Saints steamroller Clevedon to pick up another comprehensive victory

PUBLISHED: 15:40 05 July 2017 | UPDATED: 15:40 05 July 2017

Malcolm Campbell bowling for Victoria.

Malcolm Campbell bowling for Victoria.


St Andrews picked up their second successive 12-point haul in the Somerset County League after defeating Clevedon B.

St Andrews steamrollered home team Clevedon B to pick up their second successive 12-point haul in the Somerset County League.

Tony Steer’s rink, with veteran Bob McLeod in vintage form, won 18 of the 21 ends to finish 26 shots ahead. A six on the third end helped Barrie Forse’s four win by 13, while Don Bailey returned from holiday to skip his men home by 14.

The result moved Saints into the top half of the table, but they will face tougher tests in the coming weeks, starting with Clevedon Prom B at home on Saturday.

Clevedon B 23 (0), St Andrews 76 (12): A Cooper, G Cooper, A McMillan, B Forse 23-10; M Goddard, J Keay, G Webber, D Bailey 24-10; L Yeates, B McLeod, K Curtis, T Steer 29-3.

That victory was one of three good performances by Saints last week, the first being a narrow defeat at home to the strong Victoria side in the Somerset Turnbull Cup.

As the match moved in to its final stages, St Andrews just had their noses in front and a shock win looked possible. But the visitors picked up 22 shots to their opponents’ 10 over the last five ends to win by eight.

Barrie Forse’s rink held the upper hand for most of the game to win by two, despite a strong finish by their opponents. A seven on the 15th end helped Andrew Owens and his team win by the same amount as the rinks were shared.

St Andrews 69, Victoria 77: A Cooper, J Keay, G Webber, B Forse 18-16; M Goddard, G Cooper, B May, T Steer 15-18; L Yeates, R Wootten, K Curtis, A Owens 22-20; R Potter, T Ware, G Wride, D Favis 14-23.

St Andrews played impressively again as they romped home by 47 shots in a triples friendly away to Isle of Wedmore.

George Webber, who has only recently started his outdoor season, was one of four winning skips for the visitors. The others were Barrie Forse, Ron Wootten and Tony Ware

Isle of Wedmore 65, St Andrews 102: R Potter, J Ling, G Webber 24-12; L Yeates, A Cooper, B Forse 20-12; P Smart, G Sims, R Wootten 21-10; A Frost, R Smith, T Ware 22-12; D Reynolds, R Brereton, J Warren 15-19.

The one blot on a much-improved week for Saints was a heavy defeat away to Winscombe in the Weston & District Over-60s League Knockout Cup.

A wet start did not help either side, but Winscombe adapted the better, winning by 23 shots apiece on two rinks. Of the other four visiting triples, Barrie Forse and captain Danny Favis lost by only two, but that was as good as it got on a day to forget for Saints.

Winscombe 128, St Andrews 68: B Rogers, B McLeod, G Wride 14-18; T Lay, T Ware, D Favis 15-17; M Goddard, B Green, K Curtis 7-30; G Sims, J Keay, B Forse 13-15; R Brereton, A Cooper, G Cooper 15-21; R Potter, G Webber, B May 4-27.

Victoria enjoyed two excellent wins in the county competitions against Yatton in the Top Club and St Andrews in the Turnbull Cup.

Yatton faced a Victoria team who were full of confidence with every member of the squad contributing to a five dimension whitewash over them. Victoria faced a strong St Andrews team in the Turnbull Cup and in a close match with rink wins even, the nine-shot victory by the rink of Paul Coumis, John Newman, Steve Davies and Paul Leadbeater carried the day for Victoria.

All four county teams were in action with the A team recording their first win of the season with 12 points from their 40-shot win over Portishead RBL. Both the B and C teams returned pointless from their matches against Burnham and Ashcombe A.

The D team also had reason to cheer their win against Ashcombe C by six shots and earning nine points.

