Victoria Saxons retain perfect record with victory over Ashcombe Crusaders

PUBLISHED: 14:20 21 June 2017 | UPDATED: 14:20 21 June 2017

Mike Stocker bowling for Victoria.

Mike Stocker bowling for Victoria.


Victoria Saxons kept up their 100 per cent record with victory over Ashcombe Crusaders.

Victoria enjoyed a successful week winning two cup matches and the Saxons continued their 100 per cent record in defeating Ashcombe Crusaders.

The club had a comfortable win in the North Somerset KO Cup against Clevedon Prom, winning on four rinks with an excellent all-round performance.

Victoria Saxons played Burnham in the Weston & District Over-60s Cup in a close encounter with each team winning on three rinks, but shading the match by just four shots thanks to the 10-shot victory by the triple of Malcolm Campbell, Ken Harvey and Derek Hurst.

The Saxons remain unbeaten and a 20-shot win over Ashcombe Crusaders strengthened their position as league leaders. The triple of Roger Rockett, Alan Shattock and Mike Cooper led the way with a fine 14-shot victory.

The Vikings were in action against Ashcombe Templars, but were defeated and collected just four points for two winning rinks skipped by Brian Johnson and Beric Saward.

The County League fixtures were a disappointment with the A team bringing home just two points from their trip to Taunton A. The B team were defeated at Congresbury A with again just two points gained from the rink win by Harrison Whyte, Dave Sealey, Mike Manning and Phil Fisher.

The C team travelled to play Wrington on their artificial green which Victoria found tricky during the match, losing on all three rinks although the rink skipped by Derek Jones matched their opponents until becoming becalmed for seven ends and losing by just four shots.

The rink skipped by Graham Richards were slow starters but fought back to tie the scores on the penultimate end, but dropped two shots on the final end to lose the opportunity of earning some points.

Victoria 118, Clevedon Prom 91: S Stocker, D Hurst, C Gazzard, M Cooper 25-23; R Bromet, A Bray, M Stocker, C Heal 13-24; P Wyatt, M Campbell, L Stocker, W Harrison 24-12; H Whyte, D Williams, D Fairhurst, P Leadbeater 26-13; P Coumis, J Newman, P Fisher, S Davies 30-19

Victoria Saxons 105, Burnham 101: R Rockett, A Shattock, M Cooper 17-23; H Whyte, D Wheatley, C Heal 17-22; M Campbell, K Harvey, D Hurst 21-11; M Milliner, D Sealey, A Yates 17-22; R Bromet, A Bray, M Stocker 16-9; D Williams, J Newman, K Holland 17-14.

Victoria Saxons 115 (16), Ashcombe Crusaders 95 (4): H Whyte, D Wheatley, C Heal 23-16; B Pocock, D Sealey, A Yates 20-14; A Bray, R Bromet, M Stocker 19-21; M Campbell, K Harvey, D Hurst 21-11; D Williams, J Newman, K Holland 9-24; R Rockett, A Shattock, M Cooper 23-9.

Victoria Vikings 86 (4), Ashcombe Templars 109 (16): Carmine, R Hollier, D Jones 15-17; G Richards T Gatehouse, B Johnson 20-13; A Hollier, J Turton, G Hodge 9-16; W Nicholls, M Manning, B Saward 19-15; N Robbins, G Frost, J Smart 16-19; J Codrington, G Jones, T Gilbert 7-29.

Victoria B 49 (2), Congresbury A 65 (10): H Whyte, D Sealey, M Manning, P Fisher 22-21; A Bray, D Williams, H Gibbs, A Yates 17-22; B Pocock, D Wheatley, A Shattock, K Holland 10-22.

Victoria C 47 (0), Wrington 64 (12): D Roberts, M Milliner, J Langridge, D Jones 15-19; D Hubbard, C Chudley G Frost, G Hodge 13-24; Carmine, N Robbins, S Evans G Richards 19-21.

St Andrews completed an unbeaten week with a memorable victory away to old rivals Clarence A in the Somerset County League.

After a stuttering start, Saints had edged five in front after 10 ends. With former Clarence greens manager George Cooper in fine form, Barrie Forse’s rink were five ahead, while some telling woods by skip Ken Curtis had helped his four to a nine-shot lead.

Danny Favis’s third St Andrews rink were nine behind at halfway. At 13 ends, they were 7-18 down, but then a purple patch of 24 shots in the space of seven ends, including two fives and a six, shot them well ahead, ensuring that Saints took all 12 points.

