Victoria defeat Clarence to reach the Knockout Cup final

PUBLISHED: 08:31 23 August 2017 | UPDATED: 08:31 23 August 2017




Victoria defeated Clarence in the semi-final of the North Somerset Knockout Cup by just three shots.

Victoria won a tense game against Clarence in the semi-final of the North Somerset Knockout Cup.

The early part of the game was close, but by the 15th end Victoria were looking comfortable with an overall lead of 22 shots. Clarence played an excellent rearguard action, levelling the scores helped by a hot shot on the 18th end by the rink skipped by Clarence’s Richard Crawford.

The penultimate rink to finish skipped by Colin Heal saw Heal with his last wood reduce the three-shot held by Clarence to just one, leaving the rink of Paul Coumis, Phil Fisher, John Newman and Steve Davis playing the final end with the slender advantage of two shots in favour of Victoria, with the knowledge that a tie would be sufficient for Clarence to progress as they had already won the extra end.

However, the rink held their nerve with skip Davies claiming shot with the final wood and the match Victoria now meet Congresbury in the final on Sunday afternoon at Congresbury and they will also be playing Clevedon Prom in the morning at the same venue in the North Somerset 4 Dimensions Cup final.

Success in the cup competitions has not been mirrored in the County League, as all three sides were defeated at the weekend.

The A team lost to Bloomfield A by just one shot with the rink of Paul Coumis, Roy Bromet, Alan Yates and Colin Heal picking up two points for their rink win.

The B team lost all three rinks against a strong Clarence A team and the C team returned from Wedmore with two points from the rink led by Terry Gatehouse with Les Kelly, George Frost and John Kerr.

In the Weston & District Over-60s League, the Saxons travelled to Clevedon a triple short and the disadvantage of a 10-shot penalty. However, the remaining five triples excelled winning on three rinks and losing the other two rinks by just two and six shots respectively, with the Saxons losing the match by the slender margin of four shots.

The Vikings entertained Nailsea, losing a high-scoring match by six shots, but winning the three rinks skipped by Eric Sage, Hugh Gibbs and Graham Hodge to earn six points.

Victoria played the annual match against the Somerset Executive for the R T Moore Cup, a fixture that has been played annually since 1950.

The Executive were determined to reclaim the cup currently held by Victoria, fielding a very strong team which won five rinks leaving the consolation of Victoria’s president Stuart Evans being the sole Victoria rink winner with Terry Gilbert, Eric Sage and skip Colin Heal.

Victoria won a four-rink friendly against North Petherton, winning all four rinks with a late charge by the rink of Carmine Santosuosso, Cliff Chudley, John Smart and skip Derek Jones, who achieved a hot shot on the 20th end to snatch victory.

Victoria 97, Clarence 94: P Coumis, P Fisher, J Newman, S Davis 31-10; R Bromet, M Campbell, K Harvey, C Heal 17-28; P Wyatt, B Pocock, L Stocker, W Harrison 16-17; Carmine, H, Gibbs, C Gazzard, M Cooper 16-22; H Whyte, D Wheatley, R Rockett, A Yates 17-17.

Victoria 61, Ilminster 80 (Turnbull Cup): S Stocker, P Fisher, A Yates, C Heal 8-23; P Coumis, B Pocock, C Gazzard, M Cooper 19-18; P Wyatt, M Campbell, L Stocker, W Harrison 19-16; R Bromet, H Whyte, M Stocker, S Davis 15-23.

Victoria A 49 (2), Bloomfield A 50 (10): P Coumis, R Bromet, A Yates, C Heal 18-8; P Wyatt, J Newman, L Stocker, P Leadbeater 15-19; S Stocker, D Fairhurst, M Stocker, S Davis 16-23.

Victoria B 50 (0), Clarence A 74 (12): P Lunn, H Whyte, H Gibbs, D Jones 17-23; Carmine, S Evans, B Pocock, D Williams 16-33; D Carpenter, D Wheatley, K Holland, P Fisher 17-18.

Victoria C 40 (2), Wedmore B 74 (10): J Fenn, D Hubbard, W Nicholls, G Hodge 10-41; A Hollier, M Payne, M Manning, J Langridge 13-20; T Gatehouse, L Kelly, G Frost, J Kerr 17-13.

