St Andrews reach county Wedmore Plate final after one-shot semi-final victory

PUBLISHED: 14:27 16 August 2017 | UPDATED: 14:27 16 August 2017

George Webber bowling for St Andrews.

George Webber bowling for St Andrews.


St Andrews reached the final of the Somerset county Wedmore Plate, overcoming South Petherton at Yeovil.

St Andrews squeezed into the final of the Somerset county Wedmore Plate by beating South Petherton at Yeovil.

However, they nearly threw away a winning position. Thanks to Barrie Forse’s rink, 19 shots up at the time, they had a useful lead with two ends to play.

Then Forse’s team dropped a six on the penultimate end to put the result in the melting pot. With three rinks having finished, Saints were still five ahead and Danny Favis’s quartet, were holding two on their last end. Saints looked home and dry.

But Favis’s opponents trailed the jack to their back woods to hold three and their skip added another, meaning that if he could make it five with his final wood, all rinks would have to play an extra end. His attempt failed and Saints had scraped through by one.

Forse, Ken Uglow, Jim Keay and Andy McMillan, were the only Saints’ rink winners, helped by a seven on the fourth end. But the others, though beaten, kept it fairly tight to play their part in the victory.

In the final at Bath on September 3, St Andrews will play Radstock-based Norwest, who beat Yatton in the other semi-final. Saints have been runners-up in the competition twice.

St Andrews 75, South Petherton 74: K Uglow, J Keay, A McMillan, B Forse 29-17; R Wootten, B McLeod, B May, B Reeves 15-19; M Goddard, T Ware, D Bailey, M Favis 14-18; A Cooper, R Brereton, G Webber, N Sell 17-20.

Saints suffered a heavy defeat away to Portishead RBL on August 8 in the Weston & District Over-60s League.

Their only points were gained by captain Brian Reeves’s rink, who won by 14. George Webber’s triple led by six after 11 ends then did not score another shot, while Danny Favis, 14-12 up with three ends left, lost by one.

Portishead RBL 104 (18), St Andrews 78 (2): B McLeod, B Green, G Webber 14-20; K Uglow, R Venn, B Reeves 22-8; G Sims, J Keay, J Warren 9-18; R Brereton, G Cooper, D Bailey 12-24; A Cooper, T Ware, D Favis 14-15; T Lay, M Goddard, K Curtis 7-19.

St Andrews won both home friendlies last week. They beat Eastover Park by five, with Nick Sell making a winning comeback at skip after a long spell out through illness. Ronnie Wootten skipped the other successful home rink.

St Andrews 75, Eastover Park 70: D Reynolds, M Willetts, R Wootten 25-11; A Frost, N Bassett, N Sell 21-13; L Fisher, A Cooper, R Smith 17-20; G Sims, J Ling, R Brereton 12-26.

Two thumping rink victories helped earn Saints a convincing win against Portishead in another triples friendly. Paul Smart, Adrian Cooper and Roger Brereton won by 28, allowing their opponents only two shots.

Tony Lay, Nigel Bassett and Don Bailey also topped 30 shots to finish 25 clear. Brian May was another winning skip for the home side.

St Andrews 107, Portishead 60: D Reynolds, M Willetts, R Wootten 16-17; P Smart, A Cooper, R Brereton 30-2; L Fisher, L Yeates, M Goddard 10-18; T Lay, N Bassett, D Bailey 33-8; A Frost, J Ling, B May 18-15.

Saints’ club champion Barrie Forse won the mixed pairs at the Clevedon Open Tournament last week. He partnered Sue Latham (Thornbury) to a comfortable win against a Congresbury duo in the final. Forse also reached the semi-finals of the tournament singles.

Victoria’s progress in the Turnbull Cup was ended at the semi-final stage by Ilminster at Yeovil, but they can take credit by sharing the rink wins against a strong Ilminster team.

Mike Cooper and Will Harrison skipped their rinks to one and three-shot victories.

