St Andrews enjoy success in final of county Wedmore Plate

PUBLISHED: 12:36 06 September 2017 | UPDATED: 12:37 06 September 2017

Wedmore BC A team.

Wedmore BC A team.


St Andrews capped their most successful week of the season with victory in the final of the Somerset County Wedmore Plate.

St Andrews triumphed in the final of the Somerset County Wedmore Plate at soggy Bath to cap their most successful week of the season.

The day before they had beaten Yatton A in their final Somerset County League match of the season to clinch sixth place in the table.

Two days before that, a patched-up Saints’ team had gone to Winscombe where they defeated a strong home line-up to win the annual Presidents Shield match.

They had also ended the faint title hopes of visitors Victoria Saxons, winning by 15 shots in the Weston & District Over-60s League.

In persistent drizzle at Bath, Saints took on Norwest, from Midsomer Norton, in the final of the Wedmore Plate. It was nip-and-tuck for the first half of the match, with one Saints’ rink well ahead and two others just in front.

The fourth rink, skipped by Danny Favis, trailed by seven at that stage, but a 12th-end five transformed things. Eventually, they edged ahead with three ends left and went on to win by three.

Barrie Forse’s rink led throughout to finish 10 up, while Brian May’s team battled hard, having conceded two consecutive fives, to lose by just six.

With the four skipped by Andrew Owens 10 in front, their opponents conceded two ends early and Saints had lifted the Wedmore Plate for the first time.

St Andrews 83, Norwest 66: J Keay, T Ware, D Bailey, D Favis 19-16; K Uglow, R Venn, A McMillan, B Forse 21-11; R Brereton, G Webber, K Curtis, A Owens 22-12; R Wootten, B McLeod, G Wride, B May 21-27.

In the County League match against Yatton, St Andrews won by 16, despite having gone down on two of the three rinks. Teenager Luke Yeates, Ken Uglow, Richard Venn and Barrie Forse were the match-winners, finishing 19 shots up. They scored and conceded a six.

Danny Favis’s rink lost by one to a three on the final end, while Brian May suffered a two-shot defeat, having been in front until the 18th of the 21 ends.

St Andrews 72 (8), Yatton A 56 (4): J Keay, G Webber, D Bailey, D Favis 23-24; L Yeates, K Uglow, R Venn, B Forse 29-10; A Cooper, G Wride, K Curtis, B May 20-22.

The surprise Presidents Shield victory at Winscombe was achieved despite a 16-shot defeat on one rink. Four of the other Saints’ teams won, while Barrie Forse’s quartet picked up nine shots on the last four ends to earn a draw that clinched the three-shot victory in an exciting finish.

Winning Saints’ skips were Brian Green, Tony Ware, Brian May and that redoubtable veteran Jim Warren.

Winscombe 108, St Andrews 111: J Ling, B McLeod, R Wootten, B Green 20-15; D Reynolds, R Brereton, R Venn, T Ware 23-16; G Sims, M Dew, B Reeves, B May 17-14; A Frost, T Yeeles, J Keay, D Favis 8-24; P Smart, A Cooper, G Webber, B Forse 23-23; B Rogers, H Dew, N Bassett, J Warren 20-16.

The rinks were shared in the Over-60s League match against Victoria Saxons, who led by nine at the halfway stage. Don Bailey skipped his home rink to a decisive, 16-shot win, having scored and conceded a six. Barrie Forse won by seven and Jim Warren by eight.

St Andrews 120 (14), Victoria Saxons 105 (6): G Sims, R Brereton, D Bailey 28-12; A Cooper, T Ware, B May 22-24; J Ling, M Goddard, K Curtis 14-22; T Lay, J Keay, B Forse 20-13; B Rogers, R Venn, G Wride 16-22; L Fisher, J Warren, G Webber 20-St Andrews 84, City of Wells 75 (friendly): A Frost, I Edwards, K Curtis 23-10; D Reynolds, N Bassett, B May 19-25; P Smart, J Ling, R Brereton 27-12; L Fisher, M Willetts, A Cooper 15-28.

