Sixteen-year-olds make their debuts

PUBLISHED: 09:46 08 June 2012

Winscombev Mark moor.

Winscombev Mark moor.


Two 16-year-olds made their debuts for Clarence last weekend.

SIXTEEN-year-olds Tom Nagy and Rhys Young have both made their debuts for Clarence’s Sunday mixed team in recent matches.

Both have been using bowls as a PE option at Broadoak Mathematics and Computing College.

Nagy was a member of the team who won by 10 shots at home to Norwest. The most successful Clarence rink was skipped by last-minute stand-in Audrey Powell, playing her first game of the season. Their 10-shot winning margin was mainly responsible for victory.

Clarence 113, Norwest 103: J Larvin, D Gilbert, P Hawkins, C Edlin 18-12; M Woods, A Bishop, D Jackman, A Powell 27-17; T Nagy, J Kelloway, A Harris, B Duffy 17-19; J Hawkins, L Medcraft, T Cockcroft, P Dunn 19-21; P Fowler, S Bishop, T Mannion, T Ward 16-19; P Williams, J Duffy, R Kelloway, A Ward 16-15.

Rhys Young made a winning bow for the Sunday team in the 26-shot home victory over Paulton. His rink, skipped by stand-in captain Veronica Jones, were 12-shot winners, while Carol Edlin and Ann Ward also skipped victorious teams.

Clarence 78, Paulton 52: P Turner, K Marshall, J Bishop, C Edlin 16-14; J Mannion, R Young, T Cockcroft, V Jones 21-9; T Nagy, E Stott, P Phillips, J Edwards 16-16; I Hicks, V Edwards, M Phillips, A Ward 25-13.

Clarence travelled to Burnham for a friendly match with several new-ish bowlers. In a keenly-fought game, Clarence went down by 13 shots. Debutant junior Ryan Gilson acquitted himself well on Paul Tubb’s rink and was able to celebrate his first win.

Burnham 97. Clarence 84: A Taylor, R Gilson, M Scoins, P Tubb 19-15; F Al-Hinai, M Peters, M Davies, J Burgess 15-22; C Tippett, J Edwards, D Jackman, R Crawford 21-20; A Bishop, L Lakey, A Mannion, B Duffy 18-16; L Medcraft, P Williams, T Ward, D Stott 11-24.

Clarence Golds 69, Winscombe 136 (Over-60s KO Cup): E Turner, B Hanks, M Davies 14-15; G Phillips, B Underwood, G Cooper 14-24; J Norris, B Cornwall, J Edwards 16-30; B Cheffers, K Marshall, M Phillips 11-21; R Kelloway, M Scoins, J Hicks 6-26; J Larvin, D Grier, M Clay 8-20.

Tourists Suttons Reading took on Clarence over 12 rinks of triples in a mixed match and beat the home team by 26 shots. Clarence finished up on four rinks, skipped by Mick Edlin – thanks to a six on the last end-George Cooper, Richard Crawford and Martyn Adams.

Clarence 184, Suttons Reading 210: J Stewart, A Bishop, A Powell 13-23; A Taylor, L Lakey, J Davis 12-32; J Larvin, M Skyrme, V Jones 10-24; S Bishop, C Tippett, M Edlin 23-18; J Atkins, I Hicks, J Edwards 11-17; A Crawford, J Rogers, G Cooper 20-11; V Edwards, R Rossiter, M Clay 17-18; L Phipps, M Scoins, G Barlow 13-15; M Moore, I Phipps, T Pritchard 13-15; M Woods, S Pritchard, D Jackman 12-16; K Bailey, B Cornwall, M Adams 17-11; P Phillips, J Bishop, R Crawford 23-10.

Clarence 108, RTB Ebbw Vale 102 (mixed friendly): P Hanson, A Taylor, M Skyrme, J Edwards 16-15; M Hawkins, C Tippett, K Marshall, P Williams 12-14; A Crawford, J Hayes, A Bishop, L Lakey 20-19; B Hayes, R Dodson, D Grier, J Hicks 19-25; J Mannion, P Fowler, D Jackman, M Phillips 26-14; I Hicks, J Kelloway, R Kelloway, Pauline Dunn 15-15.

