Rogers upsets the favorite at Clarence

PUBLISHED: 10:26 23 September 2011 | UPDATED: 10:26 23 September 2011

Clarence bowing club championships, Don Towie winner with runner up Trevor Pritchard with president Reg Flicker.

Clarence bowing club championships, Don Towie winner with runner up Trevor Pritchard with president Reg Flicker.


Roger Burrough defeats favourite Barrie Forse in the final of the two-wood singles at Clarence.

THE defeat of the club’s undisputed top player Barrie Forse by Roger Burrough in the two-wood singles was the big shock of the rain-dogged finals weekend at Clarence Bowling Club.

Defending champion Forse, who had already won two finals, went down 22-13 as the ebullient Burrough denied him even a single shot over the last five ends. It was the first time he had beaten Forse.

However, Forse went on to win his remaining two finals, including skipping Ken Marshall, a new bowler this year, and Brian Hanks to the triples title.

Burrough also had a successful weekend, winning the club pairs with partially-sighted bowler Bob Rossiter and the fours, in which he, John Kelloway, Don Towie and Mike Skyrme raced to victory over the last six ends, after having been level with their opponents playing the 15th.

The new club champion is Scotsman Don Towie, who won a high-standard final 21-16 against South African Trevor Pritchard. It was Towie’s third win of the weekend, as, in addition to being a member of the winning fours team, he partnered Bob Rossiter to victory in the two-wood pairs.

Club president Reg Flicker followed up his 2010 victory in the first time singles by taking the Over-70s title, beating Chris Read, while Alan Bishop edged out Ken Marshall in a special competition for the considerable number of new members who have joined Clarence this year following a recruitment drive.

Results: Under-70 singles: Barrie Forse 21, Trevor Pritchard 5; mixed pairs: Jan Bishop/Barrie Forse 24, Rebecca McMillan/George Cooper 14; club pairs: Bob Rossiter/Roger Burrough 22, Jon Loveridge/Don Towie 9; Over-70 singles: Reg Flicker 24, Chris Read 16.

Class of 2011 singles: Alan Bishop 2, Ken Marshall 0; two-wood pairs: Bob Rossiter/Don Towie 19, Mick Edlin/George Cooper 11; two-wood singles: Roger Burrough 22, Barrie Forse 13; club triples: Ken Marshall, Brian Hanks, Barrie Forse 21, Bob Rossiter, Tony Hooper, Bob Cornwall 11.

Club fours: John Kelloway, Don Towie, Mike Skyrme, Roger Burrough 21, Jon Loveridge, John Edwards, Ian Baker, David Stott 11; handicap singles: Barrie Forse 28, Jim Keay 9; championship: Don Towie 21, Trevor Pritchard 16; first time singles: Andy McMillan, runner-up: David Gilbert.

Clarence Blues ended their Over-60s league season in style, avenging a heavy away defeat by cup-winners Winscombe with a 54-shot home victory.

Their fourth victory in five matches sent them shooting up the first division table as they won five of the six rinks, led by Bob Rossiter, Tony Mannion and Richard Crawford, who finished 20 ahead.

Clarence Blues 138 (18), Winscombe 84 (2): B Rossiter, T Mannion, R Crawford 31-11; J Larvin, J Edwards, T Ward 26-14; R Flicker, J Hicks, D Jackman 17-21; T Hooper, L Lakey, G Cooper 14-11; B Underwood, I Baker, G Barlow 25-13; M Edlin, M Clay, R Burrough 25-14.

The Golds, Clarence’s second team in the Over-60s league, ended a difficult season with an away defeat by Ashcombe Knights. However, they earned four points through wins on the rinks skipped by George Kettleborough and Les Lakey. The latter’s triple included new bowler Brian Difford.

Ashcombe Knights 122 (16), Clarence Golds 92 (4): D Grier, M Skyrme, H Sparks 12-20; John Hayes, M Scoins, G Kettleborough 21-20; B Difford, E Turner, L Lakey 28-19; J Norris, B Hanks, A Bidmead 5-25; R Dodson, G Barlow, G Phillips 12-22; M Phelan, M Peters, I Baker 14-16.

A mixed Clarence team entertained Purley Bury (Surrey) touring team and enjoyed a pleasant autumn day’s bowling on Clarence’s superb greens. The visitors proved much too strong and, despite a win on captain of the day David Stott’s rink, the visitors won handsomely.