Victoria Saxons 84 (6), Clevedon 88 (14): H Whyte, D Wheatley, C Heal 14-16;

B Pocock, D Sealey, A Yates 19-14; M Milliner, D Williams, M Stocker 16-9; P Lunn, M Campbell, K Holland 19-17; R Bromet, R Rockett, J Newman 16-22.

Victoria Vikings 106 (6), Nailsea 112 (14): D Hubbard, J Turton, T Gilbert 15-21; W Nicholls, A Waygood, M Manning 13-16; N Robbins, G Frost, H Gibbs 19-14; A Hollier, T Gatehouse, E Sage 26-19; L Kelly, C Chudley, D Jones 12-28; J Codrington, Carmine, G Hodge 21-14.

Victoria 93, Somerset Executive 142: Carmine, B Saward, R Rockett, D Jones 18-21; W Nicholls, H Whyte, D Williams, J Newman 15-24; M Milliner, G Richards, B Pocock, K Holland 15-29; T Gilbert, E Sage, S Evans, C Heal 21-17; D Roberts, C Chudley, M Manning, M Cooper 13-30; A Shattock, T Gatehouse, G Frost, K Harvey 11-21.

Victoria 88, North Petherton 60: M Milliner, W Nicholls, J Newman, P Leadbeater 18-11; A Hollier, E Sage, A Shattock, K Holland 25-15; Carmine, C Chudley, J Smart, D Jones 20-18; L Kelly, R Rocket, K Harvey 25-16.

St Andrews ended a successful week with a convincing away victory over Portishead RBL B in the Somerset County League.

The rinks skipped by Barrie Forse and Danny Favis were in command from the start, with two fives helping Favis lead 15-2 after just seven ends. Forse led 10-2 at the same stage and their rinks went on to win by 18 and 17 respectively.

There seemed little prospect of Saints taking all 12 league points when Nick Sell’s rink trailed 1-11 and 3-12. But they battled back bravely to draw level with a five then led 16-15 with four ends left, only to lose by two.

The result should ensure North Division One status again for Saints next season.

Portishead RBL B 41 (2), St Andrews 74 (10): T Lay, J Keay, A McMillan, B Forse 27-10; M Goddard, G Wride, D Bailey, D Favis 30-12; A Cooper, R Venn, G Webber, N Sell 17-19.

An even better win for Saints was their 23-shot away success against Ashcombe Crusaders in the Weston & District Over-60s League.

Consistent performances across the green earned them 18 of the 20 points on offer, as Ken Curtis, Ronnie Wootten, Don Bailey, Danny Favis and Brian Reeves all skipped their rinks to victory. The result lifted Saints into the top five.

Ashcombe Crusaders 84 (2), St Andrews 107 (18): B McLeod, M Goddard, K Curtis 18-9; D Reynolds, G Webber, B Forse 8-23; A Cooper, J Keay, R Wootten 20-17; M Willetts, G Wride, D Bailey 19-11; A Frost, T Ware, D Favis 20-12; R Brereton, B Green, B Reeves 22-12.

The only defeat of the week for Saints came in a triples friendly at Bridgwater Derek Reynolds, Roger Brereton and Danny Favis won by four shots, while Tony Ware’s trio drew, but the other three rinks went down.

Bridgwater 83, St Andrews 64: D Reynolds, R Brereton, D Favis 20-16; P Smart, R Wootten, T Ware 16-16; T Lay, A Cooper, J Warren 11-21; G Sims, R Flaxman, D Bailey 17-26; A Frost, G Webber, K Uglow 14-18.

When Welsh tourists Mountain Ash make their regular visit to St Andrews, entertainment is assured, as they are renowned for their after-match singing and performing.

Last Friday’s match was no exception, with the fun going on well into the evening, the bar making a healthy profit and the visitors even laughing at Jim Warren’s jokes.

Things didn’t go so well for the visitors on the green, as they lost heavily. Five of the six home rinks won, led by Don Bailey’s, who had to play as a triple when a player failed to appear, and finished 22 shots up

St Andrews 136, Mountain Ash 79: B Rogers, M Willetts, B Green, K Curtis 25-11; L Fisher, R Brereton, M Goddard, N Sell 24-10; D Reynolds, J Ling, R Wootten, G Webber 21-20; G Sims, M Dew, K Uglow, B Forse 15-16; P Smart, R Flaxman, D Bailey (triple) 30-8; A Frost, A Cooper, N Bassett, J Warren 21-14.

