St Andrews finish the outdoor seson with victory

PUBLISHED: 14:11 26 September 2018 | UPDATED: 14:11 26 September 2018

Victoria Ladies Bowls Club.

Victoria Ladies Bowls Club.


St Andrews finished a successful outdoor season with victory over Burnham in their final friendly match.

St Andrews completed a successful outdoor season with a 20-shot home victory over Burnham in their final inter-club friendly.

They finished up on four of the six rinks. Eighty-six-year-old club stalwart Jim Warren skipped his rink home by 11 shots, while another octogenarian skip Don Bailey finished nine ahead. Comparative youngsters Danny Favis and Tony Ware won by two and 12 respectively.

St Andrews 100, Burnham 80: A Frost, J Ling, J Warren 18-7; R Smith, K Curtis, D Bailey 21-12; T Lay, G Sims, D Favis 17-15; M Dew, R Wootten, D Hurst 12-17; B Rogers, A Cooper, T Ware 20-8; D Reynolds, T Bray, M Stocker 12-21.

There was also a victorious end to the season for St Andrews Ladies, winners by just two in their away friendly against Wessex.

The high wind at Clarence Park made conditions tricky and two of the three Saints’ rinks lost, Myra Bailey’s by just two after dropping a last-end three.

However, Judy Forse, Brenda Goddard and skip Ann Campbell secured victory, losing only five of the 18 ends and finishing winners by 16.

Wessex Ladies 52, St Andrews 54: C Venn, M Wride, M Bailey 16-18; J Webb, M McMillan, R McMillan 13-25; J Forse, B Goddard, A Campbell 25-9.

Saints’ three excellent indoor rinks were brought into premature use when persistent rain made conditions outside too wet for the club’s traditional closing day.

More than 50 members, friends and relations attended, with 24 playing in a fun flag competition. It was won by Audrey Powell, with 14 points, while Rob Gordon won the spider.

Afterwards, the season’s outdoor competition trophies were presented by club president Frid Allen, with the proceedings organised by competition secretary Derek Reynolds.

Captains Ken Curtis and Jackie Pitman reported on what had been a very successful season for both the men’s and ladies’ section.

The men won the Weston & District Over-60s League and were runners-up in the Somerset County League North Division One. They also won many more matches than they lost.

In addition to finishing runners-up in the tough DRT League, Saints Ladies reached the semi-finals of the county Southey Trophy and quarter-finals of the Fear Cup, losing to the eventual winners in both.

Their member Rebecca McMillan was runner-up in the Somerset county ladies’ singles to England player Kirsty Hembrow. She and her sister Jenny both represented Somerset in the Bowls England Johns Trophy. Rebecca also played for the county in the national Walker Cup.

The indoor season starts at St Andrews on Saturday with the annual match between the men and ladies. The indoor league programme kicks off on Monday.

Members of St Andrews are reminded that there is an extraordinary general meeting of the association on Saturday (10.30am) and the outdoor section annual meeting is on Sunday (also 10.30am).

Victoria hosted two touring sides in the week, a mixed team representing Gloucester City Tourists who won on five rinks with Victoria’s sole winning rink of Sue Pocock, Pete Sloman playing his first game, Fiona Waters and skip Mildred Chudley.

Sussex Presidents Tourist were an invite team from clubs throughout the county. The tourists won on just two rinks, but a high-scoring rink swung the result in their favour.

Victoria’s top rink was skipped by Colin Heal with Nigel Robbins, Terry Gilbert and Roy Bromet.

The last friendly game of the season was against Banwell and although Victoria lost on four rinks, the losing margins were between two and six shots with skips Dave Fairhurst and Graham Richards leading their rinks to victory.

Play was not possible on captain;’s day due to the visit of Storm Branagh with heavy rain making the green unsafe to play. However, the members stayed and participated in the alternative facilities available, snooker, skittles and indoor bowls before enjoying dinner prepared and served by the lady members.

Club captain Brian Pocock closed the season thanking all the members for their support during the year and welcomed this year’s new members to Victoria.

Victoria 126, Sussex Presidential Tourists 130: Carmine, C Cleeves, E Sage, M Cooper 11-33; D Carpenter, C Chudley, M Milliner, P Owen 21-20; A Hollier, D Roberts, D Williams, J Newman 12-23; J Codrington, B Pocock, G Richards, D Fairhurst 22-16; N Robbins, T Gilbert, R Bromet, C Heal 32-11; L Kelly B Nicholls, M Manning, M Campbell 28-17.

