Victoria denied chance of completing a cup double

PUBLISHED: 15:14 05 September 2018

Victoria (white shirts) v Portishead bowls

Victoria (white shirts) v Portishead bowls 01,09,18

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Victoria defeated Weston Bath in the final of the Wedmore Plate competition in a match played at Taunton Deane.

Victoria played Weston Bath at Taunton Deane in the final of the prestigious Wedmore Plate competition and returned victorious.

Victoria took an early lead of 11 shots after 10 ends, but that lead evaporated over the next three ends with Weston Bath leading by four shots. A resurgence saw Victoria pick up 25 shots in two ends and they maintained their lead although the final shot difference was whittled down to nine shots.

Club captain Brian Pocock was delighted with the performance of the whole team which enabled Victoria to win the Plate for the second time.

Victoria were denied the opportunity to complete a cup double as their final against Clevedon Prom in the North Somerset Knockout Cup was postponed due to weather conditions and is likely to be arranged early next season

There was cause for further celebrations when the Saxons travelled to St Andrews to play in the Weston & District Over-60s Triples League.

St Andrews are currently flying high at the top of the division but an inspired performance saw Victoria complete an emphatic win by 36 shots winning five rinks, losing the sixth rink by just one shot.

Vice-captain Colin Heal was pleased to win the match against a strong team and to be finishing the season strongly.

The Vikings hosted Clevedon Prom in the same competition having to be satisfied with just two points from the sole winning triple of Les Kelly, Cliff Chudley and George Frost.

Victoria were dominant in their friendly against Minehead with a superb all-round performance winning on all six rinks. Victoria hosted Garrards Tourists from Swindon playing their first match of their tour to the area in a mixed friendly.

The hosts won the match by 39 shots with excellent rink wins by skips Dave Fairhurst, Malcolm Campbell, Margaret Hillman and Roger Rockett. The best of the action was on the rink skipped by Kay Wilson who recovered from 10-20 at 17 ends scoring 10 shots in next three to level at 20th end.

The final end saw Les Kelly leading hold shot then after conceding a shot, Fiona Payne reclaimed the shot only for opposition three to gain shot again. Dave Roberts with his second wood claimed shot again, only for the opposing skip to counter with shot with his first wood. Wilson retrieved the shot with her final wood only for the Garrard skip to claim victory with the final wood.

Victoria hosted their High Fives competition with 12 teams taking part, some local teams but also clubs from Bristol, Bath, Ottery St Mary and Street all chasing total prize money of £400.

The weather was kind for a good day’s bowling with Bristol topping section A on 21 points with Clarence runners-up. Section B saw Street and Bath finish on 21 points each, Street claiming victory on shot difference.

The final was contested by a pairs and triples from both Street and Bristol with the final result 26-16 in favour of Street.

Results of the consolation finals were - singles: Bath 12, St Andrews 3; pairs: Redland Green 7, Ashcombe 5; triples: Clarence 14, Chew Stoke 10; fours: Congresbury 14, Bath 6.

Club secretary David Williams and organiser of the competition thanked the visiting clubs for their participation which ensured an excellent competition played in the best of spirits.

He also acknowledged the work of the members who helped with the preparations and a special vote of thanks to the lady members who provided breakfast, lunch and tea throughout the day.

Victoria 85, Weston Bath 76: R Bromet, D Williams, D Fairhurst, S Davies 23-18; D Beard, M Campbell, J Newman, W Harrison 28-19; M Milliner, P Wyatt, P Fisher, C Heal 16-28; P Coumis, H Gibbs, D Wheatley, C Gazzard 18-21.

Victoria Saxons 114 (18), St Andrews 78 (2): H Whyte, M Manning, P Owen 15-12; M Milliner, J Smart, C Heal 23-15; Carmine, D Williams, J Newman 14-15; N Robbins, R Bromet, D Wheatley 17-14; W Nicholas, D Sealey, M Campbell 23-11; R Rockett, A Shattock, K Holland 22-11.