Despite winning on three and drawing the fourth of the available five rinks, Clarence lost by just three shots to Victoria in the North Somerset Knockout Cup semi-final.

No consolation, but the best winning rink was Martyn Adams, Doug Grier and Brian Ballinger, skipped by Richard Crawford with an 11-shot win

Clarence 94, Victoria 97: A Gardiner, T Mannion, M Phillips, M Edlin 17-16; R Smith, A Cord, B Duffy, G Barlow 10-31; M Adams, D Grier, B Ballinger, R Crawford 28-17; J Atkins, C Read, B Sweet, D Towie 17-17; M Cerasoli, K Marshall, R Burrough, D Stott 22-16.

With the disappointment of the semi-final behind them, the men had a glorious victory against Victoria, winning on all three rinks. Best winning rink goes to Mike Cerasoli, Tony Mannion and Maurice Phillips, skipped by Roger Burrough with a 17-shot win.

Clarence A 74, Victoria B 50: R Smith, D Grier, B Duffy, G Barlow 18-1; M Edlin, D Stott, D Towie, R Crawford 23-17; M Cerasoli, T Mannion, M Phillips, R Burrough 33-16.

A day after their cup match loss to Victoria, the Blues bounced back to winning ways with a seven-shot win against Burnham in the Over-60s League. The Blues took four of the six rinks giving them 16 of the 20 points on offer.

Rink of the day goes to Martin Adams, Doug Grier skipped by Mick Edlin, with a 12-shot winning margin.

Clarence Blues 99, Burnham 92: R Rossiter, B Sweet, D Stott 21-16; T Ward, J Rogers, D Towie 18-14; M Adams, D Grier, M Edlin 20-8; A Gardiner, T Mannion, M Phillips 15-19; B Benn, B Ballinger, R Crawford 10-23; R Smith, M Cerasoli, R Burrough 15-22.

The Golds were outplayed by the side from Clevedon. The only glimmer of hope came from John Edwards and Dick Symes skipped by John Atkins, who romped away with a 13-shot victory.

Clarence Golds 76, Clevedon Prom 100: J Ford, J Hayes, C Tippett 14-19; B Cheffers, M Harryman, M Davies 10-16; F Al Hinai, M Ford, M Scoins 9-18; J Edwards, D Symes, J Atkins 22-9; A Bishop, K Marshall, C Read 11-16; T Derrick, N Buckley, A Newland 10-22.

Clarence recorded another win against a touring side, honours were even on the greens as Clarence took two rinks and drew on the third of the five rinks.

Closest battle involved Tony Comfort and Nigel Martin skipped by Pam Hawkins, who were 12-6 up after 11, they then dropped nine shots on the next five ends, putting them three shots down, but Clarence came back taking three from the last two ends and earned a draw.

Clarence 86, Leighton Buzzard 77: M Turnbull, N Buckley, A Gardiner 27-9; B Benn, E Wade, B Duffy 11-20; T Comfort, N Martin, P Hawkins 15-15; J Anning, J Duffy, M Edlin 10-17; R Every, R Burrough, C Edlin 22-16.

A disappointing week for Ashcombe Park started with an impressive 106 shots to 88 win by Ashcombe’s Crusaders over division leaders Winscombe in the Weston and District Over-60s League, taking four rinks and drawing a fifth.

Their success didn’t follow them when they played St Andrews. In this home match they only managed to win one rink and lost 84-107 overall. In a home derby, as both teams are in the same division, Ashcombe Templars were the home team against Ashcombe Knights.

The Knights did not have all their own way, with some close scoring on several of the rinks, the Knights emerged as victors with a 102-75 win.

In the Somerset Bowls League, Ashcombe A took on division leaders Willmott Park. Despite an impressive win on the rink skipped by Tom Bass, Ashcombe went down on the other two rinks, with Willmott Park winning overall by 66 shots to 45.

In the same league, Ashcombe’s C team were drawn against second-placed Winscombe B, losing heavily by 33 shots to 91.