ST ANDREWS men achieved an important Over-60s Triples League win at home to Portishead RBL.

But they were unable to win either of the other two tourist games they were involved in, despite the help of the ladies.

St Andrews Spartans 102, Portishead RBL 99 (Over-60s Triples): K Parker, R Dunstone, B May 8-15; D Price, A Yeeles, A Horsburgh 14-14; G Berry, R Venn, D Bailey 13-31; M Goddard, A Ware, D Favis 14-23; M Leigh, M Berry, G Wride 26-7; R Smith, D Nutt, J Warren 27-9.

St Andrews 83, Purley Bury 123 (tourists): Mrs C Venn, J Warren, R Venn, B May 25-13; Mrs M. Wride, Mrs J. Reed, A MacNab, D Nutt 10-24; R Reed, Mrs M. Cordwell, T Bell, Mrs S Glenville 16-26; Mrs J Forse, T James, R Dunstone, A Horsburgh 21-26; Mrs E. Reeves, Mrs A Greenwood, T Allen, G Wride 11-34.

St Andrews 97, Chertsey Tourists ) 101: Mrs M Wride, P Smart, A MacNab, T Allen 19-15; Mrs W Allen, Mrs J Smith, Mrs S Glenville, A Horsburgh 24-18; R Smith, B Green, R Dunstone, Mrs M Pattenden 36-14; Mrs M Cordwell, R Brereton, Mrs E Blight, G Wride 8-28; Mrs J Forse, T James, Mrs D Johnston, J Warren 10-26.

St Andrews ladies achieved three victories, most notably in their Southey Cup final match against Purnells, played at Ashcombe Park. The result consolidates the ladies’ status as one of the strongest clubs in North Somerset, having retained the trophy they won last year.

St Andrews Ladies 48, Yatton 55 (Doreen Ralph Trophy): M Cordwell, D Johnston, S Glenville, A Campbell 17-18; J Forse, W Allen, B Goddard, M Bailey 11-18; M Wride, E Blight, S Priory, M Pattenden 20-19.

St Andrews Ladies 59, Burnham 39: M Wride, K Dobney, S Glenville, J Ware 22-13; J Smith, E Reeves, A Greenwood, M Favis 22-12; J Forse, S Priory, A Campbell 15-14.

St Andrews Ladies 58, Clarence 46: K Dobney, S Glenville, A Campbell 13-15; M Wride, M Frost, M Favis 15-13; E Reeves, B Goddard, J Ware 14-11; J Forse, W Allen, S Priory 16-7.

St Andrews Ladies 2.5 Purnells 1.5 (Southey Cup final): C Venn (singles) 21-13; J Ware, M Favis (pairs) 17-17; M Wride, M Pattenden, M Bailey (triples) 19-8; P Uglow, S Glenville, J Pitman, A Campbell (fours) 17-19.

VICTORIA continued their winning ways with three victories during the week against touring teams.

First to visit was the mixed team of Purley Bury who, although winning two of the five rinks, lost the others by big margins, the highest winning rink was skipped by John Newman supported by John Griffiths, Pete Newport and Rita Bailey.

The game against Victoria’s long term friends, the Notts Tourists, was played for the Friendship Bowl. Victoria managed to win this game by three shots and so retained the trophy, having won the game last year by only one shot.

Victoria’s third game of the week was against Cheltenham. Victoria suffered a heavy defeat at Cheltenham back in July, but made amends this time around. Highest scoring rink was Mike Milliner, Richard Jacobs, Roger Rockett and skip Margaret Hillman.

Victoria 114, Purley Bury Tourists 79 (mixed): W Osborne, S Newman, R Rockett, M Stocker 24-16; C Sage, E Newport, E Sage, D Jones 14-19; P Osborne, R Jacobs, M Taylor, K Curtis 30-14; J Griffiths, P Newport, R Bailey, J Newman 30-11; C Webb, R Sleep, R Cleeves, M Campbell 15-19.

Victoria 138, Notts Tourists 135: T Gilbert, R Rockett, G Frost, M Stocker 25-21; H Whyte, C Chudley, M Campbell, K Harvey 25-23; F Aldridge, R Fenwick, J Newman, D Jones 13-26; G Richards, J Griffiths, A Barnes, D Hurst 7-25; I Linham, E Sage, A Uccellini, K Holland 27-16; W Osborne, J Codrington, D Sealey, D Williams 26-14; S Thynne, G Hodge, G Thorne, M Taylor 15-10.