Victoria Vikings 91 (2), Clevedon Prom 130 (18): L Kelly, C Chudley, G Frost 26-15; B Hope, M Campbell, G Richards 13-24; J Swift, R Bromet, E Sage 8-19; C Cleeves, A Hollier, B Johnson 16-18; J Codrington, G Robbins, T Gilbert 18-23; A Waygood, W Nicholls, J Langridge 10-31.

Victoria 151, Minehead 79: W Nicholls, M Manning, R Rockett, D Fairhurst 34-12; A Hollier, A Waygood, A Shattock, D Williams 24-23; J Codrington, M Hillman, M Campbell, C Heal 27-9; M Milliner, G Richards, R Bromet, K Holland 29-12; J Swift, C Chudley, J Smart, G Hodge 19-13; L Kelly, E Sage, J Newman 18-10.

Victoria 134, Garrards Tourists 95: C Cleeves, R Bailey, S Pocock, H Gibbs 19-24; M Kelly, D Carpenter, B Williams, D Fairhurst 24-12; L Kelly, F Payne, D Roberts, K Wilson 20-21; M Payne, S Crapnell, W Nicholls, M Campbell 26-13; D Rimmer, V Worthington, E Sage, M Hillman 20-13; D Gibbs, G Poolman, N Whyte, R Rockett 25-12.

St Andrews clinched runners-up spot in the Somerset County League with a comfortable away victory over Yatton A in their final match.

The 12 points they gained kept them one point ahead of local rivals Clarence A, their main rivals for second place, who also gained 12 points.

From the start, Saints looked likely winners at Yatton, with the rinks skipped by captain Ken Curtis and Don Bailey building up early advantages.

Bailey’s four went on to win by a resounding 18 shots, losing only six of the 21 ends. Curtis’s rink found themselves one behind with six ends to go, but rallied well to finish six clear.

Darrell Johnston’s quartet, who have had a successful season, were kept in their game only by some fine play from their skip until a five on the 12th end edged them in front for the first time. On a difficult rink, they got home by four to clinch the full house of points.

Saints finished 22 points behind runaway leaders Willmott Park, the only team to be promoted. But they can take consolation from having been the only team in three years to have beaten Willmott.

Yatton A 40 (0), St Andrews 68 (12): J Keay, G Webber, S Stocker, D Johnston 18-14; G Sims, T Bray, B May, K Curtis 23-17; R Smith, R Wootten, G Wride, D Bailey 27-9.

Saints are now within touching distance of the Weston & District Over-60s League championship. But they will want to forget last week’s match in which they were thrashed at home by Victoria Saxons.

Before the game, the home team needed a maximum of 20 points out of 60 from their last three matches to be champions. They gained just two, as Victoria outplayed them across the green.

The only home points were gained by Roger Brereton, Jim Keay and Don Bailey. They were four behind with two ends left, then scored a two to give themselves a chance. The Victoria rink were holding one on the last end until Bailey played a perfect take-out shot, which earned him three and victory by one.

The defeat gave Saints’ title rivals Clarence Blues hope of catching them for the title. However, Blues lost to Portishead RBL, leaving Saints needing just four points from two games to be champions.

St Andrews 78 (2), Victoria Saxons 114 (18): A Cooper, K Curtis, D Favis 12-15; K Uglow, R Flaxman, B Reeves 15-23; R Brereton, J Keay, D Bailey 15-14; M Goddard, T Bray, M Stocker 14-17; G Sims, G Webber, G Wride 11-23; R Smith, J Ling, T Ware 11-22.

The match against Llanidloes Tourists had to be switched indoors at St Andrews because of heavy rain. Three rinks were played, with Saints winning all of them.

St Andrews 54, Llanidloes Tourists 29: Debbie Baker, R Brereton, T Lay, K Curtis 23-9; P Smart, R Potter, Jane Smith, D Bailey 13-12; K Uglow, J Webb, R Flaxman, D Hurst 18-8.

