St Andrews strengthen their grip on over-60s league title

PUBLISHED: 12:16 15 August 2018 | UPDATED: 12:16 15 August 2018

St Andrews Bowls Club winners.

St Andrews Bowls Club winners.


St Andrews defeated Portishead RBL by one shot to take another step towards securing the Weston & District Over-60s League title.

St Andrews took another step towards winning the Weston & District Over-60s League title when they beat Portishead RBL by just one shot.

It could not have been closer at the end. Mike Stocker’s triple, the last to finish, knew that they needed five from their last two ends to draw, six to win.

A four on the penultimate end put them within touching distance. Then no-one could get within a yard of the jack on the final end with just the skips’ woods to come, although Saints were holding through lead Adrian Cooper..

However, with his first bowl, Stocker drew the shot nervelessly, his opposing skip missed with all three woods and the two gave Saints victory.

Stocker, captain Brian Reeves and Don Bailey were the winning skips for St Andrews, while Danny Favis’s triple had to settle for a draw when their opponents scored five on the last three ends.

The victory extended Saints’ lead in the table to more than 30 points with four matches to play. But they will need to keep winning because, with 20 points at stake in each match, any slip-ups could allow defending champions Winscombe to overtake them.

Portishead RBL 96 (5), St Andrews 97 (15): G Cooper, G Webber, G Wride 12-18; R Venn, B McLeod, T Ware 9-23; R Smith, J Warren, B Reeves 19-14; A Cooper, T Bray, M Stocker 20-14; B Rogers, B May, D Favis 18-18; J Keay, K Curtis, D Bailey 19-9.

That was the only competitive match for Saints last week, when they had another narrow victory, this time by two, in a home triples friendly against Eastover Park.

Saints finished up on only one of the five rinks. But the six scored by Adrian Cooper, captain Ken Curtis and Gordon Wride on the final end, giving them victory by 16, proved decisive overall.

Mike Stocker lost by two, having been three ahead with three ends left. Newcomer Derek Hurst made his club debut, skipping a rink who went down by five.

St Andrews 66, Eastover Park 64: A Cooper, K Curtis, G Wride 26-10; D Reynolds, J Ling, M Stocker 15-17; R Smith, R Gordon, G Cooper 11-18; R Brereton, B Green, D Hurst 14-19.

Heavy rain forced the early abandonment of the home triples friendly against Banwell on Saturday.

The visitors were looking for revenge, having lost at home to Saints 10 days before. But they were down on all five rinks when everyone retreated the the clubhouse.

St Andrews 42, Banwell 21: A Cooper, T Bray, M Stocker 11-7; R Brereton, R Wootten, K Curtis 8-2; P Smart, K Uglow, D Hurst 10-4; G Cooper, B McLeod, J Warren 6-5; M Dew, R Venn, D Johnston 7-3.

St Andrews members Barrie Forse and Ann Campbell/Jackie Pitman won the mixed pairs title at the Clevedon Open tournament.

Pitman partnered Forse in the first two rounds, but was not available and Campbell stepped in for the rest of the competition.

In an enthralling final against Congresbury duo Clive Shipway and Dawn Harrison, the Saints’ duo were on the verge of victory, until Shipway played a brilliant shot to force the extra end at 18-18.

Forse and Campbell were one down on the extra end before Shipway moved the jack to one of Campbell’s back woods and the Saints’ pair were able to cling on for victory.

This was Forse’s third successive appearance in the mixed pairs final, having won it last year with Olveston’s Sue Latham and been runner-up with her in 2017.

Rebecca McMillan of St Andrews reached the last 32 of the Bowls England ladies’ singles at Leamington last week. She won 21-8 in the opening national round, but lost by two at the next stage.

In the Weston and District Over-60s League, Ashcombe’s Crusaders played Wedmore and the Templars played Nailsea.

The Crusaders’ game was close run, with the home team winning two of the six rinks and narrowly missing wins on two more by just one shot. Despite only winning two rinks, the Crusaders won the game by three shots.

In their game, the Templars were on track for a win when one rink had to be abandoned due player injury. As a result, the Templars incurred a 10-shot penalty, but still managed a draw.