Victoria 101, Gloucester City Tourists 123: L Kelly, H Chesters, M Milliner, H Gibbs 15-20; M Payne, F Payne, Carmine, K Wilson 18-20; D Gibbs, M Slavin, S Milliner, M Campbell 16-17; B Williams, R Bailey, D Roberts, J Newman 10-21; M Kelly, J Swift, C Chudley, C Stevens 16-34; S Pocock, P Sloman, F Waters, M Chudley 26-11.

Victoria 94, Winscombe 103: N Robbins, B Nicholls, E Sage, M Campbell 12-17; C Cleeves, A Waygood, R Bromet, J Newman 12-18; J Swift, A Shattock, K Holland 13-17; A Hollier, M Manning, D Fairhurst 15-13; L Kelly, H Gibbs, M Milliner, G Richards 22-16; J Codrington, T Gatehouse, G Frost, G Hodge 20-22.

Following their club finals, the week was a quiet one for Ashcombe Park.

While the club played host to Somerset Bowls Association for their game against a touring side from Sussex County Bowling Association, members travelled to North Petherton for a mixed friendly.

The game resulted in a win for Ashcombe who took three of the four rinks, finishing with a 35-shot victory.

Ashcombe 101, North Petherton 66: T Romeo, P Barnes, B Miles, P Wynne 27-10; S Jackson, A Bryant, R Cox, K Powell 29-19; S Buckley, S Noyes, M Bass, S Andrews 18-24; G Wilcox, L Cox, R Humphries, M Southwood 27-13.

Clarence Golds were well beaten away to Nailsea in the rain in their last Over-60s League match of the season.

The only winning rink were Ken Southan and Tony Derrick skipped by the dependable Mike Davies, who all match long was two or three down. On the 16th, Mike’s team took two shots and levelled the score at 14-apiece and on the next took a four followed by a single on the final end giving them a five-shot victory.

Clarence Golds 75, Nailsea 108: M Ford, B Underwood, S Browning 14-21; C Tippett, John Hayes, B Coleman 11-18; M Peters, G Andrews, J Atkins 6-21; K Southan, T Derrick, M Davies 19-14; J Edwards, M Turnbull, M Scoins 11-13; G Leigh, D Weston, A Cord 14-21.

With two wins and a draw over six rinks, Clarence came a close second. Marginally rink of the day goes to S Hewitt, Janet Anning and Roger Burrough skipped by Adrian Gardiner who waited to the 14th to take the lead which they did not relinquish and by the end of the match were seven shots clear.

Clarence 98, Kings Langley 109: S Hewitt, J Anning, R Burrough, A Gardiner 19-12; S Sweet, P Rolls, M Phillips, B Sweet 21-15; B Rossiter, I Phipps, L Leigh, D Stott 17-17; S Scoins, E Stott M Turnbull, M Davies 14-21; M Scoins, J Gardiner, G Andrews, M Edlin 15-18; J Kellaway, V Gardiner G Leigh, B Jones 13-26.

Clarence came second again, this time in a friendly against Bridgwater. Highest scoring rink goes to Pauline Dunn, Mike Peters and Richard Crawford skipped by Joan Duffy who were only ever behind after the third end where they dropped a four.

They returned fire and on the fourth they replied with a five Joan’s team only let Bridgwater take four more shots in the entire game, landing them an impressive 22-shot victory.

Clarence 90, Bridgwater 102: G Leigh, N Peters, M Ford, K Marshall 13-23; T Ward, J Edwards, P Taylor, B Duffy 4-24; J Gardiner, M Davies, J Atkins, G Barlow 11-28; P Dunn, M Peters, R Crawford, J Duffy 10-8; M Clay, J Kellaway, M Phillips, T Mannion 23-3; L Leigh, R Francombe, M Turnbull C Read 9-16.

Victoria Ladies stuttered to the finish of the Mendip League with the Blues losing their final games against Keynsham and Congresbury.

They gained just two points in each game from wins by Margaret Kelly, Sandra Milliner and Kay Wilson against Keynsham and the triple of Brenda Williams, Sandra Milliner and Sue Cooper in the Congresbury game.

The Whites fared better in their final game against Fosseway with a two-shot win and seven points earned by the winning triple of Nancy Whyte, Gill Poolman and Margaret Hillman and the tied triple of Sue Crapnell, Rita Bailey and Chris Stevens.