Ashcombe Crusaders 106, Winscombe 88: F Bertram, B Benstead, K Wheeler 23-12; W Kolasinski, S Hedges, J Main 27-11; A Wilmot, G Tottle, T Bass 7-21; D Wynne, G Fews, J Taylor 15-15; G Sansam, D Cooper, T Cottrell 19-15; J Whitlow, M Southwood, J Creasey 15-14.

Ashcombe Crusaders 84, St Andrews 107: D Wynne, A Freke, J Taylor 9-18; S Hedges, G Tottle, T Bass 23-8; G Sansam, D Cooper, T Cottrell 17-20; W Kolasinski, G Fews, B Benstead 11-19; M Southwood, J Whitlow, J Creasey 12-20; A Wilmot, L Day, R Powell 12-22.

Ashcombe Templars 75, Ashcombe Knights 102 (Templars names first): G Pople, D Carr, D Williams 15, B Jones, R Counsell, K Powell 16; M Griffiths, M Butt, P March 8, D Freestone, G Mills, R Tasker 16; G Tucker, L Cox, B Underhay 17, M Field, K Davies, T Morgan 8; D Cardy, B Miles, S Andrews 14, A Tucker, E Roberts, A Dawes 17; R Cole, N Coombes, C Vardon 22, J McKenzie, B Bishop, A Cracknell 7; P Barnes, R Smith, W Spring 13, B Alden, D Bleasdale, J Hornett 14.

Ashcombe A 45, Willmott Park 66: D Cooper, R Powell, T Cottrell, K Wheeler 13-30; S Hedges, G Fews, L Day, T Bass 22-7; A Wilmot, M West, J Whitlow, J Taylor 10-29.

Ashcombe C 33, Winscombe B 91: C Gerlach, C Harris, B Bishop, M Butt 12-25; G Tucker, A Harris, P March, A Tucker 14-30; P Barnes, R Stokes, C Vardon, J McKenzie 7-36.

Winscombe played a mixed friendly against Wrington, who are the only club in this area that play their home matches on an outdoor carpet rather than on grass.

This match, however, was on Winscombe’s home green and it was an incredibly close affair with Winscombe winning on three out of the four rinks, but only just taking the overall match by the smallest possible margin at 81 shots to 80.

Winscombe 81, Wrington 80: P Pow, C Bryant, C Bryant D Brown 18-13; D Seaman, M Smart, D Phillips, B Paul 24-14; A Pow, R Lowis, A Bourgourd, W Weller 27-23; M Palmer, B Smart, M Howell, B Weller 12-30.

In a men’s friendly against Congresbury over five rinks, Winscombe won on three and drew on one of those rinks. The only losing rink managing to hold the deficit to just two shots as Winscombe came out comfortable winners by 34 shots.

Winscombe 108, Congresbury 74: M Trenchard, D Peakall, R Fisher, R Lowman 18-16; P John, M Smart, N Hansford, R Lacy 15-15; M Newing, M Hunter, G Coombe, M Adams 26-15; J Mingo-West, T Moody, M Fletcher, M Nash 32-9; A Pow, A Horler, D Brown, W Ainsworth 17-19.

Winscombe who are currently top of the Weston and District Over-60s League, lost on Ashcombe Park’s top green. Ashcombe played the green much better than Winscombe who struggled particularly with weight of shot.

Only one rink skipped by Robin Lowman with Geoff Coombe and Peter John found anything like recent form as Winscombe lost by 18 shots and gained just three points in pursuit of their league and cup double ambitions.

This was Winscombe’s first defeat in this league since the beginning of May, bringing a winning streak of 11 straight victories to an end.

Winscombe 88 (3), Ashcombe Crusaders 106 (17): M Newing, M Nash, G Neville 12-23; J Sprouting, K Whatling, M Adams 11-27; P John, G Coombe, R Lowman 21-7; P Hopes, M Fletcher, R Lacy 15-15; D Johnson, L Collier, W Ainsworth 15-19; D Brown, B Paul, T Ellis 14-15.

In Somerset County League matches, the A team hosted Yatton, while the B team were away at Ashcombe.

The A team won on two of the three rinks and took the match by 69 shots to 54 to come away with 10 of the 12 points on offer.

In the meantime, the B team set out to avenge the defeat suffered by the Over-60s team earlier in the week and achieved this in spades. They won on all three rinks and by 58 shots to take all 12 of the points on offer.

