Mick wins semi-final clash to reach Somerset county final

PUBLISHED: 13:48 29 August 2018 | UPDATED: 13:48 29 August 2018

Ashcombe Park Bowls Club ladies.

Ashcombe Park Bowls Club ladies.


Mick Edlin of Clarence has reached the final of the Somerset county competition after winning at Chew Stoke.

Clarence’s Mick Edlin won his Somerset semi-final against Gary Perkins of Castle Cary held at Chew Stoke.

Mick started off slowly and went 9-2 down, but he dug in and clawed his way back to take the match 21-16.

Clarence Blues recorded another good win, taking five of the six rinks in this Over-60s League match.

Before going to rink of the day, three matches need a mention as they all went down to the wire. Mike Cerasoli and Richard Crawford skipped by Chris Read were two up with one to play, they managed a three, giving them a five-shot win.

Reg Flicker and John Rogers skipped by Gerald Barlow were two up with one to play, they dropped a shot and scraped through by one. Adrian Gardiner and Brendan Duffy skipped by Roger Burrough were all square with one to play, they took the end and the match by one.

Now onto the highest winning rink, Doug Grier and Gordon Owen skipped by Mick Edlin who after eight ends were two down. Mick’s team took the next six ends and 12 shots and the final four ends were shared, giving the Blues an 11-shot win

Clarence Blues 116, Winscombe 95: D Grier, G Owen, M Edlin 25-14; M Cerasoli, R Crawford, C Read 20-15; M Clay, M Phillips, B Sweet 17-19; A Gardiner, B Duffy, R Burrough 15-14; R Flicker, J Rogers, G Barlow 20-19; B Benn, J Loveridge, D Stott 19-14.

There was a great win by the A team in this Somerset County League match at home to Victoria B, winning on all three rinks and taking all the points.

With a 19-shot win, rink of the day goes to Mick Edlin, Gordon Owen and Maurice Phillips skipped by Bob Sweet who were one all after two before slipping into gear taking the next four ends and an 11-shot lead.

They lost the next three ends, halving their lead before Bob’s team took a single on the 10th before dropping a two and a four, bringing the lead now down to just one.

Bob’s team hit back on the next four ends and 10 shots giving them a healthy nine shot lead. Clarence dropped a one on the 17th before taking the final four ends and a fine win.

Clarence A 82, Victoria B 43: M Edlin, G Owen, M Phillips, B Sweet 32-13; A Gardiner, B Ballinger, B Duffy, R Burrough 26-18; B Hallworth, R Crawford, G Barlow, D Towie 24-12.

Clarence were well beaten by touring side Chelmsford as they only managed one winning rink of the five played.

The only winning rink was won by Lyn Leigh, Gordon Leigh and Sarie Pritchard skipped by Mike Davies who were 10-1 down going into the seventh. Mike’s team managed to take seven shots on the next four ends, just two behind.

That hard work looked it could unravel as they dropped the next two ends with the gap now going to five. Ends 12-15 saw Mike’s team pick up 10 shots and were now leading by five.

Chelmsford took three off the next three ends and two behind with three to play of which Mike’s team took all three and a five-shot win.

Clarence 104, Chelmsford 104: S Scoins, J Edwards, A Newland, I Phipps 16-22; D Symes, R Francombe, M Turnbull M Scoins 12-26; P Rolls, J Loveridge, M Ford, B Duffy 18-18; T Derrick, M Peters, N Buckley, C Read 11-21; L Leigh, G Leigh, S Pritchard M Davies 21-16.

It was a good win for Clarence against Welsh tourist side Llanidloes. Best rink goes to Lyn Leigh, Graham Andrews and Steve Browning skipped by David Stott who dropped the first two ends, but David’s side hit straight back taking the next 10 ends which included a six on the 12th.

The visitors only picked up two ends out of the final nine and giving David’s team a 21-shot victory.

