Victoria continue their good form

PUBLISHED: 09:23 28 June 2013 | UPDATED: 09:23 28 June 2013

Mike Willetts bowling for Victoria.

Mike Willetts bowling for Victoria.


Victoria’s two Over-60s league teams continued their recent good form with victories at Clevedon Promenade and Ashcombe.

VICTORIA’S Over-60s teams each won away to continue their recent fine form.

The Saxons travelled to Clevedon Promenade and came away with 16 points, losing on just two rinks. Mike Cooper made a winning debut for the Saxons, skipping his rink to a narrow win. Top rink was Pete Lunn, Tony Uccellini and skip Mike Stocker who recorded an excellent 16-shot win.

The Vikings continued their winning ways as they travelled to Milton Road to play Ashcombe Templars and went one rink better than the Saxons and returned home with 18 points, John Downing skipped his rink of Ian Linham and Pete Newport to a fine win by 16 shots.

Victoria 112 (16), Clevedon Promenade 106 (4) (Weston & District Over-60s): M Campbell, A Bray, M Taylor 19-13; T Gatehouse, K Holland, M Cooper 21-19; H Whyte, M Fletcher, D Sealey 14-26; J Newman, M Manning, B Stock 13-22; P Lunn, A Uccellini, M Stocker 27-11; R Rockett, A Barnes, K Harvey 18-15.

Victoria Vikings 121 (18), Ashcombe Templars 83 (2) (Weston & District Over-60s): S Thynne, G Thorne, D Jones 24-18; R Hollier, J Griffiths, G Hodge 22-11; R Jacobs, C Chudley, G Frost 16-21; G Richards, C York, A Shattock 21-10; J Turton, J Mingo-West, D Avery 13-12; I Linham, P Newport, J Downing 25-11.

In the National Double Rink competition, Victoria made the long journey to Shepton Mallet and although Victoria and Purnell each won a rink, Victoria were defeated and disappointed to lose by nine shots.

Victoria 35, Purnell 44: P Lunn, M Manning, W Harrison, M Stocker 14-29; P Wyatt, P Leadbeater, C Gazzard, M Cooper 21-15.

Victoria won both of their friendly matches making home advantage count against Bridgwater and Winscombe.

In the game against Bridgwater the scores were close up to 15 ends, but Victoria proved the stronger to win by 27 shots with Mike Milliner, Malcolm Campbell, Nick Sell and skip Dave Sealey top rink winning by 15 shots.

An emphatic victory by the rink skipped by Derek Jones helped Victoria to a win by the margin of 10 shots in the game against Winscombe, although the visitors won three of the five rinks.

Victoria 100, Bridgwater 73: J Mingo-West, J Smart, G Frost, K Holland 27-13; D Beard, R Rockett, M Fletcher, D Jones 20-27; R Sleep, A Shattock, J Newman, M Taylor 23-18; M Milliner, M Campbell, N Sell, D Sealey 30-15.

Victoria 119, Winscombe 109: M Willetts, A Waygood, H Gibbs, A Bray 15-26; G Richards, A Uccellini, D Fairhurst, D Jones 40-7; T Gilbert, T Gatehouse, M. Manning, D Hurst 23-31; P Wyatt, R Sparkes, K Holland, C Gazzard 17-24; D Beard, S Thynne, D Sealey, M Cooper 24-21.

ASHCOMBE lost a men’s friendly against Winscombe by 34 shots.

Ashcombe managed to win on three rinks, but lost heavily on two of the three remaining.

Ashcombe Templars lost their triples game against Victoria Vikings by 18 shots, winning on only one rink. The Knights picked up valuable points against Mark Moor in the Over-60s League, winning on four rinks and overall by 33 shots.

In their next Over-60s game against Clarence Golds, the Knights were again victorious, this time winning by 20 shots. Ashcombe Crusaders were up against Clevedon Prom in their Over-60s league match and were triumphant, winning on all six rinks.

In a mixed friendly against Island Bohemian, Ashcombe won by 29 shots.

Ashcombe 96 Winscombe 130 (friendly): M Parry, P Gaulton, G Wilkinson, E Hooper 20-18; G Tucker, R Tasker, M Bass, J Whitton 24-14; M Tripp, I Baker, A Freke, DA Williams 18-16; J Marlow, D Underhay, S Hedges, B Caddick 12-29; N Coombes, M Badman, L Cox, J Main 9-38; B Golding, D Bleasdale, T Morgan, L Day 13-15.