Clarence 80, Bristol 90 (friendly): T Ward, A Taylor, J Edwards, T Mannion 16-21; D Gilbert, T Comfort, M Scoins, M Davies 10-31; J Norris, M Skyrme, J Hicks, P Tubb 22-20; A Cord, D Grier, J Burgess, M Phillips 22-18.

ASHCOMBE 89 (4), St Andrews Spartans 107 (16) (Over-60s Triples): A Morgan, M Southwood, J Creasey 22-11; P Sheppard, A Little, J Whitlow 9-27; D Bleasdale, G Finnegan, J Taylor 9-17; G Tottle, C Hughes, B Webber 20-16; A Wilmot, A Wright, J Whitton 14-20; R Powell, G Wilkinson, A Yates 15-16.

Ashcombe 81 (6), Ashcombe Templars 84 (12) (Over-60s Triples): R Cole, D Norville, A Freke 16-20; D Cooper, J Main, E Hooper 7-24; D Underhay, B Underhay, E Hopkins 23-14; R Counsell, G Kinsey, T Bass 18-14; B Jones, M Badman, R Simmons 17-12.

Ashcombe 96 (4), Victoria Saxons 103 (16) (Over-60s Triples): R Cole, A Freke, I Shannon 6-26; A Cracknell, I Baker, J Main 18-14; R Counsell, G Kinsey, T Bass 11-13; D Underhay, D Cooper, E Hopkins 28-8; G Mills, M Parry, W Spring 18-20; B Jones, D Norville, R Simmons 15-22.

Ashcombe 68 (4), Portishead RBL 119 (16) (Over-60s Triples): S Ash, R Ford, L Cox 19-16; R Lewis, F Bertram, M Bass 6-21; M Field, R Tasker, M Brummell 11-17; M Unwin, T Pople, T Cottrell 13-12; N Coombes, D Andrews, K Hallett 12-24; G Tucker, T Millward, R Smith 7-29.

Ashcombe 79, Clevedon Prom 121 (North Somerset KO Cup): R Powell, A Cracknell, G Wilkinson, A Yates 20-20; G Tottle, T Cottrell, C Hughes, B Webber 12-18; N Coombes, M Brummell, M Southwood, J Whitton 18-22; A Wilmot, P Sheppard, A Little, J Whitlow 15-25; A Morgan, J Main, J Price, J Hornett 14-36

Ashcombe 68, Wilmot Park 67 (mixed friendly): A Cox, G Fews, M Tucker, L Cox 20-22; S Noyes, B Golding, C Hedges, I Baker 12-23; L Owens, J Sansam, J Wilkinson, G Wilkinson 16-10; M Sell, S Hedges, R Tasker, J McInally 20-12

Ashcombe 169, Sutton BC 154 (mixed friendly): D Andrews, R Ford, S Ford 10-23; J Marlow, A Cox, R Simmons 22-9; D Little, D Underhay, A Little 10-16; S Appleby, A Cracknell, J Creasey 10-20; V Webber, R Tasker, B Webber 14-17; A Bryant, S Ash, J Whitlow 15-15; R Counsell, N Counsell, P Sheppard 19-10; G Tucker, M Parry, A Goacher 13-11; A Morgan, Rose Powell, R Powell 12-18; A Fews, S Hedges, A Freke 31-3; M Main, L Cox, J Main 13-12

VICTORIA Saxons gained a much needed win and 16 points in the Weston & District Over-60s League home to Ashcombe Knights.

They won on four rinks and by five shots with an excellent 20 shot win by captain Harrison Whyte, Tony Uccellini and skip Mike Stocker carrying the day.

Victoria Vikings still looking for their first win in the Over-60s gained four points at Mark Moor on a tricky green, but the rink of Terry Gilbert, John Mingoe-West and John Smart overcame the green to record a 13 shot win.

In the National Double Rink away to Purnell, Victoria lost by nine shots, but did win on one rink with Malcolm Campbell, Joe Loughlin, Ken Harvey and skip Derek Hurst.

A home friendly against Bristol Arrow saw Victoria winning just two of the five rinks, but were victors by nine shots thanks to an impressive win of 17 shots by the rink of John Codrington, Tony Bray and Ken Harvey.