Clarence A 46 (0), St Andrews 80 (12): K Uglow, J Keay, I Lamb, D Favis 29-22; M Simpson, G Cooper, A McMillan, B Forse 31-14; T Lay, A Cooper, M Goddard, K Curtis 20-10.

St Andrews were only two points short of a full house as they walloped visitors Burnham by 54 shots in the Weston & District Over-60s League.

Barrie Forse, making his season’s over-60s debut, skipped his triple to a 20-shot win, while George Cooper notched up a last-end seven to finish 15 clear. There were also rink victories for Gordon Wride, Brian May and Danny Favis as Saints finished with 18 points.

St Andrews 130 (18), Burnham 76 (2): D Reynolds, M Goddard, G Cooper 26-11; R Brereton, K Curtis, G Wride 20-16; A Cooper, J Keay, B Forse 28-8; R Potter, B McLeod, B May 19-12; A Frost, J Ling, T Ware 15-17; R Gordon, K Uglow, D Favis 22-12.

Clevedon provided much stiffer opposition in another Over-60s League game at Thirlmere Road, which ended in a draw.

It was close throughout, with the scores level at halfway. When all but one rink had finished, it was 83-all and Barrie Forse’s triple, having picked up a late five, needed to get second wood on the last to win the match for their team. However, they dropped two and a draw it was.

St Andrews 98 (11), Clevedon 98 (9): R Potter, B McLeod, B May 21-15; R Gordon, R Wootten, D Favis 14-23; L Fisher, J Keay, B Forse 15-15; D Reynolds, A Cooper, A McMillan 12-19; J Ling, G Cooper, D Bailey 20-11; A Frost, K Curtis, G Wride 16-15.

Clarence Blues were knocked out of the Over-60s Knockout Cup match with just one winning rink from the six available. The only winning rink consisted of Reg Flicker, Tony Mannion skipped by Mick Edlin.

Clarence Blues 101, Portishead 122 (Over-60s Cup): A Gardiner, M Phillips, R Burrough 9-26; R Smith, B Duffy, G Barlow 17-19; B Underwood, B Sweet, R Crawford 15-19; R Flicker, T Mannion, M Edlin 26-14; R Rossiter, D Grier, D Stott 15-24; B Benn, M Adams, D Towie 19-20.

With two winning rinks and one drawn, the Golds crashed out of the Over-60s Cup. Performance of the day has to go to Alan Bishop and Ken Marshall skipped by Mike Scoins getting a five on the last end to earn a draw from their match.

Clarence Golds 85, Isle of Wedmore 108: D Symes, M Peters, A Cord 10-14; B Coleman, C Tippet, J Hayes 18-19; A Bishop, K Marshall, M Scoins 17-17; P Lewis, M Turnbull, A Newland 7-30; G Andrews, P Pileggi, P Williams 15-14; J Edwards, D Thomson, J Atkins 18-14.

An under par `A` team took a drubbing from an inform St Andrews side Today all I can do is give the best losing rink consisting of Dave Stott, Don Towie, Bob Sweet skipped by Richard Crawford going by seven shots.

Clarence A 46, St Andrews 80 (Somerset County League): D Stott, D Towie, B Sweet, R Crawford 22-29; A Gardiner, T Mannion, M Phillips, R Burrough 14-31; R Smith, D Grier, M Edlin, G Barlow 10-20.

Ashcombe Templars kicked off the week with an emphatic win over Victoria Vikings in the Weston and District Over-60s League, with a final score of 109-86 taking four out of the six rinks.

Unfortunately, the Templars could not maintain the form when they met Clevedon Prom later in the week, going down 55 shots to 100. In the same league, Ashcombe Knights were away to Mark Moor beating the home team 98-84 and taking five out of the six rinks. Ashcombe’s Crusaders fared less well when they were away to Victoria Saxons, suffering a 95-115 defeat.

In the Somerset Bowls League, Ashcombe’s B team showed the way with a 77-50 win over Nailsea B, while Ashcombe A lost 50-60 against Congresbury B and the C team went down 52-68 against Burnham B.

A friendly match against Newport and District Over-60’s was closely fought with the visitors eventually winning by one shot at 125-126. The week was rounded off by a mixed friendly against Eastbourne, with the visitors winning 134-113.

Ashcombe Templars 109, Vikings 86: C Vardon, W Spring, S Andrews 15-19; R Salt, P March, M Parry 29-7; D Bleasdale, B Miles, D Carr 19-16; M Butt, B Underhay, L Cox 16-9; G Tucker, D Williams, A Tucker 13-20; R Cole, M Griffiths, N Coombes 17-15.