Banwell 80, St Andrews 87 (friendly): P Smart, A Cooper, T Ware 23-11; D Reynolds, R Brereton, R Wootten 19-18; A Frost, K Uglow, D Bailey 11-21; G Sims, M Willetts, N Sell 17-17; T Lay, J Warren, D Favis 17-13.

All three of Ashcombe’s teams in the Somerset Bowls League scored impressive wins last week.

Ashcombe A were home to Clarence B, chalking up an 81-38 win, taking all three rinks. Ashcombe B were also at home, this time to Wedmore B, finishing with a 71-56 win and taking two of the three rinks. Ashcombe C travelled to Chew Stoke for their match, beating the home team 72-54, taking all three rinks. These wins will help consolidate the teams’ positions in the County League.

In the Weston and District Over-60s League, Ashcombe Crusaders played Portishead RBL away and managed to beat the home team 116-77, with wins on five of the six rinks.

The Knights were away to Portishead and came away with a 104 shots to 98 victory, with wins on three of the six rinks and a draw on a fourth. The Knights were also in action away against Clarence Golds but were not so fortunate this time, going down 87-95, with wins on two of the six rinks.

The club also played two friendlies. Ashcombe’s men played Welsh club Blaengwynfi and managed a 65-58 win, despite only winning one of the four rinks, thanks to a 19-shot difference on the rink skipped by Alan Cracknell.

In a mixed match against a team from Reading club, Palmers Park, Ashcombe managed wins on two of the six rinks and were unlucky not to take a third, missing it by one shot, with Palmers Park winning overall by 110 shots to 92.

Ashcombe A 81, Clarence B 38: A Wilmot, S Hedges, T Cottrell, J Taylor 29-10; D Cooper, M West, J Creasey, K Wheeler 28-16; W Kolasinski, G Fews, L Day, T Bass 24-12.

Ashcombe B 71, Wedmore B 56: N Coombes, M Paterson, M Parry, B Benstead 26-27, B Miles, D Bleasdale, E Roberts, D Wynne 17-16; F Bertram, G Miles, G Sansam, E Hopkins 28-13.

Ashcombe C 72, Chew Stoke C 54: C Gerlach, P Barnes, J McKenzie, B Bishop 23-11; G Tucker, P March, M Butt, A Tucker 25-24; M Griffiths, C Vardon, R Smith, R Stokes 24-19.

Ashcombe Crusaders 116, Portishead RBL 77: M Southwood, J Whitlow, J Creasey 26-7; D Wynne, S Hedges, J Taylor 22-7; G Kinsey, G Tottle, T Bass 9-21; F Bertram, G Sansam, T Cottrell 14-13; A Wilmot, G Fews, R Powell 24-14; W Kolasinski, B Benstead, K Wheeler 21-15.

Ashcombe Knights 104, Portishead 98: M Field, L Cox, R Tasker 17-17; D Freestone, E Roberts, T Morgan 13-30;J McKenzie, M Paterson, A Cracknell 16-11; B Jones, R Counsell, M Bass 23-16; B Alden, B Benstead, J Hornett 12-15; K Davies, K Hallett, E Hopkins 23-9.

Ashcombe Knights 87, Clarence Golds 95: B Alden, A Tucker, J Hornett 15-21; B Jones, R Counsell, K Powell 9-19; K Davies, E Roberts, M Bass 12-19; B Bishop, G Mills, E Hopkins 10-18; J McKenzie, M Paterson, A Cracknell 21-8; D Freestone, T Morgan, R Tasker 20-10.

Ashcombe 65, Blaengwynfi 58: C Harris, R Counsell, M West, M Parry 15-17; M Butt, M Paterson, G Sansam, A Cracknell 24-5; M Griffiths, P Barnes, B Benstead, A Little 13-22; L Cox, M Bass, T Morgan 13-14.

