St Andrews fall short in high-scoring Over-60s League match

PUBLISHED: 09:30 12 May 2017

Victoria V Weston Bath. Graham Hodge.

Victoria V Weston Bath. Graham Hodge.


St Andrews lost a high-scoring Over-60s League match away at Burnham, despite winning four of the six rinks.

Although St Andrews finished up on four of the six rinks, they lost by eight shots in a high-scoring Over-60s League match away to Burnham.

The trios skipped by team captain Brian Reeves, Don Bailey and Danny Favis all had comfortable wins. Gordon Wride’s men, 3-11 down after six ends, squeezed home by one with a four on the last end.

But the other two Saints’ triples went down by a total of 46 shots, meaning that the visitors earned only eight of the 20 points available.

Burnham 120 (12), St Andrews 112 (6): G Sims, B McLeod, G Wride 21-20; B Rogers, R Venn, G Cooper 6-36; M Simpson, K Uglow, B Reeves 28-8; R Brereton, M Goddard, D Bailey 21-13; R Potter, R Gordon, B Green 12-28; A Cooper, R Wootten, D Favis 24-15.

St Andrews made an immediate exit from the National Two Fours competition, losing by eight away to Clevedon Prom.

In conditions alternating between bright sunshine and torrential rain, Saints left themselves too much to do in the second half of the game. They fought back well, but the home team mastered the heavy, early-season green the better.

Clevedon Prom 41, St Andrews 33: K Uglow, T Ware, K Curtis, N Sell 15-19; M Goddard, B Reeves, D Favis, G Wride 18-22.

Fielding a depleted team because of the club tour to Bournemouth, St Andrews gave a good Isle of Wedmore side a decent game before losing by five in a triples friendly.

Nick Sell’s trio, one behind at halfway, allowed their opponents only one more end as the Saints’ men won by eight. Brian May went 12-0 up before finishing eight ahead, while Ken Curtis, leading 17-8 with four ends left, was tied playing the last end, which he won with a single.

St Andrews 75, Isle of Wedmore 80: R Potter, R Gordon, N Sell 18-10; P Smart, B McLeod, B May 20-12; L Fisher, R Brereton, J Warren 9-22; D Reynolds, J Ling, J Keay 10-19; G Sims, B Green, K Curtis 18-17.

St Andrews start their EIBA Fantastic Fives indoor campaign on Sunday, at home to North Petherton in the mixed short-format competition. They will be represented by Barrie Forse, Ken Uglow, George Webber, Sue Sinclair and Audrey Powell in singles, pairs, triples and fours.

Ashcombe Park had a quieter week, with two men’s friendlies and two league matches.

The friendly evening away match against Banwell was close run, with Banwell eventually winning by a single shot 61-62. At home against Bridgwater, Ashcombe went down heavily failing to win a single rink, the final score being 64-110.

In the Weston and District Over-60s League, the Ashcombe Templars were short of one rink against Isle of Wedmore and had to forfeit 10 shots and two league points. Ashcombe Knights also played Isle of Wedmore, losing by 79 shots to 116.

Ashcombe 61, Banwell 62: G Tucker, B Bishop, G Sansam, J Main 16-10; D Barnes, B Benstead, N Shufflebotham, J Taylor 16-17; J McKenzie, D Cooper, S Hedges, J Whitlow 14-20; S Andrews, M Paterson, T Morgan, A Dawes 15-15.

Ashcombe Templars 73, Wedmore 85: A Freke, P March, M Parry 19-9; L Cornford, M Butt, R Smith 10-14; G Tucker, D Barnes, A Tucker 14-28; G Field, S Andrews, B Miles 18-23; M Unwin, C Vardon, N Coombes 12-11;

Ashcombe Knights 79, Wedmore 116: B Bishop, G Mills, E Hopkins 17-15; D Cardy, B Benstead, D Bleasdale 14-16; B Alden, D Wynne, J Hornett 7-27; B Jones, R Counsell, M Paterson 13-14; G Pople, K Davies, T Morgan 12-21; D Freestone, AA Dawes, A Cracknell 16-13.

Ashcombe 64, Bridgwater 110: M Griffiths, A Dawes, J Hornett, J Whitlow 15-36; D Barnes, G Pople, G Sansam, M West 11-22; G Tucker, C Gerlach, B Miles, K Wheeler 20-31; S Andrews, M Paterson, G Fews, J Creasey 18-21.

Victoria Saxons maintained their excellent start to the season in the Weston & District Over-60s League with a further two wins.