Gilfach Gogh were visitors and despite some excellent performances were unable to master the Victoria green winning just the one rink in a four-rink friendly.

Victoria 5, Yatton 0 – two-wood singles: C Gazzard 16-7; four-wood singles: L Stocker 21-18; pairs: S Stocker, M Cooper 27-13; triples – P Wyatt, S Davies, W Harrison 17-11; fours: J Newman, K Holland, D Fairhurst, C Heal 32-6.

Victoria 77, St Andrews 69: R Bromet, D Fairhurst, P Fisher, C Heal 18-15; P Coumis, J Newman, S Davies, P Leadbeater 23-14; P Wyatt, M Campbell, L Stocker, W Harrison 20-22; S Stocker, A Yates, C Gazzard, M Cooper 16-18.

Victoria 90, Gilfach Gogh 67: G Richards, M Manning, B Pocock, D Hurst 25-12; D Carpenter, Carmine, M Campbell, P Fisher 24-15; M Milliner, B Nicholls, S Stocker, D Fairhurst 28-12; J Fenn, G Hodge, H Gibbs, J Smart 13-28.

Clarence Golds won three of the six rinks against Ashcome Templars in the Over-60s League, but with two rinks being defeated comprehensively, they lost by eight shots.

Rink two skipped by Mike Scoins were three down with three to play and managed to take seven from them giving a four-shot win. Rink of the day goes to Paul Pileggi, Derek Weston skipped John Atkins.

Clarence Golds 94, Ashcombe Templars 102: P Pileggi, D Weston, J Atkins 18-8; J Ford, K Marshall, M Scoins 17-13; A Bishop, N Martin, C Read 12-25; J Edwards, M Peters, M Davies 11-24; M Ford, M Turnbull, A Cord 20-15; B Coleman, C Tippet, J Hayes 16-17.

Giving one rink away costing 10 shots and two points, the Blues were fighting an uphill battle but fell short by just three shots. The Blues won on three of the remaining five rinks taking six of the available 20 points. Stunning rink of the day goes to Doug Grier, David Stott skipped by Bob Sweet with a scintillating 28-shot victory.

Clarence Blues 93, Ashcombe Crusaders 96: D Grier, D Stott, B, Sweet 34-6; T Ward, J Rogers, D Towie 16-12; M Adams, B Ballinger, R Crawford 17-22; R Smith, B Duffy, G Barlow 16-15; B Benn, B Underwood, M Edlin 10-31.

In the Somerset County Turnbull Cup, a historical tricky away match proved too much for Clarence, with a draw and three losing rinks. A fightback started on rink six as Adrian Gardiner, Tony Mannion, Maurice Phillips skipped by Mick Edlin were eight down after 15 ends, the next four ends went Clarence’s way taking 10 shots, putting them two up, but Watchet clawed two shots back on the final two ends to earn a draw.

Clarence 63, Watchet 99: R Smith, D Grier, B Duffy, G Barlow 18-31; M Cerasoli, D Stott, B Ballinger, B Sweet 16-21; B Benn, P Williams, R Stacey, D Towie 10-28; A Gardiner, T Mannion, M Phillips, M Edlin 19-19.

In the Somerset County League, Clarence won narrowly on only one rink of the three available, with the losing rinks all being decided on the last three ends.

Rink of the day goes to Adrian Gardiner, Tony Mannion, Maurice Phillips skipped by Mick Edlin.

Clarence A 49, Chew Stoke A 57: A Gardiner, T Mannion, M Phillips, M Edlin 14-13; B Benn, S Browning, B Duffy, G Barlow 17-24; D Towie, D Stott, B Sweet, R Crawford 18-20.

In a week of league matches, Ashcombe’s A team scored an impressive victory over Victoria C in the Somerset Bowls League, by 88 shots to 35, winning all three rinks.

In the same league, Ashcombe’s B and C teams did not fare quite so well going down 43-66 against Wrington and 57-63 against Victoria D respectively.

