Victoria pipped in double rink event

PUBLISHED: 09:41 24 June 2011 | UPDATED: 09:41 24 June 2011

(click on image for larger view)bowls Victoriav Portishead RBL,

(click on image for larger view)bowls Victoriav Portishead RBL,


Victoria lose to Weston (Bath) by just one shot in the national double rink competition.

VICTORIA A lost by one shot in the national double rink competition at Weston (Bath) on a rain-soaked day.

Victoria 33, Weston (Bath) 34: P Leadbeater, K Curtis, C Gazzard, W Harrison 18-13; J Newman, A Uccellini, M Stocker, M Cooper 15-21.

Victoria had a well earned win over local rivals St Andrews in the North Somerset Cup with president Dave Williams’ rink racking up the highest winning margin of 28 shots.

Ted Mangan’s rink was vying for this position until they dropped a seven on the 19th end. The controversial picking of a rink comprising of selectors seemed justified as they won, despite dropping a six on the 18th end.

Victoria 141, St Andrews 60: H Whyte, D Hurst, M Cooper, W Harrison 17-12; J Loughlin, P Leadbeater, M Manning, D Williams 36-8; M Campbell, M. Fletcher, D. Jones, K Harvey 24-18; J Newman, A Uccellini, M Taylor, E Mangan 35-16; H Gibbs, K Holland, K Curtis, M Stocker 29-6.

Victoria won on all four dimensions in the North Somerset 4D at Banwell.

Victoria 4, Banwell 0 – singles: E Mangan 21-10; pairs: K Curtis, M Stocker 30-10; triples: M Fletcher, P Leadbeater, D Williams 16-14; rink: J Newman, D Hurst, M Cooper, W Harrison 21-20.

The following morning, Victoria took on Portishead RBL again in rainy conditions in the National Top Club.

Victoria has a recent record of losing to the RBL and this was another one going into the record books. Only Colin Gazzard, playing the two-wood singles managed to win, although Ted Mangan lost by one shot in a marathon four-wood singles game of 29 ends.

Scores – two-wood singles: C Gazzard 20-21; four-wood singles: E Mangan 20-21; pairs: K Curtis, M Stocker 16-25; triples: M Campbell, P Leadbeater, D Williams 13-20; rink: J Newman, D Hurst, M Cooper, W Harrison 14-24.

The Somerset County League C team also played Portishead RBL and came away with the same result, despite captain Derek Jones’ rink winning by nine shots. The team also lost their unbeaten record.

Victoria C 43 (2), Portishead RBL C 61 (10): T Gilbert, N Sell, K Holland, D Jones 22-13; R Austin, M Fletcher, T Gatehouse, P Palmer 12-23; J West, A Barnes, G Stocker, M Taylor 9-25.

Victoria 87, Bridgwater Eastover Park (friendly): T Gilbert, R Sparkes, T Barnes, G Frost 18-20; E Sage, A Waygood, D Sealey, D Avery 20-21 J Newman, W Nicholls, G Thorne, M Manning 27-15; G Richards, R Sleep, J Griffiths, P Palmer 22-13.

PLAYERS’ holiday commitments forced a reshuffle of Clarence A team for the Somerset County League visit of Minehead A, a reshuffle which produced Clarence’s first win of the season.

Team captain David Stott stepped up from his accustomed position of three and skipped his rink to victory, while Paul Tubb’s four more than made up for the five-shot defeat of Barrie Forse’s men.

Clarence A 58 (10), Minehead A 47 (2): B Rossiter, M Clay, D Towie, P Tubb 25-14; R Flicker, J Edwards, T Pritchard, B Forse 17-22; M Edlin, G Cooper, R Crawford, D Stott 16-11.

Once again, Clarence B finished up on two of the three rinks, but lost in the Somerset County League. This time, they went down by 12 shots at home to Yatton C. Andy McMillan’s rink battled back from three shots behind with six ends left to win by three.

Clarence B 47 (4), Yatton C 59 (8): J Larvin, D Urch, M Scoins, J Burgess 9-26; G Aldridge, M Phillips, I Baker, A McMillan 18-15; L Lakey, J Keay, A Bidmead, T Perry 20-18.

A 37-shot victory on Roger Burrough’s rink spearheaded Clarence Blues’ handsome home win over Yatton in the Weston & District Over-60s League Knockout Cup.

First division Blues took five of the six rinks, with both Burrough’s four and Paul Tubb’s team both registering six-shot ends against their opponents from Division 2.