It was a particularly disappointing week, with defeats for the A team in the County League against Bristol A and a narrow five-shot defeat for the Saxons away to Clarence Blues in the Over-60s League, which has dented Victoria’s hopes of winning the league.

Victoria did have the consolation of four points from two winning rinks with the triple of Brian Pocock, Dave Sealey and Alan Yates winning by an impressive margin of 25 shots.

There were positive results in the two friendlies played starting with an emphatic win over Banwell, with the rink of the day Nigel Robbins, Bill Nicholls, Roy Bromet and Phil Fisher winning 43-3.

Victoria’s away day at Minehead saw a comfortable victory of 33 shots secured by four rink wins and particular credit to the two rinks skipped by Ken Harvey and Keith Holland, who each won by 19 shots.

Victoria 61, Ilminster 80: S Stocker, P Fisher, A Yates, C Heal 8-23; P Coumis, B Pocock, C Gazzard, M Cooper 19-18; P Wyatt, M Campbell, L Stocker, W Harrison 19-16; R Bromet, H Whyte, M Stocker, S Davis 15-23.

Victoria A 41 (2), Bristol A 70 (10): S Stocker, C, Gazzard, A Yates, C Heal 7-34; P Wyatt, M Campbell, L Stocker, W Harrison 18-16; P Coumis, K Harvey, M Stocker, S Davis 16-20.

Victoria Saxons 111 (4), Clarence Blues 116 (16): L Kelly, R Rockett, A Shattock 12-29; H Whyte, D Wheatley, C Heal 28-11; B Pocock, D Sealey, A Yates 31-6; R Bromet, J Newman, K Holland 14-24; M Manning, D Williams, M Stocker 14-24; P Lunn, M Campbell, K Harvey 11-14.

Victoria 106, Banwell 58: N Robbins, W Nicholls, R Bromet, P Fisher 43-3; L Kelly, E Sage, G Richards, A Shattock 27-17; G Robbins, C Chudley, H Whyte, R Rockett 15-19; D Hubbard, D Roberts, M Manning, K Holland 21-19.

Victoria 135, Minehead 102: P Wyatt, E Sage, L Stocker, P Leadbeater 23-22; R Bromet, A Waygood, J Newman, C Heal 13-20; M Milliner, M Manning, G Frost, M Stocker 18-20; Carmine, G Hodge, A Shattock, D Jones 19-16; L Kelly, C Chudley, J Smart, K Harvey 31-12;W Nicholls, D Williams, R Rockett, K Holland 31-12.

Ashcombe’s week started with a closely-fought mixed friendly match against Ardagh, which resulted in a 65-62 win for Ardagh.

Ashcombe’s Templars, which was formed to give newer members the experience of competing in higher level competitions, continue to grow in strength and confidence.

At home against Nailsea, in the Weston and District Over-60s League, they took three out of five rinks and won on overall score, 80 shots to 77. Nailsea were also penalised for dropping a rink.

In the same league, Ashcombe’s Knights were at home to Wedmore managing to win two of the rinks and draw a third. On overall score they narrowly missed out, going down 96-99.

In the Somerset Bowls League, Ashcombe’s B team were home to Bristol B. Despite some close scoring, Ashcombe were only able to win on one rink and were down on overall shots, 51 to 61.

Ashcombe 62, Ardagh 65: L Shanks, D Barnes, S Hedges, J Creasey 14-14; D Freestone, S Appleby, M Southwood, K Powell 16-19; l Owens, P Barnes, R Powell, T Morgan 20-10; G Tucker, R Jenkins, S Hopkins, E Hopkins 12-22.

Ashcombe Knights 96, Wedmore 99: B Alden, D Bleasdale, J Hornett 15-15; B Jones, R Counsell, K Powell 12-13; J McKenzie, M Paterson, A Cracknell 15-18; D Barnes, E Roberts, A Dawes 15-11, K Davies, M Bass, E Hopkins 16-25; D Freestone, T Morgan, R Tasker 23-17.