Ashcombe Crusaders 107, Wedmore 104: D Cooper, J Taylor, D Carr 22-18; G Sansam, B Benstead, R Powell 27-10; W Kolasinski, S Hedges, J Main 12-13; A Dawes, T Cottrell, J Whitlow 12-13; G Kinsey, G Tottle, J Creasey 15-25; A Wilmot, G Wilkinson, K Wheeler 19-25.

Ashcombe Templars 84, Nailsea 84: T Romeo, C Vardon, S Andrews 20-8; P Barnes, D Bleasdale, M Butt 13 -13; R Cox, P March, A Freke 19 -11; D Harris, R Smith, B Miles 19-20; G Tucker, M Field, M Bass 14-22.

Ashcombe’s bowlers also played two mixed friendlies. Using both of their greens, they played an eight-rink game against a touring Welsh side from Islwyn.

With wins on four rinks and some close scoring on two others, Ashcombe finished with a comfortable 37-shot win.

In their second friendly against Bristol club Ardagh, Ashcombe could only manage a win on one rink, but came close on one other, before losing by nine shots.

Ashcombe 141, Islwyn 104: L Owens, B Jenkins, R Counsell, J Main 12-16; B Alden, T Romeo, P Wynne, J Creasey 30-7; B Bishop, J Sansam, B Benstead, R Powell 15-18; C Smith, S Hopkins, S Hedges, A Cracknell 17-9; L Paterson, D Cardy, R Humphries, L Cox 13-14; P Romeo, G Tottle, J Hornett, D Wynne 20-9; D Jenkins, J Hughes, G Sansam, J McInally 19-15; C Vardon, C Hedges, T Morgan, E Hopkins 15-16.

Ashcombe 68, Ardagh 77: S Buckley, S Hopkins, S Hedges, B Benstead 16-20; D Underhay, A Bass, R Tasker, K Wheeler 16-17; B Alden, P Romeo, M Bass, J Creasey 16-21; P Barnes, S Noyes, G Fews, L Cox 20-19.

Victoria enjoyed a comfortable win against Merriott in the semi-final of the Wedmore Plate, winning on three rinks with the quartet of Roy Bromet, Dave Williams, Colin Gazzard and skip Steve Davis excelling in a rink win of 28 shots.

Club captain Brian Pocock was delighted with the win and eagerly looks forward to the final.

In the Weston & District Over-60s Triples League, the Saxons suffered defeat at the hands of Clarence Blues, with Mike Cooper and Don Wheatley skipping their triples to wins and securing four points.

Victoria played three friendlies in the week with just one win against Chew Stoke, where the mixed squad triumphed by 16 shots with the triple lead by Delores Rimmer with Roy Bromet and Sue Cooper sealing a fine victory.

There was disappointment with the result in the away friendly against Minehead losing by the narrow margin of four shots, but as always the generous hospitality of the hosts softened the blow of defeat.

Banwell were the visitors in a four-rink friendly who inflicted a heavy defeat over the hosts, winning each rink.

Victoria 106, Merriott 63: B Pocock, M Campbell, J Newman, W Harrison 23-24; P Coumis, H Gibbs, D Wheatley, M Cooper 28-13; N Robbins, M Milliner, P Fisher, C Heal 17-15; R Bromet, D Williams, C Gazzard, S Davis 38-10.

Victoria Saxons 87 (4), Clarence Blues 116 (16): Carmine, D Williams, J Newman 15-20; M Campbell, J Smart, P Owen 10-20; A Hollier, D Sealey, K Holland 11-25; H Whyte, M Manning, C Heal 11-21; R Rockett, A Shattock, M Cooper 24-15; N Robbins, R Bromet, D Wheatley 16-15.

Victoria 89, Chew Stoke 73: S Crapnell, B Nicholls, E Sage 15-13; C Cleeves, A Hollier, S Newman 16-18; E Harraway, B Johnson, K Wilson 20-19; Carmine, R Cleeves, J Newman 17-16; D Rimmer, R Bromet, S Cooper 21-7.