In the Weston and District Over-60s League, Ashcombe’s Templars were unlucky against Clarence Golds scoring a win on shots of 103-95 but losing out on league points after only managing to win two of the six rinks.

Playing against Clarence Blues, Ashcombe’s Crusaders finished 86 shots to 93 down, but Clarence were one rink short so incurred shot and league points penalties.

In the first round of the Turnbull Cup, Ashcombe were drawn away against Banwell and despite winning two of the four rinks, could only manage a score of 71 shots to Banwell’s 82.

In the only friendly of the week, Ashcombe played a mixed match against Hillingdon Blind Bowlers and finished with a win of 66 shots to 31.

Ashcombe 66, Hillingdon 31: D Barnes, A Bass, S Andrews, B Miles 20-9; L Cox, S Bayntun, S Hedges, E Hopkins 12-9; G Tucker, D Williams, S Hopkins, R Tasker

14-7; G Pople, A Petit, M Bass, J Taylor 20-6.

Ashcombe 71, Banwell 82: A Wilmot, M West, A Cracknell, R Powell 15-20; F Bertram, M Southwood, G Tottle, J Whitlow 22-19; W Kolasinski, B Benstead, A

Davis, J Main 22-17; G Sansam, D Cooper, T Cottrell, D Carr 12-26.

Ashcombe Crusaders 86, Clarence Blues 93: F Bertram, A Freke, K Wheeler 16-34; G Fews, B Benstead, L Day 12-16; G Kinsey, G Tottle, T Bass 22-17; W Kolasinski, S Hedges, J Main 15-16; M Southwood, J Whitlow, J Creasey 31-10.

Ashcombe Templars 103, Clarence Golds 95: G Tucker, D Williams, M Parry 8-18; N Coombes, P March, B Miles 13-17; R Cole, W Spring, D Carr 26-12; R Salt, R Smith, C Vardon 24-11; M Morley, M Butt, S Andrews 15-21; L Cornford, B Underhay, L Cox 17-16.

Ashcombe A 88, Victoria 35: S Hedges, D Cooper, K Wheeler, R Powell 29-6; A Wilmot, M West, J Whitlow, J Creasey 32-14; W Kolasinski, G Fews, L Day, T Bass 27-15.

Ashcombe B 48, Wrington 66: F Bertram, G Mills, D Bleasdale, E Hopkins 17-28; N Coombes, M Paterson, E Roberts, R Tasker 11-20; G Pople, B Miles, M Parry, J Main 20-18.

Ashcombe C 57, Victoria 63: M Griffiths, C Vardon, D Barnes, D Carr 24-16; B Bishop, D Lewis, J McKenzie, A Dawes 13-27; G Tucker, P March, M Butt, A Tucker 20-20.

Winscombe had a decisive victory against St Andrews in the Weston & District Over-60s Cup, winning on all rinks and by 60 shots.

Winscombe 128, St Andrews 68: P John, G Coombe,G Neville 18-14; G Lloyd, L Collier, W Ainsworth 17-15; J Sprouting, K Whatling, M Adams 30-7; D Brown, B Paul, T Ellis 15-13; B Kibble, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 21-15; M Fletcher, A Dudley, R Lacy 27-4.

In the Somerset County League, Winscombe A lost against league leaders Congresbury and the B team had another good win at Portishead to stay top of their league.

Winscombe A 48 (1), Congresbury A 60 (11): G Lloyd, J Smith, K Whatling, M Adams 14-18; M Fletcher, D Brown, B Paul,W Ainsworth 14-22; N Hansford, L Collier, A Dudley, M Dorrington 20-20.

Winscombe B 71 (10), Portishead 52 (2): P John, P Cast, W Andrews, M Nash 15-19; M Newing, D Peakall, G Coombe, G Neville 23-22; D Johnston, D Leach, J Sprouting, P Fredersdorff 33-11.

Wedmore Bowls Club again hosted a ladies’ open triples tournament sponsored by 2 J’s Travel of Wedmore.