Clarence 135, Llanidloes 75: N Peters, M Peters, T Derrick, T Mannion 13-23; F Al-Hinai, K Southan, G Owen, M Edlin 24-13; M Southan, R Jones, S Pritchard, B Duffy 19-15; L Leigh, G Andrews, S Browning, D Stott 28-7; D Symes, M Ford, C Read, C Edlin 28-8; G Leigh, S Owen, M Turnbull, J Duffy 23-9.

This week saw all three of Ashcombe’s teams playing in the Weston and District Over-60s League.

The Crusaders were away to Clevedon where they won two of the six rinks. They were unlucky not to have gained two more, missing each by one shot, and losing by 12 shots.

However, their steady performance keeps them in mid position in Division 1.

Ashcombe Crusaders 83, Clevedon 95: W Kolasinski, S Hedges, J Main 12-13; G Sansam, B Benstead, R Powell 20-12; A Wilmot, G Wilkinson, K Wheeler 18-10; G Kinsey, L Day, T Bass 15-16; A Dawes, T Cottrell, J Taylor 13-18; D Cooper, E Hopkins, D Carr 5-26.

In the return match of the home derby, Ashcombe Templars played host to Ashcombe Knights, both teams being in the same division.

The Knights put in a strong performance, taking four of the six and winning by 25 shots total 115 to 90, holding on to their second place in Division 2.

Ashcombe Templars 90, Ashcombe Knights (Templar names first): R Smith, M Bass, B Miles 26, B Jones, A Tucker, D Wynne 12; G Llewellyn, P March, A Freke 8, B Alden, R Counsell, K Powell 8; D Freestone, M Field, N Coombes 12, B Bishop, E

Booth, E Hopkins 22; P Barnes, M Tripp, M Parry 8, J McKenzie, M Paterson, A Little 31; T Romeo, C Vardon, S Andrews 14, G Fews, E Roberts, L Cox 26; R Cox, D Williams, M Butt 22, K Hallettt, J Hornett, R Tasker 9.

For a mixed friendly against a touring side from Credition, both of Ashcombe’s greens were used to accommodate 11 rinks.

As if to emphasise the friendly nature of the game, Ashcombe took four of the 11 rinks and drew on a another, with Crediton winning overall by 13 shots.

Ashcombe 192, Crediton 205: C Vardon, S Jackson, G Tottle, A Little 17-20; J Matthews, B Bishop, A Dawes, B Benstead 17-14; G Wilcox, B Underhay, C Smith, D Wynne 12-19; M Tripp, J Hughes, D Williams, G Sansam 16-21; R Smith, L Cox, M Paterson, G Wilkinson 20-20; A Bass, T Romeo, R Counsell, J Main 9-22; M Field, J Hornett, M butt, N Counsell 22-17; R Cox, D Jenkins, G Fews, R Powell 26-12; G Tucker, M Parry, R Tasker, L Paterson 13-17; P Romeo, M Bass, B Miles, J

Creasey 22-19; P Barnes, D Bleasdale, S Hedges, D Carr 18-24.

St Andrews looked set for defeat in their triples friendly away to Congresbury, trailing by 12 shots with two ends left.

However, on a winning streak of 15 successive matches, they staged a brilliant comeback, picking up shots across the green to win by eight.

Brian May’s rink scored four on the last end to win by two, while Tony Ware picked up eight shots on the last two ends, including a six, to finish four ahead.

Similarly, seven on the final two ends earned captain Ken Curtis victory by eight and George Webber’s triple, five down with two to play, scored six to get home by one.

Congresbury 90, St Andrews 98: R Potter, R Flaxman, B May 16-14; G Cooper, J Warren, T Ware 22-18; D Reynolds, S Stocker, K Curtis 25-17; A Cooper, K Uglow, D Hurst 12-19; G Sims, R Brereton, G Webber 23-22.

St Andrews Ladies ran the club’s men close on most rinks in their annual battle of the sexes. But a 24-shot victory by Mike Stocker’s four saw the men home by 18.

The most noise was created on Rebecca McMillan’s rink, as, from 1-10 down after eight of the 21 ends, they dominated after tea to win by three against Gordon Wride’s quartet.