Ashcombe Templars 55, Clevedon Prom 100: M Butt, L Cornford, N Coombes 11-20; B Spring, B Underhay, D Carr 19-24B Salt, R Cole, B Miles 5-23; G Tucker, C Vardon, M Parry 10-17; D Barnes, P March, L Cox 15-16.

Ashcombe Knights 98, Mark Moor 84: D Freestone, T Morgan, A Cracknell 17-15; D Cardy, D Bleasdale, J Hornett 11-18; G Pople, R Tasker, A Dawes 18-13; M Field, K Davies, E Roberts 17-11; B Bishop, G Mills, E Hopkins 16-11; B Jones, R Counsell, K Powell 19-16.

Ashcombe Crusaders 95, Saxons 115: M Southwood, J Whitlow, J Creasey 21-19; D Wynne, D Carr, J Taylor 9-23; G Fews, A Freke, T Bass 14-20; G Sansam, D Cooper, T Cottrell 16-23; G Kinsey, S Hedges, J Main 24-9; G Tottle, R Powell, L Day 11-21.

Ashcombe B 77, Nailsea 50: B Miles, K Hallett, D Wynne, J Main 36-16; G Pople, R Tasker, M Parry, E Roberts 16-23; F Bertram, G Mills, G Sansam, E Hopkins 25-11.

Ashcombe A 50, Congresbury 60: S Hedges, J Taylor, T Cottrell, K Powell 12-23; G Fews, R Powell, D Cooper, L Day 21-18; A Willmott, M West, J Whitlow, J Creasey 17-19.

Ashcombe C 52, Burnham 68: G Tucker, C Gerlach, M Butt, A Tucker 15-24; R Stokes, W Spring, B Bishop, D Carr 15-25; C Harris, A Harris, J McKenzie, A Dawes 22-19.

Ashcombe 125, Newport 126: A Cracknell, R Counsell, K Powell, N Shufflebotham 18-20; M Bass, D Cardy, G Tottle, A Freke 14-31; R Tasker, K Hallett, E Hopkins, A Dawes 19-24; S Hedges, D Williams, J Creasey, D Wynne 24-13; G Pople, B Bishop, J Whitlow, J McKenzie 17-18; G Fews, J Hornett, J Taylor, T Morgan 32-20.

Ashcombe 113, Eastbourne 134: A Petit, D Cardy, S Hedges, S Weadon 18-16; T Morgan, D Lewis, A Little, B Benstead 16-18; J Matthews, R Counsell, D Little, A Cracknell 15-21; A Bryant, J Creasey, K Powell 13-16; K Davies, R Tasker, R Humphries, E Hopkins 17-20; L Owens, B Alden, J Whitlow, A Dawes 18-21; G Tucker, A Goacher, N Counsell, R Powell 16-22.

Winscombe continued in the Tony Allcock Trophy by beating Congresbury by two shots and meet Portishead RBL in the next round.

Winscombe 43, Congresbury 41: C Hopes, S Nash, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 17-26; R Lowman, S Lowis, L Fredersdorff, W Ainsworth 26-15.

In a friendly mixed game against Wedmore on the same night as the Tony Allcock, the Winscombe team lost.

Winscombe 59, Wedmore 85: D Seaman, C Hopes, K Horler, M Dorrington 17-17; D Brown, A Bourgourd, L Parffitt, G Coombe 20-14; M Howell, C Bryant, R Weller, R Lacy 12-21; R Lowis, L Coombe, M Fletcher, S Easterby 10-33.

Winscombe continued with their winning form in the Weston & District Over-60s Triples League gathering another 16 points against Portishead Legion.

Winscombe 105 (16), Portishead RBL 88 (4): M Newing, K Whatling, M Adams 10-18; B Kibble, G Coombe, R Lowman 21-19; G Lloyd, A Dudley, W Ainsworth, 24-9; J Sprouting, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 17-15; D Brown, B Paul, T Ellis 12-16; P John, L Collier, G Neville 21-11.

Winscombe were unfriendly against their opponents from Glastonbury where they enjoyed a decisive win.

Winscombe 140, Wyrral Park 80: M Trenchard, B Paul, R Lacy 16-13; R Knight, K Whatling, W Ainsworth 28-10; R Fisher, G Coombe, R Lowman 7-18; M Newing, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 18-10; D Phillips, N Hansford, L Collier 26-16; M Fletcher, A Dudley, M Dorrington 19-13.