Players from all parts of Somerset, including Bath, Castle Cary, Watchet and Williton, took part with 24 teams playing throughout the day from 9.30am to 5.30pm. At the end of play, two teams were undefeated on eight points.

Placings were decided on shot difference with West Backwell finishing top and Congresbury second. Several teams won three of their four games and finished on six points. Again places were decided on shot difference. Congresbury 2 took third place with Yatton finishing fourth. John and Joseph from 2 J’s Travel presented the prizes. This event is always oversubscribed with the first 24 teams to return forms being given a place and the others being put on a waiting list. Many of the teams playing this year have already completed entry forms for next year.

Maureen Hordle and Eddie Payne beat Sylvia and Eddy Hopkins of Ashcombe 23-10 in the third round of the county mixed pairs competition.

The men met Wyrrell Park of Glastonbury in the third round of the Turnbull Cup and enjoyed an important 80-73 victory, with two-all on rinks. Eddy Payne and his men led the charge, winning on 17 ends to finish with a huge 29-5 lead, which proved decisive in the match score.

Dave Nichols’ side had a 15-point lead by halfway, and were tested by their opponents scoring 11 shots in the last seven ends leaving Wedmore with a 21-17 shots win.

Wedmore 80, Wyrrell Park 73: A Birch, D Wederell, K Pettit, E Payne 29-5; D Collins, K Burt, R Barron, D Nichols 21-17; T Brown, I Gallup, R Newell, R Hughes 16-21; V Matthews, J Runciman, C Panchaud, C Moss 14-30.

In the Clevedon and District Triples League, the men had a cracking victory over Portishead at home, winning 5-1 on rinks and by 115-77 on overall shots. Ray Newell led his team to a 31-7 triumph, handsomely rounded off by a six score on the last end.

After swapping the lead a few times, Dave Nichols’ and co took charge about halfway and finished well by scoring 10 on the last four ends for a 23-11 win. Eddy Payne’s group were in a scrap, but took the lead for the first time end 12 and won 16-14.

Keith Pettit’s outfit, in a close fight, hung on for 14-13 win. Roger Hughes’ crew led all the way, resisting a late counter-attack to win 18 shots to 16. Colin Moss and band were in a ding-dong match and went down by three shots.

Wedmore 115, Portishead 77: I Gallup, C Panchaud, R Newell 31-7; J White, R Thurkettle, D Nichols 23-11; J Runciman, J Harris, E Payne 16-14; T Simpson, D Wederell, R Hughes 18-16; A Birch, T Brown, K Pettit 14-13; V Matthews, K Burt, C Moss 13-16.

In the Wessex Ladies League against Winscombe away, the ladies won 2-1 on rinks but lost 47-59 overall. Marie Trow’s ladies took charge early on and gradually built up a winning score of 22-14.

Pam Beard’s group had to work harder with the lead shifting four times with Wedmore coming second from end 14, but made it even at the last end and went on win 16-15.

Elaine Deverell’s cohort were in trouble by halfway as the opposition scored a six early on and built on that by winning six ends in a row for nine shots. Winscombe took it from there forcing a loss on Wedmore of nine shots to 30.

Wedmore Ladies 47, Winscombe 59: B Disbrey, D Gallup, J Wheeler, M Trow 22-14; M Hordle, A Wilkinson, L Hamblin, P Beard 16-15; A Birch, M Barron, C Pettit, E Deverell 9-30.

The ladies were at home for their Southey Cup fixture versus North Petherton. This is a testing format with the contest covering rinks of four, triples, pairs and singles all playing simultaneously.

The pairs team comprising Marie Trow and Elaine Deverill had a solid win, the triples team under Pam Beard lost by only two shots in a tight finish, Ann Hughes was not far off in the pairs, but the rink team lost heavily.

In a cluster of friendlies, Wedmore only won one. At home to Ashstead, a touring side from Surrey, it was 2-2 on rinks and and a narrow win of 71 shots to 68 overall.