Winscombe A 69 (10), Yatton 54 (2): G Lloyd, S Easterby, M Adams 22-17; D Brown, B Paul, W Ainsworth, T Ellis 27-14; R Lowman, M Fletcher, R Lacy, M Dorrington 20-23.

Winscombe B 91(12), Ashcombe Park C 33: P Hopes, R Knight, R Fisher, G Neville 25-12; N Hansford, R Lowis, B Andrews, M Nash 30-14; M Newing, P John, G Coombe, J Sprouting 36-7.

Defending champions St Andrews Ladies had to dig deep before beating visitors Victoria in the quarter-final of the county Southey Trophy.

Singles specialist Carolina Venn went 0-7 down early in her match against Margaret Hillman, but found top form to lead 17-7. After Hillman had reduced the deficit to six, Venn regrouped and played a brilliant final wood to win 21-13.

With their fours team struggling from the start, Saints needed the pair and triple to come through for them. Both matches were nip-and-tuck throughout, with Imogen Cracknell and Becky McMillan unable to get away from their impressive opponents despite a five on one end. The Saints’ pair led by two playing the last end, only to be pegged back for just half a point.

The triple of Jenny McMillan, Jackie Ware and Meg Favis did not get their noses in front until past the halfway stage. After 13 of the 18 ends, they led by two and they just held on to win by one, clinching the tie for Saints.

In the semi-final at Ilminster, they will play either the host club or Watchet. Their Fear Cup semi-final against Yeovil is on the morning of the same day, also at Ilminster.

St Andrews Ladies 2.5, Victoria 1.5 – singles: C Venn 21-13; pairs: I Cracknell/R McMillan 15-15; triples: J McMillan, J Ware, M Favis 15-14; fours: S Sinclair, M McMillan, J Pitman, A Campbell 11-20.

St Andrews Ladies played two DRT League matches last week with wildly contrasting fortunes. They lost by six shots at home to West Backwell, earning just two points courtesy of Ann Campbell’s rink victory.

St Andrews Ladies 40 (2), West Backwell (8) 46: D Baker, D Johnston, J Pitman, A Campbell 20-14; J Forse, M McMillan, A Powell, M Pattenden 8-16; C Venn, M Frost, M Bailey, M Favis 12-16.

They warmed up nicely for their Southey Trophy tie with an impressive home victory over high-riding Clevedon Prom. They led throughout to finish up on all three rinks and take the full 10 points with an excellent team display.

St Andrews Ladies 69 (10), Clevedon Prom 36 (0): J Forse, S Priory, J Pitman, M Pattenden 25-10; R McMillan, D Baker, M Frost, M Bailey 19-14; C Venn, J McMillan, S Sinclair, M Favis 25-12.

Rebecca McMillan was a member of the Somerset team who won the Bowls England double-rink championship, the Walker Cup, at Leamington.

They beat Kent by two shots in a final that went to the last wood. On the previous day, Somerset beat Leicestershire in the semi-final, without McMillan and Laura Holden, who were playing in the junior ladies’ pairs at Leamington. They lost in the quarter-finals.

Saints’ trio Carolina Venn, Margaret Wride and Myra Bailey won the annual West Backwell Ladies’ Triples Tournament for the second year running last week.

Wedmore men scored a magnificent 76-47 victory in the Clevedon and District League Charity Cup, taking home the cup and the £200 prize money for the second year in succession.

Prize money will be donated to the club’s chosen charity for the year, Dementia UK. The charity cup is a five-rink competition with each rink being played at a separate neutral venue, with Wedmore fielding rinks at Clevedon Prom, Portishead, Portishead RBL, Nailsea and Long Ashton.

Wedmore was represented at Clevedon Prom by Vic Matthews, Dave Collins, Keith Burt and Colin Moss; at Portishead by Alan Birch, Clive Panchaud, Joe Harris and Eddie Payne; at Portishead RBL by Brian Aston, David Wederell, Ray Newell and Ron Barron; at Nailsea by Tony Brown, Ian Gallop, Roger Hughes and Dave Nicholls; at Long Ashton by John Runciman, Dennis Stansfield, Roy Thurkettle and Keith Pettit

Scores: (at Clevedon Prom) Wedmore 19, Portishead 11; (Portishead) Wedmore 14, Nailsea 9; (Portishead RBL) Wedmore 13, Congresbury 6; (Nailsea) Wedmore 16, Portishead RBL 10; (Long Ashton) Wedmore 14, Portishead 11.