Several players will be appearing in finals at St Andrews for the first time when the club competitions, sponsored by local Hyundai dealers Simonstone, reach their climax this weekend.

Marcus Dew, one of the club’s less experienced members, is in three finals: the mixed pairs, mixed two-wood triples and men’s triples.

Second-year bowler Larry Fisher plays the final of the two-wood singles against teenager Sam Stocker, who will also be appearing in his first Saints’ final. Stocker takes on his granddad Mike, another first-timer, in the Open Championship final also.

Tony Bray, a new member this year, is in the finals of both the men’s championship and men’s pairs, while the mixed non-winners’ match features first-timer Rob Gordon.

Among the ladies, first-year member Jill Bishop is in three finals – ladies’ two-wood singles, ladies’ triples and mixed two-wood triples. There is also a first final for Jenny Webb, in the ladies’ triples.

This was a busy week for Ashcombe’s teams in the Weston and District Over-60s League.

The Templars were away to Mark Moor, winning four of the six rinks and missing a fifth by one shot, finishing with seven-shot win. Due to earlier postponements, Ashcombe Knights played on three consecutive days.

In the league they were away to Clarence Golds, scoring a respectable win taking three of the six rinks and winning overall by 14 shots. In a second away game they took on division leaders Burnham, where they struggled to make any impression. The game finished with the Knights taking only one of the six rinks and losing by 37 shots.

Their third game was against Wedmore in the Knockout Cup. Although they managed to win two of the six rinks and draw a third, a heavy loss on rink two made it difficult for them to catch up.

Ashcombe Templars 99, Mark Moor 92: G Wilcox, P March, N Coombes 20-12; P Barnes, D Harris, R Smith 15-16; T Romeo, R Cox, M Butt 22-13; G Tucker, B Burbidge, D Williams 16-11; M Morley, M Tripp, S Andrews 18-11; G Llewellyn, C Vardon, B Miles 8-29.

Ashcombe Knights 106, Clarence Golds 92: B Bishop, R Tasker, D Wynne 20-15; K Hallett, E Booth, A Little 13-16; G Fews, A Tucker, L Cox 18-16; B Alden, R Counsell, K Powell 14 0 25; B Jones, G Mills, E Hopkins 12-14; J McKenzie, M Paterson, A Cracknell 29-6.

Ashcombe Knights 91, Burnham 129: G Kinsey, J Hornett, T Morgan 14-27; J McKenzie, M Paterson, A Little 18-24; B Jones, G Mills, E Hopkins 7-28; G Fews, E Roberts, D Wynne 24-12; B Bishop, R Counsell, R Tasker 11-13; K Hallett, E Booth, L Cox 17-25.

Ashcombe Knights 90, Wedmore 102: G Fews, R Counsell, L Cox 20-16; D Barnes, E Booth, T Morgan 8-28; B Underhay, G Mills, E Hopkins 17-17; B Bishop, J Hornett, D Wynne 13-18; J McKenzie, M Paterson, A Cracknell 19-7; S Jackson, R Tasker, K Powell 13-16.

In the Somerset Bowls League, Ashcombe A were away to Clarence A, winning one rink and missing a second by one shot, they lost by eight shots.

Ashcombe B were away to Portishead RBL, where they took two of the three rinks but a loss by 14 shots on the third left them down by five shots.

Ashcombe C were home to second-place Chew Stoke, who were looking to consolidate their position to guarantee their promotion next year.

Fielding some of their newer members, it was going to be difficult for Ashcombe to make any impression, and so it turned out, with a loss on all three rinks and by 31 shots.

Ashcombe A 52, Clarence A 60: D Cooper, T Cottrell, B Benstead, R Powell 17-18; W Kolasinski, R Stokes, S Hedges, J Creasey 18-19; A Wilmot, M West, G Wilkinson, K Wheeler 17-23.