Victoria 87, Minehead 91: L Kelly, Carmine, E Sage, J Newman 26-13; G Robbins, R Bromet, K Holland 18-10; C Cleeves, C Chudley, J Smart, G Hodge 15-19; A Hollier, A Waygood, A Shattock, D Williams 15-23; N Robbins, W Nicholls, M Manning, R Rockett 13-16.

Victoria 56, Banwell 94: L Kelly, M Campbell, G Richards, D Fairhurst 18-20; R Bromet, B.Nicholls, , R Rockett, E Sage 10-30; A Hollier, J Wood, A Shattock, P Fisher 13-22; Carmine, N Robbins, P Wyatt, H Gibbs 15-22.

Bath won the new Sydney Gardens Trophy presented by them in recognition of the many years Winscombe and Bath have played a 21-end triples match at home and away.

Bath had a decisive 35-shot victory at home, while Winscombe drew 111-shots each in the return leg.

Winscombe captain Paul Fredersdorff presented the cup to Bath captain David Lake.

Winscombe 111, Bath 111: J Sprouting, R Kibble, R Lowman 29-12; D Johnson, B Paul, W Ainsworth 19-15; D Brown, P Fredersdorff, R Lacy 11-25; K Whatling, L Collier, M Adams 12-32; A Pow, S Easterby, B Andrews 20-15; M Newing, G Coombe, G Neville 20-12.

Winscombe gained another 16 points at Portishead RBL in the Weston & District Over-60s Triples League to keep up the pressure on leaders St Andrews.

Winscombe 116 (16), Portishead RBL 95 (4): D Brown, B Paul, M Fletcher 23-12; R Kibble, P Frederdorff, R Lacy 24-13; J Sprouting, K Whatling, M Adams 19-22; G Lloyd, L Collier, W Ainsworth 19-16; P John, G Coombe, G Neville 11-17; M Newing, M Nash, R Lowman 20-15.

In a mixed friendly at Banwell, Winscombe won by four shots thanks to a good win on Mike Nash’s rink

Winscombe 57, Banwell 53 (mixed friendly): P Hopes, D Phillips, M Myland, L Fredersdorff 12-16; P Pow, B Smart, A Rowe, P Fredersdorff 11-17; C Hopes, M Snart, S Nash, M Nash 21-6; M Palmer, A Pow, P Burns, M Dorrington 13-14.

Congresbury Bowls Club maintained their high standard in the Clevedon Tournament.

Clive Shipway was the losing finalist in the men’s singles, and he, together with Dawn Harrison reached the final of the mixed pairs competition, only losing on an extra end.

Three Congresbury ladies, Chris Wilcock, Jenny Byett and Angela Jones, reached the semi-final of the triples, while Dave Byett won the Good Neighbourhood Cup. A notable achievement all round.

Wedmore men enjoyed a thumping good win in the Clevedon League at home against Portishead when the overall score was 127 shots to 80 and on rinks five to nil with one tied.

Keith Pettit’s men didn’t allow the opposition to score until end six when it was eight to one, then went on to lead throughout and triumphed 21-9. Roger Hughes’ crew were never behind, established their superiority with a six score just after the start and polished off with a five near the end to crush the competition 29-9.

The lead chopped and changed in the first half on Colin Moss’ rink and a five score put Portishead in front on end 14, but a Wedmore seven saw off the challenge to win 22-16.

Ron Barron’s side started well and stayed in front although there were only two shots in it at end and a couple of threes gave victory for 19-14. Ray Newell’s lads lost the lead for the first time on end 11, grabbed it back with a six three ends later and breezed in at 17-13.

Whist it was close, Eddie Payne’s group led until end 17 when Portishead took a two-shot lead to take into the last end. Wedmore scored two on the last for a 19-all tie.

Wedmore 127, Portishead 80: D Trow, R Thurkettle, K Pettit 21-9; T Counsell, I Gallop, R Hughes 29-9; T Shepherd, D Collins, C Moss 22-16; J Runciman, J Harris, R Barron 19-14; A Birch, S Fisher, R Newell 17-13; T Brown, D Wederell, E Payne 19-19.