An emphatic 114-58 home victory over Clevedon in the Clevedon and District Over-60s League saw Wedmore consolidate their position at the top of the league.

With Clevedon only able to field five rinks and thus forfeiting 10 shots and one league point, Wedmore took 9.5 points to the visitors 0.5. Roger Hughes’ rink were never headed throughout the game and five shots on the last end saw them secure a 27-9 shots win.

Colin Moss’ rink followed suit and recorded a 29-8 shots total to give the home side a comfortable lead. Eddie Payne’s rink forced a 13-all draw after a close battle throughout and Dave Nicholls’ men fought back valiantly, scoring nine shots on the last six ends to take a one-shot win. Keith Pettit’s trio completed an excellent overall match result with a good 19-13 winning score.

Wedmore 114, Clevedon 58: I Gallop, D Wederell, R Hughes 27-9; A Birch, J Harris, E Payne 13-13; C Wheller, D Collins, C Moss 29-8; S Fisher, R Barron, D Nicholls 16-15; D Trow, R Thurkettle, K Pettit 19-13.

In the Weston and District League, the ladies scored a narrow home victory over visitors Portishead in an enthralling match that went right down to the wire.

Pam Beard’s rink were the last to finish and with one end to go and the rink score level at 18-18, Wedmore were trailing by two shots overall. However, Pam’s ladies scored three shots on the last end to claim a 21-18 shot rink win which was enough to secure the game at 47 shots to 46 to Wedmore and taking eight league point to the visitor’s two.

Wedmore Ladies 47, Portishead 46: J Collins, L Hamblin, P Beard 21-18; M Hordle, J Hunt, M Trow 17-12; A Hughes, J Collingwood, E Deverill 9-16.

The ladies suffered a 27-48 shots overall home defeat to Wessex Ladies in the Weston and District League, with only Marie Trow’s rink claiming a good 19-7 victory. Marion Fisher’ rink were 6-4 ahead at the eighth end, but were able to score only two shots in the next 10 ends, finally going down 21-8. Jean Wheller’s rink were never ahead throughout, but battled gamely to finish the game 10-20 shots down.

Wedmore Ladies 27, Wessex 48: C Laney, J Hunt, M Fisher 8-21; D Gallop, A -M Wilkinson, Marie Trow 19-7; B Disbrey, A Birch, J Wheller 10-20.

A men’s friendly match away to City of Wells saw Wedmore lose out 70-89 to a strong Wells side. Only Clive Wheller’s trio were able to force a 16-12 win, with Clive Panchaud’s lads earning a creditable draw at 18 shots apiece.

For those of a superstitious bent, it might appear that the curse of the 13 shots was in operation, with the other three rinks only able to a struggle to 13 shots each.

Wedmore 70, City of Wells 89: S Wilkinson, J White, K Burt 13-20; V Matthews, P Duggan-Rees, C Panchaud 15-15; T Shepherd, A Birch, J Runciman 13-17; T Collingwood, M Davis, D Collins 13-25; D Skelton, M Batchelor, C Wheller 16-12.

A 10.30am morning start for the ladies saw them lose at home to a formidable Congresbury side in the Weston and District League. Despite making every effort, Wedmore were unable to match the visitors in a runaway victory, losing on all three rinks.

Wedmore Ladies 31, Congresbury 73: M Hordle, A Birch, M Fisher 14-24; J Collins, J Hunt, B Disbrey 9-21; D Gallop, A M Wilkinson, C Pettit 8-28.

Playing at home, Wedmore B scored a comprehensive win over Victoria C in Division 2 of the Somerset County League.

The home side won two of the three rinks amassing an overall score of 74 to the visitor’s 40, largely aided by a 41-10 victory on Roy Thurkettle’s rink.

Wedmore B 74 (10), Victoria C 40 (2): V Matthews, J Runciman, T Walker, C Panchaud 20-13; R Bull, C Wheller, S Fisher, R Thurkettle 41-10; T Collingwood, T Shepherd, J White, D Stansfield 13-17.