Ashcombe Templars 103, Victoria Vikings 121:S Anderson, D Freestone, B Benstead 18-24; K Davies, M Tripp, G Fews 11-22; K Halton, M Paterson, R Tasker 21-16; F Bertram, G Pople, M Brummell 10-21; M Unwin, B Noyes, B Alden 11-25; J Piper, G Tucker, P Gaulton 12-13.

Ashcombe Knights 121, Mark Moor 88 (Over-60s League): W Spring, E Roberts, E Hooper 25-9; N Coombes, B Underhay, M Parry 16-21; G Kinsey, K Hallett, J Price 22-13; R Cole, I Baker, J Main 20-14; B Caddick, T Cotterell, A Cracknell 21-9; M Bass, D Norville, T Bass 17-22.

Ashcombe Knights 120, Clarence Golds 100 (Over-60s League): R Counsell, I Baker, J Main 19-22; B Spring, B Underhay, E Hooper 19-19; R Cole, T Cotterell, A Cracknell 28-11; N Coombe, M Parry, B Caddick 13-20; G Kinsey, G Mills, E Hopkins 21-26; M Bass, D Norville, T Bass 20-12.

Ashcombe Crusaders 114, Clevedon Prom 65 (Over-60s League): T Morgan, M Southwood, J Creasey 21-13; P Sheppard, A Little, G Finnegan 16-12; A Wilmot, S Hedges J Whitlow 20-9; A Freke, L Day, J Whitton 19-9; G Tottle, C Hughes, B Webber 22-11; R Powell, G Wilkinson, J Taylor 16-11.

Ashcombe 101, Island Bohemian 94 (mixed friendly): A Cox, R Counsell, J Wilkinson, G Wilkinson 24-14; B Alden, S Davies, R Tasker, S Weaden 20-15; D Little, J Sansam, A Freke, J Taylor 17-33; L Owens, L Cox, S Hopkins, J Whitlow 18-18; J Hornett, G Sansam, N Counsell, J McInally 22-14; P Sheppard, J Mathews, M Tasker, E Hopkins 34-12.

IT was not the best of weeks for the St Andrews as they lost another Over-60s game, went out of the Wedmore Plate, and only just managed to make it three wins from three played in Division 1 of the County League.

St Andrews 98, Winscombe 113 (Over-60s League): B Rogers, R Venn, B May 14-21; R Smith, A Ware, J Warren (c) 19-16; G Tofte, G Webber, D Favis 13-24; K Parker, E Day, A Steer 21-11; M Goddard, R Brereton, D Bailey 19-22; K Uglow, G Cooper, A Horsburgh 12-19.

St Andrews 73, Portishead 87 (Wedmore Plate): M Goddard, J Warren(c), G Webber, D Bailey 23-23; B Reeves, B McLeod, A Horsburgh, A Steer 13-16; K Uglow, G Tofte, D Favis, G Wride 8-30; P Aldus, A McMillan, S Davies, B Forse 29-18.

St Andrews 73, Wrington 61 (friendly): D Cooper, F Mudge, B May 10-25; M Blight, B McLeod, J Warren (c) 26-9; P Smart, A Cooper, A Horsburgh 22-12; R Brereton, A McNab, G Burgess 15-15.

St Andrews 62, Portishead RBL B 58 (County League): P Aldus, G Cooper, S Davies, B Forse 26-16; M Goddard, G Tofte, G Webber, D Bailey 21-22; R Smith, K Uglow (c), A McMillan, A Steer 15-20.

Saints’ Barrie Forse along with Louis Rideout (Illminster), have qualified in the National Two-Wood competition to play at Worthing in August.

CLARENCE Blues, who have had six away fixtures out of seven so far in Division 1 of the Weston & District Over-60s League, did well to win by 20 shots at Isle of Wedmore.

They finished up on four of the six rinks, led by Ivan Phipps, Doug Grier and skip Chris Read, who finished 13 shots ahead. Gerald Barlow, Paul Tubb and Richard Crawford were the other victorious skips.