Darrell Johnston and Myra Bailey stood at 11-all after 13 ends, then the men pulled away gradually to finish four ahead. A five on the 18th end gave Audrey Powell’s ladies hope of victory against Derek Hurst but the men scraped home by three.

However, all the ladies’ efforts were in vain as Mike Stocker, experimenting with smaller woods borrowed from clubmate Barrie Forse, steered his rink to a crushing win, including a six on the first end after tea.

Friendly hostilities between the sexes will be resumed shortly indoors.

St Andrews Men 95, St Andrews Ladies 67 (ladies’ rinks first: C Venn, B Mangan, J Smith, A Powell 21, R Smith, R Brereton, K Curtis, D Hurst 24; J Webb, D Baker, J Bishop, R McMillan 21, P Smart, A Cooper, G Webber, G Wride 18; M Wride, M McMillan, M Frost, M Bailey 15, D Reynolds, G Sims, J Ling, D Johnston 19; J Forse, M Pattenden, J Pitman, A Campbell 10, A Frost, R Potter, J Keay, M Stocker 34.

Saints finisherd up on all six rinks against first-time visitors Chelmsford Tourists, winning the mixed match by 46 shots.

Tony Lay, the in-form Jenny Webb, Jim Warren and Don Bailey had the biggest victory, by 13 shots. Mike Stocker’s rink were six down with seven ends left and won by nine.

St Andrews 116, Chelmsford Tourists 70: Frid Allen, A Cooper, G Cooper, K Curtis 23-19; T Lay, Jenny Webb, J Warren, D Bailey 25-12; G Sims, Marie McMillan, G Webber, D Favis 23-13; B Rogers, Barbara Mangan, T Bray, M Stocker 25-16; D Reynolds, Monica Pattenden, R Wootten, D Hurst 20-10.

Victoria’s teams in the Weston & District Triples League had contrasting results in the week with the Saxons beating Portishead RBL by 12 shots, despite fielding a rink short and suffering a 10-shot penalty.

Victoria won three rinks with the triples skipped by Don Wheatley, Colin Heal and to complete the victory, Malcolm Campbell skipped his triple of Bill Nicholls and Dave Sealey to a match-winning 23 shots.

The Vikings travelled to Clevedon Prom and suffered a comprehensive defeat gaining just two points from the solitary rink win of Alex Waygood, Bill Nicholls and skip John Langridge.

The B team played a strong Willmott Park in the County League who are leaders of the division and found the opposition in fine form, but did pick up two points from the rink win by Carmine Santosusso, Harrison Whyte Alan Shattock and skip Dave Williams.

Victoria played three friendlies, winning against Vines Park Tourists and Penarth. The game against Vines Park was close throughout with the visitors winning four rinks, but the home rink led by Margaret Kelly with Martin Payne, Amanda Culpeck and skip Colin Heal winning by 21 shots swung the result in favour of Victoria.

Victoria were beaten at Penarth by 32 shots in an early season friendly and were eagerly looking forward to revenge in the return fixture.

There were several outstanding performances with a five rink to one and 46-shot victory with the rink of the day skipped by Colin Gazzard with Mike Milliner, John Langridge and Dave Fairhurst.

Chelmsford Tourists finished their five-match tour of Weston & District at Victoria in what this season was alien conditions of heavy showers and dropping temperatures. However, the tourists adapted better than the hosts with a win of nine shots which enabled them to celebrate on their final day.

Victoria B 37 (2), Willmott Park 79 (10): N Robbins, J Langridge, D Sealey, P Fisher 4-27; M Milliner, G Hodge, G Frost, K Holland 9-35; Carmine, H Whyte, A Shattock, D Williams 24-17.

Victoria Saxons 96 (14), Portishead RBL 84 (6): Carmine, J Smart, J Newman 9-24; M Milliner, M Manning, D Williams 18-21; N Robbins, R Bromet, D Wheatley 18-8; H Whyte, G Hodge, C Heal 20-13; B Nicholls, D Sealey, M Campbell 31-8.