Ashcombe 92, Palmers Park 110: A Petit, C Vardon, J Whitlow 12-26; M Allen, G Pople, J Taylor 15-16; A Bass, B Miles, K Wheeler 10-21; A Bryant, S Hedges, B Benstead 17-8; C Smith, A Freke, T Bass 25-15; J Cornford, D Williams, J Creasey 13-24.

Victoria competed in two cup finals at Congresbury on the same day starting with the 4 Dimensions final against Clevedon Prom.

Despite a fine win by the rink of Sam Stocker, Dave Fairhurst, Paul Leadbeater and Will Harrison and a draw by the triple skipped by Will Harrison the match and cup slipped away by thee margin of 2.5 against 1.5.

The afternoon saw Victoria meet Congresbury in the North Somerset Knockout Cup on their own green with Victoria determined to make amends for the earlier result, controlling the game from the start winning four rinks with the rink of Roy Bromet, Malcolm Campbell, Ken Harvey and Paul Leadbeater leading the way with an emphatic 21-shot win ensuring victory by 19 shots to ensure a happy return home with a cup.

The Saxons played their final match of the Over-60s Triples League against local rivals St Andrews, winning on the three rinks skipped by Mike Stocker, Alan Yates and Colin Heal, acquiring six points to ensure that the Saxons finished the season as comfortable runners-up in Division 1 of the Weston & District League.

The Vikings played against Clevedon Prom which was curtailed after 12 ends due to heavy rain and the result declared in favour of Clevedon Prom with the Vikings pointless in the rain.

Minehead were visitors for a friendly which had much to enjoy in terms of weather, hospitality and an excellent afternoon of bowling with the visitors enjoying their day out if not the result.

The Victoria high fives also enjoyed some great weather with 12 teams entering from all four corners of Somerset, plus Ottery St Mary (Devon), Redland Green (Gloucester), and Worcester Brotherwood.

St Austell Brewery were the main sponsors with a prize fund of £400 ensuring an afternoon of competitive bowls enjoyed by all which was superbly organised by club secretary David Williams.

The eventual winners were Congresbury who beat Worcester Brotherhood (new comers to the competition) by 20 shots to 13 over a rink of pairs and triples.

In the consolation finals, the pair of Barry Forse and Andy McMillan of St Andrews won the pairs final, while Tony Mannion, Brendan Duffy and Dave Stott of Clarence won the triples final.

Victoria 1.5, Clevedon Prom 2.5 - singles: C Gazzard 11-21; pairs: S Davies and M Cooper 12-21; triples: P Wyatt, L Stocker, W Harrison 14-14; fours: S Stocker, D Fairhurst, P Leadbeater, C Heal 20-11.

Victoria 112, Congresbury 93: P Coumis, P Fisher, J Newman, S Davies 24-20; R Bromet, M Campbell, K Harvey, P.Leadbeater 30-9; P Wyatt, D Fairhurst, L Stocker, W Harrison 28-14; S Stocker, H Gibbs, C Gazzard, M Cooper 20-22; H Whyte, D Wheatley, R Rockett, A Yates 10-28.

Victoria Saxons 105 (6), St Andrews 120 (14): R Rockett, A Shattock, M Cooper 12-28 ; R Bromet, D Williams, M Stocker 22-14; B Pocock, D Sealey A Yates 24-22; M Campbell, P Lunn, H Gibbs 13-20; H Whyte, D Wheatley, C Heal 22-16; M Milliner, S Evans, J Newman 12-20.

Victoria Vikings 51 (0), Clevedon Prom 85 (20): Carmine, B Johnson, D Jones 7-12; N Robbins, G Frost, J Smart 11-15; A Hollier, T Gatehouse, E Sage 7-11; G Robbins, G Hodge, G Richards 10-14; D Hubbard, J Turton, T Gilbert 8-10; W Nicholls, J Langridge, M Manning 8-23.

Victoria 134, Minehead 90: R Bromet, T Gatehouse, J Newman, C Heal 29-6; A Waygood, E Sage, M Campbell, G Richards 28-22; A Hollier, M Milliner, Manning, M Stocker 24-12; Carmine, G Hodge A Shattock, D Jones 18-10; L Kelly, C Chudley, B Pocock, J Smart 21-22; W Nicholls, D Roberts, D Williams, R Rockett 16-18.