Until the last round of matches, the Whites headed the league table just ahead of the Blues and ladies’ captain Chris Stevens is eagerly looking forward to publication of the final tables.

The annual challenge match against the men was played on a bright day with occasional showers with both teams searching for the victory to hold bragging rights.

The game was close with the ladies leading by 12 shots at 15 ends, but the men aided by a shower picked up a net 14 shots in the final three ends to win the match by two shots.

A supper of fish and chips after the game was much enjoyed as a reward for all.

The ladies’ closing day was one of the best attended of recent times with 36 participating in the bowls drive with the spider being won by Jayne Sansam of Ashcombe.

There were more than 50 at the post match three-course dinner prepared by member chef Carmine Santosuosso assisted by several other members waiting and serving.

Principal guest was Hilary Leamon, Somerset County Ladies president with her husband Ken Leamon, together with senior vice-president Alysha Midwinter and representatives of local clubs, St Andrews, Ashcombe, Clarence and Wessex.

Bobby Swift and Liam James representing the ladies’ main sponsor Weston College were also in attendance and with a little coaching took a full part in the bowls drive.

Victoria Blues 39 (2), Keynsham 51 (8): M Kelly, S Milliner, K Wilson 18-10; L Richards, C Willetts, A Holland 10-25; F Payne, B Williams, R Cleeves 11-16.

Victoria Blues 42(2), Congresbury 53(8): B Williams, S Milliner, S Cooper 22-10; M Kelly, C Willetts, M Chudley 12-26; L Richards, R Cleeves, A Holland 8-17.

Victoria Whites 44 (7), Fosseway 42 (3): N Whyte, G Poolman, M Hillman 17-14; H Chesters, A Culpeck, C Sage 13-14; S Crapnell, R Bailey, C Stevens 14-14.

The last home game of summer season was the ladies versus the men, which is played in memory of Mike Roberts for the Star Trophy. Mike was a much-loved member and pavilion manager at the club.

It resulted in a strong win by the men by five rinks to one and by 45 shots. Trixie Miles presented the trophy to club captain Paul Fredersdorff.

The highlight of the game, however, was the win by the lady president’s rink of Lesley Fredersdorff, together with Trixie Miles, Margaret Howell and Sheila Nash winning against the men’s captain’s rink by seven shots.

Winscombe Men 122, Winscombe Ladies 77: P Hopes, K Whatling, M Fletcher, M Adams 32, P Pow, S Caddy, P Burns A Ainsworth 13; G Lloyd, D Peakall, J Sprouting, W Ainsworth 35, B Smart, L Coombe, L Parfitt, S Lowis 10; M Newing, A Pow, G Coombe, M Dorrington v M Sprouting 17, A Bougourd, B Paul, C Bryant 14; R Lowis, D Phillips, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 15, T Miles, M Howell, S Nash, L Fredersdorff 22; M Smart, D Johnson, R Lowman, R Lacy 23, C Hopes, T Darkin, L Whatling, M Adams 18.

Winscombe played a traditional end of season game away to Victoria in a men’s friendly match. It was a windy damp afternoon but they came away as winners by nine shots.

Winscombe 103, Victoria 94: D Brown, R Reason, L Collier, T Ellis 17-12; B Paul, R Fisher, M Fletcher 17-13; M Newing, D Phillips, P Fredersdorff, M Adams 18-12; A Pow, D Johnson, K Whatling, W Ainsworth 16-22; M Smart, M Nash, M Dorrington 13-15; P John, R Lowis, G Coombe, R Lacy 22-20.

It was another windy damp day for Winscombe’s match against the Sussex President’s touring side.

Despite the inclement weather, all enjoyed a friendly and competitive game with the score finishing three rinks each and Winscombe winning by 23 shots.

Winscombe 118, Sussex President 95: A Hawkins (guest), L Collier, B Paul, T Ellis 22-11; P John, D Johnson, G Coombe, G Neville 31-13; M Newing, M Nash, P Fredersdorff, W Ainsworth 19-23; T Rowe, D Peakall, J Sprouting, M Fletcher 16-18;

G Lloyd, R Reason, K Whatling, M Adams 19-12; M Smart, D Phillips, R Lacy, M Dorrington 11-18.

The traditional closing day match between the president’s team and the captain’s team was cancelled because of the weather – a rare event. However, an excellent supper was enjoyed by members in the clubhouse in the evening.