Victoria 120, Cheltenham 84 (mixed): M Milliner, R Jacobs, R Rockett, M Hillman 22-10; S Lawrence, P Newport, D Jones, M Campbell 18-17; E Sage, S Newman, C Chudley, K Harvey 22-16; W Nicholls, R Bailey, D Hurst, C Gazzard 17-18; D Beard, E Newport, J Newman, D Williams 21-10; C Sage, R Sleep, T Gatehouse, M Taylor 20-13.

On the last day of Notts Tourists visit to Weston, Victoria took up the challenge to play a different code of bowls, namely Federation rules. Victoria lost this game by 10 shots, but next year as the game will be played for a trophy.

Malcolm Campbell skipped his rink of John West and Tony Barnes to a fine seven shot win, so clearly will not need to practice for next year.

Victoria 91, Notts Tourists 101 (Federation rules): S Thynne, J Griffiths, J Newman 11-25; J West, A Barnes, M Campbell 20-13; A Shattock, R Fenwick, P Leadbeater 17-16; D Beard, A Uccellini, D Williams 14-14; W Nicholls, G. Hodge, M Stocker 16-19; D Roberts, R Rockett, K Holland 13-14.


ASHCOMBE Knights 122 (16), Clarence Golds 92 (4) (Over-60s): P Sheppard, D Norville, W Caddick 20-12; D Underhay, R Simmons, R Kibble 20-21; M Parry, A Morgan, E Roberts 19-28; M Badman, A Cracknell, G Wilkinson 25-5; G Mills, A Little, E Hopkins 22-12; R Counsell, A Freke, J Whitton 16-14.

Ashcombe Knights 116 (16), Nailsea 79 (4) (Over-60s): R Perkins, A Little, E Hopkins 10-17; G Mills, M Parry, E Hooper 13-20; P Sheppard, A Freke, J Whitton 20-14; D Underhay, R Kibble, W Caddick 23-10; A Morgan, B Underhay, E Roberts 28-9; M Badman, W Spring, G Wilkinson 22-9.

Ashcombe 204 (5.5), Purley Bury Tourists 220 (5.5) (mixed friendly): A Wilmot, M Sell, B Macgregor, E Hopkins 19-16; D Cooper, N Urch, S Hopkins, J Whitton 19-19; M Main, B Noyes, J Main, S Weaden 22-16; M Tucker, G Russell, R Powell, A Goacher 28-15; D Norville, V Webber, A Cracknell, J Whitlow 10-29; M Wakeham, C M Winser, D Hampson, L Day 22-17; G Tucker, J Matthews, B Underhay, E Roberts 18-19; S Ash, Rose Powell, J Wilkinson, J Creasey 21-16; M Palmer, M Bass, G Wilkinson, B Webber 10-28; R Bryant, L Owens, W Spring, J Taylor 15-24; S Noyes, S Appleby, E Hooper, R Simmons 20-21.

Ashcombe 219 (7), Bedford Tourists 144 (5) (mixed friendly): A Cracknell, S Hopkins, W Caddick 15-8; B Benstead, M Tasker, A Little 20-12; B Alden, J Main, S Weaden 29-15; Rose Powell, J Hughes, J Whitlow 22-7; B Golding, C Hedges, R Simmons 9-22; A Cox, M Parry, J Creasey 27-7; M Main, C Hughes, G Wilkinson 27-4; R Williams, J Wilkinson, E Roberts 12-19; J Sansam, P Sheppard, J Hornett 24-6; R Cole, B Groves, B Webber 8-16; G Sansam, S Hedges, A Goacher 11-12; R Tasker, G Day, L Day 15-16.

In a special club event, mixed teams represented the ladies’ president, Norma Counsell, and the men’s president Roy Powell. The result was a resounding win for Norma by 216 shots to 125, or nine rinks to one. It was an enjoyable day for all, with thanks to the presidents’ for providing a buffet lunch after the game.

WESSEX Ladies’ president Christine Peart had a successful finals weekend by winning all five finals that she was in.