Clarence Blues recorded a superb win in the Over-60s League, taking 17 of the available 20 points on offer.

They won on four rinks and dramatically dropped two on the last end to scrape a draw on the fifth rink. Highest winning rink goes to Brian Ballinger and John Rogers, skipped by Don Towie.

Clarence Blues 131, Portishead RBL 79: A Gardiner, M Phillips, B Sweet 23-6; M Cerasoli, R Burrough, R Crawford 24-18; B Benn, B Duffy, G Barlow 16-16; B Ballinger, J Rogers, D Towie 29-11; R Rossiter, T Mannion, D Stott 22-9; A Cord, D Grier, M Edlin 17-19.

The 16 points gained from this match is enough to lift the Golds off the bottom of the table and ensuring a repeat of last year’s bottom of the table does not reoccur. Rink of the day goes to John Edwards and John Hayes, skipped by Chris Tippet.

Clarence Golds 95, Ashcombe Knights 87: A Bishop, K Marshall, C Read 21-15; J Edwards, J Hayes, C Tippet 19-9; B Coleman, M Ford, M Scoins 19-12; M Turnbull, N Martin, J Atkins 18-10; T Derrick, P Pileggi, D Weston 8-21; D Symes, M Skyrme, M Davies 10-20.

The score does not reflect the fact that the men only won three of the five rinks, but Clarence had three high-scoring rinks including Adrian Gardiner, Martin Harryman and Nigel Martin, skipped by the amazing Mike Davies with a 24-shot win.

Clarence 114, Wessex Ladies 64: A Bishop, P Pileggi, B Duffy, B Sweet 14-19; F Al Hinai, J Edwards, M Turnbull, M Edlin 22-23; T Ward, G Andrews, M Peters, D Stott 24-13; B Benn, A Newland, C Read, J Atkins 25-14; A Gardiner, M Harryman, N Martin, M Davies 29-5.

Winscombe won on all rinks at Burnham to win the Weston and District Over-60s League again.

Winscombe were determined to finish off any doubts about them winning this league and took all 20 points on offer.

Burnham put up a good fight with one rink going to a last shot winner on their last end and others being very close too. The highest winning rinks were skipped by Tom Ellis and Reg Birmingham, both winning by 11 shots. The overall win was by 37 shots.

Winscombe will go to Clarence Park for their final game already knowing they have won the league for the third time in four years. They now go for the league and cup double in the fFinal against Victoria Saxons at Nailsea.

Winscombe 117 (20), Burnham 80: J Mingo-West, K Whatling ,M Adams 15-14; G Lloyd, G Neville, R Birmingham 27-16; D Johnson, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 20-16; P Hopes, M Fletcher, R Lacy 20-15; M Newing, G Coombe, R Lowman 16-11; D Brown, B Paul, T Ellis 19 -8

In the County Leagues, Winscombe B team finished top of Division 3 North with 100 points to gain promotion at the first time of asking. They were demoted last year when five teams were relegated from Division 2.

They needed just two points from their last match at home against Portishead RB, who were in second place and sealed the champions spot with a 10-2 win.

Winscombe B 75 (10), Portishead RBL C 50 (2): N Hansford, D Johnson, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 27-12; P Hopes, R Fisher, G Coombe, G Neville 19-23; M Newing, R Kibble, W Andrews, J Sprouting 29-15.

Winscombe A had a close game at Chew Stoke with the lead switching by the odd shot throughout the match and frequently with the match tied.

Towards the end with two rinks won by Winscombe, they needed two shots to draw and three shots to win, but lost two shots to lose by four shots overall picking up four points. They finish third in Division One North.

Winscombe A 52 (4), Chew Stoke A 56 (8): G Lloyd, K Whatling, S Easterby, M Adams 19-17; D Brown, J Mingo-West, B Paul, T Ellis 16-25; R Lowman, D Phillips, M Fletcher, M Dorrington 17-14.