Clarence Golds 143, Yatton 60: T Mannion, T Perry, D Jackman 17-11; R Flicker, I Barnbrook, B Forse 33-9; J Larvin, J Edwards, T Ward 12-14; B Rossiter, G Cooper, R Crawford 15-12; M Edlin, M Clay, G Burrough 41-4; J Keay, G Barlow, P Tubb 25-10.

The Golds, Clarence’s second team in the Over-60s League, won on only two rinks in their home match against Clevedon Prom. Both victories were by one shot, with Gerry Phillips and John Burgess the successful skips.

Clarence Golds 81, Clevedon Prom 118: D Urch, L Medcraft, T Cockcroft 15-26; M Phelan, A Bidmead, G Kettleborough 8-27; J Norris, M Davies, B Cornwall 12-17; L Lakey, I Baker, C Read 13-17; M Scoins, M Phillips, G Phillips 18-17; M Peters, B Hanks, J Burgess 15-14.

The Golds travelled to Nailsea in the Over-60s Knockout Cup and managed only one rink victory. Les Lakey, club skipper Ian Baker and Harry Sparks won by seven shots, but, with three new players in their line-up, Clarence lost by 49.

Nailsea 132, Clarence Golds 73: D Urch, D Stevens, G Kettleborough 10-25; M Peters, M Phillips, C Read 16-29; J Norris, A Bishop, R Cornwall 9-16; P Bridgman, M Scoins, A Bidmead 14-19; L Lakey, I Baker, H Sparks 20-13; K Marshall, L Smith M Davies 4-30.

Clarence 65, Banwell 76 (friendly): T Mannion, T Ward, C Read, D Towie 22-21; B Rossiter, M Scoins, B Duffy, D Stott 13-18; R Flicker, J Edwards, J Burgess, T Pritchard 13-17; C Beynon, D Jackman, M Clay, R Burrough 17-20.

Champions Internationals made a fine start in the Clarence Two-Wood Triples League when they beat Jim’s Lads by 15 shots. Results: Internationals 22, Jim’s Lads 7; Rollercoasters 10, Edwardians 20; Yossers 16, Nuts 15.

ASHCOMBE B 67 (10), Portishead 38 (2) (Somerset League): A Wilmot, P Fisher, A Little, L Day 25-7; A Purkiss, B Underhay, E Roberts, J Creasey 23-11; A Cracknell, G Fews, A Freke, J Whitton 19-20.

Ashcombe Crusaders 103 (18), Clevedon 82 (2) (Over-60s): R Hadley, J Whitlow, J Creasey 20-11; A Wilmot, D Carr, A Yates 18-10; J Piper, L Day, B Webber 17-11; G Tottle, J Price, J Hornett 20-19; D Stanton, R Powell, A Williams 10-22; D Andrews, I Chesney, J Taylor 18-9.

Ashcombe 136, Croydon and District 167 (friendly): M Tucker, B Groves, M Brummell, V Bragg 15-25; M Wakeham, G Russell, S Hopkins, R Powell 10-21; M Palmer, J Field, A Freke, E Hopkins 13-28; M Field, T Bull, R Bryant, J McInally 19-15; S Noyes, B Cullen, J Main, J Creasey 19-12; B Noyes, Ros Powell, C Hedges, B Webber 22-21; D Andrews, V Webber, B Macgregor, J Hornett 23-22; K Hallet, P Chewins, D Norville, T Bass 15-23.

Ashcombe 46, Wrington 71 (friendly): A Morgan, R Tasker, R Simmons, L Cox 13-32; D Underhay, M MacMahon, P Gaulton, E Hooper 11-23; S Ash, D Norville, P Sheppard, W Caddick 22-16.

Ashcombe 83, Winscombe 91 (friendly): R Cole, G Tucker, P Sheppard, J Taylor 11-17; R Tasker, M Parry, S Hedges, D Stanton 17-12; B Golding, S Easterby, D Andrews, D Carr 7-25; M Bass, R Smith, B Alden, R Hadley 16-17; M Unwin, N Coombes, D Bleasdale, R Kibble 15-10; A Morgan, R Perkins, M Adams, W Caddick 17-10.

Ashcombe 90, Wrington 51 (mixed friendly): M Palmer, A Fews, R Simmons, J Creasey 28-11; J Marlow, S Collard, R Tasker, S Weaden 22-16; M Wakeham, B Collard, P Chewins, S Hedges 14-12; M Bass, J Matthews, S Hopkins, L Cox 26-12.

Ashcombe 81, Eastover Park 69 (mixed friendly): S Noyes, L Owens, A Wilmot, A Williams 22-21; D Andrews, B Noyes, D Hampson, J McInally 25-11; G Sansam, M Williams, R Bryant, V Bragg 14-17; J Sansam, S Davies, G Russell, W Caddick 20-20.