Clarence Blues were the visitors where Mike Cooper skipped his triple of Roger Rockett and Alan Shattock to an emphatic rink win of 16 shots, but the result was in the balance until the final end when Ken Harvey came up with shot on the final end to win his triple.

This left the last rink to finish with the match scores level with the steady hand of skip Colin Heal wrapping up victory with two shots on the final end.

The Saxons enjoyed a more relaxing win against Yatton winning by 27 shots and securing 18 points, Roger Rockett, Alan Shattock and Mike Cooper again top scored with a rink win of 14 shots.

The Vikings travelled to Nailsea and although the rink wins were shared, Victoria had to be content with the consolation of six points. The triple of Alex Waygood, Richard Hollier and skip Derek Jones top scored with an eight-shot win.

Victoria Saxons 102 (14), Clarence Blues 100 (6): R Rockett, A Shattock, M Cooper 25-9; R Bromet, A Bray, M Stocker 15-18; B Pocock, D Sealey, A Yates 12-19; M Milliner, D Williams, C Heal 18-16; H Whyte, G Richards, K Holland 11-18; P Lunn, J Newman, K Harvey 21-20.

Victoria Saxons 116 (18), Yatton 89 (2): R Rockett, A Shattock, M Cooper 29-15; R Bromet, A Bray, M Stocker 18-10; B Pocock, S Evans, A Yates 21-15; M Milliner, D Hurst, C Heal 18-15; H Whyte, D Williams, K Holland 15-14; P Lunn, J Newman, K Harvey 15-20.

Victoria Vikings 94 (6), Nailsea 120 (14): Alec Waygood, R Hollier, D Jones 21-13; Carmine, D Parker, G Frost 23-19; L Kelly, J Langbridge, J Smart 17-16; G Robbins, T Gatehouse, E Sage 10-22; N Robbins, J Turton, G Hodge 11-22; R Jacobs, W Nicholls, B Johnson 12-28.

Clarence Blues lost by just two shot to Victoria Saxons in the Weston Over-60s League, both sides sharing three rinks each.

Skips Mick Edlin and Don Towie both won by seven apiece, making them Clarence’s joint rinks of the day.

Clarence Blues 100, Victoria Saxons 102: B Rossiter, B Underwood, T Mannion 20-21; D Grier, J Rogers, D Towie 18-11; B Benn, M Adams, M Edlin 19-12; T Ward, B Balllinger, R Crawford 16-18; A Gardiner, M Phillips, R Burrough 18-15; R Smith, B Duffy, G Barlow 9-25.

An away friendly at Bridgwater ended in defeat for Clarence after a high-scoring match. A special mention must go to Bob Rossiter, Rod Smith, Tony Mannion skipped by Brendan Duffy, after pulling out a superb 21-shot victory.

Clarence 123, Bridgwater 139: T Ward, T Cannon, P Williams, R Burrough 28-15; T Derrick, D Symes, C Tippet, C Read 23-17; R Rossiter, R Smith, T Mannion, B Duffy 32-11; A Newland, J Kelloway, M Peters, J Atkins 11-39; B Benn, P Pileggi, K Southan, M Edlin 10-34; A Bishop, N Martin, G Barlow, R Crawford 21-23.

In darts they say that 123 never won a game and in bowls this certainly proved the case for Clarence.

Played over nine rinks, Clarence were soundly beaten by the touring side. Clarence managed just three winning rinks, the best of them consisted of Bob Rossiter, Adrian Gardiner, Steve Browning and skipped by Brendan Duffy, winning by 11 shots.

Clarence 123, Penyrheol 183: R Rossiter, A Gardiner, S Browning, B Duffy 22-11; B Benn, T Cannon, T Mannion, M Edlin 5-23; F Al Hinai, K Southan, N Martin, M Davies 15-23; A Newland, B Chandler, M Peters, J Atkins 19-15; T Derrick, M Skyme, P Williams, C Read 23-20; S Scoins, J Gardiner, J Anning, J Duffy 15-21; P Fowler, J Kelloway, N Peters, C Edlin 14-26; N Flaskett, M Southan, T Langford, M Scoins 10-24; V Gardiner, D Symes, S Hewitt, P Hawkins 10-20.

Congresbury 86, Winscombe 98: R Archer, G Wilcock, P Reay, C Shipway 15-13; S Pook, C Edwards, M Kimmings, A Fisher 23-15; P Dawes, K Cole, R King, T Lewis 11-34; B Baker, G Stenner, M Huggett, T Yearsley 17-17; D Manning, R Jones, F Horton, R Kirkham 20-19.