Ashcombe B 65, Portishead RBL 70: B Bishop, D Freestone, R Tasker, E Hopkins 26-24; N Coombes, D Wynne, M Paterson, K Powell 17-31; G Fews, N Walker, A Tucker, J Taylor 22-15

Ashcombe C 38, Chew Stoke 69: M Allen, A Harris, J McKenzie, B Miles 14-25; T Romeo, R Cox, C Vardon, T Bass 10-25; S Buckley, P Barnes, S Andrews, M Butt 14-19.

The week also saw Ashcombe in four friendlies. In a mixed game against Didcot, Ashcombe scored a comfortable win taking four of the six rinks and drawing a fifth, giving them a nine-shot victory.

In an away match against Bristol, Ashcombe took two of the four rinks a drew on a third, winning the game by one shot.

Playing a mixed game against Luton-based Beech Hill, Ashcombe managed wins on three rinks, but it wasn’t enough to give them the game, finishing nine shots short.

Playing another mixed game against touring team, this time Monmouthshire-based Blackwood, saw Ashcombe lose heavily taking only one of the six rinks with a shots total of 73 to 142.

Ashcombe 109, Didcot 100: J Sansam, T Romeo, G Sansam, J Taylor 16-16; B Burbage, G Llewellyn, M Main, J Whitlow 20-12; L Cornford, S Noyes, B Miles, T Bass 17-21; J Matthews, J Cornford, B Benstead, J Creasey 20-19; P Romeo, S Hopkins, G Tottle, S Andrews 17-16; M Morley, D Jenkins, C Falconbridge, S Weaden 19-16.

Ashcombe 73, Bristol 72: G Tucker, B Jenkins, S Hedges, M Southwood 19-16; R Cox, M Tripp, G Sansam, J Taylor 20-20; P Barnes, A Dawes, R Smith, J Main 21-19; D Williams, S Buckley, T Cottrell, K Wheeler 13-18.

Ashcombe 107, Beech Hill 116: E Clark, R Romeo, R Counsell, A Cracknell 23-14; P Barnes, J Matthews, R Tasker, D Wynne 25-12; B Alden, A Bass, M Bass, T Morgan 17-24; D Underhay, S Hopkins, G Fews, J Sansam 23-16; G Tucker, C Hedges, L Cox, E Hopkins 9-26; R Cox, C Falconbridge, S Buckley, K Powell 10-24.

Ashcombe 73, Blackwood 142: G Wilcox, C Falconbridge, J Hornett, K Powell 11-36; S Jackson, P Wynne, M Parry, J Whitlow 16-29; A McKenzie, S Buckley, G Sansam, B Benstead 13-28; S Hopkins, D Jenkins, S Hedges, J Creasey 19-15; R Tasker, A Bass, K Hallett, T Morgan 14-34.

It was a marvellous day for Clarence A team as they took all the points from this match against Ashcombe.

Roger Burrough’s rink had a straightforward win as they took the lead from the start and maintained it throughout the match.

Two of the rinks were decided on the last end Bob Sweet’s team were three up coming to the last, they dropped two and squeezed past the finishing post by one.

The heart stopping rink of the day goes to Mike Clay, Bill Hallworth and Tony Mannion skipped by Don Towie, who were behind all match after dropping seven on the first four ends.

They clawed their way back and by the 16th were all square at 13-apiece. Don’s team promptly dropped two over two ends, then replied with a three on the 19th pulling them one clear.

Ashcombe hit back with a two and retook the lead and on the final end, Don’s team dug deep and pulled out a two to take the match by one shot.

Clarence A 60, Ashcombe A 52: M Clay, W Hallworth, T Mannion, D Towie 18-17; M Edlin, R Crawford, G Barlow, B Sweet 19-18; A Gardiner, J Loveridge, B Duffy, R Burrough 23-17.

The Golds won on three of the six rinks against promotion hopefuls Ashcombe Knights, but lost on shots scored, taking six of the 20 points on offer.