WINSCOMBE had a mixed week, winning two matches and losing two.

In the Somerset County League, only the B team played at St Andrews and nearly secured victory when Tony Watts’ rink scored a five on their last end. This was not quite enough and Winscombe lost by two shots.

In the Weston and District Over-60s League, they shared the rinks at Portishead RBL but lost by 13 shots. Winning rinks were skipped by Wilf Ainsworth, Tommy Ellis and Mike Nash.

In the other Over-60s game this week, Winscombe won against St Andrews in the rain. St Andrews unfortunately lost one rink from the match as they were a player short. A friendly at Ashcombe was won by Winscombe by eight shots.

Winscombe B 47 (2), St Andrews B 49 (10) (SCL Division 2 North): M Dorrington, M Hunter, K Whatling, M Nash 11-23; G Lloyd, J Smith, R Wootten, L Baldwin 18-7; N Hansford, G Tofte, M Hunt, A Watts 18-19.

Winscombe 83 (16), St Andrews 76 (4) (Over-60s League): R Lowman, P Fredersdorff, A Dudley 9-18; A Kyprianides, G Neville, M Nash 17-12; K Whatling, M Hunter, A Watts 22-12, J Smith, L Baldwin, M Adams 22-13; M Roberts, J Lukins, M Hunt 8-24.

Winscombe 102(6), Portishead RBL 115 (14) (Over-60s League): G Lloyd, M Hunt, M Adams 13-25; M Roberts, M Hunter, W Ainsworth, 20-16; R Lowman, A Kyprianides, T Ellis 22-13; B Paul, L Collier, R Wootten 13-19; K Whatling, G Neville, M Nash 18-9; R Knight, A Pye, A Dudley 16-33;

Winscombe 91, Ashcombe 83 (friendly): W Ainsworth, G Tofte, L Collier, A Watts 17-16; N Hansford, B Prince, M Hunt, S Eastment 12-17; J Feltham, J Smith, R Feltham, M Adams 10-17; D Owen, D Peakall, M Dorrington, M Nash 10-15; R Lowman, R Wootten, P Fredersdorff, T Ellis 25-7.

WRINGTON 71, Ashcombe 46 (friendly): R Clements, P Lewis, P Endicott, R Moss 32-13; P Johnson, J Gowar, S Bohin, T Moss 23-11; P Bourrel, M Parsons, D Whatmough, R Denmead 16-22.

Wrington 70, Nailsea B 47 (League Division 3 North): R Bowden, A Hume, M Parsons, S Bohin 23-15; C Brown, P Johnson, F Cowgill, J Gowar 24-20; R Clements, P Bourrel, P Lewis, R Denmead 23-12.

WEDMORE A maintained its good progress in the County League Division 1 North, by winning its away fixture at West 

Although two rinks lost, a 17-shot win by Ron Barron’s rink brought Wedmore home by just four shots.

Wedmore A 67 (8), West Backwell 63 (4): K Pettit, J Runciman, D Nicholls, R Barron 32-15; G Anniuk, I Gallop, R Thurkettle, R Hughes 19-22; R Newell, T Brown, R Ronald, E Payne 16-26.

The B team completed a good day for Wedmore by winning all three rinks in their home game against Congresbury B.

Wedmore B 69 (12), Congresbury B 50 (0): T Hamblin, T Simpson, S Newdick, C Moss 22-20; R Bull, J Clark, I Faulkner, K Burt 25-14; A Reynolds, B Cottrell, B Treloar, D Stansfield 22-16.

The Mid-Somerset League game versus Wyrall Park was close until the last six ends when Wyrall Park made a late surge to end up winning three of the four rinks.

Wedmore 77, Wyrall Park 92: D Trow, D Barnett, R Thurkettle, C Moss 23-21; T Councell, I Faulkener, I Gallop, R Barron 17-19; R Bull, S Newdick, K Masters, K Burt 21-24; T Brown, C Panchaud, D Wederell, R Hughes 16-28

Fluctuating fortunes were the order of the day when Wedmore travelled to Bridgwater for a friendly. Keith Burt’s rink led by 10 shots after 13 ends, but eventually lost 22-27, while the other three rinks recovered well after poor positions. However, Bridgwater was able to claim victory in the end by three shots (80-83).

WESSEX ladies enjoyed another successful week in the league games, scoring 29 points out of 30.

Wessex Ladies 60 (10), Winscombe 45 (0) (Wessex Ladies League): E Stott, B Wallace, M Davis, E Williams 16-13; P Tillson, A Fewings, A Ward, E Deane 22-16; V Edwards, M Hawkins, B Jones, C Peart 22-16.