Ashcombe Templars 80, Nailsea 77: P Barnes, R Smith, W Spring 19-15; C Cardy, B Miles, S Andrews 19-9; G Pople, D Carr, D Williams 10-24; R Cole, N Coombes, C Vardon 12-16; M Butt, L Cox, B Underhay 20-13.

Ashcombe B 51, Bristol B 61: N Coombes, G Pople, E Roberts, D Wynne 17-16; F Bertram, B Miles, D Bleasdale, M Paterson 20-24; D Freestone, D Williams, A Dawes, J Main 14-21.

Clarence Blues came through with a much-needed five-shot win against Victoria Saxons in the Weston Over-60s League.

Winning four of the six rinks gave them 16 of the possible 20 points. Although the score was close, there was only one rink that was close to call. Bob Rossiter and Roger Burrough skipped by David Stott who were all square after 14, then won three of the remaining four ends giving them a three-shot victory.

Clarence Blues 116, Victoria Saxons 111: M Adams, D Grier, M Edlin 31-15; R Flicker, B Ballinger, R Crawford 13-27; R Rossiter, R Burrough, D Stott 14-11; T Ward, J Rogers, D Towie 6-31; R Smith, B Duffy, G Barlow 24-14; A Gardiner, T Mannion, M Phillips 29-12.

In the Somerset County League, there was a welcome win for the A team, taking two of the three rinks. Rink of the day goes to Adrian Gardiner, Steve Browning and Tony Mannion, skipped by Mick Edlin

Clarence A 65, Burnham 46: R Smith, D Grier, B Duffy, D Towie 22-15; M Cerasoli, D Stott, B Sweet, R Crawford 17-21; A Gardiner, S Browning, T Mannion, M Edlin 26-10.

Clarence enjoyed a good win against touring side Ystalyfera. Rink of the day goes to S Felts, Alan Newland and Barry Underwood, skipped by Mick Edlin with a 16-shot victory.

Clarence 104, Ystalyfera 73: F Al Hinai, P Pileggi, S Pritchard, J Atkins 21-8; S Felts, A Newland, B Underwood, M Edlin 24-8; B Watkins, L Hedderman, A Bishop, M Davies 17-23; D Symes, T Langford, G Andrews, B Sweet 21-6; M Ford, B Deacon, S Searle, T Mannion 11-14; T Derrick, V Gardiner, E Wade Chris Read 10-14.

Banwell were involved in just the two games last week, both with equally disastrous results.

In a friendly away to Victoria, it was the scale of defeat that stands out, with just one winning rink, skipped by Mike Amos.

Banwell 58, Victoria 106: T Hyde, J Wright, J Rickery, M Amos 19-15; D Mabbutt, B Watts, J Amos, K Burgess 3-43; T Brice, M Kirby, T Garfield, B Taylor 19-21; A Cockayne, G Hollier, L Pheasant, P Aldus 17-27.

In the Somerset League Premier 1 match against Portishead RBL A, once again it was not Banwell’s day.

Chris Wilson and his rink picked up two points, the highlights on his rink being the seven picked up on the 18th end, and a six on the 20th end.

Other results in the league did not go well for the club, with the result that Banwell are sitting at the bottom of the league.

Banwell A 52 (2), Portishead RBL A 81 (10): T Burnett, L Pheasant, P Villis, D Johnston 9-31; T Hyde, H Woodards, M Davies, J Davies 10-26; G Millard, P Aldus, B Taylor, C Wilson 33-24.

Winscombe had three men’s matches and one mixed match in the past week.

A mixed friendly against Banwell was the first time the two local rivals had played a mixed friendly at Winscombe’s home ground.

This was played in a great atmosphere and for many of Banwell’s ladies this was their first visit to Winscombe’s green.

The match was a close affair with each team winning on two of the four rinks, but Winscombe eventually came out on top by just four shots.