In the County League games, Winscombe’s two teams were at home to two teams from Clevedon Prom. This is quite an unusual occurrence in this league, but the results were also somewhat unusual with both Winscombe teams losing.

The B team lost for the first time this year and by only one shot which would have been reversed if a Winscombe skip had not bowled his last wood as instructed by his number three!

Winscombe A 47 (2), Clevedon Prom B 55 (10): D Brown, B Paul, W Ainsworth, T Ellis 25-13; G Lloyd, K Whatling, S Easterby, R Lacy 10-19; R Lowman, CL Collier, T Dudley, M Dorrington 12-23.

Winscombe B 61 (4), Clevedon C 62 (8): M Fletcher, R Kibble, J Sprouting, P Fredersdorff 20-19; N Hansford, P Hopes, G Coombe, G Neville 21-19; P John, R Knight, W Andrews, M Nash 20-24.

Maureen Hordle and Ann Hughes continue to make good progress in the county ladies’ pairs, beating Carol Willetts and Margaret Hillman of Victoria, by 20-17 in the third round.

Another win followed in the fourth round when the Wedmore pair beat another pair from Victoria, Rose Cleeves and Fiona Waters, by 23-15.

In the men’s Top Club competition, the only winners were the triples entry led by Dave Nichols. The match was tied after 18 ends, but Wedmore went on to win the tie-breaker by three shots.

The men were victorious in two triples league matches, starting at home to Clevedon, winning five rinks to one and 108-83 shots overall. Ray Newell and his men took the lead on end five with a five and never looked back, adding another five to win 24-12.

Keith Pettit and co were in a low scoring game, but this did not stop them from winning 12 of 18 ends and 16 shots to five. Eddie Payne’s boys were also helped to the lead with a five score at the halfway stage and went on to win 20-13.

Colin Moss and crew took the lead on end three and a five score on end 12 looked to cement a win, but two ends later that was cast in doubt when they gave away a six. Nonetheless a 20-16 score gave the win.

David Wederell and fellows were in a close fight where the lead changed hands and the score was tied at end 16. Wedmore pulled out the stops and edged it 18-17. The lost rink came when Roger Hughes’ lot were overwhelmed, scoring three shots at the last to get into double figures - 10 shots to 20.

The men went on to win away at Long Ashton by 133-83 shots overall and five rinks to one. Colin Moss’ gents scored six on end four to take the lead, pressed ahead, had a five score on end 14 and triumphed 31-11.

Roger Hughes’ side had a cracking game, winning 12 of 18 ends to conquer 25-11. Ron Barron’s lads were only one shot ahead at end 10, but they pressed on to clinch the game 21-13.

After some close play, Eddie Payne’s group finally took the lead on end 16 and finished with a flourish to win 19-12. Dave Nichols and friends lost the lead on end seven, promptly took it back, pulled away to a nine shot lead and, resisting a late surge by the opposition, won 19-16.

Keith Pettit’s troop never fully recovered from a slow start, but fought magnificently to come back from a 13-shot deficit to restrict their opponents to two-shot win at 18-20.

The ladies also had a good league win, against Ashcombe at home, by 65-48 overall and two rinks to one.

Gill Harvey’s team were in a close contest in the first half, then, having reclaimed the lead, opened up a gap, scored a five shot on end 15 to seize a 15-point lead and came in for a 29-16 victory.

Trish Newell and colleagues kept tucking away the end scores and won comfortably 19-11. Liz Hamblin’s ladies made a contest of it in the early stages, but their deficit steadily grew to nine shots which improved by a five score in the final end, going down 17 shots to 21.

A triples league match away to Clarence was lost by 36-62 overall and one rink to two. Carole Pettit’s band won the consolation prize of two points away from home, by grabbing an opportunity from 15-all on end 16 to win 18-15 at the 18th.

Marie Trow and Shirley Wederell found life difficult on their rinks and lost 11-21 and seven shots to 26 respectively.

Wedmore had good sport in a mixed friendly away to Winscombe, winning 85-29 overall and by two to one plus a tie on rinks.

Stuart Fisher and support made hay, winning the first nine ends straight including a five score to lead by 21 shots. At the end it was extended to 33-10. Marie Trow’s people led from end three, pushing home for a 21-12 victory.

Terry Simpson’s pack swapped the lead several times and on end 20 were one shot behind, so the single shot at the last secured the tie. Dennis Stansfield and cast lost the lead on end nine, accumulated a seven-hot deficit pulled back to two on end 19, but the game slipped away 14 shots to 20.