Wedmore lined up against Long Ashton in the Clevedon & District Knockout Cup final and in a closely fought match where rinks were 3-3, narrowly lost by six shots.

Colin Moss’ men regained the lead on end six and by halfway had a seven-shot lead which swelled to 20-9 in a fine victory for the club. Ron Barron’s side didn’t lead until end eight and then motored on, helped by a five score, to win 18-13.

Ray Newell’s team trailed for most of the first half but then took the lead on end nine, built a lead of six by end 14 and had just enough in the tank to win despite a strong finish from the opposition-16-15.

Keith Pettit’s lads were seven shots down at one point but clawed their way back into the game with scores level on end 17, but were pipped at the post for 12-14. They found it difficult to come to grips on Dave Nicholls’ rink, were 12 down at end 11, but gained ground towards the end, especially with their five score, to limit the damage to 16-22.

Greg Annuik’s trio hit a five score on the first end, but Long Ashton promptly matched it and went on scoring for a lead of 10 at half way and 12-27 by the end.

Wedmore 94, Long Ashton 100: C Wheller, D Collins, C Moss 20-9; J Runciman C Panchaud, R Barron 18-13; T Brown, D Stansfield, R Newell 16-15; I Gallop, R Thurkettle, K Pettit 12-14; T Simpson, J Harris, D Nicholls 16-22; A Birch, K Burt, G Annuik 12-27.

Overall the men can look back on a season with its share of achievements including winning the Clevedon Triples League and runners-up in their cup. The B team won the County North 3 league and promotion, while the C team can be pleased not to be bottom in the same league in only their second season.

The ladies played away to Ashcombe in the Wessex Ladies League, won one of three rinks and lost by 20 shots.

Wedmore Ladies 47, Ashcombe 67: A Birch, S Tinknell, J Hunt, S Wederell 23-12; A Hughes, M Barron, T Newell, C Pettit 11-26; B Disbury, H Mullet, J Wheller, G Harvey 13-29.

In five season ending friendlies, Wedmore won just two matches. In a mixed friendly to a touring side from Yate, rinks went 3-2 and overall shots 104-81.

A men’s friendly at home to Wells produce a win by 23 shots with skippers Dave Collins (14 shots), Terry Simpson (seven), Ron Barron (two) plus a tie from Keith Burt all making their mark.

A mixed friendly against Wells didn’t go quite so well, with City taking three of five ends and a photo finish of four shots for them to take victory.

Skippers Ronn Barron (15 shots ahead) and Keith Burt (5 shots) made winning contributions, Dave Nicholls and Ray Newell lost by narrow margins whilst Roger Hughes and Dennis Stansfield went down.

A mixed friendly away at Long Ashton saw Clive Wheller the only winning skipper with Jenny Collingwood, Keith Burt and Dennis Stansfield taking modest losses and Wedmore losing by just eight shots overall.

A Purton touring squad put out a strong side to take four of six rinks and victory overall by 18 shots. Wedmore’s two winning skippers were Stuart Fisher (17 shots), and Dennis Stansfield (two), while Ron Barron, Keith Burt, Jenny Collingwood and Ray Newell were left to contemplate the indoor season.

Ashcombe Ladies 52 (2), North Petherton 59 (8) (Wessex League): M Main, L Owens, M Tucker, J Wilkinson 12-20; J Williams, M Tasker, P Wynne, L Paterson 20-15; C Smith, P, Romeo, N Counsell, J McInally 20-24.

Ashcombe Ladies 67 (8), Wedmore 47 (2): J Williams, P Romeo, J Sansam, N Counsell 26-11; C Smith, L Shanks, P Wynne, J McInally 29-13; M Main, C Hedges, J Hughes, J Wilkinson 12-23.

Ashcombe Ladies 44, West Backwell 50 (friendly): C Smith, J Cornford, J Hughes, N Counell 12-24; L Owen, L Shanks, M Tasker, S Weaden 16-11; P Romeo, P Wynne 16-15.

Wessex Ladies played their last friendly match of the season in very blustery conditions versus St Andrews. It was a very close result with Wessex losing by two shots.

Wessex Ladies 52 St Andrews 54: V Gardiner, J Davis, A Crawford 9-25; J Hartree, E Wade, P Taylor 18-16; T Langford, P Turner, E Stott 25-13.

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