Winscombe 71, Banwell 67: F Bays ,C Bryant, R Weller, M Fletcher 24-11; T Miles, A Pow, S Nash, W Andrews 21-10; C Hopes, P Pow, P Hopes, M Nash 16-18; D Seaman, L Coombe, D Brown, G Coombe 10-28.

The friendly against Bath is a fixture that has been played for many years (home and away) and is very popular as the clubs have built up many mutual friendships.

On this occasion, Winscombe came away the winners on four out of the six rinks and won the match by 39 shots.

This was the last time this will be played as two separate friendly matches, as it was agreed afterwards that with effect from next year, the scores from the home and away ties will be aggregated and the winner over the two games will receive a trophy that is being put up by Bath called the Sydney Gardens Trophy.

The club expressed their gratitude to Bath for its generosity in putting the trophy up for this and is looking forward to the extra competitive edge that this will introduce to this most friendly of fixtures.

Winscombe 140, Bath 101: J Sprouting, S Easterby, M Adams 15-20; D Johnson, G Neville, W Ainsworth 25-14; D Brown, L Collier, M Dorrington 32-9; P Hopes, W Andrews, T Ellis 29-13; P John, M Nash, R Lacy 29-20; J Mingo-West, G Coombe, R Birmingham 10-25.

The only competitive match this week was against Portishead Royal British Legion in the Weston & District Over-60s League. Winscombe won on all six rinks to take the game by 127 shots to 77 and to take all of the points on offer. This consolidates Winscombe’s position at the top of the league standings.

Winscombe 127 (20), Portishead RBL 77: M Newing, M Nash, G Neville 16-14; P Hopes, M Fletcher, R Lacy 18-17; P John, G Coombe, R Birmingham 20-14; D Brown, B Paul, T Ellis 23-13; D Johnson, L Collier, W Ainsworth 28-8; J Sprouting, K Whatling, M Adams 22-11.

As their were no county games on Saturday, Winscombe played a friendly against Norwest on four rinks and won on three of the rinks to take the match by 100 shots to 49, making it a clean sweep of all games played this week.

Winscombe captain Malcolm Dorrington, said: “If only all weeks could end up the same way.”

Winscombe 100, Norwest 49: J Mingo-West, M Trenchard, M Fletcher, W Ainsworth 15-16; P Hopes, T Moody, S Easterby, M Nash 34-14; A Trenchard, M Smart, B Paul, G Neville 18-16; G Lloyd, D Peakall, G Coombe, T Ellis 23-13.

Four of the seven finals at Clevedon’s annual bowls tournament were contested by Congresbury bowlers.

Clive Shipway and Roger Becker won the men’s pairs and Chris Wilcock, Jenny Byett and Angela Jones won the ladies’ triples. Dave Byett was runner-up in the men’s singles and Pat and Barry Baker were runners-up in the mixed pairs.

The annual sportsmen’s day, organised by the village bowling club, attracted more than 100 novice bowlers in a day-long tournament.

Winners were the Cleeve Cricketers: Terry Barter, David Lock, Mike Wilkinson and Jeff Rawles. Second was the Bash Street Gang: Ian and Joe Crane, Chris Luke and Johnny Matthews. Third - Yatton Gasheads: Ivor Watts, Stephen Lovell, Phil Arnold and Porsche Eade. Fourth - Cottage Loaf: Keith Westlake, Richard Aldridge and Pete and Glynis Woodhouse.

Bowls club president Don Manning presented the prizes. The event was sponsored by Robin King estate agents and Butcombe Brewery.

Competitor Ian Dickinson, of Well Park, said: “Congresbury is a special place and this event is an important part of making me feel connected with the village.”

As the season moves into the home straight, Wedmore men are doing well and have experienced being at the top of both the County Premiership Division 2 and the Clevedon & District Triples League.