Victoria Vikings 52(2), Clevedon Prom 123 (18): B Hope, C Chudley, G Hodge 2-41; A Hollier, R Bromet, E Sage 7-23; C Cleeves, L Kelly, G Richards 12-20; G Robbins, M Campbell, G Frost 12-19; A Waygood, B Nicholls, J Langridge 19-10.

Victoria 114, Vines Park Tourists 108: M Kelly, M Payne, A Culpeck, C Heal 31-10; L Kelly, H Chesters, C Chudley, R Cleeves 19-22; D Gibbs, N Robbins, D Roberts, C Stevens 11-17; C Cleeves, F Payne, S Milliner, H Gibbs 15-18; B Nicholls, V Worthington, M Milliner, M Campbell 23-17; D Rimmer, M Slavin, F Waters, M Chudley 15-24.

Victoria 138, Penarth 92: Carmine, D Marsh, G Hodge, J Newman 10-24; M Milliner, J Langridge, D Fairhurst, C Gazzard 34-9; M Campbell, A Hollier A Shattock, P Owen 20-16; L Kelly, G Richards, E Sage, C Heal 23-16; B Nicholls, C Chudley, D Wheatley, D, Williams 22-18; R Rockett, J Swift, M, Manning, K Holland 24-9.

Victoria 81, Chelmsford Tourists 90: L Kelly, F Payne, B Nicholls, E Sage 12-17; S Crapnell, M Kelly, S Pocock, R Rockett 17-19; D Carpenter, L Richards, C Sage, M Milliner 18-16; M Payne, D Roberts, M Campbell, S Cooper 12-21; V Worthington, N Robbins, G Richards, R Bromet 22-17.

In their last match in the Weston and District Over-60s League, Winscombe needed to win against Clarence Blues to secure at least second place.

Unfortunately, the Blues are in a run of good form and they only won on one rink including losses by just one shot on two of the other rinks. This result may now mean Winscombe finish in third place (their lowest since 2013), but this depends on Clarence picking up good points in their last games against RBL and Clevedon.

Winscombe are still in the KO Cup and play Clevedon in the semi-final.

Winscombe 95 (2), Clarence Blues 116 (18): G Lloyd, L Collier, W Ainsworth 19-17; P John, C Coombe, G Neville 14-15; J Sprouting, K Whatling, M Adams 15-20; M Newing, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 14-25; D Johnson, R Reason, R Lacy 19-20; D Brown, B Paul, M Fletcher 14-19.

In a mixed friendly match against Prattens, Winscombe lost by 28 shots.

Winscombe 53, Prattens 81: K Horler, F Bays, S Nash, M Nash 14-20; A Pow, C Bryant, S Lowman 17-9; D Phillips, M Howell, C Bryant, R Lowman 15-26; P Pow, R Lowis, M Newing, L Parfitt 7-26.

Winscombe entertained tourists from Chelmsford in another mixed match and in a close game lost by 11 shots, the hosts winning two of the five rinks.

Winscombe 94, Chelmsford BA 105: T Darkin, L Whatling, M Adams, K Whatling 27-14; P Hopes, A Bourgourd, M Fletcher, C Bryant 18-29; C Hopes, M Adams, M Smart, B Paul 24-7; M Sprouting, R Knight, D Phillips, J Sprouting 14-33; T Rowe, L Coombe, G Neville, G Coombe 11-22.

St Andrews Ladies should finish runners-up in the DRT League following a resounding home victory over Nailsea in their final league game.

Meg Favis’s rink were nine shots up at halfway, added a six on the 10th of the 18 ends and finished 18 shots clear. Some excellent play by skip Rebecca McMillan steadied the ship early on for her rink, who won by seven.

Saints needed victory on Audrey Powell’s rink, the last to finish, for a full house of points. Having led 9-4 in a low-scoring match, they were just two ahead playing the last end, but clung on to win by one.

St Andrews Ladies 60 (10), Nailsea 34 (0): M Frost, J Bishop, J McMillan, R McMillan 18-11; C Venn, B Mangan, J Pitman, A Powell 12-11; J Forse, S Sinclair, M Bailey, M Favis 30-12.

Saints Ladies won two of the three rinks in a triples friendly away to their Victoria counterparts, but lost by 11 shots.