Winscombe also played St Andrews for what is now their annual match for the Presidents Shield across six rinks at home. They lost but had an enjoyable afternoon against friends and rivals who they will play with and against in the winter indoor season at St Andrews

Winscombe Ladies were home to Portishead RBL in the North Somerset Triples League.

They won on one rink but lost on the other two, losing overall by 11 shots. The friendly rink enjoyed their afternoon, but their losing score did not reflect their game.

Winscombe Ladies 45, Portishead RBL 56: W Weller, C Bryant, T Darkin 22-13; C Hopes, P Burns, S Lowman 8-22; T Miles, S Nash, L Fredersdorff 15-21.

Results for week two of the Winscombe Bowling Club Floodlit Tournament, sponsored by Orriss & Low Optometrists of Winscombe:

Winscombe K 21, Winscombe D 9; Banwell B 10, N Petherton 24; Banwell A 30, Congresbury E 11; Winscombe A 18, Wickham Wells Wickers 13; Congresbury D 15, Congresbury A 14; Clevedon Prom B 14, Congresbury C 15; Wyrall Park A 24, Wrington A 9; St Andrews B 30, Banwell C 16; Mark Moor A 14, Nailsea A 25; Banwell B 22, Winscombe W 22; N Petherton 17, Winscombe C 13; Burnham A 24, Winscombe D 7; Winscombe A 18, Banwell A 17.

In gaining a two rinks to one and a narrow 66-58 victory away to local rivals Street in Premier Division 2 of the Somerset County League, Wedmore men finished an extremely successful season by gaining promotion to Premier Division 1.

This is the first time in the club’s history that a county league team has achieved such a lofty position and much is owed to the commitment of a small group of players who have made themselves available week after week.

Eddie Payne’s rink were ahead all the way in their 24-17 win, closely followed by Roger Hughes and his men who came from behind, scoring 13 shots in five ends to gain a 24-19 win.

Dave Nicholls’ lads were unfortunate to lose by just four shots 18-22, never able to quite catch their Street opponents who remained slightly ahead throughout.

Wedmore 66, Street 58: D Collins, C Moss, R Barron, D Nicholls 18-22; T Brown, I Gallop, R Newell, R Hughes 24-19; A Birch, D Wederell, K Pettit, E Payne 24-17.

In perfect weather and accompanied by stirring music from the band in the park, the annual Friendship Cup contest between Wedmore and City of Wells was as close a result as it could possibly be.

With City of Wells just shading it by one shot at 122-121 overall, the result ensured that the trophy returned to the City. The match was finely poised throughout, with Wedmore six shots ahead at the halfway stage.

However, the home side had the better of the second half finally taking four rinks to Wedmore’s two. An excellent 30-16 result on Ray Newell’s rink and a 25-17 win for Dennis Stansfield’s quartet finally closed the gap to within just one shot.

Wedmore 122, City of Wells 121: T Collingwood, P Moxey, J Wheller, R Newell 30-16; D Gallop, S Wilkinson, J Collingwood, D Trow 14-22; B Disbrey, M Barron, T Simpson, K Burt 15-21; M Hordle, A M Wilkinson, T Newell, R Barron 15-23; Al Birch, A Birch, I Gallop, M Trow 22-23; M Batchelor, M Stansfield, C Wheller, D Stansfield 25-17.

Playing away at Nailsea in the Weston and District Over-60s League, Nailsea took three of the six rinks with one drawn, but a magnificent 31-6 win for Ray Newell’s rink, followed by a very useful 26-13 win for Keith Pettit’s lads ensured that Wedmore scored an overall 112-89 shots victory to earn 13 league points to the home side’s seven.

Ron Barron’s rink fought hard for their draw being 16-4 down on the 11th end, but they then raised their game, scoring 13 shots to the home side’s single shot in the next seven ends to earn the draw.