Another resounding win, since it was away, came at Ashcombe Crusaders in the Weston League, winning by five shots and four-two on rinks.

Wedmore 112, Ashcombe 107: D Skelton, T Simpson, R Barron 25-15; T Shepherd, I Gallup. R Newell 25-19; A Birch, D Collins, G Annuik 13-12; D Trow, R Thurkettle, K Pettit 13-12; M Davies, C Panchaud, S Fisher 18-22; R Grant, J White, K Burt 18-27.

In the County League North 3, the B team met Chew Stoke away and lost by 18 shots and one to two on rinks.

Wedmore 51, Chew Stoke 69: V Matthews, PD Rees, M Green, R Thurkettle 20-15; C Wheller, M Bachelor, S Fisher, K Phillimore 14-24; D Luke, T Simpson, T Walker, C Panchaud 17-30.

The ladies did well away to Nailsea in the Triples League when they won by 10 shots overall and two to nil on rinks with one tied.

Wedmore Ladies 45, Nailsea 35: J Collins, T Newell, M Hordle 22-14; C Pettit, P Beard, M Trow 11-9; P Jenkins, M Barron, E Deverill 12-12.

At home to Victoria in the Weston League brought another close victory by four shots overall and two to one on rinks.

Wedmore Ladies 53, Victoria 49: D Gallop, J Collins, S Wederell 23-17; B Disbrey, P Beard, M Hordle 14-12; P Jenkins, T Newell, E Deverill 16-20.

Away to Wrington in the ladies Triples League, Wedmore lost heavily by 16 on overall shots and 0-3 on rinks, but it was much closer on further examination.

Wedmore Ladies 44, Wrington 60: P Jenkins, J Hunt, G Harvey 14-17; B Disbrey, M Hordle, M Trow 17-19; B Clark, M Barron, E Deverill 16-24.

A mixed friendly away to North Petherton produced a striking tie with 76 shots all, although it was one-three on rinks. Skippers Fisher and Simpson narrowly lost on their rinks, Green went down 12-23 which left Duggan-Rees’ squad as the heroes of the hour, winning 29-13.

A mixed friendly at Wellington produced two all on rinks, but 63-87 overall due to one punishing rink. Clive Wheller’s team timed their finishing run well to win 20-17.

Tony Shepherd’s side led easily in mid-game, were almost caught but did enough to win 19-18, while Alan Birch was the sacrificial lamb at 10-31.

Wessex president Norma Peters presented the Stella Ford Trophy to captain Elizabeth Williams following a 39.5-31 victory.

Captain’s team first: Y Criddle, S Hewitt, P Turner 16.5, M Darcy, J Apps, E Wade, J Davis 2; V Gardiner, E Deane, C Peart 12, N Peters, E Stott, J Duffy 19, T Langford, C Bushby, V Edwards, E Williams 11, J Gardiner, A Ward, M Davis, B Jones 10.

Wessex Ladies 52 (3), Mark Moor 56 (7): B Hayes, J Gardiner, C Peart, B Jones 15-27; S Hewitt, J Davis, E Stott, A Fewings 19-11; P Turner, N Peters, J Duffy, P Taylor 18-18.

Winscombe Ladies entertained Victoria in a friendly three-rink match and won on two rinks to one and by 22 shots overall. Sarah Lowman’s rink contributed 20 shots towards this victory.

Winscombe Ladies 59, Victoria 37: T Miles, P Pow, A Bourgourd, S Lowman 27-7; M Palmer, T Darkin, M Adams, C Hopes 19-12; L Coombe, L Parfitt, P Burns, C Bryant 13-18.

In the North Somerset Triples League, Winscombe drew on one rink to pick up a point and the friendly rink just won by two shots

Winscombe Ladies 42, Portishead 53 (NSTL): C Hopes, M Sprouting, A Ainsworth 12-16; L Coombe, P Burns, S Lowman 12-19; P Pow, S Nash, S Lowis 18-18. Friendly rink: F Bays, B Smart, A Bourgourd 14-12.

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