The friendly squad travelled to Burnham for a five rink game and again only won two rinks in a close game that finished shots even with top rink of Richard Austin, Rod Sleep, John Newman and skip Derek Jones.

Victoria Vikings 88, Mark Moor 149 (Over-60s League): S Thynne, G Thorne, D Jones 24-18; R Jacobs, C Chudley, C York 11-19; B Nicholls, A Waygood, G Frost 12-29; G Jones, D Roberts, J Griffiths 11-31; L Kelly, R Sparkes, E Sage 2-37; T Gilbert, J Mingo-West, J Smart 28-15.

Victoria Saxons 101, Ascombe Knights 96: J Newman, P Lunn, M Manning 13-11; R Fenwick, M Campbell, D Hurst 22-15; H Whyte, T Uccellini, M Stocker 26-6; T Gatehouse, G Hodge, K Curtis 14-18; D Sealey, T Bray, M Taylor 20-18; R Rockett, A Barnes, K Harvey 6-28.

Victoria 31, Purnell 40 (National Double Rink): M Campbell, J Loughlin, K Harvey, D Hurst 18-14; T Gatehouse, P Fisher, K Curtis, D Williams 13-26.

Victoria 88, Bristol Arrow 76: P Wyatt, R Sleep, H Whyte 11-13; M Milliner, J Mingo-West, J Smart 16-14; J Codrington, T Bray, K Harvey 34-17; T Gilbert, J Griffiths, P Leadbeater 16-18; L Kelly, B Nicholls, R Rockett, E Sage 11-14.

Victoria 87, Burnham 87 (friendly): J Dyet, B Nicholls, D Sealey, S Evans 10-17; P Wyatt, R Sparkes, G Hodge, E Sage 16-21; M Milliner, C York, C Chudley, M Manning 17-21; R Austin, R Sleep, J Newman, D Jones 23-14; M Willetts, R Fenwick, J Howell, G Frost 21-14.

WINSCOMBE men had another busy week with seven matches played.

Winscombe have won the Weston & District Over-60s Knockout Cup for the last two years and started this year with an away tie at Clarence Park. They got this seasons’ competition off to a great start winning on all six rinks and by 64 shots overall.

Another success this week was their first win in the midweek Clevedon & District Co-operative Funeralcare Evening League when they beat Yatton by 11 shots and moved off the bottom of the league.

The Winscombe B team were also in action in the SCL Division 2 North and remain unbeaten on the green, winning by just two shots in an exciting match against Mark Moor.

The friendly games played during the week only brought one victory against Congresbury in a rehearsal for the next round of the Turnbull Cup at Winscombe on Friday evening.

Winscombe 89, Bridgwater 105 (friendly): D Beaverstock, R Freegard, K Whatling, A Watts 14-27; R Sapsford, D Peakall, M Hunter, M Adams 20-14; N Hansford, B Prince, R Kibble, L Collier 23-20; P John, G Hill, P Fredersdorff, M Nash 16-26; J Vincent, A Kyprianides, R Lacy, R Feltham 16-18.

Winscombe 78, Taunton Vivary 120 (friendly): A Kyprianides, R Freegard, P Fredersdorff, M Nash 14-22; K Whatling, G Hill, R Kibble, M Adams 23-20; P Hopes, D Peakall, W Ainsworth, R Wootten 12-24; D Beaverstock, K Symons, J Smith, A Dudley 11-34.

Winscombe 84, Yatton 73 (Clevedon & District Co-operative Funeralcare Evening League): R Sapsford, P Fredersdorff, M Nash, S Eastment 11-13; D Beaverstock, R Weller, L Collier, T Ellis 16-22; G Coombe, B Paul, W Ainsworth, R Lacy 28-9; J Smith, D Peakall, A Kyprianides, Watts 21-12; M Dorrington, P John, J Lukins, L Baldwin 8-17.

Winscombe 90, Congresbury 65 (friendly): J Smith, R Freegard, R Wootten, T Ellis 37-8; R Knight, K Symons, K Whatling, M Nash 13-15; P Hopes, J Vincent, R Lacy, R Feltham 15-12; N Hansford, D Peakall, W Ainsworth, M Adams 17-10; R Weller, K Headford, B Paul, A Watts 8-20.

