladies one behind they took the final three ends and a four-shot win.

Clarence Ladies 37, Isle of Wedmore 38: S Pritchard, C Marshall, M Davison 12-9; J Anning, R Jones, V Collicott 11-19; P Fowler, P Burrough, P Hawkins 14-10.

Victoria Ladies marched on in the Fear Cup following an emphatic victory of 18 shots over local rivals Wessex, with both Annie Holland and Margaret Hillman skipping their rinks to excellent wins.

The third round saw them drawn away to Congresbury with the game being decided on the smallest of margins with each of the three rinks being won by a single shot, with the final decision falling to Congresbury.

Captain Chris Stevens, whilst disappointed with the result was delighted with the team’s performance.

Victoria also played Wessex in the Weston & District Triples League and triumphed with two rink wins by skips Mildred Chudley and Chris Stevens with Annie Holland enjoying a tie to contribute to the nine points.

In the Mendip League, the Whites picked up eight points after a win at Wrington, with Margaret Kelly, Sandra Milliner top performing with a 15-shot victory.

Sadly after a magnificent run to reach the last 16 in the country in the National Top Club competition, the ladies succumbed to defeat at Gillingham to Poole Ladies.

Both the pairs and fours made good starts with the pair of Hannah Frye and Kay Wilson powering on to victory, but the fours faltered in the second half.

Sue Cooper was defeated by Julie Leake, one of the top bowlers in the country in the singles match.

Victoria Ladies 69, Wessex 51: H Frye, K Wilson, S Harrison, A Holland 19-13; C Sage, C Stevens, S Newman, S Cooper 16-22; B Williams, S Sokol, M Chudley, M Hillman 34-16.

Victoria Ladies 58, Congresbury 59: C Sage, S Milliner, S Newman, S Cooper 20-19; H Frye/C Willetts, K/ Wilson, S Harrison, A Holland 18-19; B Williams, S Sokol, M Chudley, M Hillman 20-21.

Victoria Ladies 45 (9), Wessex 33 (1): G Poolman, S Sokol, M Chudley 12-9;

M Kelly, S Milliner, C Stevens 17-8; H Chesters, R Cleeves, A Holland 16-16.

Victoria Whites 39 (8), Wrington 25 (2): D Rimmer, C Willetts, A Holland 11-9; M Kelly, S Milliner, M Chudley 20-5; H Frye, R Cleeves, K Wilson 8-11.

Victoria 1, Poole 3: S Cooper 6-21; H Frye, K Wilson 24-12; M Chudley, C Sage, S Newman 10-17; B Williams, C Stevens, S Harrison, M Hillman 12-21.

Wessex took on Burnham in the Fear Cup Plate and with all three rinks winning, the result was a magnificent win by 36 shots.

Wessex Ladies 74, Burnham 38: P Turner, A Crawford, E Williams, P Taylor 26-13; V Edwards, N Peters, M Hawkins, J Duffy 26-7; J Hartree, C Peart, M Davis, B Jones 22-18.

Winscombe Ladies having narrowly lost to Victoria Saxons in the Fear Cup, played Isle of Wedmore in the Plate at Winscombe.

Unfortunately they could not field the same team that came so close at The Vic and despite winning on one rink, Winscombe lost by 20 shots overall.

Winscombe Ladies 44, Isle of Wedmore 64: C Hopes, B Smart, M Howell, S Lowis 16-13; P Pow, L Coombe, M Sprouting, L Fredersdorff 15-30; T Miles, S Nash, C Bryant, M Adams 13-21.

In the Wessex League at Clevedon, Winscombe were well beaten on two rinks but Angela Ainsworth’s rink rescued another two points for the visitors.

Winscombe Ladies 51 (2), Clevedon 71 (8): P Pow, M Sprouting, C Bryant, A Ainsworth 23-16; T Miles, S Caddy, M Adams, L Fredersdorff 17-25; C Hopes, A Bourgourd, P Burns, S Lowis 11-30.

Ashcombe Ladies secured a good victory against Mark Moor by winning on all three rinks and will meet North Petherton in the next round at Ashcombe tomorrow (Friday), time to be arranged.

Ashcombe Ladies 67, Mark Moor 36: P Wynne, R Humphries, M Tasker, L Paterson 22-15; J Williams, J Sansam, N Counsell, J McInally 26-9; M Main, J Hughes, M Tucker, J Wilkinson 19-12.

The friendly games against Long Ashton and Wells were not played due to the hot weather.

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