On their rinks, Skippers Dennis Stansfield and Don Trow both survived some early turbulence to win satisfactorily, Peter Smith and support missed out by one shot while Jim White’s bunch had a bigger loss.

Carlsberg were another touring side, this time playing a mixed friendly at Wedmore. The rink score was 2-2 plus a tie, but overall the result went to the visitors by 80-91 shots.

Skippers John Runciman and Don Trow with their buddies secured their wins, Dennis Stansfield’s lot snatched a tie while Terry Simpson and Roger Hughes and cast could not withstand the visitors.

The mixed friendly squad visited Banwell resulting a 2-2 rink score, but lost 74-81 overall. Terry Simpson and Marie Trow and friends were able to win, but Brendon Cottrell and Don Trow were sunk with all hands.

Away to St Andrews, the ladies lost on all three rinks to go down on a big score. The men were at home to St Andrews, losing on rinks by 1-3 with Terry Simpson’s boys preserving some home pride in a big overall loss.

St Andrews Ladies begin their defence of the Somerset Fear Cup when they play away to Burnham tomorrow (Friday).

With West Backwell pulling out of Saints Ladies’ only scheduled DRT League match last week, they have had to warm up for the game with only a couple of friendlies.

Despite fielding a depleted team, they won all three rinks at home to Isle of Wedmore in a triples match. Jacquie Yeates, Ann Greenwood and Jackie Pitman, 5-10 down after nine of the 15 ends, scored 17 shots, including a six, in the rest of the game to win by 12. Maureen Frost’s triple had a five on the last end, while Monica Pattenden’s held on to finish four clear.

St Andrews Ladies 54, Isle of Wedmore Ladies 27: J Webb, S Sinclair, M Pattenden 13-9; M Barnes, D Baker, M Frost 19-8; J Yeates, A Greenwood, J Pitman 22-10.

At home to Portishead, Saints Ladies went down on two of the three rinks to lose by 14. Confusion reigned as Portishead, correctly, turned up with three fours while the home side were fielding triples.

Without the consequent 25 per cent deduction, Saints would have lost by only three. Margaret Wride, Ann Greenwood and Meg Favis won by seven shots, with the deduction, but the other two home triples lost.

St Andrews Ladies 32, Portishead 46: M Wride, A Greenwood, M Favis 17-10; J Webb, D Baker, A Campbell 6-21; F Allen, J McMillan, M Frost 9-15.

Wessex Ladies had a successful week by winning two league matches.

They advanced to the next round of the Southey Trophy by winning at Bridgwater. After drawing 2-2, shot difference was taken into account, with Wessex winning 78-67.

Wessex Ladies 59 (9), Ashcombe 42 (1): P Turner, L Hedderman, M Hawkins, P Taylor 18-18; V Edwards, J Davis, M Davis, A Fewings 22-14; C Peart, J Gardiner, E Williams, B Jones 19-10.

Wessex Ladies 46 (8), West Backwell 44 (2): J Hartree, P Hanson, B Jones 14-13; J Allard, M Davis, A Ward 12-16; T Langford, J Davis, E Williams 20-15.

Wessex Ladies (2) 78 Bridgwater (2) 67 – singles: A Fewings 21-8; pairs: P Turner, P Taylor 16-22; triples: C Peart, E Williams, B Jones 18-20; fours: V Edwards, J Davis, M Davis, J Duffy 23-17.

Ashcombe Ladies were in fine form achieving an away win against Portishead RBL in the North Somerset League.

Ashcombe Ladies 66 (10), Portishead RBL 35 (0): L Owens, M Tasker, S Weaden 24-12; M Main, J Hughes, L Paterson 27-9; R Humphries, M Tucker, A Goacher 15-14.

There were mixed results in the Wessex League, winning a close home match against Mark Moor and a heavy defeat away to Wessex

Ashcombe Ladies 55 (8), Mark Moor 53 (2): M Main, J Field, M Tasker, S Weaden 20-16; R Humphries, D Norville, N Counsell, J McInally 13-22; L Paterson, S Hopkins, M Tucker, J Wilkinson 22-15.