Isle of Wedmore 89 (4), Clarence Blues 109 (16): A Bishop, M Adams, D Stott 14-20; B Underwood, J Keay, G Barlow 20-14; T Ward, J Rogers, P Tubb 23-14; I Phipps, D Grier, C Read 19-6; R Flicker, M Clay, R Burrough 16-19; T Hooper, J Burgess, R Crawford 17-16.

Although Clarence’s interest in national competitions ended last week, they went down fighting in both the Bowls England Champion of Champions and National Two Fours.

Firstly, club champion Dave Stott stormed into a 15-5 lead away to Fosseway’s Tony Cooper and looked set for a place in the Champion of Champions fourth round. But Cooper found his form in the second half and Stott had no answer to a fine display of precision, short-jack bowling from his opponent, losing 22-18.

A depleted Clarence team made the journey to Bath for their third round National Two Fours match against Bloomfield, whose A team play in Premier One of the Somerset County League, a division above Clarence.

Gerald Barlow’s rink took an early lead against formidable opponents, who, with the score 9-8 to Clarence halfway through, proceeded to pick up 12 shots in the next five ends. From 20-9 behind, the visitors rallied well, only to lose by six shots.

David Stott’s four began badly and, halfway through their game, were 15-3 down. However, they won 10 of the next 11 ends and if they had not dropped a four on the 15th, might have drawn or even won their game, which they lost by four shots.

Bloomfield 42, Clarence 32: M Edlin, M Adams, G Aldridge, D Stott 15-19; D Towie, T Pritchard, J Keay, G Barlow 17-23.

Clarence Golds visited Ashcombe in Division Two of the Over-60s League, to play the Knights, who beat them by 20 shots.

Club vice-captain Brendan Duffy skipped his triple to a three-shot win against a team which included former Clarence captain Ian Baker, while John Hawkins, Adrian Taylor and Brian Hanks had the best victory for the visitors, by seven. Ron Higgins’s men drew with a two on the last end.

Ashcombe Knights 120 (15), Clarence Golds 100 (5): M Peters, M Scoins, B Duffy 22-19; D Gilbert, John Hayes, R Higgins 19-19; D Bowley, M Skyrme, M Davies 11-28; J Hawkins, A Taylor, B Hanks 20-13; J Norris, K Marshall, M Phillips 16-21; J Stewart, B Cheffers, D Jackman 19-20.

In their annual home friendly against Burnham, Clarence finished up on only one of the four rinks, losing by 25 shots. Bob Rossiter, Tony Comfort, John Hayes and skip Don Towie were the Clarence victors.

Clarence 55, Burnham 80: B Rossiter, T Comfort, J Hayes, D Towie 24-12; A Bishop, I Phipps, J Burgess, B Duffy 8-31; J Larvin, J Kellaway, K Marshall, C Read 10-18; J Atkins, C Tippett, D Jackman, M Davies 13-19.

Neighbours Wessex ladies entertained Clarence in a friendly game over five rinks and proceeded to beat them by eight shots on a blustery afternoon.

A splendid tea, provided by Wessex halfway through, proved the turning point as the men, apparently overwhelmed by the deliciousness of the ladies’ choux buns, squandered the lead they had held at that point.

Martyn Adams and David Stott were the only victorious skips for Clarence, as Wessex, captained for the day by Joan Duffy, wife of Brendan, who skippered the men’s team, ran out deserved winners.

Wessex Ladies 92, Clarence 84 (Wessex first): R Hinde, S Bishop, J Binding, P Taylor 12, T Hooper, M Skyrme, J Edwards, M Adams 21; V Edwards, C Walker, J Duffy, Pam Dunn 19, N Martin, J Kellaway, R Dodson, R Burrough 13; B Peters, E Stott, A Fewings, D Forsyth 29, M Peters, B Cheffers, I Phipps, B Duffy 14; J Allard, B Wallace, B Jones, A Ward 17, J Larvin, D Bowley, T Ward, J Keay 16; I Hicks, V Gardiner, A Crawford, A Powell 15, J Hawkins, B Cornwall, D Jackman, D Stott 20.

WINSCOMBE visited West Backwell in the Wedmore Plate, knowing it would be a close game.

The match unfolded with two rinks neck-and-neck and one Winscombe rink well up and one equally down. In the end, Winscombe pulled ahead on three rinks to win the tie by just five shots with the best winning rink skipped by Reg Birmingham.