Congresbury Ladies 47, Mark Moor 36 (friendly): C Wilcock, E Stenner, R Horton 25-6; L Storey, W Manning, P Baker 12-18; D Davis, H Hopkins, D Harrison 10-12.

Congresbury 41, Winscombe 43 (Tony Alcock Cup, mixed): J Freemantle, C Andrews, D Harrison, B Herbison 15-26; B Baker, A King, K Herbison, D Byett 26-17.

Congresbury Ladies 86, Clevedon Prom 65 (Top Club National): D Harrison 21-10;

C Wilcock, A Jones 37-12; J Byett, R Horton, K Herbison 8-17; V Harding, C Lewis, P Baker, B Huggett 20-26.

Congresbury Ladies 43 Burnham 52 (Weston & District League): C Wilcock, E Stenner, A Jones 11-18; D Davis, R Horton, D Harrison 18-17; H Tranmer, J Byett, P Baker 14-17.

Congresbury 75, Chew Stoke 59 (Co-operative Funeralcare Evening League): G Wilcock, R Anniuk, D Byett, S Eastment 19-14; M Kimmings, M Huggett, M Wear, L Beck 19-12; J Freemantle, T Lewis, R King, B Herbison 21-21; B Baker, P Reay, R Becker, C Shipway 16-12.

Victoria Ladies continued their fine form in the Weston & District Triples League, defeating West Backwell by 15 shots to remain league leaders.

There was success also in the Mendip Triples League with a seven-shot win against Fosseway with an excellent win of nine shots by the triple of Maureen Slavin, Carol Willetts and Margaret Hillman.

Victoria Whites suffered an agonising defeat of just one shot against Wedmore, but still collected four points from the two rink wins of Sue Pocock and Chris Stevens.

Well Hall were friendly visitors enjoying their game, despite losing both rinks and although suffering a heavy defeat are already looking forward to returning next year.

The mixed squad entertained Worcester in a game which was close all the way with Victoria just shading the result after the rink wins were shared.

Victoria 58 (8), West Backwell 43(2): S Milliner, H Frye, S Newman 27-12; G Poolman, R Cleeves, S Cooper 15-17; M Kelly, B Williams, A Holland 16-14.

Victoria 60 (7), Fosseway 53 (3): M Slavin, C Willetts, M Hillman 25-16; R Bailey, S Sokol, C Stevens 14-14; N Whyte, K Wilson, S Newman 21-23.

Victoria Whites 52 (4), Wedmore 53 (6): R Bailey, S Harrison, M Hillman 14-20; M Slavin, K Wilson, S Pocock 16-15; N Whyte, S Sokol, C Stevens 22-18.

Victoria Ladies 45, Well Hall Tourists 19 (friendly): B Williams, H Frye, R Cleeves 21-6; R Bailey, A Holland, S Newman 24-13.

Victoria 117, Worcester 113 (mixed friendly): Carmine, F Payne, F Waters, S Cooper 19-21; J Fenn, S Pocock, R Rockett, K Holland 20-14; B Williams, E Harraway, M Milliner, S Davies 14-19; D Carpenter, S Milliner, B Pocock, D Hurst 16-22; D Rimmer, M Slavin, P Wyatt, P Fisher 26-18; D Hubbard, M Payne, A Holland, J Smart 22-19.

St Andrews Ladies maintained their fine form in the DRT League, beating visitors Yatton by seven in a re-arranged match.

Sylvia Priory, Monica Pattenden, Sue Sinclair and Ann Campbell were the match-winners, beating their opponents by 15. Meg Favis and her rink edged a tight tussle by two shots to ensure that Saints earned eight of the 10 league points on offer.

St Andrews Ladies 53 (8), Yatton Ladies 46 (2): S Priory, M Pattenden, S Sinclair, A Campbell 27-12; C Venn, M Wride, J Ware, M Bailey 12-22; D Baker, J Yeates, A Powell, M Favis 14-12.

In the Wessex League, Winscombe Ladies had three games and lost them all, but won rinks on two.

Winscombe Ladies 47, Wessex 65: T Darkin, L Coombe, C Bryant, M Sprouting 16-24; C Hopes, L Parfitt, S Nash, L Fredersdorff 15-21; S Lowis, M Howell, M Adams, W Weller 16-20.

North Petherton finally made the trip to play Winscombe Ladies at home in the Wessex League after the match had been rescheduled due to bad weather. Winscombe won on one rink but lost on the other two to lose overall by eight shots.