Rink of the day goes to John Edwards and Mike Turnbull skipped by Mike Scoins who dropped the first three ends. Mike’s team struck back on the fourth and fifth and managed to take a two-shot lead, which by the seventh they lost.

The Golds had a run of four ends and retook the lead by four. The Knights had their own run of three ends and took back the by four shots.

With four ends to go, Mike’s team stunned the Knights by taking a seven and the remaining three ends to run out winners by 11 shots.

Clarence Golds 90, Ashcombe Knights 106: R Rossiter, A Bishop, S Browning 15-20; M Ford, D Weston, A Cord 16-13; T Comfort, B Underwood, M Davies 16-18; J Edwards, M Turnbull M Scoins 25-14; A Newland, G Andrews, J Atkins 14-12; B Colman, John Hayes, C Tippett 6-29.

Clarence only managed to pick up two points from this match with the only winning rink from Mike Peters, Alan Newland and Mike Turnbull skipped by John Atkins, who took six shots from the opening four ends.

They maintained and increased their lead throughout the match to take a healthy 11-shot win.

Clarence B 48, Banwell B 51: G Leigh, M Ford, A Bishop, D Grier 13-15; J Edwards, B Coleman, C Tippett, M Davies 13-25; M Peters, A Newland, M Turnbulll, J Atkins 22-11.

Clarence stormed to a friendly win against Wessex. Rink of the day goes to Neville Buckley, Martin Ford and Barry Underwood skipped by Roger Burrough who took the first eight ends and a 12-shot lead.

Wessex took one on the ninth before dropping three on the next two ends.Wessex then doubled their score on the on the 12th, before Roger’s team took six shots from the next three ends giving them a 19-shot lead.

Wessex woke up and had a nice run of four ends picking up five, ending with Roger’s team taking the last two ends and an 18-shot victory.

Clarence Men 123, Wessex 70: G Leigh, G Andrews, A Gardiner, B Duffy 31-15; N Buckley, M Ford, B Underwood, R Burrough 25-7; B Rossiter, M Peters, R Crawford, D Stott 30-14; J Loveridge, K Southan, M Turnbull, M Edlin 22-18; J Edwards, T Derrick, A Newland, C Read 15-16.

Clarence BC 113 v 125 Didcot Clarence lost four of the six rinks to this good tourist side from Didcot Shot difference was kept to a minimum by the efforts of Bob Rossiter, Yvonne Criddle and Bob Coleman skipped by David Stott who were all square after nine, by the 12th they were three down Now onto the 13th, David’s side struck gold, taking a six which knocked the stuffing out of the opposition as Clarence only dropped one end in the final nine and a 20-shot win B’ Rossiter, Y Criddle, B Coleman, D Stott 37-17 L Leigh, T Ward, G Andrews, R Jones 21-20 S Scoins, T Derrick, B Benn, C Read 12-27 M Clay, J Apps, F Al-Hinai, M Scoins 14-21 P Rolls, G Leigh, S Searle, T Mannion 12-22 T Langford, M Peters, R Francombe, B Duffy 17-18.

The end of the outdoor season is approaching fast and the weekend saw Banwell playing their last Somerset League competitions.

The outcomes had mixed emotions with the A team finishing third in the Premier 2 league and the B team being relegated to North 3 on shot difference

Banwell A 58 (10), Victoria A 57 (2): V McArdell, H Woodards, C Wilson, M Davies 24-17; T Burnett, M Finch, G Millard, J Davies 19-16; T Garfield, T Brice, M Laycock, P Villis 15-24.

Banwell B 51 (10), Clarence B 48 (2): M House, M Kirby, P Botting, J Amos 15-13; G Bean, A Cockayne, P Aldus, K Burgess 25-13; J Wright, D Mabbutt, J Rickerty, P Wilfan 11-22.

Over the next week, the internal club competition finals will be played.

Phil Villis and Leigh Bean with the pairs trophy at Banwell.