Winscombe 136, Clarence Park 69 (Over-60s KO Cup): K Whatling, R Wootten, T Ellis 20-8; G Hill, L Collier, L Baldwin 26-6; G Lloyd, M Hunter, R Lowman; J Sprouting, W Ainsworth, M Adams 30-16; J Smith, R Kibble, A Watts 24-14; R Knights, P Fredersdorff, M Nash 15-14.

Winscombe B 60 (10), Mark Moor 58 (2) (County League): G Lloyd, J Sprouting, P Fredersdorff, G Neville 9-36; S Easterby, M Nash, R Kibble, S Eastment 29-4; R Knight, P Hopes, M Dorrington, R Wootten 22-18.

Winscombe 89, Alexandra Bath 94 (mixed friendly): D Beaverstock, M Sprouting, P Hopes, J Kimmins 16-27; W Weller, D Sapsford, G Coombe, P Fredersdorff 21-16; C Hopes, J Vincent, R Freegard, L Fredersdorff 15-20; R Sapsford, L Coombe, J Sprouting, E Watts 23-15; S Vincent, R Weller, S Lowis, A Watts 14-23.

APART from being defeated by Portishead in the North Somerset 4-Dimension tie, the Saints enjoyed a successful week, the cherry on top of the cake being a clear victory away to Portishead RBL in the North Somerset Knockout Cup.

Special mention should be given to the B team’s three rinks who all achieved outstanding wins in their county league game against Victoria C.

St Andrews A 53, Mark Moor (County League) 53: M Berry, A Ware, A Horsburgh, P Aldus 10-25; K Uglow, A Day, P Villis, D Bailey 18-19; G Aldridge, A McMillan, S Davies, B Forse 25-9.

St Andrews B 97, Victoria C 43 (County League): K Parker, M Blight, B Reeves, D Favis 32-15; K Rodgers, G Tofte, B May, G Wride 32-12; R Smith, G Simms, M Goddard, T Thomas 33-16.

St Andrews Spartans 104, Ashcombe Crusaders 91 (Over-60s Triples): B Rogers, B May, D Favis 16-20; M Berry, T Thomas, D Bailey 20-14; M Goddard, A Horsburgh, A Steer 24-11; G Tofte, P Villis, G Wride 16-15; K Parker, R Venn, G Guest 17-9; K Uglow, A Ware, R McLeod 11-22.

St Andrews 1, Portishead 4 (North Somerset 4-Dimension): K Uglow (singles): 19-21; G Aldridge, D Favis (pairs) 13-18; M Goddard, R Venn, P Aldus (triples): 11-20; R Smith, M Berry, P Villis, D Bailey (fours) 27-14.

St Andrews 102, Portishead RBL (North Somerset Knockout Cup): G Aldridge, A McMillan, A Ware, A Horsburgh 17-17; K Parker, A Day, P Villis, D Bailey 25-10; M Goddard. M Blight, B Reeves, D Favis 20-12; R Smith, G Tofte, T Thomas, G Wride 14-18; M Berry, G Simms, P Aldus, A Steer 26-15.

CONGRESBURY Ladies 62, Ashcombe Park 68 (Fear Cup): C Wilcock, C Lewis, A Jones, K Herbison 21-21; J Blagden, C Andrews, M Hill, B Huggett 27-24; J Byett, D Whiskin, V Harding, A Mew 14-23.

Congresbury Ladies 60, Winscombe 51 (friendly): C Wilcock, S Wright, C Andrews, D Harrison 22-17; J Blagden, C Skuse, D Davis, B Huggett 21-16; C Lewis, L Storey, R Horton, A Mew 17-18.

Congresbury 96, Portishead 70 (Turnbull Cup): S Pook, D Rivers, T Yearsley, J Stone 29-14; P Reay, G Stenner, R Kirkham, B Herbison 18-21; M Kimmings, D Byett, C Shipway, R Becker 21-21; M Hopkins, F Horton, R Stewart, L Beck 28-14.

Congresbury 72, Clevedon Promenade 67 (4-Dimension Cup): R Becker 4-21; P Reay, R Kirkham 15-27; S Pook, T Yearsley J Stone 22-9; D Byett, M Huggett, F Horton, R Stewart 31-10.

