Busy boxers

Weston Warriors ABC members have been in action recently, taking part in several bouts.

WESTON Warriors ABC members have been in action recently.

In the schoolboys championship held at Devizes, Marcus Preddy took on Patrick Ward of Trowbridge ABC.

At the start of the first round, Ward came out strong but Preddy held his own with good head movement, firing some good head shots and catching Ward off guard.

Ward, with a 6-8in reach advantage caught Preddy with a big right giving him a eight count. In the second round, Preddy caught Ward with some great shots to the body and head, but Ward forced Preddy back onto the ropes with a flurry of shots and the referee retired him from the fight.

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Che Tollan was up against Michael Cullan of Worcester City ABC at the Cheltenham show.

In a good start, Tollan lost the round by one point, but fought back to win the second. At the end of the third, it was a close fight with the decision going to Cullan on points.

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Warriors’ Liam Giddings fought Jamie Freeman of Cheltenham ABC and won the first round by one point.

In the second round, Freeman started to tire allowing Giddings to attack with multiple shots to the body and head forcing a standing count of eight at the end of the second round.

At the start of the third round, Giddings forced another standing count and went on to win by a unanimous decision.

As a supporting bout at the schoolboy’s championship, Marcus Preddy took on Morgan Hart of Downend Police ABC.

Preddy came out strongly, controlling the bout from the start and won the opening round. Staying strong and boxing well, Preddy went on to win the bout 17-6.

Tony McDonagh faced up against Winnie Winterbourne of Calne ABC in another supporting bout.

The first round saw both boxers attack from the start, with McDonagh defending and counter punching and going on to win the round by one point.

McDonagh began to use his reach advantage in the second round, but in the third round, Winterbourne finished strongly, but the decision went to McDonagh as a majority win.

Head coach Rob Preddy congratulated all the boxers, who all gave good performances and thanks also went to coach Greg Miller.

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