Wedmore 112, Nailsea 89: Don Trow, Brendon Cottrell, Keith Pettit 26-13; Vic Matthews, Dave Barnett, Ray Newell 31-6; Tony Brown, John Runciman, D Wederell 13-15; T Collingwood, I Gallop, C Panchaud 14-23; S Wilkinson, R Dearden, R Thurkettle 11-15; T Shepherd, D Collins, R Barron 17-17.

On the same day, despite winning two of the three rinks, the ladies were unfortunate to lose by four shots in a 48-52 overall defeat away to Ashcombe in the Wessex Ladies League.

Shirley Wederell’s rink scored an 18-16 win, followed by a single shot 16-15 win for Pam Beard’s ladies but, despite pulling out all the stops, Gill Harvey’s rink suffered a 14-21 shots defeat, leading to an overall loss for Wedmore.

Wedmore Ladies 48, Ashcombe 52: B Clark, A Birch, T Newell, G Harvey 14-21; P Jenkins, J Hunt, M Fisher, S Wederell 18-16; B Disbrey, AM Wilkinson, J Collingwood, P Beard 16-15.

The ladies won two out of the three rinks and gained an overall 48-36 shots victory when entertaining St Andrews in a friendly triples match.

Jenny Collingwood, accompanied by Maureen Hordle and Audrey Birch, recorded an excellent 20-9 shots win, followed by Carole Pettit’s rink with a score of 16 shots to the visitor’s 10.

Wedmore Ladies 48, St Andrews 36: P Jenkins, D Gallop, C Pettit 16-10; M Hordle, A Birch, J Collingwood 20-9; J Collins, M Stansfield, T Newell 12-17.

The men were away to Bridgwater in a five-rink triples friendly match and although levelling the match at two rinks apiece with one drawn, they were unlucky to lose overall by 87 shots to the home side’s 103.

Dave Collins, together with Brendon Cottrell and Tony Shepherd were the best performing rink with a score of 20-17. Terry Simpson’s rink managed a single shot 13-12 win and Jim White’s men, despite scoring a six on the fifth end, went down to two fives in succession but 10 shots on the last four ends saw them earn a creditable 23-23 draw.

Wedmore 87, Bridgwater 103: D Skelton, M Batchelor, T Simpson 13-12; T Shepherd, B Cottrell, D Collins 20-7; R Dearden, P Moxey, K Burt 16-29; P Duggan-Rees, D Barnett, J Runciman 15-32; T Collingwood, I Faulkner, J White 23-23.

The B team were unfortunate to lose their Somerset County League Division 2 North match against Ashcombe B by two rinks to one and an overall score of 56-71.

Dennis Stansfield’s rink were behind all the way, but in picking up three shots on the last end were able to scrape home by just one shot 27-26. Roy Thurkettle’s rink were behind for most of the match, but picked up a six on the penultimate end to take a four-shot lead.

However, an unlucky break on the last end saw Roy strike the jack and give away five shots to finish the game one shot down. Clive Panchaud’s men were 25-1 down after 11 ends, but their late surge in the last 10 ends was to no avail, ultimately going down 13-25.

Wedmore 56, Ashcombe 71: C Wheller, T Simpson, B Cottrell, D Stansfield 27-26; D Trow, J White, S Fisher, R Thurkettle 16-17; V Matthews, J Runciman, D Barnett, C Panchaud 13-25.

St Andrews Ladies stayed on course for a remarkable, second successive Fear Cup/Southey Trophy double when they won their semi-finals in both major county competitions at Ilminster.

Saints showed they have no intention of relinquishing their hold on both trophies, despite three disadvantages.

They were without their fine youngsters, Rebecca and Jenny McMillan and Imogen Cracknell, who were all playing for Somerset in the Amy Rose Bowl at Leamington. Marie McMillan, the sisters’ mum, was also at Leamington, supporting them.

Their second problem was that the Southey semi-final, supposedly on a neutral green, was against home club Ilminster, an unfortunate outcome which the county could not change.

Then there was the persistent rain, which fell throughout most of both matches. Just after the completion of the Southey semi, it became so heavy the green was flooded.

By then, Saints were safely in the clubhouse, being congratulated by their substantial number of supporters who had travelled on the coach with them.