Wessex Ladies 50 (10), Fosseway 35 (0) (Mendip League): M Hawkins, J Allard, E Williams 15-11; L Woodrow, M Davis, A Powell 15-10; B Jones, P Taylor, P Dunn 20-14.

Wessex Ladies 50 (9), Bridgwater BCL 38 (1): J Allard, M Hawkins, E Williams 23-13; E Stott, A Ward, J Davis 15-15; P Hanson, C Peart, E Deane 12-10.

WINSCOMBE ladies found it hard to close out their matches this week.

On Angela Ainsworth’s rink against Wessex in the Wessex League, they were all square after 10 ends but lost by three shots. On Sheila Nash’s rink they were 15-7 ahead after 15 ends, but lost by six shots and the match was lost overall despite Mavis Adams’ rink scoring seven shots on the last two ends.

In the North Somerset Triples League against Clevedon, it was a similar story with one poor rink and two rinks losing by just three shots.

Winscombe Ladies 41, Clevedon 53 (NSL Triples League): T Miles, A Ainsworth, E Watts 8-20; P Burns, L Fredersdorff, S Nash 17-20; L Whatling, S Lowman, M Adams 16-13.

Winscombe Ladies 45, Wessex (Wessex League): M Smith, L Dyer, S Caddy, A Ainsworth 13-16; A Griffin, T Darkin, L Fredersdorff, S Nash 16-22; P Burns, D Sapsford, W Weller, M Adams 16-22.

CLARENCE Ladies are out of the Top Club competition after losing at home against Royal British Legion.

Pam Barnbrook was in top form, winning the singles, so was the fours with their rink. The pairs and triples, which in the previous rounds played well, struggled against the elements and unfortunately went down.

Scores: P Barnbrook 21-15; J Colman, M Noddings 16-21; M Woods, J Bishop, V Collicott 4-20; R Mcmillan, S Ellis, C Edlin, M Baker 16-14.

Clarence Ladies 48 (8), Clevedon Prom 37 (2) (WDLL): S Pritchard, P Dunn, M Noddings 18-11; J Colman, M Davison, C Edlin 15-7; A O’Mara, M Woods, V Collicott 15-19.

Clarence Ladies 39, Chew Stoke 63 (friendly): J Mannion, B Hayes., V Jones 14-18; M Waite, P Phillips, V Senior 11-29; S Searle, J Higgins, P Hawkins 14-16.

Clarence Ladies 36 (2), Burnham 47 (8) (WDLL): P Phillips, P Dunn, V Collicott 20-12; M Woods, M Davison, M Baker 12-13; L Oldham, P Burrough, C Edlin 4-22. Clarence Ladies 41 (6), RBL 40 (WDLL): S Searle, J Bishop, P Hawkins 13-14; J Mannion, K Bailey, C Edlin 14-17; L Oldham, V Jones, M Noddings 14-9.

ASHCOMBE Ladies 66, Burnham 36: M Tucker, N Urch, M Williams, S Weaden 20-13; M Main, V Webber, C Hedges, A Goacher 21-10; A Cox, B Groves, D Norville, S Ford 25-13.

Ashcombe Ladies 59, Eastover Park 43: M Main, N Urch, D Norville, J McInally 19-8; A Cox, B Adams, C Hedges, B Macgregor 29-15; J Field, L Owens, S Hopkins, S Weaden 11-20.

VICTORIA Ladies 50 (4), Portishead 55 (6) (Weston & District Triples League): R Cleeves, P Smith, M Chudley 12-25; S Newman, J Donald, S Cooper 19-15; C Sage, M Brooks, M Hillman 19-15.

Victoria Ladies 49, Clevedon Prom 46 (friendly): M Angove, A Palmer, R Cleeves, S. Cooper 18-10; S Lawrence, C Willetts, E Newport, M Hillman 19-16; D Owen, C Sage, R Bailey, M Chudley 12-20.

WEDMORE ladies travelled to Yatton for a friendly in which two rinks were won and one drawn to give a win by 41-34.

Wedmore Ladies 41, Yatton 34: E Yarde, S Moss, G Harvey 13-12; T Newell, M Trow, M Hordle 16-10; C Deane, C Pettit, M Stansfield 12-12.

The ladies game against West Backwell proved so popular that as well as the three triples played in the friendly, two more were played between Wedmore teams.

Wedmore Ladies 50, West Backwell 28: D Gallop, S Moss, M Trow 19-11; J Rush, J Hunt, P Cottrell 25-8; B Disbury, J Gainey, M Stansfield 16-9.

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