Winscombe Ladies 54, N Petherton 66: C Hopes, S Lowis, M Sprouting, W Weller 26-13; M Howell, P Heal, C Bryant, A Ainsworth.18-27; L Coombe, T Darkin, M Adams, S Nash 10-26.

In the North Somerset Triples League, they entertained Clevedon Prom but again won one rink but came second.

Winscombe Ladies 38, Clevedon Prom 67: M Sprouting, S Nash, L Fredersdorff 8-20; C Hopes, E Watts, S Lowman 20-17; M Adams, L Coombe, A Ainsworth 10-30.

Another Wessex League match against Ashcombe produced another good win on one rink. This time Angela Ainsworth, Peta Burns and Eve Watts won by 18 shots, but this was not enough to overturn the deficits on the other two rinks and Winscombe lost by two shots.

Winscombe Ladies 58, Ashcombe 60: A Ainsworth, C Hopes, P Burns, E Watts 32-14; S Lowis, C Bryant, M Sprouting, W Weller 10-23; T Darkin, L Coombe, S Nash, L Fredersdorff 16-23.

Winscombe Ladies played at Nailsea in a friendly game, this time winning on two rinks and the match by 11 shots.

Winscombe Ladies 51, Nailsea 40: C Hopes, P Pow, C Bryant, S Lowman 18-12; S Lowis, L Coombe, L Parfitt, A Ainsworth 19-11; D Seaman, F Bays, S Nash, L Fredersdorff 14-17.

Clarence Ladies recorded another good home success, winning on two of the three rinks to guve them eight of the possible 10 points on offer.

Rink of the day goes to Shirley Scoins, Jo Mannion skipped by Valerie Collicott with an eight-shot victory.

Clarence Ladies 58, Portishead 52 (North Somerset Triples League): P Fowler, P Phillips, M Davison 15-20; C Hooper, P Hawkins, P Burrough 19-16; S Scoins, J Mannion, V Collicott 24-16.

This was icing on the cake for the ladies in league matches, with a clean sweep on all rinks. Difficult to pick a rink of the day, but with a 10-shot win it goes to Mary Davison, Jo Mannion skipped by Valerie Collicott.

Clarence Ladies 60, Portishead 40 (Weston & District League): S Scoins, P Phillips, P Hawkins 17-13; C Hooper, V Jones, P Burrough 19-13; M Davison, J Mannion, V Collicott 24-14.

Ashcombe Ladies 60 (8), Winscombe 58 (2): R Humphries, J Field, J Hughes, M Tucker 14-32; C Falconbridge, L Owens, M Tasker, S Weaden 23-16; P Wynne, S Noyes, D Norville, A Goacher 23-10.

Ashcombe Ladies 54, Burnham 54 (friendly): J Williams, R Humphries, S Hopkins 25-11; L Shanks, A Petit, P Wynne 18-11; S Appleby, L Owens, J Field 11-32.

Ashcombe Ladies 48, Wellham 14 (tourists): M Shufflebotham, D Norville, S Weaden 22-6; L Owen, C Hedges, N Counsell 26-8.

Ashcombe Ladies 32, Newport & District 28 (tourists): S Appleby, A Bass, S Hopkins, J Hughes 21-12; A Petit, C Hedges, M Tasker 11-16.

Wessex Ladies had mixed fortunes last week, winning two and losing two matches.

At North Petherton, P Turner, N Peters, M Davis and P Taylor picked up a six on the last end to clinch two league points.

Wessex Ladies 52 (2), North Petherton 75 (8): P Turner, N Peters, M Davis, P Taylor 20-17; V Gardiner, P Dunn, B Jones, E Williams 9-32; E Stott, J Davis, A Crawford, A Ward 23-26.

Wessex Ladies 31 (2), Congresbury 60 (8): J Hartree, N Peters, E Williams 6-23; V Gardiner, M Hawkins, P Taylor 9-24; V Edwards, A Crawford, B Jones 16-13.

Wessex Ladies 71, Victoria Bridgwater 27 (friendly): J Allard, T Langford, J Duffy 14-17; B Hayes, P Dunn, E Williams 24-7; M Milford, V Edwards, M Hawkins 33-3.

Wessex Ladies 44, Nailsea 43 (friendly): E Wade, E Deane, P Dunn, M Hawkins 13-18; L Hedderman, J Davis, N Peters, J Duffy 15-13; B Hayes, E, Stott, C Peart, P Taylor 16-12.

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