Wedmore A were away to Wellington in Division 2 of The Somerset County Premier League in what proved to be a very tight game.

However, in the last three ends Wedmore proved to have the decisive edge, scoring vital shots which ultimately swung the match in their favour. In the early stages Wellington had the edge with Eddie Payne’s rink trailing 2-13, but Eddie’s men pulled level and went on to win 25-21.

The other two rinks were close throughout with little to chose between the sides, but Dave Nicholls lads finally pulled ahead to score a useful 26-17 win. Roger Hughes’ rink were unfortunate to go down four shots in the last end to lose by 18-23 shots, but an overall 69- 61 shots win for Wedmore was enough to secure 10 league points to the home side’s two.

The win consolidated Wedmore’s position at the top of the league going in to the last game against Street on September 2.

Wedmore A 69, Wellington 61: D Collins, C Moss, R Barron, D Nicholls 26-17; T Brown, I Gallop, R Newell, R Hughes 18-23; A Birch, D Wederell, K Pettit, E Payne 25-21.

Ashcombe Ladies had a busy week playing four matches on consecutive days, winning three, two in the North Somerset League, one in Wessex League and a friendly.

Ashcombe Ladies 56 (7), Clevedon 48 (3) (NSL): P Wynne, M Tucker, A Goacher 19-19; L Paterson, M Tasker, S Weaden 17-21; M Main, J Wilkinson, J McInally 20-8.

Ashcombe Ladies 89 (10), Winscombe 33(0) (NSL): J Sansam, N Counsell, J McInally 30-15; P Wynne, M Tucker, A Goacher 28-12; L Paterson, M Tasker, S Weaden 31-6.

Ashcombe Ladies 65 (9), Clevedon Prom 47 (1) (Wessex League): R Humphries, L Owens, M Tasker, S Weaden 22-12; M Main, S Noyes, L Paterson, J Wilkinson 22-14; P Wynne, J Field, J Hughes, N Counsell 21-21.

Ashcombe Ladies 37, Long Ashton 47 (friendly): L Owens, C, Smith, C Falconbridge, C Hedges 11-15; A Bryant, J Cornford, R Humphries, J Field 12-17; J Williams, M Wintle, D Norville, P Wynne 14-15.

Clarence Ladies recorded a comprehensive win over Wessex in the Weston & District Ladies League match.

The best rink goes to Christine Hooper and Jo Mannion skipped by Carol Edlin, who were five shots up with two to go, when Wessex made a comeback taking the last two ends, picking up four shots giving Clarence a one-shot victory.

Clarence Ladies 56, Wessex 35: C Hooper, J Mannion, C Edlin 13-12; S Pritchard, P Phillips, M Davison 19-11; S Scoins, R Francombe, V Collicott 24-12.

Wessex Ladies won one and lost one in the Weston & District Ladies League.

Wessex Ladies 48 (8), Isle of Wedmore 37 (2): B Hayes, J Davis, A Fewings 7-19; D Welfare, P Turner, P Taylor 21-8; V Edwards, M Hawkins, A Ward 20-10.

Wessex Ladies 35 (0), Clarence 56 (10): J Hartree, P Dunn, P Taylor 12-24; E Stott, J Davis, B Jones 12-13; V Edwards, P Hanson, E Williams 11-19.

Friendly rinks - Wessex 28 Clarence Ladies 41: V Gardiner, P Turner, A Crawford 12-17; T Langford, E Wade, M Hawkins 16-24.

Winscombe Ladies were at Long Ashton in the North Somerset Triple League and suffered a five-shot defeat.

The rink skipped by Sarah Lowman supported by Carol Hopes and Peta Burns won by seven shots and Wendy Weller’s rink lost by just one shot. Overall Winscombe lost this close game by just five shots.

Winscombe Ladies 49, Long Ashton 54: S Lowis, C Bryant, M Adams 12-23; M Sprouting, L Parfitt, W Weller 19-20; C Hopes, P Burns, S Lowman 18-11.

In another North Somerset Triples League match, the ladies were home to Ashcombe and although the result was the same, they suffered a much heavier defeat.

Winscombe Ladies 33, Ashcombe 89: M Sprouting, L Parfitt, W Weller 15-30; C Hopes, C Bryant, M Adams 12-28; L Coombe, S Nash, A Ainsworth 6-31.

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