Congresbury 84, Long Ashton 66 (CFEL): M Kimmings, C Blagden, M Wear, R Kirkham 16-17; S Pook, R Archer, C Shipway, J Stone 24-20; G Andrews, M Hopkins, R Stewart, B Herbison 25-13; P Reay, D Rivers, F Horton, R Becker 19-16.

Congresbury Men 65, Winscombe 90 (friendly): G Andrews, C Everett, D Rivers, T Yearsley 15-13; J Freemantle, A Edwards, M Hopkins, F Horton 8-37; M Greaves, C Holloway, D Gosling, M Huggett 10-17; A Harding, G Hill, C Blagden, R Archer 12-15; S Pook, A Kyprianides, J Churchward 20-8.

YATTON 73, Winscombe 84 (Clevedon and District Evening League):

R Lewis, N Robinson, A Woodward, M Withyman 13-11; A Churchill, M Musgrove, P Osborne, D Sweet 22-16; J Parker, R Bish, P Tetreault, K Dodd 9-28; J Knight, G Dodd, J Hook, C Parsons 12-21; L Howe, R Adams, D Bessant, W Casey 17-8.

Yatton 0, Purnell 5 (National Top Club).

Yatton Ladies 0.5, Portishead RBL 3.5 (Southey Cup): M Millard 18-21; C Cheesewright, P Goddard 11-35; L Manning, P Allen, B Topham 16-22; P Laver, B Parker, M Spalding, S Parsons 17-17.

Yatton 72, 86 Ardagh (mixed friendly): N Allen, S Carr, J Parker, P Allen 21-19; A Turley. C Lewis, P Turley, B Foster 19-13; L Manning, W Williams, B Parker, E Reynolda 15-34; P Laver, A George, B Topham, B Topham 17-20.

Yatton Ladies 58, Clarence Ladies 57 (friendly): P Laver, W Williams, C Cheesewright, M Hubbard 20-21; L Collings, L Manning, B Parker, B Topham 19-22; M Millard, B Hayward, P Goddard, P Allen 19-14.

Yatton Ladies 52, Portishead RBL 58 (Fear Cup): M Millard, P Laver, A Keating, S Parsons 16-17; N Reid, B Parker, C Cheesewright, M Spalding 27-14; P Goddard, L Manning, P Allen, B Topham 9-27.

ISLE of Wedmore men gained a resounding victory in the first round of the Turnbull Cup against Castle Cary, winning all four rinks to give a final score of 122-41.

Wedmore 122, Castle Cary 41: T Brown, G Anniuk, K Burt, R Hughes 25-14; K Davey, D Stansfield, C Moss, D Wederell 33-8; R Newell, I Gallop, K Pettit, R Barron 32-13; T Hamblin, K Phillimore, R Thurkettle, E Payne 32-7.

In the county league, the A team were narrowly beaten by Ashcombe A. All three rinks were close, and although Roger Hughes’ rink scored a three on the final end to win by one shot, the other two rinks were beaten by two and three shots.

Wedmore 52, Ashcombe 56: R Newell, T Brown, K Pettit, R Barron 14-16;R Bull, K Phillimore, D Wederell, E Payne 17-20; G Anniuk, I Gallop, R Thurkettle, R Hughes 21-20.

However, the B team had better fortune, playing at home against Wrington and achieving convincing wins on two of the three rinks.

Wedmore 71, Wrington 35: T Hamblin, S Fisher, C Panchaud, K Burt 17-18; P Bean, M Green, B Aston, D Stansfield 25-10; T Counsell, B Cottrell, P Moxey, I Faulkner 29-7.

Wedmore played Street in the Mid-Somerset League, but managed to win only on David Wederell’s rink. Roy Thurkettle’s rink were 16 shots in arrears after the 13th end but put in a valiant effort to fight back, winning all the remaining ends, but still lost by four shots.

Wedmore 74, Street 103: D Trow, B Andrews, K Phillimore, D Wederell 23-19; V Matthews, B Cottrell, G Anniuk, R Barron 18-31; T Bullock, T Brown, I Faulkner, R Thurkettle 20-24; T Counsell, C Panchaud, K Burt, C Moss 13-29.

The ladies played their first round of the Fear Cup at Frome Park and made steady progress, adjusting to the unfamiliar green to win on all three rinks.