In the afternoon, the St Andrews contingent was augmented by some of the men, who came down from Bath following their own Wedmore Plate triumph during the morning.

Hardest game of the two for Saints was the morning Fear Cup semi-final against Yeovil. Ann Campbell’s rink led throughout to finish 15 shots up. However, Jackie Ware’s team, having edged one ahead, conceded a five on the penultimate end to lose by six.

Meg Favis, 5-13 behind at 10 ends and still nine down after 15, picked up 12 shots on the last six ends, including a three on the last to lose by only two, leaving Saints overall winners by seven.

The final at Ashcombe Park on September 17 will be a repeat of last year’s, against Portishead RBL Poppies, who beat Bath in their semi.

St Andrews Ladies 63, Yeovil Ladies 56: D Baker, S Sinclair, J Pitman, A Campbell 27-12; J Forse, A Powell, M Pattenden, J Ware 16-22; C Venn, J Smith, M Bailey, M Favis 20-22.

After a short break, Saints were back on the increasingly wet green for the four-discipline Southey semi against unknown quantity Ilminster. They soon had their first point in the bag, as Carolina Venn raced to a 17-shot singles victory.

That margin would have given Saints considerable leeway had the match gone to shot-difference. But, this rarely looked likely as, although their pair were always struggling, Ann Campbell’s rink dominated throughout.

Victory was clinched by Meg Favis’s triple, who, having seen their opponents draw level with two ends left, hit back to win 18-15.

In the final, again at Ashcombe on September 17, Saints will play Bath Ladies, 4-0 winners over Clevedon in their semi.

St Andrews Ladies 3 (74), Ilminster Ladies 1 (46) – singles: C Venn 21-4; pairs: S Sinclair/J Smith 14-21; triples: D Baker, J Ware, M Favis 18-15; fours: J Forse, M Pattenden, J Pitman, A Campbell 21-7 (17 ends).

Isle of Wedmore Ladies 48, St Andrews 36 (friendly): J Webb, D Baker, S Sinclair 10-16; J Forse, M Frost, J Smith 9-20; M Barnes, B Goddard, J Pitman 17-12.

Congresbury Ladies 61, Nailsea 34 (Mendip League): C Lewis, V Harding, A Jones 12-20; A King, D Harrison, K Herbison 27-9; C Wilcock, W Manning, B Huggett 22-5.

Congresbury 113 Clevedon 75 (C&D Over-60s League): D Norman, I Morton, D Byett 24-7; D Manning, G Stenner, A Fisher 14-14; K Cole, R Anniuk, T Yearsley 21-17; R Stewart, F Horton, R Kirkham 26-9; G Wilcock, M Huggett, T Lewis 17-15; B Baker, G Andrews, R Archer 11-13.

Congresbury Ladies 55 Victoria Blues 54 (Mendip League): V Harding, A King, D Harrison 16-25; C Lewis, R Horton, B Huggett 16-15; H Tranmer, P Baker, A Jones 23-14.

Wessex Ladies are through to the final of the Fear Cup Plate after defeating Taunton Ladies 62-55.

The match was played at Ilminster and it rained throughout the game. The final will be played at Ashcombe on September 17 versus Portishead or Wells.

Wessex Ladies 62, Taunton 55: E Wade, M Hawkins, B Jones, A Fewings 26-16; V Edwards, J Davis, M Davis, J Duffy 20-16; P Turner, D Welfare, E Williams, P Taylor 16-23.

The league game against West Backwell was curtailed at 15 ends owing to heavy rain.

Wessex Ladies 47 (8), West Backwell 38 (2): J Hartree, P Turner, J Davis 22-6; V Edwards, C Peart, M Hawkins 11-20; E Wade, E Stott, E Williams 14-12.

In the week, two enjoyable friendly matches were played against Clarence Men and £13 was donated to the Wessex charity, (Hospital Scanner Appeal) by the two losing rinks, the highest winning rink and a wrong bias on the men’s side.