Results – Championship: C Peart 21, P Taylor 18; two-wood singles: P Taylor 16, M McMillan 5; first time singles: P Taylor 21, V Edwards 19; handicap: P Turner 23, E Williams 26; two-wood pairs: P Hanson, C Peart 17, M Hawkins, A Crawford 10; four-wood pairs: E Stott, J Davis 26, V Edwards, E Williams 8; triples M Hawkins, A Ward, A Fewings 23, L Woodrow, B Jones, E Deane 17; fours: P Hanson, N Peters, C Peart, J Davis 23, P Turner, I Hicks, M McMillan, E Williams 14; Woodland Triples: E Stott, M Hawkins, C Peart 14, B Dawson, A Crawford, J Davis 7; Jubilee two-wood pairs: B Wallace, C Peart 8, P Hanson, M Williams 7.

Wessex Ladies 63 (8), Clevedon 41 (2) (Wessex Ladies League): J Allard, M Milford, M Davis, E Williams 16-18; C Peart, B Jones, J Duffy, D Forsyth 23-13; S Davies, B Wallace, P Taylor, J Binding 24-10.

Wessex Ladies 64, Portishead RBL 45 (friendly): S Davies, M Hawkins, M Davis, E Williams 20-15; P Turner, M Milford, J Allard, P Dunn 19-18; D Forsyth, I Hicks, P Taylor, J Davis 25-12.

CONGRATULATIONS go to Rebecca McMillan Vicki Buick and Pam Barnbrook for their convincing win in the county benevolent triples finals.

They played 15 ends and won by 13 shots (19-6).

Clarence ladies club finals results – Championship: R McMillan 21, P Barnbrook 7; Handicap: V Buick 21, M. Davison 10; two-wood singles: R McMillan 21, M Davison 13; Pratt Cup: M Baker 21, J Mannion 16; pairs R McMillan and P Barnbrook 19, P Phillips and P Burrough 11; triples: A O’Mara, P Dunn and M Noddings 22, J Mannion, M Baker and V Collicott 11; fours: S Searle, M Waite, M Baker and V Collicott 24, S Ellis, S Foster, M Travis and P Barnbrook 22.

Clarence 46, St Andrews 58 (friendly): A O’Mara, V Jones, C Edlin 7-16; J Mannion, C Cromey, P Barnbrook 13-15; S Ellis, M Davison, M Baker 15-13; S Phelps, J Bishop, V Collicott 11-14.

ASHCOMBE Ladies 30, Yatton 64: J Field, B Adams, B Cullen, M Williams 4-27; S Noyes, V Webber, J Hughes, J McInally 14-18; M Tucker, B Groves, J Wilkinson, S Hopkins 12-19.

Ashcombe Ladies 48, Portishead 52: L Owens, S Bayntum, S Hopkins, B Macgregor 12-25; S Noyes, V Webber, N Counsell, S Ford 22-14; A Cox, M Sell, J Beat, S Weaden 14-13.

VICTORIA ladies’ finals day was held on a day of constantly changing and challenging weather conditions.

However, it did not prevent captain Sue Cooper from winning four trophies including the championship.

In the championship match, Sue Newman 
started well and opened up a four shot advantage, but the longer the game went, the greater experience of Sue Cooper resulted in a worthy win.

The two-wood singles was a close and exciting game which went to the last end all square, but on that end, Sue Harrison held her nerve to gain the shot and the trophy. History was made later when her husband Will Harrison also won the two-wood singles to make it a first for a husband and wife to hold the same trophy in the same year.

In the handicap singles, Sue Cooper overcame Sue Newman, but the score did 
not mirror the dogged determination of Newman.

The two-wood pairs was a close game with fortunes changing on a regular basis, but the pair of Chris Sage and Sue Cooper came back at the end to edge out Carol Willetts and Margaret Hillman by a narrow margin.

Sue Newman and Sue Cooper teamed up for the four-wood pairs and after experiencing two defeats, Newman was able to take home a trophy after her pair beat Carol Willetts and Patsy Smith.

The triples was played in the worst of the weather with several breaks interrupting proceedings. The triple of Chris Sage, Carol Willetts and Annie Holland pulled back from a score of 7-1 down to 10 shots all, but the triple of Sue Lawrence, Ellen Newport and Ivy Cruse coped better with the challenging conditions and went on to victory.

An extremely close game was enjoyed by all spectators in the Non Winners Cup, with Mavis Brooks finally able to break the resistance of Ellen Newport to win by three shots.

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