Wedmore Ladies 68, Frome Park 39: C Pettit, P Beard, P Cottrell, S Wederell 19-17; M Green, J Hunt, M Trow, M Hordle 24-11, T Newell, L Hamblin, M Ronald, E Deverill 25-11.

The Mendip League match against Congresbury also produced a convincing 77-31 win, despite Pauline Cottrell’s rink being overtaken by the opposition scoring four on the last end. Wedmore also won the extra friendly rink, by 18-9.

Wedmore Ladies 77, Congresbury 31: C Pettit, S Moss, M Hordle 33-6, M Green, A Hughes, M Ronald 27-7, M Barron, M Perry, P Cottrell 17-18.

Another good result was achieved in the Victoria League against Eastover Park, where the sun shone and all three rinks were successful.

Wedmore Ladies 56, Eastover Park 32: J Hunt, R Aston, A Hughes 18-13, B Disbrey, M Trow, M Hordle 22-7; T Newell, J Wheller, M Barron 16-12.

In a busy week for the ladies, they also had an excellent win in the Wessex League against Mark Moor, the final score being 74-49. Maureen Hordle’s rink just managed to recover from a trailing position to win in the last end and thus secure all 10 points for Wedmore.

Wedmore Ladies 74, Mark Moor 49: B Disbrey, B Clark, R Aston, M Hordle 22-18; T Newell, M Perry, P Beard, G Harvey 29-12, M Green, L Hamblin, J Wheller, S Moss 23-19.

The second round of the ladies Top Club competition was played away against Chew Stoke, but ended up with a comprehensive win for the opposition, Wedmore losing on all rinks.

Rink scores - singles, S Wederell 11-21; pairs, T Newell, M Ronald 14-21; triples, D Gallop, M Trow, M Hordle 12-20; fours, M Green, L Hamblin, G Harvey, P Cottrell 18-23.

A mixed friendly played against Ashcombe resulted in a win by 91-60 shots, with Stuart Fisher’s rink making a major contribution with a 26 shot victory.

WINSCOMBE ladies lost both their friendly games this week.

Winscombe 33, Nailsea 81(friendly): S Lowis, S Nash, L Whatling, L Fredersdorff 10-26; D Sapsford, J Wiles, J Rush, A Ainsworth 10-26;A Griffin, T Darkin, W Weller, J Kimmins 13-29.

Winscombe 51, Congresbury 60(friendly): M Sprouting, L Parfitt, W Weller, M Adams 16-21; M Smith, A Hart, T Miles, L Fredersdorff 17-22; J Rush, L Dyer, S Caddy, A Ainsworth 18-17.

CLARENCE Ladies 1.5, Clevedon 2.5 (Southey Cup) – singles: P Barnbrook 15-21; pairs: V Buick, M Noddings 21-12; triples: R McMillan, A Harris, V Collicott 11-17; fours: M Woods, S Pritchard, P Burrough, C Edlin 19-19.

Clarence Ladies 57, Yatton 58: A O’Mara, B Hayes, V Jones, P Barnbrook 22-19; J Mannion, C Hooper, P Phillip, M Baker 21-20; V Collicott, M Noddings 14-19.

Claraence Ladies 55, Portishead 44 (NSL): M Davison, V Senior, C Edlin 17-11; S Ellis, C Cromey, P Burrough 14-25; S Scoins, J Bishop, P Barnbrook 24-8; V Jones, P Phillips, V Collicott 22-14 (friendly).

ASHCOMBE ladies secured a double victory over Congresbury, winning Fear Cup and Southey Trophy matches.

Ashcombe Ladies 68, Congresbury 62 (Fear Cup): J McInally, M Williams, M Tasker, S Weaden 24-27; M Main, S Hopkins, J Wilkinson, A Goacher 23-14; N Counsell, B MacGregor, J Hughes, S Ford 21-21.

Ashcombe Ladies 3, Congresbury 1 (Southey Trophy) – singles: J Hughes 21-17; pairs: M Tasker, J McInally 24-14; triples: M Main, J Wilkinson, A Goacher 27-6; fours: N Counsell, S Hopkins, M Tucker (replacing B MacGregor injured), S Ford 11-20.

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