Away to Portishead in the Clevedon League, the men pulled off a magnificent 133-90 victory and 5-1 on rinks. Keith Pettit’s people won 12 of 18 ends and consequently rattled up a big winning score-27-8.

Roger Hughes’ guys set off on the wrong foot, but soon sorted that out and seized victory by 25 shots to 11. Tony Brown’s bunch took a little while to settle down but went on to win 26-19.

Colin Moss’ lads swapped the lead eight times in a close tussle which they won 23-19. David Wederell and friends established their grip on the game from the start, going on to win 15-13.

Ron Barron’s group trailed, but were never out of touch when a six score gave them a four-shot lead. This proved to be a false dawn as the other side struck back by enough to squeeze out a three-shot win.

Wedmore 133, Portishead 90: D Trow, D Stansfield, K Pettit 27-8; A Birch, J Harris, R Hughes 25-11; B Dearden, I Gallop, T Brown 26-19; T Collingwood, D Collins, C Moss 23-19; V Matthews, B Aston, D Wederell 15-13; S Wilkinson, T Simpson, R Barron 17-20.

The men visited Portishead again for a semi-final in the Clevedon Cup, winning by the narrow margin of two shots, with rinks 3-3.

At the halfway stage, Roger Hughes’ men had not been behind but their lead was only four shots, going on to win 22-14. Eddie Payne’s boys also led throughout, scoring a six made for a good lead, but that was cancelled by a six shot loss resulting in a 20-15 win.

Keith Pettit’s trio were in a tight match until end 11 when they pulled away and won 17-13. Ron Barron’s gents did not take the lead until end 15 but were pipped at the post as Portishead scored four on the last end to win 15-16.

Colin Moss and co were also in a close game with just one shot in it at end 16, but the other side scored five shots over the last two ends, winning 13-19. Keith Burt’s crew struggled to get into the game and went down 16-24.

Wedmore 103, Portishead 101: C Wheller, I Gallop, R Hughes 22-14; A Birch, J Harris, E Payne 20-15; D Trow, T Brown, K Pettit 17-13; J Runciman, R Bull, R Barron 15-16; V Matthews, D Collins, C Moss 13-19; B Aston, T Simpson, K Burt 16-24.

The men had a good victory in the Clevedon Triples League, away to Ashcombe Knights when the score was 99-94 overall and 4-2 on rinks.

A reasonable start by Keith Pettit’s partners turned into a good one with a seven shots score on end six and they maintained the momentum to claim a 25-16 victory. Dennis Stansfield’s team had an eight-shot lead on end 15 and it proved necessary to withstand a strong finish by the opposition giving a win of 18-15.

Brian Aston’s blokes were in a close contest where the lead changed six times before they were able to nail it down 15-13. A five score on end eight helped Roy Thurkettle’s troops grab the lead for the first time, squeezing home to win 13-12.

Jim White and support had another close fight, but a stronger finish by Ashcombe inflicted a loss of 11-15. Keith Burt and his crowd also had good chances in a game where the lead changed six times, but again the other side finished stronger so it finished 17-23.

Wedmore 99, Ashcombe 94: D Trow, B Cottrell, K Pettit 25-16; V Matthews, D Collins, D Stansfield 18-15; R Norris, M Green, B Aston 15-13; T Collingwood, D Barnett, R Thurkettle 13-12; P D Rees, J Clark, J White 11-15; B Dearden, I Faulkner, K Burt 17-23.

Away to Clarence B in the County League, the Wedmore B team did not fare so well, losing on all three rinks and by 46 shots to 69.

Roy Thurkettle’s rink were in it until end seven when Clarence pulled away for an eight-shot lead. Wedmore whittled this down to three shots by end 16 but that was as good as it got, losing 16-21.

In a ding-dong game Stuart Fisher’s fellows held the lead by as late as end 17, but Clarence put the game to bed by scoring nine shots over the last four ends, so 16-23. Clive Wheller and pals were leading in the middle third of the game but from then on could not match the scoring rate of their opponents and went down 14-25.