Winscombe entertained a mixed tourist side from Didcot as the first game of the week, which resulted in a win for Winscombe by four rinks to one and by 12 shots.

Winscombe 94, Didcot 82: L Coombe, P Hopes, B Andrews, W Ainsworth 18-17; P John, A Ainsworth, G Coombe, G Neville 16-14; T Darkin, A Bougourd, R Fisher, M Dorrington 20-22; C Hopes, D Phillips, M Adams, Mike Adams 17-16; D Peakall, S Nash, S Lowman, R Lowman 23-13.

The result of the home friendly game against Mark Moor was a win for Winscombe by a margin of 14 shots.

Winscombe 96, Mark Moor 82: P John, G Coombe, M Adams 22-6; T Rowe, M Trenchard, R Lowman 23-13; K Horler, D Johnson, M Dorrington 19-17; M Smart, L Collier, G Neville 12-27; D Brown, B Paul, T Ellis 20-19.

Winscombe played Clevedon at home in the semi-final of the Weston & District Over-60s Knockout Cup. They won by 33 shots and are through to the final against Wedmore which will be played at Victoria on Tuesday.

Winscombe 116, Clevedon 83: D Johnson, R Reason, R Lacy 16-20; T Rowe, M Nash, R Lowman 25-16; R Knight, K Whatling, M Adams 18-10; P John, G Combe, G Neville 20-8; D Brown, B Paul, M Fletcher 16-10; G Lloyd, L Collier, W Ainsworth 21-19.

The mixed home game against Burnham proved to be a both very friendly and competitive match with both sides winning two rinks each, but Winscombe just losing by three shots.

Winscombe 63, Burnham 66: F Bays, K Whatling, M Adams, Mike Adams 19-18; T Rowe, A Bougourd, D Johnson, P Fredersdorff 19-17; C Hopes, M Myland, D Brown, M Fletcher 12-14; D Peakall, L Coombe, P Hopes, G Coombe 13-17.

Both Winscombe teams played at home in the Somerset County League. These were the last matches this season in this league for both teams.

Winscombe A needed to win to move them away from the relegation zone. It was a good result for them against the Chew Stoke A side, Winscombe won on all three rinks and collected a valuable 12 points.

Winscombe A 73 (12), Chew Stoke A 43 (0): G Lloyd, K Whatling, M Fletcher, M Adams 21-14; R Lowman, R Reason, B Paul, M Dorrington 29-13; D Brown, C Westlake, P Fredersdorff, W Ainsworth 23-16.

Winscombe B fared less favourably losing to Mark Moor by two rinks to one and 22 shots.

Winscombe B 42 (2), Mark Moor 64 (10): A Pow, M Myland, D Johnson, B Andrews 12-27; T Rowe, R Armstead, D Peakall, G Neville 20-14; M Smart, K Horler, B Kibble, J Sprouting 10-23.

Wedmore trounced Ashcombe in the semi-final of the Weston Cup by 20 shots and on rinks four to one with one tied.

Dave Nicholls’ men were in fine form, winning 13 of 18 ends, finishing with a flourish of a five score and a final score of 28-8. It was very close for Ray Newell’s side up to end 13 when they pulled away to win 18-13.

Colin Moss’ team took the lead on end six and just kept going-the lead at end 17 was happily sufficient to withstand a five score by the opposition on the last end and so won 20-16.

Roger Hughes’ chaps started slowly, accelerated to take the lead on end 10, also withstanding their opponent’s five score at the last to win 16-13. The lead changed five times on Ron Barron’s rink, scores were level at end 16, Wedmore scored two, Ashcombe replied with two on the last end to make the tie 17-17. Keith Pettit’s group couldn’t find any traction and lost 7-19.

Wedmore 106, Ashcombe 86: V Matthews, C Panchaud, D Nicholls 28-8; J Runciman, G Annuik, R Newell 18-13; I Gallop, D Collins, C Moss 20-16; A Birch, R Thurkettle, R Hughes 16-13; T Brown, T Simpson R Barron 17-17; D Trow, S Fisher, K Pettit 7-19.