Wessex Ladies 74, Clarence Men 114: J Gardiner, P Hanson, E Stott, B Jones 14-25; T Langford, P Dunn, M Davis, M Hawkins 5-29; V Gardiner, N Peters, A Ward, J Duffy 13-24; P Turner, M Milford, C Peart, E Williams 19-14; V Edwards, J Allard, J Davis, P Taylor 23-22.

Wessex Ladies 91, Clarence Ladies 78: S Hewitt, N Peters, E Deane, B Jones 24-10; P Turner, J Allard, A Ward, P Taylor 14-14; V Edwards, J Davis, M Davis, J Duffy 22-15; J Gardiner, M Milford, E Stott, E Williams 12-16; T Langford, V Gardiner, P Hanson, M Hawkins 19-23.

Joan McInally, Jill Wilkinson and Martyn West were victors in the Sunday Triples at the Weston Open Bowling Tournament, defeating Pat Box, Maureen Edwards and Andy McMillan.

Ashcombe Ladies 52 (6), Isle of Wedmore 48 (4) (Wessex League): P Wynne, R Humphries, M Tucker, N Counsell 21-14; J Field, A Bass, M Tasker, S Weaden 16-18; L Owens, S Hopkins, J Hughes, L Paterson 15-16.

Ashcombe Ladies 45 (1), Mark Moor 49 (9): C Falconbridge, J Hughes, M Tasker, J Wilkinson 14-14; L Owens, S Hopkins, N Counsell, J McInally 15-18; R Humphries, S Noyes, M Tucker, S Weaden 16-17.

Ashcombe Ladies 68 (10), Portishead 34 (0) (NSL): L Paterson, M Tasker, S Weaden 25-14; J Field, J Hughes, N Counsell 22-9; P Wynne, M Tucker, J Wilkinson 21-11.

Friendly rink: L Owens, D Norville, S Hopkins 5-24.

The finals of the club competitions will be held on Saturday and Sunday.

Victoria Ladies did not have the rub of the green this week playing two triples matches, losing one match by two shots and the other by just a single shot.

They picked up points from a winning rink in each game with Sandra Milliner, Sue Newman and Sue Cooper winning in the Weston & District League game against Clarence and the triple of Sandra Milliner, Hannah Frye and Sue Cooper successful in the Mendip League game against Congresbury.

Victoria 51 (2), Clarence 53 (8): S Milliner, S Newman, S Cooper 15-12; B Williams, S Pocock, M Hillman 14-17; N Whyte, R Cleeves, M Chudley 22-24.

Victoria Blues 54 (2), Congresbury 55 (8): S Milliner, H Frye, S Cooper 25-16; L Richards, B Williams, R Cleeves 14-23; G Poolman, E Newport, M Chudley 15-16.

Clarence Ladies recorded another good win in this close encounter in the Weston & District Ladies League, with just two shots in it.

With a last-end thriller for Shirley Scoins and Pam Fowler, skipped by Valerie Collicott, they dropped a three on the 17th and being just one up as they came to the last end which they took by two shots giving them a three-shot win.

Clarence Ladies 53, Victoria 51: S Pritchard, J Mannion, M Davison 12-15; C Hooper, P Phillips, C Edlin 24-22; S Scoins, P Fowler, V Collicott 17-14.

The ladies romped away with the match against Nailsea with a 47-shot win. Highest winning rink goes to Janet Anning and Sarie Pritchard, skipped by Jo Mannion with a 20-shot winning margin.

Clarence Ladies 66, Nailsea 19: S Ellis, P Fowler, P Burrough 23-6; S Felts, S Searle, P Hawkins 19-9; J Anning, S Pritchard, J Mannion 24-4.

The ladies only managed one winning rink and one tied, which was enough to give the game to Wessex by 13 shots.

Clarence Ladies 78, Wessex Ladies 91: S Scoins, V Senior, C Marshall, J Mannion 23-19; S Ellis, C Cromey, P Burrough, V Collicott 15-22; S Searle, B Colman, J Anning M Davison 14-14; A Ballinger, G Hookway, S Pritchard, P Hawkins 10-24.

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