Victoria Ladies 50, St Andrews Ladies 39: J Webb, S Sinclair, M Bailey 16-13; M Wride, B Goddard, M Favis 15-14; C Venn, F Allen, J Pitman 8-23.

Wessex just had one match this week in the league and collected another 10 points with three winning rinks.

Wessex Ladies 78 (10), Clevedon Prom 38 (0): B Hayes, M Darcy, A Crawford, M Hawkins 29-15; V Gardiner, K Dibble, V Edwards, J Duffy 29-8; J Gardiner, N Peters, E Wade, J Davis 20-15.

Clarence Ladies lost this friendly match against Yatton, but gave good account of themselves on rink nine who included Pam Rolls and Shirley Searle skipped by Val Collicott.

They dropped three on the first three ends, but Val’s team took the next three and gave them a two-shot lead. The ladies dropped one on the seventh but then took seven off the next three ends.

Yatton took a two on the 11th but the resistance ended there as Val’s team took the remaining five ends and a 17-shot win.

Clarence Ladies v 43, Yatton 49: J Anning, C Hooper, S Pritchard, 7-22; S Ellis, V Senior, M Davison. 13-21; P Rolls, S Searle, V Collicott 23-6.

Wedmore men had a strong victory away to Bloomfield A in the County Premier 1 League, taking two rinks and overall by 30 shots.

Ron Barron’s men won the first four ends and on to win 14 ends, overwhelming Bloomfield 32-12. Dave Nicholls’ side scored freely and won handsomely 26-9, while Colin Moss lost 11-18.

Wedmore 69, Bloomfield A 39: A Birch, D Wederell, K Pettit, R Barron 32-12; T Brown, I Gallop, R Newell, D Nicholls 26-9; J White, D Stansfield, D Collins, C Moss 11-18.

The B team won at home against Ashcombe C in County League North 3, winning two rinks and overall by nine shots.

Wedmore B 57, Ashcombe C 48: V Matthews, PD Rees, D Trow, R Thurkettle 23-15; J Runciman, T Simpson, T Walker, C Panchaud 19-15; C Heller, M Bachelor, S Fisher, K Phillimore 15-18.

Also at home in the same league, the C team lost to Chew Stoke B on all three rinks and by 10 shots. Tinkman and Burt both made a go of it but lost to stronger finishers, by 16-18 and 18-21 respectively, while Collingwood went down 13-18.

Wedmore C 47, Chew Stoke B 57: N Fowler, S Young, T Counsell, P Tinknell 16-18; D Skelton, N Shenton, T Shepherd, K Burt 18-21; C Wilde, B Back, D Luke, T Collingwood 13-18.

The men are through to the final of the Clevedon Cup, having beaten Portishead RBL in the semi-final by 10 shots and by three to two on rinks with one tied.

Wedmore 103, Portishead RBL 93: I Gallop, R Newell, R Hughes 24-7; J Runciman, C Panchaud, R Barron 25-11; V Matthews, D Collins, C Moss 17-15; T Simpson, D Wederell, D Nicholls 15-15; A Birch, G Annuik, E Payne 14-15; D Trow, R Thurkettle, K Pettit 8-30.

Away to Long Ashton in the Clevedon Triples League, the men had a free-scoring win by 62 shots and four to one on rinks with one tie.

Wedmore 125, Long Ashton 63: J Runciman, D Collins, C Moss 31-9; D Trow, D Stansfield, K Pettit 26-10; T Brown, I Gallop, R Hughes 24-9; C Wheller, C Panchaud, D Nicholls 19-7; S Fisher, J Harris, R Barron 15-15; A Birch, G Annuik, E Payne 10-13.

The ladies sparkled in a high-scoring victory at home to Fosseway in the triples league, 45 shots overall and two to one on rinks.

Remarkably, Trish Newell’s ladies won all except three ends, pounding the opposition for a 32-5 victory. Jenny Collingwood’s side took the first six ends in 10 shots but Fosseway fought back to 11-10. Wedmore then took four of the last five ends and won 22-11.