In a friendly triples at Wyrral Park, Winscombe snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory. A good win by 14 shots was in the bag, but the game is not over until the last bowl is bowled. Every Winscombe rink lost shots on the last end, 15 in total, resulting in a one-shot defeat.

The next day, Winscombe played St Andrews Spartans in the Weston & District Over-60s League. This was another close game, but fortunes favoured Winscombe this time, when they scored 12 shots across the rinks on the last end, with Robin Lowman’s rink gaining a seven to win the match and take 16 points to St Andrews four.

In the Clevedon & District League, Winscombe were at home to Portishead RBL. The Legion won 3-2 on rinks and by 11 shots to secure seven points to Winscombe’s two.

At Victoria, Winscombe won on three of the five rinks and narrowly lost on a fourth.This was not enough to make up the deficit on the fifth rink and they lost by 10 shots.

Winscombe 101, Wyrral Park 102 (friendly): A Watts, R Fisher, A Pye 21-11; D Owen, G Coombe, R Lowman 17-19; R Sapsford, P Fredersdorff, L Collier 14-18; N Hansford, K Whatling (c), W Ainsworth 25-14; P John, R Wootten, M Dorrington 16-17; D Beaverstock, A Dudley, M Nash 8-23.

Winscombe 113 (16), St Andrews Spartans 98 (4) (Weston Over-60s League): G Coombe, M Hunter, R Birmingham 21-14; G Lloyd, L Baldwin, M Nash 16-19; R Wootten, G Neville, M Adams 24-13; K Whatling (c), P Fredersdorff, W Ainsworth 11-21; P Hopes, A Pye, R Lowman 22-19; C Westlake, L Collier, T Ellis 19-12.

Winscombe 74, West Backwell 69 (Wedmore Plate): R Lowman, L Collier, R Wootten, T Ellis 10-25; G Lloyd, K Whatling, A Dudley, M Adams 20-16; A Watts, P Fredersdorff, W Ainsworth, R Birmingham 27-12; S Easterby, M Hunter, M Dorrington, M Nash 17-16.

Winscombe 109, Victoria 119 (friendly): S Easterby, D Owen, L Collier, M Nash 26-15; B Paul, P Hopes, G Hill, R Lowman 24-17; D Beaverstock, J Smith, M Hunt, G Neville 7-40; G Coombe, B Prince, R Kibble, R Wootten 21-24; R Fisher, D Rush, A Watts, M Dorrington (c) 31-23.

Winscombe 87, Portishead RBL 98 (C&D Evening League): P Hopes, G Hill, W Ainsworth, M Adams 14-22; A Watts, B Paul, L Collier, R Lowman 14-19; K Whatling, D Johnson, G Coombe, M Nash 20-18; S Easterby, R Kibble, P Fredersdorff, R Birmingham 21-22.

PLAYING away to Clarence Blues in the Over-60s Triples League, Wedmore won just two rinks and lost the match 89-109.

The two winning teams were led by Ray Newell and Keith Pettit

Wedmore 89, Clarence 109: D Trow, B Cottrell, K Pettit 20-14; B Keen, D Collins, K Burt 14-23; J Harvey, J Arthurs, B Back 16-17; T Simpson, M Green, I Faulkner 14-20; B Dearden, I Gallop, R. Newell 19-16; T Counsell, R Hunt, T Brown 6-19.

In another away match, Wedmore men visited Norwest in a Mid Somerset League match and won just one of the four rinks. Colin Moss and his team notched up the only win of the evening with a 24-15 victory.

Wedmore 71, Norwest 84: R Bull, J Arthurs, S Newdick, C Moss 24-15; T Counsell, B Cottrell, I Gallop, R Barron, 16-22; V Matthews, J Runciman, T Brown, D Nicholls 14-18; D Trow, B Andrews, D Wederell, K Burt 17-29.

At Paulton, Wedmore managed to win three out of four rinks in a mixed friendly match. Ron Barron and his team had the best winning differential 22-12. The final score was 81-64.

At Redland Green, another mixed match was halved with each team winning two rinks, but Redland won the match with a score of 61-71. John Arthurs and his team had the best result with an 18-9 victory.

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