Wedmore 46, Clarence B 69: D Trow, B Cottrell, D Barnett, R Thurkettle 16-21; V Matthews, J Runciman, I Faulkner, S Fisher 16-23; T Collingwood, T Simpson, M Green, C Wheller 14-25.

In the Weston Triples League at home to Victoria, the ladies won 3-0 on rinks and by 49 shots to 35 overall.

Carole Pettit’s side just kept up their scoring rate and deserved to win 18-9. Marie Trow’s lasses regained the lead at the right time, end 13, pressing on to win 14-10. Pam Beard’s bevy had collected a 12-point lead by end 15, eventually winning by just one shot.

Wedmore Ladies 49, Victoria 35: J Collins, B Disbrey, C Pettit 18-9; M Hordle, A Hughes, M Trow 14-10; A Wilkinson, T Collingwood, P Beard 17-16.

The ladies hosted Nailsea in the triples league and won narrowly by 49 shots to 46 and 2-1 on rinks.

Shirley Wederell’s ladies did not score until end five by which time they had given Nailsea six shots start, eventually running out 18-10 winners. Pam Beard’s women shifted around for a while, but seized the day from end seven and, aided by two five scores, won 21-16. At end six the score was six all but it was 10 ends before Marie Trow’s troupe scored, eventually losing 10-20.

Wedmore Ladies 49, Nailsea 46: P Jenkins, J Collingwood, S Wederell 18-10; B Disbrey, C Pettit, P Beard, 21-16; J Collins, L Hamlin, M Trow 10-20.

A mixed friendly at home to Wellington provided Wedmore with a victory 78-70 shots overall and 3-1 on rinks.

Mike Green’s foursome had a 12-0 lead by end seven and so cruised to victory at 22-15. After end eight, Alan Birch’s band settled down and, helped by a six score en route, won 21-15.

Peter Tincknell’s folk put their noses in front at halfway and held on for a 20-18 win. Mike Batchelor’s crowd were in it until end 16, but then could not match the opposition so lost 15-22.

Ashcombe Ladies secured a very close North Somerset League win away to Clarence Ladies, winning by one shot, in spite of losing on two rinks.

Ashcombe Ladies 44 (6), Clarence 43 (4): P Wynne, M Tucker, A Goacher 13-18; L Paterson, M Tasker, S Weaden 14-16; M Main, J Hughes, J Wilkinson 17-9. Friendly rink: J Williams, D Norville, N Counsell 11-14.

Playing away to North Petherton in the Wessex League, Ashcombe were soundly defeated by a strong home team.

Ashcombe 49 (2), North Petherton 80 (8): L Owens, S Noyes, C Falconbridge J Field 14-23; R Humphries, A Bass, D Norville, J McInally 13-39; M Main, C Hedges, J Hughes, L Paterson 22-18.

Wessex Ladies 47 (0), Mark Moor 71 (10): V Edwards, E Stott, A Crawford, M Hawkins 16-18; D Welfare, J Hartree, P Hanson, E Williams 18-25; V Gardiner, P Dunn, J Davis, B Jones 13-28.

The match between the captain’s team and president’s team resulted in a 67-54 win for the captain.

President Mary Davis presented the Stella Ford Trophy to captain Joan Davis, following a delicious American tea.

Captain team names first: J Weston, J Davis, E Williams 13, N Peters, M Davis, E Deane 12; J Gardiner, P Hanson, J Duffy 13 A Powell, P Turner, D Welfare 8; V Gardiner, E Stott, B Jones 14, J Hartree, T Langford, P Taylor 11; V Edwards, P Dunn, A Ward 11, S Hewitt, J Allard, C Peart 15; Y Criddle, E Wade, M Hawkins 16, L Hedderman B Hayes, A Crawford 8.

St Andrews Ladies, holders of both major Somerset county cups, bid to reach their second semi-final of the season today (Thursday).