Maureen Hordle’s team started well, leading by eight after six ends, but a long dry period allowed the other side to go two up with three ends to go and then win 13-16.

Wedmore Ladies 77, Fosseway 32: D Gallop, A Hughes, T Newell 32-5; P Jenkins, P Beard, J Collingwood 22-11; B Clark, M Barron, M Hordle 13-16.

Three matches in the Weston League resulted in one close win and two losses. At home to Portishead, the score was 47-43 shots overall and two to one on rinks.

Wedmore Ladies 47, Portishead 43: J Collins, M Trow, T Newell 18-11; A Birch, P Beard, M Hordle 19-16; B Clark, G Harvey, J Collingwood 10-16.

At home to Wessex, the score was 43-56, one to two on rinks. Elaine Deverill’s trio had a very close game where the lead changed hands seven times and Wessex were only one shot behind at end 16, but Wedmore’s four score settled their match to win 22-19.

Shirley Wederell’s group started slowly which left them seven shots in arrears at end eight when a commendable fightback put them just one shot behind at end 14. The neck and neck finish went the other way for 14-15.

On Jenny Collingwood’s rink they were firing blanks for the first five ends and never recovered, losing 7-22.

Wedmore Ladies 43, Wessex 56: P Jenkins, T Newell, E Deverill 22-19; AM Wilkinson, G Harvey, S Wederell 14-15; D Gallop, J Wheller, J Collingwood 7-22.

Away at Congresbury, Wedmore were sunk with all hands, going down by 20 shots and 0-3 on rinks.

Wedmore Ladies 34, Congresbury 54: M Barron, P Beard, J Collingwood 13-15; J Collins, J Hunt, M Hordle 8-16; M Fisher, D Gallop, C Pettit 13-23.

Indoor bowling is an excellent way to have fun, especially in the winter.

Wedmore Bowls Club is offering free taster sessions on September 22 and 23 from 9.30am until 4pm.

Bowls is good for your health with lots of socialising, enjoyed by all ages, men and women. No appointment is necessary, equipment is provided and no special clothing is needed other than flat shoes which can be borrowed from the club stock.

Just turn up and play, friendly coaches on hand. The club is on the Mark Road out of Wedmore, on the right just after the school. For enquiries, ring Keith Pettit on 01934 733237.

Winscombe Ladies played a friendly three-rink match against Yatton at home. They won by one shot on one rink, but lost a close game by eight shots overall.

Winscombe Ladies 39, Yatton 47: T Miles, L Parfitt, M Howell, L Fredersdorff 13-12; P Pow, F Bays, S Nash, C Bryant 11-15; C Hopes, S Caddy, A Ainsworth, M Adams 15-20.

In the Wessex League, Winscombe won on all three rinks against Mark Moor at home to pick up the full 10 points.

Winscombe Ladies 76 (10), Mark Moor 46: T Miles, L Coombe, M Howells, C Bryant 29-17; C Hopes, S Nash, A Ainsworth, M Adams 16-15; P Pow, M Sprouting, S Lowis, S Lowman 31-14.

Results for week one of the Winscombe Bowling Club Floodlit Tournament, sponsored by Orriss & Low Optometrists of Winscombe: Clarence A 12, Victoria A 18; Wyrral Park B 27, Banwell B 7; Congresbury C 14, Banwell A 23; Wrington B 21, Clevedon Prom B 12; Banwell C 3, St Andrews B 47; Congresbury D 26, Burnham A 10; Wells Unlikely 21, Winscombe B 20; Nailsea B 19, Winscombe Wanderers 11; Banwell Maybe’s 9, Congresbury A 26; Wyrral Park A 15, St Andrews D 21; Winscombe A 22, Wells Swans 15; Wrington A 22, Winscombe D 5; Congresbury E 12, N Petherton A 22; Clarence A 18, Wyrral Park B 12; Winscombe W 12, Congresbury B 17; Victoria A 17, Banwell B 18; Congresbury C 22, Wrington B 8; Banwell A 25, Clevedon Prom B 9; Banwell C 9, Burnham A 23.

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