Congresbury 96, Nailsea 56 (Co-operative Funeralcare Evening League): G Willcock, J Freemantle, R King, B Herbison 19-8; S Pook, A Fisher, T Lewis, D Byett 16-14; B Baker, F Horton, A Archer, C Shipway 22-14; K Cole, M Kimmings, M Huggett, L Beck 20-13; D Manning, P Reay, R Kirkham, R Becker 19-7.

Congresbury 76, Bloomfield 57 (mixed friendly): V Harding, D Davis, R Archer, F Horton 14-18; A Harding, E Stenner, R Horton, C Shipway 21-16; B Baker, A Purnell, J Byett, G Stenner 25-8; C Wilcock, J Freemantle, I Morton, P Baker 16-15.

Winscombe still need to hit a winning formula in the Weston and District Over-60s League. They lost their latest match at Clevedon by four shots and picked up just four points.

Winscombe 96 (4), Clevedon100 (16): J Sprouting, A Dudley, M Adams 15-21; J Smith, M Nash, P Fredersdoff 18-21; J Mingo-West, L Collier, R Lacy 11-15; J Brown, B Andrews, T Ellis 13-21; G Lloyd, G Coombe, W Ainsworth 21-10; M Fletcher, R Lowman, G Neville 18-12.

Other matches played were the Mixed Tony Allcock National two-rink competition against Clevedon Prom. Winscombe won and play Congresbury in the next round.

A men’s friendly at Congresbury resulted in another win for Winscombe, while they lost at home to Bristol in the Saturday match.

Winscombe 92, Bristol 70: J Sprouting, D Phillips, M Nash, R Lowman 17-22; B Paul, R Knight, S Easterby, G Neville 31-12; D Brown, G Coombe, L Collier, M Adams 23-15; M Fletcher, C Bryant, G Hill, W Ainsworth 21-21.

Winscombe 72, Wilmot Park 67 (mixed friendly): D Johnson, A Pow, Chrissie Bryant, R Lowman 20-18; G Hill, P Pow, B Paul, W Ainsworth 15-18; S Nash, C Bryant, M Nash, 14-15; C Hopes, L Coombe, P Hopes, G Coombe 18-16.

In an early triples league match, Wedmore men had an encouraging victory at home to Ashcombe Knights, winning four rinks to two and 116 shots to 79.

Both Roger Hughes and Clive Panchaud led their men ahead from the start, both scoring a six-point end and finishing on top by 27-7 and 24-13 shots respectively.

Keith Pettit’s side took the lead on the fourth end and did not look back winning 21-12. Skippers Ron Barron and Dave Nichols saw close competition with the lead changing hands, but lost narrowly 15-17 shots and 13-16 shots.

Eight friendlies came close together to help players prepare for the season and Wedmore won half of them. Away to St Andrews, the men did well with skippers Burt and Panchaud leading their players to untroubled victories.

Ron Barron and company came from a long way back to miss out by a point, while Messrs Wederell and Fisher struggled. Although St Andrews won 3-2 on rinks, Wedmore took the match with an overall score of 80-75 shots.

At home to Bridgwater, the men won the rinks by 3-2, but lost overall by 79-89. Tony Brown and Keith Burt led their troops to straightforward victories, while Dave Nichols’ crew faded at the end, but held on for a narrow win. Dave Collins and Ron Barron drew the short straws and could not prevent big losses.

The ladies lost at home to Yatton by 39 shots to 46 and by one rink to two. Jill Harvey’s ladies did well to win, never having been behind. Pam Beard’s group fought hard and were in with a shout but lost by two shots. Shirley Wederell’s people lost heavily.

Away to Wyrral Park, rinks were two-one, but overall 43 shots to 53. Margaret Barron’s and Lynda Dearden’s teams won well, but Barbara Disbrey’s lasses were overwhelmed.

In a run of mixed friendlies, Wedmore were at home to Street when Ron Barron and John Runciman’s rinks had solid victories, Trish Newell’s cohort narrowly won and Terry Simpson’s folk were disappointed losing by one shot. Pam Beard’s team were sunk. Rinks were three to two and overall shots 90-75.

At home to North Petherton, it was two-all on rinks, but overall shots went against Wedmore by 72 shots to 76. Dave Collins’ bunch had a close first half, but pulled away aided by a six score. Roger Hughes side won comfortably, but Jenny Collingwood and Keith Burt and co lost heavily.

Away to Clevedon Prom, honours were even on rinks but the overall score was 99 shots to 118. Skippers Ron Barron, Stuart Fisher and Marie Trow all won by enough to provide a good cushion, but Joe White, Dennis Stansfield and John Runciman jointly needed more than that.