They are at home to Victoria in the quarter-final of the four-discipline Southey Trophy, having already beaten the same opponents at the equivalent stage in the Fear Cup. A very close game is in prospect.

The ladies travelled to play their Long Ashton counterparts in a DRT League with a depleted team. It was further weakened when a player pulled out injured, putting the three-woman rink at a severe disadvantage under league rules.

The result was a 15-shot defeat and no points, as Saints went down on all three rinks. Their triple, Judy Forse, Jane Smith and Myra Bailey, able to bowl only six woods per end against their opponents’ eight, did best, losing by only two

Long Ashton Ladies 50 (10), St Andrews Ladies 35 (0): S Priory, A Greenwood, M Frost, M Favis 12-16; B Goddard, D Johnston, J Pitman, A Campbell 11-20; J Forse, J Smith, M Bailey 12-14.

Saints Ladies were 16-shot winners at home to North Petherton. Jackie Yeates, Frid Allen and team captain Myra Bailey finished 14 shots clear, while Audrey Powell skipped the other winning rink.

St Andrews Ladies 50, North Petherton Ladies 34: J Yeates, F Allen, M Bailey 21-7; J Webb, J Forse, A Powell 13-10; M Barnes, D Baker, M Favis 16-17.

Victoria Ladies enjoyed a fine win against Burnham in the Southey Cup, with the pair of Hannah Frye and Sue Newman and triple of Kay Wilson, Rose Cleeves and Annie Holland winning.

They shared the disciplines with their opponents, but won the tie on an overall shot winning margin of 17.

Ladies’ captain Rose Cleeves stated that the benefits of an increasing number of competitive matches, successful recruitment of new bowlers and increased coaching opportunities was bearing fruit and the club were eagerly looking forward to playing St Andrews in the quarter-final of the Weston & District League Cup.

The ladies suffered a 14-shot defeat at Wedmore, but despite losing all three rinks the rinks skipped by Margaret Hillman and Annie Holland suffered narrow defeats of one and four shots.

Victoria travelled to Winscombe for a friendly, winning by 14 shots with the rink of Nancy Whyte, Ellen Newport, Chris Sage and Rose Cleeves enjoying a 16-shot win.

Victoria 85 (2), Burnham (2) 68 - singles: M Hillman 16-21; pairs: H Frye S Newman 26-17; triples: K Wilson, R Cleeves, A Holland 25-11; rink: B Williams, C Stevens, C Sage, M Chudley 18-19.

Victoria 35 (0), Wedmore 49 (10): R Bailey, R Cleeves, M Hillman 16-17; M Kelly, B Williams, A Holland 10-14; C Sage, C Stevens, M Chudley 9-18.

Victoria 61, Winscombe 47: N Whyte, E Newport, C Sage, R Cleeves 26-10; R Bailey, G Poolman, S Sokol, C Stevens 25-16; M Kelly, S Milliner, S Pocock, M Hillman 10-21.

Clarence Ladies lost an exciting North Somerset Triples League match against Ashcombe.

It went down to the last end, with Ashcombe taking four shots and Clarence just the two. Best winning rink goes to Pam Fowler and Pat Phillips, skipped by Jo Mannion with a five-shot margin.

Clarence Ladies 43, Ashcombe 44: P Fowler, P Phillips, J Mannion 18-13; S Scoins, P Hawkins, M Davison 16-14; C Hooper, R Jones, V Collicott 9-17.

The ladies went down heavily in a Weston & District Ladies League fixture against Portishead, to finish off a disappointing week.

Christine Hooper and Pam Hawkins skipped by Mary Davison was their only winning rink with a seven-shot victory.

Clarence Ladies 38, Portishead 56: C Hooper, P Hawkins, M Davison 22-15; P Fowler, P Phillips, V Collicott 7-16; S Scoins, S Pritchard, J Mannion 9-25.

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