In the Clevedon Triples League the men inflicted a whitewash on Chew Stoke at home, winning all six rinks and by 32 shots overall for maximum points.

Wedmore 112, Chew Stoke 70: T Brown, I Gallop, R Hughes 24-12; D Trow, S Fisher, K Pettit 20-12; J White, K Burt, R Barron 19-11; V Matthews, D Collins, C Moss 17-10; A Birch, C Panchaud, D Nicholls 15-11; T Simpson, G Annuik, R Newell 17-14.

A clutch of late season friendlies turned out not to be all that amicable as Wedmore lost all three matches. A visiting tourist mixed side from Didcot won by two rinks and 22 shots.

The men away to Bridgwater lost by two rinks and 33 shots, while the ladies at home to St Andrews lost on all three rinks and by 22 shots.

Ashcombe Ladies 62 (10), Portishead 39 (0) (North Somerset League): M Main, N Counsell, J Sansam 19-16; P Wynnne, M Tasker, L Paterson 25-11; C Smith, M Tucker, J Wilkinson 18-12. Friendly rinks: A Bryant, J Williams, J Field 15-18; L Owens, A Bass, S Hopkins 14-14.

Ashcombe Ladies 39 (2), Portishead 53 (8) (North Somerset League): C Falconbridge, M Tasker, L Paterson 10-21; M Main, J Sansam, N Counsell 16-13; C Smith, M Tucker, J Wilkinson 13-19. Friendly rink: L Owens, A Bryant, J Cornford, L Shanks 19-14

Ashcombe Ladies 63 (8), Mark Moor 57 (2) (Wessex League): L Owens, J Cornford, P Wynne, L Paterson 20-23; M Main M Tasker, J Hughes, J Wilkinson 23-17; C Smith, S Noyes, N Counsell, J McInally 20-17.

Victoria Ladies played their final match in the Weston & District Triples League and were defeated by West Backwell, earning just two points from the win.

The triple of Dot Gibbs, Sue Newman and Sue Cooper won to maintain their position as leaders of the league, but it was a nervous for the ladies waiting for other clubs to complete their fixtures before being crowned league champions.

Captain Chris Stevens was delighted for her team and is eagerly looking forward to the remaining fixtures in the Mendip League with the hope of further success.

The ladies played two friendlies achieving a convincing 11-shot victory against St Andrews with the triple of Margaret Kelly, Hannah Frye and Sandra Milliner top scoring with a 15-shot win.

Burnham were visitors for a friendly winning each of the three triples by margins of four, two and one.

Congratulations to Fiona Waters who won her semi-final in the Somerset County unbadged competition. In the most difficult weather conditions at Chew Stoke, Waters was 8-0 down after four ends failing to find the right length, but after further heavy rain the conditions suited her to triumph 21-17.

She now plays Nichola Radcliffe of Bath in the final at Keynsham on Sunday.

Victoria Ladies 45 (2), West Backwell 51 (8): D Gibbs, S Newman, S Cooper 19-16; S Milliner, C Stevens, M Hillman 12-19; B Williams, S Sokol, M Chudley 14-16.

Victoria Ladies 50, St Andrews 39: F Payne, N Whyte, R Cleeves 13-16; V Worthington, H Chesters, K Wilson 14-15; M Kelly, H Frye, S Milliner 23-8.

Victoria Ladies 46, Burnham 53: G Poolman, S Carpel, S Newman 14-16; M Kelly, H Chesters, S Milliner, S Cooper 17-21; D Gibbs, N Whyte, B Williams 15-16.

As the season winds down, St Andrews Ladies had only one match last week, an away triples friendly against Isle of Wedmore, which they won by 22 shots.