Hosts to a strong touring side, Grampound, Wedmore narrowly took four rinks to three, and won 137-125 overall. Ron Barron and friends secured a lead of 17 shots, Keith Burt’s crew added another 17 after a storming finish.

Roger Hughes rink contributed 13 and Shirley Wederell’s lot another four. Dennis Stansfield, Liz Hamblin and Dave Collins and supporting cast all met more than their match.

Ashcombe Park held a successful open day, with a good number of people of all ages trying the sport and it is hoped that some may become members.

A spring coffee morning was also held with a variety of stalls offering a wide range of items. This event was well supported by members and non-members and raised £700 for the club. The hard work the various members gave for the day being appreciated.

Clevedon Prom ended Ashcombe Ladies North Somerset Triples League winning streak with a win on two rinks and a draw on the third.

Ashcombe Ladies 35 (1), Clevedon Prom 54 (9): M Main, J Wilkinson, J McInally 15-18; L Paterson, M Tasker, S Weaden 5-21; P Wynne, M Tucker, A Goacher 15-15. Friendly rink: D Norville, J Hughes, N Counsell 21-14.

Imogen Cracknell and Jenny McMillan of St Andrews were selected for the first Somerset ladies’ Johns Trophy trial at Clevedon.

Their clubmate Rebecca McMillan, Jenny’s elder sister, has been selected for the second Johns trial, also at Clevedon.

Without most of the team who won the Fear Cup and Southey Trophy last season, St Andrews Ladies lost by nine shots away to Mark Moor Ladies in a friendly triples.

Second-year bowler Jackie Yeates, Jenny McMillan and experienced skip Ann Campbell formed the only Saints’ rink to finish up on a cold afternoon.

Mark Moor Ladies 50, St Andrews Ladies 41: J Yeates, J McMillan, A Campbell 17-16; S Priory, A Greenwood, M Frost 12-16; J Webb, D Baker, M McMillan 12-18.

Victoria Ladies travelled to Bristol for their first encounter with Bristol Arrow, who have already agreed to a return match next year.

The ladies found their opponents in excellent form with two comprehensive rink defeats, but the rink of Gill Poolman, Chris Stevens, Chris Sage and Sue Newman clawed their way back into a difficult game to win by two shots.

In a four-rink mixed friendly against Avon & Somerset Police, the ladies won on just the one rink of Gill Poolman, Les Kelly, John Smart and Sue Cooper, but such was the margin of their victory, Victoria squeezed to a two-shot victory.

Victoria Ladies 35, Bristol Arrow 39: G Poolman, C Stevens, C Sage, S Newman 19-17; N Whyte, H Frye, S Pocock, M Hillman 8-24; B Williams, S Sokol, B Mangan, R Cleeves 8-18.

Victoria Ladies 81, Avon & Somerset Police 79: N Whyte, B Cardwell, R Bromet, D Fairhurst 18-18; S Milliner, B Williams, H Whyte, R Rockett 17-19; G Poolman, L Kelly, J Smart, S Cooper 25-14; D Hubbard, M Kelly, M Milliner, E Sage 21-28.

Wessex Ladies continued their winning streak when they defeated Winscombe by 30 shots.

Wessex Ladies 72 (8) Winscombe 42 (2): V Gardiner, J Davis, D Welfare, M Hawkins 11-25; P Turner, E Stott, J Duffy, A Fewings 36-6; V Edwards, E Wade, M Davis, B Jones 25-11.

New members always welcome, coaching provided. Contact 01934 622841 for further information.

Winscombe Ladies 42, Clarence 72 (Wessex League): S Lowis, L Parfitt, C Bryant, M Adams 11-25; C Hopes, L Combe, S Nash, S Lowman 25-26; M Howell, A Bourgard, E Watts, A Ainsworth 6-21.

Winscombe Ladies 28, Clevedon Prom 50 (NSTL): C Hopes, M Adams, M Sprouting 9-18; S Lowis, C Bryant, A Ainsworth 10-15; L Coombe, S Nash, S Lowman 9-17.

Winscombe Ladies 50, Clevedon Prom 73 (Wessex League): L Coombe, S Lowis, C Bryant, M Sprouting 22-20; M Howell, S Ovenden, E Watts, A Ainsworth 14-24; C Hopes, P Burns, S Nash, S Lowman 14-29.

Winscombe Bowling Club held its indoor presentation evening and dinner in the club’s pavilion.

Presentations were made by club president Lesley Fredersdorff to the winners of the Winscombe Indoor Short Mat League (Adrian and Pauline Pow, Angela and Wilf Ainsworth) and to the winners of Indoor Triples League held at St Andrews (Graham Neville, Lew Collier and Peter John).

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