Ashcombe Ladies 42 (1), Wessex 59 (9): R Humphries, C Hedges, J Hughes, N Counsell 18-18; J Matthews, C Falconbridge, M Tasker, S Weaden 14-22; L Owens, J Field, L Paterson, J McInally 10-19.

In the Fear Cup, the ladies travel to Clarence on July 14 at 2.30pm, while in the Southey Trophy, Ashcombe will play either Wedmore or North Petherton on July 23.

Victoria Ladies had a busy, but successful week playing six games losing just once.

The ladies played three games in the Mendip Triples League with the Whites beating Wedmore by eight shots, earning eight points with the triple of Chris Sage, Sue Pocock and Sue Newman winning by eight shots.

The Whites were also in action against Nailsea and again picked up eight points from their six-shot victory with the triple of Maureen Slavin, Chris Stevens and Margaret Hillman scoring a maximum nine shots on an end to earn a hot shot.

The Blues narrowly lost their Mendip Triples League game to Congresbury, but earned a consolation two points from the win by Brenda Williams, captain Rose Cleeves and Annie Holland.

The ladies’ fine form continued with three excellent wins in friendlies against Winscombe, Yatton and Portishead RBL.

Victoria Whites 50 (8), Wedmore 42 (2): C Willetts, S Sokol, M Hillman 13-11; C Sage, S Pocock, S Newman 20-12; N Whyte, K Wilson, C Stevens 17-19.

Victoria Whites 56 (8), Nailsea 50 (2): H Chesters, C Sage, S Newman 22-9; M Slavin, C Stevens, M Hillman 22-17; R Bailey, S Sokol, C Stevens 12-24.

Victoria Blues 46 (2), Congresbury 52 (8): G Poolman, E Newport, S Cooper 18-22; S Milliner, B Mangan, M Chudley 10-16; B Williams, R Cleeves, A Holland 18-14.

Victoria Ladies 60, Winscombe 39: R Bailey, E Harroway, B Mangan 22-13; M Slavin, V Worthington, B Williams 13-18; D Rimmer, S Milliner, C Stevens 25-8.

Victoria Ladies 49, Yatton 46: C Sage, C Willetts, C Stevens, S Cooper 15-13; H Frye, V Worthington, S Pocock, S Newman 14-16; S Milliner, E Harroway, B Mangan, R Cleeves 20-17.

Victoria Ladies 62, Portishead RBL 47: N Whyte, H Frye, B Mangan, S Pocock 33-8; R Bailey, S Milliner, R Cleeves, S Sokol 11-21; G Poolman, B Williams, A Holland, C Stevens 18-18.

Mark Moor Ladies were hosts to Winscombe in a Wessex League match, with the visitors winning on one rink and losing by only one shot on another.

Unfortunately for them the third rink went down by some 20 shots.

Winscombe Ladies 28, Mark Moor 49: S Lowis, M Howell, S Nash, L Fredersdorff 13-33; L Coombe, L Parfitt, M Sprouting, W Weller 15-16; C Hopes, C Bryant, E Watts, M Adams 27-17.

Their second away game was at Clevedon in the NSTL. Here they recorded their first league win this year by 13 shots.

Winscombe Ladies 47, Clevedon 34: W Weller, C Bryant, C Hopes 14-10; M Sprouting, S Lowis, M Adams 13-17; M.Howell, S Nash, L Fredersdorff 20-7.

In another Wessex League match played at home against Wedmore, Winscombe confirmed their new found form with another win by 12 shots.

Winscombe Ladies 59, Isle of Wedmore 47: C Hopes, C Bryant, E Watts, M Adams 30-9; M Sprouting, L Coombe, S Coombe, S Lowis, L Fredersdorff 14-22; D Seaman, M Howell, S Nash, W Weller 15-16.

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