Meg Favis’s rink were the best winners, by 13, while the other two Saints’ triples finished a total of nine shots ahead

Isle of Wedmore Ladies 34, St Andrews 56: J Webb, S Sinclair, M Favis 22-9; F Allen, M Frost, M Bailey 16-11; B Goddard, B Mangan, A Campbell 18-14.

Saints’ sisters Rebecca and Jenny McMillan were in the Somerset Worzels team who reached the quarter-finals of the Amy Rose Bowl in the Bowls England Championships at Leamington Spa.

After two fine victories, Somerset, the 2016 winners, went out to Northamptonshire. A third McMillan sister, Sophie, was reserve for Somerset’s second team, the Scrumpies, who lost in the first round.

Rebecca McMillan has a big date on Sunday – the final of the Somerset county ladies’ singles against Taunton Deane’s England international Kirsty Hembrow. It will be played on county finals day at Keynsham, starting at around 1pm.

On the previous day, Rebecca plays Carolina Venn in the final of the St Andrews Ladies’ club championship.

Winscombe Ladies only had one game this week and lost on all rinks away at Clevedon Prom in the North Somerset League.

Winscombe Ladies 28, Clevedon Prom 71: P Pow, A Bourgourd, C Bryant 12-14: C Hopes, L Whatling, A Ainsworth 12-30; B Smart, M Howell, M Adams 4-27.

In the final match of the season in the Weston & District Ladies League, Wessex Ladies only managed to score two points against West Backwell.

The only winning rink was skipped by Pat Taylor. The rink skipped by captain Elizabeth Williams was in the lead until the 15th end and they were disappointed to lose the last three ends.

Wessex Ladies 43 (2), West Backwell 51 (8): B Hayes, V Edwards, P Taylor 18-14; N Peters, J Davis, J Duffy 9-17; P Turner, E Wade, E Williams 16-20.

Wessex enjoyed the annual match versus Clarence men but suffered a loss with just one rink winning by one shot.

Wessex Ladies 70 Clarence Men 123: V Edwards, T Langford, J Davis, B Jones 7-25; V Gardiner, K Dibble, C Peart, P Taylor 15-31; J Gardiner, A Ward, P Turner, J Duffy 14-30; S Hewitt, E Wade, E Stott, A Fewings 16-15; B Hayes N Peters, A Crawford, E Williams 18-22.

There was a good win for Clarence Ladies in the Weston & District League against Portishead.

Rink of the day goes to Pam Fowler and Jo Mannion skipped by Carol Edlin who took the first two ends and four shots before dropping a two on the third.

Carol’s team took the next four ends and an 11-shot lead. Portishead started to claw their way back by taking the next three ends and five shots, reducing the deficit to six.

The 11th saw the start of a three-end streak for the ladies which saw them restore their 11-shot advantage. Carol’s team slipped up on the 14th dropping a shot.

Clarence stamped their authority on this match by taking 14 shots in three ends, which included a seven on the penultimate end, giving them a 23-shot winning margin.

Clarence Ladies 61, Portishead 42: S Pritchard, P Burrough, M Davison, 14-10; P Fowler, J Mannion, C Edlin. 32-9; S Scoins, R Jones, V Collicott 13-23.

Results for week two of the Winscombe Bowling Club Floodlit Tournament, sponsored by Orriss & Low Optometrists of Winscombe: Wells Unliklys 23, Nailsea B 12; Winscombe B 11, Winscombe Wanderers 14; Banwell Maybe’s 15, Wyrrall Park A 15; Congresbury A 20, St Andrews D 9; Winscombe A 23, Wrington A 12; St Andrews B 20, Congresbury D 15; Wells Swans 29, Wrington A 10; Nailsea A 30, Winscombe W 8; Clarence A 9, Banwell B 13; Congresbury B 10, North Petherton A 14; Victoria A 19, Wyrral Park B 13; Congresbury C 15, Clevedon Prom B 22; Banwell A 22, Wrington B 10; Winscombe B 10, Nailsea B 25.

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